Parents Share The Stupidest Thing A Teacher Has Tried To Tell Their Child

Teachers can be some of the wisest, kindest, and most uplifting people in the lives of their students. However, they can also fail to hit the mark with their teaching abilities. It’s surprising how some managed to get a career in education at all.

We all know those teachers—the ones who are not only grumpy and mean, but also seem ignorant, bizarre, and completely unprepared to teach a classroom!

These stupid educators take the cake for the silly, dumb, and obscure things they’ve told their pupils.

Could you imagine sitting through a lecture about how Native Americans crossed an ocean of ice from Europe to America? Or being told that the color green is a primary color?

It’s hard to imagine that such airheads could score jobs as educators, but it happens. Now, students and their parents are taking to the internet to share the silliest thing that a teacher has ever told them.


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#1 Hey, I Mean... You Can't Fix Stupid

One of my kids was reading Grapes of Wrath for a high school English class. For those unfamiliar with the book, it's about a poor American family that moves out west looking for a better life. There's also a little side story about a turtle having trouble crossing the road. The teacher was explaining how the turtle symbolizes the family, and that they had to shed their old life much like a turtle sheds its shell. When informed that turtles don't do that, she was confused because the turtles in Super Mario come out of their shells.



#2 Actually, They're Just For Decorative Purposes...

My kid's teacher did not allow the class to read the Guinness Book of World Records. They literally have the entire collection of those books at the school library but he refused to let any of the kids read them.

He even threatened to punish them if he ever caught them doing so. Yet, they also won’t remove the books from the library. It’s bizarre.


The Literacy Center at Newbury

#3 Come On, Let The Kid Have Dreams

My son's third-grade assignment: "Draw your dream house." He got an F because his dream house was unrealistic. He also failed another assignment he did on dinosaurs because apparently, dinosaurs weren't real since weren't mentioned in the bible.

He got detention when he told his teacher that neither were air conditioners. Public school, the early '90s, rural Texas.



#4 So You're A Doctor, Then, Too?

When he was 11 years old, my son's teacher told him he was lying about being color blind and sent him to detention. Apparently, he didn't believe there was such a thing as color blindness.

I made sure to complain about that teacher to the school board and they suspended him for a period of time. My son had since been transferred to another class.