Women Describe The Creepy Things Guys Often Do, But Are Fully Unaware Of

Guys seem to have a knack for knowingly or unknowingly being creepy, and nearly every girl has been in a situation where she's wondered what the guy is thinking. For the guys that don't mean to do it, pay close attention to these stories!

These women have shared their personal accounts of some of the creepiest things guys have done or said to them. If you're a guy that's ever wondered what you should avoid saying or doing, this is for you!

The fine people over at Reddit shared these stories with us, and while they might seem almost funny, trust me, for the women affected by this kind of thing, it's definitely not funny.

All the ladies out there will be able to relate to these stories, and we hope all the fellas learn a thing or two about how they should behave.


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#1 He Won't Take No For An Answer

Not taking no for an answer, even in completely basic situations.

"That looks heavy, let me carry that for you!"

"No thanks, I've got it."

"Come on, I'll help, I'll just walk you to your door."

"No, really, that's okay."

No means no, and I'm so sick of it being ignored.



#2 She Doesn't Want A Sugar Daddy

Offering to buy stuff for me in a store, or just offering me stuff in general. I get it if I'm a few bucks too short or you're just offering innocent help but offering me stuff when I did nothing to engage you is not the way to go. This usually happens with older men too. I could probably make a list of all the things men have creepily tried to give me. I'm only 15.



#3 Time To Go, She's Not Interested

I'm a male but I run a bar with a lot of female bartenders. One of the creepiest things that I see consistently that drives me insane is the guys who will try and stay after we've closed to "flirt" with the bartender as she's closing.

They end up trying to follow the bartender around while she's just trying to ignore them and get her job done. No bartender likes this. Stop doing it!



#4 I Have A Boyfriend

Guy: Do you have a boyfriend?

Me: Yes.

Guy: Do you actually love him? Are you sure he's not cheating on you? Well, do you want a friend?

Me: Unless you want me to bring my boyfriend along, there is no way I'm just going to be friends with you, especially when you approach me trying to hit on me. And yes, I do actually love him.