People Share The Funniest Things They've Witnessed At School

People Share The Funniest Things They’ve Witnessed At School

A lot of crazy things happen at school. From legendary pranks to classroom chaos, there is never a dull moment in the lives of students and teachers. People shared the funniest things they’ve witnessed when they were in school, and their stories are pretty ridiculous, to say the least. Read on for some good laughs:

#1 Poor Guy

There was this guy… His name was—no joke—Harold Balls. And yes, he went by Harry. He was on the swim team and some kid from the other school was reading out the line up on a PA at a swim meet. When he got to “Harry Balls,” he clearly thought it was a joke and he burst out laughing when he said it. Harry just walked off and quit the swim team.


#2 Superhero Dreams

A couple of guys I went to high school with came in one day wearing Spider-Man and Venom costumes under their clothes. During lunch, they shed their regular clothes and fought. One of the guys slid down the stairs handrail acting like he was shooting webs. Absolutely hilarious. The principal got wind of it and came in yelling. He chased them outside where the antics continued. I didn’t follow, so to this day, unfortunately, I do not know who won.


#3 Friendly Swordplay

A friend and I briefly did fencing in our teens and when flashmobs were the “in” thing, we had a plan of walking around town separately with swords sheathed pretending to be two strangers, then bump into each other in a choreographed sword fight in public. We wussed out from fear of injuring each other with metal swords. We looked into getting those bamboo kendo ones but gave up on it.


#4 Didn’t Get The Memo

When I was in third grade, the principal said that we were going to host a crown party because of a recent event. So, in the next two days, we were all dressed royal and stuff, but the class next to mine misheard “crown” for “clown.” LET ME TELL YOU… These kids looked so funny. I kind of felt bad because they might’ve been embarrassed. But hey, what could I do?


#5 Joke’s On You

One time, some guy I knew threw a party and he sent the invite as a “geek party” and to dress up as geeks. Well, we all showed up with nerdy glasses and other nerdy things we could think of, and this dude was wearing a toga. He started yelling at everyone like we were idiots, saying we didn’t know what a “geek party” was. He meant Greek. He thought it was pronounced geek. Not to mention everyone calls it a toga party.

#6 An Embarrassing Situation

Some kid had an accident whilst wrestling in PE. He denied it ever happened even though everyone saw it. About a week later, some other lad climbed onto the roof of a house neighboring my school (trying to get our ball back) and found the guy’s dirty clothes on top of the roof. Instead of leaving them there, the lad kicked them off the roof and into the neighbor’s drive.

The neighbor came to the school and complained after finding the dirty garments with my school’s logo on. We had a whole school assembly about the issue. The kid didn’t come forward and admit it was him. The teachers ended up looking at CCTV to find out who the culprit was.

#7 A Bad Slip

When I was a young teacher at a formal school in England, I totally slipped and just… fell down a whole staircase because I couldn’t use my arms to catch me. It was before school, between a teacher meeting and the start bell, I think. I looked up and only one student was close enough to see— a student I didn’t teach or even know. I stood up, brushed off my skirt, and looked at him squarely, saying: “You didn’t see anything.” I didn’t even look at his reaction or give him time to answer.

#8 ID Factory

I’ve shared this before, but it still cracks me up thinking about it. Halloween costumes were banned at my high school because of some idiots like 10 years before that dressed up and used it as an excuse to hide their faces while they vandalized the school.

In my senior year, more than half of the class decided that we would still dress up and march into the school together in the morning. We all knew we would be punished right away, but it didn’t matter. I stayed up all night making a suit of armor out of metallic duct tape and cardboard, along with a broomstick horse to ride.

The next day we all gathered in the parking and waited for everyone to show up. People went all out and there were a lot of amazing costumes, and after about 20 minutes of waiting we started our march in. The deans had learned of our plan and were waiting for us right as we entered. They started pulling people aside in groups and taking student IDs to hand out detentions.

In my group, there was one guy dressed up as an ATM and when the dean asked for his ID he started making ATM noises and then slipped the ID out through the slot where you would put your debit card in. It was one of the funniest things and I was so jealous that my costume was not as clever as his. Even though having so many of us participate was pretty awesome, his costume just made that whole event for me.

#9 Inventing A New Sport

Derek was one of the second-tier “popular” kids. I didn’t know him well, but everyone called him Dogger. Anyway, Dogger was stuffing around in seventh grade on a basketball court. He stood at the free-throw line, threw a basketball into the air, and kicked it REALLY FREAKING HARD toward the other end of the court.

Everyone went silent and just watched as this magnificent kick sailed through the air and then—swish. The full-court shot, from the wrong free-throw line, went in. We must have messed up 50 or more basketballs trying to repeat the feat, in a game that became known as “Doggerball.” Basketballs don’t like that level of abuse, so they developed huge bumps. Dogger himself grew up to be the third-best player on the school soccer team, behind two people who started playing professionally. No idea what happened to him after that.

#10 Our Own Infinity War

In my high school, there was a guy who looked just like Frozone. Spirit week came and he dressed up as Frozone. He slid in the cafeteria like he was Frozone. And then Infinity War came out, I think sophomore year. A couple of guys came in dressed as the Avengers. They even got the principal involved. At lunchtime, there was a choreographed fight between the Avengers and our principal who was THANOS. The principal had the gauntlet and he snapped. The Avengers fell down and so did the rest of the cafeteria. It was awesome.

#11 It Was An Accident

We were playing soccer in gym class and a classmate of mine kicked the ball really really hard. The ball hit our gym teacher right in the freaking face while he was sitting on a bench reading and his glasses flew off his face He was so freaking angry, but it was an “accident.” So my classmate didn’t get in trouble… Even though most of us think he did it on purpose.

#12 Stuck In A Toilet

A kid got stuck in the toilet and we had to get the teachers to pull him out. Here’s the story: He was a small kid, and I’m pretty sure he was playing tag with his friends during lunch break. I was in the bathroom, doing my business, and he came running in with his friends behind him. He ran into the toilet and as his friends came to tag him he fell into the toilet. He got stuck, his friends needed the teachers to help him get out. I was laughing so hard.

#13 Science Class Antics

The first thing that comes to mind: a friend pointed a laser pen into a science class goldfish’s eye. The fish turned upside down and floated to the top of the tank. The teacher didn’t notice but some other kids saw and we were worried it would get back to us, the lesson ended. The next day, the fish was fine.

#14 The Wrong Stuff

One kid was walking around and asking kids in his class for a dime as he just ten cents away from buying something from the vending machine. Then, he saw one of his friends walking in the hallway. He asked him for a dime and the guy replied, “Yeah I got a dime, I’ll hook you up in the parking after school.” Turns out, he was talking about substances. But the dean was literally 10 feet away, so long story short, they found a bunch of bad stuff in the kid’s backpack when they searched him.

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#15 An Explosive Situation

Not funny for me but funny for classmates—I ate something during lunch in Grade 2 and it caused me to feel the urge if you know what I mean. At the time, I was terrified of going in any restroom other than at home for various reasons, so I willed myself to hold it in. Two classes later, I was feeling REALLY uncomfortable and could not focus on the lesson.

As luck would have it, the teacher called upon me to write the answer to a question on the board. I tried refusing, but the teacher wouldn’t have it, and she grabbed my wrist and yanked me out of my chair. An explosive situation occurred, and since I was wearing shorts, everyone saw everything. I had to transfer to a new school the next year to escape bullying.

#16 Desperate Times

My friend waited until the end of the class to go to the washroom. He ran out. A guy from the next class who just wanted to meet that friend saw everything happening just before his eyes—he vomited on spot after seeing it happen. The classroom was in such a position that it takes more than 5 minutes to reach boys’ washroom, but girls’ washroom was only 30 seconds away. So the toilet cleaning staff told him to go to the girls’ restroom and he did that without any choice.

#17 Wit For Wit

My friend asked to go to the bathroom and the teacher responded with “I don’t know, can you?” So he said, “I don’t know, can you settle the divorce you’re currently dealing with?”  That line always ticked me off. Like fine, I’ll just walk out without saying anything then. It might not be grammatically correct but it’s the common saying. Oh, by the way… the teacher couldn’t settle it.

#18 Powdered Fun

In 9th grade when I was in Biology class, one of my tablemates got out one of those soda pellet candies and crushed it with his ID card into dust. Then he inhaled it and after a few seconds, he started sneezing A LOT. I looked at my teacher and she looked disgusted before telling my tablemate off and going back into the lesson. It was hilarious.

#19 You Had To Be There

So one day, my teacher had to go to a meeting and had her helper teach us for the day. My best friend and I sat on the couch in the classroom and we were just chilling, eating our snacks, and talking. But then the class got quiet and I heard the teacher say, “If you can’t get on Gim Kit, you need to get your life together.” For some reason, my friend and I laughed our butts off when we heard the girl say that. And now that I’m reading this, it doesn’t sound funny.

#20 Pizza Flatulence

In sixth grade, my friend didn’t want his pizza and was going to throw it out. Another friend told him not to, so he instead decided to throw the pizza onto the street to feed the birds who we were having dumb conversations with. After the birds were gone, a truck drove by and ran over the pizza, sending it four feet into the air. It made a beautiful sound. It was so hilarious at the time.


#21 Skinny Brawl

Two guys got into a fistfight in the cafeteria, but they were pretty scrawny and terrible fighters so it was comical for the people watching. Instead of throwing fists, they were slapping each other and trying out headlocks. People were throwing dollar bills at them. One of the spectators grabbed a couple of scrunchies and started putting them in the fighter’s hair.

#22 A Bully’s Karma

This guy was being a jerk to another kid in the bus lines after school. He bullied his way in front of another kid and was still being a jerk. I guess the kid had enough of his nonsense, so he pulled down his pants in front of the whole school. Everyone saw and had a good laugh. The bully didn’t show up for the next two days. Bullies getting what they deserve is always hilarious.

#23 Too Realistic

It was freshman year, in honors world history. We were watching some documentary about Napoleon; one of those that have reenactment scenes included. A guy asked the teacher, with a totally straight face, if it was actual footage. Then, my class actually had a debate about whether or not the video was real. Needless to say, it wasn’t.

#24 Pitching A Tent

The summer before my senior year of high school, I spent six weeks on a college campus for a university-style education in whatever subject you qualified for through an interview process. It was the second-best summer of my entire life, actually… ANYWAY. I was texting my girlfriend in my dorm’s conference room (where we also had fight club at night, but we don’t talk about that). I had pitched one hell of a “tent” and one of my hallmates ended up looking in the window. While running down the hall, he told everybody my business. I just owned it… I chased him down while everyone else was losing it, laughing at the whole situation.

#25 Volleyball Mishap

I didn’t see this because it happened to me, but in my gym class, we were playing volleyball and I don’t know how I managed to do it, but I served the ball and it knocked me out. It also hit my teammate in the no-no place. Everyone thought it was the funniest thing ever except for us two. I guess I just don’t have the hand-eye coordination for that stuff.

#26 The Deadpan Ref

We were playing volleyball once in gym class while our teacher reffed. I served the ball and it went over the net right between two people. One guy stuck his foot out to grab the ball instead of letting it hit the ground and it deflected off at high speed right into the head of the girl next to him. She flew sideways and ended up taking out the girl on her other side in her fall. Then the gym teacher just said “point left” in the most deadpan voice.

#27 A Strange Kid

There was a very strange kid who used to go to my school. He got transferred to a special school, but anyway, he ran up and down the hallway showing people weird scenes from a manga he had… and by that, I mean just shoving it into people’s faces unprovoked. He also poked a kid with a pen behind me multiple times in science class once.

#28 Target Practice

It was my senior year of football. Before practice, some players were on specialty teams meanwhile the linemen were bored on the sidelines. We had this one lineman and backer who transferred from one of our rival schools and was arrogant as heck. He wasn’t that bad but he really ticked some of us off. He was called over to the specialty team’s practice. My buddy wanted to practice his punt because we had nothing better to do.  The ball went flying and nailed that newcomer dead in the face. We all started laughing. Meanwhile, my dumb self nearly took out a coach; the one who hated me the most.

#29 Cafeteria Power Move

In my freshman year, there was a vegetarian kid who sat at my lunch table. One day for lunch, he wanted his lunch without the meat (which they could’ve easily done for him). The lunch lady refused to do it, so he jumped over the counter, got it himself, jumped back over, and slammed his money down by the register before walking out of the cafeteria.

#30 The Good Times

My friends and I started a food fight mostly with baby carrots. Some kid got hit in the head as he was just walking by. He cried in front of everyone in the cafe. Another time, we had this super athletic Jamaican guy in our school.  He belonged in the Olympics. He went to jump over the shortest guy in my gym class but he jumped a little late. All I need to tell you is that the short guy ran away, yelling: “I felt his no-no parts on my face!” This same guy loved playing dodgeball and always loved trying to hit the pretty girls who hid in the back corner.

#31 A Bad Influence

Storytime! At my second elementary school, we had this kid named Jordan. For reference, Jordan looked like a real-life version of Russel from Up. Jordan normally brought a huge lunch. He literally packed his lunch box as full as possible. One day, he only brought two Baby Bottle Pops, the candy. He began to pour out the entire contents of the powder from both bottles onto the lunch table and formed it into a line the length of the table. You can see where this is going. He proceeded to inhale the powder while everyone was eating. I love growing up in a low-income area.

#32 The Hot Teacher

On the first day of the new school year a couple of years ago, we walked into our social studies class and saw our new teacher. She was probably in her mid-twenties—incredibly hot, hands down the hottest teacher in my school’s history. She introduced herself and then left to go to the bathroom. As she was walking out the door, one kid, who didn’t see that she wasn’t out of earshot, yelled: “SHES SO HOT, OH MY GOD!”

#33 Too Proud

Some kid that thought he was good at every sport went out to bat in baseball during PE and he missed twice. Then, when he did manage to hit, someone caught his ball. The next kid up had Down’s syndrome which didn’t limit how he could play but it just meant he was more jittery. He hit it way further than the other kid who thought he was great at everything and that kid was so upset about it. It may not be as funny as some others but it was mostly funny because the narcissistic kid was a jerk.

#34 The Things Kids Say

Someone at my primary school decided to do a presentation in assembly (keep in mind, in front of the entire year group). His presentation was about why the school should let us leave early his main point was that we didn’t learn anything anyway, so why should they keep us there when we could be having fun? It doesn’t seem that funny now, but keep in mind I was in fifth grade, so this was absolutely hilarious.

#35 Irrefutable Defense

A kid at my school dressed up as a giant weenie for Halloween one year. When publicly confronted by school authorities, he adamantly argued that he was dressed as a rocket ship and that they needed to get their minds out of the gutter. At one point during the argument, the teacher asked a random kid nearby what the offending student was dressed in, trying to prove his point that it was not a rocket ship. The student deadpan replied: “A rocket ship sir. It’s so nice to see students supporting the sciences,” which of course lead to snickers and a chorus of other kids chiming in about what a nice “space ship” it was. The mixture of annoyance and amusement on the teacher’s face was priceless.

#36 PE Class Nonsense

There was this guy in school that hated PE and would always have a “stomachache” at the start of every lesson, only to the dismay of the PE teacher. The last straw was when the guys had to do pull-ups but the guy was nowhere to be seen. The PE teacher had enough and searched for him in the toilet to get him to do the pull-ups, only to see that he couldn’t lift himself above the bar. The solution? He got two other guys in the class to lift him up by the posterior.

#37 Fire, Fire!

One day in science class (in a girls school) we were watching my teacher do an experiment where she put soap in her hands and had a student put fire on it. Well, one of my friends (who laughs at everything, and I mean EVERYTHING) stood up on her chair which didn’t have a back and yelled FIRE! Well, she ended up falling off her chair and got a lace in her shoes stuck in one of the chair’s holes… To this day, I still bring it up and laugh at it all the time.

#38 Karaoke Boys

We had karaoke at school once a week, and every week I would sing the trending meme song. One week, I had lost my voice, so my friends went up in front of the entire eighth-grade class, singing: “Yo, this goes out to the legend Maja! We love ya, homie!” And then they all continued to sing Tequila. It was the funniest thing I’d ever witnessed in my life.

#39 Washroom Pranks

Someone ripped a soap dispenser out of the wall in the boys’ locker room (it was held onto the wall by two big nail things coming out the back) and shoved it high up on a completely different wall, crookedly. It stayed there for a few weeks. Also, people often flooded the bathrooms and ripped stall doors off. I never understood it, but everyone else found it hilarious.

#40 Best Day Ever

In high school, some students had made a meme account that was just about the school, making fun of teachers, etc. One day, it was going snow really hard and the school didn’t want to let us go home before it was going to happen, so one of the students announced on the meme page that we were going protest. 200 people ended up throwing moshpits in the small hallway next to the principal’s office, and it worked! The best day of my life.

#41 Jumping Out Windows

I think about this often… In my freshman year of high school, we had a substitute teacher for math who was super old. He was everyone’s favorite because he would fall asleep more often than not. The class clown, Jezreel, was in my class, first-hour algebra I. He decided it was the perfect time to start jumping on top of the desks and hiss at everyone. He then proceeded to dive out the open window from the desk… He got stuck but managed an escape. What a memory.

#42 The Hairspray Solution

Once in drama club, we were rehearsing for the spring musical, Thoroughly Modern Millie, and the set crew left the backstage door open so they could get in and out quick and easy. A wasp got in while the girls who were playing Millie, Ms. Meers, and Dorothy were going through a scene. The scene broke as soon as they saw the wasp. One of them ran off the stage, one girl fell over and just laid there, and all of them were screaming. Eventually, the student director came over with some hairspray to kill the wasp.

#43 Dumpster Diver

In high school, at the end of lunchtime, when all the bins were overflowing with trash, there was a group of boys near us who picked up this one kid and ever so gently placed him into the trashcan. But he wasn’t even upset; he was giggling… He was literally just sitting in the trashcan filled with half-eaten foodstuffs, backpack and all.

#44 Breaking The News

This year, a teacher quit and he didn’t tell the kids. Staff was told to not say anything to the students. The sub came in after being in there for a couple of days and said: “Mr. X quit and I’m going to quit too before you guys give me a second stroke.” What? No. I saw the vein of the principal’s head popping out as she walked down the hall to address the class. We made sure to tell the kids it wasn’t their fault. It truly wasn’t. But seeing her run down the hall was quite the sight.

#45 The Cup-Check

When I was in sixth grade, a kid in my next class got cup-checked in the hallway by another one of our classmates while the teacher was looking. Half of our class period was spent with the teacher scolding them while all of us girls got to listen. (Also, I have Grammarly on because of school, so any seemingly overdone correctness is completely unintentional).

#46 Taking A Tumble

This happened in middle school. A rather large kid was chasing another kid around a classroom for no apparent reason. The other kid took a sharp turn around a bunch of desks and the large kid tried to follow him, but got tripped up and fell on the desks. Cue the loudest crash I’ve ever heard. It shook the whole classroom and around six teachers came rushing into the room to see what had happened. Everyone else in the classroom was dying with laughter.

#47 That Was Me

We all had to take off our underwear and put shorts on for P.E. We were running around the track and there was this ginger kid not only coming last by a mile, but he had an accident in his shorts. The cruel jerk of a P.E teacher made him finish the laps anyway. I looked up at one of the school windows and there was a group of kids pointing at the kid and laughing. Oh yeah, that kid was me and one of the kids in the window laughing was my older sister. Still funny though.

#48 Perfect Timing

In 7th grade, one of the teachers that we had was also a writer and occasionally, he would read us one of his books that he wrote. So while he was reading it to us, there was a sentence that was something like: “And then there was nothing but dead silence…”Right after he read that out loud, someone turned on a lawnmower outside and everyone just lost it.

#49 Statue Of David

This was actually me who caused this. For a special dress-up day in high school, I was tricked by my best friend and the top student in the class to wear only my boxers and body paint to look like the Statue of David since I had boxer briefs modeled after him. Also, the event had nothing to do with the Roman statues. Teachers were not amused. I did not win the costume contest. I found out the medieval times didn’t include Roman statues.

#50 The Crabwalk

In my school, we have a conditioning program which is pretty much just weight lifting. Anyway, this one kid was trying to PR on the squat—he was lifting probably somewhere close to 335. He went down for his third rep and as he dropped, he let out the deadliest fart I’d ever had the pleasure to witness. Then he proceeded to violently do his business in a semi-squat position. The room went crazy and he crab-walked to the bathroom.



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