How To Hitch A Ride On A Private Jet

How To Hitch A Ride On A Private Jet

Ever wanted to travel like a rock star? I’m sure we all have, and bow the fantasy has gotten a little closer to being a reality. Now, getting from A to B on a private plane isn’t just for multi-millionaires. The new flight-sharing apps make it possible for anyone to hitch a ride on a private jet.

Now everyone can travel on a private plane

The sharing economy has had a huge impact on travel. It all started with Airbnb’s brilliant vacation rental revolution. Now, tourists have access to apps that let them eat with a local, hijack a swimming pool, and borrow every kind of vehicle from cars to boats. As a result, hopping on a celebrity’s private plane started to seem totally reasonable.

How to hitch a ride on a private jetImage by Mohammed Hussain from Pixabay

Owning a private jet takes a whopping chunk out of anyone’s wallet, and most of them don’t even get used that often. But the real shame is the impact they have on the environment when they do get used. Using that much fuel to take one person to a business meeting is pretty gross. So the new cohort of jet-sharing apps not only benefit travelers seeking luxury on a budget, but they also have some eco-friendly benefits. As the kids say, sharing is caring.


How you can hitch a ride on a private jet

Travelers have a ton of options when it comes to flight-sharing. Whether you’re looking for cheap flights or to charter a 747 for the ultimate bachelor party, there’s a service eager to hook you up – even Uber is getting in on the action. Depending on which app you use, you might be sitting in the co-pilot seat of a single-engine Pilatus PC-12, or kicking back with a glass of champagne on a VIP airliner on loan from a Wall Street CEO.

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As far as customer experience goes, there are a lot of pros to hitching a ride on a private jet, and hardly any cons. It’s a way to get cheap flights and avoid long airport lines. Best of all, it’s a unique experience that enhances your vacation. Compare this with the grueling unpleasantness that major airlines are synonymous with, and we expect flight-sharing apps are ready for takeoff. You can start planning your next trip by visiting them here: 








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