Couples Share The Most Unromantic Thing That Happened With A Partner That Indicates True love

Couples Share The Most Unromantic Thing That Happened With A Partner That Indicates True love

Love isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. The other side of love can be far from pretty. The things we do for those we love in their times of need are often difficult. Yet, as “unromantic” as love can get, somehow, all that stress can seem romantic after all. These stories about couples and some of their most unromantic moments might just melt your heart, and may even have you shedding a few tears. Consider this a testament that there is still lots of good in humanity.

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#1 Handling Two Broken Arms Isn’t Usually Pretty

I fell down some steps and broke both of my arms. My husband wiped my butt and helped me wash my hair… for weeks. For better or worse, that was definitely filed under worse.


#2 Family First

We’ve been married for about 10 years. We have two little kids, and at some point, our jobs were not paying enough to cover daycare and bills. We were fighting a lot, sometimes not holding back with unkind things said to each other… And then the phone rang. My dad was in the hospital 1,200 miles away. He’d had a stroke, and the doctors were unsure whether he’d live.

The fight stopped. She told me to get in the car and go straight to the airport. She’d have tickets waiting for me at the counter. She’d call my boss and explain that I was flying across the country. She would take care of the house and the kids while I was gone as well. Dad made it a few years after that, but now I know that no matter how hard life gets, and however much two volatile pig-headed jerks fight and yell, she isn’t just on my team, she IS my team. We’ll be married 30 years this year. Life happens, and sometimes people aren’t perfect, but when the world is against me, that little woman will grab my arm and we’ll roar together.


#3 Don’t Trust The Sleep Talker

My wife was the lead singer in a band. I had a regular 9-to-5 job, so I often went to bed before she got home. I woke up one morning and was worried because she wasn’t in bed. I went looking and found her asleep on the couch downstairs. Apparently, when she got into bed I had said in my sleep, “WHO ARE YOU? GET OUT OF MY BED.” So she went downstairs and slept on the couch. We’re still married and happy 20 years later.


#4 Through Sickness And In Health

My boyfriend made me go to the gynecologist to talk about getting an ablation after watching me struggle for years. He said not to worry about money or anything else besides solving my problem. Fast forward two months and I got a call from my surgeon. Apparently, I missed the fact that they did a biopsy when they removed my polyps and found uterine cancer. Had I been stubborn and continued to ignore my symptoms for years, who knows what could have happened to me. No one expects uterine cancer in someone under 30. He held me while I cried, took me to every appointment, and helped me when I recovered after my hysterectomy. That dude is my rock.


#5 A Butt Story For The Ages

My boyfriend texted me one day when he was at the gym. He believed his bum had prolapsed. No idea how, but I started Googling what we needed to do about it. I read that if it wasn’t serious, you could just push it back in before going to a doctor, instead of heading to the ER. So what did I do? Put on a pair of gloves, lubed my finger up, and kneeled in front of him while he was lying on the bed, pushing.

Turns out, it was just some giant hemorrhoid when he went to the doctor’s the next day. But I think that was a moment in our relationship where it was established that we both had complete comfort with each other.


#6 A Private Moment Is Sometimes All We Need

My husband and I often end up showering together, and one night as he was about to get in, he said, “Never mind. I’ll clean up, get some food ready for you, and let you shower in peace.”

#7 The Difference Between Physical Distance And Emotional Distance

My wife and I came to the understanding that we can sleep apart for the sake of comfort and good rest, without it being an expression of emotional distance.


#8 Size Doesn’t Matter

My husband’s family lived across the country and used to send us boxes of their almost new, good quality clothes that they no longer wore. The men’s clothes were great for the hubby and our sons, but the female clothes were always a bit too small, as I had gained a lot of weight since they had seen me last. My husband always felt so bad for me.
Then one time, my hubby lifted up a pair of pants out of the box and said happily, “These will fit you. They’re HUGE!” I still remember the look of horror that passed over his face once he’d realized what he’d said. But I loved the fact that he was happy for me getting a new pair of pants.


#9 Thank Goodness For The Two-Second Rule

I made dinner and dropped it on the floor as I was serving it. I was really upset until she scooped it up and started eating.

#10 The Little Ways We Show Love Might Be The Most Important

One time, my girlfriend said he wanted to see me but didn’t want to talk to anybody after a rough day at work. So she came to my house and sat in my bed with me while I played video games until we both fell asleep. We didn’t say a word to each other the entire time, nor did we have to.


#11 Someone She Can Feel Safe With

My wife passes out a lot. It has to do with a medical condition she has, but it can happen at almost anytime. I’ve become so good at recognizing how she feels that I know when she’s going to go before she does, and I’ve gotten very good at catching her. It may look unromantic, and it can be. But her knowing I’m there and me recognizing her signs are a big thing for us.


#12 Post-Partum Is No Joke

He was an amazing dad when I had postpartum anxiety and depression. He’d never been around babies before or even had siblings. He was just a natural. He never resented me and just took care of us. When antidepressants made it way worse, my horrible doctor wouldn’t return my calls. He got us all dressed and we went and sat in that doctor’s office until he would see us. He was my biggest advocate. It was so hard on me to see him bonding with our baby and being an amazing dad while I couldn’t muster any feelings for the baby and just wanted to disappear. But all is good now and I am still so happy that our daughter has such an awesome dad.

#13 Sometimes You Just Gotta Let Her Hurl On Your Hand

My wife was so sick. Like, she could barely stand. She crawled to the toilet, rolling and groaning from stomach pain. She’s never been able to make herself hurl on command. I was there by her side through her entire ordeal. I tried my best to comfort her in the best way that I could.


#14 Love Is Give And Take

My husband acted as the lone pallbearer for our newborn son’s funeral. I carried him for nearly his whole life and my husband carried him to his final rest.


#15 Better Safe Than Sorry

My wife was battling cancer and couldn’t go #2 from all the medication she was given. So I had to give her a suppository. Once it took effect, I had to stay in the bathroom and watch her because she thought she might pass out. True love.

#16 Those Who Pass Gas Together Stay Together

Four months into dating my boyfriend, he had to take me to my colonoscopy. I didn’t have any family in town and it just made sense for him to take me. Afterward, I laid in his bed while he tried to convince me to pass gas so I wouldn’t be in pain. He started farting to try to make me feel better. A few hours after resting, I had to go to the obstetrician, so he had to take care of me all day from being sore in my nether regions. To top it off, it was his birthday. It was the single most selfless thing anyone has ever done for me.

#17 “It’s Time To Go To The Hospital”

I have bipolar disorder and have had two episodes of psychotic mania. He has dealt with them like a champ, not just enduring them but also being totally understanding and loving about it. I think that would really scare a lot of people, if not make them jump ship entirely. I think it’s a sign of my great trust in him. I heard him say, “Honey, we have to go to the hospital now,” and I believed him and went along with it.

#18 She’s Got His Back

My wife likes squeezing blackheads out of my back. At a normal glance, it doesn’t look like I have any, and I can’t see them using a mirror. But it’s like a mission to her.

#19 Not Your Average Poop Love Story

I was having a panic attack and he was in the bathroom. He called me in there because he could hear me sobbing uncontrollably. I went in (thinking he was brushing his teeth) and the man pulled me down onto his lap while he was going #2 to hold me while I was sobbing uncontrollably. We are now engaged.

#20 Being Pregnant Is Hard

When I was very pregnant, my fiance shaved my legs and cut my toenails for me.

#21 Distraction Is The Best Medicine

We were in bed, running hands all over each other. At some point, she had a panic attack. I panicked a little and did the only thing I could think to do: I blurted out “DISTRACTION” and farted really loudly. She stopped having a panic attack and instead fell off the bed laughing. That was five years ago, and we’ve been married a little over three now.

#22 A Sugar Daddy In Secret

I didn’t have a job when we were first dating and he knew I was embarrassed that he had to pay my way for everything we did together. If we were meeting other people, he would hand me cash before we got out of the car so I could pretend I was paying for myself.

#23 Playing Nurse For Love

I was in a car crash and broke my back. I wasn’t paralyzed but I was pretty messed up. I found getting washed by the nurses really humiliating so she offered to clean me instead. We had only been together for two months at this point. Such a simple gesture that at the time meant the world.

#24 Playing Nurse For Love Part Two

My husband held a bedpan under my butt while I was in labor to help me use the bathroom because I refused to go with a nurse holding it.


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#25 May I Have This Dance?

I suffer from depression. One time, I fell back into one of my episodes and was sitting, crying on our bed. My husband saw me, grabbed my hands, pulled me up to stand, and started slow dancing with me. There was no music, no TV. Just us dancing. He kissed me several times and just kept giving me the biggest grin, I couldn’t help but smile through my tears. He never dances or likes to dance. So this was a very sweet moment for me.


#26 Somebody Has To Get The Wedgie Out

A few weeks after we were married, my husband and I were laying in bed relaxing, and out of nowhere, he picked my wedgie. We both froze, realizing what he had done, and burst out laughing like crazy. I mean we’ve always been comfortable with each other but that was new.

#27 SuperWife To The Rescue

My car broke down on my way to work. She had been on unpaid leave after the birth of our child about a month prior and we were almost completely broke. She packed up our newborn and four-year-old, picked me up and drove me to work, diagnosed the problem as a failed alternator, pulled it, picked up a replacement and installed it.

#28 Does The Dog Die?

When my husband and I watch movies together and there’s an animal in it, he’ll pause the movie and check if the animal passes away. If we find out it does, when the scene comes up, he’ll mute the TV and I’ll close my eyes. Seeing an animal lose its life leaves me too upset to focus on the rest of the movie.


#29 Keeping Her Out Of The Rain

I was on my way to get our kids from daycare after work one day and it was pouring. My husband took the time out of his workday to show up at the daycare and get the kids in my car for me so I wouldn’t have to get out in the rain. The little things are the big things. 10/10 would marry again.


#30 Husband, Father, Belly-Button Cleaner

The wife was pregnant and near the end of it. Her belly button was really close to becoming an outie and she couldn’t see it. I made a comment about how it looked like there was some gunk inside of it so she asked me to clean it out. I spent the next few minutes with tweezers cleaning out her belly button.


#31 The Romance In Grooming

I pluck the hairs from my boyfriend’s ears for him. It’s oddly satisfying.


#32 All The Small Things

He took the time to learn how I take my tea.


#33 Not Much Of A Farter

My girlfriend isn’t much of a farter. I am. I have no shame, I’ll fart around her all the time. After a few months of dating, she really wanted to fart around me. Every time she’d think she had a loud one, she’d get all excited but it’d end up being nothing, just air. One night, we were lying in bed ready to sleep and all of a sudden she dropped a bomb. Loud and stinky as it gets for a small woman. We got out of bed and celebrated. Love this girl.


#34 For The Love Of Snorkeling

On our honeymoon, we went snorkeling. I really had to go #1. Most people are able to just go in the water no big deal, but I’m a total weirdo. I can only go when sitting on the toilet. As the trip went on, I felt increasing amounts of pain. I had to go so bad. I tried everything I could to relax. My husband then offered to tickle me. Out of sheer desperation, I said yes. He tickled me and I immediately started to go. He lovingly tickled me upon request for the rest of the snorkeling excursion. I love this man.


#35 How Does A Fly Get In Your Eye?

We were at a park, and her eye was irritating her. I saw something black in her tear duct, and upon investigation, I wound up pulling a huge fly out of her eye. That was years ago, and since then, anytime either of us has to do something gross for each other, we cite the “Eye Fly” incident.


#36 Through The Graduate School Horrors And All

He moved in with me when I got into grad school. I experienced a crazy amount of stress, anxiety, and imposter syndrome in my first semester. I cried almost every day. My boyfriend was super loving and understanding when I would fall apart over little things. He would cook me dinner when I was exhausted, pick me up from class every day, and just let me vent. Such a champ, love that guy. I probably would have quit if I didn’t have his support.


#37 Their Allergies Won’t Keep Them Apart

I have crazy cat allergies and she has crazy dog allergies, but we take the meds and get the treatment so that we can have a cat for her and a dog for me.


#38 What Doesn’t Make You Break Up Makes You Stronger

My partner and I took in his mother when it became obvious that she was coming down with Alzheimer’s. It’s been super rough and we were pushed to the point of breaking up several times over the first couple of months. It sounds weird, but it’s been one of the better things to happen to us. We’ve been forced to confront things about each other and really work hard on our communication and conflict styles. It’s been a ton of work, but our relationship is stronger for it.


#39 Air Conditioner Is A Symbol For Love

In August, I had a mastectomy. We live in a home without air conditioning. Summer is brief but so uncomfortable, especially since the sun stares straight into our window from the west. Two days before, he went to the store and bought me an air conditioner.

#40 Now That’s A Great Dad

I have a 12-year-old daughter who is not biologically his; however, she calls him dad now and he always refers to her as his daughter. When she was about 10, he moved in and we were settling into things as a family. I was working and they were home hanging out when she got her first period. I briefly had a couple of small discussions with her before so she knew what was happening, but she was pretty unsure what to do.

He handed her some toilet paper, told her the basic girl trick of putting it in her underwear, and took her to the store. He helped her pick out some pads, detoured to the ice cream, chocolate, chips, and bakery sections, and picked up Advil just in case. They settled in on the sofa and he explained the basics of how to use it. He showed her a quick YouTube video. He made up a hot water bottle for her, popped her dirty clothes in the wash. And they Googled answers if he didn’t have them.


#41 Taking Care Of Grandpa

I grew up with my grandparents because both my parents had to work various jobs simultaneously. My grandfather was my world. I took care of him during his last five years, when he became bedridden. I tried to visit him as often as I could. He lived with an elderly aunt who fed him but she needed me to bathe him and, eventually, change his diapers. Early in our relationship, my wife would come over sometimes. One time, I got to his house and found his fridge full and him watching TV, eating a bowl of ice cream. My wife had gone a few hours before me without telling me. Six months later, I proposed.

#42 The Hug Police To The Rescue

Our son sometimes has explosive emotional outbursts when his brother is relentlessly pushing his buttons. He’ll start biting, hitting, and kicking during those explosive outbursts.

Most of the time they’re no big deal —a quick intervention and it will de-escalate. But sometimes, a couple of times a month maybe, we have to physically restrain him. A squirt of water to his face usually helps distract him from his anger.

It’s emotionally and mentally exhausting, and I sometimes take some of his remarks personally. My wife knows when this happens, she can see it in my face and how I carry myself after.

She’ll come up to me, put her hands on my chest and just say, “You need a hug.” I didn’t know how badly I needed that hug until I stopped crying on her shoulder. She’s an amazing wife.


#43 Things Aren’t Always As They Seem

He drives me everywhere because I am losing my depth perception. Never complained once. People think he is being a macho guy and not letting me drive. Nope, he is driving me around at an inconvenience to himself. I love my man.


#44 The Invisible Wife

Shortly after my daughter was born, my wife began having out-of-control panic attacks. She once called me at work, screaming that she had become INVISIBLE. So I dropped what I was doing and ran home, insisted that I could see her. I showed her a mirror and even took her photo. I stayed by her side until she could see herself again.

When you vow “in sickness and in health,” you probably think about being 85 years old together…or maybe experience a tragic car accident that your spouse just barely survives… or even a horribly young cancer diagnosis.

But you don’t think about what might happen one day to the MENTAL health of your partner. And you should. Because if you can make it through one of you turning invisible, then you can make it through anything.


#45 Love Can Pay The Bills After All

I helped him pay for his school so he wouldn’t get kicked out due to lack of funds. The romantic side actually comes from him accepting. He spent years becoming financially independent because that was how his parents controlled him. To him, financial independence was the only way to have autonomy. Him accepting money from me meant he trusted me completely to respect his autonomy. Of course, it is much healthier for us too. Couples should be able to rely on each other without feeling manipulated or controlled. It’s a big first step for us, and we’ve been happily married seven years now.