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The Least Desirable Jobs

The Least Desirable Jobs


There are a lot of jobs in the world that nobody wants to do—and some of them actually pay really well. For those willing to do the job, no matter how daunting it may be, the reward can be substantial.

Of course, a good paycheck also depends on the skills and education needed to do the job. However, most of the jobs on this list don’t require a degree, which helps make them a bit more desirable.

Let’s explore 10 jobs that most people find undesirable, and how much they pay.

What Makes Them Undesirable

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Before we dive into our list, let’s find out what makes a job undesirable to begin with.

Danger: For most people, jobs that are dangerous are an immediate no-go. For people with young families especially, a job that presents a fair bit of hazards may not be a smart choice.

Dirty: A lot of people shy away from jobs that require them to get a little dirty. Especially jobs that stinky, filthy, or require a strong stomach.

Physical Labor: Most people don’t like to work hard. 40 hours a week in a physical labor job is the definition of exhausting, and most people avoid it, if possible.

Elevator Repairer

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This job isn’t as exciting as some of the others. Installing and repairing elevators may have a hint of danger and hard work, but it isn’t often dirty work.

However, this job pays surprisingly well.

Average Salary: $70,000+

Lead Sewage Plant Worker

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The first on the list is a Lead Sewage Plant Worker. This job fits in the “dirty” category, and it certainly doesn’t appeal to too many people.

However, since it’s a job that nobody wants to do, it pays fairly well, has decent job security, and also does not require a college degree.

Average Salary: $59,000


Professional plumber fixing toiletNew Africa, Shutterstock

Although this job made the list, there are still a select few people who do want to do this job. Even so, it is not the most appealing of the trades.

Plumbers most often have a dirty job—unclogging toilets and drains, crawling into small spaces, and often dealing with a mess that someone else made.

Even so, plumbers are highly skilled tradespeople and the wage reflects that. The job also doesn’t require a college degree, which is a plus.

Average Salary: $55,000

Hazardous Waste Removal

New York State FactsWikimedia Commons

This job is exactly what it sounds like—working with hazardous waste. Not only is it a dirty job, but it is also fairly dangerous, for obvious reasons.

This job isn’t often number one on people’s list, but it pays well, doesn’t require a college degree, and also has a lot of positions.

Average Salary: $46,000

Truck Driver

The Most Incredible ParentsFlickr, Oregon Department of Transportation

Driving commercial trucks requires stamina to do long-hauls across various states. The hours are long, and the lack of physical activity can be hard on the body. Most people don’t want to do this job because of the amount of time they’d be away from home.

However, if you don’t mind being alone, this job pays well and often offers good benefits. It also does not require a college degree.

Average Salary: $52,000-$70,000


Creepy hospitalShutterstock

A mortician prepares unalive bodies for funerals. This requires gluing eyelids shut, draining and injecting fluids, among other challenging tasks. This job is definitely not for everyone.

Anyone who can handle the tasks involved, is rewarded is decent pay and excellent job security. However, it does require a Bachelor’s degree in Mortuary Science.

Average Salary: $50,000

Coal Miner


A coal miner’s job is a risky one. Dangerous is an understatement. Even without a physical accident, coal miners come into contact with gaseous and chemical materials. This often leads to debilitating health problems after working in the industry long-term.

Even without the physical labor and danger, a coal miner’s job is dark, dirty, and claustrophobic.

For those who are up for the gig, it pays well and does not require a college degree.

Average Salary: $47,000

Landfill Operator

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A landfill (also known as a “dump”) is a chunk of land that stores waste. This job is not only dirty, but the smell is something you’d have to get used to.

In addition to dirty, stinky waste, the job also requires working with heavy machinery, and hazardous materials. So really, it fits all three categories: dangerous, dirty, and hard work.

This is definitely a job that not many people want to do—but starting pay is decent, and it doesn’t require a college degree.

Average Salary: $47,000

Oil Well Rig Driller

Everyone Makes Mistakes At Work, But These Are UnforgettableFlickr, Offshore Norge

This job takes place aboard a boat, and requires very long hours and very hard work. Workers often spend months away from home at a time. This job is not just physically challenging, but it is also dirty and dangerous.

However, this job can bring in a hefty paycheck and does not require any formal education.

Average Salary: $70,000+

Crab Fisherman

King crabsKindel Media, Pexels

Crab is a luxurious food for a lot of people, but the process of getting it from the ocean to the plate is a task not anyone can do. Crab fishermen work for months in the cold, harsh seas, often facing extremely dangerous storms that threaten their lives.

This job require high physical labor, and is anything but clean.

While the job isn’t for everyone, those who chose to do it are rewarded with a high salary. No formal education is required either.

Average Salary: $100,000+

Final Thoughts


There are a variety of jobs that most people steer clear of due to the dangers involved. Others shy away from jobs that are dirty, or require a great deal of physical labor.

From working with hazardous waste to working on isolated ships in treacherous weather, these jobs are not for everyone. But for the people who are willing to take on the various challenges these jobs entail, the financial and professional rewards can be worth it.


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