February 22, 2019 | Eul Basa

People Share The Rudest Thing A ‘Friend’ Has Done In Their House

How you behave as a guest in someone else's house shows a lot about who you really are.

You probably have a couple of work friends and other acquaintances you're relatively close to. But inviting someone over to your house for the first time, whether it be for dinner, an after party, or a birthday, is kind of a milestone. It feels a little awkward at first, but once that passes, the person will have graduated to a new level of personal friendship.

This article is not about those people.

Instead, we're focusing on the non-graduates. The acquaintances who blew their first shot in someone’s home by doing something so unbelievably rude that it completely and utterly destroyed the entire history of the friendship.

Read these stories and remember to be on your best behavior next time someone has you over!


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#1 Indecent Proposal

I had a bunch of people over for a New Year's event. One woman I used to work with was invited. We were pretty good friends at work and generally, she and my wife got along.

The whole night she just sat there hitting on me, trying to put her hand on my knee and stuff like that. It was really weird. Not to mention she had recently gotten married, which made it even more awkward. I wrote it off as something weird until I talked to my wife about it the next couple of days.

Turns out, she had been talking to my wife a lot that night and kept trying to imply that I had cheated or was going to cheat. Basically, she kept trying to wedge her way into our relationship in a really messed up way. Luckily, my wife isn't stupid and just ignored her all night.

So I cut ties with that person and luckily we don't work together anymore. I've run into her a couple times since then. I've been polite but also cold. Such a weird situation.


#2 This One Cuts Deep

My ex-wife's sister used a $150 chef's knife to try and crack open a coconut in my kitchen. She dented it all over and also bent the tip somehow. She then blamed the knife for being cheap, comparing it to the cleaver her sister in Thailand uses to crack open coconuts with ease. It's the one bright side of divorce that I never have to suffer her presence ever again.


#3 Fiber None

I was about 10 years old and a few of our neighbors were over swimming. One of the girls, a year younger than me, went to the bathroom and I went right after. She went #2 all over the toilet seat and didn't even try to clean it. It wasn't just a little, it was everywhere. And let me tell you, that girl needed more fiber in her diet. Her mom ended up yelling at her and making her clean it up.


#4 Things Can Get Hairy With Your Neighbors

I let my neighbor come over with her two young daughters to use our shower because her husband hadn’t paid the water bill. I went upstairs to the bathroom after they left and the bathtub was clogged with hair. It was all over—on the sides of the tub, the bottom of the shower curtain, everywhere.

#5 How Was The Toilet Not An Option?

Once, a friend was sleeping on my boyfriend's couch after a night out. We woke up the next morning, and the only bathroom in the house was locked from the inside. We knocked, but there was no answer. After quite some time, we were able to jimmy the door open, only to find the bathroom empty. He had filled up the little bathroom trash can with his own mess and fled the night.


#6 You Think You're Fam?

My in-laws hated me. We invited them over for Thanksgiving dinner and, upon arrival, they asked me to leave and come back a few hours later. They wanted to “follow their tradition of preparing the meal alone as a family.” They are now my ex-in-laws.


#7 'Life Of The Party'

One time, when I was throwing a party, a random guy showed up claiming he was a friend of one of the invited guests (who didn't end up coming to the party). He proceeded to do a bunch of illegal substances that he brought and even pulled a knife on my friend. I told him he needed to leave, but he pointed the knife at me. Everyone surrounded him to protect me, and he left. I don't remember his name, but he was the worst guest I've ever had and hopefully will ever have over again.


#8 If It's Brown, Flush It Down

My wife and I let one of her classmates stay over one night. We didn't feel comfortable letting her commute for an hour on questionable roads during the winter. The classmate in question took the vilest #2 in our guest bathroom and didn't flush. Needless to say, our relationship soured after that.


#9 Oh, You're Next Alright...

I shared a house with a few friends, and one of them let a broke friend crash in a large closet we had. A couple of days turned into weeks, and then into months, and it all came to a head one day when I got home from working construction in the middle of winter.

I was literally caked in mud and shivering when I walked in the front door. I could hear the shower running and the broke friend was sitting on the couch in a bathrobe. I asked him who was in the shower as I was dripping mud on the floor and he replied, "Bobby. And I'm next."

He was not next.


#10 Honesty? Flushed Away.

I had some relatives over, and despite very, very clear instructions to not flush feminine products down the toilet, they did anyway. They destroyed our septic field, costing us almost $10,000 in damages overall. When we confronted them about it, they just denied it despite the fact that the 32 pads that were pulled out of the system matched the brand that they were using while they were over.


#11 My Dog Stays

Back when I was younger, I remember my parents had another couple over. They had only known them for a short period of time. They brought their husky over to the house, but we had a dog of our own that simply didn't get along well with other animals. This "friendly" couple had the audacity to demand that we put our dog in his kennel so that their dog could come in. Needless to say, they didn't stay for dinner that day, nor did I ever see them again.


#12 Don't Make Yourself At Home

The girlfriend of my roommate stayed the night frequently, so maybe she started feeling like it was her place too, bless her heart. I have a lot of kitchen equipment and I do not mind sharing as long as people clean it and keep it nice. Almost everything in the kitchen was mine.

Anyway, this girl took it upon herself to rearrange the things in my kitchen, including my stuff. I couldn't find anything in my own kitchen! I told her to move it all back exactly like it was before she messed it up or her boyfriend would have to buy all his own kitchen stuff.


#13 Talk Is Cheap But Getting That Stain Out Won't Be

This one dude at my party bragged that he never got hangovers. He drank many beverages while eating red vines. He threw up pink all over my carpet. He then slept on my couch for the next 24 hours while he leaving my front door open. When he left, I was at work. I came home to my house completely open to the world.


#14 Sister, Sister

My wife's sister was traveling through the area where we live on a cross-country trip. My wife hadn't seen her in 10 years. She got a hotel a few miles from our house, and my wife has to basically guilt her into meeting us somewhere. She finally decided to stop by, and she brought her tiny, loud dog with her. The dog went #1 all over the house and she didn't even offer to help clean it up. I've been married to my wife for 15 years, and it remains the only time I've ever met that sister. Seems like a decent trade.


#15 Tag-Along

My parents were coming to visit me from the opposite coast for the first time since I'd moved away. They were planning to stay in my guest room for the week. My aunt invited herself along at the last minute, guilting me into giving her my bedroom and leaving me on the couch. Then, in the morning, she complained that my bedroom TV didn't work properly (it didn't have cable, it was just set up with a Chromecast).

I also had to change all the reservations I'd made for three to now be four.


#16 Feel Your Way To The Door, Pig

When I was in high school, I brought a boy over to meet my family. He tried to cop a feel on my younger sister.

The joke was on him, though. She beat the living heck out of him, then got my dad to drag him out by the scruff of his neck.


#17 Who's Getting The Boot Now, Huh?

A Christian missionary and his wife were invited to our home as a guest of my partner. He'd known them in grade school. The husband kicked my dog when he barked during the story he was telling about being in Africa helping kids.

What a juxtaposition of morals!

We immediately told them to leave. They were very confused about it.


#18 Boil Your Arrogance Down

My roommate and I used to make dinner for friends every Monday. I never spread the word, but a bunch of random people would just show up each week. There was one guy who never missed it, even though I didn’t actually know him that well.

One night, he got there very late and helped himself to the food (which was pasta that night, cooked al dente). As soon as he tried it, he started complaining. “This is the most under-cooked pasta I’ve ever had, it tastes terrible, someone needs to show you how to cook pasta,” etc. I just took it without saying anything, thinking to myself, “Sorry, it’s not my fault your mom has overcooked your macaroni your entire life.” But after that, my motivation for doing the weekly dinners died, and I stopped.

Personally, I would never ever say anything bad about someone’s cooking as a guest at their house even if it was terrible.


#19 Order Confirmed: Not Cool

I had out of state in-laws stay with us for a weekend. They brought an old family friend, which no big deal at the time. Three weeks later, we learned he ordered three different X-rated movies totaling almost 70 bucks. He was "sleeping" on the couch. There were at least six kids under 10 that could have walked in on him to get to the kitchen or bathroom. To make everything just a little more creepy, the movies he ordered featured performers with the same body type I have, so it was a running joke for years that he was imagining me.


#20 Cutting Ties

A married friend of my fianceé was staying with us for a week. She ended up going out and meeting some dude somewhere and invited him over to our place to do the dirty deed. When they got there, my fianceé and I were both at home, so the friend asked if she could "borrow" our bedroom. When we said no, the guy asked if he could do illegal substances in our apartment. When my fianceé told him no and asked him to leave, he groped her. When she told me to call the cops, he pulled a knife and threatened both of us. When the cops arrived, we found out the dude had several warrants out for various crimes, including aggravated assault. We don't talk to that friend anymore.

And we did inform her husband of the situation.


#21 'Where The Fork Did They Go?'

Somebody stole my forks. Such an odd thing to take from someone, but they stole them. They weren’t even fancy ones. Literally cheap forks you buy at Walmart.


#22 A Grudge That Really Sticks

This is about an undisciplined kid. I hate those.

My mom attempted to hold piano classes at our house once, and there was this one time when a lady and her young daughter came by for an inquiry. The entire time that my mom and the lady were talking, the daughter was walking around touching everything; opening all the containers, looking in, playing with things. The lady acted like she didn't see a thing. The daughter opened a container above our piano and pulled out sheets of stickers. MY stickers. She really liked them and turned around to ask, "Mom, can I take these?"

To which her mom replied, "Yeah, sure!" As if it was THEIRS! My mom didn't say much and, shy as I was, I didn't say anything either. Over a decade later, I am still angry about the incident. The girl just went ahead and took my stickers!


#23 A Hurricane That Created A Hurricane

This happened about a month ago. We live in North Carolina and got hit with a hurricane. My sister-in-law's place got messed up and we let her stay with us for a little while.

After about two weeks, she started taking a bunch of meds and was getting really messed up on them. She started locking herself in the bathroom and sleeping on the toilet, leaving the door open and falling asleep outside, and passing out on the floor in random places while leaving pills scattered all over the floor. Not to mention, we have two small kids who are constantly running around.

When we asked her to stop taking the pills, she freaked and told us she was going to claim residency at our place and that my wife was only with me because I had money. I told her I was done and she had to go. She ended up saying my wife was dead to her unless she took the kids and left me. Needless to say, she chose to stay and now we don't have to deal with her sister's problems anymore because we are dead to her...


#24 He's Not Even Really My Friend

I had a friend over one time when I was about 11 years old. We were both on our Nintendo DS devices and he said: “I’ll be right back.” After waiting forever, I heard what I thought was a weedwhacker engine outside. I looked out the window and saw that he had gone into my garage and was riding around my small motor scooter. I was so bothered. I didn’t know this kid well at all and he’d only been over one time previously.


#25 And He Didn't Even Share...

My roommate had a buddy over to hang out at our apartment. The dude shows up with a 30-pack of adult beverages, then proceeds to drink the entire case, vehemently refusing to share. he blacked out and went #1 on our television. I got angry and told him to kick rocks.

#26 Never Mess With A Kid's Pokemon

A family friend's son found my sister's Gameboy and started a new game on her Pokemon Crystal, deleting her old file. The kid was old enough to know that it's rude to play with someone else's Gameboy without asking. I remember her being really upset. Pokemon is no joke when you're young.


#27 With A Turd-Like Attitude

A neighborhood friend that I knew for years (we went to high school and middle school together) had recently adopted a puppy. Her parents are notoriously awful; the kind that would rather not deal with issues or put in any sort of effort into anything. This cavalier attitude translated to their parenting, and subsequently, their dog training.

One day, my friend came over to my house to introduce her dog to my little sister and I. While my friend and I were talking, the dog went #2 on my floor. Not a big deal, we have dogs too! There’s just one issue: the girl wouldn’t clean it up. I informed her that it was her dog's mess, so she should clean it up. She giggled, looked around, and through laughter said, “No way, I’m not cleaning up that.”

I ended up kicking the girl out of my house while my little sister cleaned up the mess. The lack of awareness and overall immaturity still blows my mind to this day.


#28 Merry P-mas

A college housemate had a hookup with a girl while under the influence. She flipped out on him when she realized he had a physical disability. He was born with one fully-formed hand and one partial hand. She stormed out of his room, but before leaving the house, she confused our closet under the stairs with a bathroom and went #1 all over the floor. There were boxes of Christmas stuff in there. We got the story out of our housemate a few weeks later when putting up the Christmas tree and trying to figure out why it smelled so bad.


#29 What A Night, Huh?

So, we had our wedding in my in-law's home to save on money. Needless to say, there was a lot of imbibing going on during the after party and one of my wife's bridesmaids got very under the influence.

Long story short, we found her bridesmaid dress covered in puke in our shower. Two of my groomsmen got it cleaned up before my mother-in-law noticed, though.


#30 Wrong One, Dad

My parents stayed at our place for the weekend. They ended up leaving on Monday morning after my wife and I had gone to work.

I got a text from my dad saying I'll want to buy a new toothbrush because he “had some extra time and wanted to help clean kitchen."

It wasn’t my toothbrush.

My wife doesn’t want them to visit anymore (honestly, me neither).


#31 Not Playing Games

I had a friend come over to drink and play games once. He set his drink down on my desk that had my PC, Xbox, Switch, books, etc. on it. I told him that drinks weren't allowed on the desk and he replied: "Well, I put drinks on my desk, it's fine." I told him he can do whatever he wants at his place, but I didn't want drinks around all my expensive stuff. He told me I needed to chill out and he would move his drink. When he tried to move his drink, he proceeded to knock it over, break the glass, and get soda all over my electronics.


#32 Still No Answers

We had a housewarming party, and about two hours in, I found a cup of cotton balls completely full of red-tinged water in our hall bathroom. No one owned up to it. The next day, we found blood on the shower curtain and a brand new box of Crest Whitestrips empty.

Four years later, we still have no idea what happened or who did it. If you’re out there... WHY did you bleed onto our cotton balls and shower curtain. And what did you do with our $40 box of whitening strips?


#33 Kids Do The Darndest Things

My family has had this large wood dinner table that’s been passed through the family for years; a truly beautiful work of art. When I was about eight years old, I had a friend from school named Max over and we were working on homework at the table. Max was using a protractor to draw perfect circles when he realized he could use the sharp end to carve his name into our nice table. Now when we have guests over, a common topic of discussion for dinner is, “Who’s Max?” My parents were pretty mad when they found the carving but eventually moved on. Now it’s just another funny story to tell.


#34 The Force Is Not With You

I was around 11 years old at the time and I had been building up a collection of Lego Star Wars sets for a number of years. Well, one day, the carpenter we were paying to do some renovations brought his little kids with him to our place.

One of them decided it would be really fun to get up on my table that had maybe five Lego sets on it and just jump all over it... I was never able to find all the parts and a lot of pieces broke. I was devastated.

#35 Somehow It Gets Worse

My wife's sister was getting married. A bunch of the bride and groom's friends and family came over to our house. One of the groom's family friends went to our room and took a shower in our bathroom. She even used my wife's towel and make-up without asking. This wouldn't be so bad if she hadn't also given my wife head lice.


#36 Ingrateful Thieves

A friend of my dad lost his house, and we had a former B&B so we invited them to stay with us. We housed and fed them for weeks while they looked for another place. For that, we got roaches and criticisms of our food (despite my dad being the executive chef at a freaking country club).

The day they left, I went to play my favorite game on PlayStation: Sled Storm. Couldn't find it. Overturned freaking everything, but I couldn't find it. In searching, I noticed something even worse. My SNES, all games, and half my N64 games were missing in addition to Sled Storm. They had stayed with us as a favor and stole half the stuff that I had paid for with birthday money saved up over years. They suck.


#37 Grandpa Would Be Rolling In His Grave

My grandpa was a carpenter and for Christmas when I was around six or seven he made me the most intricate and beautiful dollhouse imaginable. It had electrical fittings with tiny chandeliers, it had furniture, it had fireplaces and doors, wallpaper, you name it.

My mom organized a play date at our house a few months into the new year. I remember watching in horror as the chandeliers were ripped from the ceilings, doors ripped off their hinges, etc. It wasn’t wear-and-tear, it was mindless. I ran crying to my mom and the other mom. The other mom laughed it off and said that’s why she won’t get expensive things for her daughter.

It absolutely broke my heart, and probably my grandpa’s too. As such a careful and thoughtful child, I hope someone explained to him it wasn’t me that destroyed the dollhouse so quickly.

The older I get the more I realize what an awful thing that child did, and moreover how the parent handled it. I still think about it now. I hope I can restore it if I ever have children of my own.


#38 Manners?

A year ago at my parent’s housewarming party, one of the guests asked if the flooring was real hardwood or laminate. He then proceeded to test it out by taking out his key and scratching the floor. It was hardwood and it left a scratch. Who does such a thing?


#39 Red Hair, Don't Care

Someone dyed her hair red in our bathroom sink, staining the brand new granite countertop. The wet color then dripped onto the new tile floor and onto the hardwood floor in the hallway. She ultimately slept in our guest bed with wet, freshly-dyed red hair, staining the sheets and pillowcase.


#40 Hopefully It Wasn't Valuable

One of my friends in kindergarten wanted a Beanie Baby I had and when I told her she couldn’t have it, she took it away from me and tried to flush it down the toilet. Then, when the toilet started overflowing and my mom came in, she started crying and said I did it.

We did not stay friends.


 #41 Do NOT Go In There. Whew!

A guest took a massive #2 in our guest bathroom, used literally ALL of the toilet paper on the roll, clogged the toilet, and then left and did not tell anyone.

I found out later when my poor brother lifted the seat and almost passed out. We had to call out a plumber to fix it. Never felt comfortable going in that bathroom after that.


#42 Monster-In-Law

While my husband and I were gone at work, my mother-in-law took it upon herself to clean our house and "organize" our things. Twice. Yeah, she's only allowed in the house on an invitation-only basis now.


#3 Cold Pizza For Uncool Guests

We had a bunch of pizza in the fridge we'd ordered the night before they arrived. There were three other families already there, so we ordered a lot and there were a lot of leftovers. Everyone who was there at the time had pitched in to pay. The one family who hadn't been there for pizza arrived the morning after and were talking about going out to eat. The families were all okay with this, thinking it'd be great to have lunch in individual families and get back together for dinner. Everyone was loading up, including the most recent arrival family, but when we drove off, they unloaded, went back inside and ate all the pizza.

We would've told them it was fine if they had asked, but pretending they were going someplace and then sneaking back inside and eating it was so shady.


#2 Lego No No

I wasn’t home when this happened, but some family friend I’ve never met and their kid came over one afternoon.

The kid gets bored and decides it’d be a great idea to disassemble every Lego build I’ve kept over the last 10 years. Almost everything was built from imagination, so there were no instructions to rebuild again. I was devastated when I got home to see Lego pieces spread across the entire floor of my room.


#1 'Don't You Have Maids For This Sort Of Thing?'

When I was much younger, my mom’s aunt came and visited and brought her dog. We didn’t see her too much, but she was close with my mom back when she was a kid. During the visit, the dog dropped a loaf on the living room carpet. Not a big deal you would think, but my mom had the audacity to ask her to clean up after her own dog.

Apparently, this was a degree of rudeness my aunt had never experienced before from a “host.” The offense was so deep that she never spoke to my mother. For. The. Rest. Of. Her. Life.

She moved across the country and the only time we ever heard from her again was when I got a letter from her saying that I should get some genetic tests for something that might be in the family.

Final plot twist: Since she never married and I was the only male descendant in her family line, she left me everything in her will.



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