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Grow Your Money: 5 Simple Ways To Automate Your Wealth

So you want to be rich, huh? You might think that the only way to build wealth is by constantly being on the hustle and grind, but that's not entirely the case. There are steps you can take to automate your finances so that you can meet your financial goals without putting too much thought into it. It is possible to make money while being stress-free.

Of course, you're still going to need a steady income to make it work—money isn't free, after all. It's what you do with that income that determines how much wealth you'll be able to automate. The following tips will guide you on how to grow your money and give yourself a financial boost. Read on to achieve the retirement of your dreams:

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#1 Retirement Plan

A great way to get started with automating your wealth is by contributing to your retirement plan through payroll deductions. Most companies offer retirement plans that you can opt into. A portion of your earnings is put into a tax-advantaged retirement account that will grow over time. If your company suggests a match, you should aim to get the maximum match.

Even if your company does not offer a retirement plan, you can still make contributions to an outside retirement account. You would have to open one on your own, but it would be the same arrangement—you would still deduct money from your paycheck, only you'd send it into an IRA. In either case, you don't have to think about what to do with your money; you just let the deductions happen and trust that your money is growing.

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#2 Automatic Increases

Depending on the company you work for, you might be able to increase your 401k contributions annually. If you have the option to increase your retirement contribution by 1% every year, go for it. That's a workable number as it's small enough that you won't really feel the impact on your paycheck, but it also makes a huge difference over time. It's a great way to give yourself a financial boost without needing to constantly think about what move to take next.

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#3 Automatic Transfers

You should open up different investment and saving accounts that are geared towards specific financial goals you have. Then, set up automatic transfers so that your savings accumulate without you ever having to think about it. The important thing is that you determine exactly what you'd like to save money for.

For example, if you're looking to buy a home, you could open up a high-yield savings account dedicated to a down payment fund. Then, you could set up an automatic transfer, making sure that the amount you decide to contribute to the account is something you can manage. Once you set up the automatic transfer, your money will periodically be deposited into that account and will gradually grow.

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#4 Always Review Your Budget

Get into the habit of checking your finances regularly. Many people simply rely on credit card statements and balance reports, but it's always better to have all of your financial information in one place, like a spreadsheet. It's just more convenient, especially if you ever need to make any tweaks to your spending.

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#5 Personal Finance Software

Once you start automating your money, you're going to need a way to track everything in an organized manner. Doing this manually can be challenging and leaves you open for error, which is why you should use some form of personal finance software. The software will recognize your recurring transactions so you can figure out which of your money you can or cannot spend. By keeping a close watch on where your money goes, you can prevent overdrafts from triggering.

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