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People Share The Best Purchase They Ever Made

Every so often, we stumble onto a purchase that completely changes our life. For some, it’s a new mattress, for others its adoption fees for their beloved pets. Even if we don’t recognize it at first, these little purchases here and there could better our entire life.

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#1 Most Chill Dog Ever

I got my dog for 20$ from some tweakers seven years ago. She is the most chill dog ever and is a dachshund/Chihuahua mix. She never barks unless you get her really excited for treats or going for a ride in the car. Also, she probably sleeps 20 hours a day and only gets up to go outside or lean against my leg for pets.

File:Bella Rose.jpg - Wikimedia CommonsWikimedia Commons

#2 A Horse Named Paco

I bought a horse named Paco for $500. My mom’s hairdresser kept trying to sell him to me, starting at $3500 and every few months, she would lower the price $500. When she got to $500, I said I would look at him. That was 18 years ago. He was the first horse my daughter was able to get out and ride on her own. She took him to the county fair the first year she showed there and won numerous ribbons on him, including hunter over fences jumping him over three-foot fences. We didn’t know he could jump.

After she moved on to other horses, we kept him and many different kids showed him at the fair, all doing very well with him. Another lady had a parade horse get sick, and borrowed Paco and took him to the Kentucky Derby parade and the Indy 500 parade. He proudly marched in both. He also became a lesson horse and taught hundreds of beginners how to ride a horse.

He has never once lost his patience with anyone. The only thing he asks in return is some peppermint candy. He’s the most incredible horse we’ve ever had. He’s also in his late 30s now and is still going strong. He doesn’t do many lessons anymore, but every once in a while, someone is lucky enough to get to learn on him.

Portrait photography of brown horse (half face). Free for download and commercial use.Libreshot

#3 I Needed Silence

Not exactly a purchase, but we were at the tail end of a 32-hour road trip with our five kids, ages five to 15. I love them but I needed silence. I bribed them with a dollar for whoever could be quiet the longest. I thought I'd buy myself perhaps five minutes of quiet before someone breathed someone else's air. Nope. Complete silence for just over an hour until we pulled into our destination. I declared them all winners so they all got a dollar. By far, the best five dollars I've ever spent.

road-trip-sleep.jpg | Nikon S3300 ISO400 Aperture f/3.5 Expo… | FlickrFlickr

#4 Pack of Gum

I broke up with my high school sweetheart near graduation for reasons. She got a new boyfriend and me, a new girlfriend (mine didn't last but two weeks). Months went by, I started college, and we remained in touch. I missed being with her and as our initial anniversary date neared, I knew she was single again.

So on that day, I dropped by her job as a supermarket cashier and bought a pack of gum. As she rang me up, I asked her if we could get back together. She said maybe but would call me later to discuss it. Of course, she said yes and we've been together ever since, got married, and have two kids. Easily the best $1.07 I ever spent!

File:Stridegum.png - WikipediaWikipedia

#5 I Love That Machine

I bought a Breville Barista Express espresso machine over five years ago. I drink at least two americanos or lattes a day. This thing has never failed in any way shape or form, and at this point has saved me approximately eleventy billion dollars at Starbucks over this time period. I absolutely love that machine.

Breville BES860XL Barista Express Espresso Machine with Grinder N2 free

#6 Good Old Tighty Whitey

The most comfortable underwear in the world to me is men's briefs. I wore a pair in a pinch when I was pregnant and couldn't squeeze into mine and I was sold. The good old tighty-whitey kind. I have been looking for years for some without the pouch but I've yet to find any. The way the leg bands are enforced, the wider waistband, the thicker cotton… they just don't make women's like that. (The wannabe "boy shorts" are a pale imposter, and tend to ride up far worse than bikini briefs do.)

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#7 Not a Big Deal

My car. It isn't even that great (‘96 Camry), but going many years without a car was a daily struggle. Now I can get anywhere I need to without having to bother friends and family. Something as simple as grocery shopping went from being embarrassingly difficult to not a big deal. My car is amazing and I should appreciate it even more than before. ‘90s Toyotas are very dependable.

File:Toyota Camry rear 20071102.jpg - Wikimedia CommonsWikimedia Commons

#8 Financing My Life

I'm approaching 22 years owned and 600k in equity. In addition, the bank wanted to lend me whatever I wanted against that equity, so I started loaning money at ridiculous rates for bridge financing, easily earning another 100k, which I plowed into buying a property in Mexico and building a house there 12 years ago. That too has appreciated significantly. It snowballs. That initial investment at 28 essentially financed the rest of my life.

Street Color Mexico - Free photo on PixabayPixabay

#9 Fresh Ground Coffee

After several months of using a coffee grinder with a spinning blade, my wife and I decided to do what we invariably do with every kitchen appliance: replace it with something other than the cheapest one that technically did the job. We ended up with a Burr Grinder that has a little hopper. Push the button and a few seconds later, fresh ground coffee.

Royalty-Free photo: Coffee beans in grinder | PickPikPickpik

#10 That Trusty Pillow

Memory foam pillows are amazing. I bought my first memory foam pillow 16 years ago. I don't use it for sleeping now as I have a king-size bed with king size pillows, but my daughter was born premature and had to be fed slowly lying on her side. That trusty pillow was always there, ready to lend her some support.

Classic Brands Reversible Cool Gel, Memory Foam Pillow Tou… | FlickrFlickr

#11 A Little Toot Toot

Bidets are such a game-changer, but so hard to convince most Americans of. I only have a cheap $100 one that attaches to my toilet seat, but it's my favorite thing that I use daily. When I have to travel, I feel like a wasteful, dirty, monster slinking around with my raw bum because I had to use half a roll of paper to feel less than half as clean as I do after a little toot toot from my bidet.

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#12 That’s Because of Me

The Complete Calvin & Hobbes , bound, three-volume set. No one is allowed to touch it. My daughter reads all the cheaper paperback collections I received over the years every Christmas. She 17 now, I might just let her have a peek. Also, a close second is a painting of a Hawker Hurricane I found in what I thought was a nice art store. I just felt like I should have it. I looked it up after I bought it and it appears to be commonly replicated. But I liked it, I love military history and its one thing in our house that’s there because of me.

y0jxq | Calvin & Hobbes Wallpaper | Brad Arnold | FlickrFlickr

#13 These Insane Prices

A Costco membership. Thanks to that and basement shelving, my family of three were packing 60+ Charmin triple rolls when the shortages started. We just stock up whenever it’s on sale and there had been a sale not long before. I wouldn't call myself a prepper but when at the prices Costco has items like 25lb boxes of high-quality rice for around 10 bucks, you would be a fool to not keep one of those bad boys in the bottom of your pantry.

File:Costco Wholesale Store (34635636926).jpgWikimedia Commons

#14 She Never Complained Again

I was living with my mom when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She had her surgery and had started the first of three years of chemotherapy and radiation. I drove her anywhere she needed and went in with her. The doctors’ visits and chemo can be really boring, so I always had two bags full of different things depending on what she felt like doing.

We were on our way to a chemo visit and instead of going in with her, I felt like visiting the animal shelter. I have no idea why. I had never left my mom during a visit before. The shelter was five minutes from the hospital and there were plenty of animals, but I had my eye on one. A six-month-old lab and border collie puppy that was just terrified. He wouldn’t come anywhere near me. I couldn’t leave him in that outdoor concrete kennel. How can a puppy be so terrified?

I drove with him back to the hospital. The chemotherapy ward had a garden with windows, so we sat there and started waving at mom. She came out and wasn’t happy, there was enough going on let alone a puppy. But this dog was so quiet and timid. He then curled into my mom’s lap and I never heard her complain again. The best part was that she would walk him every day along the beach (she was covered head to toe in clothes and sunblock) and she became stronger and healthier each year. When I was at work, I was comforted in knowing he was by her side.

Chemotherapy Chemo Infusion - Free photo on PixabayPixabay

#15 So Much Love

I’d have to say the pet adoption fees for my cats. I never had pets growing up (my mother is allergic) but my wife always had cats. So after we were dating for a while and living together, we adopted two cats. I never felt so much unconditional love or had a stronger feeling of having a home until they lived with us.

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#16 The Best Sleep Ever

I suffer from severe insomnia and I'm currently pregnant. So, I'm a person who already doesn't sleep, who can't take any of my medication for this and I'm growing a human inside of me, which isn't comfortable. I bought a new mattress about a month ago and have gotten the best sleep I've ever had in my whole life!

Morning coffee in bed. Working in bed | PikrepoPikrepo

#17 The Skin I’m In

The food and fees for the medically supervised diet I'm on right now. I've lost 121 pounds so far and only have 36 to get to my goal. I feel so happy with myself and very proud that I've managed to do this. And of course, I already look good, I started at a size 26 and I'm a size 14 now. There are so many small and large benefits I've noticed from being thinner. I no longer worry about being able to fit in chairs and am simply more comfortable in my own skin.

Food Diet Keto - Free photo on PixabayPixabay

#18 A Much Better Place

My divorce. I didn’t even know how miserable was until one day, I was planning how I could successfully abandon my whole life. I was going to apply for jobs across the country. I was mentally making lists of what I could fit in the car with the dogs so I could ghost. I was going to abandon the house I just bought, figured my parents would disown me based on their anti-divorce stance and years of telling me “marriage is forever. You vowed good times and bad.”

Additionally, I was going to change my number so no one would know where I was. I also started trying to figure out how I could save the deposit for an apartment. I would stay married but live separately and I’d just start life over as if I was an orphan. I had this moment of clarity that to go through all that to get away from him, I should just divorce him anyway.

My parents didn’t have to live with him and it was worth severing ties with them to get away from him. Why was I giving up the home I’d bought, and the life I’d made? Things came to a head one day, the next week I had a consultation with a lawyer. I took off work so as not to rouse suspicion. He told me I could think about it and I was like, “Dude, I’ve done nothing but. Here’s my cc.”

I called my mom on the way home and let her know. I was expecting “we’re disowning you” and was shocked and in tears when she said that she had been wrong. If it was that bad, they would support me and help me pay the lawyer fees. I hung up with her and my dad called me not two minutes later and said it was about time.

I was expecting this bitter divorce and… when I broke it to him, he said, “I’m going to let you go.” We had an uncontested divorce, I gave him an, as my lawyer phrased it, “overly fair”, settlement. It’s been eight years, I’m still paying off the divorce settlement, but I am in a better place mentally, a better relationship and it was worth getting out of an extremely toxic, emotionally harmful relationship.

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#19 Discovering New Loves

When I was 23, I got let go from my job as a groundskeeper. While on unemployment, I bought a two-dollar scratch ticket. Turned out, I won $2500! I used that money to purchase the parts to build a gaming PC, which I had no experience with. After buying all the parts, and with a little help with wiring, I found a love for computers, and how they work. I am now working at an engineer level at my current IT job, and am doing very well, mentally, which I was not before that two-dollar purchase.

File:Gaming PC set up.jpg - Wikimedia CommonsWikimedia Commons

#20 The Greatest Thing Ever

One time, I got pretty tipsy during the holidays and thought it would be a great idea to buy a dog. I woke up later that afternoon in my hotel room with a 10-week-old Alaskan Malamute puppy I had somehow managed to sneak in. It’s been six years now and she’s undoubtedly the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me.

White Alaskan malamute puppy on seashore | PikrepoPikrepo

#21 I Actually Did Something

A crockpot. I can take a bunch of vegetables and meats or beans or whatever, and some water or chicken stock, throw in a pack of frozen seasoning vegetables, put it on medium to high heat and go to bed. I can then literally go to work the next day and never worry about it. The roast and veggies? Perfect. The chicken fiesta soup? Immaculate. The red beans and sausage? Food of the gods. The vegetable stew? Mind-boggling. All I do is throw things in it, literally ignore them and the next day, dinner is just ready. It’s like I actually did something.

File:Crock pot.jpg - Wikimedia CommonsWikimedia Commons

#22 Source of Constant Happiness

My pug is my wife’s and I kid, it definitely behaves like one. We’ve been married for five years and got him after our first year married as a prelude to kids. Neither one of us thought we would go through infertility. So, this little pug has allowed us to fill that gap, not in an unhealthy way but in a loving way. A little source of constant happiness while dealing with the emotions of infertility. It’s the little things that allow us to always maintain perspective.

Royalty-Free photo: Pawn Pug on green grassland | PickPikPickpik

#23 Living Out of a Bag

A $10 for a Kappa duffle bag. My then-girlfriend (now wife) bought one at the same time. We picked them up at a Kroger almost 20 years ago when we were in college. We use them nearly every other weekend to pack clothes and supplies to visit family and friends. Heck, my wife nearly lived out of hers for three years for her job. I would not be surprised if they last another 20 years.

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#24 Not to Be Stingy

My phone. It's the first real smartphone I’ve had and had to buy it with my own money at 16. I decided not to be stingy with my money. My mother warned me I'd be disappointed and it would be a waste of money, but two years later, it’s still the best purchase ever. It has had some bugs but it's a reliable, fast phone with a big screen, very good specs, and over 50 GB of music on it. That’s still not even at half capacity. I’ve also dropped it once or twice and the phone doesn't even remember.

Black and white samsung android smartphone | PikrepoPikrepo

#25 It Just Doesn’t Break

My hiking bag. In 2012, I decided I was going to get one. I hopped onto Kijiji knowing almost nothing about hiking backpacks and found a large mec brio for $50. Apparently, you’re supposed to try on different ones until you find the right size. Well, I just impulsively bought it and it fit like a glove. It’s carried me from memory to memory, bursting at the seams with tent poles, punctured cans, clothes, gear. Whatever I want to bring I can find a way to stretch the bag to accommodate. I have abused the heck out of it and it just doesn’t break.

Regular visits to the Bruce Trail, Lake Superior, Kawarthas, Algonquin, Ganaraska trail. That thing took me through so many of the experiences of my 20’s that made life worth living. Heading out for my first hike of the season this Saturday, these days I store it prepacked with gear and whisky and add food and batteries the night before a hike.

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#26 Graduating First Grade

A $10 Miles Morales Spider-Man mask for my six-year-old son. He "graduated" the first grade and was super proud of himself. He mentioned the mask to me in passing, just said how cool it was and it would go with his Spider Suit. I bought it while he was at his dad's house, and when he came home and saw it on his bed, he just about passed out. Screaming, jumping on me, yelling "THANK YOU, MOMMY! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!" It made me happy to see him smile.

Red and black spider man mask | PikrepoPikrepo

#27 Better Value for Money

My dog, that is celebrating today her seventh birthday. Although I’m ashamed to admit I paid for a dog, she’s my best friend and was worth every penny times a million. People that don't have pets can't really comprehend how much love and affection these animals can give, they are absolute angels on earth. Plus, most of the time you can bring a dog from a shelter for free. You will never get a better value for money deal than getting a dog.

File:Dog in animal shelter in Washington, Iowa.jpg - Wikimedia CommonsWikimedia Commons

#28 Life is So Much Easier

A good quality chef's knife and a good quality pocket knife. Both have made my life so much easier and enjoyable. I can’t tell you how many times I've seen someone struggling to open something with their hands, offered them my knife, and they were back on their way. A good quality chef's knife has made my cooking game on point and actually encourages me to chop up all my veggies, meats, etc. in all types of cuts to experiment. My cooking skills went up too. It’s also safer to use and onions don't make me cry anymore (some movies still do though...).

File:Handmade chef knife.jpg - Wikimedia CommonsWikimedia Commons

#29 In a Cool Spot

My house right before the market went nuts. It’s almost doubled its value in seven years. Everyone doubted me during the process. I fought for this house; the bank, the naysayers, the paperwork, the realtor, it was brutal but I can hear the ocean. It’s a roof over the heads of my three kids, it’s in a cool spot and it was worth it.

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#30 Special Occasions

For me, it was definitely a necklace I bought with a letter I wrote for my girlfriend. I'm not the most emotional person. But it was her birthday so I bought her this necklace and wrote her a letter. She has the letter in a keepsake box she has. The necklace, she doesn't wear every day. It's something she keeps for special occasions.

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#31 That’s Good Enough

A pair of cuff links and some dress shirts to go with them. None of it is flashy or expensive-looking but it feels good wearing them. Just the simple act of folding the cuffs back and snapping the links in place makes me feel like someone who knows what they’re doing. I don't even care if anyone else ever notices that I wear them. I know they are there and that’s good enough.

20+ Free Cufflink & Fashion Photos - PixabayPixabay

#32 Boom, a New Roll

Paper towel holder that has a squeeze button to get the end off. It's wall-mounted, was $25, and I was really upset my wife bought it. That is until I switched out the roll. Every time I put on a new roll, just pop off the end and boom, a new roll can be put on. We have one of the wooden ones that has six feet of 0.2 micrometer threading and takes three hours to change. It's awful. I know this one is a dumb one but it brings me so much joy, and I was absolutely wrong.

Royalty-Free photo: Toiletries in a metal basket | PickPikPickpik

#33 Like the Day I Got It

A printer that uses toner instead of ink cartridges. What a racket ink is. I've had this toner printer for over three years at this point, still haven't had to replace the original toner cartridge. No matter how long a time I've taken between printing something, the quality of the print is like the day I unboxed it. One of the best value purchases I've ever made.

Printer Ink Toner - Free photo on PixabayPixabay

#34 My Closest Friend

When I was about 10, my parents and I were in our backyard clearing out a ton of weeds that had gotten out of hand. I had trouble focusing because our next-door neighbor had this really adorable puppy and all I wanted to do was play with him. We found out that they were actually going to take him to an animal shelter because their son was not taking care of him like he promised.

I asked my parents if maybe we could get him instead. I was an only child and never really have anyone to play with unless a friend would come over. The thought of having a puppy to play with whenever I wanted to was great. My parents agreed and our neighbors offered to sell him to us for $20, which is really cheap for a dog when you think about it, but a lot of money for a kid. I had that saved up, immediately agreed and promised I’d care for him and love him forever. So, he became my puppy and like a brother. After a few days of debating, I named him Snoopy.

Snoopy became my closest friend. He made me laugh, played with me, and would just hang out and watch TV with me. He was always there for me, especially through some tough times in my life where I was extremely self-destructive. He saved me from myself. He was there at my side through tough breakups where all I ever wanted to do was lay in bed. He was an amazing friend. He was there to see me graduate eighth grade, high school, and college.

I hoped he would be there on the day I got married and maybe be around for when I had kids, but unfortunately, as much as we wish for things, sometimes they don't happen. He passed away five years ago after being by my side for almost 17. That little ball of fur made such a huge impact on my life bringing me years of happiness, friendship, and love.

Puppy, dog, animal, lovely,free pictures - free image from needpix.comNeedpix

#35 Spot the Windmills

My mom had a laundry list of cheap games to keep us brats quiet, like the unique state license plate game. One time, she promised five dollars for the first person who spotted windmills on the road trip. I guess she miscalculated how far along we were on the road trip cause I saw them immediately over her shoulder. In retrospect, it must have destroyed her soul a bit to be like, "Well, there goes that game.”

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#36 The Family Kitchen Barista

We love our Breville Barista Express. I got it for my wife for Christmas five years ago and it gets used daily. You can pretty much make any coffee drink you ever wanted with it. I thought about upgrading to one of their higher-end machines but after watching a ton of videos, decided that the Barista Express is the best option for me. I like having total control over everything. Most of what you're paying for with their expensive models is it being idiot-proof and doing all the work for you. But I enjoy being a kitchen barista for my family.

CoffeeGeek - Breville Dual Boiler Espresso MachineCoffee Geek

#37 Changed My Life

My Casper Mattress has changed my life for the better. It was the only mattress that didn’t wreck my back by being too soft but allows me to sleep by not being too hard. I was sleeping on our old couch for over six months as our old mattress was ruining my back. I was sleeping there because we didn’t know I had Spina Bifida and so I didn’t receive any physiotherapy after an emergency surgery to save my ovary. That was a fun discovery at 27.

Casper Mattress Compression | You are free… | FlickrFlickr

#38 Buy Whatever You Want

My cat, who I bought her six years ago when I was nine. So in my city, we have a flea market every year, so I got 100 Sek (Swedish currency). My grandmother gave me the money and said I could buy whatever I wanted. I was walking around and I found people selling kittens, so I bought one with my sister. Then I went home with my cat that basically cost me three dollars.

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#39 It Changed My Life

A decent backpack. I have scoliosis, so back pain has been an almost constant companion for over a decade. I finally splurged almost $100 on an osprey radial bag. It's basically a laptop bag for commuter cyclists. It's the perfect university backpack for a heavy laptop and charger, books, lunch, a drink, my shopping, etc. I carry almost twice as much as I did before, with no pain at all. It's amazing.

It changed my life and that's not an exaggeration. I can actually do normal stuff all day without thinking, "I need to go home and each lunch at home because I can't carry food as well as study stuff. I'll swap out my morning stuff for afternoon stuff because I can't carry all that weight in one go. Then tonight I'll empty the bag and go back out to buy food." Now I can just live my life without too much planning. It's amazing.

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#40 Burnout Mobile

I bought a 1992 Toyota Tercel with only 60k miles on it for $150. It was already gutted for me and everything. Excellent burnout mobile. I've had tons of fun just abusing that thing and would easily buy another. If you ever get the chance, pick up a little burner car to have fun with. You seriously won’t regret it.

File:Toyota Tercel 1.5 GLi 1996 (45206582992).jpg - Wikimedia CommonsWikimedia Commons

#41 Back to Walking

When iPods came out, I was barely out of university and could not afford much. The only way I convinced myself I could buy an iPod ($525 New Zealand dollars) was if I walked to work for a few months. Turned out, I loved walking and I continue to walk to work to this day 15 or so years later. I've put on the most amount of weight in my life in just two months I can't wait to get back to walking. The best investment I ever made buying that 30GB iPod.

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#42 Majestic and Goofy

My English Mastiff. I actually bought him for my ex-husband years ago, but he was mine too, of course. That dog brought the most joy into both of our lives. He was majestic, goofy, protective and a wuss, sweet and smart. He always did what I asked and was a great comfort when the marriage was ending. We put him to sleep in January, quite suddenly, as he had an abdominal mass that ruptured. I miss him so very much.

Dog Dogue De Bordeaux Mastiff - Free photo on PixabayPixabay

#43 Tiny Guitar

A tiny guitar. I have several expensive guitars, as well as an expensive amp to run them through. I won't pretend to be humble about that, I'm proud of my collection. But my favorite instrument I've collected is a small, cheap, 3/4 size, travel guitar. It was on sale, and I needed something to noodle on in the office during breaks. Something that was playable without disturbing my office-mates. I didn't expect to find a new companion but I'm glad I did. I'd pick Tiny Guitar over any boutique nonsense any day.

File:Tiny Tim's Last Stand, C. F. Martin Soprano "0" Ukulele with Case (c.1930) - C.F. Martin Guitar Factory 2012-08-06 - 032.jpgWikimedia Commons

#44 Just Because

Back when Panda Express was campaigning for pandas, they were selling these five dollar cute panda plushies. The proceeds would go to saving pandas. The place was packed with people younger and smaller than me, but no one bought a plush. So, I bought one just because. It’s been three years and I still sleep with him.

File:Panda Express Ala Moana Center.jpg - Wikimedia CommonsWikimedia Commons

#45 My Heart and Soul

$75 for the adoption of my little man. He is the most handsome, sweet, kind-hearted, and gentle pup the world could hope to find. I got him when I bought my house and moved out of my parents'. He's been my heart and soul through chronic illness, stress, and heartbreak. I honestly couldn’t imagine life without him.

8,000+ Free Puppy & Dog Images - PixabayPixabay

#46 Plane Ticket Purchase

I live in Michigan, United States. When I was 25 years old, I sold my car (a Pontiac Firebird) and bought a $2200 plane ticket to Australia. I did this to meet a guy I met playing PlayStation. Eight years later, we’re married and have a beautiful daughter together. So, that plane ticket was the best purchase I ever made.

File:On a long plane flight (Unsplash).jpgWikimedia Commons

#47 An Alternative Purchase

Bed Bath and Beyond had this display for back and foot massagers. So we sat down in the chair and had our try and different foot massagers. We independently decided on the same foot massager not just being the best, but being divine. The foot massager was only $300. So we're walking down the aisle of Bed Bath and Beyond and they have all these little nicknacks all over the place.

My wife decided we didn’t really need the foot massager and while I was waiting in line, I see an $8 "spoon holder." So I bought the spoon holder. That spoon holder is so insanely useful and gets more use than anything else. But every day I always think about that foot massager and how incredibly sore my feet are all the time.

File:Bed Bath & Beyond, Milpitas, CA 1 2016-09-12.jpg - Wikimedia CommonsWikimedia Commons

#48 A Little Life Insurance

The best purchase I made was when I manipulated my mom into buying me a tablet. Want to know why? I want to be able to take commissions even if I’m homeless. I might have a shelter above me, but later in life, I would probably end up living illegally in someone’s property. If I have a tablet with me, I could use a cafe’s wifi to upload my drawings and market myself. Having a tablet is also convenient since it gives me a wider drawing space. I wouldn’t have to deal with drawing from a bigger perspective because I can now easily do a single stroke.

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#49 Keeping Toasty Warm

Yeti slippers. If anyone plays Overwatch and knows of the character Mei, she has a costume that you can get from loot boxes called Pajamei and is wearing yeti slippers in it. I bought a pair like these from EB Games and they’re the best slippers I’ve ever owned. I have terrible circulation in my feet, so they're always cold. These keep my feet toasty warm without overheating them and making them really hot and sweaty. They are the best clothing item I own.

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#50 First Date Prices

$30.13 was how much I spent on my first date with my girlfriend. We’ve now been together for over two years, living together for six months, and we own the cutest little dog. It’s by far the healthiest and happiest relationship I’ve ever been in! I’ve started to save up for a ring as well, so I’ll keep saving up for the perfect ring.

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Power Internal

The Most Powerful People In The World

Power can manifest through political, financial, or societal influence. Leaders make decisions impacting countries. Business owners manage assets, shaping sectors. Influential figures impact millions with ideas, trends, and movements. Here are some of the most powerful people in the world today.
July 5, 2024 Eul Basa
Weirdhabits Internal

The Weirdest Habits Of Successful People

Throughout history, these exceptional individuals were known for their eccentric habits that they believed contributed to their success. From unconventional routines to odd quirks, these famous figures prove that sometimes embracing your weird is the key to success.
June 20, 2024 Eul Basa

Things Only Wealthy People Know Exist

There are a million things that money can buy—and a lot of them are things that most people don't even realize are an option. Here's a glimpse into the secret world that only the richest of the rich have access to.
May 21, 2024 Jamie Hayes
Industries That Millennials Are Killing

20 Industries That Millennials Are Killing

Discover the industries that millennials are impacting and why traditional businesses are struggling to adapt. Our in-depth analysis explores the changing consumer habits and values driving these shifts. From casual dining to traditional retail, see how the millennial mindset is reshaping the economy.
May 29, 2024 Peter Kinney

How Social Media Can Affect Your Job Search

Uncover 10 things people post on social media that employers consider red flags. Find out how employers are finding people, why they're looking, and what to avoid posting if you want to get a job.
April 30, 2024 Matthew Burke

20 Billionaires Who Actually Started Off Poor

Most of the world's wealthiest people were born pretty darn wealthy to begin with. But the American Dream can come true—just ask any of these true self-made billionaires.
May 11, 2024 Jamie Hayes

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