February 16, 2024 | Kaddy Gibson

25 Productivity Hacks For The Workplace

The Best Hacks To Boost Your Productivity At Work

Having trouble staying motivated and focused at work? Struggling to get through that neverending to-do list? This is your sign to stop worrying.

What you need is a boost in productivity—and we've got you covered with 25 easy hacks.

Productivity Hacks

1. Plan Your Day In Advance

It may sound simple, but this is one of the most overlooked steps in being productive—it's also one of the most important. Having a clear schedule with time allotted for each task is a great way to make sure you don't forget important tasks.

It will also help you save time throughout the day, since there's no need to think about what you need to do next after each task.

Daily planner- to do listSuzy Hazelwood, Pexels

2. Use A Productivity Technique

Productivity techniques are powerful ways to stay focused while you're working. There are lots of great productivity methods for you to choose from, but some of the more common ones include the Pomodoro technique, time blocking, and SMART goals.

Woman working at her desk.Anna Alexes, Pexels

3. Set Times To Check Your Email

If you get a lot of emails throughout the day, checking your email can be a big distraction at work, and cut into the time you need for more important tasks. 

Try checking your email only twice a day—once before lunch and once before you finish up for the day works well for most people.

Woman working on her laptop.George Milton, Pexels

4. Use Ad Blockers

Ads and pop-ups are always annoying, but at work, they can put a major damper on your productivity levels. Use good ad blockers to keep these silly distractions at bay while you're working.

Man working on the laptop outside.Ono Kosuki, Pexels

5. Embrace The Power Of "No"

It can be hard to turn people down, especially at work where we want to fit in or be a good team player. But sometimes, not saying no leads us to take on too much or get caught up in other people's work rather than spending time on our own. 

If you want to be more productive, you've got to put your foot down.

Two woman are talking in the office.Karolina Grabowska, Pexels

6. Listen To Music

Music is one of the best ways to stay focused and productive. Anything that gets you in the mood to zero in on your tasks is good for your work playlist.

Man listening music on headphones.Andrea Piacquadio, Pexels

7. Use the Two-Minute Rule

When it comes to all the little things that pile up throughout the day, don't waste time pondering if you should do something. 

If it can be accomplished in two minutes or less, go for it in the moment. If it takes longer than that, put it on your to-do list.

Woman making a list in notebook.Thirdman, Pexels

8. Don't Multitask

I know it's tempting, but multitasking really does make you less productive. Studies have shown that 98% of people are less productive when they multitask. Try putting all your focus into one task at a time and see how that boosts your overall productivity.

Woman in office working on laptop and talking on the cell phone.Pavel Danilyuk, Pexels

9. Start With The Easiest Or The Hardest Task

How you start your workday usually determines how the rest of the day will flow. 

If you start with the easiest task, you gain momentum as you quickly knock things off your list. If you start with the hardest task, everything else will feel easier once it's done.

Happy woman at workplace.Kampus Production, Pexels

10. Take Breaks

It might seem counterproductive, but taking breaks throughout the day has been shown to boost productivity. That's because you're giving your brain a chance to recover in between bouts of intense focus. 

Many studies suggest taking a short break every 30 minutes but try any kind of break schedule that works for you.

Smiling woman drinking coffee at office.Jopwell, Pexels

11. Make An Agenda For Your Breaks

If you know there are certain things you want to do during your break or little tasks that you can squeeze in during these moments of downtime, then write them down. Knowing what you want to do on your break can help you make the most of that time, and also not get so distracted that you're late returning to work.

Woman at office is writing her tasks at notebook.John Diez, Pexels

12. Have A Designated Workspace

Having a place that's dedicated only for work will help put you in the right mindset to stay focused on your tasks throughout the day. This is especially important if you work from home or remotely.

Busy office desk.Cup of Couple, Pexels

13. Add It To The List

If you think of a task and put it away in your mind because you think you'll remember it later, stop. The intention is good, but it's also more likely that you'll forget the task and never actually get it done. Even if it's not a priority, put it on a to-do list so you don't forget about it.

Man in suit is seating on his desk and thinking.Moose Photos, Pexels

14. Use Templates For Routine Tasks

Making templates for repetitive tasks that have to be done the same way each time is a great way to save time throughout the day. This makes your workflow more efficient, which will boost your overall productivity.

Man working at his desk and thinking.Mikhail Nilov, Pexels

15. Cut Out Distractions

If you know you're easily distracted by certain things, try removing them from your workspace. In addition to wasting time, giving in to distractions also makes it harder to regain focus and get back to the task at hand.

Young man working at his desk.cottonbro studio, Pexels

16. Deconstruct Your Goals

Sometimes, if a goal seems to big to attain, we're more likely to procrastinate on starting to take steps to achieve that goal. Breaking down big goals into smaller, attainable milestones means you can fit goal-specific tasks into your schedule. 

And each time you accomplish one small goal, you'll be more motivated to continue working towards the bigger picture.

Man seating at his desk and reading a document.Mikhail Nilov, Pexels

17. Take A Moment To Get Into Work Mode

Once we've done our work for the day, many of us detach and forget about the job until the next morning. Before you get started on your work each morning, take a few moments to think about what you want to achieve that day. This will help you get in a better mindset and ready to focus on that first task of the day.

Woman is relaxing with legs on her office desk.Vlada Karpovich, Pexels

18. Connect Your Tasks To Goals

It's easy to get bogged down in a bunch of small tasks, but if you want to boost your productivity, then you'll need to decide which tasks are really worth your time. Before committing to a task, think about if it will help move you towards attaining one of your goals. If it doesn't, try to eliminate it from your workflow or try delegating it to someone else.

Young people are talking.cottonbro studio, Pexels

19. Wake Up Early

For some people, waking up early is a good way to consistently feel re-energized before heading in to work. For others, mornings are less distracting than afternoons, so getting up early makes for a more productive workflow.

Young woman is waking up from sleeping at her bed.SHVETS production, Pexels

20. Remember That Nothing Is Perfect

We all want to excel at our jobs, but perfectionism is more likely to slow you down rather than help you succeed. 

Don't waste time making sure that every task is perfect. As long as the work is done well enough, you can move on to the next important task.

Happy woman is smiling at office.Andrea Piacquadio, Pexels

21. Make Time For Self-Care

Self-care is more than about kicking back and relaxing. Scheduling time for self-care will help prevent you from feeling overworked or burnt out. It's also good for your physical health as well as your overall productivity.

Young people are talking at office.fauxels, Pexels

22. Stick To Deadlines

Even if you have a lot of time to finish a task, setting a deadline can improve your productivity by motivating you to get your work done by a certain time. You can even set multiple smaller deadlines for milestones that all lead up to the final goal.

Woman is working in her pink office.Ivan Samkov, Pexels

23. Use Natural Light

Natural lighting is an easy hack. Science has shown that exposure to sunlight can help improve sleep and contribute to a more positive mindset overall. Both of those benefits can improve your productivity levels at work.

Woman working on her laptop beside window.Mikhail Nilov, Pexels

24. Work In Short Intervals

It's hard for our brains to focus on the same thing for long periods of time. To stay focused and motivated, try working in sessions. The Pomodoro technique is one way of doing this. Try working in 25-minute sessions with 5-minute breaks in between them.

Two girls talking in hallway.Christina Morillo, Pexels

25. Use Colors

Studies have shown that certain colors can affect our mood and brain function.

Red and blue colors are the best for boosting productivity. Red colors can help improve your attention to details while blue colors inspire creativity. Use both in your workspace to supercharge your productivity.

Young man is seating in red boot and thinking.Jack Sparrow, Pexels



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