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Exes Share Wild Stories of How Cheaters Got Caught

Cheating is an awful thing to do. As anyone who’s been affected by it can attest, it never ends well for any of the parties involved.

Nevertheless, if anything good can come out of a bad situation, we can at least be thankful for the epic ways that unfortunate partners have been able to discover what’s been done to them—and sometimes even the awesome ways in which they get even with the ones who have done them wrong! If nothing else, at least these can serve as examples to make sure that none of your relationships ever turn out the way these ones did!

Here are 42 wild stories about how cheaters got busted by their partners.

42. Well Played!

She was doing it right behind my back! One day I rolled the dice, opened the front door to get an Amazon package, and when I turned around, she was looking at my cards. Never play poker with a nine-year-old…

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41. You Should Have Dropped the Girl Instead of the Class

Left her dorm room to go get to a canceled class. Decided to go back to her room to hear her having sex with another guy (she was very loud). I knocked on the door and she answered thinking someone was going to ask them to keep it down.

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40. As Long As You’re Over It

I’ve been cheated on and cheated with but never cheated. Each time the cheater just fessed up and told the truth.

Except for my sixth-grade boyfriend, Chris. I found out from everyone else in my middle school that he made out with some skank at the movie that he had invited me to but I was busy. Screw you, Chris.

Totally over it though.

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39. The Joke’s On Her

I canceled on a party her friends were having because I worked late. My boss let me out a few hours early because it was dead. So I went to the party.

Got there and asked her cousin where she was. Her cousin said, "oh, she’s in her car out front on the phone." As I walked away to go to the car her cousin panicked and said "NO! WAIT! SHE'S IN THE BATHROOM!"

Me knowing she was lying, I jogged to my gf's car out front. Looked in the window and she was pantless doing sexual favors for two other guys in the back seat.

That was ten years ago. Now she's a mother to four fatherless children and I'm engaged to her beautiful, latina ex-best friend.

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38. What Happens in Vegas Doesn’t Always Stay There

I doubt I'll ever get the truth on it, but my ex (we were together for six years, engaged for a year and a half) went on a work trip to Vegas, we were eight months away from our wedding, half of it was paid for (venue, videographer, photographer, flowers, and catering all had deposits, dress was bought and paid for)... And when she got back from the trip she said: "I don't love you anymore."

Kicked me out of the apartment and had a new guy move in three weeks later and got engaged to him a few months ago (about a year and a half after the split). Either she had been cheating for a while or thinking about it or both. Either way, it was the best thing that ever happened to me, while simultaneously being the most painful thing I've ever experienced. I'm MUCH better off now and MUCH happier and healthier as well.

I'm finally over it (almost two years later) and although she hurt me pretty freaking bad, I look back and realize that I hated myself (I was severely overweight) and wasn't in any position to love someone the way they needed to be loved because I didn't love myself. Life will dump on you, and you can either wipe it off and learn from it, or sit and play in it and get used to the stench until no one wants to be around you. It’s your choice!

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37. Moral of the Story

Caught my ex-fiancee on New Year’s. I posted pictures of us, exclaiming how I was excited to spend another year with her. Sadly enough, her other boyfriend saw the post I tagged her in. He was awfully upset as well. I still sympathize with him because I know how it feels.

Don't cheat on your partner. It tears people up inside.

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36. Definitely Getting the Message Across

My ex's friend took a snapchat of my ex (while she was still my girlfriend) hooking up with a dude at a party and sent it to me.

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35. Stake Out for an Unfaithful Nurse

Had a suspicion that the wife was seeing someone else. She had been acting "off" for about a week. We would be sitting on the couch and she would get text messages claiming to be from a female friend, yet she would always set the phone face down.

A few nights later she tells me that she is going to go cover a shift for a nurse co-worker who just had a miscarriage and that she would be working late. That night I woke up out of a dead sleep with my heart racing, with just a feeling that something was wrong. I snuck over to her side of the bed, took her phone and went out into the living room to go through her text messages.

Sure enough, she had detailed plans to meet up with some guy at a hotel to have sex. I took photos of the texts with my phone as future evidence. I went back to bed, returned her phone and just laid there contemplating my next steps. I finally just laid awake for about four hours until it was time for me to get up for work. I knew they were planning on meeting in the afternoon at the hotel, so when I arrived at work I told my boss that I needed a half day and possibly a few days off afterward.

About an hour before their planned meetup time, I drove to my brother-in-law’s house. I let him know what was going on and asked to borrow his truck so that I could witness their arrival with my own eyes. He made me promise not to confront them. I showed up at the hotel parking lot and about 30 minutes later, they both arrive in his truck. She was dressed in her work outfit. After they went in, I snuck around to his truck and deflated all his tires (not slashed because that's a bigger crime).

She had carefully planned to cover her tracks. She took our two kids to the babysitter dressed in her scrubs to appear like she is going to work. Then drove her car to the parking garage to have him pick her up there, knowing I might drive by her work to see if her car was there. I left the hotel, went back home, piled every picture we had ever taken together along with photos of our kids on the kitchen table. I packed a bag for myself and the girls and drove down to my hometown to stay with some friends.

On the way there, I called the hotel and asked to be connected to the room under her name. She answered and I don't remember exactly what I said, but something to the effect of "I know where you are and I know what you're doing..." She wasn't really phased until she heard our girls in the backseat laughing and signing. Then she broke down and begged me to come back. I told her we needed a few days away and that they deserve a better mother than her and hung up. She called me constantly and I just sent it straight to voicemail for the next few days.

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34. Who Are You Gonna Believe, Me Or Your Own Eyes?

Go to the gym, no headphones! That’s cool, house is five minutes away. Pull up in front of my house and see work buddie’s car out front. Walk in house through open garage. Son coloring at kitchen table. Ask him “Hey bud, where’s your mom?” He points at the stairs. Walk to stairs to hear moans and movement. Up to this point I had suspected the worst but never had proof. Knew I had to go look and catch her or she would say I was overreacting and tell me it wasn’t what I thought.

Walk upstairs and hear them in the spare bedroom. Walk in the room and say “well this is awkward.” They freak out and try to grab clothes and tell me nothing is happening. I walk out to my car and have ex-buddy chase me out and tell me to hit him. I go to my command (I’m in the military) the next day. Report him and have the command force him to call his wife that day and let her know. I am now divorced and much happier!

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33. Way to Break the Relationship

Was on a "break" with my girlfriend at the time. Got a text from a girl that I had mutual friends with and we knew each other kind of well—started having dirty conversations, talking about sleeping together, etc. Turns out my girlfriend had gotten a burner phone with a different number and was the one sending me the texts the whole time. She was not pleased.

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32. A Conversation Waiting to Be Discovered

I picked up his phone to change the channel on Chromecast. It unlocked and opened the Messenger app where he was making plans with my roommate to hook up while I was at work the next day.

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31. You Said It, Not Me...

Honey came in and caught me red-handed creeping on the girl next door.

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30. A Little Too Enthusiastic

I was smiling at my cell phone too much. She caught on.

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29. Get Your Head in the Game

We went out to lunch, she wasn’t even able to hold a conversation. I had to repeat myself multiple times because she was so enticed in whatever hilarious thing she was reading. Asked her what was so funny and she just kept saying nothing. As I was on my way to dropping her off at her place, her phone, sitting in the cupholder, started ringing.

The number wasn’t registered in her contacts. I went to answer it expecting a telemarketer or someone who simply had the wrong number with the intent of messing with them to have some fun. I went to grab the phone. She has never had a problem with me answering calls like that before, she even found it entertaining. Anyways she freaking attacked me, started screaming at me, and ripped the phone from my hand.

We didn’t speak for the rest of the ride, needless to say, it was obvious what was going on. Shame. Turns out it was my only friend at the time. Lost two people I thought I could trust that day.

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28. A Not So Holly Jolly Christmas

My fiancé left me two days before Christmas. She told me she needed to move out for a bit and get space. That she was moving to her friend’s house. This went on for a week, until, because we have a family Apple plan, I looked up her location. And she was not at her friend’s house...

I'm now a single dad of a one-year-old and she's moving out west with him...

Merry Christmas.

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27. A Love Hate Relationship

My dad was recently caught cheating on my mom after 27 years. While using his laptop, my mom noticed that Facebook said: “Hello Mike Long, can we log you back in?” My sweet mom still had no idea he was cheating, until my teenage sister broke it to her that he’s using a fake account. That only opened a whole other world of nasty surprises. Love you dad, but I also hate you.

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26. Sometimes It’s Not Even a Secret!

I'm a live in nanny and the parents are going through a particularly nasty divorce (mostly because she's totally insane). Either way, she decided one day that she didn't give a damn anymore, and started bringing this dude she's been sleeping with over to the house, sometimes even while the Dad is home.

She says "they are just friends," but I've caught them making out on several occasions. Which she portrays, of course, as that "he kissed her," "she didn't want it" blablablabla. Really Amanda? Then why did I watch you go sit down on his lap and stick your tongue down his throat? She's also encouraged the kids (while the Dad isn't home) to call this new guy "daddy."

Thankfully the Dad has finally realized just how crazy she is and is getting a divorce, but as this is all pretty recent, we haven't found a new place yet. Thank God he's going for full custody, and that the kids are still really young (and that I'm going with him and the kids). It terrifies me what those kids are going to have to deal with in their lives because she is their mom.

She is an incredibly selfish, narcissistic, piece of trash excuse for a human being, and I hope all this karma comes back to bite her on the behind really hard some day.

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25. Throwing a Curveball

Not sure who I am in this story. Worked with this girl, in different departments at a huge company. We got friendly and hooked up a few times. So one day we’re out at a bar. I turn around and am face-to-face with her. Without missing a beat she introduces me to her husband. I don't know how but I played it cool.

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24. Plot Twist

It happened to a friend of mine. We were all on vacation (about seven friends) and everybody was drinking. We were the only two who didn’t. He managed to snag his girlfriend's phone while she was passed out and pulled me to the side. He said, "she's cheating on me, some guy named Joey has been texting her and meeting her after work for sex every day." We ended up searching for names and mutual friends via Facebook. Turned out Joey was a girl.

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23. Is the Excuse Any Better Than the Crime?

Found a condom clearly used for sex. He ended up blaming it on his mother, who didn't live there. Happy to call that jerk an ex.

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22. Gridlock

Was dating a girl in college and didn't think she was cheating. Another guy she was dating thought she was. He found my info in her phone and texts me about it. He wants to confront her. We both meet up at her place while she isn't home. He's a nice guy and we honestly got along pretty well for the half hour we talked before she arrived.

She saw us both as she drove up and the look on her face was shock. By the time she got out of her car she was crying but didn't say a word to us. We went in her apartment and her roommate acted as the mediator but it didn't really get anywhere. Me and the other guy were pissed and wanted answers. We weren't getting any so we both gave her some choice words and rolled out.

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21. Now That’s an Entrance!

While at uni I walked in on an argument between my gf and her housemate as the housemate shouted: "at least I'm not a whore who sleeps with everyone when she goes home!"

Turned out she was sleeping around.

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20. Google Knows Everything

I signed into her Google Account to check her emails (She forgot her password so I had to reset it). I checked her Google Maps history and her most recent visits were at my best friend's house while I was away for work.

+1 for Google Maps.

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19. Scheduling Conflict

Had been with this chick for about one year. At our school summer camp, a guy from the class above me came up to me and straight up said: "Hey, I hear you’re so and so's new boyfriend, I’m her ex and just wanted to say hello.”

I didn't really know what to make of the situation but for some reason, I just asked when they broke up, and he said: "oh like one month ago."

Needless to say that relationship was over quickly.

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18. You Don’t Say?

He was basically living with me because we just had a baby, and he hadn’t been home for a couple of days. His best friend informed my best friend that he had no idea we were even together because he has been with this other girl for the past couple of nights on his friend’s couch.

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17. We Feel For You

This is so recent (a week ago). I went to the spot I first took her to on the ship we worked on to surprise her, and she was on top of another dude. They looked me in the face and laughed when they saw me. I absolutely loathe infidelity, and feel for all the victims of heartache.

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16. Second Time’s the Charm

He rang my friend, who I happened to be with at the time, to tell her he'd been sleeping with his ex and asked what should he do. Her not knowing what to do, she put him on speaker and asked him to repeat. Then the yelling started.

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15. Savage

My ex, many moons ago, was an idiot.

She KNEW that I had many friends that lived in the same neighborhood as her ex that she had left a couple months before dating me. She always told me she was going over to a female friend's house to study, and I had no reason not to believe her. Til one day she wouldn't answer a single text. Now I'm not the kind of guy to text a billion times. I'll text you, then if you don't reply, MAAAYYBE I'll text you 2-3 hours later to make sure you got my last message, and if you still don't answer, then, "Meh", I'll talk to you when you feel like you want to talk.

So anyway, I'm at my friend’s house later that night having not gotten a reply from her since maybe 12 hours ago. Me and the group of friends decide to go outside in his backyard to make a pit fire, when I notice her car in the driveway of the house behind us. I didn't know it was her ex's house but it was the waaaaaay wrong neighborhood for her girlfriend’s house.

I call her sister up and say "Where is your sister," and she says "Oh, she's at [the girl’s house]."

"Well, I'm going nuts then because I'm looking at her car right now and this isn't her friend’s neighborhood."

Her response to that was "Uh..." So I hang up and ask my friend who lives in the house we were all hanging out at, who owns the house behind him. "Oh that's [her ex bf's name]'s house."

I called her phone to find it was off. So I just chilled the rest of my time there, and payed it no more attention, no sense in worrying at this point—it's a done deal. About two hours later I get a call from her saying the phone was on silent for "Study purposes" and asking if I wanted to come over. "Sure," I told her.

I arrive at the house a little bit after and she hops in the car. As soon as she shuts the door I ask "How was studying with your friend?" and she gives me some BS answer as if I didn't know she wasn’t there. After she's done spewing her lie I say "Weird. Must have been a long walk from [ex bf's] house." I made sure to look at her face as I said it so that I could see any expression. She knew I knew but wouldn't let it go. It will go quicker if I just give you the dialogue:

"We were just talking things out"

"Why would it be ok to just go over there to do that if you have a boyfriend? Talk things out? What needs to be talked out?"

"We've been friends for a very long time before dating. I can't just stop talking to him."

"So to get around that, you feel it's logical to lie to me about going to a friend’s house? It's 11pm, "you've been talking it out" since 10am. I've tried getting a hold of you a couple times too. Silence for a bit... So what did you guys do?"

She wouldn't answer or look at me. I told her to get out of the car and just pulled off.

She broke up with him the first time because he was physically abusive and seemed to not really want to do anything with his life.

About a year after I drove off she calls me asking if we could try to make it work again and if I'd like to get together over dinner. So I said "yes" and arranged a date at a fairly upscale place for Saturday at 8 pm. Told her the dress code and all, since it was a snazzy joint.

I'm not sure how long she sat there, because I. Didn't. Go.

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14. Getting Emotional

I caught her holding hands with another man, someone from her work, in the booth at Logan's. Our kids were with them. Emotional cheating is still cheating.

How Cheaters Got Caught FactsPxHere

13. Life Lesson: Power Trips Always Lead to Writing on Whiteboards

I stopped by his house to surprise him. His bedroom window was open and she was very loud. I tried the front door and it wasn't locked so I let his dogs in the house (because it would piss him off) and sat on the couch for a few minutes thinking about how much power I had. How I could burst in and do anything. I just wrote goodbye on his whiteboard and left.

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12. Wrong Place, Wrong Time

I was at a party with a group of friends. I was standing behind my best friend talking in a group when my friend all of the sudden gets a text. I look at his phone and it's my girlfriend's full name and her asking when he is going to be over. She was supposed to be out of town at her mom's house.

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11. Holden Would Be Proud

My best friend lived in the family's old vacation trailer behind his house (back in the 90s). I arrived with a twelve-pack, opened the door and there was my girlfriend. She was standing full frontal (not a stitch on) and he was in his boxers. Later he told me "Nothing happened." JD Salinger had a term for that kind of guy, it was... PHONY.

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10. If He Can Make It There, He Can Make It Anywhere

He went to NYC on a business trip and his phone was constantly going straight to voicemail whenever I called. When I finally got in touch with him he said that he was having a hard time getting a signal... in midtown Manhattan. So I called his office and asked for him and they were totally confused. It turns out he was in another state visiting someone he met on the internet.

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9. Love is Not a Game

I'd finished doing the dailies on my WoW character, and I knew he wasn't going to be home for a while so like many times before (with his permission) I logged into his account to do dailies for him.

Then the PM's started. Very explicit PM's. Not only was he cheating on me in a game (with loads of people, cybersex in WoW, eugh), but there was one girl who was talking about things outside the game too. I admit I played along for a while to see what was going on.

After that, I told her who I was. It all ended rather badly, between her and I, him and I, and him and her.

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8. She Can’t Keep a Secret

She kept telling me how she wasn't happy with us being apart at different colleges and how she met these really nice people. Turns out one of them had a thing for her and they made out one day. She broke down and told me immediately. She wanted to keep hanging out with him and I was obviously not okay with that.

I visited her to patch things up. Dumb of me to try to salvage it in hindsight. Not long after, she meets another guy in one of her classes who happens to be friends with some of her other friends. I immediately got a bad vibe but I just told myself I was being paranoid and she said nothing would happen. Yeah, apparently they hit it off a little too well.

Long story short she tells me about this one too after I kept asking. I ended up trying to patch things up again. Screw everything about how that relationship ended. Actually, in hindsight, if my relationship hadn't ended so poorly, I wouldn't have met some of the fantastic people in my life today. Now that I think about it, I actually haven't had any contact with her since the breakup.

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7. Rough Ending

She was acting weird and then accidentally left a note to our roommate who she had just cheated on me with. She admitted it when I confronted her, and then I became homeless.

How Cheaters Got Caught FactsPixabay

6. Say Cheese!

When I was at college we had this campus Twitter account that people would post pictures of random people caught making out at parties to. I blacked out one Saturday night and woke up to a few angry texts…

How Cheaters Got Caught FactsShutterstock

5. Well This One is a Little Weird...

In a dream. I saw everything.

I told her about it and she freaked out.

(To be fair, I described the dude's bedspread, fish-tank, and his room. I have never been there).

How Cheaters Got Caught FactsPixabay

4. It’s the Thought That Counts

20 or some odd years ago I caught my ex, not actually having sex, but in bed with another guy. On Valentine's Day. With a dozen roses in my hand. What a horrible person. Fighting would get you kicked out of college, so I told the much smaller guy that as soon I saw him off campus some day, I'd kill him.

Fifteen years and worlds later, I'm at an engagement party at a bar, and some friends come up and tell me the guy over there is extremely scared of me and thinks I'm going to kill him. I look over and couldn't stop laughing. It was so far in the past, but for some reason that guy remembered it like I had sworn an oath to avenge my family. It felt good. His fear was redemption enough.

Mean Girls CheatingYouTube

3. Well That Escalated Quickly...

I caught my ex when we were both standing in the examining room, getting his "UTI treatment." Doc came in and said gonorrhea. He lied for a whole 2-3 months I imagine. Even lied about how he got it, tried convincing me he accidentally swiped his genitals in some mystery fluids in a gas station toilet (what in the world...).

When he realized I wasn't that stupid, he tried to drink random bottles on the doctor's shelf. He started hitting himself. He fell on his knees sobbing and tried grabbing my hands and begging for me not to leave.

He threatened murder-suicide that entire night, and assaulted me for close to nine hours when I was trying to pack my bags to leave. He choked me in the driveway.

I just spoke at his sentencing this Thursday. He is a convicted felon now. I hope he's grown from this.

Moment That Killed Their Relationship FactsShutterstock

2. Hunting for Problems

Brother of mine caught his wife. Her phone would always be going off and she would hide it. He got curious, looked into it, and found some guy had been texting her for a few months. She said she was going to stay home because she had to catch up on homework over the weekend. My brother and I went on our hunting trip and he told me about it.

We never left the city, we went to my house and stayed there till it got dark, then drove back to his neighborhood in my neighbor’s car. She sent him a picture of her at home saying she was going to go to bed early that night. Well, we snuck close to the house after a car parked down the street and a guy walked to the house and let himself in.

My brother was fuming at this point and wanted to beat the crap out of the guy. I settled him down and told him to think about the long run. We snuck up to the house and using the night vision camera got video of them bumping uglies in the living room. My brother wanted to confront this guy at this point so... I did something messed up and called the cops. I said I heard a lot of yelling from the house and asked if they could go check. It kept my brother from messing with the dude (a coworker of hers).

Cops show up, take statements. We leave and the next day he pulls her iMessages off the email account and talks to a lawyer. We give the lawyer the messages and when we show up five days later from our "hunting trip," he calls her and says he got something wild and wants her to come out and see it.

When she comes out he gives her divorce papers and kicks her out of the house. She had the police do a civil stand by while she got her stuff a few days later. House was his before they got married so all she got to keep was some stuff they bought together and her car. No kids and the prenup nullified the alimony she could have gotten as he made way more money than her.

The guy she was sleeping with had a record. We saw her a few months later, she tried talking to my wife and said she missed my brother and she was sorry, the guy and her broke up shortly after the divorce.

Prince Charles FactsPexels

1. Did He Get an A+?

I caught my boyfriend of two years. He had asked me to proofread his paper on his Mac and the text messenger popped up in the right hand. He was sitting in his bed texting some girl "goodnight, I love you" while sitting right next to me in his bed. I deleted his entire paper, wrote "Who's Marissa?" saved it and told him it looks great and left. She was his girlfriend of eight years who lived next to his parents two hours away.

How Cheaters Got Caught FactsShutterstock

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