November 19, 2019 | Eul Basa

Men And Women Share The Unwritten Rules They Always Follow

There are certain laws that everyone in society is obligated to follow—stopping at a red light, pulling over for emergency vehicles, etc. Some of these are lessons we learn through the advice of other people, while others are ones we learn from our own hardships. These rules are unwritten, but generally, people will discover them as they enter adulthood. They represent the basic and minimum requirements of being a decent human being.  Some rules are universal, while others are "guy codes" or "girl codes" that are specific to gender. Without such codes, society would just crumble into a black hole of social chaos. How well do you know these unwritten rules? Keep on reading to find out:

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#1 That Bro Life

Should a bro lose his life in a weight-lifting related accident, a bro will add at least 100 lbs to the bar before reporting the incident. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve done this for bros. Happens more times than you think. I'd be like, "Weird he was attempting to curl 120s but he only weighs 140."

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#2 Keeping Score Is Tacky

Be generous with your closest friends. Buy them an occasional drink or their favorite soft drink without "keeping score" of whose turn it is to pay.  I make a lot more money than my best friend. We don't talk about it and I never throw anything in his face, but if I want to go to a baseball game with him or take a road trip he knows that "not being able to afford it" doesn't have to be a reason for not going. He's my bro and I've got him covered.

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#3 Paying It Forward

A buddy and I always run under the assumption that we owe each other some general amount of money. Not a dollar-by-dollar log, but just... money. So if we need a bit of help buying food, we're just like "Hey, get this for me." Which perpetuates the "I probably owe you something around this price" mentality and keeps it going.

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#4 Good Looking Out

If another lady walks past and you notice a spot on the back of their pants or skirt, tell them, but do it discreetly. Recently, I noticed a passenger had a spot on her pants. I wrote her a note and slipped it to her as I was collecting trash from the carriage. A half-hour later, I saw her again and she had a different pair of pants on. She was super thankful.

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#5 Lessons From The Bronx Tale

If somebody loans me money it's my job to remember to pay back, not theirs to collect. I once heard a saying: "If you loan somebody money and never hear from them again, consider it money well spent." I think the quote is from The Bronx Tale. It makes me feel better about a pretty good sum of money I'm never seeing again.

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#6 Directional Nods

Upwards nod = We're friends and I'm acknowledging you.

Downwards nod = I don't know you but I acknowledging you.

This is so true to the point where if you reverse it on accident, you won’t get acknowledged. I was extremely tired and broke the code by upward nodding to a stranger and they looked at me confused. They just walked away without giving me a nod. It took me until I got home to realize my mistake.


#7 Ignore Him

If a girl needs a brush, chapstick, a hair tie or a tampon, you are immediately obligated to supply her with it if you have it. If a girl has pockets in her dress, you must always compliment her on the pockets on her dress. If you see another girl looking upset, scared or uncomfortable because some dude is trying too hard and being creepy, you jump in the conversation like she’s your best friend and make up some story to get them away without an explanation. “Look what I found, come here,” And you also completely ignore the guy.

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#8 Quick Reference

Guy Code: 1) Don't try to get with someone else's partner. 2) Always give at least one space for urinals. 3) Head nod. In reference to the third code: we got some new neighbors recently and he just stares in disgust as if you insulted him whenever you nod at him. I've tried down nod, up nod, and even verbally said hello a couple of times. All he does is stare like an idiot. I think we're going to fight soon.

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#9 Frat Logic

Actually, at my brother's frat, they had a special rule: If a brother's girl comes on to you, you hook up with her and then tell him immediately. The idea was that he might not trust your judgment that she was flirting too much. You had to be sure she meant to be unfaithful to him. I always thought that was pretty messed up.

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#10 Just Be Prepared

If your friends help you move, you are expected to 1) be packed already, and B) provide pizza and drinks. I hate how many times I've shown up to help friends move and they have nothing packed with not enough boxes. What should take a couple of hours turns into an all-day marathon.


#11 Even Your Worst Enemy

My girlfriend was telling me last night that she always carries an extra pad or tampon because you’ll never know when another woman may need one. She said it’s an unwritten rule for women that even if you hate the person you will give them one if they need it. It got me thinking about what other unwritten rules have I not heard of.


#12 Look Out For Your Girls

Girl Code: if something is fixable within five minutes (make-up, something stuck in teeth, small things on appearance) you tell her and help her if needed. If it isn't fixable on the spot, you keep your mouth shut and ESPECIALLY don't point it out to others. Bless the girl I didn't even know in high school who told me I'd spotted through my pink skirt. I wore a jacket around my waist for the rest of the day, which is better than being exposed. We weren't friends but she didn't let me suffer it out. I hope she's having a nice life.


#13 Universal Code

The last slice of pizza or pop always goes to who paid for it. If you all chipped in, you don't have to ask, but you have to tell. And never take both in the same hangout, no matter what the earlier rules say. Never mess with the music in another person's car. I don't care HOW bad you think their taste is. If you know someone else had a regrettable hookup... No, you don't. Not even if you fall out and become enemies. You don't remember.


#14 Pub Rules

No, haven't seen him at the pub. That's a general rule. But I also went to a pub once that had a sign saying something like: "Tips are the difference between 'Oh yeah he's always in here' and 'Who is your husband again? No, never seen him'" I thought that was hilarious.


#15 Legally Blonde Told Us

I only had one chance to exercise this girl code rule, but one time, I was passing a girl in the lobby of a building and she told me that she had just gotten a straight perm and was waiting for the rain to pass before she went outside. So I let her share my umbrella for four to five blocks while we walked to a bus stop together. I would do that for any woman if it happened again. Perms are $200. They can take up to three hours and are ruined if you get them wet within 48 hours of having the procedure done.

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#16 It's A Two-Way Deal First

If you sell a buddy a car (or anything of value) cheaper than normal because they are a friend, that friend must offer to sell it back to you before offering it to the general public. My grandpa gave me a car and when my brother needed a car I gave it to him. When my sister needed a car he gave it to her. When it needed brakes and exhaust work she took it to the junkyard and kept the money. I'm still bitter. That car had enormous sentimental value. It was a 1990 Oldsmobile, ninety-eight. It was so cool. Ugh.

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#17 Obligatory Summation

Unless you are asked and willing to provide further details, keep remarks about the time you spent with someone vague and borderline childish. Example: you’ve spent a night with your girlfriend. Your description and summation of all the events of that night can be stated as “I got some.”


#18 Never Kiss And Tell

I've always abided by "A gentleman never kisses and tells" and even with my closest friends have usually tried to keep things in broad strokes. But in my experience, most women tend not to abide and will go into minute detail about ALL OF IT.


#19 Weird Milk Experience

You absolutely never share a glass of milk with another man. I had a weird experience with this dude. We were both kids; maybe 13 or so. I went to his house to show him some PC games. I made some copies for him. He wanted to share a glass of milk. I said no. I really don't like milk much, and I only have it when I'm eating cookies. He saw some movie where some kid with a venereal disease would use the milk to test if someone else was scared of getting the disease from him. I noped out of there. I don't know if he had a disease or not, but the kid was freaking weird.


#20 Wives Over Bros

A guy I know is getting married soon and his bachelor party was supposed to be last weekend. Well, his best man couldn't make it as it was two weeks before his wife's due date (which everybody knew about before the groom picked the date). The groom told off the best man and uninvited him from the wedding because he chose his wife and possibly the birth of his (first) child instead of camping along a river while getting tipsy.


#21 Unwritten Sisterhood

If you see another girl in an uncomfortable situation, you try to get her out of there or at least let her know that you got her back. I've done it for everyone—my sister, my friends, and my friends' moms. One time at a school event, my best friend's mom somehow ended getting an unsolicited massage from another parent with boundary issues and I quickly made an excuse up that I needed help at the concession stand. No one is too old or too young to do this! On the more lighthearted side, in my experience, when you hug another girl, you always try to slot the boobs by going slightly to the side so that you don't just mash your chests together and hurt someone.

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#22 Distracting The Defenses

"Thou shalt never hold a bro's wingman duties against him" When you're chatting up a girl, I don't care how unattractive the friend he's flirting with is, or how bad his flirting technique is... When he's distracting the air defenses to give you a clear run at the target, you do not insult his flying.

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#23 Sandwich Rule

Girl Code: When another girl asks how she looks and you have something negative to point out, do it gently and follow up with at least one or more positive. You gotta use the sandwich. Compliment, insult, and then compliment.

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#24 Mandatory Encouragement

As a guy that lifts weights and has brought some of his other male (and two female friends) into the fold— you never, EVER, slander another person's weight on any lift. If your friend is 250 pounds and only benches 135 but is trying his best, then you never make a sound other than howling intense encouragement at them. The rule in my basement is: everything is heavy to SOMEBODY. As long as you're giving it your all, then the number is irrelevant.


#25 Silence, Always

Silence at the urinal, man. I will not speak to you unless I require immediate medical attention and you appear to be a doctor. If possible, I will take a urinal at least one urinal away from anyone else, and select spacing to maximize the number of potential guys who needn't stand shoulder-to-shoulder.


#26 A Single Intervention

Guy Code: If your tipsy bro is about to be unfaithful to his girlfriend, you must follow through with one intervention. If he says he doesn't care, you did your part and are free from any responsibility. One time, my friend tried to stop me from being unfaithful to my girlfriend...with my girlfriend. A bunch of us were at a social gathering and I asked my girlfriend if she wanted to grab dinner afterward. My friend pulled me aside and reminded me that I have a girlfriend, and I told him, "Yeah, dude. This is her." He had met her before, and none of us were drinking or otherwise impaired, so I'm not sure why he was confused.

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#27 Expectations For Friends

Lightly picking on each other is a sign of endearment, but you should always be trying to build each other up.

Don't put someone else down just to make yourself look or feel better.

Everyone wants to feel important and the center of attention sometimes.

Don't get intimate someone that your friends are deeply invested in, even if it's not going to go anywhere.

...I wish I had friends who followed any of these.

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#28 Rule For Every Girl

Not every girl follows this code but should. When you see a woman in need of help because somebody won't leave her alone, you either tell someone or step in as her 'best friend' and persuade the person to go. Women also just know to go to the bathroom together. For opinions on appearance, to gossip briefly, or just for safety reasons.


#29 Bros 4 Lyfe

Don't hold grudges against your bros. Just tell him to off once, then move the heck on. On the other hand, if you did something to your bro, say sorry and buy him drinks (first part optional). Then don't make that same mistake again.

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#30 A True Wingman

I will wingman any man. I don't even have to know you. Heck, I'll wingman any woman too. If you are trying to make an impression on someone you think you'll hit it off with, call me. I love making love happen and I am always willing to help people.


#31 A Phrase Of Trust

People who end a sentence with man, dude, or (my personal favorite) brother are immediately trusted. It's like a secret handshake that says, "At the very least, we are not enemies."

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#32 Scuff Awareness

This is going to sound weird as a guy code thing as it’s actually a bro thing to do for women: If I happen to be walking somewhere at night (think grocery store parking lot), and I’m behind a woman, I always scuff my feet or something so that she doesn’t get freaked out by a man popping out of nowhere. As a fast walker, I will usually also slow my pace so she doesn’t think I’m trying to gain on her or anything. Women’s lives are filled with these safety-related mini panic attacks, and as a guy, I try to do my best to not cause them.


#33 Escape Escort

If a girl throws up or passes out from drinking, no guy will touch her. Even if it means I have to glue myself to her for the rest of the night. If you have a tampon and someone says they need one, you hand it over no exceptions. If a guy is imposing himself on a girl physically, you are obliged to rudely squeeze yourself between them and help her escape.


#34 Have Their Back

Have your boy's back in an altercation, fight, or argument. I'm not saying 100% of the time step up for them, sometimes people do dumb things and deserve the consequences. But if the need arises, you should have their back. Even if it just means stepping up beside them to look intimidating.


#35 Life Motto: Don't Be A Jerk

I just go by "human code." If you look homeless and hungry I will buy you some food. If you drop something I'll help you pick it up even if you didn't need help. I will always let one person cut in front of me in merging traffic. If you start telling a story in a group and everyone starts talking over you, I will say, "And then what happened?" and listen even if no one else is. I always leave a public bathroom cleaner than I found it. My life motto is don't be a jerk. It doesn't matter what gender.


#36 Hair Ties For All

If I hear a girl say she needs a hair tie, I will immediately hand one over, even if I’ll only have one left for myself. I also carry a ridiculous amount of bobby pins for similar purposes.


#37 Guy Code Or Fragile Masculinity?

The guy code rules for eating a banana: 1) Never make direct eye contact with another man while eating a banana. 2) Never close your eyes while biting the banana. 3) Never take a bite longer than 1" in length. 4) Never take more than one second to bite the banana. 5) Never let your lips touch the banana.

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#38 Dating Code

The ultimate dating code: Take your age, divide it by 2 and add 7. This method gives you the minimum age you can date a guy or a girl. Works 100% of the time 90% of the time.

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#39 Keep Your Eyes To Yourself

Never admit to checking out someone’s girlfriend or spouse. This just happened to me. My husband and I went on vacation with another couple. We all got tipsy and my husband's friend goes, “Dang bro, your girl is looking fine! My wife could learn something from her!” They laughed, but this was not something you say to two women in bathing suits. Geez. Uncomfortable all around.


#40 Tell. Her.

If you see a girl with her skirt tucked into her tights, tissue stuck to her shoe or lipstick on her teeth, TELL HER. This happened once in college when I was working retail. I was leaving the store's restroom and one of my coworkers, who was always a nasty witch to me for whatever reason, had tucked her skirt into her underwear. I debated whether or not to say anything and then went with my gut and alerted her of the situation. She was clearly surprised and reacted super pleasantly towards me despite our history. She was always super nice to me after that.


#41 Eyes Forward

Eyes forward, no talking at the urinal. Pass by someone you know in the public restroom? A nod of acknowledgment, nothing more. Maybe a grunt to accompany it or a "Hey" if the jerk decides he's not going to follow those rules.

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#42 A Gift, Not A Loan

When you lend a friend or family member money, welcome but don't expect a payback. Look at it as a gift, rather than a loan. The alternative to this would be to never loan money to friends or family.


#43 Eat Like A Vacuum

You're only ever one slice ahead of the last man. I eat like a vacuum so the amount of times I have to wait for someone to grab a slice before I can is unruly. We all paid $7, I'm not getting $14 worth of pizza unless you're full as heck.


#44 No Narcissism Allowed

Men can closely examine themselves in the restroom mirror but only if no other men are currently in there too. Soon as someone walks in, pretend like you were just leaving.


#45 No Ex-Flames

I'm engaged now, but when I was single, I refused to ever get even slightly involved with a guy one of my girlfriends had been romantically involved with in the past. Even if my friend claimed it "wasn't a big deal" or that she is fine with it. I know that at the end of the day–if you truly care about friendship—you won't go after their ex-flames. Even if the two were never "official."

#46 Permitted Sections

This one is a niche, but relevant to my life. Do not vape when in a space where you are not permitted to. No, they aren't comparable, but the very same people who don't want to breathe your air pollution probably don't want to breathe your vape either. Common courtesy.


#47 Flipping About Phone

If the cashier checking you out doesn't seem to want to talk or they are moving fast, don't think they're rude for not being chatty. Chances are, they're just one of those people who are quiet when they're just in the zone. Forcing small talk on them will break that. Also, if you walk up to an employee on a phone or doing whatever, give them at least a few seconds to put their phone down before flipping out and ranting about their lack of professionalism because you never know what might be going on in that person's life outside of work. Just because they're on the clock, doesn't mean you have the right to demand what they were texting about.


#48 Foot Traffic

Foot traffic should be similar to road traffic. Walk on the right side of the walkway, go through the right door of buildings with multiple doors, allow faster people to pass on the left. Don't "park" in congested areas.


#49 Assume Aggression In Animals

Always ask if a dog is friendly. You never know what kind of weird behaviors a dog has, even if they appear friendly at first. I had a dog who would be fine until someone bent down to pet him. He was very protective and nearly bit a few people. If they had asked first, we could have told them that he doesn't like being pet by strangers. I would hate to have to put my dog down because you are an idiot around animals.


#50 Courtesy On The Commute

Let people leave the train or bus before you get on. I know you want to get home, we all do. Pregnant and elderly people should get a seat before you, even if have elbowed past everyone to get one. If you want to listen to music, use headphones and not your phone speaker. Don’t vape within three feet of the platform or while in the vehicle. If you are pregnant and I’m staring at my phone with my headphones in and therefore didn’t notice, tell me as opposed to standing close by sighing loudly or making a passive-aggressive comment as I leave. All of this will help my commute.


#51 Lower The Bass

Turn down your bass! Be more considerate of your neighbors in apartment complexes. I'm tired of people sitting outside my window in their car with their bass on full blast... at 3 a.m! (That's why I'm awake right now.) I'm also greatly annoyed at my neighbors turning up their music to the point where it's rattling things on my walls. After getting multiple complaints, you should know it's a problem. Also, they have a lot of small children who should definitely be asleep, but of course they aren't.


#52 Showing Up Unannounced

Announce your visits. You can't be offended that nobody is home when you decide to drop by at random. Plus, it's super unfair to the host since it gives no time to prepare anything and they might have to drop everything they were just doing just to entertain you.


#53 Flung On A Flight

Don't pull on the seat in front of you when you're getting up on an airplane. I've virtually almost flung into the seat in front of me because someone has grabbed the back of my seat so aggressively.


#54 Only One Child

Don’t ever say, ‘"Oh, you’ve only got one child. That must be so lonely for them." Because maybe that person tried for years to have that one child, or maybe they chose to have only one for good reasons, or maybe they had another child that passed away and you don’t know about it. Or, maybe it’s none of your business how many children people have. Actually, it’s definitely not your business. So, shhh.


#55 Self Awareness

Be aware of the space you occupy, your movements, and where you are. Don't zig-zag on sidewalks and don't fill its entire width either. Be aware of your kid moving their arms like a helicopter. DON'T STOP IN YOUR TRACKS TO CHECK YOUR PHONE. Just be aware of your body and don't be a dummy. This applies to whole families too, and people in cars, supermarket lanes, etc.


#56 Live And Let Live

I live by this rule I made after thinking about things late at night. If someone does something that makes them happy and confident, and it doesn't hurt them or anyone else, animals included, then leave them alone. Let them do that thing. Let them be happy.


#57 Raise With Respect

Raise your children in a loving environment, but always make sure you respect them as individuals as well. One day, they’ll be living their own lives and might have to decide whether or not they personally want to take care of you when you’re old.


#58 Leave The Laugh Alone

Never make fun of someone else's laugh. Laughing is the most natural expression of joy and happiness and for someone to feel self-conscious about that because of someone else's comments is so brutal.


#59 It's Okay To Be Wrong

You can be wrong. It isn't a bad thing, either. And when you are wrong, acknowledge it, and learn from it. You don't need to dig down in your beliefs to try and comfort yourself because you can't handle not being right all the time.


#60 Discovering A Scent

Dear Abby says: "A fragrance is meant to be discovered, not announced." Seriously, just because you've gone nose blind to it does not mean everyone else can't smell it. You're sittin' there spraying more on, thinking the company is watering down your perfume or cologne, meanwhile we're drowning in a cloud of it and we cannot escape.


#61 Included In Group Activities

Try not to leave people out of group activities. Like, if we are ordering take out, ask around. If you're thinking of a group activity, choose something that everyone can join in on. Even if it's not possible, letting the person who might be left out know they have been considered, is much nicer than telling them there aren't enough available spots after you made the decision.


#62 Merge Responsibly

If we are coming from two distinct lines merging into one, I will always let a person from the other line go before me, and then the next person from that line is supposed to let me go before them. This is supposed to repeat until we have formed one orderly line. If you are doing it, you should be saying one "please" and one "thank you." Any other way of dealing with the line issue is wrong, period.


#63 Learning From Mistakes

Most people learn by making mistakes. Yes, there are some people who can think ahead and foresee the consequences, but I'd say that for any given endeavor, you're looking at maybe 95% of people who do not. It is human to make mistakes, and then to learn from them. Do not punish people for making mistakes. Treat them as an important part of the learning process. This goes double for children. And also, retrospectively, for yourself. Don't beat yourself up for making mistakes, especially the ones that hurt you the most. Those are the ones you learn from the quickest.


#64 Lingering Goodbyes

When someone is leaving and you’ve said your goodbyes, that should mean the conversation's over. It should not be acceptable to begin a new topic of discussion when someone is on their way out through the door. Especially in extreme temperatures. I know only a handful of people that do this, but man... they are oblivious as to why it would be a bad idea to stand there with the door half-open in the middle of winter to have a five-minute discussion about anything.  JUST COME BACK IN OR LEAVE.

When you open the door to leave, walk out. The most you should say is a salutation. Standing there and continuing to talk with the door open is infuriating. We already said goodbye, and goodbyes are awkward when you have to do it a second time. Open the door, walk out, then close the door. Also, saying,  “Oh hey wait!” when you forgot to mention something is fine, but deciding to begin a new topic of discussion when someone is halfway out the door is just bananas.


#65 Conversation Flows

If you're having a conversation, wait two to three seconds after the other person stops talking before starting yourself. Many times they're just catching their breath or their train of thought and want to continue. Conversations flow 10 times easier, and people are able to fully express their thoughts without talking over each other if you exercise this tiny bit of patience.


#66 Interrupting Excitement

If someone tells you how excited they are about an experience they are about to have, but you did not enjoy the experience yourself, it is not your job to tell them how much you hated it. Especially if they have already spent money on it. For example:

Them: “I’ve been waiting so long for Captain Marvel to come out and we got tickets tonight!”

 You: “Dude, I saw it, it’s so boring, skip it.”

Don't be a killjoy.


#67 What Would Everyone Do

If you are contemplating on doing something, apply that to all people in the world. Think to yourself: what would happen if everybody did that? If the result leads to chaos, don't do that. Subconsciously, people don't usually think of themselves as one of many, but as "me and the others."


#68 Consider The Optics Of Cheating

In relationships, it’s not just about your intentions. Optics matter. Few people who cheat plan to cheat; it’s always “it just happened!” Yeah, it just happened after months of inappropriate texting and messaging that your spouse noticed and asked you to limit. “I won’t cheat!” Isn’t adequate. If you aren’t respecting the fact that it is bad optics to carry on constant, hidden communication with someone who doesn’t respect boundaries, you’re disrespecting your partner.


#69 Prioritizing Phone Over Presence

I don't use any social media, so my phone is only for calling and texting when necessary. It's weird to hang out with people when they spend so much of their time on their phones—they're prioritizing their distractions over your company. Well, as it happens, many people use phones just because they don't want to experience the discomfort of silence and lack of conversation. They might not be prioritizing their phones over your presence directly, they just might be a bit uncomfortable without the constant distraction. They can't start conversations properly unless it's some funny meme or some interesting article they came across. Try to be more mindful of your phone usage in social situations and what it might signal to others.


#70 Leaving Shy Alone

It is not your job to "break someone out of their shell." By all means, make them feel welcome and appreciated, but if they are more comfortable in silence, then let them be. Some people (myself included) simply aren't big talkers and don't want attention. Don't feel it's your duty to "open them up."


#71 Don't Judge A Book

As the old saying goes, "Don't judge a book by its cover." Everyone you interact with friends, family, and strangers alike, keep in mind that they all have different things going on in their lives. A person could seem angry, or distant, or lazy, but could have something else tearing them apart inside that you can't see and might make you act the same way if you were in the same situation.

Someone could have just lost a job or a good friend. Maybe they didn't sleep all night, or have some disorder that you don't know about nor understand. Your first thoughts shouldn't be that they're a bad person, they should be, "I wonder if they have something going on in their lives." Give people some leeway and, if it seems appropriate, ask if they're okay. A few sentences can help resolve arguments before they happen or relieve an unspoken tension between you.


#72 Polite Parking

Don't park in other people's driveways. I came home the other day and my neighbor's car was parked in my driveway without asking us. We live in a medium-sized city and the street parking was filled. My neighbor's roommate said he "hadn't learned the rules of city parking yet."


#73 Put The Cart Back

Don’t leave grocery carts in the parking lot. Put your grocery cart in the cart return after you put up your groceries. If some jerk left theirs out near you, grab theirs as well.


#74 Job Judgement

Don’t ask people why they aren’t in a “better” or more “prestigious” job. If someone tells you they’re a nurse, don’t ask them why they aren’t a doctor. This is for a number of reasons. First, there are a lot of people who initially tried being doctors but couldn’t make it through pre-med. Asking them is just like sticking a knife through their heart.

Second, there are a lot of people who just don’t have the time or money. Some have kids. Some need a job in two years, not 10. Some people just don’t simply have the means or the ways. Third, and most importantly, some of us don’t want to be DOCTORS, we want to be NURSES. When people ask questions like that, it makes it sound like our job is less important or less prestigious. Frankly, it makes us sound less intelligent. Some people want to be in the jobs that they have.


#75 Overly Chatty In Group Chats

Some people in group chats are very annoying. When someone asks a question, please do not write "^" or "I was wondering that too." It is just as useless as someone answering by saying, "I don't know." The person should just wait until someone can give the information. They do not need to blow up the group chat without providing good information.


#76 Varying View Points

Breaking through personal bias. If you have to work with others, chances are their world perspective is very different from yours. When someone says something you don't agree with, especially in a work-related meeting, don't let your disagreeing viewpoint be the first thing out of your mouth. You'll put the other person in defense mode and the value of the collaboration could be instantly destroyed.

Depending on how committed they are to their viewpoint or how idealistic they are, you will stay ahead of the meeting if you ask the person meaningful questions to elaborate on their point. Then, reclarify what they said so that they feel understood. Once they feel that you understand their viewpoint, they will be more receptive to your opinion. Everyone has an ego. Some are bigger than others and those who have big egos often need their ego stroked before considering an idea that isn't theirs.


#77 Judging On The Job

Don't gossip about people you have to see on a daily basis! For example... "Did you see her hair? It looks crazy," or "Did you hear about what Josh did when he was 14? He acts like he's a good person but I knew he was trash." It's not your place to judge other people's character or personality traits! You're only going to create a tenser, more unbearable work environment for everyone.


#78 The Rules Of The Road

I can't narrow it down to one rule, so here's a couple that would change the world: Turn off your high beams when there is oncoming traffic, or if you're behind someone. If you have the right-of-way on the road, GO. You're not being polite by waving someone on. You're causing an interruption to the normal flow of traffic and endangering others. The people EXITING the elevator, subway, store, etc., have the right-of-way. Don't try to get on before others get out. Don't park your car in the fire zone in front of a gas station, convenience store, etc. Yes, I know you're just "running in real quick for coffee." It's 7-11... We are ALL just running in real quick for coffee.


#79 The Importance Of Being Punctual

Punctuality. If the boomers' famous lamenting of the younger generations holds any water at all, it's with our respect for the time of others. Nearly everybody my age considers 15 minutes late to be on time because it's close. When I tell people I'll be there at 5 pm and I'm five or 10 minutes late, I'll apologize. Agreeing on a certain time and showing up 30 plus minutes late is rude without an excuse.


#80 Holding Back On Harsh Truths

Think about who you're talking to and what can be accomplished before you decide to rain on someone's parade or set someone straight with your truth. You don't need to tell some well-meaning, old auntie that there is no God, a two-year-old that there is no Santa, or a climate change denier that, yes, humans are causing the problem. Sometimes, a battle isn't worth winning and internet points aren't worth racking up.


#81 Tired Jokes

If you have a joke, question, comment, etc., that you think of immediately when encountering a stranger or interacting with someone you barely know...STOP. They hear it all the time. All you're doing is annoying them. I'm not saying you can't say "cool shirt" or whatever but lots of things are either annoying or rude or both. When something doesn't ring up, don't ask the cashier if it's free. Don't make jokes about names. Don't ask why someone is using a wheelchair. Don't tell random women to smile. Closest to my personal heart: I know my service dog is cute, but no you can't pet him.


#82 Pool Table Politics

Pool table etiquette. One pool table in the bar? No, you and your friends don't own it. If someone puts quarters on the side rail, that means they play the winner next. Also, if I have the table, no I'm not moving to let you and your tipsy pal play a few. You beat me, you take the table. Unless it's a play-by-the-hour pool hall or bar, this unwritten rule always applies. I don't go to bars or drink anymore but this always irritated me when I was younger.


#83 Exiting The Escalator

When you get off an escalator, don't just stop and stand there. I often see this at shopping centers and malls. Sometimes, people just don't know where they want to go. And sometimes people meet acquaintances going up or down the escalator and then they form groups of people that gather right in front of the escalator where people are trying to get off. Move further and out of the way, please. It's horrible trying to get off an escalator and bumping right into other people.


#84 Phone Privacy Invasion

If someone hands you their phone to show you a picture, please, for the love of God, do NOT start swiping through their gallery!! Or if someone gives you their phone to talk to someone, after you hang up, DO NOT start going through their call logs or message history. Basically, if someone gives you their phone for something, do exactly that and nothing else.


#85 Actions Not People

Judge actions, not people. Whenever we see someone do something bad or hear about it from others, we have this internal urge to put that person in a bucket in our head and reduce them to that single act. This is an easy instinct to follow, but we should resist it. If we judge actions instead, we become more forgiving, tolerant, and open-minded. For example, say you have a friend you enjoy spending time with, but they never pay back the money they owe you. After you've loaned them a large amount and they come back to you for another handout, you'll be tempted to label them a "bad person" and kick them completely out of your life.

Instead, just think of it as "This is a person who won't return the money I loan them." You can still invite them to dinner, enjoy spending time with them, take their advice; you just can't loan them money. And maybe avoid leaving them alone with your valuables... As another example, consider people that cheat on their significant others. Just that phrase brings to mind a carefully curated persona in your head: Someone who's a liar, manipulator, gas-lighter, probably selfish, makes excuses for their actions, blames everyone else for their own failings... This is the kind of thing our culture that cheating marks someone as unforgivable and forever a horrible person.


#86 Proper Parking Lot Etiquette

If you're driving in a parking lot, drive like you are on the road. I was in a parking lot awhile back, and the car in front of me was looking for a parking space. I was leaving and they passed an empty spot. For some reason, after I was halfway past the spot, they decided to slam on their brakes, throw the car into reverse and back up. The only reason they didn't hit me was that I was quick enough to look behind my car to see if it was clear while throwing it into reverse. If I hadn't been paying attention and been as quick as I was, they'd have done some damage to the front end of my car.


#87 Wait For The Wedding Invitation

Do not assume that you are invited to a wedding. Wait for the couple to be the one to offer the invitation. Guest-listing is already hard. Assuming that you are invited and being turned down is super awkward not just for you, but also for us.


#88 Keep It Closed

Eat with your mouth closed. You would think this is common courtesy, but apparently not.


#89 Pregnancy Comments

Do not touch a pregnant woman's belly, especially if you don't know them. Do not comment on a pregnant woman's size either, small or large. Also, do not ask a woman that you don't know is pregnant when they are due; they may not be pregnant or have just had the baby.


#90 Baby Boundaries

Don’t touch stranger’s kids or babies in public. It is rude to touch a kid just because he or she can’t say “no” to you. Parents also should never let their children to be touched by some strangers.



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