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No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

One would think that doing good in the world comes back in a positive way. After all, karma is a thing for a reason. Unfortunately for these Redditors, karma seems to have kicked them where it hurts. Sad to say, but sometimes no good deed goes unpunished.

1. Checked Out

I worked at a gift shop in a hospital. One day, this sweet old lady came in and started looking around. She came up to the counter with a small flashlight and an umbrella. I told her the price was $13 and saw that her wallet was nearly empty. She asked if we took checks.

Trying to do something nice, I said yes and tossed the check out as soon as she left. Boy, did this backfire hard. I opened the register to put my own money in. My boss then walked in and saw me with the register open, money in my hand, and no customer.

She yelled at me for pilfering money and threw in a, "You can never trust a foreigner with money" because I am Pakistani. She told me I had an hour to pack up my stuff and leave and went back into her office. I walked out of there with my dignity, three packs of gum, and a magazine.

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2. I Shut The Door On Her Rudeness

I was outside this fast-food place that sold hot dogs. I saw a homeless woman with a shopping cart trying to come out of the joint. She was struggling to open the door, so I did the gentlemanly thing and held the door open for her.

I don't know if she was on something or what, but she started yelling at me, telling me that she didn't need any help and told me to take a hike. I let go of the door, and got some instant petty revenge: It smacked her right in the face.

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3. Not A Nugget Of Appreciation

I lived in an area with fairly low-priced rentals, so it was full of college kids and people who were lower income. I was at the corner store and the family in front of me had a case of brew, a 12-pack of Coke, chicken nuggets, macaroni and cheese, and some milk. Their debit card got denied, so they took out the milk.

It got denied again, so they took out the chicken. It got denied a third time, so they took out the mac and cheese. It finally got approved, so they were going home with Buds and Coke. Their two kids, who were about four and six, asked what they were having for dinner if they didn't have the chicken nuggets. The mom's response shocked me.

She said, "You can drink Coke, it's got calories". The younger kid started crying for the chicken. The mom grabbed her by the arm and told her she wasn't getting any dinner. So, I bought their chicken nuggets and ran after them. I tried to give them the box, and the mom started screaming at me.

She yelled, "Do we look like a charity case? I can raise my own kids. You don't know what it's like being a mom", etc. I was like, "Just take the chicken; your kids are hungry". The woman hit the box out of my hands and she and her man grabbed the kids and stormed away. I wish I'd followed them and called CPS.

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4. She Tried To Throw Me To The Dogs

I found a pit bull wandering in my neighborhood along a busy street. I hopped out of my car and put my dog's spare collar on him to keep him from being hit. I walked to all the nearby houses and knocked on the doors asking if anybody belonged to the dog or if they knew who did. After about ten houses, I gave up and took him home.

That afternoon I made "found dog" fliers without the dog's picture and put them up around the area. In front of my house, I put up a big one so people would know that this was the place. After a few days, I resigned myself to keeping the guy when I got a phone call.

The lady gave a perfect description of the dog, and I told her she could swing by and pick him up. I had no clue what I was in for. About an hour later, she showed up with the authorities. She got out of her car and greeted me with, "Are you the [jerk] that [took] my dog"?! I was, of course, taken aback.

I stood there with a slack jaw, not knowing what to say. She yelled, "I asked you a question! Did you [swipe] my dog"?! I told her that I had found a dog and tried to find his home. She was insistent and said, "You [took] him, and I have witnesses!" She then tried to get the officer to take me into custody.

It only took a few moments for the officer to realize she was crazy. He said, "So he [took] your dog, asked all your neighbors who the dog belonged to, put up signs saying he had the dog, and then invited you over to take the dog back? Either he's the worst criminal in the world or you don't understand the definition of 'stole' ma'am".

She then claimed I took the dog for the reward money. The officer said he didn't see an offer for a reward nor did I ask for one, so he asked, "Just out of curiosity, how much reward money were you going to offer?" The woman replied, “$200! That's what he wants. That's why he took the dog".

The officer said, "Well, we have no evidence of him [taking] the dog, but it seems to me that he's earned the reward money".  It was the worst $200 I ever earned.

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5. Wounded Over A Woman

My uncle's best friend is a man named Terry. Terry was a large man and quite the bruiser. In the mid-90s, Terry was at a local dive bar, when he heard a man screaming at a woman. Terry stepped in and told the guy to keep it down or take it home, as nobody wanted to hear their problems. The girl ran off to the bathroom crying.

The man apologized to Terry, telling him, "Sorry man, I just found out she cheated on me". The guy promised to keep it down, and Terry walked away. When the girl came back from the bathroom, the yelling resumed, and the guy hauled off and hit her. The girl ran off, and Terry came charging over to give the man an ultimatum.

Terry offered to mess the guy up or let him walk out on his own. The guy chose the latter. A couple of minutes passed and the bar phone rang, It was a call for Terry. Terry picked up the phone and almost instantly dropped to the floor in agony.

The man went across the street to a pay phone, called the bar, asked for Terry, then snuck back in and pierced him three times in the back with a blade, making him a paraplegic. The guy took off running but was caught a month or so later in Florida. The girl was there to identify him.

Terry is, and always will be in a wheelchair, paralyzed from the waist down, all for standing up for a girl who was getting beat up by her boyfriend.

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6. Devoted Then Duped

I had a family member who had a severe drinking problem, particularly later in life. His neighbor called me and told me the family member asked for me to help him out, like getting groceries, checking on him, etc.

I said yes, and for the next couple of years, I ran errands, made him food, sat with him in the ER, held his hand, bandaged him up when he got hurt, hired an aide, etc.

One day, I was cleaning up the excrement that he had spread all over the house and he literally stepped over me to pour himself a drink. The family member had money from his parents and he told me it would go to me.

When he passed, he gave the money from our family to some people he was friends with. So my grandparents’ life savings went to strangers.

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7. Our Friendship Was On Borrowed Time

I lent a very good friend about $500. His parents were fairly well off and I knew they sent him a huge check every birthday because we would always travel right after he got it. It was the annual $10K gift parents are allowed to distribute tax-free to their kids, so I knew I would get my money back in a few weeks.

Being mindful, I told him under no uncertain terms that this was a loan. I expected to be paid back by a specific date and he agreed. The payback date came and passed and I got nothing. His birthday was about two weeks after, so I waited until after his birthday, but there was still no check.

I called him on it and asked what happened. I got lie after lie. First, his checking account was compromised then he needed to order checks. Then, he was waiting for his parents' check to arrive. He even went as far as sending me a check on a closed account, which was stupid.

I asked him why he would do that and I got yelled at for "not being a good friend" and not being "supportive of his problems". I had been very nice to him until that point, but at that point, I just snapped.

I said, "I'm not a good friend?? I send you $500 so you can pay your rent and don't say a word for weeks and you say I'm not supportive? A good friend would pay me back without the lies and forcing me to call you and ask you for the money!" I had a check in the mail the same week and haven't talked to him since.

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8. Lost It At The Mall

I was at the mall and some little boy came up to me saying, "Can you help find my mommy?"

I walked him over to the security desk and had them page her. She showed up thirty minutes later and then got all mad at me, acting like I'd had bad intentions. She stormed off with her unfortunate son, but not before he yelled, "Thanks mister," to me. I feel bad for that kid.

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9. Accused By Association

An elderly lady was crossing the street and was hit by a guy on a scooter. She fell down and was injured while the man who hit her drove off. A man nearby saw what happened and came over to help her up and offered to take her to a hospital. It went so wrong.

The old lady freaked out and started accusing the man of hitting her which he didn’t. Her reasoning was, "Why are you offering to help me if you didn't knock me down in the first place". She pressed charges and took him to court and it was a media frenzy in China.

I don't know what actually happened in the court case since the Chinese government tends to make news stories mysteriously disappear if they gain too much attention.

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10. A Quarter Didn’t Keep This Guy Away

I was 16 and getting on the last bus of the night to go home at about 10:30 PM. A man got on the bus a couple of stops after I had. He was 25 cents short, and the bus driver was trying to tell him that he couldn't get on without it, but he didn't speak any English.

I casually got out of my seat and put a quarter into the fare box for him. It really wasn't a big deal. My house was sort of in the boonies. There were no street lights, and the houses were pretty spread out, but it was only a quarter mile from my house to the bus stop.

I got off at my stop and noticed that this man had gotten off with me. I immediately knew something was wrong because no one else ever gets off the bus out there. I had time to lay one solid pound on the side of the bus while it was pulling away to try to stop the driver, but it didn't work. I didn't make eye contact.

I walked as quickly as I could, and so did he. Then he started running. I wasn't sure if I would make it to my house and didn't know if I wanted him to know where I lived, even if I could. I ran to the one house in between mine and the bus stop, which was humongous. I had never met the people who lived there, but I didn't care.

As I was about halfway up the driveway, I couldn't hear him behind me anymore. Two giant people answered the door. I was shaking. I was looking down the driveway and trying to explain what had happened. I just wanted to use the phone to call my folks. Then I realized that I was speaking to two giant teenagers.

They told me to wait and that they would get their dad. It turned out the dad hated immigrants. I asked if I could use the phone, and he said he would just drive me home. We went to get in his gigantic pickup truck. I told him which way I lived and which way I thought the guy went. The dad decided to find this dude first.

He pulled up behind him, turned his brights on, and screamed while acting like he was going to run him over.

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11. Slandered For Saving A Life

When I was 15, I was working as a lifeguard. I saw this 10-year-old swimming along when a large 14-year-old nearly twice his size jumped right on top of him, knocking him out. The kid sank to the bottom of the pool, and I went into action. I jumped in and pulled the kid out of the water, and checked him for vitals.

He was not breathing and had no pulse, so I started CPR. During one of the chest compressions, I heard a loud crack. At that point, I knew I just broke one or more ribs, but I continued going until I revived him, which is what we are trained to do.

He came back as EMTs arrived on the scene, and they rushed him to the hospital. Two weeks later, while at work on the lifeguard stand, I was approached by this guy dressed in a nice suit. He asked me if I was who he was looking for, then handed me an envelope and said, "Show up to court. You've been served," and walked away.

I opened the envelope to find the boy’s mother was suing me for injuring her son during CPR. Luckily, my dad had a friend who was a great attorney. The case got dismissed, and we counter-sued for defamation. I got a nice $5,000 payout after months of being called a piece of garbage.

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12. Reward For My Punishment

I found a cell phone in the middle of the street. Nobody was around, so I figured I should check the contacts to find out who owned it. I thought hitting "home" was a safe bet. I called and started talking after they picked up, only to be torn apart by the owner's mom, who thought I had swiped it.

The phone had been lost the day before, and they were looking for it. The dude who owned it gave me $30 for returning it and $10 for "dealing with his mom". My good deed was punished, but I got a reward for being punished too.

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13. Were My Dreds Doing Me In?

I helped two guys out of a crushed car, putting my life in danger as gas was spilling—but their reaction stunned me. They ran away as soon as I got them out. It turned out the car was stolen and the authorities were on to them.

The authorities found me on top of the car holding the door open and took me into custody. I spent the night locked up for that good deed.

Another time, I worked in a restaurant at the beach. As I was closing, I saw a child wandering around crying. I abandoned my work and stayed with her for four hours, calling the authorities, trying out numbers she thought she remembered, etc.

When officers and the parents finally arrived, they started interrogating me like I had abducted her or something. After some time, I got angry and started shouting and they told me to go away. I didn’t even get a “thank you” or anything.

Another time, a guy in front of me at the ATM machine left a full wallet on the machine and walked away. I was not paying attention to him, so I didn't even notice what he was wearing. So, I took the wallet into the bank and explained at the counter what happened.

There was a bunch of cash in there. I said I had to leave but was asked—politely at first—to stay until they contacted the owner. I told them I couldn’t but security guards detained me for 30 minutes until the owner showed up. He said everything was in there. I was just standing there.

Nobody told him that I found it, they just told me, “You can leave now”.

I had dreadlocks all these times and my skin color is of the darker kind, so maybe that played a role maybe not. I just continue doing good when I can and most of the time it is appreciated.

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14.  I Wasn’t Blowing Smoke

I found a wallet outside on a patio by the smoker’s area at a bar. As a smoker, I just hung out outside and asked everyone that came back out if they had lost their wallet. One girl was like, "OMG, I DID!" I asked her to describe it, and she did, so I pulled it out, and she was like, "YOU!? YOU TOOK MY WALLET"?

I said, "No, it was sitting on that bench right there. “I figured it was better if I try to find the owner than just let it sit there on a busy Friday night". She told me, "I have every right to call the [authorities]". I just said, "Wow, try to do a nice thing for someone," and threw her wallet into the parking lot and went back inside the bar.

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15. Black Friday Brouhaha

I was an education major and I worked part-time at a retail store in the mall. A little boy of about three left his mother and was running into the crowded food court. It was Black Friday, so there were a lot of people. I yelled for his mom, but she was in the dressing room. So I ran out and grabbed him before he could get lost in the crowd of people.

When I walked back into the store, the woman charged at me. I explained that he had run out of the store and that there was no way she didn't know what I was doing. She took the kid out of my hands, grabbed my ponytail, got in my face, and screamed at me for touching her son.

Then she went into a rant about how white people need to stop trying to save Black babies and that they don’t know what was best for Black kids. Her speech was strewn with profanity and she was yanking my hair the whole time. My boss called security but was otherwise useless, and not a single customer did anything.

I didn't fight back because she had a child in her arms. She was larger, and people in the area had been known to carry blades. A security guard showed up. She was later cuffed and faced charges.

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16. The Camera Never Lies

I used to work for Walmart. Not once did a good deed go unpunished. If ever I found a wallet or a purse, I would carry it by the corner at arm's length and open it looking for an ID while under a camera, still keeping it at arm's length. That way, when they accused me of swiping anything, which I never would, there was plenty of video coverage to protect me.

The same with cell phones. I would look for a “mom” or “dad” contact first, and if I couldn't find one, I would check recent calls, but I would always handle the thing like it was plutonium.

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17. Always In Hot Water

I managed a pool for ten years. It had a "zero-depth" area, where the water gets gradually deeper, like a beach. This was also the area with all the kiddie toys. Parents would send their toddlers out there on their own while they chatted, read, sunbathed, etc. The thing was like a succubus for toddlers and three or four of them would go under daily.

This resulted in my guards or me going in and saving the lives of these children regularly. The parents basically thought we were babysitters and didn't care about their children while they were swimming. But that wasn't the most infuriating part.

At least once a week, I would have to deal with some parent flipping out over how their kid was fine and we had no right to touch them.

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18.  Change Of Status

I was on the bus and noticed some guy on his Blackberry. I dozed off for a few minutes and when I woke up, I noticed the guy left his phone on the bus. I picked it up and tried to find a number in it that I could call to let him know I had it. I checked his Facebook and saw he updated his status from home saying some thug on the bus ripped him off.

He also said how horrible people in Los Angeles are, how it’s a city filled with thieves and whatnot. I updated his status, corrected him, and let him know I had his property and that I could send it to him. He emailed me his address and I sent it. He didn't even send a thank you email back. The guy was a jerk.

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19. It Wasn’t A Trick

I went shopping for a Halloween party with two friends from work. At the grocery store, one of the girls lost her wallet. We tore my car apart looking for it, and went back into the store and looked everywhere. We never found it. Two days later, I was back on that side of town and I decided to go in and check for it in the lost and found.

We all lived pretty far from that store, and she had no means of transportation. Someone had found it, so they let me take it to return it to her. She wasn't too excited when I showed up at work with it. She was acting weird.

She and the other friend decided I was playing her the whole time, hiding it so I could be the hero, and return it to her. Lesson learned.

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20. She Was Downright Bananas

I was in line at 7-Eleven behind an elderly woman. She paid for her things and left. There was a banana sitting on the counter. The cashier looked up and called out, "Miss, your banana," but the woman didn’t hear it. I bolted after her, caught up quickly, and said, "Hey, I think you left your banana inside".

She turned to me and glared, and said, "I didn't want the banana, you little—", and continued walking away.

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21. A Petty “Thank You” Would Be Nice

My boyfriend and I had just graduated and were receiving some cards in the mail. Some with money, some without, whatever. My boyfriend had this grandpa who inherited a lot of money way back when and had since "invested" (lost) most of it in the stock market.

The family always ranted about how he didn’t care about them and often tried to milk him for money. My boyfriend received a card from him with no money in it, laughed at the snarky message that said "money is fleeting, knowledge is power," and seemed happy enough.

A few days later, his mom was making a list of everyone who sent him cards. She even wrote down how much each person sent as if that would determine the extent of her thank you and compared the amounts. When the grandpa came up and she remembered he didn't send any money, she didn’t write his name down.

Apparently, she planned to only send thank you's to the people who sent cash. She and her husband then proceeded to bitterly remark, with the biggest eye-rolls possible, that since the grandpa had decided to help pay for my boyfriend's college education, they GUESSED that made up for it.

As someone who hasn't seen or heard from my grandparents and the majority of my extended family since I was five due to family pettiness, I was mad.

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22. My Honesty Didn’t Make A Dent In Her Disposition

When I was about 17, a gust of wind ripped my car door out of my hand and into the car that I was parked next to. I went into the store and had the manager call for the owner of the car using the description and license plate number. No one came forward. I went back out to the parking lot and waited for the owner to show up.

When the owners arrived, I told them I was sorry that I had dinged the side of their door. I showed them the small dent and offered to exchange insurance information. The wife was straight-up awful.

She started huffing and puffing, walking around her car and finding other dents in her fender, rear quarter panel, and places where it would have been impossible for my door to have caused damage.

I told her that I did not cause the other dents and she should be lucky that I was an honest person, as most people would have just found another parking spot and not told her at all. Her husband came to my rescue and calmed her down and explained to her how I could not have caused the other dents.

He even opened up my door to show her it wasn't possible. She went on and on and wanted to exchange insurance info. Her husband ushered her into their car and told me to just go. He said he wasn't worried about the dent I caused and thanked me for being so honest.

As they were pulling away, his wife glared at me until they were out of sight.

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23. Mail Mixup

I had a letter in my mailbox, so I opened it as I tend to do with things I find in my mailbox. I hadn't realized that the name on the envelope was someone I'd never heard of. However, the address was correct, except there was a unit number, even though I lived in a townhouse.

It was three passports and cash with a letter from Canada Customs and Immigration. I decided to take a gamble and try the building across the street and found the woman’s name in the building directory. She came down and proceeded to give me grief for opening her letter.

I told her it was an accident and that everything was still there, but it had no effect on her. I said, "No problem. any future letters for you will go in the garbage unopened," and walked away. But, even if I did get another letter for her, I'd probably still drop it off.

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24. Ain’t Got Enough Dough To Pay The Rent

I leased an apartment with my friend and his boyfriend. I was the only one working a reliable job at the time. As I should have predicted, he lost his job a few months in, so it was only two of us working. This should not have been an issue, but our agreed deal was to each pay one-third of the rent, and they couldn't afford their two-thirds.

Since most of it was spent on drinks, D&D paraphernalia, video games, and who knows what else, I had to pay my friend’s portion of the rent—and sometimes his boyfriend's—for the better part of a year or find another place to live, of which I had none.

I got fed up with their nonsense, their constantly leaving moldy dishes in the kitchen, and entering my bedroom and taking food from my fridge, so I left with three days remaining in the month. They collectively owed me $700.

It's been about five years and I have never seen the money, but I am the bad guy for leaving at the end of the month. But that wasn't the most depressing part.

One by one, he turned the rest of our friends against me. They were all terrible people, but I would rather have learned that without losing all that cash while trying to help out a friend.

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25.  My Good Nature Was My Downfall

My ex-best friend was behind on some money, hence I let him borrow my netbook to Skype with his wife while he went overseas. It ended up getting smashed or broken somehow, and he wasn't able to pay me back when he returned. However, he had bought himself a new laptop and tons of stuff for himself before paying me a dime.

I also let him borrow my 360 while I was overseas so his kid and he could play since it was just going to be sitting in a garage somewhere. I never saw that thing again, because, evidently, it was taken. Those are just a few of a whole laundry list of things I've done for this dude. I think a lot of it is my own fault for not being more mindful of him.

He would take advantage of my weakness in helping friends out. I managed to get $100 out of him for my netbook which cost around $250, and that was the end of our friendship. I have a hard time doing good deeds for people after what happened.

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26. The Old Hag Was Out Of Line

I was standing in line at the Costco hotdog and chicken bake altar of deliciousness when the guy in front of me offered to let an older woman from the next line over go in front of him. He said, "Ma'am, you can go next over here". She said, "Are you sure?" He replied, "Yes, go right ahead". I couldn't believe her reply.

She came back with, "WELL! Not with all this HOSTILITY around here," and stormed off out of line. She never even purchased whatever tasty treat it is that miserable old hags get at the Costco snack counter. The poor guy turned around and looked at me with this pained look on his face.

I said, "Dude, I saw it too. I don't know what happened". This fellow tried to do something nice for an old lady, and in return, she ruined his whole day.

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27. The Manager Was A Real Gem

At around the age of 14, a friend and I were outside a jewelry store. We looked at a showcase, and just for fun, I tried lifting the glass up, which turned out to be unlocked. We looked at each other and decided to tell them. We entered the big scary jewelry store and told the manager they forgot to lock it.

She went out, locked it, looked at us with the meanest face, and asked, "Did you [take] anything?" We just said no and left, quite shocked at that response.

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28. Not A Lick Of Gratitude

I found a purse in a grocery basket once. I went across the street, got myself an ice cream cone, found the driver's license, looked her up in the phone book, and called. She accused me of taking it and started saying she was calling the authorities. She threatened me with reports and litigation. I knew just what to do.

I told her, "OK, your purse will be sitting in the parking lot then. Better hope someone less honest than me doesn't find it before you do". I drove back across the street, tossed the purse in the parking lot, and drove home.

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29. I Was The Fall Guy

I jumped in the middle of a fight to try and defend my friend. I was the only one who got a charge laid against them. I was forcibly taken to the hospital—against my wishes because I was fine—and had to put my life on hold while facing court cases and homelessness.

I was unable to find work instead of enlisting in the Air Force like I had planned on doing two days after this all happened.

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished Flickr, Chris Yarzab

30. Case Closed

I found an iPhone in the Disneyland parking lot. I kept it charged going home, and there were no calls. I woke up to it ringing before work and let the owner's girlfriend know I had the phone and they could pick it up. I gave them my number since I couldn't text out of his phone.

They kept asking me to leave work and drive 40 minutes out of my way to give it to them. Finally, they came to my work, and I asked them to unlock it in front of me to verify ownership. When I handed it back to them they said, "Wasn't there a case to this?" When I told them I didn't have it, the girlfriend said, "OK," and just walked off.

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31. My Husband Was A Dirtbag

My house was a complete mess. I was hitting the gym in the mornings but decided I would skip it for a change and tidy up. I spent all morning cleaning out the fridge, mopping, cleaning up the closet—the whole nine yards. When my husband came home in the evening he was very happy.

We both worked full-time jobs so it left little time for cleaning. Then he asked me how the gym went. I told him obviously enough that I did not go. How else would I have cleaned and cooked the dinner I just cooked from scratch? I'll never forget the hateful words that came out of his mouth.

He looked at me with disgust and asked me if I had looked in a mirror lately and if I knew how fat I was. I was crushed! I left the house that night.

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32. She Wasn’t On Her Best Behavior

As I was exiting Best Buy, I walked around a woman who was having security check her receipt as she left. She was carrying an appliance, so I held the door open for her. As she was walking through the door, I heard her talking on her cell phone about how some rude man just ran around her to leave the store—me.

Hearing that, I said, "Excuse me? I was holding the door for you, you idiot. I hope you get hit by a bus!  It was not my proudest moment, but the arrogance of some people just baffles me, especially when I was trying to do something nice.

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33. School Dance Disaster

The winter formal was coming up and a girl I'd known since fifth grade asked me to be her date. She and her boyfriend had split about a month before, and said that he wouldn't care. She said she'd pay for everything, and just needed a date, so I agreed. The next day, people began calling me the "scandal of the year".

Apparently, after I agreed to go with her, she called her ex and told him I asked her to the dance. She knew he would get jealous and come back for his lady. Somehow she also convinced him I was the reason they split in the first place. He sent a forward out to the entire senior class saying that he was gonna beat me up.

He was THE state champion wrestler. The thing that peeved me off the most was that I had loaned her the money for the tickets—the tickets that she and her boyfriend used to go to the dance together. He said that if I ever asked her for the money back he would put me in a coma.

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished Pexels

34. For The Love Of God!

My mom found a computer on the playground of the school she worked at. It was obviously taken from some kids. They could not log into the machine, so they ditched it on the playground. My mom gave it to me to see if I could manage to get into it and see who it belonged to.

I managed to circumvent the Windows login screen using some Linux USB boot method. I located the owner’s email from the computer, and it turned out it was a lady who worked at a church. I arranged to meet her at her church to return her laptop.

Upon arrival, I was brought into a room with the woman, the head priest, and some other people. She, as well as the rest of them, accused me of taking the laptop and said it was God's intervention that made me realize my mistake and want to return the laptop. They all looked at me and really believed this is what happened.

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished Flickr, dennis crowley

35. Picture This Nonsense

I worked for an apartment rental agency in a customer service role. One day, a girl called to ask if I could email her pictures of one of our apartments because she was currently in a different city. I told her that this was a non-standard request, so it might take a few days, and that our policy was not to rent an apartment to a tenant who hadn't seen it in person.

Two days later, I was able to get one of the leasing agents to take the pictures she requested, and I emailed them to her, reminding her she would need to visit before signing the lease. She called the office a few minutes later, asking to speak with me.

Her response was that I had promised I would send her pictures that same day and that she could lease the apartment over the phone. She said that I was now discriminating against her, and that she was going to take me to court for discrimination.

She then asked to speak to my manager and shortly thereafter faxed over a written complaint about me and how horribly she had been misled by me. I ended up on probation at work because of this girl who I went out of my way to help.

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished Shutterstock

36. A Row At The Roller Rink

When I was a young boy, I went to the roller skating rink. I was eleven and having a really good time. I noticed that there was a small group of four kids skating with their mom. She was in front of them when one of them fell over. I skated over and helped him up by lifting him by his underarms. I wish I'd never done it.

She turned around and saw him struggling to stand and started yelling at me for knocking over her 5-year-old. I started crying because this 40-year-old was yelling at me for helping. It was then one of my teachers came over and took me away from the lady, and I got into more trouble when I tried to explain myself.

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished Flickr, Presidio of Monterey

37.  What A Heel!

I saved a girl on an escalator when she got her heel stuck and fell backward. She accused me of accosting her and grabbing her rear and bosom. Some big security guard heard all of the commotion, came, and pulled me to one side. Nobody lifted a finger to back me up, and the authorities were called. Thank goodness for CCTV.

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished Pxhere

38. Hungry For A Frameup

On my way to work, I stopped to get something to eat. After stuffing my face, a kid about my age came up to me and asked me for some money for food. Generally, I don't give out money, but I could tell this kid was legit hungry.

I pulled out my wallet, handed the kid $5, gave him a handshake with a quick bro-hug, and he started walking into the fast-food joint. Only a minute later, I get completely blindsided. As soon as I turned around, three officers threw me onto the ground, yanked the kid out of the restaurant, and detained us.

At that point, I had scrapes on my face and elbows where they threw me onto the pavement and a bruise forming on my thigh from where they kneed me to chop me down. While in custody, they found a lot of substances on the kid.

This is where they began to tell me that they were going to find the bag I dropped outside and proceeded to pull out a bag from the kid's stash. This convinced me I needed to write what they wanted on the report, so I did. The next day at the kid’s arraignment, the prosecutor asked me about my statement.

I recanted with some choice words. He had to drop the case and both the kid walked and I walked, and I filed a complaint.

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished Pexels

39. Brawling With The Bag Lady

I was coming down the stairs into the subway. A homeless woman was struggling to get down the stairs. She was carrying about six suitcases of various sizes, but all large. As I moved past her, she dropped two of them down the stairs. I, not thinking about anything except trying to be helpful, raced down the stairs to grab them before they tumbled all the way down.

I gathered the bags, and as I stood up to hand them to the woman, I got an open-handed hit right in the kisser. I stood there, stunned. She was about three steps up from me, so the smack was downward and knocked me clear across the face. She started to scream at me for "touching her" and how I should get away.

I stuttered, trying to make sense of the situation. She just screamed that if I didn't like getting smacked, I should just go talk to the authorities. I turned, and there was an officer standing there. He saw the whole thing and just stared at me like he had a digestion problem. At that point, I dropped the bags and walked away.

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished Shutterstock

40.  Rich People Are So Rude!

I found a Gucci purse with $300 in it and an iPhone on the street. After browsing through the contacts, one of my friends worked at an Apple store, so he found the girl's contact. She was a tourist from Singapore. None of the photos in her phone were of her; it was all pictures of places.

There were some emails of reservations from some fancy hotels she stayed at, so I emailed her and called those hotels to see if she was still there. They said no one stayed there with that name; only one hotel remembered her.

They precisely remembered she stayed under a guy's name, who was not her husband, but they acted like a husband and wife. She emailed me back, saying she was already on the way back to Singapore. She thanked me and said I was a rare, kind soul. She told me to return the wallet to the hotel, and they would ship it back to her.

She told me the guy's name and the reservation it was under. That was the only email I got from her. I returned the purse and phone with all contents intact to the hotel. They were surprised and asked for my contact in the event the guest wanted to give me a gift. I took pictures of the hotel employee with her name tag for proof.

I emailed her, saying I returned the purse to the hotel and gave the name of the employee who received it. A few days later, the man emailed me with an angry tone, saying he called the hotel and there was no employee with that name at that hotel and that I should return the purse right away.

I replied by sending him the photo of the employee holding the purse. The next reply was short, something about it being the hotel's fault and the purse being safe with hotel security. No thanks, nothing from this guy.

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished Flickr, Mike Mozart

41. Mind Your Children!

One time, I was standing at a pedestrian crossing, waiting for the light to turn green. There was a small girl and her mother beside me. The small girl took a step forward into the traffic, which the mother failed to notice. I reached out and grabbed the daughter centimeters before she was to get hit by a car.

The mother thought I was trying to touch her inappropriately and started screaming and making a scene. People nearby started reacting, threatening to call the authorities and yelling other various insults. I just left the situation immediately.

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished Pexels

42. Freaked Out Over My Flu

I used to give rides to my roommate to and from work whenever possible. It was 60 miles round trip. He gave me $10 a week for gas, but that was maybe a third of what it actually cost me to drive him. I didn't raise much of a fuss about it even though it was costing me money and was pretty inconvenient most days.

I was working 10-12 hour days at the time and couldn't take much time off of work. I came down with a nasty flu that knocked me out. I ended up sleeping instead of picking him up from work that night.

The next day, he sent me half a dozen text messages telling me that I have a "severe lack of accountability" and basically called me lazy, irresponsible, etc. I wanted to throw him out a window.

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished Pexels

43. In Denial

I worked at a Walmart for a few years. I left my register and headed to the break room when on my way, I saw a lady had dropped an EBT card. I saw it fall from her purse, and onto the floor, with my own eyes. So, I swooped it up and tapped her on the shoulder. I said, "Excuse me miss, you dropped something back there".  She took a look at it and looked at me with disgust.

She said, "Excuuuuuuuse me?! Why do you think that belongs to me?" She made a huge scene and asked for a manager. The manager came, and the card was in fact hers, but she was angered that I "profiled" her. My manager said he would discipline me accordingly.

He took me to the manager’s office, apologized on behalf of the customer, and told me not to worry about it.

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished Freepik,stockking

44. Give Me A Brake

I was in Maui driving along the Hana highway trying to get around a car that was slamming on its brakes and inching around corners. A straight stretch appeared, so I zipped around him, honked, and waved thanks. Up ahead I saw a dog hanging by its neck off the side of a parked pickup, so I pulled over wondering what was wrong with the dog.

It was leashed to the back of the truck and was hanging itself when it tried to jump over, so I picked up the poor dog. It wagged its tail in my arms and I placed it in the back of the truck. All the while, the car I passed was stopped and watching me save this dog.

As soon as I got back into my car, he honked, got in front of me, and slammed on his brakes. I was stuck behind him for another two miles.

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished Flickr, NCDOTcommunications

45. Food For Thought

Every Sunday, my church sells food as a way to fundraise. It is a Vietnamese church, so there are spring rolls, vegetable rolls, sticky rice, and the sort. I was asked to carry a tray of food upstairs. I obliged, slightly frustrated because I was in the middle of helping a friend find someone.

On my way up, a lady with some small children asked if she could buy something. She realized she didn't have any money, so she asked her husband to run to the car and get some cash. Because she had small children, and there were already other trays of food heading up, I stayed and waited a few minutes.

While waiting, a woman who was "in charge" saw me standing there and started freaking out, telling me to bring the tray upstairs. At that point, someone else came and took my tray, implying I was too useless to do a simple task.

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished Shutterstock

46. Cut Me A Break

I came up to a car accident, and there was a woman who was stuck in her car, and it was engulfed in smoke, looking as if it would catch on fire. I pulled out my pocket blade and cut the seatbelt In order to free the woman. She actually yelled at me for cutting the seatbelt. I’ll never forget that. The car had been totaled anyway.

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished Shutterstock

47. Hungry For Some Manners

I gave a beggar kid my own coffee and some biscuits that were in my pocket since it was against the law to give actual money to the poor in my country. Since he looked hungry, I had my food which I had just bought, and I gave it to him.

He threw it rudely onto the ground and said, "Is this the best you can do? Don't you have money?" I was shocked.

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished Freepik, freepik

48. He Took Off For Taco Bell

My friends and I were hanging out at a park at about 11 PM, playing a hide-and-seek game. I had a pretty awesome hiding spot, so I could've stayed where I was. Meanwhile, my friend got jumped by a group of eight men in their early 20s.

I ran at them, yelling to hopefully get rid of them, and told them that I had already called the authorities, which I hadn't. A couple of them stood further back, but a small group of them got in my face and wanted $20 from me. I tried explaining that I was broke and took out my wallet to let them look.

While one of them was looking into the wallet, one of the men punched me in the face. My jaw was pretty messed up for a month. My other friend took off his shirt and started freaking out on them. They all took off in a van after that without getting anything out of my two friends or me.

Afterward, my shirtless friend and I were processing what had happened. As we were calming down, we noticed that my other friend's car was gone. The friend who was jumped left us while we stepped in to help him and went to Taco Bell. For all he knew, we could have been killed, and he didn’t go for help.

The local paper then published a short story of what happened on their website, and all of the comments on it were accusing me and my friends of making it up to start a town-wide battle or making it something bigger than it was. The whole thing was a headache.

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished Flickr, Tony Alter

49. Cruella In Couture

It was my first time in Holt Renfrew, a super-expensive store, and I had to use the ladies' room. The whole bathroom was very elegant and nicely decorated. In the stall, I realized another customer had forgotten their Christian Dior handbag.

I took it off the hook and was going to take it to see if there was a lost and found or if someone could help me find the owner. Right then, a frantic lady in her high heels and couture rushed into the washroom looking for her handbag, saw me with it, snatched it right out of my hands, and yelled at me for trying to take it.

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished Pexels

50. She Was A Total Pig

When I was in beauty school, I met a girl named Emily. She needed somewhere to live because she needed to serve a house confinement sentence and couldn't do it where she was currently located. We had been friends for a few months by then, so I offered to split the rent on a one-bedroom apartment so she could handle this court thing.

It was not entirely unselfish, as I needed a place to live, and the rent was too high in California for me to live alone. We weren't romantic or anything, so I slept on the couch and gave her the room. A few months went by, and that's when I made a disturbing realization.

This girl was a PIG. She threw parties every night and never cleaned up. In fact, the ONE time she did clean, she complained for months about how messy I was. My schedule was to wake up, clean house, go to school, clean house again, study, and clean house before I went to bed.

They partied all day every day, and we got evicted because of a noise complaint.

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished Pexels

Sources: Reddit,



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