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People Share The Weird Childhood Memories They Barely Remember

Everyone has a collection of warm childhood memories that stand out from the rest. But between thoughts, dreams, movies, and photographs, sometimes the truth of those memories becomes a little bit skewed. Often times, people swear they remember a specific moment in time so vividly; but in reality, the memory has become so distorted over time that no one can really say for sure if it's real.

Nostalgic people took to the internet to share some insane memories from their childhoods. From seeing pink alligators to making lamps levitate, these wacky stories are sure to make you feel like a kid again.


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#1 Kind Of Like Willy Wonka When Augustus Got Stuck In The Chocolate Tube

My brother managed to get his head stuck in a wood banister at a hotel, and in the ensuing panic I wandered off to this wonderful room full of cookies and candy. As I ate the cookies and the candy, some really angry adult yelled at me, picked me up and carried me out of that amazing room filled with sweets.

I was about three or four years old at the time. I think I crashed a wedding's dessert table while my brother was being extracted from the banister. It was amazing, but my parents claim it never happened.

Image result for candy tablepuzzlewarehouse

#2 Where Can I Find Some Of These Veggies?

I clearly remember my mom telling me as a kid that if I put vegetables in the freezer, they would turn into ice cream. Years later, I told her that it was a funny joke. But, she swears she never said it.

Image result for ice creamtaste

#3 Dad Just Went For A Casual Night Swim

One time when I was about eight, we stayed at my uncle's cabin. I went to go tell my dad that it was lunchtime when I saw him standing extremely still in the river. I called out to him and he just slowly motioned for me to be quiet. I watched him standing there, looking into the water for maybe a full minute before he lurched into the water and snatched up an enormous carp.

He held onto this giant, glistening carp for several seconds before throwing it back into the river as if nothing happened. He didn't say anything about it when we got back to the cabin and we never talked about it. I could ask him about it now, I suppose, but there's something magical about the fact that it was never spoken of again.

our-two-hands-photo-essay-9_orig-1542031893371.jpgBlood Knots

#4 This Kid Had A Literal Imaginary Friend

There was an older couple who lived on the other side of my backyard fence. They had grandkids who were a bit older than me, so we weren't really friends. When I was three or four years old, I met a kid who was visiting them and we would talk to each other through the fence.

It was awkward for the most part — we would either just sit there and play with our own toys in silence, or look at each other for hours, a lot like the two kids in The Boy in the Striped Pajamas. His name was Brian and every time I played with him, his grandfather would give me a weird look.

We moved cities shortly after and years later I brought it up with my family. They didn't remember the neighbors having a grandkid my age, nor did they remember me ever playing with anyone out there.

Image result for backyard fenceMarch for Choice

#5 Maybe Babies Have A Better Memory Than We Think

I vividly remember going to see my dad in the hospital after he had been in a car accident. I remember the bruises on his chest from the seatbelt and his old school hairstyle. He had a hip-to-ankle cast and his leg was broken in three places.

My mom was actually pregnant with me when this happened so there’s no chance I could remember it. However, I’m convinced my mom has her dates wrong.

Image result for leg castStarts At 60

#6 I Hope This Was Just A Dream

I woke up from a bad dream and got up to go to my parents' room. On the way to their bedroom, I passed the front door which had a big window next to it. Two guys were trying to break in and when they saw me, they knocked on the window and motioned for me to unlock the door.

My mom said it was a dream, but to this day, I really believe those two guys were there.

This happened over 40 years ago.

Image result for burglarYoungs Insurance

#7 Honestly, It Sounds Like Something A Brother Would Do

My very first vivid memory is apparently false. I got a shape sorter for Christmas and when my parents left the living room, my older brother walked over, picked up a block, and threw it into the fire.

I reminded my mom about this in my early 20s and she laughed. We didn't have an open fire, and my older brother couldn't walk yet.

I still think he did it.

Image result for fireplaceYouTube

#8 Did They Ever Actually Stop To Think That Maybe The Duck Actually Ate the Food?

When I was six years old, I remember having a picture of a yellow duck on a red background that I personally drew. I also remember "feeding" the duck by drawing yellow dots near it. The strange thing is that every morning, the yellow dots disappeared as if the duck actually ate them. My parents didn't know that I fed the duck so they couldn't have drawn over the dots. I also remember seeing the same picture without the dots much later in my teens. I don't know if that was my imagination or some strange reaction with the paint.

duck-1541811280978.jpgMental Floss

#9 The Poor, Chocolate-Loving Squirrel

I went into the kitchen one morning when I was 11 and looked out the window to the fence. There was a squirrel holding a mini chocolate bar with just enough of the wrapper peeled down you could still read the "Hershey" text on it. The squirrel was munching on it like a human. I thought it was hilarious at the time.

squirrel-1541808046647.jpgMental Floss

#10 Not A Bad Prank Idea

When I was five or six years old, I was wrestling with my dad and at some point, I ended up sitting on his face. While he was laying on his back, my mom jokingly said, "Now fart!" I thought it was funny and actually farted.

They sent me to my room. Now, I'm too embarrassed to ask if I dreamed it or not.


#11 I Hope At Least Seatbelts Were A Thing

I have a very clear memory of opening a car door on the freeway and watching the white stripes in the middle of the road go by. I thought I dreamed it for years until my mother told me that I actually opened the car door on the freeway when I was three years old. This was before child locks and having your kid sit in the back in a car seat was a thing.

Image result for car door openTwenty Two Words

#12 They Defied All Laws Of Gravity And Physics

When I was maybe five or six years old, I remember flipping a coin off of my thumb and it rotating for longer than physically possible. Obviously, it couldn't have happened, but I remember it so clearly.

Image result for flip a coinDesiring God

#13 It Was Probably For The Smurfs

On a road trip with my family late at night, I saw a tiny blue door carved into a hill. I remember it so vividly, but it was so long ago that at this point I don't know if it was real or a dream.


#14 Must Have Been A Pretty Hard Fall

I remember playing badminton in the house with my sister. At one point, I had to back up quite a bit to get to the birdy, and I ended up tripping and falling backward, hitting my head. During my blackout, I dreamt that I was riding a bicycle.

When I woke up, my legs were in the air, moving in a cycling motion. My sister says none of it ever happened.

Related imageFlickr

#15 The Aliens Erased His Memory

I remember talking to one of my friends in primary school who mentioned that he'd been abducted by aliens. I asked him about it a few years ago and he doesn't remember mentioning an alien abduction to me at all.


#16 That's Because The Shark Ate Her...

I was about seven years old when this happened. My grandma took me on a walk with her friend and right when we were crossing a bridge, a shark jumped from the water and ate my grandma's friend.

I ever gave this much thought until some years ago, when I finally realized how ridiculous the whole story was.

The thing is, I never saw my grandma's friend again...


#17 You Might Be Full Of Hot Air

I remember waking up early on a Saturday morning when I was four or five years old. I walked out to the big area behind our backyard and saw a hot air balloon taking off.

Everyone in my family says it was impossible.

air-balloon-1541807646623.jpgUS Hot Air Balloon

#18 A Hidden Narnia In The Basement

When I was four years old, there was a playroom in our unfinished basement. It was accessible through a door beside the freezer and my dad's workshop. When you opened the door, there was this medium-sized, white-walled room with a grey carpet, a used fabric sofa, an old cathodic TV set, and a Super Nintendo. There was also a doorless closet with few board games and hard-cover comic books. I would go there often to play with my sisters.

I remember the smell of the dust and the way it danced in the afternoon light. My parents didn't want us to go there too late at night. One day, I wanted to go play in the room but the door wasn't there anymore. I searched and searched, but there was no longer any access to it. I blamed my parents for taking it away, but they told me there was never such a room in our house. I went to bed super upset, thinking that they made a fool out of me.

I once brought it up as an adult and my family tried to evade the question, still assuring me that there was never such a room in our former home. I guess I imagined it?

Image result for narnia closetBetter Than Narnia

#19 People Need To Stop Taking Their Three-Year-Olds To The Movies

I have a memory of seeing Revenge of the Sith in theaters. It was released in May of 2005, so I would have been only three years old around the time of its release. I'm still not sure if it actually happened or if it's just something my brain made up.

Image result for revenge of the sithNerdist

#20 So She Died In A Super Normal Way, Huh?

I always believed my great grandma died from getting stung by bees in her bathroom. From what I remember, she fell down after getting stung and hit her head on the edge of the toilet. I told this story for 30 years. I just found out last year that it never happened. She died of old age in her sleep. Memory is weird.

bees-1542033559575.jpgMicheller Lane

#21 The Kid Was Eaten By The Church Monster In The Basement

When I was about five or so, my mom put me in this daycare that was at a local church. We dared a kid to go into the scary basement. He went down. Daycare came to an end and I went home with my mom. I don't remember ever seeing the kid again...

Image result for basement stairs darkPBase

#22 Yeah, This Memory Freaks Me Out Too

I remember visiting a woman’s house with my parents. There was a door with a mirror on it and I could see other children playing in a different room through it. I carried on and when I looked in the mirror again later that day, it was just a regular mirror with my own reflection in it. I never figured out if those other children were real, and to be honest, this memory still kind of freaks me out.

Image result for mirror entrance hallitforum

#23 Does This Kid Live In Modern Sleepy Hollow?

I was coming home from the dentist when I was five years old and I looked out of the window to see a motorcycle with no one driving it. I wasn’t on any medication or laughing gas.

Image result for motorcycle driving itselfBest Ten News

#24 Hey, You're Not The Only One With A Red Car

When I was very young, around two or three, my family went on vacation to Chicago. While we were there, we had a red rental car. I vividly remember going to a park, parking our car, playing there for a couple hours, then coming back to find literally 30 other red cars parked all around our car.

Image result for red carsmomzinga

#25 If You Ever Figure This Out, Let The World In On Your Secret

I remember clear as day that I used to sit cross-legged at the top of the stairs and LEVITATE to the bottom instead of walking. I kid you not, I remember doing this for years.

I tried it again one morning and it didn't work.

Image result for levitation stairs

#26 Have You Not Seen Toy Story?

I'm pretty sure it's not real, but there was a time at my grandma's house when a Winnie the Pooh doll turned its head and looked at me.

toystory-1541807308592.jpgShort List

#27 He's Not The Only One

When I was young, I remember witnessing a Berenstein bears book come to life a night. I still don’t know what the truth is because the memories are so vivid.

bear-1541809993580.jpgElectric Literature

#28 Well, He's Still Here To Tell The Tale...

On a boy scout camping trip, I woke up randomly in the middle of the night and saw a dark, human-shaped shadow standing about 10 feet away from my tent. It didn't move and after a few minutes of being freaked out, I decided the best course of action was to go back to sleep. I did, and it was gone the next morning. I'm still unsure if it was a dream or not.


#29 Sounds Like An Odd Case Of Sleepwalking

I remember going to sleep in my bed and waking up the next morning laying on the sidewalk outside. I calmly got up, walked back inside and went back to bed.

Image result for sleepwalkFatherly

#30 This Kid Actually Saw Santa

I’m 99% sure Santa isn’t real. The 1% uncertainty comes from the fact that I saw someone dressed in red putting stuff under the tree when I was seven.

Related imageDeposit Photos

#31 Whoever You Are, Tracey, Don't Be A Doubter


alligator-1280x720-1541809534232.jpgThe Blaze

#32 A Matilda Wannabe

I remember levitating a desk lamp with my mind. Couldn’t have happened, but the memory is there.


#33 Where's Jamie Less Curtis When You Need Her Most?

When I was really young, maybe four or five years old, I had just woken up from a nap and I saw a man standing in the corner of my room. Strangely, it looked like Michael Myers. I remember trying to pretend I was still sleeping, but the man just stood there, not moving at all. Finally, I got the courage to jump up and run out of the room. I don't remember anything after that, but I do believe that it was real.

Related imageEtsy

#34 Big Brother Is Watching

I vividly remember unwinding the blinds of my parent’s bedroom and finding a big video camera on a tripod filming into the bedroom.

I was probably around eight years old at the time.


#35 World’s Best Bus Driver

For a while, in about 2nd grade, we had a bus driver who drove really strangely. He often took different routes, and once he tried to get the bus down a really narrow lane and it got stuck between a building and a tree, and we all had to get out and push.

But the kicker was that one day he forgot to drop off me and my friends. He just completely missed out neighborhood, the last area on his route, and went on to pick up kids at the high school.

My two friends and I were too scared to speak up. We were sitting in the back seats, until a high schooler yelled "Hey, there's a bunch of little kids back here!"

The driver cussed a blue streak, pealed out of the high school parking lot (probably without half his next load of kids) and drove us home.

All our moms were hysterical, since we were like an hour late, and this was long before cell phones. Told my mom all about the adventures we had with this guy driving, and the next day we had a new driver.


#36 Lost Dog

We had a school that was next to some woods, and I used to go there with my sister to play during the summer. We were probably around 7 and 9, and one day this guy with a leash asked us to help him look for his dog.

At first we were both calling for it, and then he started walking into the woods saying he thought he went in there. I started following him, but my sister stopped and said, “NO! It’s time to go!” She grabbed my hand and we ran home.

I was angry as a child that we never found the dog, as an adult I realize that my sister saved me from some serious trouble. We never did tell our parents.


#37 A Scary Dream

I remember waking up on our couch and being very bothered that i had been taken from my nice warm bed, but too sleepy to say anything. My mom and dad were in the next room screaming at each other and then mom came to me crying and telling me not to fall asleep.

I passed out, woke up laid across the back seat of my grandpa’s truck in the dark with my mom crying in the front seat and my aunt holding me crying. My grandpa just stared straight ahead like he was mad.

I woke up again in a bright room, being jostled around and pinched.

The next time I woke up, I was back in bed and thought it was a dream. 20 years later I am informed that, age 3, my fever spiked and both mom and dad unknowingly gave me medicine. Those meds reacted to each other and I had a seizure but dad had to go to work and couldn’t be bothered, so my aunt and grandpa took me to the hospital.

I was there, out like a light, for three days.



#38 Don’t Get In The Van

My friend and I were riding our bikes down a rural country road. A beat up panel van kept trailing behind us slowly, even though we pulled over multiple times to let it pass. Every time we did it slowed to a stop behind us.

Eventually we came to a T, so we pulled over again on the road turning right so the van could get by. Instead, it gunned the accelerator and pulled up next to us and the door flew open. Thankfully a car arrived at the T we'd just pulled off on. The door on the van slammed shut and it screeched off.

Couple months later my parents were watching the news and a picture of the van came on screen. I said "Hey (friend) and I saw that once" and my parents quietly freaked. Apparently it belonged to a dude that had been wanted by the police for multiple charges.


#39 She Caused A Traffic Jam

I saw pretty shiny things and wrenched myself away from my mom to run over, get onto my hands and knees and look real close at one.

They were the reflectors marking the lanes in a busy street and the cars were flying by so fast. I caused a bit of a traffic jam that day. I was four.

Now that I'm older, I understand why everybody got so upset and panicked.


#40 Fed Up Bus Driver

I had a bus driver in elementary school who was constantly becoming enraged by kids acting up on the bus and stopping to yell at us and threatening to not take us home. One day he just drove everyone to the bus depot and went in to complain about how we were just unbearable and he wasn’t doing it anymore.

I’ve never seen my mom so mad when they finally got around to contacting the parents and letting them know where their kids were.


Sources: Reddit,



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