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Retail Employees Share The Most Disturbing Things They’ve Had To Deal With At Work

Those working in retail deserve all the kudos in the world for what they put up with on a daily basis. The general public can be an unsavory bunch, and retail employees are right there on the frontlines, dealing with some of the most entitled, most deplorable, and most disturbing individuals society can offer—all while being expected to somehow remain calm and keep a genial smile plastered on their faces until it’s time to clock out. And don’t get us started on upper management…These poor workers have had to contend with some truly terrible people, policies, and places while wading in the gloomy cesspool that is the retail industry. Read on, and don’t be surprised if you feel the need for a long, hot shower afterward.

1. Close Encounters of the Creepy Kind

As an old summer job I had, I worked at a roadside cherry stand. As I was washing some cherries I hear a guy say, "Hey kid, turn around." As I did he took a picture of me—I was 14 at the time. I asked him "Did you take a picture of me?" All he did was say "Yeah, but it doesn't matter,"…then proceeds to watch me for about ten minutes from a bit down the road before he left.


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2. Best Keep Quiet

I worked at a Walmart at the outskirts of a large city many years ago. At the time I was working overnights and I've seen people loaded into the back of trunks at gunpoint. It wasn't a nice neighborhood and come on, I worked at Walmart at the time, wasn't about to cause a fuss. I'm betting the only reason I can write this is that I pretended to not see anything.


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3. Accidental Heroism

This guy walked in the store, grabbed a computer off the shelf and started to head for the exit. The new employee asks the guy if he can help him—meaning help him carry it. The guy places the computer on the counter and says he wants to return it. The new employee asks for a receipt so that he can start the return process. The guy walks out of the store. The new employee is very confused and later realizes—with some help—that he stopped a thief.


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4. Just Be Kohl

I was 17 years old and working the register at Kohl's. A mother and daughter came up, the mother with a cane. She explained to me that she was visually impaired and would like me to state the price and describe each item of clothing her teenage daughter had picked out. This was all going great, until I lift up a pair of khakis to reveal a pile of lacy thongs.

The daughter locks eyes with me and shakes her head left and right, her lips pursed. I experienced a small moral panic, but finally just stammered out "Uh, five pairs of underwear, two red, one blue, two green..." When they left, the daughter turned around at the door and gave me two thumbs up.


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5. Daylight Robbery

I had a team of three ladies walk in and proceed to stuff their bags full of stuff they had not purchased (straight from the shelf), take it to the counter, and ask for a refund. The big box store I worked in was not allowed to say a word. No cash refund, but over $400 in return store credit for each of the ladies. Not too far out there...but it was pretty crazy to watch it happen.


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6. Serial Flasher

I worked in a candy store and we had a flasher. He would come in and expose himself to the female employees. There were multiple locations of the store in the area, and he would travel to all of them. Eventually, it got so bad that we had to have security guards at every store.


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7. Better Outseam Than Inseam

When I was in high school I worked at Burdines (a now-closed department store) selling men's fine clothing. I used to measure men for their suits to be tailored. I generally measured the outseam instead of the inseam because I was only 16 at the time. Most men were ok with that. I had this one guy insist I measure his inseam.

When I told him no he told me that I better do what he told me or he would tell my boss. I told him OK, and that I would be right back. I went to get my boss (a big bear of a man) who then proceeded to tell him he would measure his inseam for him. The guy just said never mind and hurried away. He was such a creeper. I still remember it more than 20 years later.


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8. Parking Lot Perv

A guy told me he’d wait for me in the parking lot so we could go out to dinner after I refused to give him my phone number. I had several of my largest, most intimidating coworkers walk me to my car that night. The guy was indeed in the parking lot waiting for me. I’m so glad I’m not a cashier anymore.


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9. Violence in the Workplace

I saw a husband and wife walking around. She playfully flicked his ear (really not hard at all) while he was looking on a shelf. He turns to the side and punches her in the arm which deflects and hits her in the rib too, at full force mind you. She immediately turtles and starts crying, and he shouts at her. It happened in a matter of 10 seconds.

The owner of the store and I lose it on the guy and I told him I was going to call the police. She says, "No, you don't have to do that," but since it was right in our store the owner called anyways and went through the whole process. It's not huge in terms of stuff that one can see, but in a retail environment I thought it was pretty messed up.


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10. Verbal Abuse

I used to work at a makeup counter. I once saw a couple walking past. She was walking slightly in front of him, head down, face tense—and he was just letting loose with this constant barrage of verbal abuse: "Go on then, waste your money; you're so stupid, you believe all that crap in the magazines; go on then, ask and make a fool of yourself; they'll all think you're stupid."

It was really horrible. He wasn't shouting or physically violent—but in a way, it made it worse. You could tell this was a regular thing.


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11. The Devil Is in Winn-Dixie

I worked at Winn-Dixie and the manager told me there was a spill in the back that I had to go clean up. I went to clean it up and found out it wasn't a spill, some old lady had explosive diarrhea all over the floor. The most disturbing experience I've had by far. Had to clean it all up, and then later when I looked at the cameras it turned out that some poor girl walking by saw the poop, and decided to smell it for some reason.


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12. Oh For Satan’s Sake

When I was about 18, I served a woman who I had barely spoken to and she starts lecturing me about my sins and saying things about my soul and how I will burn in eternal damnation or some such nonsense. Okay...


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13. Keep an Eye on That One

I work at a bookstore. This kid, probably around 12 and appears to have ADHD, comes up to me and asks "Where are the gun books?" This takes me by surprise a little. I tell him in the sports section. Then, he gets all wide-eyed asks me "Where are the bloody books?" This really freaks me out. If I hear about any school shootings in my area I'll have my suspicions as to who the shooter is.


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14. Back in the Good Old Imaginary Days

The stupidity of some of my customers astounds and horrifies me. For instance, an otherwise average woman told us that the government wants you to believe that the trails behind planes are "jet streams" but are really clouds of brainwashing chemicals, proven by the fact that "when you lie on your back and look at the clouds, they don't form into bunnies and birds and stuff anymore.” How do these people survive and how do I ensure they never come to power?


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15. Booze and Blues

It’s more depressing, but at the liquor store I work at, a clearly angry and rough looking man came in to buy some beer in January, left his 8-year-old kids outside in the snow, and forced them both to give him their jackets so he could wrap the little dog he was carrying around. They were opening the door to cry to him that they were cold and hungry and can we go now, but he kept yelling at them to shut up, then would look at me and go "Kids."

Then, when he was $1 short for beer, he stole it from my tip jar and put it on the counter and walked off without saying anything or giving me a chance to say anything. Plus, I was new and scared at my new job so I didn't know what to do. Looking back, I wish I said something or did something. I've seen a lot of things at this job in the last year, but this was definitely the most depressing thing I've seen.


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16. Helpless

I was working one afternoon when I noticed a very nervous lady walk into the store followed by what appeared to be a rather angry meth addict. I was at the register closest to the front of the store, so I had a very clear view of the front doors. I became immediately suspicious and called for my manager to come to the front of the store.

In the span of about 120 seconds the lady had worked her way into the store and was heading around the registers to the second set of doors on the other side of the store. During that time she was saying with increased determination, towards the guy following her, to "leave her alone," etc. She gets all the way to the second set of doors when I see him grab her arm and start yanking her outside.

That's when she screams "Help me!" I had a line of customers that I left as I chased off after her. I was first outside and managed to shove my arm into the driver's side door to keep her from closing it—she was driving and he was in the passenger's seat. She was shaking and crying while the guy in the passenger seat screamed at her and slapped her, telling her to drive/get going.

As calmly as I could, I asked her to please wait inside the store with me. That's when I felt a hand on my shoulder and looked behind me, there was a manager of the adjacent shop behind me(very large man), along with what I assumed was an 80-year-old war vet. He informed me the cops had been called and together we tried to coax the women out of the car and let us help her, all while the dude in the passenger seat started threatening that he would get out of the car and beat us up if we didn't leave them alone.

The old war vet kept screaming back at the dude while myself and the other manager continued trying to help this woman. Eventually, the guy shoved his elbow into her face as he reached across and slammed the door, at which point she promptly took off for whatever reason. We got the license plate and car details etc. and gave it all to the cops five minutes later, although we never found out anything after that. I still feel there was more I could have done, but I'm not sure what.


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17. Knives Out

Christmas Eve 2012: I get a call that there is a man with a knife threatening someone out in front of my store. So I run outside and my Loss Prevention Manager is on his cell phone with the police. The man still has the knife out and there is a crowd gathering behind my LP manager. No one is near the man with the knife but he is spitting vile nonsense and everyone has the notion that he means to cut somebody.

A customer off to the side has his firearm drawn, but not brandishing it; I barely noticed. This whole time I'm half paying attention to the knife, and half trying to persuade the persistent crowd that this is an excellent time to retreat inside and finish their holiday shopping, to which no one wants to listen. The crazy man finally picks up his bag and turns around and starts walking.

LP and I follow at a reasonable distance because he is walking toward another entrance about 50 yards away. Thankfully he passes that and begins to walk out into the parking lot towards the street. Just then a police cruiser pulls up and stops about 15 feet short of him. Seeing the police officer enrages him again and he throws a loaf of bread he was carrying at the officer's windshield.

The bag of bread explodes and bread flies everywhere. Emerging from the bread storm is an officer wielding a gun who holds the crazy man at gunpoint until his buddies arrive. No shots were fired and everyone had a Merry Christmas.


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18. Red Flag City

I work in retail. Receiving shipments for our location is one of the things I do for my job, and since I do the paperwork for it I have to interact with the truck drivers who bring the shipment in. Most of them are older men in their 40s-60s, I'm a woman in her mid-20s. Most of the drivers are great, helpful and professional etc. but there was one who was oddly talkative all the time.

Nothing really weird but sometimes irrelevant/mildly inappropriate conversation topics (like stuff he did back in college, his ex-girlfriends, etc.) I just figured he was outgoing and a bit quirky so i was always friendly to him like I am to everyone. Until my coworker, a guy who also works in receiving but in a different department, told me that he ONLY ever hears this driver talking either to or about me.

Apparently, when I'm not in the room or in earshot he's either silent, or talking about me, asking where I am, etc. Then a completely different coworker said he overheard this guy referring to me as his "wife" when I wasn't there. So, after hearing all this weird stuff I became less bubbly around him and kept the conversation strictly to business.

If he said anything about his personal life I just ignored it and went about filling out paperwork. I wasn't rude to him or disrespectful, simply stopped going out of my way to engage him in conversation. And that was when he turned on me. Everything he said was an attack on my personality. "They must be working you to hard, you're far less fun to be around than you used to be. You used to be a happy person."

I love my job and am very happy there, I just don't like being creeped on by old men. Eventually, he went as far as telling other people that I was unprofessional and basically a bad person, just straight up gossiping about me behind my back and that was when I confided in my boss about how uncomfortable this guy made me.

I actually pride myself on my outgoing nature and I am bubbly by default, and the fact that he was causing me to have to change my personality around him, and then telling others that I was cold-hearted simply for keeping my distance, that was the line. Boss filed a report and I haven't seen this guy since. Everything is back to normal now, but Jesus.


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19. Well That Escalated Quickly

I used to work at a pharmacy-type store. This guy came in and bought a phone case. It was sealed in one of the hard-to-open plastic cases. He asked me if he could borrow scissors to cut it open. I said sure and handed him a pair, not even really thinking about it. He cut the packaging open, then looked at me and said, "I could kill you with these so easily."

I just stood there stunned and he strolled out of the store (and stole my freaking scissors). I made one of my coworkers walk me to my car that night.


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20. Second-Hand Sickos

I worked in a store that sold and bought second hand electronics. I had so many guys hand over their old phones and tablets that were covered in just oil and grime and other sticky bodily fluids, and a few of them had straight up porn and hentai on their lock screens. We go through gallons of hand sanitizer a month. But the one instance that made my skin crawl was this middle-aged dude that leered at me the whole transaction, and then kept staring at my hands and commenting how small and soft they look.


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21. Den of Iniquity

I used to work retail. This was about 15 years ago. We heard this commotion and stuff from the men's bathroom, and rushed in there after reports of someone being injured. Dude was laid out on the floor, moaning, broken clavicle and concussion and everything, with broken ceiling tile all around. He had been climbing around in the ceiling and fell through.

Here's the creepy part: After the EMTs came and got him and everything, we discovered why he had been up there. About 10 feet away, directly above the WOMEN's bathroom, we found a cache of hideout supplies. Like, a flashlight, a some toilet paper rolls and...er...lots of used tissue. Tons of candy bar and potato chip bag wrappers and drained Capri Sun pouches and water bottles.

It looked like someone had been up there for days and days, just hanging out for hours. There were carefully and subtly bored holes in the corners of the ceiling tiles above each stall in the women's bathroom. He would just go in the men's bathroom, wait until it was empty, climb up into the ceiling, and then crawl a bit to his little voyeur nest above the women's next door.


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22. Paranoid Much?

Well, yesterday a guy was trying to exchange an iPhone for a new one under an insurance plan. His reasoning? His wife is insane and is tracking him. So I tried to entertain it, and it doesn't sound so far fetched with the claim by itself. So I asked him how he knew she was doing that. He pulls up some screenshots. Here's his evidence.

When maps are loading for his phone it has a black map. When he takes a screenshot there’s a short delay. And she knows what his texts say. He told us the reason she was able to get into his new one is because she had the serial number. The serial number. Now I'm not sure if everyone else knows this, but the serial number is simply for identifying the phone.

It's sort of like trying to steal someone's identity with a name tag. So in the nicest way I could possibly muster without laughing in this guy’s face, I tell him that I can't replace his phone under that, and also he should not be using a family plan where she is an authorized user of the account. She knows his SSN and email, so she can not only get into iMessage after a short phone call with Apple, but she can also call AT&T and ask for transcripts of your text messages, or just look at them online.

He doesn't take this well and wants to see my manager. He's convinced that his wife and her "tech-savvy" friend are able to hack his phone. So my manager gets to the customer after I grab him and tell him what's going on. Once he gets there, he asks the customer what's going on, who continues to show him the screenshots.

The man says that he still wants a new phone because they must have stopped hacking him because they knew he was at the store. So my manager goes on to offer to reset the phone for him, but the customer isn't having that because he's convinced his "crazy" wife will be able to get into his phone again using the serial number.

So my manager tells him there's nothing we can do for him. He ended up leaving after a short while and threatened to cancel his insurance plan after making a scene and showing everyone in the store exactly how crazy he is.


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24. Full-On Stalker Alert

I was 19 at the time. A guy probably mid to early 20s got so close to me and didn’t say a word. I asked him if he needed help and he said he wanted to apply. I explain he can do it online, but offer up the kiosks that we have. Ok whatever that was strange, so I move on. I half-jokingly tell two coworkers to keep an eye on me. It was snow storming, so it was dead.

I’m minding my own business and organizing things and next thing I know he is directly behind me—this time at the guest service counter. He asks a bunch of weird questions like Where do I usually work, am I always behind this counter, how far away do I live, etc. I gave vague non-answers or ignored the question and asked him to leave behind the counter and told my manager I was uncomfortable and he dealt with him.

I found out a couple of days later that he had been seen in the parking lot after we closed at least two times and he was walking our entire store asking every female employee what time we closed and what time employees got to leave. I already let people know it was startling behavior and weird, but then he friended me on Facebook out of nowhere.

And his profile picture was a selfie right outside of my store!!!!! Like purposely taken to get the entrance and our logo in the photo. I made my parents pick me up every time we closed and had them pull right up because I was freaked. I still work there and haven’t seen him in a while and our security was monitoring him, but like I’m still scared he’ll show up out of the blue.


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25. You Just Have That Look

I used to get handed pamphlets for cults on a weekly basis. It was bizarre—I had this stack of them on top of my dresser. Mentioned it to my coworker once and he told me it was because I seemed like the kind of person who would join a cult. Fair enough.


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26. Something Don’t Smell Right

I worked merchandise in a world-famous theme park. We found an abandoned bag tucked inside one of the stores and we weren't allowed to touch it—we had to wait for security to come to check it out. It wouldn't have been all that creepy if it had just been your average purse or backpack, but it was a very old school, 80's era camcorder bag—the type of thing you just never see anymore.

We couldn't move it, we couldn't leave, and we couldn't give away that there was an issue. It was kind of terrifying. Turned out someone was using it as a diaper bag, of all things.


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27. Love Works in Disturbing Ways

When I first met my husband he lived in a small town so I moved up to be with him. Well, I got a job in the town’s video store, which was an awesome fun job at the time. Well, this one overly friendly/creepy guy would always bother me, tell me how pretty I was, etc., and one day he told me he loved me in front of all the other customers and my boss.

He was banned from the store for life so I felt better but soon after I quit and ended up going to a different store in the same small town, and he found out and began harassing me at my new place of work. I had to explain to that boss about how he did the same at my previous job and stalked me around town, so he was banned from that place too.

He never stopped until we left town. I quit working retail shortly after that.


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28. Creeper Calling

When I first started at Walmart, I worked in the layaway dept. for a while. We had a guy, who would come and get all the "sexy" underwear and put them on layaway. Then he would come in weekly, want to look at the stuff, change out a few pieces, then leave. He'd call and cancel it, then a few weeks later he'd start all over again. I eventually moved to the clothing department, and this guy would call weekly, and want us to describe various pieces of lingerie to him.

If I took the call, I'd kind of mess with him, because I thought it was kind of funny, but he would seriously creep out the other ladies in the department. Finally, he creeped out one of the older ladies enough, that management banned him from the store. He still would manage to sneak in a call every now and then though.


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29. Puppy Problems

When I worked at Walmart I had a woman demand that I tell her how to get her puppies, which refused to eat, to eat again. She informed me that the only way she could get them to eat was to dump a can of Chef Boyardee on top of the kibble. When I said I didn't know, she offered to bring in the dogs and prove it to me.


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30. Reality Strikes

While at university I worked in a bookshop. On September 11, 2001, a man came in and paid for a book worth £1.99 with a £50 note. As he paid he asked if there was a TV nearby because a plane had supposedly crashed into a skyscraper in New York. We triple checked that note because planes don't just hit buildings, he was clearly trying to distract us.

I thought nothing of it for the rest of the day beyond some mild speculation, until I met my girlfriend after work and we spent the rest of the day watching TV.


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31. Mandated Scumbaggery

Many retailers put a tremendous amount of pressure on employees and especially managers to open a certain amount of "loyalty accounts" (customer credit cards). I have watched managers outright bribe customers to open new accounts to meet the daily goal, even if they were not likely to be approved, because the managers still get credit for attempting to open new cards.

I have also watched employees basically prey on younger people who don't understand how credit cards work in order to open new accounts.


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32. Environmentally Challenged

I used to work at Ritz Camera, they went bankrupt several times and were always cutting corners. After the first bankruptcy, the photo labs stopped properly disposing of the printing chemicals. Instead, they poured them down the sink or on the ground outside the store. I watched over 30 gallons go down the drain on my last day.


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33. When Being Decent Is Just Too Much Effort

I worked at Marshall Field's in the display department back in college. I would frequently have to change the blanket, bedding, and housewares displays in the home department. They would force us to rip everything up and destroy it before disposing of the items in the garbage containers so no one could dumpster dive and collect the items (and possibly resell them or—gasp—use them if they were cash-strapped).

They weren't legally allowed to donate any of these items to shelters either because of brand trademark laws. I found it to be the most wasteful and disgusting act ever, it was one of the final straws that made me quit, especially when winter rolled around and I was dumping so much brand new stuff that underprivileged people could use.

I found out all that it would have taken was to contact each brand rep to see if the designer of the items would agree to donating old displays to shelters. Sure, it would have taken some effort, but none of the managers could be bothered to do something like that, and they were the only ones with the authority to execute that kind of action.


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34. Get That Burnt Toast Look

I was working at a tanning salon that has a huge emphasis on selling highly overpriced lotions. An old frail man came in and demanded the most expensive tanning bed and lotions so he can be tan for his funeral. I still wanted to be ethical and tan him properly without burning him, but he wouldn’t listen, he wanted to use this highest UV bed at the max time and bronzing lotions (which would make him orange). I ended up kicking him out of the store because he became irate about getting a deep dark funeral tan as quickly as possible.


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35. The End Is Nigh

One day a man came in and walked straight to my register. He was super intense and seemed to be walking with a purpose. Before I could greet him he says, "The bells are ringing in the sky. Do you hear them?" My mouth kind of dropped open and I must have looked super confused because he said it again, "The bells are ringing in the sky. Can't you hear them?"

I told him that no, I could not hear the bells in the sky. At this point I was becoming a tad worried about who this guy was and what he wanted. Then he states, "Armageddon is upon us. Will you be going to hell?" I just stared at him dumbfounded and shrugged. He slapped some sort of doomsday prophecy pamphlet on my register counter and stamped out.


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36. Taking One for the Team

I worked at a major retailer in North Carolina for 5 years. I was hired to work behind the deli counter, but would on occasion be asked to help pick up the slack around the store. One evening, I had finished closing down my area and was helping close up the rest of the store. The on-duty manager that evening told me that there had been some issue with a toilet in the women's restroom.

He handed me a plunger and asked me to go "clear it up." No big deal, right? I walked into the bathroom, and the out-of-service toilet was made immediately apparent to me. In one of the stalls, the toilet had overflowed and flooded the area. I walked over. In this toilet, there was a large and seemingly packed clump of feces. It looked as though someone had taken lots of wee little doodies and packed 'em together real tight.

This particular clump was about the size of a cantaloupe. There was nothing I could do with the plunger, and had someone help me lift it out of the toilet with some makeshift forceps and put it in a trash bag. I almost gagged remembering this ordeal.


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37. A Morbid Discovery

Recently, a co-worker of mine found a dead guy in the parking lot of another store she works at. She works at two different stores in the same chain, the one I work at and one out in the boonies. This happened at the one in the boonies. She said the guy actually drove up in a van and parked beside her car, so he was alive for a bit. The dude didn't get out of the car, so after about 10 minutes my co-worker decides to check on him.

The guy was slumped in his seat, his door was open, and for some reason, the hood on his van was popped. He was also holding a beer in his hand. Co-worker goes back inside and calls the police, thinking that the guy just passed out. The police come about five minutes later, check on the guy, then—because this all happened within half an hour—they try to revive him. One of the cops comes in and tells my co-worker that the guy is dead. My co-worker had to give three oral statements and a written statement about what happened.


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38. What’d I Miss?

I had a shooting at my mall a week ago. Apparently gang-related, one victim. Someone told me it made national news. I showed up right after it happened to find everyone huddled in the back of my store. I felt like Charlie from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia walking into a situation completely oblivious to what's going on.


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39. It Puts the Lotion on the Skin...

I was delivering groceries to companies, as well as people at home. I came to deliver to this guy who was only wearing a very dirty looking robe, who asked me to place the groceries in the basement. When I entered the basement, I saw all kinds of torture devices of which I am pretty sure were used. It reeked of blood and misery. His order was pretty weird as well. 144 rolls of toilet paper and four crates of beer.


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40. Monsters Among Us

I used to work in a shoe store. When people would try on shoes, we'd have a box of little disposable stockings sitting by the lounge area so that customers didn't have to put their bare feet in the shoes. One time, a young teenage girl was trying on a pair of heels for her prom and when she was done she left the stockings on the chair.

When he thought nobody was looking, I saw this older gentleman who was waiting for his wife nearby pick up the stockings, smell them, and put them in his pocket.


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41. Play It Where It Lies

I used to work as a supervisor for CVS. One day, as I was walking towards the office, I noticed what looked like a clump of bloody gauze on the floor. As I got closer, though, I realized it was something much worse. There, right smack in the middle of one of the makeup aisles, was a used tampon. Once I had donned three pairs of nitrile gloves and discarded it I went to the office to watch the security video to see how the hell it got there.

So I rewind the footage back a bit and end up watching one of our semi-regular customers (a nice, well-dressed businesswoman; blouse, skirt, etc.) turn the corner and make her way down that particular aisle. As she gets to the spot where I found the tampon she slows down a bit, does this little shimmy-like movement for a couple of seconds, and then -plop- the tampon lands right between her feet. She pauses for a second, looks at it, then just strolls along looking at makeup like nothing ever happened.


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42. Crisis Averted

I worked at a big chain pharmacy for several years, and was an overnight shift lead at the time. We had this camper parked in our lot for a few days and my boss was considering having the cops come to tell them to leave since technically there was no overnight parking. He basically said, "If they're still there in the morning I'll make the call," and left as I started my shift.

Everything was quiet and normal that night, until the pharmacy manager came in and informed me and the day shift manager that there was a garden hose in the tailpipe. I immediately panicked and asked him if it was running, and he said yes. The hose was looped into the window. We called the cops for a suicide attempt and they had a brief ten-minute standoff with the (still alive and screaming) occupant before breaking the door down and dragging him out.

He was sent for a psych evaluation and the camper was towed. He called the next day and explained that he, his daughter, and his daughter’s boyfriend were living in the camper after being evicted. His daughter and her boyfriend got into a physical altercation at another store in the parking lot and were arrested and he decided to kill himself. He thanked us for stopping him, but was mildly salty that we had the camper towed. One of many reasons/stories that I was thrilled to leave retail.


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It’s true what they say: money makes the world go round. In order to succeed in this life, you need to have a good grasp of key financial concepts. That’s where Moneymade comes in. Our mission is to provide you with the best financial advice and information to help you navigate this ever-changing world. Sometimes, generating wealth just requires common sense. Don’t max out your credit card if you can’t afford the interest payments. Don’t overspend on Christmas shopping. When ordering gifts on Amazon, make sure you factor in taxes and shipping costs. If you need a new car, consider a model that’s easy to repair instead of an expensive BMW or Mercedes. Sometimes you dream vacation to Hawaii or the Bahamas just isn’t in the budget, but there may be more affordable all-inclusive hotels if you know where to look.

Looking for a new home? Make sure you get a mortgage rate that works for you. That means understanding the difference between fixed and variable interest rates. Whether you’re looking to learn how to make money, save money, or invest your money, our well-researched and insightful content will set you on the path to financial success. Passionate about mortgage rates, real estate, investing, saving, or anything money-related? Looking to learn how to generate wealth? Improve your life today with Moneymade. If you have any feedback for the MoneyMade team, please reach out to [email protected]. Thanks for your help!

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