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The Most Disturbing High School Dramas

High school can be a downright nightmare—but these stories are just plain shocking. From teachers hiding illicit affairs to explosive student breakdowns, these Redditors share the disturbing dramas that became the stuff of legend. Buckle up, because these are the high school experiences we wouldn't wish on anyone.

1. In-Class Experience

Our woodshop teacher wasn’t “all there” in the head. During class, he started to act strangely, twitching and mumbling to himself. Someone noticed and asked the teacher if he was okay. The teacher responded by picking up and throwing a hammer with all his might at him. It missed but smashed the window and a car window. The teacher then screamed at us to get out.

So, we all ran out of the class and down the hall. There was a horrid scream that stopped us in our tracks. Some of us ran back to the room to check on the teacher—but nothing could have prepared us for the blood. He’d cut his thumb off with the circular saw. I administered first aid, put his thumb on ice, and got counseling.

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2. Pulling A Flood

One morning, some eighth graders discovered a combination lock on one of the sprinklers. The boys thought it was a good idea to pull it off, so one got on the other’s shoulders and yanked it with all of his strength. The pipe broke. Water started spewing. It started to flood on the second floor right by the staircase and elevator.

When the water began pouring down the stairs, chaos ensued. They had to close half the floor, the lobby, stairs, and the elevator that had filled up with water. The water must have been in the pipes for years because it smelled disgusting. By the end of it, the other high school students called the eighth graders “sprinklers.”

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3. Bad Boys

In eighth grade, there were two boys named Brian. Brian K decided he wanted to be the troublemaker at our small school that taught every grade from Pre-K to grade 12. One of his actions as the resident troublemaker was to torment Brian L who everyone else thought was annoying. One night, my mom and I were at a home football game.

Near the end, Brian L came running from the playground, crying his eyes out. I asked what was wrong, and while he calmed down, I called my mom over. I was concerned because I had never seen this kid cry. His confession made my blood run cold. He told us that Brain K pulled a blade on him on the playground, held it to his throat, and threatened to hurt him.

Brian L told the principal who informed the local officers. They took Brian K. in but gave him house arrest for a month. When he came back to school, everyone was cautious around him. He also was allowed to sit on the same side of the room as Brian L But Brian L wasn’t having the best time either after the incident...His torments didn't end there.

We lived in a conservative town, and everyone made fun of Brian L for acting gay. Brian K used it as an excuse for what he did since “Brian L had a crush on me and would not leave me alone. I had no choice.” Brian L ended up leaving the school. And over the years, Brian K changed and had remorse for what he’d done.

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4. Banged Up

One girl slept with another girl’s boyfriend. I was sitting in class when all of the sudden, we heard a girl shouting and confronting someone from down the hall. That’s when I heard what I thought was an explosion, and my heart dropped. Everyone jumped preparing to stay down when we realized that a different kind of horror show had just gone down.

What happened was that the girl grabbed the other girl by the hair and slammed her head into the locker so hard that her skull broke. She also yanked a big part of her hair out of her scalp. The girl was fine, but the girl who started the fight was sent to an institution.

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5. Showing Up

I went to high school with a girl who attempted to end her life unsuccessfully. One of the officers who responded had a daughter who was friends with the girl, and he showed her the photos. This was the worst possible thing he could've done. His daughter then spread the photos around to everyone in school. Then the girl made another attempt and was successful that time.

She’d sat next to me in first period. The day after it happened was the most somber day of my high school years. It was completely silent aside from the people crying. Oh, and not only did the officer not face any consequences, but he also ran for mayor one year. Luckily, he lost by a long shot. Screw that guy and his horrible daughter.

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6. Go At It

In my first year of high school, I was in a class that taught technical skills, so it was part workshop. The teacher was strict. But if you did your work, he was fine. You were in for a bad time if you caused trouble. The rebel of the class was late every morning, talked back to the teacher, and never did his homework. One time, it was silent in class after his argument with the teacher on why he hadn’t done his homework.

So, everyone was on edge. And then the kid asked if he could go to the washroom. The teacher refused because the class was ending soon and he could go then. As usual, he didn’t take this and started a loud argument. The teacher became really angry and sent him to a special class where students had to go as punishment. So, the rebel stood up and went to the door. What he did next made our jaws drop.

He went behind the room's concrete pillar, dropped his pants, and relieved himself there. The teacher lost his mind and screamed at him that this was his last day at the school. He stomped over to him and dragged him out by his arm. Everyone got up to look. They were heading to the principal’s office, and the student hadn’t even pulled his pants back up.

Within minutes, the whole school heard what happened. The teacher never relaxed, and the student was banned from his classes and dropped out.

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7. Let’s Get Physical

In fifth grade, our school didn’t let us go on the playground, so instead, we busied ourselves by playing sports on the giant field. There were these hollow plastic borders that took two of us to push around. And like any normal fifth-grade class, we decided to assemble these borders in a ring and start wrestling. None of the recess monitors did much to stop us.

So, kids took turns going inside the ring and fighting each other. This resulted in three kids throwing up, two broken arms, and a cracked skull. There was blood and mess everywhere before all of the staff came running out, and almost everybody was sent to the principal.

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8. Try It

I had an amazing physics teacher who used the lab exhaustively. Everything we studied, he demonstrated: parabolic arcs, waves, momentum. He used strobe lights to freeze 3D oscillating waves on a soap bubble. He even rigged a sensor to take high-speed flash photography. But the most memorable day of all was when the teacher discussed liquid nitrogen...

He explained the properties of the gas that form on top of the nitrogen as a protective layer. This meant that a person could take sips of it then spit it out with no harm done. He described exactly how to do it as he’d done it over the years of teaching. What he didn’t consider was the senior who came to class stoned. He raised his hand, grabbed the beaker of liquid nitrogen, and asked what to do.

The teacher said, “bottoms up.” The kid downed the whole thing. It was a disaster. Emergency services were called and the kid ended up in the hospital. The school had to settle for an undisclosed amount, and the kid may have damaged his stomach lining.

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9. First Time For Everything

I went to an all-girls prep school that was right by the boy’s school. A classmate wanted to lose her virginity to someone she trusted, so she asked a long-time friend. He was on one of the top lacrosse teams in the country. Well, his teammates told him to tape it so they could see. The obvious happened. It was leaked. But not just at our schools.

The whole debacle made the news and ended up on ESPN since the whole team was reprimanded, which impacted their season and future prospects. Unfortunately, the girl was dragged through the mud, and her family actually moved to escape the humiliation. Thankfully, she managed to bounce back, returning to our school to share her experience.

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10. It All Comes Down

I lived in a quiet rural town. When I was a senior in high school, a couple of my friends decided to sneak into our high school at night and cut the tree in the middle of the school courtyard. This caused a big stir for years. The local newspaper went so far as to call this a gang initiation even though there were no gangs in town. The consequences spiraled in the most ridiculous ways.

The mayor was up for re-election but lost because the opponent kept referencing the “street gang” problem that didn’t exist. And then our local officers started a new gang unit with no evidence.

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11. Triangulating Revenge

Over the virtual school year, a popular girl’s boyfriend slept with her best friend who ended up getting pregnant. So, the popular girl and boyfriend broke up, the two girls had a falling out, and the boy stayed with the pregnant girl to be a good “dad.” So, when we all went back to school after our virtual year, tensions were somewhat high.

It was a slow shift over the first month from calm to chaos. On a Friday at third lunch, a fight began over the lunch break. Then another two get into a fight. One more fight started, so baby daddy and his friends went to go watch what was happening leaving the pregnant girl alone. The popular girl saw this as her opportunity.

She shoved the girl down the stairs as baby daddy was walking back. He saw this then ran at her, but she went down the stairs then stomped on her belly just before he tackled her. Officers were called. The pregnant girl was rushed to the hospital. Baby daddy and popular girl were detained and questioned. But don't worry. Miraculously, the baby was fine.

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12. Waiting For The Fall

My friend had to use the washroom, but the teacher kept saying no. When she finally let him, it was too late. He usually wore only gym shorts with no underwear, so as he ran, poop slid down his leg onto the floor. He cleaned himself up and went to see the class lined up outside since the mess was a biohazard. He moved.

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13. Holier Fall

A girl who went to my school left her social media chats open, and her father happened to scroll through them. He found out that the head pastor of the school was grooming the 12-year-old to be his “girlfriend.” The pastor got a slap on the wrist with some community service. He’s still married and a pastor at a church. Absolutely disgusting.

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14. Related Problem

My father’s distant relative was a counselor at my high school. There was an unspoken family rule to never leave your kids alone with him. I still remember my father smacked me for taking a candy bar from him at a family function. So, when I saw him try to get close to one of my friends, I warned my friend to stay away. I told him why, and soon, word spread that I accused the counselor.

I got in-school suspension, and my parents were called for a meeting. As soon as the counselor heard my dad was coming to the school, he had an emergency situation to handle. At the meeting, my father told the principal that he was harboring a deviant. He told him that if he ever found out that the school allowed him to be in the same room as me, he would tear down the school brick-by-brick and use each brick to smash my principal’s head.

Unfortunately, the fallout for me was brutal. All of the teachers hated me and chastised me for spreading such a dirty rumor about one of the staff. Then in the middle of the school year, he disappeared. I learned from my dad that the counselor was taken in after flashing a bunch of children at a theater during a kid’s movie. But that wasn't the most horrifying part.

Officers raided his house after finding inappropriate photos in his car. They found more content on his computer that included his students. None of the teachers who were disappointed in me for spreading rumors ever apologized—except for one, my English teacher. He was a towering 6’4 man whose voice alone could silence the whole school in the gym without ever touching the microphone.

He broke down crying while apologizing and saying he could never forgive himself.

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15. No Secrets

Here's a rundown of the pure craziness that went on at my school: We all knew that the nurse was fired for taking students’ medications, the band teacher went after an eighth-grader, and the swim coach caused a fatal car accident after drinking. And the most shocking one of all? The FBI showed up because of a threat posted on a school computer.

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16. Rules Of The Jungle

In grade seven, we were outside while the sports teams were practicing and free to do what we wanted. When it was nice, we usually used the period on the track to exercise, study, or hang with our friends. That day, I was with my friends and looked across the field to see a girl I knew sitting with another girl from class. That was when two eighth-graders came up to them.

One was a typical troublemaker with long hair, a denim jacket, and a tough attitude. I couldn’t see what’d happened. All I saw was him motioning at his waist prompting shrieks from the girls. I found out that he took his thing out and peed on the ground in front of her. Too upset to tell a teacher, her friend asked an older girl to do it.

The school suspended the boys—but it only spurred them to seek out awful revenge. Later that day, the boys saw the girl who had told on them then dragged her to the washrooms. Luckily, her older brother who was on the soccer team saw. He grabbed the kid, put him against the wall, and punched him out. The kid’s buddy jumped out the window into a courtyard reserved for seniors where, immediately, the second highest-ranked administrator spotted him.

After learning what had happened, the troublemaker was expelled, and we never saw him again. His friend was suspended for ten days and didn’t come back the following year.

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17. Serial Luck

My English teacher was walking home at night, and right before she got to her house, a guy got out of the same car that the infamous Son of Sam was suspected of driving and started following her. She hurried into her house, and he turned away. Inside, she called for officers, but the man was already gone from the area. When the Son of Sam was caught, his diary told a similar story in the same neighborhood—same time, same date.

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18. Era Shattering

At my small school, the principal was married to a teacher. It came out that the principal was having an affair with another teacher. The couple had been married for over 25 years with grandchildren attending the school. The school closed down that year. It upset me because the principal’s wife was my favorite teacher. For her, the nightmare went on and on.

I watched her slowly look more and more distraught and become a shell of the woman she once was. She was the science teacher, and I loved to ask her questions. She’d go into detail and continue to inspire my ideas from what I had learned. One day, she just stopped answering questions that didn’t relate to the material. All of that nurturing spirit disappeared.

Meanwhile, the principal continued on like nothing ever happened.

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19. Physical Fault

An eighth-grader was jerking off in the middle of class. The principal heard and blamed the girls for wearing skirts that were too short, implying that their attire had encouraged him to do it. But that wasn't the worst part. She also suspended all the girls. The administration found out, and she denied it ever happened. The kid was expelled, and the principal only lasted four months.

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20. Unknown Objective

In tenth grade, the teacher answered a phone call. After she hung up, the whole school was put on lockdown, and no one was allowed to leave or come into the classroom. Later we learned the disturbing truth. Apparently, a student from the middle school brought what looked like a pipe explosive to the elementary school to ask someone to identify it.

He had left the device in the back of his truck bed then parked right by the entrance, which was what caused the lockdown. Then we heard that he had intellectual disabilities and just thought the school was where the smart people were who could tell him what it was. He had meant no harm, but it was not a good decision.

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21. Calls For Recreation

There are four high schools in my hometown. There was a series of threats to the schools, one after the other over a week. Everyone freaked out the first time, but by the time our school was threatened, nobody cared since everyone knew it was just some loser messing around. But the staff still had to take it seriously. So, everyone had to evacuate the school.

But instead of waiting to go back inside, my friends and I just left. We walked to a park a few neighborhoods over and played basketball. At the end of the day, we just walked back to catch the bus to get home. And the prankster who’d called in the threats has never been caught.


22. A Fair Assessment

An 18-year-old student was going to the library at school…on Saturdays. Except the "library" was actually her geometry teacher’s desk where she hooked up with him. No one knew why the teacher did it. He was married with a beautiful wife and a baby on the way. Plus, he was a good teacher! It didn’t turn out well for the student. As teenagers, we didn’t understand the power dynamic and labeled her the “girl who got McMillan fired.”

Before the incident, the girl had been really mean to me, so I didn’t notice her getting worst. But one day she was making fun of me for being bigger, and I told her, “Well, at least I wasn’t caught with a teacher.”

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23. Feeling It Together

I remember in my freshman year, another student passed. We hadn’t been friends, and he had been mean to me sometimes. On his last day in school, the last thing he said to me was "happy birthday." Then he had a brain aneurysm and went to the hospital. He didn’t make it, and students poured out their hearts at an assembly. We all wore his favorite color, red, and honored him together.

One section of the school was named after him too. It was only through student action that everything happened, and we came together to get through his passing.

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24. Impossible To Congest

I was the only friend of one kid in the class who everyone thought was weird. One day, he forgot to take his medication, which made him hungry. So, he tried to sneak something out of my lunchbox that didn’t have much in it. He managed to find a very old chocolate bar. I warned him not to eat it because it looked moldy. Nope.

He shoved the whole thing in his mouth and swallowed. After lunch, we went back to class, but a few minutes in, he had to run to the washroom holding onto his behind.

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25. Re: Memo

One day, our principal ditched the school after sending a school-wide email proclaiming his love for his ex-wife who he was suddenly following to another city. The same year, the headmaster was fired after following a woman home in road rage. The school wanted to keep it quiet and paid off the papers to not mention it. But this was just the tip of the iceberg.

Another teacher at the school who taught history was a German nationalist. He claimed not to have any qualms with anything. But he still greeted the German foreign exchange students with a “heil.” He used to rant about his diabetic mania then get mad at someone for him acting that way. And then there were the notorious senior pranks.

They sent a school-wide letter complete with a photocopied signature telling parents that the school would be providing free protection at prom for health and safety reasons. The parents did not like that at all. The seniors also dyed the lake red, which was fatal to most of the fish that’d lived in it. It was carnage.

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26. Least Suspected

The group of the school’s “rejects” egged the side of our school that was all windows on a hot day. So, the eggs dried up quickly and ruined the glass. The school district had to spend thousands to clean and repair the damage. And the school had been only a few years old and newly built. They never got caught for that. But one time, after pulling the fire alarm every day for two weeks, one was caught.

They’d made it so that a person pulling the arm would get inked. All the other days they avoided it somehow, but that day they didn’t. So, they all fessed up. They were almost banned from graduation for costing the school so much money. They didn’t get banned because before the incident they were squares with clean records. So, the school became tight on hall pass rules after that so no other class could do it again.

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27. Critical Thinking

There were bushes at my bus stop where I found a plastic piece. So, I showed my friend, and he grabbed it and started pointing it at traffic. One of those people called officers, and the swat team was called. I was none the wiser until they called us into the assembly hall later in the day to tell us what had happened. This was only a few years after Columbine.

My friend wasn’t a bad kid. He just didn't think things through. Unfortunately, his inappropriate antics didn't end there. He also brought the head of a lighter into school, playing with it during science class, and accidentally lighting a jar of rubber cement on fire.

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28. See, See No Touch

Some kid decided to pleasure himself in class since he thought everyone had gone home. Our classroom faced the hall with the windows facing out. So, he thought he was covered by sitting in a swivel chair facing away from the door. He took off his shirt, his pants were at his ankles, and he used his sock to do the deed. He was just about to finish when everyone came to pick up their bags after a group seminar.

Everyone saw and immediately cracked up. I've never seen anyone so shocked. I felt sorry for that kid. He didn’t come to the school after that. I think the school may have felt awkward about it, and he was just “asked to leave.”

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29. Unspeakable Problem

I went to a conservative Christian school, and in ninth grade, my friends and I loved to watch the show Seinfeld. One of us had the idea to do “the contest,” or, in other words, try to abstain from touching ourselves, and whoever lasted the longest won the pot of the $5 each of us contributed. But then our deal just got deeper.

So, the pot grew by over 100 people who’d joined. There was over $500. And it was all based on the honor system. Everything was going well until one of the teacher’s kids told him about it. That was when the whole faculty got involved. Of course, being in a Christian environment, it was hard to discuss “self-pleasure.”

It was both hilarious and awkward at the assembly where the faculty discussed the evils of doing so. The best part was when parents called to complain that the staff shouldn’t discourage us as what we’re doing was promoting and incentivizing chastity. In the end, we gave everyone their money back, and we got detention.

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30. Conscious Chaos

A kid at school bought weed from the kid who everyone assumed sold it. After buying it, he “got stoned” and ran around the school telling everyone that he was. The teachers found out and called both students into the office. The kid had actually sold the other mixed herbs. So, the “stoned” kid’s nickname became “Herb.”

I once saw a student who was refusing to hand over their phone to the teacher. It escalated to the point when the teacher ripped it from his shirt pocket. The student took it straight out of the teacher’s hand, and the teacher punched him. So, I threw the teacher out and advised him to think carefully of his next move. It was my final year, and I was 6’4. That teacher retired soon after this incident.

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31. Listen Now

During our Christmas concert during freshman year, everything was going smoothly. And when we were about to go on stage to bow to the audience, we were lining up waiting to be called. In line, some of the kids started making fun of a flute player. Bad idea. Suddenly, the taunted flautist slammed his instrument down and stormed into the band room.

He then started to scream out threats and really scared some of the other kids. He stayed in the room while we all went on stage, and the teachers heard what happened and checked on him. At school the next day, there was an announcement about it and officers were going to be patrolling the school. Band kids are crazy.

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32. Weak Spot

Our middle school had a huge common room area with lockers freestanding at one end in a chevron formation. They were set in something thick and rubbery on the floor and not just placed there, but someone discovered that the lockers at one end of the formation were a little loose. It was a recipe for disaster. One of the students had the idea to kick them.

In the middle of our noisy lunch hour, he took a running start and jump-kicked the lockers. It was a success! The lockers slowly fell over causing a domino effect that was almost slow motion-like. Four rows of lockers ended up falling, which meant that dozens of students were not able to access any of their belongings. No one was hurt since it happened slowly and people had plenty of time to get away.

I didn’t see who actually kicked it, but I could tell by looking at the kid’s face. The school closed off the area, and everyone had to share textbooks until everything was fixed.

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33. Airborne News

My friends and I were going to the stairway where we usually stayed for break. But when we opened the door, we all started coughing and choking. Someone had decided to set off a can of pepper spray. We told the teachers, but the emergency service workers didn't arrive for hours. They did not know what the gas was, and everyone needed to see a doctor and remain inside the classrooms.

All of the parents were coming to the school and creating a mob outside. Two dads got into a fight near the helicopter that had landed in our field and were taken in. All of the news crews turned up and everything.

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34. A Lone No Longer

I went to school with someone who was anti-authority and goth wearing leather trench coats, makeup, and dyed black hair. He was a loner for most of high school until senior year. Columbine happened, and the next day he came to school dressed like everyone else. He told everyone that he did not want to be disrespectful. Then a week later, he went back to his normal style.

Later on in the year, he was failing a class and had no way to pass, which meant he couldn’t graduate. He went to his teacher for an alternative. His grumpy teacher told him to wear a collared shirt and jeans for the rest of the year with no makeup and he’d pass him. And he did. Weeks later, all of us were cheering him on and talking to him about his change.

He just wondered why he’d dressed the way he did for so long. We watched him make friends and heal. Then he walked at graduation for us.

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35. Solving The Problem

A teacher from my middle school had a daughter in high school. Over winter break, the daughter was mad at her parents because they didn’t let her see her boyfriend. She chose to end their lives. In the middle of the night, her boyfriend and a friend came over while she was in the basement and her parents were upstairs. The night ended in unspeakable horror.

They went into the parent’s room and started attacking them with knives. The father didn’t make it, but the mom survived. The daughter went upstairs after hearing “all the commotion” and acted frightened. She called for officers and seemed really shocked and upset. And she was just so close to getting away with it too. Except during a sweep of the house, officers found a map of the house that she drew for her boyfriend to know where to sneak in through the basement.

All three kids are serving time. The mother quit teaching, moved out of town, and has been doing well for herself.

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36. Underground Impressions

Some of the cool kids found an old service tunnel that ran under the music room and out to the parking lot. But the door at the end was sealed up, and we could never find one on the outside of the building. It was a crawlspace that opened into what looked like a maintenance room that was empty with nothing interesting. There was nothing in there, but they used to sneak down there to skip their lessons and stuff.

One day, I went along because I wanted to be a cool kid, got stuck in the crawlspace, and had to be rescued by the fire brigade. The hatch got sealed properly, and we all got detention. I wasn't allowed to be a cool kid again.

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37. Boogey Monster

Out of the blue, a random social media page popped up threatening the school if one girl didn’t fess up to something she had done. No one knew who it was, and the girl had no idea what it was about. The account started posting censored naughty videos and pictures of her suggesting that he’d been intimate with the girl. The school went for winter break three days early while the school district tried to figure out its next move.

There was a town hall meeting, and a parent came packing, which caused quite the stir. Officers arrived and brought some students in for questioning, but every student was released based on lack of evidence. The account began posting taunts that the authorities couldn’t catch him. One night, my wife and I were out, and the account posted that the girl was at the mall across the street and something bad was going to happen.

From our restaurant, we watched authorities converge onto the mall. Nothing was there—not even her. Then the page ceased activity after someone from Minnesota admitted to picking a random school, girl, and town to mess around. A few months later, they found the culprit who was some guy from California. It took them forever.

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38. Academic List

One week at school, there were a lot of fights—at least one a day. It was getting out of hand, and the faculty didn’t know what was going on or what was causing it. They took all our privileges: no breaks, lunch was done per class, and we had to be escorted from room to room when we came back to class the next week. Our principal had body-slammed one of the kids during a fight the week before.

He came over the intercom during last period and announced that he had a “hit list” for problem students. And he was going to personally ruin their academic career. It was quite sinister. I don't why he thought this was a good idea—and he definitely paid the price. He was fired two days later for threatening students.

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39. Boy, Oh Boy

One teacher was always aggressive to the girls but the complete opposite to the boys. In senior year, the teacher was in charge of planning graduation. The class president always fought with him, and he was ecstatic when she was demoted for getting pregnant. The class vice president took the role. He was also closeted. So, the teacher was even more pleased.

The next year at graduation, the former president walked in yelling about how said teacher took advantage of him and coerced him to do things. The teacher passed out. Everyone found out that he had been doing it for years.

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40. Rapping Up Conspiracy

This kid thought he was a rapper and tried having a concert outside. But before he could start, the vice principal pulled him off the table and took him away. He was suspended. Then kids were disappearing from class with suspensions for being involved by handing out flyers, posting about the concert, and encouraging him. The principal claimed that the student was inciting a riot.

So, people started posting #FreeHim everywhere, and more kids were suspended. Then one day, everyone wore red to school to “free him,” and more students were suspended.

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41. Make It Rain

An illicit dealer paid for our town of 7,000 people. He helped fund the school, law enforcement, the airport, a giant hockey arena, and planting palm trees every spring on the highway. He threw huge events and let every pilot in Minnesota fly out of the airport. He also had enough money to buy them nice cars and take them on trips. But that wasn't all.

He bought money for every secretary in town and just threw money at anyone who interacted with him. The town was his hub to transport substances around the US. So, he made friends using his money and was able to be successful for years.

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42. Two Timing

My middle school and high school were on the same block with the sports field between them. The high schoolers and middle schoolers had class schedules that were off by a few minutes. An eighth-grader and his brother who was a senior at the high school realized that there were three minutes of overlap in our schedules. So, they chose this window to pull the fire alarms at the same time at the schools.

That meant everyone had to walk out to the sports field just in case there was a fire. But because all of the students weren’t in class during that time, there was no attendance to check if everyone had made it out of the school safely. We waited almost an hour before we were allowed inside after the fire department inspected both campuses.

It was easy to catch the culprits because fire alarms spray ink on the person who pulled it.

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43. On The Offense

One of the seniors wanted to play a prank on the teachers. He thought peeing in the coffee pot in the teacher’s lounge was his best idea. He was successful until a teacher walked in and asked him what he was doing. Quickly, he made up the excuse that he was looking for his teacher to ask them a question about homework. The teacher was suspicious and did not buy it.

So, she had the truancy officer check the cameras and saw that the student had been in the lounge longer than he had said. Then she told the principal and vice principal about it. I don’t remember if they found out what he did, but he was labeled an “offender” after that.

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44. Feel It Too

Many students started feeling sick with some becoming very ill all within a few hours. The authorities came and quarantined the school. They took the sick students to the hospital but never made a diagnosis. They found nothing like a virus or poison or bacterial infection that could explain the rapid onset of symptoms. Their final conclusion was bizarre.

Weeks later, they gave up trying to find the cause and just chalked it up to a case of sympathetic psychosomatic symptoms manifesting throughout the school. School had never been so much fun.

High School Dramas factsUnsplash

45. Getting Ahead

It was the new kid’s second day at school, and during gym, another kid threw a basketball at his head. So, the new kid threw it back at and hit him. Then he grabbed the kid’s sweatshirt hood and slammed his head into the metal door frame. That wasn’t enough for him because he lifted him and tossed him in the trash can too. The new kid was scrawny and four inches shorter than the other kid who ended up getting a concussion. For some reason, he didn’t get into any trouble.

High School Dramas factsShutterstock

46. Forcing Change

My school decided to get rid of block scheduling. And when they announced this change, all of the students protested. There was a text sent around to the whole school telling everyone to gather in the middle of the school for a “peaceful” protest. But what ended up happening was officers chasing kids in full riot gear.

High School Dramas factsShutterstock

47. Stay Home

Early in my freshman year, one eighth-grader who was being homeschooled hacked the school website. He made a threat about making the school explode, and then the message to not go to school the next day spread all over on social media. I had to go because my parents thought that nothing would happen, and I had an exam. When I got to school, I saw all these officers and only a fraction of the school.

Some teachers didn’t even come. One girl decided to go inside to use the washroom, and when she came back, everyone looked at her as if she was magical. Nothing happened at school, and they caught the kid.

High School Dramas factsUnsplash

48. Crossing The Line

My school was in Ontario close to the Québec border. One grade 12 student lived in the middle of nowhere near the border, so one of the teachers who lived on the Québec side drove him to school. But then she stopped. Her student had developed “unhealthy” feelings for her, and she requested that he be removed from her classroom. But it was all doomed to the most tragic ending.

He kept writing her long love letters and contacting her. He found her address from a phonebook, got into her house when she was away for the weekend, and hung himself from an exposed pipe in her laundry room, leaving behind a letter explaining that she was entirely responsible for his end because she rejected his love.

Real mysteriesShutterstock

49. In The End

Just after graduation, our high school party was held at a farm. Well, the one guy who was always quiet but universally liked tried to take a girl against her will. She had been really hammered, and he had gotten her into his truck, and tried to drive off. The girl’s boyfriend was looking for her and found him trying to leave with her.

After stopping him, and getting the poor girl back to safety, the authorities were called. They searched the guy's truck—and made the most disturbing discovery. Officers found a kit with rope, gloves, knives, and various other tools. If he hadn't been caught, that girl would've been a goner.

Worst Dates FactsPxHere

50. Something’s Missing

One day, we all got to school, and no teachers were to be found. Everyone went to first period, then almost an hour later, our teacher walked in and had been crying. During announcements, the principal told us that our semi-famous football coach and teacher had passed. The details shocked us to the core: His son had assailed him and his wife the night before.

His son was nowhere to be found, so the school told us to get a ride home if we could. If anyone didn’t have a ride, they had to go to the library to wait for the busses. It rocked the entire community.

High School Dramas factsShutterstock

51. Un-Clucky Guy

One of my classmates was the captain of the wrestling team and a star football player. We had an English together who’d been a younger vivacious boys’ volleyball coach at her previous school. Her husband was also a great wrestling coach and decided to take my classmate under his wing. They spent a lot of time together. My classmate improved a lot under the English teacher’s husband.

He won many times and did so well at state level that he got a full ride to a top school. Then, after graduation, their dark secret finally got out. Everyone heard that he had been sleeping with the English teacher for quite a long time. She left her husband, my classmate’s mentor, for her student.

Double livesShutetrstock


Sources: Reddit,



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