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These Bad Neighbors Are Beyond Intolerable

Oftentimes, when you move to a new place, you can't choose who you live next to. Your neighbors could end up being lovely people...or the total opposite. From creepy peeping Toms to life-disturbing Karens, the following stories will make you want to close your doors and keep to yourself forever:

1. A Strange Electrical Problem

My dad had a neighbor when he was young who played his radio loudly all day, even when he wasn't home or was gone on vacation. But he didn't realize my dad is an evil genius. Every time he left the house and his radio was still on, my dad would go and trip the circuit breaker to his condo. One day, he sees my dad, who was an electrical engineer, and asked him why his breaker kept tripping.

Was it faulty wiring? No, my dad explained, the loud radio was probably just putting too much strain on the circuit when left on all the time. My dad suggested he should try turning it down or off when he wasn't home, and see if that fixed it. So, the man tried it, and surprise surprise, the circuit breaker stopped tripping! He was very thankful to my dad for helping him with that annoying electrical issue.


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2. Pesky Problems

My previous neighbors were in their 80s. The elderly gentleman used to dress up in what was ostensibly a hazmat suit and spray pesticide on his lawn. At the same time, she would stand behind him in her muumuu and slippers holding the pail with the pesticides. It seems safe to assume that they got rid of a lot of pests.


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3. Get A Move On

I had a problem with a neighbor who drove over my lawn with his ATVs and damaged the grass/shrubs. He said he'd pay for damage, but that never happened and he kept doing it. So, I put my huge trailer across their tracks to block their path. They went around it. I put up two other barriers that they also drove around. It took a while, but I finally got my revenge.

I found this huge branch that had fallen in the woods between our properties and dragged it across to cover the third path they were making across my yard. But, the branch got caught on a cable. What is a cable doing over the lawn instead of properly buried? So, I called the cable company to have it buried. They said I was the only registered client on that box and to disconnect it.

So, I did. After the weekend, my neighbor came by totally angry at me for disconnecting his cable. He yelled he was going to call 9-1-1 on me. So, I left. I got a call from the officers. They asked if I disconnected the cable because of the ATV issue. It was interesting because I wasn't even going to mention the ATV issue, but my neighbor already did.

So long story short, the neighbor got a warning ticket for trespassing and admitted to looting cable. I took an offer on my house that very day and moved.


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4. While It Pours

I had a neighbor who wouldn’t let anyone use his driveway because he didn’t want it to get dirty. Anyone including himself. He parked on the street outside. If he thought you were having a party, he would drag a bunch of plastic bags full of god knows what to the end of his driveway so no one could turn around it. One time I came home and he was outside hosing it down in the rain. To his credit, I’ve never seen a cleaner driveway.

Stretch Dude

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5. All The Help In The Neighborhood

My neighbor is an overweight middle-aged woman who seems to have a bad knee only when my kids are outside in the summer. It quickly got weird. If they are playing in my fenced in backyard, she'll pretend to fall down so they can help her up. I went from, "Kids, you should help her, that's what neighbors do!" to "She fell AGAIN? It seems like she only falls when you guys are playing. She doesn't fall when I'm working in the garden" to "If she falls again, come get me."

When I started saying that, she seemed to be able to get up pretty quickly. I had to go over there in August and tell her that I can't have my kids helping her get up anymore, they are seven and eight years old and they can't give her medical aid. I get that she is probably lonely, but three or four times a week, I'd hear her yell, "Kids, Kids! help me up, I fell AGAIN."


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6. Sweet And Singed

I had a neighbor back in The Day™ who we will call Gary. Gary was a really sweet guy. Middle-aged guy, kind of had it rough in life, but managed to keep his spirits up. He liked beer and BBQ, to a degree that made me like him immensely. He made extra money by doing odd jobs around the neighborhood. Heck, he mowed my grass for pretty cheap.

Great guy. He lived with his uncle, a cool old coot with a hook for a hand. The uncle supplemented his income by buying and selling random stuff, much of which he kept in his backyard. Very Sanford And Son. They even had the old-timey truck. Gary also loved to make BBQ, as I said. He would slow-smoke stuff in smokehouses that he made himself out of random junk.

People would bring him things and he would turn them into smokehouses. He made the neighborhood smell nice. One day, I am off from work, hanging out at my house and playing video games. Suddenly, there is a loud explosion that sounded like an artillery shell. Pictures fall off my walls and my cats scatter and hide immediately.

Being an idiot, my idiotic self goes running out the back door of my house toward the sound. My neighbor's house is right behind mine so I immediately see the following: The awning on the back of my neighbor's house is on fire; there is a 50-gallon drum in the backyard on fire; there is a tarp held up by a number of poles, to provide shade in the back yard, on fire.

Finally, my neighbor is on the ground, unconscious, being rolled around by his uncle and a buddy. He is also on fire. So, I see someone is already calling for help, so I go to help. By the time I am there, Gary is no longer on fire, so one of his buddies grabs the hose, and I grab a bucket. They have one of those dual-spigot thingies, so I can fill the bucket while the other guy uses the hose.

I am putting out the awning on the house, and the other guy sprays down Gary to make sure he is good and extinguished. As I am re-filling the bucket, I see the guy with the hose is putting out the tarp shade. He turns toward the burning barrel, aims the hose, and lets loose. I am doing the slow-motion "Nooooo....!" thing.

When the water hit the barrel, a mushroom cloud of fire and smoke appeared above my neighborhood. I was freaking out, screaming about shooting a hose into burning liquid. I later asked his uncle what was in the barrel. He said, "Oh, a mix of kerosene and fuel oil." I said "That is two of the three ingredients in rudimentary liquid rocket fuel. The third ingredient makes it explode slower."

Eventually, the ambulance came and immediately left with Gary. Turned out he had second and third-degree burns on over half his body. However, the biggest issue was the concussion. He also had a bajillion little internal injuries all through his torso. They almost lost him more than once. It took him a few months to get out of the hospital.

He's fine now, though he is not pretty, but he had to stop doing my lawn because I guess sunlight hurts now. Poor, sweet dude came to me to apologize and to tell me his cousin will be doing my lawn. I was just glad he lived, and here he was making sure I was taken care of. And that is the story of my exploding neighbor.


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7. An Eye For An Eye

There’s a couple that lives across the hall from me. They fight often and loudly. One night, the girl found something on the guy's phone that she found objectionable…either photos or evidence of cheating. Either way, she was yelling a lot about skanks and whatnot, so she threw his phone off the second floor balcony onto the concrete walkway below where it shattered.

The guy then goes back inside, grabs her phone, and does the same. The moral of the story is that an iPhone for an iPhone makes the whole world entertaining for the neighbors.


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8. Green Thumbed Success

I used to live in a little town of 300 people where we had an elderly neighbor named Gladys. She would routinely look near our garbage can outside and take the recyclable bottles and cans we would leave for her. After we cleaned out a fish tank, we put the gravel and fake plants in a bag and left it on top of the garbage can because it was already full.

About a week later, Gladys hollered at me while I was outside to come over as she wanted to show me something. She had taken that bag we had left and planted the fake plants along the side of her house. She said she wasn’t really confident that they would make it but so far they seemed to be thriving! I could only nod and compliment her on her green thumb.


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9. Enough To Write A Book

My constantly inebriated neighbor came up with the brilliant idea that he could collect the leaves in the gravel parking lot with his snowblower! It went so much worse than I even expected. He duct-taped a plastic garbage bag over the discharge chute, and off he went. It actually inflated the bag for a few moments...until the stones started flying.

He broke three windows on his garage door and splattered a bunch of cars in the lot. I lost my britches laughing. I could write a book on all the stupid things I saw him do.


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10. Purrfectly Nice

My neighbor sits in his yard, hides behind his plants, and meows at people who pass by. He is not dangerous at all but he is not right in the head either. His caretakers are his parents and they seem to be very nice people. His dad once told me "he just likes to be a cat" and left it at that. I didn't ask any more questions.


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11. The Noxious Neighbor

I was off sick one day, and my roommate came home for lunch and checked the mail. We got a letter with no return address, sent to "the rooftop weed smokers" with our address on it. We knew it was for our next door neighbors, not us, since one of them had a chair on the roof and smoked up there. Since it had no actual name, and our address on it, I was like, “Of course I'm going to open this, it'll be hilarious!" It was more like a nightmare.

As I'm opening the taped envelope, a little bit of white powder sprinkled onto my lap. My roommate and I looked at each other and thought, “Uh, what?” So, I got up and took the letter outside to open it. A ton of white powder came out of the letter when we took it out of the envelope, so we grabbed a ziploc bag and some tongs, and sealed up the letter.

The letter was typed and said random things like, "To the douche who likes lighting up on the roof and yelling at people on the street with kids, you'd better have good insurance because I'll damage your stuff. I'm an ex-officer and have nothing better to do than to watch over you. You angered the wrong guy." But the most disturbing part was at the end: "By the way, the substance in this envelope is noxious, so you might want to get yourself to a hospital.”

At that point, we were half laughing, half concerned, so I called 9-1-1 just in case. They took it very seriously and sent out everyone: officers, paramedics, fire trucks, RCMP, and the tactical unit. The street was closed off, we were quarantined to our garage, and every neighbor who was home at the time came out to take a look.

Everyone was told to go back inside and stay put. The tactical team got suited up in hazmat suits and went into our house to test the letter/envelope. We were in the garage for almost three hours. The tactical guys came back out and said the substance was found to be non-noxious but they still had to do some more tests to figure out exactly what it was.

At that point, we were taken into the ambulance for a look-over and then back to the garage. It turns out the white powder was pancake mix. My roommate and I, along with the officers and tactical guys burst out laughing together. We thanked the response teams and they left. The RCMP officers stayed behind to get our statements and questioned the next door neighbors to whom the letter was supposed to be sent.

A detective followed up with us a couple of times. Since it was a threat and sent through the mail, it was a serious offense. The letter/envelope was sent off to forensics for testing. Unfortunately, nothing was found and the case was closed. The people in that house caused some nonsense the entire time they lived there, such as noise complaints, and trash left everywhere outside, but this incident really takes the cake. Luckily, they have all since moved out.


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12. That Deflated Feeling

I have one strange neighbor. She has a penchant for going around sticking nails in people's tires at night. This has happened dozens of times to nearly everyone on the street, though she's slowed down since more people have started installing video cameras and motion-sensor lights in their respective driveways.


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13. A Misplaced Sense Of Anger

I own about eight acres of land. The house next to me has a right of way drive that goes through it. A couple bought the house about 10 years ago. One day, they were down near the mailboxes planting some plants. I went down and very nicely told them that what they had done was fine but in the future, before they do anything on my property, they need to ask me first.

He argued with me that they had rights to all of the property on 35 inches of each side of the right of way. I explained to him that this just wasn't true. They haven't spoken to me since and won't even return my wave when I wave at them. If they want to be mad at someone, it is the agent who sold them the house, not me.


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14. Dancing The Night Away

We used to live next to a woman who would have a disco party for her cats in her backyard at 2 am every few days. She would put up a disco ball and party lights with music playing. It was a little bit odd but what made it crazy was her dancing as though she was performing a ritual around the disco ball. It’s honestly one of the strangest things I’ve ever witnessed!


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15. I’m That Neighbor

Maybe I was an idiot neighbor...or a crazy one. When my son was a newborn, he was very colicky and barely slept for more than a few hours at a time. I was so tired and literally losing my mind. There was a house of old bikers down the street and they would constantly drive down our road and rev their engines. I mean, my husband rides, I know it is possible to drive down the street and rattle windows.

It would wake the baby up. So, I went down there and asked a question very nicely. I said, "Hey guys, I know it's your street too, but I have a young baby who you wake up every time you do that, can you guys just not rev your engines on the street?" They seemed super cool about it and I was so thankful. But, it made it worse, not better.

Now it was like a game to REALLY rev when they went by my house. It became like the tell tale heart and started to drive me mad. Every time I heard it, I became one step closer to buying heavy machinery and mowing them down. I became completely irrational one day and stormed down the street. I burst into their backyard where they were hanging and yelled at them like a crazy person, threatened to kick their butts, call for enforcement officers, cut their tires, whatever it took for them to stop revving their engines.

It finally stopped, but I am still embarrassed by how crazy I acted. Sleep deprivation is a heck of a drug.


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16. Agent Bunny Reporting For Duty

Our neighbor plays VR in a large bunny onesie. When I say a bunny onesie, I mean one like the kind the kid gets in A Christmas Story. Which, you know, is cool. I guess you do you. But he plays with his window open so everyone can see him and, on top of that, he plays from what I can tell is exclusively military sims and never ever breaks character.

You can hear him yelling stuff like, "Contact 30 clicks south by southwest!" or “Down Reloading, Ready UP!" The guy will throw himself to the ground and I mean throw himself. The few times I've spoken to him or seen him in person he's had bruises on his arms and face from hitting the ground. And that's only what I can see from his window.

Other than that, at night you can hear the guy grinding, hammering, and drilling on something. I'm terrified to know what he's doing in there. He says that he works for the government and does contractor work for it. He has really nice stuff—including a lot of expensive stuff—and new vehicles all the time. So, he seems to have ample money coming in.

He, however, can't carry on a conversation. He starts getting nervous and will break away as soon as he can. He was home for a few weeks, saying that he was in between contracts, and I managed to talk to him a bit while he was setting stuff outside. That stuff that he was laying out though—a rucksack that had seen some heavy use and everything from medical and survivalist camping gear to empty magazine holders, and a plate holder for bullet-resistant plates.

He said he was letting them air out since he was planning on going on a backpacking trip for a few weeks. Weirdest part is that he leaves almost every night between 9 and 10 pm. Probably to get some of the junk food he'll leave in his car occasionally, but every night? I like to think the guy’s a secret agent and uses the VR thing as an excuse to explain away bruises and cuts.

Either way, I feel sort of safe, he's genuinely nice when he does talk to you, just in that I haven't spoken to another human being for years kind of way. You go Secret Agent Bunny. Saving the world one hop at a time.


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17. On Yours But Not On Mine

I live on a 50 acre New England farm. About two thirds of it is wooded. After I'd been here for about a year, I was walking the boundary stone wall, which is on my side of the land. From a neighbor's yard I hear a bellowing voice, "YOU'D BETTER NOT BE ON MY LAND." I replied, "I'm not. I'm on my own land." He yells back, from somewhere in the trees on his side, "JUST SO YOU KNOW, NEVER STOP FOOT ON MY LAND."

Me: "OK, we've got a deal. And you stay off mine, OK?" I hear a grunt. Then I ask, "By the way, is this deer hunting tree standing on my side of the wall?" At which point he exploded, "THAT STAND HAS BEEN THERE FOR TEN YEARS!" He picked a fight for absolutely no reason, and ended up agreeing to not trespass on my land...and had been trespassing for a decade.


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18. Eating The Rainbow

He eats my flowers. In his defense, he told us that he has been doing it for years when he introduced himself after we bought the house. He also brought over frozen cookies in a plastic bag, as a housewarming gift, but wasn't sure what was in them. We share a side yard and as he was talking to us, I noticed his all-brick house was actually roofing shingles, layered to look like brick.

It started to register that he may be a little out there. He's a great neighbor. Just an older, eccentric person who keeps to himself and eats my flowers. No shame. He comes over to my yard and eats my lilies raw. Or, he brings scissors and clips the heads to "boil and make jam." It's crazy to me, but we have embraced it.

I planted a couple of raspberry, blackberry, and blueberry bushes three years ago, when we first moved in, on the side yard we share. Along with those were a few knock-out rose bushes. I told him to help himself to berries/roses anytime, especially before the birds do. The bushes have all gone insane and the entire side of my house is now a yearly buffet for my neighbor.

Having a decent relationship with a crazy guy I share a property line with is worth some deadheaded flowers.


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19. Those Darn Teenagers

We have a grandma next door who is raising her three grandchildren. They are complete teenage idiots. They got in trouble for robbing our neighbors. The kids would offer to cut their grass and ask to use their bathroom when they were done. Then, they would take medication from the bathroom. It was extremely obvious who took the medication.

They pulled this scheme up and down the block. It wasn't too hard to put it together.


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20. It’s A Conspiracy!

She complained to the authorities that neighbors had purchased satellites to spy on her. She set up cameras that were directly aimed at all surrounding neighbors. She built up beams around the inside of her fence so that she could stand on them and look over the fences to the neighbor yards and she would launch large rocks.

She also yelled at everyone who watered their gardens and lawns that all the water was making her property soggy, even though she was at the top of the hill. She planted jeans in the soil as if to use them for landscape fabric. She painted everything (house, sheds, yard art, bike, etc.) on her property red and yellow and blue "to ward off evil spirits."


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21. Not So Nice Guy

When I was a kid, we had this dude living next door who seemed like a nice guy. This is the mid 90s and he had a neon business, so he was doing pretty well for himself. Then, he got together with a crackhead and his house slowly started going down the drain…literally. At one point, his septic system went up and since they were lighting up every dime he made, he decided that he was just going to make a cesspit. I wish I was joking.

We live on the East Coast in the mid-Atlantic, so it gets hot and humid come July. Thanks to this guy, our entire neighborhood smelled like a temporary toilet at a mid-summer festival for about three months. Fast forward to January, it’s nice and snowy, and we come home to our house being broken into. Our computer is gone, the TV is gone, and a bunch of movies and medications are gone.

Officers show up and they start dusting and looking around. They go outside and lo and behold, there are tracks going from our side door back to the neighbor’s house. Of course, they denied everything and are at least smart enough not to keep the stuff around after we got home. They were not smart enough to use different names; they pawned everything though.

Needless to say, we had new neighbors within a few months of this incident.


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22. It’s In The Air

My sister’s neighbor reported my sister to the authorities because her kids were playing in my sister’s garden. She did not for the usual reasons, such as too much noise, etc. Nope, she did it because a volcano in Italy had erupted and the radiation resulting from this eruption would hurt them. My sister lives in the United Kingdom.


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23. Too Large Of Holes

I grew up on a small farm with cows, and turkeys. Across the street, there was a small produce farm. When I was six or so, we got a new neighbor. He had been a corporate lawyer in New York City and then woke up one day, said, "I really hate my job, I'm going to buy a farm and raise exotic animals." This guy did not know much, but by gods he had a dream and he wasn't going to give up.

He and his wife were both city folk, born and raised in New York City. They moved in during the winter and he asked my dad a lot of questions about pens, fences, vets, and the works. Spring came and I was awakened by frantic knocking on the door. It's the wife, Jen, panicking because, "It smells like poop! Is there a problem with the sewer? Who do we call?!"

My mom starts laughing, which frustrates Jen more. My mom explained that it was spring and the produce farm across the street just laid down their fertilizer. My mom had to further explain that fertilizer is just a nice word for cow poop. After she left, we could hear her screaming at her husband that she hated it here and this was the dumbest idea he's ever had and she wants to go back to the city.

Keep in mind that our houses were pretty far apart, as we were both on six to 10 acre lots. She could really project. They got some emus and llamas shortly after. This is like 1990, when most people had never even heard of an emu at this point. My father is suitably impressed with the livestock, less so with the fencing Arthur chose.

It was wire fencing with pretty large holes in it. Large enough for both the llamas and the emus to stick their heads through...and then they'd decide they were thirsty so they'd snake their heads back through a lower hole and get stuck that way. Arthur would then come running to our house for help getting his animals unstuck before they drowned in the water troughs.

This happened at least once a month for over ten years. Arthur never changed the fencing, despite my dad asking him why he wouldn't change the fencing or at least move the troughs into the center of the pens. They've since moved, but I'll never forget the zaniness of runaway emus and llamas, fantastical escaping pygmy goats, or Jen freaking out because it smelled like poop.


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24. Leafing Through

My grandparents’ house backs onto a wood. They are also at the bottom of a hill, with the said wood running uphill behind them. Mounds and mounds of fallen leaves on the lawn are inevitable, especially in autumn. Their next-door neighbor is... well... she's very houseproud. And, that is understating her passion for her house.

For instance, her sister visited her and made some toast in the toaster and she freaked out because you don't USE the toaster. It's just for show! And now it's ruined because there are crumbs in it! Anyway, leaves on the lawn are a constant source of stress for her. Every autumn she's out there all day, watching, just waiting for one to fall.

And when one does, she's straight over to scoop it up and throw it in the compost. Once she leaned over the fence to speak to my grandad, and apparently, she just gazed into his eyes, utter despair on her face, and asked, "When is it going to stop?" His response? He pointed at her trees saying, "When all of that," and continued, while then pointing at her lawn, to finish by saying, "is down there."


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25. Caught In The Lies

When I lived with my parents, we had a knock at the door one day from our neighbors across the road. They were all flustered, and told us that someone had stolen their car the night before. Apparently, the wife had seen a strange looking man wandering around the street late at night. He had apparently been looking into car windows which were parked on driveways, including our cars.

The next morning, their BMW was gone, including the keys, which were hanging by the front door of their house. They "assumed" the strange man looking in car windows had somehow fished the keys from the house via the letterbox. The whole thing sounded very strange. To not call law enforcement when a man is literally peering through car windows on people's driveways was strange enough.

Months later, the neighbors got a divorce and sold their house. That's when the insane truth came out. Turns out, they'd made the whole thing up, and had dumped the car for the insurance, as they had fallen on hard times. Apparently, their story hadn't held up well, and they were found out. Who broadcasts a story like that? Why make yourself look stupid for not calling law enforcement when seeing a strange man eyeing up cars? And then tell all the neighbors about the man?


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26. On A Rampage

Our neighbor plants a row of shrubs, waits until they look nice, and then whacks the heck out of them. He cuts every single branch off until there's just a spindly 5' stick. Or, he plants several shrubs along his foundation, waits 3-4 years, and then yanks them out with his car. Once he pulled out a very healthy tree growing at the end of his house and then planted another same size tree in its place.

If we ever sell our house, I think he would buy it just so he could bulldoze everything in our yard.


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27. Fooled Him Twice

My neighbor, after someone had attempted to take his bike and being advised by me to get a better lock, proceeded to save his time by not locking his bike up at all, but balancing the lock so that it looked like his bike was locked up unless you actually looked at it for a few seconds. I warned him that someone had already tried to take his bike and that it wasn't really clever leaving it unlocked like that.

He says, "I promise you I'll lock it up." Why he's promising me anything, I have no idea, I was just being neighborly. He then leaves his bike unlocked like that for about a week until someone takes it, just like I said someone would. I guess it did save the thief time. Then, he did exactly the same thing again! About two months after his first bike was taken, he left another bike out unlocked for weeks and it was also taken.


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28. Cold Comfort

Not sure if this counts as crazy but I have this neighbor who is part of a spiritual organization called "Brahma Kumaris." Every time someone in the neighborhood is going through rough times, especially deaths in the family, she goes to their house, and instead of offering condolences, she preaches how they should join this organization and things will be better.

She doesn't acknowledge anyone the rest of the time. Indeed, the only acknowledgment is at the time when someone dies or a new family moves in the neighborhood. In both cases, she acknowledges the people to take the opportunity to preach and to give books written by the leaders of the aforementioned spiritual organization.


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29. Saw That Coming

I have crazy neighbors. They are actually very nice as far as neighbors go, but the family is totally dysfunctional. They have two grown up daughters living there, along with their teenage daughters and their boyfriends. One has a kid. There are roughly 10 people living there ranging from five to 70. They keep the yard mowed and keep to themselves mostly, but they are entirely insane.

I actually like them for two reasons. First, they are notorious and crazy around our town, so everyone leaves them alone, so there are not many misdemeanors around us. Second, they are entertainment. One morning, my aunt was visiting. We are on the front porch and I am telling her about all the neighbors. I was telling her a story about how one of the younger granddaughters got in a fight with her boyfriend at two in the morning on a Tuesday night.

They are screaming at each other, walking up and down the street, explaining that something like that happens once a week. What happened next was too perfect. Like clockwork, one of the daughters comes out screaming back at someone and gets in her car. Her daughter comes out and tries to stop her from backing out. She grabs a shovel from the back of the truck and starts hitting the front windshield of the card, shattering it.

They call 9-1-1. Meanwhile, the granddaughter with the shovel calls her biological dad, who lives down the road. He picks his daughter up. Two minutes later the officers show up, but she is gone. I have hundreds of stories like this.


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30. The Hansel And Gretel Trail

He was our landlord/neighbor in a duplex we were renting. He was a hoarder and did a lot of things like rummage through our trash to retrieve garbage we had tossed. It was in LA and he would put out dozens of teeny tiny receptacles; cups, milk cartons, pots, all over the yard any time there was a hint of rain forecasted.

He would also leave little pieces of plastic garbage around the fence to see if anyone took them or moved them. Odd stuff. But then there was the ultimate weird moment. We had a shared set of stairs leading off the back of the house. I went down them one day and saw a piece of bread lying on them. It thought that maybe it was for the birds.

A couple of days later it was a piece of toast. A day after that the toast was wrapped up in a used napkin and propped up against my door. To this day it is still a mystery to me why he would think I would want the 5-day old porch toast.


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31. The Geniuses Next Door

Our neighbor home-schooled his kids and would always brag about how his children were geniuses with perfect scores on all the standardized tests. Sure, they got a 1600/1600 on the SAT, but he would never let them play with us unwashed masses. Twenty years later, his kids are still living at home and all of them lack the social skills to make connections and get a job. Book smarts will only get you so far.


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32. The High Life

My neighbor’s doghouse has electricity. The doghouse sits there in his backyard at night with a light on, radio going—the dog loves listening to the radio, apparently—and a small electric fan in summer to keep him cool. It's not so much "crazy" as, perhaps, a bit eccentric. How many doghouses have electricity, lights, fans, and a radio playing for the dog's enjoyment?


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33. Popular For A Reason

Back in high school, one of our neighbors moved away and their house sold to this older woman and her mostly grown sons. She was a strange one. She cut down every tree on her property because of the "bad spirits" in them. The sons seemed to be popular, having people drop by at all hours. All was relatively quiet until one day, while I was home alone, there was a knock on the door. I opened it, and my blood ran cold.

Two gentlemen in very nice black suits and dark ties then identified themselves as FBI and asked me if we were ever approached by a crazy lady or her sons to buy anything. I basically replied that they are crazy and we don't talk to them, they don't talk to us. They hand me their business card then proceed on to the next house.

I look out the window and I see five blue Ford Tauruses, three red Ford Astro Vans, and one VIACOM truck that was being loaded with box after box from the neighbor's garage. It turns out the sons were making those special cable boxes that got you all of the channels for free. After this, it was only the strange lady left in that house.


Cringe momentsShutterstock

34. The High Life

My neighbor’s doghouse has electricity. The doghouse sits there in his backyard at night with a light on, radio going—the dog loves listening to the radio, apparently—and a small electric fan in summer to keep him cool. It's not so much "crazy" as, perhaps, a bit eccentric. How many doghouses have electricity, lights, fans, and a radio playing for the dog's enjoyment?


Crazy neighborsUnsplash

35. It’s Always Time To Rake

My neighbor of the last house I lived in had about one third of his property inside our backyard because the previous tenants didn't measure correctly when they installed the fence. Two or three times a week, my neighbor raked leaves. He started in his backyard and then dragged a giant trash can to his one third of the property of my yard and raked for hours.

Then, he'd go to the front and rake that area and walk the trash can back through our backyard and into the woods where he'd dump the leaves and yard clippings. This neighbor was so obsessed that his one third of the yard didn't have grass growing from how often he raked and walked through it. In the summer, he'd mow this dirt patch, sometimes after the sun had gone down and it was completely dark.


Revenge neighborsUnsplash

36. Something’s Fishy

Our neighbors seem to be into preserving their own food. That’s cool, I suppose. However, the task has become fishy. Literally. For the last few weeks, they have been drying fish in their driveway. By that I mean that there are like 2-3 dozen whole fish just laying on their driveway on tinfoil. No protection, no pans. Just fish. On the driveway.


Crazy NeighborsUnsplash

37. Scared The Guy Away

I was out planting grass over some holes I had filled in, and I heard my neighbor yelling. He's an older guy, but big and threatening looking. Anyway, I look over and there's a groundhog lumbering around his yard. He's yelling at the groundhog to go away, but it doesn't give a shot and just keeps walking toward the garage.

The guy grabs his water hose from the garage and gets ready to spray the groundhog, but it starts running toward his garage because the noises scared it and it couldn't hear where they came from. I have never seen a grown man run like he did that day. He got inside his house faster than I would have thought possible. I went over and scared the groundhog out of his garage, but never told my neighbor I did it. I think he hid in his house for a solid three hours.


Bill Murray FactsWikimedia Commons

38. Glow Up

Every spring, sometime in late February or March, our neighbor puts up a fluorescent light strip of the size of a bed in her living room window. It's on day and night for a few months. You can see the light from the window a mile away. At first, I thought she grew weed. But she's like 80 years old—a gray-haired frail lady. But, then I realized she grew pelargoniums.


Crazy neighborsPixabay

39. No Parents In Sight

This happened a couple of days ago, so I am still rather annoyed. We live in a small block of flats, with six floors and 39 flats. We had just returned from a big shopping trip and were waiting in the garage for the lift. We waited a few minutes, heard it move, and heard lots of giggling and banging. Five minutes more, there was still no lift.

My partner went to see what was going on. The awful kids had jammed the lift open using a screwdriver and were running around like crazy. There were no parents in sight. Now the lift isn't working, I said on the building's Facebook page that we caught the kids messing with it, but did the parents take any responsibility?

No...They just keep saying that there must've been an automatic problem with the lift. Even though we caught them! The joke is on them, I'm on the ground floor, the annoying families now have to drag prams up six floors just because they are unable to discipline their kids.


Stupid Neighbors FactsShutterstock

40. Water Over My Head

The neighbor stealing water almost led to my toddler getting, at least, seriously injured. The neighbor was opening my gate and helping herself to the water for her flower beds. I suspected it from the high water bills but had no proof. We always kept the gate closed because we had a dog and I had two kids under 4 years old at the time.

The youngest was 1 1/2 years old, and he loved to run around the backyard with the dog. One morning, the youngest begged to go outside to run around, so I let them do so while I cooked breakfast and watched them from the kitchen window. I went to the bathroom real quick, checked the laundry, and then heard a knock on the door.

I went to answer it and there was a man holding my youngest. "Is this your kid?" the guy asked. "They were running up the road up there," he continued. Holy moly! I thanked the guy profusely, then went outside to figure out how they got out. The gate had a latch that was way too high to reach for a little one, so I didn't even suspect that option.

Lo and behold, the gate was wide open with the hose suspiciously thrown near it. I was so fricking furious. I bought a lock for the gate and ended up wrapping the hose in and around several cinder blocks. It took all I had not to go over and scream at the woman who was responsible. But from then on, she never complained about my kids near her precious flowers, and I didn't care even if they did pull up every single one after that.


Crazy NeighborsUnsplash

41. The Worst Solution

My older neighbors across the street are very sweet and like to help out. One morning when my windshield was frozen and I was dealing with it. It was just frost, not solid ice, so I was diligently scraping and had the heat on in my car. Well, the man of the couple pops out his front door with a pitcher of steaming water. It was like something out of a movie, where he's just happily trotting towards me and I'm trying to get around my door around the hood to get between him and my car. I watched in horror, but there was nothing I could do.

I don't make it in time and he splashes an entire pitcher of hot water on my windshield. Miraculously it didn't crack, but it was still cold as heck outside, so instead of a little frost here and there I now had a solid half inch of ice on my entire windshield. I still don't understand how an older fellow like him who has clearly lived around here for a while still thought that was a legit solution.


Stupid Neighbors FactsPxHere

42 Guess Who Is Watching

Our neighbor stalks us. Like every time I get home, she’ll walk outside and tell me I was either 3 minutes later getting home this time or that I was home 2 minutes earlier and then ask me why. One time my friend and her sister came to pick me up. The neighbor was against her window with her hands and face pressed up against the glass.

Said neighbor was trying to get a look at who was coming to pick me up. My friend and her sister were so terrified that they called me, telling me to hurry up because a crazy lady was staring at them through a window. I calmly replied to their frantic call by saying, “Oh, it’s just the stalker neighbor!” Yes, that was a funny day.


Crazy neighborsShutterstock

43. The Cows Upstairs

My upstairs neighbors moo at each other. Very loudly. I used to live in the country and it sounds exactly like a cow, and me and my roommate have no idea why they do it. Nobody believes us until they come over and hear it for themselves. We "moo" back at them sometimes now if they get too loud and they usually stop for a while. They're just weird people though.


Stupid Neighbors FactsShutterstock

44. Stay Out Of My Trash

So, we had a neighbor whose trash was being rummaged. Instead of moving his trash or getting locking lids, he stalks your car at night to throw his body in front of it to protest your suspected raccoon-like activities. All the while, the true trash pandas are in the background, having an absolute field day with his trash.


Crazy neighborsPexels

45. From Bad To Worse

My neighbors bought their house three years ago and they have been working on it since then. No matter what day or time, they are drilling, hammering and screaming around. They even tore down most walls inside so we can hear almost everything they say or do. It drives me nuts. Talking to them doesn't help because my neighbor is a stubborn idiot who just screams at you and tells you to go screw yourself.

A few days ago, a full squad of officers busted into their house. I have no idea why, but I can't imagine it was because of their renovation noises.


Told you soFlickr

46. (A)Corny Story

My strangest encounter has been with the next-door lady. At one point, she was standing on her driveway yelling at me because acorns had fallen from a large oak tree on my property onto said driveway. This was deemed unacceptable, of course. Thus, she was demanding that I cause the tree to cease and desist from this intentional criminal activity.


Crazy neighborsUnsplash

47. Had To Rock With It

My neighbor before I bought the house everyday would park, but use a wide sweeping arc to get into his spot. Over my lawn. After asking many times for him to stop, I put an enormous rock directly in that path on my own property. Lo and behold, he smashed into it hard. After threatening to sue very loudly and forcefully, I informed him I'm a lawyer and he damaged my rock on my property and is liable for all the damages to my brand new rock. He stopped driving on my lawn after.


Ruined Jerk's Day FactsShutterstock

48. My Way Or The Court Way

My family's neighbors took my parents to court because they didn't like that we bought two unused laundry rooms to enlarge our tiny 38 square meter flat. When they couldn't do that anymore, they invented a story where we played basketball in our flat on the night of Christmas Eve. This, they claimed, happened while we weren't even home and had multiple pictures to prove it since we were visiting grandma for Christmas.


Crazy neighborsPexels

49. Poor Decisions Were Made

My law teacher’s neighbors had a fence built on his property. He normally wouldn't care, but since they were always rude to his wife, he decided to pursue it in court. The judge ordered the neighbor to pay to take down the fence. Trying to avoid paying, he tried to dig the fence up himself. Big mistake. The guy avoided paying to take down the fence, but in the process he accidentally severed a $10,000 fiber optic cable which he had to pay to replace. Moral of the story, don't be rude to your neighbors.


Awful Neighbors factsShutterstock

50. One Man Home Improvement Project

I lived in a really nice suburban neighborhood and the diagonal across-the-street neighbor was always strung out. He would be in his boxers in his front yard literally at all hours of day and night. He would water his front lawn over 10 times a day, cut the lawn with a hedge trimmer for hours on end and it'd look terrible afterward.

He also tore down his backyard fence and painted his house in multiple colors. He took down all his blinds and keeps his windows open 24/7. He would also keep his garage open all day and night. It was the strangest behavior I have ever seen in my life. Luckily, he was taken away after his wife had had enough of his behavior, I guess.

He alone turned a nice quiet street into the most stressful living situation I have had in my life. He would passively harass my wife and I as we walked down the street. He would also shadowbox in the corner of his lawn closest to mine or rap out loud with his phone at full volume in the quiet neighborhood and only when we were outside the house.


Crazy neighborsShutterstock

51. Right Where They Took It

The summer before moving into an off-campus apartment my junior year, I was staying in free on-campus housing as a part of my RA compensation. I had bought two bicycles for me and my girlfriend to ride around on during the summer. After taking them for a ride and locking them up outside the residence hall, we went out to dinner.

We came back to find the bike lock clipped and one bike missing. After reporting it and having law enforcement collect pictures of the logos, I didn't hear back for a month or two. I moved into the off-campus apartment and eventually got a phone call telling me that the officers had located the bikes. I went down to the local pawn shop to find my bike in perfect condition.

I rode it home overjoyed and glad the officers found it relatively easily. I remember reading the letters from the state's attorney updating on the status of the case when I made the connection to the thief’s name. It was my next door neighbor. We shared a wall between our bedrooms and I'd frequently hear his girlfriend yelling his name through the wall.

It turns out he was the guy who took my bike and just happened to move into the unit next to the person he chose to rob just months before.


Glitch In The Matrix FactsPeakpx

52. Wiping Away Evidence

We had a house blow up in our neighborhood years ago. It turned out they were cooking stuff, and it wasn't dinner. A few days after the initial boom, we were all surprised to see a fire raging in the same house. It turned out that one of the guys not home at the time of the first blow-up got the brilliant idea to come back days later to commit arson.

He reasoned they wouldn't have started the investigation yet and he could burn the evidence from the last fire with a new one.


Crazy neighborsUnsplash

53. Brain Full Of Junk

Our bulk trash day is on Saturdays. We were doing a lot of remodeling in our house so we had a lot to put out over the course of two months. The last set of stuff we put out, our neighbors parked in front of it on the curb. I woke up the next morning to find a little tag on my trash that basically said, "Sorry, we couldn't get to your trash."

We were irritated because the junk had to sit on the corner for a whole week because we weren't about to haul it back into our backyard to just haul it back out again. And guess what? They did it again the next week! What made us mad was that they didn't park there at any other time in the week, they did that ONLY on Friday nights, so the trash couldn't be picked up on Saturday mornings.

So, I took the initiative and parked at the spot on Friday night, then got up early Saturday morning to move my car. The trash finally got picked up after three weeks. Fast forward three or so weeks later, the idiot did the same thing to his own trash, so his bulk stuff stayed out there for multiple weeks. I just relocated my junk to the other side of my yard so my stuff could get picked up while his stuff stagnates.


Paranormal Explained FactsShutterstock

54. Stop! In The Name Of Law!

My neighbor pulled us over pretending to be a police officer, saying that we had somehow broken the law while pulling out of our driveway and that she was “going to call it in.” She isn’t a cop. After chatting with the other neighbors, it turns out she’s just the “wannabe HOA president” in a neighborhood with no HOA. So, mostly harmless. Just very annoying.


Crazy neighborsUnsplash

55. Stuck In The Snow

One old man neighbor asked a young man neighbor for help getting his car unstuck from his driveway after a heavy snowfall. I tag along to help push him out. We put tracks under his front tires since it was a front-wheel drive vehicle, and get behind and push, while the old-neighbor drives out of the snow. He gets on the street and I see his rear tires not moving at all. Only the front ones were moving. That's when it dawns on me.

I turn to the young neighbor and say, "Did he leave his parking brake on?" Yup, he did, and that's why he was stuck.


Nicest things strangers have done factsPixabay

56. It’s A Plant

We lived in a four-plex. At the end of our driveway was a eucalyptus tree that occasionally shed its seed pods which are shaped a bit like a sleigh bells, about the size of a quarter. Evidently, she slipped on one and broke her foot. She kept trying to get my kids to admit they had placed the eucalyptus seeds there as a booby trap and that they needed to pay her bills.

My kids were six and eight, by the way. I told the kids not to talk to her. So, then it became this rant about how my kids were so disrespectful and her grandson would never ignore a grownup like that and get those kids out here right now to apologize! But, she'd say this on repeat. One time I just stood there listening and she repeated herself for 20 minutes.

It was truly bizarre. Eventually, her hoarding caused a rodent issue so I had to call the landlord. She got evicted but I didn't feel bad because she owned another house. In fact, the only reason that she was renting and was living there was because of her hoarding too. Simply put, she had hoarded so much at the other house she couldn't live there since there was no room.


Crazy neighborsPexels

57. Right Over His Head

I had a neighbor who decided that an easy way to carry a broken dishwasher down the stairs was on his head. The other neighbors watched him wondering how he was going to get it off of his head. The answer turned out to be by dropping it on his foot, and then cursing up a storm.


Mistaken Identity FactsShutterstock

58. Dogging Your Steps

My old downstairs neighbor blocked my car to tell me that she was reporting me to the authorities for injuring her dog. Apparently, we were so loud the night before that her dog jumped off the bed and injured its eye and was now blind. The funny part is that we weren't home the night before. We had stayed at my brother's house.

She also used to follow me around with a camera, yelling things at me about the dog situation. She also posted letters in the public areas outing me as gay and calling me a sinner, even though I'm straight and, at the time, lived with my girlfriend who she had met. So, not entirely sure how she came to that conclusion.

She was a character. They kicked her out of the complex shortly after.


Crazy neighborsPexels

59. Living By One Rule

When I was little, I had these neighbors who lived by the theory, "God giveth, God taketh away." So, they would never take leaves or clear their driveway of snow and ice because they figured if God wanted them to be able to drive then He'd make it warmer.


Stupid Neighbors FactsWikimedia Commons

60. Get Off My Lawn (Not Everyone Though)

This older lady lives across the street from me and she is obsessed with leaves falling on her lawn. This is to the point that she will come out of her house and pick up one individual leaf off the grass in the fall, or any other time. She spends hours a day outside with the leaf-blower in fall just blowing the leaves away.

She will go and knock on other neighbors' doors if she thinks you have too many leaves on your grass. She'll even come over into your yard and do it herself if you're not home. What I think is weird is that she's in her 70s, no kids or grandkids living with her, and lives alone in a pretty large four-bedroom house with an amazing in-ground pool in the backyard—with a slide and diving board and everything.

Nobody has used that pool in at least five years yet she opens it up every summer. Somehow, she likes my family and has never once yelled at us about our leaves and, in fact, randomly brings things over like half-eaten gallons of ice cream and asks if we want it because she's not using it. I do not know what to make of it.


Crazy neighborsShutterstock

61. Basketball Over Everything

In college, I lived in a big apartment building. I lived in a two bedroom apartment and only had neighbors on one side. They also shared a wall with only us. One day, they just started this constant loud banging on the walls. This went on and off for days and was extremely loud and annoying. Finally, we figured out what it was via one guy's Snapchat story. I could barely believe it.

These guys had installed a full-size basketball hoop on the wall we shared with them and were constantly trying to make baskets. This was especially annoying because the wall directly across from where the hoop was, was not shared with anyone. So, we talked to them about it and asked if they could move it. The next day, we hear loud drilling in the wall and assume they are taking it down. Nope! They either installed a second hoop or made the first one more secure in the wall.


Creepy Experiences FactsFlickr

62. Birds Of A Feather (And Other Things)

The old lady who lived below me left me multiple cryptic letters blaming me for the birds chirping too loudly in the mornings. Not pet birds. The sparrows and other birds outside. This went on for months. The notes were quite accusatory. For instance, one of the notes said, “AGAIN, your bird dodo is on my railings, bird seeds on my porch & chairs, & your birds are ruining my nite rest, wee hours of the morning, birds in your feeder chirping.”

I did not have a bird feeder when I received this note. Yes, for a brief period I had had a bird feeder, but I had taken it down after a few months after multiple cryptic letters. Also, eventually, management had gotten involved and took her side even though bird feeders were explicitly allowed per the lease. So, no more bird feeder.

However, there were several trees nearby, including one that literally hung onto both her and my balconies. I assure you that birds existed before I set up the feeder, and they continued to exist after. My sister and BIL took over the lease four years ago, and they still get the occasional note from "bird lady." Apartment management has even inspected their unit to verify there's no bird feeder or any other bird luring devices.


Crazy neighborsUnsplash

63. Some Silly, Funny, Things

We have a neighbor who isn't all there. But, she does some silly funny things. Once, we got a call at our door. It was a pair of Jehovah's Witnesses. After they were done with us, they went next door. We saw them walk across from our window towards our crazy neighbor’s house. 15 seconds later, they sprinted passed our window in the opposite direction, with said crazy neighbor is pursuit.


Stupid Neighbors FactsShutterstock

64. Silence Isn’t Golden In This House

If the sun is up, my neighbor has to be making noise. Yet, he goes ballistic on anyone who makes even the tiniest peep after the sun goes down. This is what a regular day seems to be for him. From 8:00 AM–10:00 AM: mow the grass, and get out the LOUD leaf blower to blow even the tiniest particle of grass off the sidewalks and driveway.

10:00 AM–1:00 PM: get out the pressure washer to wash the sidewalks, driveway, siding on his house, his boat, his cars, the dog, whatever he can find; break for lunch, but play talk radio in his garage at maximum volume while he eats; fiddle with the engine on his motorcycle, revving it every 30 seconds to make sure it "sounds right."

1:00 PM–6:00 PM: get into a screaming match with his wife, all on the front lawn; fiddle with the motorcycle again; get out the table saw and randomly cut a pile of lumber that he will never build anything with; get out the chainsaw to cut up wood for his fire pit; dinner time...with loud talk radio blasting in the background.

6:00 PM–9:00 PM: pressure wash the sidewalks...again; get out the weed trimmer and mercilessly destroy even the slightest hint of a blade of grass that is too tall; leaf blower time again; and, finally, the last shouting match with the wife, with talk radio playing, until the sun goes down and he is, apparently, done for the day.

And, then…9:05 PM: go bananas at a neighbor (me) for coming home and parking my car too loudly after dark.


Crazy neighborsUnsplash

65. Caught Red Handed

My neighbor and my dad never got along. Long story short, he was a grumpy old man who hates kids, including my sister and I. One morning after weeks of bickering over various issues, my dad suspects the neighbor might be throwing some gravel on his car every morning. This car was my dad's first car he ever bought. It is older than I am.

My dad’s a terrifying man, hence my ps and qs are on point. I expected him to do something irrational and full of spite. He simply woke up a little early, lied down in the back seat with a camera and filmed him throwing gravel on the hood. I'll never forget the smirk he had as he got out and just said, "Thanks."


Family Secrets FactsUnsplash

66. Hear Me Roar

My previous tenant was super quiet. These new guys scream all night and day at each other and never seem to sleep. Their front door gets slammed no less than five times an hour. Their kid even shows up occasionally to get in a screaming match with her boyfriend before they get back in the car and peel away from the house again. Plus, they have about 10 cats that they released outside the second they moved in and which constantly end up under our house driving our dogs insane. Truly lovely people.


Crazy neighborsPexels

67. The Plant Must Be Fed

I think the funniest thing my neighbor did was grow weed in their back garden. Now, I know that doesn't sound funny, and I'd like to say that to each, their own. If that's your thing, that's cool, but the way they went about it was comical. They grew a single plant in a huge plant vessel, which they would haul out of their house for several hours of the day so it could get sunlight.

Eventually, the plant got pretty big and it was time for them to take it wherever they needed to. So, they hauled this huge plant vessel out to the street and stuffed it into the back of a car. The car's suspension wasn't happy with that. The boot was also left open so the plant could stick out and not get crushed.


Caught Lying FactsShutterstock

68. Thar She Blows!

I recently moved out of an apartment I shared with some friends and moved into a new place with my partner. While we were looking, we saw the unit next door to my shared apartment had become available. The apartment was in a great location, and it'd be nice to live next door to my good friends, so I called the number listed but didn't hear back for over a week.

The housing and rental market in my town is always quite crazy, and lately it has absolutely skyrocketed. So, when my partner and I had the opportunity to look at another unit in a different building, a unit that was way bigger and nicer, for the same price as the unit in my old building, we pretty much jumped all over it.

I eventually got a call back from the realtor listing the unit next to my old one. As we talked, I politely told him that I'd found something else but that I had lived next door to his unit and loved living there. In response, he was very smarmy and told me he'd have no trouble finding someone else to rent it. And, I agreed with him. He was so smug—but he wasn't smug after what happened.

A couple of months after I moved out, my friends posted on social media that a fire in the unit next door had evicted everyone else in the building temporarily. There was an explosion that blew out the windows in that unit, and the people living adjacent to it are still displaced, even though it is almost four months since.

My friends told me that the people who did move in were sketchy. They were always yelling at each other, and there was a quiet teenaged daughter (?) who never seemed to go to school. Additionally, theft in the area got worse immediately after these people moved in—mostly cars getting rummaged through. I ran into someone else I know who lives in that building and she agreed with my friends.

It turns out that the accepted theory among the people who live there is the new tenants had a lab that exploded.


Crazy neighborsShutterstock

69. Take It Out In The Morning

Unfortunately, the dumb neighbors are my friend’s family. I always remember, for a good 10 years, my friend's family put the garbage on the side of the road every week the night before the garbage truck came around. We live in the suburbs, just on the edge of a large forest and river, so there's no shortage of wildlife. Just about every morning, the garbage would be all ripped open and scattered on their lawn and on the road and on other people's property, because the raccoons would get into it.

My dad told them a few times to get some bins to keep them in and take it out in the morning like everyone else. They always said they would, but never got around to it until maybe two years ago now.


Caught on Home Security Cameras factsPixabay

70. The VIP Syndrome

We had a woman in my old neighborhood who used to pretend she was a cop all the time. First, I encountered her screaming at the post office staff because she’d arrived past the pickup time and they couldn’t guarantee her letter would be in tomorrow. She was there almost an hour just pitching a fit while they opened the other counters around her. Her rant was along the lines of “Do you know who I am?!” and all that stuff.

The second time that I encountered her she’d cornered some poor child on the bus and was telling her she’d have her taken away because she was an officer and she didn’t like the way the kid was eating a bag of crisps or something like that. Real invective stuff. I stepped in and politely asked if the child knew this person, at which point she backed off.

Anyway, I guess she saw me leave at my stop because I woke up the next morning to find my garden torn up. Total weirdo.


Crazy neighborsPexels

71. The Very Last Time

The house next to mine became a rental property. The woman and her daughter who moved in seemed nice enough. Through getting to know her over the next few months, it became apparent that she was a little slow and not very together. One day, I was replacing the faucet in my kitchen and the shut off valve under the sink snapped off while I was trying to close it.

As you could imagine, water started getting out all over the new laminate floor. Knowing I had no exterior water shut off on my house, I quickly ran outside to shut off the water main to the house. My kitchen was quickly flooding, and I was desperate to close it ASAP. It was buried under a foot of sand, so I am frantically digging to access it and close it.

Anyone looking would see that I am panicking and very engaged. At this time, my neighbor comes out and stands next to me. She tried to start a conversation with me, but I ignored her as I had no time for that. She continues to talk to me, even though I do not talk back. She tells me how her daughter asks her to make some Chinese chicken.

She goes into detail of how she made it, how it tasted, and what else they ate with it. Needless to say, as I am soaking wet, dirty as heck, and finally got the valve closed, she continues to talk to me as I get up and go back into my house to clean up all that water. As I left, she just stood there and continued to talk as if she had an audience.

My wife and I refer to that as the “Chinese chicken incident.” We ended up moving a few months later, but that was the last time we spoke to our neighbor.


Bad Guests FactsShutterstock

72. I Will See You In Court

An ex-member of our condo board lawyered up and said she'd sue the new member running for her position and the condo as a whole because she claimed he was falsifying documents and was slandering her. When her lawyer saw the signatures of the residents, he laughed and said, "She's got nothing." Only two people voted to keep her and the 74 others voted for the new guy.


Crazy neighborsPexels

73. Cruella De Cars

We live in a courtyard of eight houses. One neighbor, let's call her Cruella, controls the parking spaces. Having moved in one year ago, she halved our parking allowance from two to one car for no reason. She, at 37 years old, bullied an 18-year-old who lives with his parents. Us other residents collectively responded. Now, she has two parking spaces, down from five, and hides when we're out front. She will never win.


Stupid Neighbors FactsShutterstock

74. Binning It

I once totally randomly caught my neighbors on camera, at 1 am, dumping trash into and onto my bins which were already on the curb for morning pickup. I wouldn't mind a little trash if there's space in my bins, but they put in about twice as much as can fit, causing the bins to overflow and mixing the recycling and compost with their trash.

I promptly returned it, neatly piled on their porch with a note written on a bill with their name and address on it, quoting the county ordnance on dumping (the volume was enough for a $5,000 fine), and that they were on camera. A couple of days later they left an envelope saying, "Sorry, neighbor," with tickets for a concert.

It was a "free" concert in a sketchy venue with a printed invitation that screamed "MLM recruiting event." I wonder if they even understand that what they did is not an apology. I haven't crossed paths or words with them again.


Crazy neighborsUnsplash

75. A Bad Situation All Around

My neighbor had two big dogs that barked a lot when she was gone from home. Polite requests to do something about it always resulted in, "It is not my dogs barking." Take note that this was often late at night when we're trying to sleep. Sometimes, she would leave them outside all night alone to bark while we tried to sleep closeby. In our county, barking for more than one hour is a unlawful.

We took her to a barking "court," actually a hearing, where parties present evidence in front of a "judge," We took her there four times and she always lost. She also never paid the fines. Finally, her soon to be ex-husband came over and took the dogs to the animal shelter. He was tired of all the neighbors calling him to complain even though he did not live with her.

She could not get them back from the county shelter without paying the fines. But this story has a tragic end. They were ultimately put down. She had never trained them and had no control over them at all. They were basically dangerous and un-adoptable. She eventually lost her house to foreclosure after her divorce. It was a bad situation for all concerned.


Paranormal Explained FactsPikrepo

76. Too Loud Up There

My neighbor, an old lady, complained about many things. First, she complained that my “dog ran around at all hours of the night,” even though I never had a dog, or any other animal for that matter. Second, she claimed that I was "always too loud." This despite the fact that I lived alone and I'm in the Navy and would literally be away for weeks at a time.

Also, understanding that I lived in a condo, I had bought an expensive Bluetooth headset to use with all of my devices. There was literally not a speaker in the house connected to an entertainment system. She also complained that the rainwater coming off of my deck would drip on hers, because I apparently engineered the building in such a way that her deck stuck out further than mine.

I sent her letter to the property manager and the strata board, ccd her, and said that the next time she left me a letter like that or screamed through the ceiling at the top of her lungs I was going to charge her with harassment.


Crazy neighborsUnsplash

77. It Won’t Be Long

We used to live next door to a horrible couple. They seemed nice at first, all smiles, but they soon dropped the façade. There are a bunch of stories that lead to us moving houses, to a much nicer place later on. We decided to get chickens, first checking with our closer neighbours if this was okay, to which they all agreed.

However, when we upgraded from three to six chickens, the couple to our right sent a complaint to the council, claiming we were keeping non-domestic animals. A quick phone call to the council confirmed we were fine to keep chickens, and our reply to the couple included the fact that the Latin name for a chicken is Gallus Gallus Domesticus.

Another time, we received a note saying that after we took our Caravan out for a holiday, they noticed how much light was blocking out, being in our front yard. They asked us to remove it, and also to kill three of our chickens. We obviously refused, so they told us we were going to pay for a fence, taller than the Caravan and blocking out even more light, to be built between our properties.

We also refused. One day, we came back to see builders erecting a fence and tearing up the picket fence on OUR property. Apparently, they had been told they could remove it by the meaner of the couple. My dad threatened to call law enforcement and the builders just left, causing the couple to confront my dad later that day.

After this incident, they started being vile. They would bang cupboard doors and literally laugh like cackling witches, all of which we could hear through the walls of our home. They would drive slowly alongside my mum walking my brother to school and glare at her for minutes at a time, and once, one of them yelled out the window at my dad, calling me and my siblings brats while we were there.

Soon after this, we moved out, but we have in on good authority that their new neighbors are extremely loud compared to us, so I don't think it'll be long before they start on their new neighbors.


The Black Death FactsMax Pixel

78. Privacy? What Privacy?

When I first moved in my neighbor walked into the house, unannounced. Now, when my wife gets home, sometimes she wants to stay in her car having a phone conversation. He will come out and walk down the side of his house, checking his sprinkler controls and looking at my wife. He also has two huge bushes he refuses to cut.

It blocks our view of backing out of our driveway. The fire department came by to clear trees and bushes around the fire hydrants. The neighbor came out and yelled at the fireman. "This bush is older than you!" Needless to say, I just hope there are no house fires.


Crazy neighborsShutterstock

79. Not A Moment To Forget

One evening, while having some quiet time at home playing COD with my spouse, we heard a tentative knock on our door. Not expecting company, I hopped up to discover our neighbor's 14-year-old daughter peeking through our door and looking rather pained. I opened the door to greet her and she immediately started talking like crazy. Her story was probably the weirdest thing I've ever heard.

You see, her grandmother, who was staying with her for the night as her parents were at a wedding, was unclothed. And, she has just peed on the floor. Now, I am not unaccustomed to having very bizarre situations happen. For some reason, I tend to be a magnet for other people's problems that are, in a word, unique. But, I admit that this one had me more than a bit flummoxed.

I then asked 20 questions…"Has she hit her head? Has she taken any medications? Has she been drinking booze? Is she slurring her speech?" Debating between calling law enforcement and going over there to see what is going on, I against my better judgement, took the 14-year-old to go grab some clothes so she could just stay with us until her parents got back.

I also wanted to see if this was a stroke, drunken episode, or mental health crisis. So, yes, the grandmother was unclothed and did not care. There was a puddle of pee on the floor, which I tried to avoid but sadly no luck as it was everywhere. She offered me some pizza, which I declined. We finally got a hold of the parents, and mom was so angry.

She told the 14-year-old to go over there and tell the grandmother to go to sleep. So, as it turned out, the grandmother was a pill popper. I washed my shoes, and rested well in the knowledge that I helped a worried child. But, I will forever have that whole evening burned into my head.


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80. Water, Water Everywhere

The neighbor behind us had a leak in his water pipe and, rather than fix it, he just had the sump pump drain it out into the back yard. This meant that all year round the back of our yard was a little bit damp. Eventually, the leaky pipe burst and filled the house with five feet of water. His solution to this was just to keep the pump running and flood the entire neighborhood.

After about an hour, a posse of all the neighbors whose yards were being flooded confronted him and called the city to shut off the water. The city fixed the water pipe and the neighbor ended up with a large fine. At least my yard stays basically dry now.


Crazy neighborsUnsplash

81. Took It To Go

A new neighbor moved in. I go over to introduce myself, and he is friendly. Then, he introduces me to his three rottweilers. No big deal, I like dogs. A couple hours later, I see him pounding in three huge metal stakes in his yard and he chains up the rottweilers. They proceed to bark from about four in the morning until eight.

Within three days, there is no grass on his lawn and it's just a muddy mess. I ask him to do something about the barking nicely multiple times. He gives it a lame amount of effort, so I just kept calling animal control. Running out of options, I gave him $1,000 towards putting up a privacy fence. He did, I sold my house immediately and moved. I heard a short while later he moved and took the fence with him!


Stupid Neighbors FactsPexels

82. My 30 Seconds of Fame

One time in 2004, my mom participated in a TV show. This was a show where a singer would visit your house and a professional chef made food for both you and the singer. My mon’s neighbor, apparently, could not stand this. So, the result? Well, she constantly yelled at the camera crew and tried to hit their equipment with a broom.


Crazy neighborsPexels

83. Searching For Evidence

When I was in high school, our neighbor had a bunch of baby geese in her backyard. We never found out where she got them. They just showed up one day. Then, a few months later, they were gone. After that, she told everyone in the neighborhood that my dad had harmed her geese. According to her, my dad had scaled her massive privacy fence, fended off her two German shepherds, and used a length of fishing line to cut the heads off of all eight of her geese.

And then, he managed to clean up the murder scene and take all eight bodies back over the fence with him. Now, my dad was not Hugh Jackman. He was 65 and flabby. Obviously, after a few months, the geese just got old enough to fly away. So, we told everyone to just ignore the crazy nutbag. But, that's not where it ended.

The next morning, I went downstairs for breakfast and saw my dad staring out the window. "She's robbing our garbage," he said. Sure enough, our neighbor was taking our trash bags from the curb and dragging them back to her house. Apparently, she was going to search our garbage for evidence. She must not have found anything, because my dad never got incarcerated for goosicide.

To this day, I have no idea why she decided my dad of all people was a goose murderer.


Stupid Neighbors FactsWikimedia Commons

84. Let Them Eat Cake

She throws baked goods of all sorts into our yard, bagels, half loaves of bread, German pancakes, literal unbaked dough, all while knowing I have two dogs with sensitive stomachs, and even after I throw the bread back into her yard every time. We finally caught her on camera today literally chucking white bread pieces over the fence and into our yard so I think we might confront her soon.


Crazy neighborsPexels

85. They’d Been Warned

My old neighbors didn't have a fence, and we did. We had two dogs who remained fenced. They had one that was primarily an inside dog, but seemed pretty well-trained so they didn't leash him outside. One day, we noticed one of our fence boards had broken on the side of our fence facing the yard. We grabbed an extra board and went out to replace it, no big deal.

The wife came running and screaming up to us about how we need to get off her property and we don't have permission to be there. I told her we lived at that house since we had only been there a couple of months, and she told me she knew who I was and that I had better get off her land or else her dog might attack me. I should add I was around eight months pregnant at the time.

Apparently, this woman had no idea that property almost always goes past a fence line, and we had a survey done when we bought the house. I demonstrated to her where our property line was, which was a couple feet past the fence. I told her I was calling law enforcement if she crossed over that line. They built a fence a few weeks later and didn't get a permit. I knew because they didn't meet code and did everything themselves. You better believe I called the city. I hope they got fined.


Nightmare Neighbors FactsShutterstock

86. A Cat Lady (Not So Much)

I have this neighbor lady who makes a big issue out of one of our cats and she can never just leave us alone about it. One of our cats was hit by a car at a young age and as a result, she’s a few cards short of a full deck but for the most part, she functions normally. Well, one time the cat was outside and found its way onto neighbor lady’s porch.

So, neighbor lady brought her over to us and explained that our cat got into her porch somehow. We thanked her for bringing our cat back and made sure to not let it happen again. Everything about that interaction seemed perfectly normal—we were so wrong. We later found out that she had reported us to the authorities because our cat was “very thin and hungry like they were being starved.”

This was even though that cat was a chonker at the time. It turns out she had done it to our other neighbors who have cats too. The cats don’t even have to leave the yard, if the cats are out of the house then according to the neighbor lady they are being neglected and starved. She’s, suspiciously enough, never done such a thing to our neighbor who has dogs though, even though that neighbor regularly plays with her dogs outside.


Crazy neighborsPexels

87. Just Like Their Own Daughter

I had neighbors who were a pair of 80-somethings and were sister and brother. They lived in the apartment below me in a duplex home, and the landlords despaired of what they were going to do when they finally passed, because their place was like a cave of old people stuff. The sister cooked in their dark kitchen with lots of oil that had been splattering everywhere for years.

So, it seemed like there was a fine, sticky, yellowish brown film of oil on everything, which then picked up all the dust. Basically, if you had allergies, it was the last place you wanted to be invited into. No matter what it was in their place, if it didn't smell of oil, it smelled like pipe smoke and other musty stuff. They decided I was going to be their replacement daughter.

This sounded nice when the brother said he would happily take out my garbage, but then I found out that they were also going through my garbage after I went to work, because they started commenting on what I was eating and drinking. Then, they got wildly offended when I started taking my garbage to work with me and accused me of not trusting them.

This was also somewhere around when I told them I didn't need them to make food and leave it outside my door. It wasn't that they weren't being nice, it was the way they would then make sure I told them for days how grateful I was and what a great cook she was. After we crossed that rubicon, they started complaining about everything from how late I stayed up to my company.

They whispered about my private life to the neighbors and generally made themselves a super PITA. I lasted 18 months there and realized why the landlords couldn't stand them. Apparently, they did this to every normal tenant who moved into the other unit, but because of their age and because they paid their rent, they couldn't be evicted. Really, they were the worst neighbors ever.


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88. Free For All

We rented a house from my mom's coworker who grew up in this house and was renting it out. Across the street was Jeanette, an 80ish-year-old lady, who had lived in that house most of her life and knew our landlord very well. Well, because she knew the landlord, that meant she felt she could come into our house whenever she wanted.

She watched us through her window and had every excuse to come by. I have never really locked my doors, but obviously, we started to. It didn't stop her. If she knew we were home, she would ring the doorbell incessantly. Our blinds always had to be down, living room lights off, so she wouldn't know we were home. Just got in? Quick, run inside before Jeanette sees you.

We saw her peering out of her blinds on a regular basis. One morning was my breaking point. The doorbell was going. I hid in the bathroom to pretend that I wasn't home. How did she see me?? The doorbell stopped, but the doorknob kept rattling. She tried for five full minutes to open our door. It probably would have been longer, but I gave up and let her in.

Some of the notable things that she did/said included coming in when my husband was cooking and calling him a good little housewife. She also told our neighbor he shouldn't be dating his daughter. They were, of course, not father-daughter, and were in fact a 40-year-old couple, and there was not actually a big age difference.

Why didn't I tell her to go away? Look, I'm a nice midwestern girl. I can be confrontational if someone is being mean, but she was just...lonely? A tad crazy? But harmless. It's like she was a character from a sitcom...we didn't know these people existed.


Crazy neighborsShutterstock

89. A Very Particular Lifestyle

My neighbor is a middle aged guy who doesn't work. He’s up at four and in bed by eight and expects everyone else living around him to be in bed too. There are a lot of young working professionals in a condo community, so in the summertime on a Friday and Saturday, people are at the pool or barbecuing until 11 in the night. He would constantly lose his mind demanding people around him cut it out at eight instead. One night, he got so mad he slammed his bedroom window so hard it shattered.


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90. Not On My Turf

I had a situation where I didn’t want my neighbor using our driveway. It was a long driveway, like 60 feet long two cars wide. The problem was the across-the-street neighbor would pull into my driveway still driving about 30MPH, slam the breaks while putting his truck in reverse, then floor it back into his garage across the street.

I never said anything to him about it until one day he almost hit my 5-year-old using chalk 40 feet up the driveway. I was watching and jumped on the hood of the truck to get his attention. He apologized profusely, then did it again five days later when I was leaving the house with my dog for a walk. In both scenarios he used more than 60% of the driveway.

He didn’t apologize that time and just parked in his garage and closed it. For the next month, I parked on the street and didn’t let my kids play in the front yard until the 30 feet of staked razor wire across my driveway found a new home. So, I guess I’m technically the crazy one but I don’t really care.


Crazy neighborsUnsplash

91. They Just Want To Be Involved

My neighbors would come outside every time I did. If I mow, my neighbors will mow at the same time, sometimes a bit after I finish. If I get a delivery, they come outside and say, "Wow, working on another project!" If I have company pull up, they come outside to let their dogs go to the washroom or "check the mail.” There are only five of us on a back road and they are all over 60. I am 27.

Although it's annoying, they are always pleasant and I'm sure they watch my house when I'm at work and would be quick to call the authorities if something happened when I wasn't home. I'll take the annoyance over having pesky young neighbors who party any day.


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92. Squirrelly Business

We had a couple living downstairs from us, in a condo, who thought that they were living in a single-family house on a 20-acre lot in the woods.  Among all the things they did to their neighbors, one of the craziest things they did was leave a note on our door threatening to sue us and make us pay for their Pomeranian’s surgery.

This was because my mom had a bird feeder on our balcony and the squirrels running up to try to get the seeds made their dog bark constantly. The dog had a collapsing trachea. They did not think that the fact that they walked her on a retractable leash attached to her collar, and that they would hit the stop button on it if she started running so she jerked so hard she flipped had anything to do with it.

Even the fact that they dragged her around by the leash couldn’t be a reason, apparently. It was obviously the squirrels. They dropped the threats after I filmed them walking their dog when they did their little stop maneuver. My mom tried to talk to them about it and they both denied posting the note, each saying that it must have been the other one because, "I don't think it's the squirrels, but my husband/wife does."

They moved out after six months.


Crazy neighborsUnsplash

93. Just Trying To Keep Warm

During hurricane Sandy, my street was without power, heat or hot water for 14 days. It was unbearably cold in the house, and at night we could see our breath because it would get down in the 20s/30s Farenheit. I have the west wing of the house to myself. There is a family that lives in the house proper, and another tenant in the small studio in between us.

I come home from work one day to just swing by the house and get clothes so I can shower at a friend’s house, and my road is blocked off. There were fire engines and officers everywhere. My neighbor approaches me as I'm making my way up the street through the craziness and I ask whose house it was. He said, "Oh, it's yours."

Immediately, I run towards my house because all I care about is my cat. I arrive and find total chaos. Coming down the driveway, I see the people from the main house being carried away on stretchers. I don't see smoke or fire, but my front door is kicked in and my cat is roaming around outside. Basically everyone that lives on my street is congregating in my driveway/on my lawn.

One of the firemen came over to tell me the people in the main house were cold, so they brought their charcoal grill in the house and lit it to heat the house. It filled the house with carbon monoxide, the mom passed out, the daughter felt weak and called for help.


Stupid Neighbors FactsPiqsels

94. Drawing The Battle Lines

My neighbor seemed to have opened hostilities against me for reasons unknown. He cut down my row of cedar trees, removed the branches, sharpened the trunks, and pointed them at my property. I never thought I would see the modern use of an abatis outside of trench warfare. Well, I guess, you see and learn something brand new every single day.


Crazy NeighborsPexels

95. All That Over A Snake

Our neighbor had a clump of banana "trees" at the corner of his lot. He thought he saw a snake crawling into the banana trees, and decided to smoke it out and get rid of it. This was a big mistake. Dry banana leaves burn like crazy. Whoosh! The whole patch went up in intensely hot flames. By the time the idiot had gotten a hose, his pine hedge was on fire as well as the neighbor’s wood fence. The joker had to save the neighbor's fence while his pine hedge burnt halfway across his yard. Suffice to say, we couldn't tell whether the snake survived.


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96. The Missing Spark

I started getting random power cuts multiple times a day, and had the landlord call the electrician out a few times before we realized that someone was turning off my main electricity switch by hand. The switch is in a room accessible by everyone in my building. When I told my landlord it had to be someone in the building turning it off, he said he had a thought.

I got a call back 10 minutes later. My downstairs neighbor had just then made multiple noise complaints about me. I guess the landlord had called and asked if he'd been switching off my electricity, and the neighbor chose then to actually complain. This is when I realized that all the power cuts happened when I was in my kitchen, right above my neighbor's bedroom/where he spends most of his day.

I had thought my appliances were causing the power cuts before. It turns out he thought that turning off my electricity frequently would magically make me understand that I was being too loud when I used the kitchen late at night. When I didn't receive the telepathic message that he was trying to send me via power cuts, I guess he got angry and did it even more!

Somehow, it got even worse from there. Every time I went into the kitchen, any time of the day, he would turn my electricity off. I had to leave my apartment, go to the other side of the building and turn it back on every single time. It happened 2-3 times a day usually, but at worst it happened 5 times in a day. I started tiptoeing and being as quiet as possible.

However, he listened for me and turned off the power to punish me for using my kitchen at any time. By the way, as soon as he actually complained, I started being as quiet as possible late at night, because I do stay up late and hadn't taken care to be quiet before. But by now, he had decided I should be punished any time I use my kitchen.

The letting agents were unable to do anything without any proof, and installing CCTV wasn't an option for some reason. So, one day a lady from the office offered to help me catch him. I met her in the street, she waited near the electricity box, and I went to my kitchen and started making myself a drink. The power went off.

I get a text from her saying that she had caught him, and the sting operation was a success. Right then, I hear an unholy tantrum begin below me. For the rest of that day he bangs, screams, puts on his vacuum cleaner for 20 minutes straight. Anything to get revenge, I guess. After this, the landlord locked my electricity switch away so only I could access it.

In between the guy being served an eviction notice and him leaving, he decided to just scream at me through the floor when I was in the kitchen, and go outside and throw stones at my window. I installed my own CCTV camera and the stone-throwing stopped. I was so intimidated by the thought of using my kitchen I actually lost weight before he left.


Crazy NeighborsUnsplash

97. Filled To The Brim

We lived next to this big guy in an apartment building, with our front doors inside a hallway. Now, he was a nice enough guy, but he was always cleaning a puddle up in front of his apartment every other day. We'd always ask him if everything was alright, and he'd talk some incoherent nonsense about how he hates management.

So, out of curiosity, I asked management when I happened to be in the rental office. The lady's response made me burst out laughing. She rolled her eyes and said, "This idiot fills up his tub to the brim, and sits his fat butt in the tub. The water, of course floods his entire apartment, and comes out into the hallway, and this idiot has the balls to blame us somehow!"

I pretty much said, "Geez, that sounds rough," and scurried back to my place. If the tub story is really the truth, this guy must be dumb as rocks.


Queen Maria Sophie FactsShutterstock

98. Boarding House

My neighbor was an 85-year-old widow who lived alone. She had two vehicles, a car and a truck. Over the course of a few months, I realized that she was no longer parking her car in her garage as she had for the many years prior to that. Then, suddenly, the truck was not being parked inside the garage of the lady either.

It turns out she no longer had room in her garage to park her vehicles because she was walking down to a residential construction site about a block away every evening and she'd grab two 2"x 4"s and bring them home. She had over 500 boards stacked in her garage and when she was questioned on what she was going to do with them, she didn't have an answer.


Crazy NeighborsUnsplash

99. Stay Away!

My friends used to live in a gentrifying neighborhood near the beach in my city. They had a regular apartment, but someone bought the building in front of them—it was beach adjacent—knocked it down, and put up a few luxury homes. Among all the people who bought homes there, a crazy woman bought one.

She had a two-car garage, and a driveway, and best we could tell, she had one car. But NO ONE was allowed to park on the street in front of her house, which was clearly marked as a public street and where people had been parking since forever to go to the beach or because their building didn’t have parking. We could see this street from their apartment.

She went out and keyed any cars parked there. It took a while to figure out it was her, but eventually, people saw her doing it. All the neighbors warned their friends not to park there, and people started putting up cameras to get evidence of it. Some dude with an ugly truck started parking directly in front of her house every day just to mess with her, because he didn’t care if she scratched it up. Well, that just made her get even worse.

She slashed his tires. It got to the point where every time she opened her door to walk outside, neighbors would cuss her out through their windows. One night she went out in the middle of the night, and then painted the entire curb on that street red. Someone got it on video, and several neighbors called the city.

I think she got a talking to and a fine, and she had several insurance claims pending against her from damage to cars. She finally stopped. Everyone still hates her though, even new neighbors, who are told the story of her from older residents.


Crazy neighborsShutterstock

100. A Costly Error

A neighbor messed up when building a home and put his entire home well within my property. It’s a large piece of land with two huge clearings connected to two roads, but separated by a large isthmus of trees. I didn't notice because I had taken an eight month vacation right after he started building. It is a huge property, I didn't go around and inspect it often.

So, I got a real estate lawyer and surveyors to confirm it was on my property. I was going to sell him that clearing for a good price...until I went to talk to him and he was the biggest douche I had ever met. He essentially told me that he is going to sue me for "leading him on" despite the fact that I did not know him, nor had I met him before that day. His wife flipped off my girlfriend and I as we were pulling out of their driveway.

Well, he messed with the wrong guy. Four months later, I filed a lawsuit saying he must destroy the property or turn it over to me immediately. It would've cost him more to demolish it and return the site to original condition, so he signed the house over to me. He was still out for construction costs. I was living in a single house with my girlfriend, then I had a brand new, 2,600 square foot  house with all the hookups for water, electricity, and cable for free.

I got the land for next to nothing, and sold it for almost 50 times the value.


Overheard messedUnsplash

101. The Golden Rule

A good friend of mine looked after an older lady. She was his neighbor and, as far as he knew, she had no family. So, he was at her place every day when he wasn't working. I met her a few times, she was a sweet old lady. She had three cats that were her babies, she spoiled them to no end. She even had a "cat room" for them.

Well, one day after my friend had been looking after her for a few years, she passed peacefully in her sleep. He found out that she named him in her will. He attended the reading and found three 20-something ladies there too. Turns out the lady had moved across the country unannounced a few years earlier, and had disappeared from the daughters’ lives.

The old woman left my buddy 19. Million. Dollars. She left the cats to a lifelong friend from her home state and donated all of her belongings to the Salvation Army. And her daughters? Each received, "A single litter box and all of its contents," along with one $20 bill each to "give them each a last taste of all she was to them." That sweet old lady is my hero.


Life-Shattering Secrets factsWikimedia Commons, Ocdp

102. I’ll Huff And I’ll Puff

When I was 14, we shared our house with another man who lived on the floor below us. I was home with my younger brother while our mom went out. All of a sudden, the man came screaming and banging on the door. He was yelling about how downstairs was flooding and it was coming from our bathroom. I didn't know what to do.

But because he was an adult, I trusted him and opened the door. He came in, ran into the bathroom, and did something. After I told my mom, she called management. What they told her was truly disturbing. There had never been a leak. There didn't find water marks or any other signs of flooding. So, my mom told us not to open the door for him again.

The next time my mom went out, he came banging on the door again. We told him that our mom said we shouldn't open the door for him. His reaction was terrifying. He did not appreciate that and he went absolutely crazy. "Let me in now!" He screamed over and over again all the while banging on the door. We never found out why he wanted to come in.


Home alonePexels

103. I Can See It in Your Eyes

My boyfriend’s younger brother and I were taking a bike ride down the street to the shops late one afternoon. As we get onto the main road, we notice a dude across the street heading in the opposite direction. He is walking with a limp, his head is bowed, and he’s got a plastic bag in his hand. We're only a few metres away from him when he crosses the street onto our side.

As the bro rides past him, this stranger lifts his head up and smiles in his direction as they pass each other. I'm a little while behind, so I don't pay too much attention to this—that is, until the bro stops, turns around, and gives me a funny look, just as this guy is passing him by. I still don't think too much of it at this point, assuming that he had just stopped to let me catch up.

As soon as I myself passed the stranger and made eye contact with him, I realized that this was not the case. When the stranger looked over and nodded at me, I saw nothing in his eyes. When I say nothing, I mean like black pits where his eyes should have been, or just an eyeball that looked entirely black. I don’t know how else to describe it.

When I finally catch up to the bro, we stop around the corner and he says to me "Did you see that???" "You mean his eyes?!" I asked. "Yeah, it looked like they weren't even there!" he replied. We then kind of sat there for a while processing what we had both just seen. Had the bro not related the same feeling and experience to me as I had felt when the stranger looked at me, I doubt I would have ever thought anything of it.

I probably would have just assumed it was the light angles playing tricks on me or some such thing. It was a sunny afternoon, so glare certainly could have played a part. He could've been wearing contacts, I don't know. But none of those explanations feel like they fit. We got home later on and told everybody what had happened, but no one believed us. They still don't to this day.


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104. Blood On Her Hands

Some 15 years ago, when my parents and I lived in Fort Wayne, Indiana, we ended up befriending one of the neighbors and her two kids. Well, one day, we were all hanging out together when I noticed her son had some pretty bad bruises and a nice size knot on his head. I just shrugged it off and we continued playing. Then, that night, the mother came over and made a shocking confession to my mom.

She said she ended the boy's life. She went into some pretty disturbing details, and she wasn't remorseful at all. When she left back to her house, my mom called the authorities immediately and she was taken to the station shortly after. The worst part is, she vowed that when she got out, she'd do the same thing to my mom. We noped the heck out of Indiana and moved to another state.


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105. Your Term Is Up!

I had one neighbor who was the self-appointed mayor of the block. He would tell me all the time what I was doing wrong, from having my sprinklers on at the wrong time to not properly sorting my recyclables. I took his suggestions under advisement and even read the four-page typed note he wrote to me about the correct timing of the crabgrass preventer.

One evening, when I was cleaning off my deck, he walked up and began telling me about the latest landscaping issues. My niece, who was 13 at the time, was showering off after being in the pool. She walked out in a robe from the shower area and slung her suit over the fence to dry. I thanked him for his vast landscaping knowledge and told him we were off to dinner and shooed her inside.

I closed the slider and remembered I left the hose on, so I slipped the door back open and I saw her suit slid over the fence. I took two steps to the edge of the deck expecting to see her bathing suit on my grass. That’s when I spotted him—and it was the most disturbing sight of my entire life. The mayor was on his hands and knees in my grass, sniffing the suit crotch. We had a long talk about how he was going to come with me to the station.


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106. A Taste Of Her Own Medicine

When my boyfriend was 14, he was living with his mom and sister on a housing estate. It was summer and he liked a bit of light in his upstairs bedroom, so he left the curtains open at all times. That included when he was getting dressed and after having a shower, so if you purposefully stared at his window, you could see him from his waist up (and only his waist up).

Well, their neighbor did not like that one bit. She went pounding on their door, yelling at my mother-in-law that her son was a disgrace, hanging around always naked and exposing himself to her daughter. My mother-in-law told her he had every right to do whatever he wanted in his bedroom, and that if they didn't want to see him all they needed to do was not to look.

A couple of days went by and lo and behold, the authorities showed up at the neighbor’s door. Turned out the neighbor had been filming and taking pictures of my boyfriend to show to the housing people as evidence of his wrongdoing to get them kicked out. Except that the housing office called the authorities on her for taking pictures and videos of an underage kid and kicked her and her family out.


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