November 23, 2023 | Allison Robertson

Embracing the Trend of Gifting Experiences

Discover the Trend of Gifting "Experiences"

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In recent years, a delightful shift has occurred in the realm of gift-giving, veering away from traditional, tangible presents toward the more intangible, yet profoundly impactful, gift of experiences.

This trend is catching on for good reason. Experience gifts, ranging from adventure activities to relaxing retreats, offer something far more lasting than physical objects: memories, personal growth, and the joy of exploring new horizons.

Let’s dive into why this trend is not just a passing fad, but a meaningful way to celebrate life’s special moments, along with ten fantastic experience gift ideas suitable for various age groups.

Why This Trend is a Great Idea

Young little Caucasian kid in blue sweater holding surprise box as birthday or Christmas present with angry, Shutterstock

Gifting experiences is more than just a trend; it’s a meaningful shift in how we express love and appreciation. Experiences are inherently personal and thoughtful, catering to the interests and passions of the recipient.

They offer something that physical gifts cannot – time spent, skills learned, and memories made. In a world where many are trying to declutter and focus on meaningful experiences, these types of gifts feel more relevant and appreciated than ever.

Cooking Class

Cooking ClassAdobe

Cooking classes are perfect for food enthusiasts of all ages. They offer a chance to learn new culinary skills, explore different cuisines, and enjoy delicious creations.

Best For: Adults and families with older children.

Hot Air Balloon Ride

Plot Twists factsShutterstock

For a truly unforgettable gift, a hot air balloon ride offers breathtaking views and a serene experience. It’s a fantastic way to mark a special occasion.

Best For: Adults and older teens.

Concert Tickets

Group of people at a concertWendy Wei, Pexels

Gifting tickets to see a favorite band or artist is a surefire way to delight a music lover. It’s an exciting, immersive experience that leaves lasting memories.

Best For: Teens and adults of all ages.

Spa Day

Sauna interior.Getty Images

A day of pampering at a spa is a wonderful way to relax and unwind. It’s an excellent gift for someone who could use some self-care and relaxation.

Best For: Adults, especially those who need a stress-relief break.

Adventure Park Visit

Dodged A BulletShutterstock

Perfect for thrill-seekers, an adventure park visit offers fun activities like zip-lining, rock climbing, and more. It’s a day packed with excitement and adrenaline.

Best For: Children, teens, and adventurous adults.

Wine Tasting Tour

Couple Winetasting, Tasting Wine Country Winery Bottles Selection by VineyardGetty Images

For the wine connoisseur, a wine tasting tour is both educational and delightful. It’s a sophisticated experience that combines learning with sensory pleasure.

Best For: Adults, particularly wine enthusiasts.

Art Workshop

These Nice People SnappedPexels

An art workshop is a thoughtful gift for the creatively inclined. It’s a chance to learn new skills in painting, pottery, or other crafts.

Best For: All ages, depending on the type of workshop.

Theatre Tickets

Caught My Partner CheatingShutterstock

A night at the theatre is a cultured and enjoyable experience. Whether it’s a Broadway show or a local play, it promises an evening of quality entertainment.

Best For: All ages, especially fans of the arts.

National Park Adventure

Tasmania, AustraliaFiledIMAGE, Adobe Stock

Gifting a national park adventure is ideal for nature lovers. It’s an opportunity to explore stunning landscapes, wildlife, and enjoy outdoor activities.

Best For: Families, couples, and any nature enthusiast.

Dance Lessons

Brutal Comebacks factsShutterstock

For those who love to move, dance lessons can be an exciting and enriching experience. From salsa to ballroom, it’s a fun way to learn new dance styles.

Best For: All ages, especially fun-loving individuals.

Final Thoughts

When Being Nice BackfiresPexels

The trend of gifting experiences is a beautiful reminder that the best gifts don’t always come in a box. They’re about making memories, fostering personal growth, and providing joyous experiences that stay with the recipient long after the event is over.

Next time you’re looking for the perfect gift, consider giving an experience – it could be the most cherished gift they receive.



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