July 8, 2023 | Eul Basa

It's The Perfect Time to Get The Best Deal on A Brand New SUV

Sports Utility Vehicles are more popular than ever. That’s no surprise considering their ideal combo of affordability, functionality, and looks.

In fact, SUVs outsold all other models of cars last year, selling over 30 million units in the United States alone.


Still, many people are under the misconception that SUVs are too expensive for their budget, or that they’re not as fuel efficient as other types of vehicles. The good news is, you CAN get an SUV that’s easy on your wallet, cheap on gas, and drives like a dream. If you’re looking to purchase a new car this year, here’s the inside scoop on what you need to know to get the right SUV for you—at the right price.

What You Need to Know About SUVs Before You Buy One

Nearly every automotive brand makes an SUV these days. There are tons of different makes and models out there, but not all of them are created equally. Before you purchase the SUV of your dreams, take the time to do some research, go for a few test drives, and compare different features. Here are some things to consider before you buy a sports utility vehicle: 

SUV/Luxury SUV/Crossover

Without going into technical details, SUVs fall into three categories that determine their best use and also their affordability. These are:

Standard SUV: A sports utility vehicle designed with the bearing of a pickup truck, these vehicles are great for off-roading, hauling, and pretty much any other use you can think of.  

Luxury SUV: Luxury SUVs tend to have the same abilities as a standard, but have been fitted out with more comfortable interiors, a sleek paint job, and other luxury features like a great sound system.

Crossover SUVs: Designed with the bearing of a car instead of a truck, Crossovers look like SUVs but are built with urban driving in mind and make for great family vehicles. 

Off-Roading Ability

If you’re purchasing an SUV because you want to drive cross-country, through swamps and over mountains, then a Standard or Luxury SUV is your best bet. Choose a brand and model that’s built to put up with rough terrain, like the Jeep Wrangler, Suzuki Jimny, or Ford’s Ranger Raptor.

Fuel Efficiency

Unlike the gas-guzzlers of old, today’s SUVs are clean, green, driving machines. The new models maximize fuel efficiency for both in-city and highway trips. Best of all, several brands have brought hybrid SUVs to market at a similar price point to the non-hybrids you’re used to seeing on the road. The Ford Escape Hybrid, Toyota RAV4 Hybrid, and Porsche Cayenne Hybrid are all popular hybrid SUVs that can be found for a low price.

Your Budget

As with every other type of car, you will be able to find an SUV that suits your budget. If buying a brand new car outright isn’t within your means, consider purchasing a used SUV from a reputable dealership. Leasing is also a good option. Or, you could try taking advantage of the amazing financing options currently available. These days you can even find a solid SUV for under $20,000, such as the Kia Soul, the Hyundai Kona, and the Ford EcoSport.

How to Get The Best Deal on a New SUV

When it comes to leasing a brand new SUV cheaply, timing is everything. There’s never been a better time to lease a new vehicle, and here’s why:

This year, automotive sales of SUV models went down an average of 30%. However, because sales were so much higher last year, auto manufacturers expected the demand to continue into 2020. Due to unforeseen events, that didn’t happen. Therefore, dealers are facing a conundrum of too much supply and not enough demand. The solution? Offer the best deal to consumers who are savvy enough to take advantage of the auto industry’s current conundrum.

For instance, Jeep is currently offering 0% financing of Jeep Grand Cherokees for 60 months, PLUS a $3000 cashback bonus. Mazda’s CX-5 model is on offer for 0% financing for 60 months combined with a $500 cashback. Luxury SUVs are cheaper than ever right now, too. The trendy BMW X3 is currently at $479 per month, and the ultra-sleek Jaguar F-Pace at $439 per month.

Start The Search for Your Perfect SUV Today

As you can see, it's the perfect time to get an SUV on the cheap. Dealerships are competing with each other to get the keys into your hands. The best way to find the perfect SUV for you at the cheapest price available is to look around online first. Find competitive pricing on an SUV near you by searching now.



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