People Share The One Thing They Still Regret Doing

Most of us try to go through our lives without regret. But it's impossible to do everything right. Without mistakes, we would never learn and grow.
November 20, 2020 Eul Basa

People Share The One Thing They Will Always Avoid At All Costs

Whether they're lessons learned or a surefire trigger for bad emotions, these are some of the things people have sworn to avoid at all costs.
March 4, 2020 Eul Basa

Lawyers Share The One Missing Detail That Caused Them To Lose A Case

Sometimes all it takes is one missing detail to ruin everything. The lawyers below share a time when exactly that happened to them.
February 28, 2020 Eul Basa

Annoyed People Share The One Thing They Will Never Be Able To Tolerate

Whether it's the sound of nails on a chalkboard or people who chew with their mouth open, we all have that one thing that we absolutely can not tolerate.
January 29, 2020 Eul Basa

People Share The One Thing They Will Never, Ever Do Again

We will never know what we like and what we don't like if we don't give different things a try. Besides, we've nothing to lose... for the most part.
January 17, 2020 Eul Basa

People Share The One Thing They're Proud Of But Would Never Put On Their Resumes

Many of us have talents that we are extremely good at but can't use on resumes or professional portfolios. What "irrelevant" skills are you proud of?
November 9, 2019 Eul Basa