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Mariners Share The Craziest Thing They Saw Out In The Open Ocean 

From bizarre orange lights to inexplicable voices, here are some of the craziest things people experienced out in the open ocean.
November 20, 2020 Eul Basa
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People Share The Most Disturbing Thing They Saw On The Job

There are people out who witness the more disturbing things, from artists who commission special pictures to prison guards in charge of dangerous inmates.
July 21, 2020 Eul Basa

People Share The Scariest Thing They Saw On The Streets When They Were Homeless

Becoming homeless is a scary experience. Nothing compares to the fright that comes from witnessing events unfold on the streets
April 13, 2020 Eul Basa

Escape Room Employees Share The Weirdest Thing They Saw On Camera

Doing an escape room is a whole lot of fun, especially if you're into solving puzzles. However, what actually happens when something does go wrong?
March 28, 2020 Eul Basa