February 16, 2023 | Eul Basa

Find A Career In Medical Coding

Careers in the healthcare industry are booming right now. The idea of working in the healthcare industry might seem unlikely if the first image that springs to mind is a doctor.

But in fact, there are a wide variety of opportunities in the healthcare field for people of all education levels. You just have to know what they are.

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In some cases, a job in healthcare is accessible after taking online courses, which are easy to fit into any budget or schedule.

For that reason, a job in medical billing and coding is the ideal choice for people who want higher pay, good job security, and a rewarding career.

What Do Medical Billing and Coding Professionals Do?

An essential part of the healthcare industry, medical billing and coding professionals do necessary data collection, data entry, and data analysis. Basically, they translate the procedures, medical services, and diagnoses that patients receive into universal medical alphanumeric numbers, or codes. These specific codes are crucial to the healthcare industry. They track information, keep a record of patient data, and handle billing.

Without the skills that medical billing and coding professionals provide, the healthcare industry would come to a dead stop. They’re considered essential workers and are vital to healthcare facilities, keeping them running smoothly and efficiently. If you’re searching for new career options, then you should seriously consider the benefits of obtaining an online medical billing and coding degree.

Reasons To Pursue A Medical Billing And Coding Career

1. Maximize Your Income

The average annual salary for medical billing and coding professionals is $41,599. The range usually falls within $38,707 and $45,49 depending on your location, experience, and credentials. According to The American Academy of Professional Coders, coders who obtain a Certified Professional Coder credential earn an average wage of approximately $52,690. That's about 10% higher than than the national average. Above all, it’s important to find a reputable online training program to obtain your degree.

2. Better Job Security

The demand for healthcare services, and especially for medical billing and coding professionals will only increase as the population continues to age. Currently, the medical coding market is expected to grow 10.2% over the next five years. In the US, medical billing and coding professionals are in high demand. Since the field is expanding, even newly certified professionals have excellent chances of being hired upon completing a program.


3. Job Flexibility

Working from home is fast becoming the norm. As a medical billing and coding professional, you’ll have flexible work options that include being able to work remotely. Additionally, the healthcare industry is present throughout the US and globally. For that reason, there are opportunities close to home or abroad if you’re hoping to relocate. One of the advantages of working as a medical billing and coding professional is the flexible hours of the online training programs. This flexibility allows you to pursue a degree around your existing commitments, like your job, hobbies, and family. 

4. Short Training Programs

Many programs offer a six-month course to become a fully certified medical biller and coder. This is much shorter than other programs for careers with similar earning potential. If you start today, you could become a healthcare professional as soon as six months from now.

5. Rewarding Career Prospects

Because medical billing and coding professional have valuable skills, the potential for career advancements is very high. In other words, the role is integral to the healthcare field. Therefore, individuals that show a good work ethic tend to move up the ladder swiftly. 

How To Start In Medical Billing and Coding

Obtaining your medical billing and coding degree through an online program is the most convenient and affordable way to do it. Best of all, you can start right away. There are many reputable, highly regarded online programs accepting new applicants at the moment. Degrees from online programs are equal to those issued from a physical institute. However, you should check if the online program you’re interested in is on the list at the Commission on Accreditation of Health Information Management (CAHIIM) for extra peace of mind.

To sum up, this is an excellent opportunity for anyone eager to start earning as soon as possible. Get started by searching for online degree programs today.

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