February 24, 2020 | Eul Basa

People Share Things Women Do That Aren't Cute, But Actually Creepy

There are a lot of adorable idiosyncrasies women have. A playful touch on the arm during dinner or a shy peck on the cheek after a first date can spark the tingles in a guy. But, there are also a lot of things they do that aren’t cute at all… even if they think so. In fact, they’re actually kind of creepy and annoying.


#1 Touchy, Touchy

I used to work in an office full of women. There were two other men, but I was the only fit "young" guy (30). They'd routinely comment about my physique. They’d gawk and touch. Many of them were married or the church-going type. Women can be just as creepy as men.


#2 Nitpicking

Honestly, hands down, women who exploit emotions of men. We may not all cry in the movie theatre, but we aren’t incapable of experiencing deep painful emotional wounds. In general, it seems to be more acceptable for women to rag on guys for our image, like our height, weight, or income. While the flipside being that men cannot criticize women without being a pig. So yeah, women who nitpick guys for superficial reasons are creepy, arrogant, and covered with more red flags than a game of mine-sweeper.


#3 Total Hypocrisy

Being hypocritical about sexism. Did you hear about a guy hitting a girl? "What a jerk!" Did you hear about a girl hitting a guy? “Well, what did he do?” Did you see an older man hitting on a younger woman? “What a creep!” But, when an older woman hits on a younger guy? “You get it, girl!” It’s really weird.


#4 Stop Tickling Me

When women tickle me and then get angry when I don't like it. Girl, I don't like getting tickled. I really hate it. I don't care that it's some way to show affection, I don't want it. Jeez, it's not my problem that you can’t understand my boundaries. I don't have to "man up" and take it. What the heck? No means no.


#5 Disclosing Details

For some reason I’ll never understand, my wife used to brag to her friends about our intimate life. We live in a small town, so people know everyone’s business. Sometimes, you don’t even need to disclose details before they start talking. Now it feels like everywhere I go, I'm being giggled and smiled at. It's really violating.


#6 Baby Voice

One annoying girl who unfortunately used to hang out with my friend group kept doing baby voice to my friend. I mean, I think she liked him, but it was still really creepy and off-putting. So, I proceeded to make a baby voice at my friend immediately after she did it. The good news is that that ended it pretty quickly.


#7 Text Violation

Not exclusively a woman thing, but my ex-girlfriend would screenshot our text conversations and send them to her family and friends for a reaction. It was honestly just things like mundane conversations, not even anything interesting. It felt like a super creepy violation of my privacy. Also, she was an idiot.


#8 My Checklist

I have a friend that whenever she starts dating a guy, just lists me off things about the dude like she's listing a resume. Never anything about the personality or sense of humor or what characteristics about them she enjoys. It's job, career, college, earnings, house. I had to tell her it was getting creepy because it just sounds like she's getting a checklist to impress people, not find a good person for her.


#9 Distributing Photos

It’s awful to see women distributing explicit photos they get from guys to their friends without permission. I've actually managed to catch several women doing it, but they'll argue about it if you ask them to stop. In my opinion, it’s just another example of it only being an issue if the genders are reversed.


#10 Handsome Son

I don’t like it when women walk up and tell me that my almost-two-year-old son is so handsome and will grow up to break hearts or be a lady hunter. Think about it. If I rolled up to a park and told a mom how good looking her daughter was and that all the boys are going to want her, they'd absolutely call the cops on me.


#11 Hair Pull

Maybe not creepy, but for crying out loud, stop pulling on my beard and arm hair. Like, that stuff is seriously uncomfortable, and pulling out a beard hair stings like crazy. It's literally attached to my face. You’re in my personal space, tugging my hair, and causing me a little pain. Ladies, I don't care how fun it is, please stop or I'll make fun of your eyebrows.


#12 Ever Heard of… a Secret?

The way girls share really personal things about guys in relation to relations. Society and the media would have you believe that guys talk about it the time and just objectify the women they've slept with. I don’t know if I'm just hanging out with the wrong people, but honestly the most you usually get out of a guy is just that they engaged with a girl. The only time we discuss details is when we’re just like trading stories.

But, girls tend to immediately report on things to their friends. They share details that honestly could be embarrassing or uncomfortable for the guy. It makes me really uncomfortable and creeped out to think that if I sleep with a girl, I have to just accept that all of her friends are going to know every detail about the experience. It just feels like a huge breach of privacy.


#13 You’re “Doing Great”

It’s not creepy, but when a woman sees a single dad with his kid and feels it's okay to tell them they're "doing great." I get they may feel like they're being supportive or whatever, but the stigma behind guys not knowing how to raise a child is infuriating! I have 50/50 custody of my child and she's raised brilliantly by both me and her mom. I can guarantee her mom never gets random praise just for walking through a shop with our child. It's not supportive, it's condescending and please stop.


#14 Let Me See

My ex would throw a giant fit for hours about wanting to see my email accounts for no reason. After hours of her bad behavior, I'd show her and let her look all she wanted just to find nothing. This happened multiple times and never got an apology. We broke up and, of course, she told me that she was the one I should have been worried about.


#15 Sharing Details

My girlfriend will get explicit information from her friend about her boyfriend, then pass it on to me. I honestly just feel as if I’m invading his privacy! I really don’t need to know how he performs or what he likes or any other uncomfortable details. To be honest, I hope my girlfriend doesn’t do the same to me.


#16 Squeezing Through

When I go to a bar for a drink on say a Friday night, I usually go with friends. I'll head to the bathroom and sometimes the bar will be crowded, so I'll have to slip through a group of people. Several times, I'll get rubbed or caressed by women. Sometimes on a private area, sometimes on the chest or shoulders. It's not wanted nor am I signaling I want to be touched. I’m just saying excuse me and going past. It bothers me every time.


#17 Desperate for Attention

I went out with a group of guys last weekend. There were six of us and this random girl started hanging around us like a lost puppy. She just wouldn't leave. She was attractive, but so obviously desperate for attention that none of our guys really cared to give her any. This girl was just looking at everyone, batting her eyes and trying to hug everyone.

But, the guys were just pawning her off on each other. Not sure if this is pathetic more than creepy, but if a guy did the same thing, he'd be labeled creepy, so yeah. She was creepy to me. I honestly thought she was working or something, trying to sell services. It was just the way she was approaching dudes. It's not normal.


#18 Tables Turned

Women sharing details of a private encounter has always messed with me. I can literally count on one hand the number of times men in my life have discussed a woman sexually or “objectified” them. Three of those times we were about 15 years old. But, it's just taken for granted that all men are constantly waiting for the women to leave the room so we can rate their body parts.


#19 If I Was Younger...

My dad married a strange woman when I was in middle school. She used to say a lot of unnerving things to me all the time. She would say things like, "If I were younger, I would have picked you, not your dad." It always weirded me out. But, to be honest, she was weird and creepy on a bunch of different levels.

17070-a-woman-and-older-man-sitting-at-a-table-pvFree Stock Photos

#20 Under the Kilt

I once had to wear a kilt during an indy movie that I was in. At one point or another, three different actresses tried to peek under my kilt to see if I was "authentic." I don’t know why they thought it was cool. I told them, "No, I'm doing fight scenes. If you want to see, just ask." And then they got mad at me .


#21 Waitress’ Moves

Unwanted physical contact bugs me. I was out to dinner with a bunch of friends (coincidentally, they were all women), and the waitress was hitting on me. It involved obvious compliments (which I don't care about) and putting her hands all over my shoulders and upper chest. We all had a laugh about it after, but I was seriously weirded out by it. Were the genders reversed, I guarantee no one would have been laughing about it.


#22 Wendy Williams

I was watching Wendy Williams one day and she had Anderson Cooper on the show. I don't know why, but she started questioning his sexuality. Then she hugged him and smashed herself against his face. The audience was laughing. It was super awkward and you could tell he was uncomfortable. I remember thinking that it was assault. Why do straight women think it's okay to do that? She should show respect and not touch him in any way, let alone in any inappropriate way. Why are you so concerned about his sexuality anyway? Why is it so important to you that a man - any man - be attracted to you. It was awful!

1233px-WendyWilliamsJun05Wikimedia Commons

#23 Photo Removal

My ex once demanded I take down a single picture of a platonic female friend, who I have known over a decade. She’s happily married to a mutual friend of ours even. The picture was part of a cluster of eight total, the other seven pictures were just group pictures of said platonic friend and mostly other male friends.

cute-couple-working-on-a-laptop_800Good Free Photos

#24 In the Mood

It's definitely not most women, but it does happen sometimes. Sometimes, they get really mad at you if you’re not in the mood. It’s always something like, “What the heck? You're a man, you always want to! Do you not like me anymore?!” No, it’s not that, lady. I was just not in the mood on that day and yes, I liked you a lot.



#25 Objectifying Aquaman

When Aquaman came out last year, loads of girls on my Facebook were sharing a topless pic of Jason Mamoa and talking about the things they wanted to do with him. These were the very same girls who posted articles about how objectifying women and only judging someone on their body is one of the worst things a guy can do.


#26 Testing Your Love

There are a couple of things that come to mind. For example, setting up traps, to "test" us. Another one is getting upset with something we did or said in your dreams. A big upset for me is when girlfriends insist on lying to our faces when we ask direct questions like, “What’s wrong?”, “How are you?”, or something like that.


#27 I Don’t Like Confrontation 

A few of my relationships have ended because my exes wouldn't talk to me about an issue in our relationship. It’s weird because supposedly that's a male trait. "I just don't like confrontation," they’d tell me. Well, the alternative is that I'm breaking up with you now because you've avoided talking to me about the issue for months. It’s not creepy, but it’s annoying.


#28 Get in Loser...

A buddy of mine came out as gay a while back, but he's not effeminate or anything. He then told me that the number of girls who tried to ask him to go shopping with him, etc., was absurd. Like, it seemed as if they all kind of started crawling out of the woodwork once he'd marked himself as “out of the closet.”


#29 I Have a Girlfriend

This happened about three times in high school: girls call you attractive as their way of calling you ugly, you know? Like some weird sarcasm or reverse psychology thing. One of those times, two girls were walking behind me in the hallway. One tapped on my shoulder, so I turned around and she said, “She thinks you're cute.” I just told them I have a girlfriend because a) I did and b) I knew what they were doing. So, I walked faster.


#30 Watching You

Me and the old girlfriend, we had a bad break up. I broke up with her because I was tired of the routine. Tired of dealing with the standards that she held me at. To be honest, I wanted to be cut loose. So, I cut myself loose. Well, she got a boyfriend quickly after. I just did my own thing. Before me and the new girl started dating, my ex was commenting on my new girlfriend’s posts. Yet, I was blocked on all social media and on messages themselves. I believe she was just trying to be passive-aggressive.


#31 Boss of Free Time

Trying to capitalize all my free time with activities. You can go to Karen's party by yourself, I don't know her, so stop trying to make me come along to what is clearly intended to be a girls’ night out. After working five days a week, sometimes I don't want to have to stress about what my weekend will get filled with. It's okay to do nothing. Not so much "creepy" as overbearing, but trying to say they're the boss of my free time sucks (and the fallout for standing your ground also sucks).


#32 “Innocent Fun”

Glamorizing the male body at work or in other, non-casual situations. I've had co-workers speculating about the size of other co-worker's parts in front of me. They talk about scenes of favorite actors, talk about marital aids, etc. If a guy was similarly casual about these topics, it would be considered highly inappropriate, but women seem to get away with it as "innocent fun."


#33 The Dream

One of my female friends called me one time, crying about how her boyfriend was with another woman in a dream she had. Honestly, I couldn’t get it through her head that she just had a dream . I had her call another woman friend of ours because I just didn’t know how to handle it or what to even say to her anymore.


#34 First Move

Touching you as the first step in hitting on you. I've had random girls at concerts walk up and grab my butt without saying a word and wait for a response. Or, they poke me somewhere and wink, again without saying anything. It's not enticing, it's just awkward and creepy. Let alone it would look a lot worse if I did that, but for some reason they think it's just playful.


#35 I Know How You Feel

Telling you how you feel because you didn't do something trivial. I used to experience this all the time and I always hated it. "You don't love me because you didn't call me before you went to bed." No, I fell asleep because I was exhausted. Now I'm awake, still here, still love you, let's not make it a thing.


#36 Want to Buy Me Something?

Asking us if we want to buy them something to drink. The last time I was out, a girl had asked me this and I felt disrespected. She was extremely attractive, but opening up a conversation by asking if I want to buy you something isn’t appreciative. It made me feel like she thought I was a buster or something. Not all of us like to spend money on random girls just for a chance to talk to them.


#37 Two Way Street

As a gay guy, women seem to think that it's okay to touch me (in a general way) and sometimes even in a more inappropriate way. Lady, I don't know who you are, I don't care who you are. Sure, we had a nice, brief conversation, but don't touch me. Don't wrap your hands around my leg so you can gawk at the size of my legs. Don't squeeze my pec or think that I want a hug despite never having met you before. I’m avoiding physical contact not only to be respectful of your boundaries, but because I also have boundaries I don't want you to violate. Consent works both ways, always.


#38 Keeping in Touch

I had an ex who kept in contact with my dad. I’m not sure if that made our break-up more normal or weirder. Either way, it didn't sit well with me. My dad would always say, "Oh I heard from so and so today, blah blah blah." I was always wondering why she would text my dad about this random stuff, then why he felt compelled to tell me about it.


#39 Hat Thief

A lot of women think it’s okay to just up and steal my hat on nights out. I’ve seen this with other men as well. Really, I don’t know what it is about girls and hats, but every bar has a group of girls who want to steal hats and think it’s cute. I’ve got a pretty big newsflash for you ladies, it’s not cute. Just, no.


#40 Get Off Your Phone

Being addicted to social media, mostly Instagram. Like, the worst one is “my phone is never on quiet” and anytime any notifications appear, she looks at it no matter what you were talking about. Worse, sometimes they can keep it silent for an hour or so over dinner. But then when I have to go to the bathroom, I come back to see her scrolling, commenting, and posting. She then acts like I’m interested in someone who spends the rest of the night with her phone in her hands.


#41 Dating Elmo

I dated a girl who referred to me in the third person. She was like, "What does TemplarViper want to do today?" She’d also refer to me as "somebody" like, "Somebody ate a lot of popcorn at the movie." It always kind of bugged me, but I figured it was just her personality. I was watching Sesame Street this morning and noticed Elmo talking in that same way.

Elmo and Cookie MonsterFlickr

#42 Teacher on Snapchat

One of my high school teachers got snapchats of the good looking boys in her classes. She would talk to them about how her husband wasn’t treating her right and how she was going to divorce him. It might’ve been okay if she got to be friends with all the kids in her classes, but she only really liked the cute boys.


#43 Ghosting Guys

Ghosting. If this didn't become mainstream in the dating scene recently, there would be a lot more missing person reports filed by men who thought their dates literally disappeared without a trace. This is the stuff of ‘80s horror movies. Ghosting is not an acceptable way to deal with most men. I get that there are ones who need to be ignored for peace of mind, but those are just some men compared to the number of times my friends or I have been ghosted.

When it comes right down to it, ghosting gives men anxiety and sometimes depression. It also leaves whatever problem you had with him to carry over to his next date. Plus, ghosting can make men resent you. If you don't like a guy, tell him that and tell him why. In the end, you're doing society a gigantic favor.

1280px-Man_and_woman_silhouettesWikimedia Commons

#44 Weight a Minute

I don’t like it when women think it’s okay to talk about my weight. But, I guess because I’m a guy, you seem to think it is perfectly okay to comment. They’ll sometimes make off-handed remarks about me being a few pounds heavier than I was at the start of the year. But, if I was to say the same thing to a woman, hello WWIII.


#45 Joey Doesn’t Share Food

While at the table for a group lunch or dinner, some women think it's okay to just take food from a man's plate when they feel like it. It’s like they think they’re so beautiful that boundaries don't apply to them. This doesn’t happen all the time, don’t get me wrong, but it’s happened a few times with women I’ve met.


#46 Love and Marriage

I find it creepy when you’ve only been dating a woman for a few months and they’ve already started talking about marriage and having kids with you. But then, if you bring up not being sure about marriage or kids with them yet, they get deeply offended and start to think you don’t love them. I just don’t get it.


#47 iPhone 7

Here’s a story that gets under my skin. So, my best friend’s psychopathic girlfriend actually forced him to physically destroy his iPhone 7. The reason why? Well, she happened to find texts that he sent to another student in his class about the subject material. That other student just happened to be female.


#48 Free Maid Service

Cleaning my apartment when I leave them alone. To clarify, I had a few women who, when they happened to be at my place and I popped out for a couple of hours, took it upon themselves to "tidy up" while I was gone. It certainly felt more like snooping than anything else. Longer-term girlfriends fine, but not when we've only been on a few dates.


#49 One-Bedroom Riches

When I started staying over at my then-girlfriend's apartment, she actually made me sign a tenancy agreement. Then, she lied about paying a mortgage and pretending to rent. I guess she did all of this in case I was a gold-digger who wanted a piece of her tiny one-bedroom-apartment riches. Reader, I married her.


#50 Uninvited Guest

My ex from 20 years ago showed up uninvited at my mother's funeral and spoke about her. She told stories about things that we used to do together (salacious detailed included) and the time my mom walked in on us. She did this right in front of my wife, who was sitting in the front row right next to me. I still need counseling.




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