June 6, 2019 | Eul Basa

Single Men Share What Instantly Made Them Turn Down A Second Date

The dating scene can be a wild one. Occasionally, you'll hear a sweet story of how a couple met through love at first sight. Unfortunately, that's rarely the case. Most people spend years dating around until they find someone they are ready to get serious with. Of course, singledom isn't all bad.

It can be quite fun if you let it be, but not every date is going to go as well as you hope.  Most often, people have to endure a string of bad dates before finding one that they truly enjoy. That's okay, though, because even the bad ones make for a good story. Just ask these single men who recently shared what instantly made them turn down a second date.


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#1 Proud Cheater

She laughed at a random dude who was having a trashy fight with his girlfriend while walking down the street.

Me: "What?"

Her: "I think I cheated with him," while pointing them out.

Me: "Oh, you didn't know he had a girlfriend?"

Her: "I did."

Me "She wasn't okay with it? Not an open relationship?"

Her: "Oh no, she was livid."

I put up with her mild catfishing, hairy pits and legs, toilet conversation over food, and general witchiness up to that point. But the date ended there for me. I just walked to my car, said bye, refused a hug from her, and then I left. Consciously cheating with someone is just disgusting behavior.


#2 Expensive Taste

We went out and got a casual dinner at a local Italian place. When I got the check at the end, I, of course, offered to pay and she said, in a deadly serious tone: "If I knew you were going to pay, I would have gotten something a little nicer to eat." Yeah, I could only see it turning out bad for me in the end. I cut her off real quick.


#3 The Worst Human

My first and only Tinder date. We met up for drinks at a bar. She was attractive, engaging, and seemingly normal. As the conversation got going, we got around to asking each other what we did for a living. She said she worked at her parent's dog grooming business. She then proceeded to tell me how stupid she thought dogs were. "You can mess with them so easily and they just get confused. Sometimes I'll pinch their noses or squeeze their paws real hard and they'll just sit there and whine." Oh cool, so you torture animals as a form of amusement.


#4 Disposable Headphones

She kept complaining about how she had no headphones for when she went to the gym, so I bought her some awesome athletic earbuds that definitely wouldn't come out of the ears while running or lifting or whatever. Then she had the nerve to say, "That's not what I wanted, but I probably won't throw them away." Never do nice gestures for people you just met.


#5 Concert Criticism

Critical comments. I took a girl to a concert to see a singer we both liked. I sang along and she later told me I sounded awful. I just spent a bundle on a meal and a concert. Telling me I sing bad, which I already know I do, was the wrong move. Sometimes, it's best to keep certain opinions to yourself, especially if you're thinking of sharing them with someone you barely know.


#6 Crazy In Love

She was a couple of years older than me. We went out for drinks and then for a walk. All was well—she seemed like a really interesting person until I ran into some of my female friends. After the usual pleasantries, we went our own way. Then started the interrogation: Who were they? How did I know them? Did I plan on meeting up with them later?

I didn't even know they were in town. Red flags everywhere. Suddenly, she started crying. In the middle of the dark street. Keep in mind, I live in a major city in Germany and this was a weekend. I kept getting weird looks from everyone. She kept on saying how she wasn't good enough and how she will probably die alone. I was extremely uncomfortable at this point.

I finally managed to calm her down after half an hour. She decided she needed to get intoxicated, so we went to a bar and she did exactly that. She couldn't walk home alone. I had to hold her hair while she puked in the bushes. Then, she wanted to eat pizza at 2 am. I convinced her to go home and order in. As soon as she got home, she wanted me to stay over for the night. Nope. I ended up making some excuse to leave. I woke up the next morning to 15 texts. Yeah, no.


#7 Not Smiling About The Smell

The first thing I noticed was the smell. This odd, sharp chemical aroma that seemed to hang in the air around her. The second thing I noticed was that she had photoshopped her teeth in the photos on her dating profile. They were flawless in the photos, but slightly yellowed and very crooked in person. By the end of the date, not only was I starting to have trouble breathing from the searing aura she had around her, but I was also bored out of my skull. I could have maybe looked past the other stuff had she actually possessed a personality. She didn't. I've had more compelling conversations with Cleverbot.


#8 Taco 'Bout A Bad Date

I went on a Tinder date with this one girl. We got tacos and made small talk. But then, out of nowhere, mid-sentence, she told me she was hungover and that she "lost" her debit card the night before from being intoxicated. I ended up having to pay for the food. I knew she was lying because she had one of the phone wallet cases and I could clearly see like, two different debit cards in there.


#9 Seeing Clearly

I once went on a date where I took my glasses out to read a menu and right as I finished putting them on, I heard her say, “Ew, I think people who wear glasses are ugly. Call me shallow but if you have to wear those all the time, this won’t work out.” Well, sorry, I can't help that my eyesight is poor. Maybe you could pay for my Lasik and then we can talk again?


#10 Texting Tantrums

I went on a first date out to eat with a girl in college. The date went well and we both seemed to hit it off. The next day, I got a text at noon with her blasting me because she hadn't heard from me "all day." I had been in class all morning. Fast forward to a couple of days later and she sent more angry texts because she had found pictures of me partying on Facebook. She was strictly against that, apparently.

I had finally had enough and told her that I didn't think it was going to work out. She got angry and said she never wants to see me again. Alright, fine, that makes it easier for me. Fast forward a few more days and I started getting texts asking why she hasn't heard from me. She then said, and I quote, "I have told that to all of my ex's but they all come back after a few days." Like what? Well, I guess I'm not like all the other guys. I got out of that crazy bin and never talked to her again.


#11 Complicated Catastrophe

Just before my wife and I started dating, I had been good friends with this girl for years, and things at different times heated up and cooled off because of other factors, like going to college. Anyway, we started hanging out often again one winter, and I finally decided to ask her out after a night where she very obviously was into me. She said yes to what I made very clear was a date and not just hanging out as friends.

When we got to the end of the date, I started telling her how I really liked her and wanted to take her out again. That's when she started crying. Yeah, so she was pretty conflicted about it. A few months later, she wanted to hang out again. I went, thinking she probably wanted to talk. She did. She wanted to try again with the date idea. I declined. A few months later, I was dating my wife, though there was no inkling at the time. She turned out to be much simpler.


#12 Rude About Restaurant Rules

After hanging out late, she wanted to go to a restaurant. It was about 11:45 p.m. and the restaurant was closing at midnight. You could look in and see that closing procedures had started. So I suggested somewhere else, but she went off about how as long as we were there before 12 they had to let us in and serve us. As someone who works in customer service, that hit home. I never called her back.


#13 For Heaven's Sake

At freshman orientation in college, I met a beautiful girl way out of my league. We flirted all weekend and I asked for her number. A week later, I ask her to meet for coffee. When I got there, another dude was with her... her ex. Then, she wanted to talk about Jesus with me. Turns out, she was in one of those “models for Christ” talent groups and the ex thing, I don't even know what was up with that. I made an excuse and my friend at the time came to rescue me. I ended up dating and marrying that friend, so I guess it worked out. I ran into that girl three years later at a boat show where she was a booth girl.


#14 Coming To A Full Stop

For the fourth date, I got stuck in horrible traffic after work. I had to reschedule for two hours later. I offered to do it another day, but she insisted she still wanted to meet up. I showed up, having spent about two hours behind the wheel. She showed up CLEARLY irritated and started giving me a hard time about the delay I had no power to control.

Lady, I barely know you. I look after myself and have a demanding job; the last thing I need is another source of stress. You're showing up with a list of grievances on Date #4? No thanks. Sure enough, a vindictive streak came out in full force when I told her I didn't think it'd work out. My impression was spot-on.


#15 Cutting It Close

We ordered food and she asked the waiter for four forks and three knives. She spent the first five minutes separating all her food and laid out a different fork and knife for each separate thing on the plate. I tried to just go along with it, but she looked at me like I ended a puppy when I used one fork for everything. It all went even more downhill from there.


#16 Mad About Money

We had a playful bet at the beginning of the date: loser pays the bill. It was her idea, yet when she lost, she seemed grumpy. Therefore, I offered to take care of the tip. Our bill was about $60 and I put a $20 on the table. She proceeded to scold me for tipping too much. She took my $20, put it in her purse, and left a $5 on the table. Not only did she modify my tip but she also took my money and kept it. She invited me in when I dropped her off. It was an easy no. I have yet to respond to her.


#17 Three Dudes, One Date

In university, we worked together at a part-time job and flirted a lot. She asked me out for a drink the following night. I said, "Sounds like a date. I'm in." When I arrived, she was there with a female friend and two male friends. The two dudes didn't know each other. All three of us thought we were on a date with this girl, and her friend was just along for whatever reason. I finished my drink and politely left. The other girl left with me. She said her friend pulled stuff like that all the time and was constantly grumpy about the fact that she can't find a guy.


#18 Too Far On Facebook

A few years back, I had an Intro to Sociology class with this girl. She was really nice; kind of shy, but if you started the conversation, she would open up. We went out one night and had a really good time. I specifically remember dropping her off and thinking, “Okay, that’s a girl I would really like to get to know.”

Fast forward to the next morning—she went onto my Facebook and added literally every one of my friends who I had a recent interaction or tagged picture with. Oh, and my parents. That’s not even the worst part. She put them all in a group message and sent them an introduction with all of the pictures we had taken. I got out of that situation so fast. I felt bad because she really didn’t understand why that crossed a line. She thought I was using that as an excuse to not see her again.


#19 Sink Or Swim

She didn't like to swim. There were other things, but that was the dealbreaker. I love going to lakes, rivers, beaches, and waterparks. I want to go to Schlitterbahn again so bad, but it's not something you can do alone. It would have been okay if she didn't like swimming but didn't mind sunbathing on the side or something, but she just absolutely hates all of those water-based environments.


#20 Private About Prison And Pregnancy

We matched on Tinder. However, she failed to mention after the two weeks we were talking that she was about eight months pregnant and that the father of the kid was in jail. So safe to say that there wasn't a second date. The sad part is, I probably would have been more understanding if she had just been open with me from the very beginning.


#21 Anxious And Angry

I think she had major anxiety because she was fidgety and physically moving around in her chair. To top that off, she texted me 30 minutes after the date and said she had a great time. She said she even wanted a second date. Fifteen minutes later, she texted again saying, “I can’t believe you would ghost me like that.” I found all of this out the next day when I woke up and decided “Nah." I was very bored, and the girl wasn’t engaging in any way.


#22 Laughing Out Loud

I went out with a woman who said LOL instead of laughing. She said it like LAWL. Every time. I never talked to her again after that. It felt like a very Seinfeld thing for me to do because she was cute and we had some things in common. I know it was such a small reason to end things with her, but that just pushed me over the edge I guess.


#23 Doubles And Blood

It was our second date. She slammed three double adult beverages in under an hour on an empty stomach. After that, I noticed she was taking an awfully long time in the bathroom. She came back with the back of her head covered in blood. She had fallen back into the tub. I couldn't find the cut and was worried she could be concussed. It was hard to tell because she was so far gone. I took her to the ER. There was a lot of crying and yelling after that. What a nightmare. The good news is, she left her guitar and a stick of magic butter here. This was months ago.


#24 Blogging About Him

"I manage a blog and I've already written two entries about you." This was a Tinder day-date where we went for coffee. She told me not to try and find her blog, so obviously, I did. She referred to me as the 'peanut butter guy' because I mentioned I liked peanut butter. From that point on, I told all girls I liked dragons. I was majorly creeped out.


#25 Coming Up Short

While backpacking, I went on a date with a British woman. A few hours into the date, she proceeded to say, "Short blokes are ugly. I don't know why you are even attempting to go after me right now." I politely excused myself, went to the bartender, paid my half of the bill and left. I didn't even say goodbye. The bartender gave me a free shot of Jameson as he heard what she said to me.


#26 Overdoing It

She definitely used filters and a ton of beauty products to make herself look much, much different than in reality. She showed up wearing about 10 lbs of makeup, her hair extension clips clearly visible,  and she was struggling to walk in her heels. Listen, I am all for women doing what makes them comfortable, happy and confident. But you could tell she was none of the above.

So I told her that I felt she wasn't being honest with me and the person I had been messaging felt much different than the one who showed up. She was upset but understanding and even though I didn't want a second date, we ended up having one. She showed up with a lot less makeup, more comfortably dressed and actually seemed more relaxed. We ended up having a pretty great time and she became a good friend.


#27 Need Some Space

We were driving to the movie theater together. It was a late night and the moon was super bright. I said, "Wow, the moon is really beautiful tonight! " She looked over at me and said, "Oh my God, who cares." I didn't even know what to say. I went silent for the rest of the drive. The movie we saw was Gravity, a movie about space, something I'm really into. I thought that was kind of ironic. I never saw her again.


#28 Shedding The Sunburn

She peeled her sunburn off onto my rug. Just sat there on a chair and peeled it, tossing it on the floor. The end.


#29 Subarus and Steak

I went out with a girl once after her parents gave me her number (red flags already, but I was lonely). She basically didn’t have a personality. I asked her questions throughout the date. Three stand out in my memory:

 Me: How do you like your steak cooked?

Her: Well done.

Me: What’s your dream car?

 Her: 2017 Subaru STI.

Me: Some political statement followed by, “What do you think?”

Her: I don’t know. I basically just go along with whatever my dad thinks.

There was no second date.


#30 Stalking Her School Teacher

She was an OKCupid match. We hit it off well, so we decided to meet up at a restaurant. It started off well; there was very little of that first-date awkward feeling, so that was a good sign. Then she decides to mention that she had to go to court the next day for "allegedly" stalking her former high school teacher (we were both in college at the time).

She quickly caveats that it was just an unfortunate misunderstanding. Then, she described a course of events that, well, sounded pretty stalker-ish. No boiled rabbits, but showing up at his work and home uninvited, leaving gifts, etc. Nothing that sounded dangerous or violent or anything, but creepy enough that one should recognize: "Oops, I screwed up." Also, maybe that wasn't appropriate material to share on a first date."

The fact that she didn't recognize this, I think, worried me the most. I somehow played it cool through the rest of the date, but as we departed I lowkey watched her leave until she was well out of view. Then, I wasted some time in a nearby store and waited quite a while before finally going to my car (which thankfully she hadn't seen me arrive in).


#31 Tired And Texting

The girl was from Tinder. She told me she was finishing up dinner at her parent's place and if I wanted to get a drink after. The entire time, she either looked at her phone or the menu. The conversation absolutely sucked. The main thing she kept on saying was, "I'm tired." I couldn't wait to get out of there. I walked her to her car to be polite, and never went out with her again. A couple of months later, I asked a cute girl about her job, instead of Star Wars, which all the other guys messaging her did. We went on a fabulous first date, and now we live together.


#32 Just Plane Silly

She told me she had never flown in a plane before, which was fine. But then she proceeded to say that she "doesn't believe in planes." I then explained to her that things like planes exist regardless if she understood how they worked or not. For all I knew she also didn't believe in global warming and vaccines. I couldn't date someone who would deny simple facts or science.


#33 Mormon And Married

I had the worst first date ever with a girl while living in Utah. We were heading to dinner, but the restaurant was packed, so she offered to cook. I thought it would be fun to cook together so we headed to the store and back to her place. She failed to mention that she lived with her parents and sister. She then told me that her entire family was Mormon and they immediately disapproved of me.

She also casually mentioned that she was still married and in the process of divorcing. To top that off, she told me that she was pregnant. After that, she decided to pop open a soda can, because her doctor said, "It's more harmful to the baby if she quits." Lastly, she told me how she had domestic abuse charges for hitting one of her exes with a hot frying pan.


#34 Borrowing Brother

When I was younger, I was doing not so bad for myself. I paid my bills on time, had a car, a job, and a little apartment. After about two weeks of hanging out with this girl and meeting her brother, he borrowed $5. It wasn't a big deal until a) she gave him my phone number, b) he hit me up asking me for $20 more without having even paid the $5 bucks back, and c) was befriending my female housemate at the time. They would have chats of how she planned on molding me into her dream boyfriend.


#35 No Max To The Mexican Food

Not only did she pound away a couple of margaritas fast, but she also kept ordering more food. We split several appetizers. I made it clear I was stuffed and couldn't eat anymore. She decided to order herself an entree while I had left for the restroom. The waitress dropped the food at the table and I realized what she did. I was so mad. She wasn't a big gal, just taller than average. I knew she did not have enough self-control and was going to break the bank anytime we dined out.


#36 Shameless Shopping

We went to the mall to hang out. We went into a few small stores and she bought a top, an ear cuff, small things. Then, we walked past Louis Vuitton, and she grabbed my arm and doubled back into the store. I had no interest in anything there so I went and sat down. Next thing I knew, the store staff was approaching me and asking me to join her at the register.

I thought she was checking out and was ready to go. NOPE! I got there and the guy behind the counter told me that her total was well over $3,000. I just walked out of the store. She followed behind saying how she was embarrassed by what I did back there. I drove her home, then blocked her number. Who in their right mind does something like that?


#37 Not Cutting It

She said she was going to wait until I fell asleep to cut my hair. When I explained that it wasn't funny (my long hair obviously meant a lot to me), she insisted. She seemed very surprised later when I declined to go on a second date.


#38 The Birthday Blog

In college, there was this woman I was interested in. She seemed pretty cool and we hung out a few times. We'd known one another for about three weeks. Her birthday was in that period. I was busy with a lot of midterms but still remembered and sent her a nice message via Facebook. I thought that was good enough. Nope.

The next day on her blog, which she was writing for a class and had asked me to read beforehand, she wrote an angry post quoting my birthday message and tearing it apart for being cheap and easy. Here's the kicker: She ended with a declaration that no one should have people like that in their life. My birthday was a week before hers, and she never even acknowledged it. I took her advice and cut ties with her then and there.


#39 Concerning Attachment Issues

She told me she was previously engaged, which she never told me before. Then, I found out she broke up with her fiancé something like a week before our date. I tried to make up an excuse to leave, saying I was meeting up with some friends. She asked, “I'm your friend, aren't I?” She definitely had some attachment issues. The moral of the story is if you’re going to try online dating, ask lots of questions.


#40 A Meal With Mom

She told me that we would get dinner from her favorite restaurant. She picked me up from my house and I asked where we were going. She just coyly said it was a surprise and that she promised I’ll love the food. We turned off the main streets into a residential area eventually and I was thinking to myself, “Oh, that’s cool... A nice little local restaurant.” Wrong. It was her parent's house.

Our first date was at her parent's house where her mom cooked dinner for us while we patiently waited in her room for it to finish. She told me that she brought all of her first dates there because there was no sense in wasting money on someone who wasn’t the one. Well, needless to say, after a very awkward dinner, I can guarantee I wasn’t the one.


#41 Dining And Ditching

I met a girl on Tinder back in college. She was in a sorority with some of my good friends. They said she was cool, but a little sketchy. I thought she was good looking, so I decided to just give it a shot. We decided to go to a local Mexican restaurant. When we got there, her body language screamed that she wasn’t comfortable.

I thought maybe she was nervous... until we sat down at the table. The entire dinner, she wouldn’t make eye contact with me. It was extremely aggravating because I genuinely wanted to get to know her. I decided to get up and go to the bathroom before we left. I was gone for maybe five minutes. When I returned, she had left. Her napkin was sitting on her half eaten plate of food.

No note. No text. Nothing. I sent her a text message asking what was up. I was worried that since she had been so distant that maybe something bad had happened and she had to leave in a hurry. Nope. My friends told me that they overheard her bragging to some friends during a meeting that she “took out this dude, got free dinner, and ditched him while he was in the bathroom.” It hurt my feelings a lot but it kind of opened my eyes to the type of women I was trying to meet. She ended up dropping out of college and now sells essential oils on Instagram.


#42 Embarrassed Not Entertained

A girl I went out on a date with made fun of me relentlessly the entire time. Everything I did and said was ridiculed. She texted me a few days later asking if I wanted to go out again and I said no. She asked why and I told her I didn't really enjoy being mocked the entire time. She said it was just flirting and that I thought it was fun. She blew it.


#43 Day Care Date

When she brought her five-year-old on our first date.


#44 Splitting Up

When the check came, I already laid down my card to pay. That's when she asked if I wanted to split it. I said sure. When I walked her back to her car, I asked if I could kiss her goodnight and she said she didn't kiss guys who don't pay for her food. I was obviously angry, not that she didn't kiss me, but that she could be that shallow. I'm not just a walking ATM.


#45 Diet Discipline

We had great chemistry, but she told me that if I wanted to date her, I needed to be vegan. She also told me she forced every guy she dated to be vegan. She gave me an ultimatum and I respected her honesty. It just got me to thinking what other ultimatums I would be given down the relationship without my point of view being taken into consideration.



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