July 9, 2023 | Eul Basa

Students Share The Most Messed Up Things They've Seen At School

Students see a lot of crazy things at school. It just makes sense: when you put a bunch of hormonal, pubescent, rebellious teenagers in a building together, you're bound to get some interesting scenarios. Here are the most messed up things students have seen at their schools, according to the Internet:


#1 Mashed Potato Day

A kid jumped over the balcony to try and beat the rush on Mashed Potato Day. He broke both his legs. He did not get his potatoes. Also, it took me too long to realize that Mashed Potato Day is just the day when the cafeteria serves mashed potatoes, and not some kind of big yearly mashed potato themed event at my school.


#2 Dumpster Intimacy

A couple was getting it on in the dumpster behind the cafeteria. Four or five of my friends and I stumbled upon this event while we were coming back on campus and one of them went to throw his trash away. It got around the school pretty darn fast. It's probably a good thing I'm old enough that the smartphone wasn't a thing when I was in high school because there's a good chance that someone would have been dumb enough to take a picture.


#3 A Vicious Kid

A kid in my school year stuck one of my friends in the back. Not verbally, I mean with an actual kitchen knife. We were 11. It narrowly missed his spine. He was in the hospital for a week as he needed surgery to remove the blade and then he went home with no side effects physically except the scar, which was pretty impressive. Obviously, psychologically, it was a different kettle of fish.


#4 Don't Mess With Me

Our school bully (a nasty piece of work we’ll call C) ripped the wig off a new student (we'll call her A) who had recently returned from cancer treatment. They got into it and A was suspended despite multiple witnesses. We suspect even the teachers were slightly scared of C. The next day as we were leaving, A was waiting outside for the doors to open. She came straight in, grabbed C’s hair, slammed her head into a locker, and then proceeded to pull out a huge pair of scissors.

She violently chopped off as much hair as she could before the teachers intervene. She was obviously expelled, but man, she’s still my hero. Bully C was definitely put in her place after that and absolutely toned down her torment of everyone else. I wish I knew what became of A.


#5 All For The Pizza

I had a friend that was allergic to so many things he had to eat the same thing every day that he brought from home. I literally mean every day for years. He had a very bad day—he failed a test and some things happened at home. We met up at lunch and he had two slices of pepperoni pizza. He told me, "Today seems like a good day to die," and proceeded to wolf down both slices. I had never seen him so happy. I walked him to the nurse's office as he ballooned up. He was hospitalized for two weeks. He never regretted the decision.


#6 The Clock Is Ticking

I saw the PE teacher getting a heart attack during class and dying. It was freaking scary. Half of the teachers at my school are old (some are even 80+) so it is inevitable that will happen again at my school one day. They train all the students how to use a defib and do CPR which I personally think all schools should do anyway.


#7 A Horrid Sight

I worked at an American school in China a while back. One day, one of the school buses was on the way to campus from the city and there was an accident that students saw. A truck ran over a man riding his bicycle. The students on the bus witnessed the accident and watched as the man as he laid there, dying on the road. They were stuck in traffic and couldn’t get away from the horrific scene for over 20 minutes. Kids were crying and traumatized. Most of them were elementary school students. There was a lot of grief counseling in the months after that.


#8 A Door Slammed Shut

A girl was coming back from a doctor's appointment and she wasn't there to hear that we couldn't get out equipment for recess. She opened the door, grabbed something, and went to leave. The wind kicked up and slammed the door on her hand and she lost a finger. They rushed her to the hospital and they sewed it back on. Eventually, it was back to normal, but that was the most messed up thing I had seen.


#9 Good Riddance

This girl in my sophomore year sent inappropriate pictures to an English teacher. When he rejected her advances, she reported him. He lost his job, his teaching license, and nearly faced jail time. He was a pretty chill dude too and was well-liked by the student body. It goes without saying, the girl received a ton of threats and ended up dropping out.


#10 He Just Snapped

My chemistry teacher, years after I graduated, worked at the school with his wife. They had adjoining classrooms. He ended the vice principal after school. He was in a meeting with him and the union rep because he was accused of inappropriate contact by a female student. He went out to his car and came back in to finish the deed. It was all over the news the next day.


#11 Real-Life Mortal Kombat

I watched two girls get into a fight. One girl had a bunch of ear piercings and was wearing so many hoops it looked like chainmail. The other girl got her on the ground, grabbed those hoops, and pulled... Hard. I will never forget the scream. The rings didn't give, but her ear sure as heck did... The girl stood over her like a freaking psychopath holding a very recognizable ear in the air above her head. It was Mortal Kombat in real life.


#12 Intro To High School

Girl fights in school were always nuts. On my very first day of high school, two girls got in a fight. They were punching each other, clawing at their faces and ripping each other's weave out, and a teacher came to stop them. Well, this teacher was rewarded with a shot to the kidney and he got dropped. What an introduction to high school that was.


#13 To-Be Criminal

Many years ago, I sat next to a kid in high school who would always bring in photos of homemade explosives from 2-liter bottles, flamethrowers from squirt guns, etc. I thought it was the coolest thing and was so impressed by it until later on when I received recognized I was encouraging a to-be criminal to keep being violent.


#14 Hawk Encounter

A giant hawk swooped down on campus and sunk its talons into the back of a squirrel foraging for acorns about 20 or 25 yards from me. It scared the bejesus out of me. He stood on it like a boss for a few seconds and then flew off with it. This was at like 7:30 in the morning so it took me a while to wrap my brain around it. The guy walking in front of me spun around and said, “Please tell me you saw that.”


#15 Grater Accident

When I was eight, we were making cookies in class and they gave us square cheese graters to make chocolate chips with because they didn't trust us with knives (a fair judgment). Some kid was holding a few graters and pretended to be a robot. This girl shouted at him because he wasn't a robot and proceeded to take one of the graters forcefully from him. He ended up grating his hand. Lots of blood happened and then a pair of twins both fainted.


#16 The Uppercut

These two kids got into a fight at my school. At some point during the tussle, one kid lost his balance and on the way down, he threw the meanest uppercut ever. He connected the other kid's bare teeth and pushed them into his gums. He messed up his own hand REALLY bad. Blood just everywhere and no teachers in sight for like another three minutes. It was like some mortal Kombat X-ray vision-type stuff.


#17 Meme Gone Wrong

In my school, there was a kid (or multiple kids, we don’t know) who would go #2 in a urinal every once in a while. Someone even made a meme about it. The meme spread very quickly and I guess some teachers saw it. Since there is blood in the meme, coming from under all the closed doors, they decided it was a credible threat of violence. They closed the school for two days for “safety concerns.” Just a super weird story all around.


#18 My No-No Square

I was in 9th grade. One of our classmates got tipsy, stripped down to nothing, and streaked the lunchroom and gymnasium; basically, any place that was crowded. The staff was afraid to tackle a naked teenager so we all got an eyeful. I mean, I got tipsy at school a couple of times, but not once did it occur to me to show everyone my no-no square.


#19 Lesson Not Learned

This huge dumb guy got confronted by this scrawny weasel guy. No idea why the dude thought he could fight the big guy. He mouthed off and then took a swing. The big guy just laughed at him, grabbed him by the throat, picked him up, and threw him about two meters, using only one hand. He laughed some more and walked off with his friends. When the dude could breathe properly again, he took off wanting a rematch.


#20 Perfectly Timed

Two guys were yelling in the hallway and it was about to come to blows. Guy 1 goes back to swing at Guy 2 and proceeds to miss by a mile. He ends up hitting another girl. The girl kicks Guy 1 square in the gut and he falls back into another student. Then it dominoes into the crowd that had gathered around. The teacher that was in the way came running up and slipped on something and went into the air, landing straight on his back. I swear it was like something in a movie. No one was really hurt but god that series of events was timed perfectly.


#21 Macaw Attack

My middle school teacher did a thing where we could bring our pets to school. A kid in my class got attacked by a macaw after he tried to grab it off a desk so he could play with it and head to go to the hospital to get stitches. I was suspended and grounded for bringing a macaw to school. It was a teacher-approved project though... It doesn’t seem fair to me.


#22 Set Them Free

We had this really creepy dude who later threatened the school. He would constantly harass people and eventually, he decided to mess with the sister of two identical twin brothers who are nearly 6'6. Needless to say, they tore him apart. They hit him so hard his shoe flew off, then they went at him for another 30 seconds. He could hardly walk after. As they were being escorted out in cuffs, everyone started cheering and yelling to free them.


#23 A Traumatic Event

I saw a kid go from being full of life and having it all to a shell of a person. Backstory. When I was in high school, about 2009, there was a horrible car crash that ended two grads. The cause of crash was impairment. They were driving with a tipsy guy and he was going double the speed limit around a corner. The car flipped, sending one of the girls through a window. Where the accident happened was a block away from where her little brother lived. He watched the car flip over and over and watched his sister lose her life.


#24 A Fatal Decision

I didn't actually witness this, but I was at school for it. A friend of mine had a seizure in the swimming pool during PE. I was on the field when it happened and I saw a bunch of emergency personnel rush the scene. Turned out, it was the first time he was actually allowed to swim in PE. He had a medical history that deterred his family and peers from allowing him in the pool. It was a fatal decision. I'm told there was some scuffle on the other end of the pool that distracted most of the students in the class and no one saw him sink below the surface until it was too late.


#25 What A Troublemaker

Not desperately messed up but the best prank played on a teacher that I know of was when my younger brother found a giant test tube in the cupboards up the back of the chemistry lab. He farted in it, sealed it with his hand then walked up to the teacher and asked what experiment had been done in it because it had "a funny smell." The teacher naturally took an inquisitive sniff...


#26 The Fugitive

I had a Scottish teacher and an Irish teacher in fifth grade, and they were great mates. I got along well with both of them as well, so as I was leaving for the weekend, I went and told them to have a good one. They told me the same. Anyway, when I got to school on Monday, neither of them was there, which was odd. Then, the next day, it was the same story. This went on for about a week, and I was starting to get worried.

About a week after, we had an assembly where we found out the Scottish teacher was a fugitive. What happened was on Saturday, after I wished them a good weekend, they went out for a party and got tipsy. They then went over to the Irish teacher's place, where they got into an argument. The Scottish teacher got upset and punched the Irish teacher, who had heart problems, in the chest. He promptly died. The Scottish teacher left, got his fiance, and fled the country, presumably back to Scotland.


#27 Teenage Antics

In high school, I knew a kid who was a legitimate weirdo. He started arguing with one of the security guards one day and ended up punching a security glass window hard enough to crack it. Pretty sure he broke multiple bones in his hand. I also didn't see but heard about a girl who gave birth in one of the stairwells. No one wanted to use it after that whole rumor came out.


#28 Mr. Nguyen

I had a religion teacher in high school named Mr. Nguyen who was working on becoming a Jesuit priest. He was a really cool guy. He always had a smile on his face and did his best to make the class a fun experience for everyone. There was a kid in my class who was really annoying, but Mr. Nguyen was always really patient with him, until one day he pushed him too far.

I forgot exactly what the kid said, but it definitely crossed the line. Mr. Nguyen slammed his fists on his desk and shouted, "Why can't you EVER shut the heck up!" He then picked up his stapler and chucked it at the kid, missing his head by a few inches and leaving a huge dent in the wall. He then stormed out into the hallway. I had never seen a teacher blow up like that and I definitely never expected it from him.


#29 Psychotic Energy

A dude went into the hallway and he accidentally hurt himself with scissors. He had gotten in trouble from a teacher he hated and so he got sent into the hallway. I was in the classroom, so I didn't see him actually do it. But when he got inside, there was blood on his clothes and hands. Later, I talked to the kid and I saw the injuries. They didn't seem deep but there were a lot of them, and I had been worried.


#30 Historical Accuracy

Some guys came in one day to show off some Viking armory, weapons, and clothes. One of them went a little too far with the accuracy and his privates were on full display while he demonstrated stuff to us. We were all sitting down so we could all see it. We didn’t say anything at the time but we told the teachers later and they didn’t give a heck. Really weird stuff.


#31 Breaking Point

I saw a teacher have a literal mental breakdown in front of an entire class. He was an English teacher and was in charge of looking after the troubled kids. I guess one day he just snapped. He stood up, threw a chair at a pupil, and started punching holes in walls while screaming in a really psychotic manner. The teacher next door heard the commotion and realized pretty quickly what was happening. She came in and persuaded him to go with her to the staff room or something and we never saw him again.


#32 Teenage Crisis

When I was in high school, I liked to go to the balcony of our theater to take naps during my free periods. It was dark, quiet, and usually empty which made it such an ideal spot for napping. One day, I walked up the stairs and saw a girl from the grade below me that I sort of knew just absolutely bawling her eyes out. She freaked out and ran away, but I eventually caught up with her and we had an intense conversation. We became friends after that day and I encouraged her to start seeing a therapist, which helped her. Unfortunately, we lost touch when her parents moved to a different state and sent her to some boarding school.


#33 Karma Will Get Her

At my old high school, there was this tiny freshman who was on the spectrum and he had an intense fixation on small animals. One day, he was sitting on the grass at lunch holding a spider (it was admittedly a cute spider) and a senior girl with a history of being rude called him over, pretending to be interested in his spider. She pulled out a book from behind her back and squashed it in his hands. He looked at her with this absolutely crushed look on his face and said, "You killed it." She said "Good, it was disgusting." And she left. One of the most repulsive examples of human behavior I have ever seen.


#34 That's Messed Up

Not cringy like a lot of these, but still pretty messed up when you think about it. Sitting in our graduation ceremony, in alphabetical order, I had no idea who the guy next to me was. I had never seen him. He was all excited because he got his diploma. Then, as he was examining it, and comparing it with mine, he was like, "What's this mean? Certificate of completion?" I had a diploma. He had a certificate of completion. I didn't want to break it to him that it wasn't a diploma. I just shrugged and looked ahead.


#35 Feeling Left Out

Grade 3. The teacher always picked two kids to choose their teammates in gym class. Day after day, each team leader would pick from the group of kids sitting on the gym floor to join their team. Day after day, there was the same one kid left at the end. Day after day, the two team leaders would actually argue about who had to take that one last kid. The kid put on a brave face, but you could see the hurt on his face. I don't know what the heck those teachers were thinking.


#36 Regretful Words

I was in some special education classes when I was really young and our teacher dropped dead in front of the class. She had a brain aneurysm and just wasn't there anymore. For a very long time, I thought it was my fault because the day before I had told her I hoped she'd die... I said this to her as a seven-year-old who was having a bit of a meltdown at school (bright lights, loud noises, and shit.) As a now 33-year-old man, I still think back to that and it's like a constant reminder to never ever tell someone to die.


#37 Poor Girl

We had a very nerdy valedictorian. She was a sweet gal who just wanted everyone to be happy. It was kind of hard to get along with her because she was a bit odd, but she meant no harm so I didn't mind her. She also cared a lot about animal rights and was a vegan, but not the pushy kind. A guy decided to show her who was boss.

He broke into her locker and put a dead mouse in her lunchbox. In the lunchroom, we all heard a great scream as valedictorian threw her lunchbox from shock, which got her food all over the person across from her. The person across from her wasn't too happy about it, grabbed the mouse, and threw it at her face hard enough that it caused a black eye.


#38 Unheeded Warning

A girl came to school wearing a hoodie with a Confederate flag on it and she was told by her friends, random students, and even teachers not to wear the hoodie again because there were rumors of her getting jumped if she did. Sure enough, she showed up to school the next day wearing the dang hoodie and ended up getting curb stomped by a group of students. She had to get six staples in her head. It was horrifying to witness, but like, she was warned...


#39 A Disturbing Sight

When I was six, my whole class had to walk to assembly past this really lovely 10-year-old who was waiting for an ambulance. She'd been playing at break time outside and had fallen over on the tarmac and basically grated her right knee. I still remember walking past and seeing the bone gleam from her knee. It's still seared onto my mind years later.


#40 That's What You Get

In the mid-'80s, when I was in seventh grade, this eighth-grade kid went up to a male teacher in the hallway and said: "Hey Mr. C, how's your wife and my two kids?" The teacher slammed him up against the lockers HARD and started slapping him silly. Then he headlock-dragged him down the stairs and into the office. The kid got suspended and nothing happened to the teacher. The kid was a scumbag though.


#41 Hair Catastrophe

I witnessed a fellow classmate get pulled into a lathe by his obviously too long hair. Half his scalp came off before I could push the emergency stop. My school was only 50 meters from the hospital so the teacher put an emergency bandage around his head and they just ran to the hospital. I still see the guy often and he has a full head of hair to this day.


#42 Primary School Drama

One day in primary school, it was pouring rain so we had an “inside day” where recess was just free playtime. Two kids stepped out of my class and started fighting. The boy kept teasing her so she smashed a window out of rage and accidentally cut her arm. There was a lot of blood and screaming. I hid under a table because I was so scared. I can still remember my principal screaming, “What the heck is wrong with you people?”


#43 Gone Away

My buddy and I were outside eating lunch back in high school. We had a weird bus carousel at our school. It had really high curbs. Two teachers were each pushing a wheelchair-bound special needs student near this area. One of them ran inside for something. The teacher that was left started tending to one of the kids. Unfortunately, she didn't put the brakes on the other kid and he rolled down and over the curb. She flipped down face first on the ground. He had a couple stitches from it and the teachers got sued. We never saw them again.


#44 Leg Press Guillotine

In my weightlifting class, we had a leg press machine where you laid on your back and pushed up on a weighted rack. The rack had two vertical posts on it that you set the weights on, so they laid horizontally on it. Someone had left a few 45-pound weights on the rack, and this scrawny freshman was taking them off. I guess he’d gotten one most of the way up, and lost his grip on it.

It slipped and fell back onto the weight that was still below it, but the kid was leaning back so his stuff was pressed against the lower weight. When the upper weight fell back down, it clipped him and smashed his stuff between the two 45 pound weights. I’ll never forget the screams.


#45 An Awkward Moment

Back in primary school, my classmate's dad drove her to school every day. But on this one occasion, he decided to drive tipsy to school and crash fairly close to the school gates. He then proceeded to take off all his clothes and just lay there naked. Being only around six or seven at the time, I was totally confused at what had happened. I feel horrendous for my classmate that literally the whole school saw this happen. And even now my only memory of that classmate was this incident.


#46 Rest In Peace

In high school, there was a group of students who would give this older Spanish teacher a hard time because she was overweight and wore an adult diaper. There was one day where they really took it over the edge with the bullying, which eventually caused her to have a heart attack. She passed away the following day at the hospital.


#47 The Loud Snap

I was umpiring for a girls' Gaelic Football match at school and 10 minutes into the match, my friend and I from the other side of the field heard a snap. We saw a player on the ground. The game stopped and we were told to go inside. We were told later by the girls that she broke her knee. After three ambulances arriving, a helicopter flew over the school and landed in the field and she was taken away. The sight and noises of the helicopter flying over the school was unbelievable.


#48 One After The Other

The mom of a super nice girl in my class had cancer. We all knew she would die soon, so inevitably she was pulled from class by our school director for bad news at one point. We were all crying waiting for the director to return. When he returned he told us her dad had died in a motorcycle accident... We were 11.


#49 Honest Mistake

My drama teacher punched a student in the eye while trying to show my sister how to do a stage punch. The guy didn't move out of the way when he was supposed to. He had a black eye and our teacher thought she was going to lose her job, but the parents of the guy that she hit thought it was hilarious, especially since there was no real damage done. She ended up cutting the punch out of the show though and just had my sister shove the guy instead.


#50 Full Effort

I didn’t witness it, but my dad has told me this story many times. When my dad was in elementary school, in PE class they always had races. My dad, being super competitive, put his all in every race. One race they had outside and had to run to a window, touch the window, and run back. My dad, running as fast as he could, couldn't slow himself down and both his arms went through the window. He was rushed to the hospital. Almost 40 years later he still has a lot of scars.




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