April 3, 2024 | Jamie Hayes

AI Is Being Used Way More Than You Think

AI Revolution

Everyone's talking about AI—but there are a million ways AI is being used right now that people don't even realize. And this is only the beginning...



No, you're not going to see robots walking around farms like in The Creator any time soon, but AI is still hard at work in the fields today, completely revolutionizing the agriculture industry.

Man holding drone in nature.Anton Trava, Pexels

Uncle AI's Almanac

People have been refining their farming methods for thousands of years—and then AI comes along and does it better than we ever could.

By analyzing soil conditions and weather data, AI is greatly improving soil yields and sustainability.

Happy Farmer Showing Thumbs Up in PlantationGustavo Fring, Pexels

Image Upscaling

We've all seen TV characters ask the computer whiz to "enhance" a blurry image on a video screen. For decades, the smarty-pantses of the world laughed, because "enhancing" an image did not exist. Until now.

Woman working on laptop and graphic tabletGeorge Milton, Pexels

Enhance For Real

Even if your image is blurry, AI-enhanced tools can actually extrapolate from the data and create a high-res, 4k image without the pixelation that normally happens when you try to expand an picture that's too small.

Fisheye Photo of Turned-on Silver I mac.Jan Kopřiva, Pexels

Detecting AI-Generated Content

It's the wild west of AI right now, and a lot of people are trying to pass off AI-generated content as their own work. As AI gets better, it gets harder and harder to spot the difference. If only there was something that could help us tell the difference...

Man Using Laptop wit Chat GPTMatheus Bertelli, Pexels

It Takes One To Know One

Even high-quality AI productions leave fingerprints (algorithm-prints?), but they're often way too subtle for mere mortals like us to notice. But you know what can find those telltale signs easily? You guessed it: AI.

Code Projected Over WomanThisIsEngineering, Pexels

Wildlife Conservation

A lot of people are worried that AI is going to lead to a Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines situation, but believe it or not, AI is actually helping conservationists preserve the little bit of natural world we have left.

An Adult Collared Grizzly BearSteve Burcham, Pexels

Keeping An Eye

AI-powered drones are obviously useful for tracking animal movements, but their machine learning networks can actually be used to predict animal behavior to better protect vulnerable species from poachers and other threats.

Drone Flying over a ForestJustin Wolfert, Pexels


Text-to-speech is everywhere nowadays, but it wasn't always so easy. Spoken language is a lot more complicated than written language, so while it may seem simple, it took decades of research to get something that even resembled a human voice.

Then AI came along.

Artist Man using hand AI, Artificial Intelligence to generate content.SObeR 9426, Shutterstock

Hey Siri

Machine learning helped make text-to-speech sound better, and there were programs in use for the visually impaired on computers as far back as the 90s. But modern AI technology is the reason programs like Siri can sound so realistic.

Voice recognition of smart phone concept. AI assistant.metamorworks, Shutterstock

Making The World More Accessible

AI is already helping people with physical disabilities live more normal lives. Text-to-speech for visually impaired people is one thing, but it goes far, far deeper than that.

Blind Man in Gray Sweater listening on headphones.Mikhail Nilov, Pexels

Make Your Life Easier 

AI can help people who can't use keyboards with speech recognition. It can help control advanced prosthetic limbs more naturally. It can even drive a wheelchair, helping people who otherwise couldn't go anywhere on their own gain independence.

Engineer Fitting Prosthetic ArmThisIsEngineering, Pexels

Space Exploration

A great man once said: "Space. It's humangus big, man". And he was right. Exploring space is hard enough with telescopes, and it's only going to get more complicated. You guess right: AI to the rescue.

Inside the Earthshine dome - 2011Ben Laken, Flickr

Where No One Has Gone Before

AI already helps us analyze the massive amounts of data we receive from telescopes like JWST, but in the future it will help spacecraft navigate the solar system—and beyond?

Man in Black Suit Standing in Front of Black MonitorTima Miroshnichenko, Pexels

Predicting Earthquakes

Scientists have had ways to predict earthquakes for years, but unfortunately, even our best methods didn't give much notice. But you know what's good at predicting earthquakes? AI.

Surprised young woman browsing mobile phoneAndrea Piacquadio, Pexels

Read The Earth

By training AI algorithms with the detailed seismic data that we gather, we're able to predict earthquakes much more accurately AND earlier, which could be the difference between life and death

Graph on Laptop ScreenThisIsEngineering, Pexels

Medical Research

The human body is a very complicated machine, and that makes developing pharmaceuticals a very slow and difficult process. There are countless ways that chemicals can interact in the body and it can be hard to predict exactly what a drug will do. But it's getting easier.

Researchers Reading a ReportKarolina Grabowska, Pexels

Do The Research

Today, the pharmaceutical industry is using AI to make creating new drugs faster and more effective. By feeding massive amounts of biomedical data to AI algorithms, scientists can identify the way that different substances interact in a fraction of the time it once took.

photo of a person medicinal gloves holding laboratory flask surrounded with other medicinal equipmentChokniti Khongchum, Pexels


Not every kind of therapy works for everyone, but AI is giving people better tools than ever to work on their mental health. 

Worried woman on the laptopAnna Shvets, Pexels

Extra Tools

AI can help identify the roots of mental health issues by analyzing a person's speech, writing, and internet activity. AI chatbots can also be ready at all times of the day provide immediate support in a pinch. 

Still a long way before computers start replacing actual therapists though.

Sad young ethnic lady arguing during video callAlex Green, Pexels

Coloring Black And White Photos

Colorizing black and white photos has been around since the beginning of photography, but it's always been a very slow, laborious process. Nowadays? Takes about 2 seconds.

Black and white photos on the table.Suzy Hazelwood, Pexels

It's Faster Than You

AI can quickly scan an image and interpolate a likely coloration pattern. While today a human will still likely need to tweak things, it's still much, much faster than the old method. And who knows how good it's going to get?

Man editing photos on laptopMichael Burrows, Pexels

Reducing Food Waste

Ever wonder how restaurants make sure they have the right amount of food? Well, the answer is: They weren't always that good at it, and a lot of food got thrown out.

Man and Woman Wearing Black and White Striped Aprons CookingElle Hughes, Pexels

AI Can Tell You!

AI can help restaurants and grocery stores better predict consumer demand, reducing overstock and food waste. The same goes for you at home!

Female worker putting vegetable box in shelf in grocery storewavebreakmedia, Shutterstock

Faster Disaster Response Times

When a natural disaster hits, it's good to have AI on your side. Algorithms are doing a better job than ever of predicting wildfires, floods, and other disasters—but that's not the only way they're helping us.

People Having a Meeting at the OfficeYan Krukau, Pexels

Search For Survivors

Identifying people in need of aid during the chaos of a natural disaster can be hard for even the most eagle-eyed rescue workers, but not for AI-assisted drones, which can track down survivors and direct aid towards them.

Firefighters at the Disaster SceneAhmed akacha, Pexels

Learning New Languages

Apps like Duolingo have revolutionized the way people learn a new language, but that's just the beginning. AI is going to make it easier than ever before.

Photo Of Woman Tutoring Young BoyJulia M Cameron, Pexels

An Apple For Your AI Teacher

With AI-integrated apps, you can quickly find a program that's suited to your specific style of learning. AI can also quickly analyze your progress and identify specific areas to work on.

Girl Holding Pencil While Looking at monitor.Julia M Cameron, Pexels


Archaeology isn't quite like Indiana Jones. Most of the time, archaeological sites are not well preserved and identifying much of anything can be a monumental task. For human eyes, at least...

Archaeologist digging on site.Museum Odense, Flickr

It Has Everything But The Hat And The Whip

Archaeologists can feed satellite images, seismic data, and historical context into AI algorithms to not only help them understand archaeological sites, but to predict where future sites are most likely.

White and Black Satellite over the earth.SpaceX, Pexels

Fixing Your Old Photos

My wife and I took a nice photobooth photo on our honeymoon—and our dog chewed it to shreds. Normally, when that happens, you're just out of luck. Maybe not anymore.

An Elderly Couple Looking at Photos TogetherSHVETS production, Pexels

AI To The Rescue

You'll never get your exact photo back, but now at least AI can restore it to its former glory, helping you preserve the memories.

Puzzled gamer in illuminated roomRobert Nagy, Pexels

Combating Climate Change

Climate change is a daunting problem for a lot of reasons, but part of it is just that it's super hard to understand and predict something as complicated as the Earth's atmosphere. I bet you see where this is going.

Eye of the Storm Image from Outer SpacePixabay, Pexels

The AI Man Can

AI is helping climate scientists better understand and predict atmospheric events, while also optimizing global energy usage, an essential resource if we want to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Men Having a Discussion Over a Round ObjectThirdman, Pexels

Fashion Design

You've probably made some AI art, but have you ever worn AI clothes? That might change quicker than you think.

A Woman Holding an Animal Print Fabric while Looking at SwatchesMikhail Nilov, Pexels

As Long As The Shirt's Not Too Boxy

AI can help designers identify and predict trends, but it can also help anyone with an interest in fashion create their own designs and build a portfolio.

Woman in White Blouse Putting the Blue Fabric on the MannequinRon Lach, Pexels

Spice It Up In The Kitchen

If you're a chef with hungry customers or just someone looking to mix things up for dinner, you can use AI right now to help you create new and exciting combinations based on the ingredients you already have. But it's going to do a lot more very soon...

Chef with laptop looking for gastronomic dish recipes.DC Studio, Shutterstock

It Can Do It All

The technology already exists today to do it, so don't be surprised if you see an entirely autonomous, AI-run diner sometime in the near future. Come in, get a fresh-cooked meal, pay, and leave, all without a single other human involved.

Robots are serving food in future restaurants.PaO_STUDIO, Shutterstock

Hiring The Right People

Recruitment has been an issue for companies as long as there have been...companies. The internet was the first revolution in recruitment—but AI is going to change the game yet again.

Candidates waiting for a job interview.gpointstudio, Freepik

Finding Mr. Right

AI can quickly analyze thousands of resumes against your company's specific needs and requirements, creating a list of the highest-quality candidates before anyone has even done an interview. It also helps reduce bias in the hiring process, something humans have proved to find...difficult.

Woman at job interview.Tima Miroshnichenko, Pexels

Rise Of The Machines

AI is already used in countless things—and the craziest part is, we still probably haven't even scratched the surface of what it can do. Is it going to replace us? Guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Army or group of cyborgs in factory.Phonlamai Photo, Shutterstock



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