March 6, 2024 | Jamie Hayes

The 45 Most Expensive Yachts In The World—That You Can Buy Right Now


When a simple yacht just isn't enough, you need a superyacht. Swimming pools, helipads, and five-star chefs are par for the course on these babies. But how luxurious and spectacular can a superyacht really get? Time to find out.


Amare II, 49.8m - Asking Price $34 Million

For the aspiring superyacht owner on a budget, Amare II's state-of-the-art engines can be set to economy mode for the most efficient transportation—while enjoying entertaining your 12 guests in their six cabins.

People Having Party in the YachtMaksim Goncharenok, Pexels

Amaryllis, 78.4 - Asking Price $97 Million

Enjoy the stylish Art Deco interiors of Amaryllis, with its clawfoot master bed, lime-marble ensuite, piano lounge, steam room, and plunge pool, all while knowing you own the same yacht once owned by former Bank of Moscow president Andrey Borodin.

Photo of a cockpit in Yacht.Ibrahim Boran, Pexels

Ambrosia, 65m - Asking Price $38 Million

Ambrosia has all the luxuries, but what I'd really want is the "Stargate Room" on the upper deck—a dining room/cocktail lounge with a lunar theme and constellations covering the ceiling.

White Yachts in Shipyard.mali maeder Pexels

Atomic, 63.8m - Asking Price $63 Million

Atomic was originally commissioned by a scuba diver, so you better believe it's got a professional dive center. The adventure sounds nice—but I'd probably spend most of my time at the bar or by the firepit.

Rear sundeck of a large luxury motor yacht with bar area and tropical sea view backgroundPaul Vinten, Shutterstock

Attessa IV, 100.9m - Asking Price $141 Million

It would take Usain Bolt almost 10 seconds to run the length of Attessa IV. It also features bulletproof glass. Talk about perks!

ATTESSA IV - at Lonsdale Quay, North Vancouver - 2018Gordon Leggett, CC BY-SA 4.0, Wikimedia Commons

Aurora, 74m - Asking Price $141 Million

Aurora's Art Deco interiors are nice, and its 2,113GT interior is nothing to sniff at—but the Phoenix 2 has got it beat in "Art Deco Style" department if you ask me.

Yacht sailboat interiorStudiovd, Shutterstock

Artisan, 63m - Asking Price POA

The 2020 World Superyacht Award winner for Best Exterior Design, it's not hard to see why. It's functional, too. How many yachts have 180-degree panoramic view windows?

A large private motor yacht under way out at sea.Paul Vinten, Shutterstock

B2, 85.7m - Asking Price $86 Million

As if it wasn't big enough, a recent refit added another seven meters to B2 to give it an enormous, two-level beach club. I still think the glass-bottom pool is still the best feature though.

Vibrant Curiosity Imo 1010002 Bergen Norway - 2009Petr Šmerkl, CC BY-SA 3.0, Wikimedia Commons

Bleu de Nîmes, 72.1m - Asking Price $51 Million

Bleu de Nîmes' genuinely stands out among superyachts because it was originally Royal Navy degaussing ship. But since its conversion in 2005, it's basically a floating hotel, with accommodations for 20 guests and 20 crew. 

It's crammed with luxuries—but you won't find a pool. When asked why, the first owner said, "If I want to go for a swim, I’ll go in the sea”.

At the pier is the yacht BLEU DE NIMES, next to a small fire and rescue vessel - 2020Galina Savina, Shutterstock

Book Ends, 50m - Asking Price $46 Million

You can bring 12 guests with you onto Book Ends, spread out across its five cabins, but the piece de resistance is the full-beam (the entire width of the ship) owner's cabin with its connected study, marble bathroom, and walk-in closet. The sea-level beach club sounds pretty cool too.

Luxurious interior of a modern yacht. YACHTING FESTIVAL 2015, Cannes.Nadezda Murmakova, Shutterstock

Caipirinha, 60m - Asking Price $60 Million

There are a lot of little luxuries that can go a long way, and the electric blinds in the Caipirinha's guest bedrooms have got to be just that. I'm sure the saloon/movie theatre would be pretty nice too.

Italy, 78 luxury yacht, dinetteAngelo Giampiccolo, Shutterstock

Calypso, 61.5m - Asking Price $44 Million

Calypso's sundeck with a jacuzzi area, enclosed gym, and outdoor movie theatre are nice, but I'd probably spend most of my time gigantic, two-level master sweet. With the skylight, it's almost like I'm outside.

Calypso, Port Douglas, 2015Bahnfrend, CC BY-SA 4.0,Wikimedia Commons

Come Together, 60m - Asking Price $65 Million

The commissioner of Come Together is a fan of The Beatles, so obviously they're a person of discerning tastes. One look at the unique, modern exterior of this superyacht is proof enough of that.

Yacht Coral Island Heck Kiel 2004I, VollwertBIT, CC BY-SA 2.5, Wikimedia Commons

Drizzle - Asking Price, 68.7m $69 Million

If a Technogym is a must, then don't worry, you've got options. And I can't deny, the 2019 refit paid off, because Drizzle is looking nice.

Drizzle IMO 1008413 Yacht that was built in 2005Joost J. Bakker, Flickr

Elements, 80m - Asking Price $122 Million

If you invite people onto Elements, they can enjoy the beach club or the Turkish bath—but they might just spend the entire time watching movies on the giant tv in every room.

Young woman in hammam or turkish bath.Poznyakov, Shutterstock

Flag, 62.3m - Asking Price $43 Million

Sure it was built in 2000, but what if I told you that 2012 refit earned Flag the Best Refitted Yacht at the World Superyacht Awards? What about that? And don't worry, yes you've still got a swimming pool on the top deck.

Outdoor swimming pool with beautiful sunset viewsLaptevArt, Shutterstock

Invictus, 65.5m - Asking Price $94 Million

When Invictus hit the waves in 2013, it was one of the biggest yachts in the world. It's 2000GT interior is spacious, outfitted with Art Deco fixtures and exotic woods, and its Sky Lounge converts into a Parisian nightclub.

The luxury yacht Invictus dockedTran Thu Hang, Shutterstock

Kahalani, 55m - Asking Price $43 Million

Kahalani has not just one but two saloons, including a rare-full beam saloon on the bridge deck. Then there's the sundeck, with a jacuzzi, bar, and a covered dining area to seat 12. Time to party.

Summer day yacht deck with served tablePlastilino, Shutterstock

KD, 52m - Asking Price $36 Million

KD has a glass-bottomed swimming pool, a jacuzzi, a bar and grill, and the deck can be converted into a "party zone" with lights and a smoke machine. Now that's what I'm talking about.

Sunreef Yachts at the Cannes Yachting Festival - 2014Sunreef Yachts, CC BY-SA 3.0, Wikimedia Commons

Kinda, 49.9m - Asking Price $37 Million

Kinda features a unique "tall and narrow" design and modern style that stands out. But, unlike the earlier sister ships in its line, Kinda still had room for a 5,000-litre pool.

night shot of luxury yacht docked by the house in canal palm trees and moon lightKonstantin Goldenberg, Shutterstock

Kogo, 71.7m - Asking Price $62.5 Million

It was built back in 2006, but Kogo's still looking timeless today. And under the hood she boasts diesel-electric propulsion from twin Caterpillar engines and ABB Azipods. That's good.

Yacht KOGO departing a pier in North Vancouver BC. North Vancouver BC/Canada/June 4th 2018Macklin Holloway, Shutterstock

Lara Lara, 91m - Asking Price $250 Million

Lara Lara is the most expensive superyacht in the world that you can buy right now. Built in 2015, it has two swimming pools; one of them can become a dance floor and the other has a swim up bar. That's all I've ever wanted.

And it could all be yours for $250 million!

Super Yacht Lady Lara in Boston Main Channel - 2020Rdargusch, CC BY-SA 4.0, Wikimedia Commons

Laurel, 73.2m - Asking Price $69.5 Million

Laurel's bright blue hull stands out among the sleek whites and greys, and the style continues inside. It has all the luxuries you could want, and an "ultra-modern stabilization system" for the seasick-heads out there.

Laurel yacht - 2017Unknown Author ,Pxhere

Legasea, 49.9m - Asking Price $41 Million

Legasea's got a 400-square-foot open air beach club between the main deck and the swimming platform. And let's not forget to mention the infinity pool between the two levels. Yes you read that right, an infinity pool. On a boat. Looks pretty nice, too.

Aerial drone photo of latest technology modern silver mega yachtAerial-motion,Shutterstock

Lioness V, 63.5m - Asking Price $49 Million

Saloon with full bar and stairs leading right down to the pool. Sundeck plunge pool. Gym. Steam room. Automated gold Tee-it driving range. Need I go on?

Night view of Port Hercules with LIONESS V Luxury Motor Yacht - 2019Robson90, Shutterstock

Marguerite, 60.7m - Asking Price $44.9 Million

Marguerite is no pretty-boy yacht—it was built with adventure in mind. Designed to sail for 30 days non-stop, it's got a professional diving outfit and the owner's cabin has an observation lounge, a study, and an outdoor, private foredeck for gazing off into the horizon.

Marseille, France - July 02, 2016 : Superyacht Axioma pictured in MarseilleGERARD BOTTINO, Shutterstock

Moonlight II, 91.4m - Asking Price $74 Million

A beast at 91.4 m, Moonlight II is essentially a cruise ship, capable of hosting 36 guests across 18 rooms. And guess who's already been one of those guests? MMA fighter Conor McGregor. Pretty cool.

Luxury yacht Moonlight II anchored in deep blue water in Greece.Drone of Mykonos, Shutterstock

My Legacy, 55.8m - Asking Price $43.5 Million

My Legacy could be your legacy! It's only gently used and it's got a huge sundeck with a bar and a pool. Pretty good legacy, if you ask me.

Super Yacht Eos at Greenock - 2016Thomas Nugent, CC BY-SA 2.0, Wikimedia Commons

Ngoni, 58m - Asking Price $49 Million

The guy who commissioned Ngoni told them to "build him a beast". I'd say they did it. It can reach 16 knots by sail power alone. It's got a state-of-the-art glass-walled gym. The study is covered in turquoise leather. Ok maybe you lost me with that last one...

A large yacht in the ocean at sunsetIsrael Torres, Pexels

No Stress Two, 49.9m - Asking Price $40 Million

It's unique looks aren't the only thing that sets No Stress Two apart. Made under its builder Rossinavi's BluE initiative, its state-of-the art hybrid engine features AI technology to monitor fuel consumption. 

Yacht moving in sea against skyrng, Shutterstock

Papa, 55m - Asking Price $39 Million

Built in 2019, Papa is state-of-the art. You want an airy saloon? It's got it. Spacious sky lounge? Yup. Outdoor movie theatre? Of course. Helipad? Duh.

White yacht at dock.Unknown Author, Pxhere

Pelorus, 114.5m - Asking Price $200 Million

For eclipsing the $200 million mark, Pelorus had better be pretty special. Is it worth it? That's for you to decide, but 114.5m does put Pelorus in a league of its own.

Pelorus At Anchor In Copenhagen, May 2008Casper Moller, CC BY 2.0, Wikimedia Commons

Phoenix 2, 90m - Asking Price $136 Million

Phoenix 2. takes you back to the Roaring 20s with a sommelier room, a plush movie theatre, a custom Steinway grand piano for musical accompaniment—all highlighted by the enormous Art Deco phoenix figurehead. 

More yachts should have figureheads in my opinion.

Luxury motor mega yacht Phoenix 2 - 2013Arndale, Shutterstock

Planet Nine, 73.2m - Asking Price $92.5 Million

Most yachts are at home in Sicily or the Caribbean. Planet Nine was built to brave the seas around Antarctica and Greenland—anywhere the waves could possibly take it. It was also in Christopher Nolan's Tenet so...enough said.

Planet Nine - Corse 2018Valerie Hukalo, Flickr

Polar Star, 65.2m - Asking Price $59 Million

Polar Star may be nearing 20 years old, but don't worry, it got a full refit in 2016. It's got a nice, modern pool, updated paint and finishings, and a state-of-the-art. They even replaced cover for the sundeck with a huge, retractable, carbon fibre cover.

Motor Yacht Polar Star - 2009Tomás Del Coro, Flickr

Predator, 72.8m - Asking Price $86 Million

If you invite me on Predator warn you—I will constantly be pointing at the helipad on the bow and shouting, "GET TO THE CHOPPA!"

Yacht PREDATOR - 2009Alain MASSARD-COMBE, Wikimedia Commons

Reliance, 55m - Asking Price $58 Million

You could have an older yacht with a modern refit, but Reliance looks like something straight out of the future. It's even got a Technogym! Like a gym, but techno! But in all seriousness, the onboard Seabobs, electric surfboards and jet skis sound fun. 

I haven't even mentioned the Teppanyaki grill yet.

Luxury Yacht Docked In Front Of Waterfront CondominiumsChuck Wagner, Shutterstock

Sea Owl - Asking Price $90 Million

Look, I'm a sucker for forest green. You didn't even need the bespoke interior that transports guests "into a fairytale-style dream world". It holding two small boats called Hatchling and Fledgling is just adorable, too.

Yacht Sea Owl - 2016Godsfriendchuck, CC BY-SA 4.0, Wikimedia Commons

Seanna, 64.5m - Asking Price $54 Million

Those with unrefined tastes like Seanna for its saloon/cinema, its Italian leather and walnut interiors. Perhaps its massage room, or its library with electric fireplace. But those of us in the know realize that Seanna's best feature by far is its sculpted mullions.

Aerial photo luxury Yacht Seanna - 2023Felix Mizioznikov, Shutterstock

Sparta, 67m - Asking Price $108 Million

Sparta stands out with its "Venetian Red" highlights and low-profile design. And how good would it feel to yell, "THIS IS SPARTA" and kick a rude guest into the sea.

Yacht in Vast SeaTom Dubois, Pexels

Stella M, 60m - Asking Price $84 Million

Stella M has all the luxuries you're used to, but with an eco-friendly hybrid engine. I hear eco-friendly engines make sitting at the bar on your sundeck feel even better.

White and Black Boat on Sea Near Brown Rock FormationMati Mango, Pexels

Talisman C, 70.6m - Asking Price $60 Million

Talisman C is basically a marina on wheels. It's outfitted to cary three extra boats for everything from powered sports to narwhal rescue. And now you're telling me it's got "boudoir décor"? Say no more.

Large white private mega yacht alongside dock.Robert Hackett, Shutterstock

Utopia IV, 63m - Asking Price $48 Million

Maybe you want Utopia IV for its enormous beach club, or its helipad, or its THREE spa pools. I want it because it's a hero. In 2023, Utopia IV rescued a stranded vessel near Florida. Can your yacht say that?

Luxury yacht Utopia IV in New York harbor - 2022Mariusz Lopusiewicz, Shutterstock

Victorious, 85m - Asking Price $130 Million

It's hard not to feel Victorious while swimming in your yacht's indoor pool. You could even celebrate your victory in your cigar clubroom, in front of the fireplace.

Ocean Victory super yacht designed by Fincantieri, Italy - 2013Phuketian.S, Shutterstock

Yersin, 76.6m - Asking Price $64 Million

The eco-conscious Yersin has been used to house researchers on actual scientific expeditions. It's efficient, recyclable, and can handle just about anything the seven seas can throw at it.

“Yersin” private yacht in Mid Harbour marina, Gibraltar. May 8th 2023Colinmthompson, Shutterstock


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