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From Crush To Disgust In An Instant

We’ve all had a certain someone who is the object of our desires and fantasies, even though they are unobtainable or unavailable. It’s called a crush, a brief but intense infatuation with someone. However, there can be a moment where our expectations are crushed. The perfect becomes tarnished. The sublime become subpar. A bad habit. An off-hand comment. Bad table manners. Here, these Redditors share the moment where their crush turned to disgust.

1. A Bad Rap

I went on a date with my crush. I was 16 he was 18. I went to watch him get his own initials tattooed on his arm and the tattoo artist kept talking about women giving birth the whole time. If that wasn’t bad enough, we went to this pier and he started rapping an NBA YoungBoy song to me. I almost choked trying not to laugh.

Then his mom called and told him he had to be home in 15 minutes and we almost got in a car wreck on the way home. Oh and after that, he sent me handwritten One Direction lyrics trying to pass them off as his own.

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2. “I’m Still An Idiot”

This happened when I was in fifth grade. For some reason, I decided to tell this girl who was an aspiring gymnast that "gymnastics is not a real sport." Within minutes I realized I was incredibly wrong but I'm a stubborn person, and back then if I climbed a hill, I had to die on it. A few months after that I developed a crush on her, was rejected, and found out that she had a crush on me first but that I had instantly ruined it with the bad gymnastics take.

While it did teach me a lot, I'm still an idiot almost a decade later. While I am now capable of admitting being wrong when I have a bad take, if I am confident enough about something that I would be willing to bet a year’s salary on it, I go too far still. It takes active effort to not engage in excessive debate, and while I can do it for the sake of maintaining a friendship or relationship, I probably miss out on friendships and relationships because I don't have the mental fortitude to restrain myself.

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3. Blame Game

This girl at work was very, very attractive, could have been a model, basically, but was incompetent to a point that was just impressive. She'd regularly write down numbers from the machines that were running, but then when asked how well she knew them, her answer was always the same. "We keep the third boiler at the same temperature every day, what is it usually?" "Uhh...I don't know." "You record these statistics every day." "I...I just don't know."

She got angry at one of my co-workers because she broke something and then expected him to graciously take the blame for her. He told her to take off and do her job correctly. Since she was really hot, the supervisor typically let her get away with anything. What's weird is, I'm not that attractive, but she kinda flirted with me. I didn't hang on to the idea for long, though.

She seemed like the type of girl who would flirt with a 4-6/10 guy in my category just because she enjoyed the attention.

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4. Spit Him Out

My brother had a friend just after high school who was super hot. He was also really nice to me and had manners when he came over. Flash forward a few years, he's helping my brother and me with a tree removal job. He starts chewing sunflower seeds and spitting them everywhere on this person's property. Then, he pees in their bushes—but that’s not the most disgusting part.

If that wasn’t enough, he then brags about having five kids by different women and that he doesn't pay child support, and that he was a "fifth-year senior, dude, haha!" That ruined it. He was ugly in an instant. He was really smart at one point, had a good job, was on the path to a good place. I don't know what happened, but ew.

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5. Put A Stop To It

He ran a two-way stop sign/blinking red light in a 55 mph zone. The intersection has clear open views for at least a half-mile on both sides and he claimed he didn't see anyone coming. But a woman with her kids in the car was right there and T-boned him as he ran through. Both cars were totaled. When I picked him up, he bragged about how he wouldn't apologize to her because it would be an admission of guilt.

He said he knows all about how to handle these kinds of situations. And then said it was her fault because he ran the stop on accident but she should've stopped once he was in front of her. In a 55 mph zone. It was super creepy and cold-hearted.

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6. Easily Manipulated

My previous girlfriend was not smart. That's not a problem for me, never has been. The actual problem connected to this was, and that has been chewing on the relationship for a few weeks then already, she was so naive that she didn't realize when she was taken advantage of. You could manipulate her into everything if you knew how to talk her into it.

The fact that she wasn't too smart (meaning, she didn't think a lot about the intentions of anyone and didn't read between the lines at all) made it exceptionally easy even for people to talk her into doing anything for them. I was blindly in love but suddenly realized what was happening when we were watching YouTube on her phone and suddenly she was mesmerized by a stupid, obvious video ad.

It was to the point where she downloaded some stupid "free" game and spent a few (not much, but it's about the principle) euros on some scammy in-game currency on the spot. I was immediately disillusioned and started seeing the bigger picture. It started with people getting her to drive them anywhere without paying a dime in gas money all the time. It eventually ended because one of her younger friends had a crush on me.

The friend told my girlfriend that I cheated on her so that we would split and so that said friend could get with me. I knew exactly what had happened when my girlfriend said, "I heard it from a friend. Can't say from who because I promised." She believed it without batting an eye and suddenly wanted to know everyone I talked to or texted with and always distrusted me when I met friends or came home 15 minutes later from work.

I didn't cheat. Never even thought about it. I could convince her that I didn't after some sweet talking but decided to break up anyway because I was just done with her gullibility. So yeah, being dumbly naive was the total killer for me.

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7. What Happens In Vegas...

I was starry-eyed over a guy for years. He joined the service after high school and I stayed for university. Eventually, we learned that he is being deployed to Korea, and was currently stationed in Las Vegas. So, we decide that I will fly out to Vegas, and we will have the most romantic weekend of our lives in Sin City. Oh no. No-no-no.

Even from the moment I landed, it wasn’t going great for a variety of reasons; but as we were driving down some side road of North Las Vegas, I witnessed the cherry on top of the garbage sundae. We happened to see a man and a woman out walking...and for some reason, he lost his mind. He rolled down his window and started screaming evil things at them.  I was terrified. I flew home the next day and went no contact.

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8. Some People Just Don’t Get It

I was meeting her kids for the first time. She sent her daughter, who was about nine, to go get some packaging for her two-year-old son's food. When the fast-food place where her daughter asked for packaging wouldn't offer one, the woman said, "Oh they're just being a Jew." I then spent a few hours (later, via text) trying to explain why this was not okay instead of just cutting things off right then and there.

Eventually, I had to give up after the billionth denial particularly once it was compounded with "It's what my friends and I call my friend's mother because she's a lawyer," and now I was going to have to explain how all of this was just getting so, so much worse. It was a wild ride. I met her and then stopped talking to her all in the period of about four days.

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9. A Horse Of Course

I took a girlfriend to see my sister's horse. The horse began nuzzling her. She freaked out and violently whipped the horse’s face. Nope. Never saw her again.

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10. Don’t Say That

He told people he was going to get me pregnant so I'd marry him—but that wasn’t the worst part. I was only 15 at the time. We’d never done the deed before, thank god. I broke up with him immediately because by that statement he implied, to our high school friends and acquaintances, that we were sleeping together.

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11. So Many Red Flags

I had a huge crush on this boy in high school. One day he invited me and my sister to go over and “hang out” at a mutual friend’s house after school. So we are all just hanging out and we’re talking and he keeps asking me who I’m texting on my phone. I told him I was checking in with my mom. That’s when he took the phone from my hand and started looking through all my messages.

He said, “I didn’t invite you here so you could text other guys.” There was no “other guy” I was texting and there are just so many red flags in that situation. I never really talked to him again after that.

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12. I’ll Pass On Him

My boyfriend didn't stop for an ambulance to pass us. He is now my ex.

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13. “Dumb As Bricks”

I finally got to have a deep conversation with him and realized that he was dumb as bricks. He thought that the Earth was flat, he thought England was a dead empire like ancient Rome or the Byzantine empire. He thought rhinos and horses were related like how dogs and wolves are. He thought that all cultures were divided by race; all black people had the same culture regardless of country, all Asian countries had the same culture, and all Hispanic countries were the same culture.

When it came to England, he thought it had collapsed after the renaissance period and all that was left were ruins. He thought that England was a large mass of land that connected to Europe during the Renaissance period and then when it sank or was destroyed, the island that was left is now Great Britain. How.

Families’ Darkest SecretsPexels

14. No Joke

He “joked” that he would hide my bipolar meds to trigger a manic phase so that I would be more adventurous in the bedroom. This would not be okay under any circumstance, but it was made worse by the fact that he was a psychologist.

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15. A Messy Breakup

I went on a date with a guy where we walked through a park while eating food. Out of the blue, he just throws his food and the packaging into a bush like it was a joke. I went out with him again after that, but I knew when he littered that this would never be serious. Don't dump your food.

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16. Too Much, Too Fast

He: brought both his parents to meet me; read me a story he'd written about me being a princess he rescued—and there was poetry too; vented about his parent's impending divorce. But oh, that wasn’t all. He also implied we'd be married and he would want me to read poetry at his funeral. I had known him four days, at driving school, at 16 years old.

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17. A Bad Sign

I don't know if you can call it just a crush at this point anymore, because it had advanced to the point of hooking up. Except, she had a swastika tattooed on her shoulder. When I saw it, I ended those sessions real quick. She swore it just wasn't finished. Still not a good excuse.

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18. You’re Gonna Pay

I dated this girl very briefly and it was never going to work for a variety of reasons, but the little thing that was a big indication was paying for dinner. Because I’m a guy and society is a thing, I’m generally prepared to pay, but it’s 2021, and let’s take turns or something. We both worked but she made slightly more than me. She said whoever asks pays, and like, okay, that works.

But her move then became trying to jiu-jitsu me into asking her. Trying to make plans but only as long as I “asked her.” This included a day when I was coming back from a trip and was tired and busy. She bullied me into dinner and then looked at me funny when I didn’t immediately reach for the check.

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19. Finger-Lickin’ Bad

A girl I liked was in a restaurant eating a sandwich. I started talking to her. While talking she constantly kept putting her fingers in her mouth to clean them off, not once using a napkin. That's just how she eats all the time. Once in a while is okay I guess and if done subtly. It was so gross. In my mind, I heard the clicking of points being lost for her. But my nightmare wasn’t over yet.

When she left, she refilled her soda at the fountain and put her finger right on the button and then of course the door handle when she left.

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20. Curry Your Favor

I had an ex-girlfriend who suggested we go for Indian food, even though I wasn’t a big fan. Then, her friend met us there. They wanted to get a whole bunch to sample. I caved even though I just wanted butter chicken and naan. We ordered way more than three humans could eat and they divided up the leftovers and then the bill came.

Neither one offered to pay and then when I said to split it, it turns out neither had brought money. A $100 dinner was a cheap lesson to learn how trash people can be.

From Crush To Disgust FactsPexels

21. Gob-Smacked!

She smacked my dog for leaning on her. Admittedly, he was a leaner. He weighed about 60 lbs., so it can be a forceful lean. He responded to "no," however.  It wasn't just a corrective tap, it was a vicious smack on the nose. That was it. All the rainbows and butterflies I had been feeling just shut off. She had been invited to dinner by my parents.

I let her have her meal and then walked her to the door and told her I'd rather comfort my dog.

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22. How Do You Like Them Apples?

I had a nice group outing going apple picking. A girl I had been interested in paired off with me and we were picking together. It was cute. We were flirting, tons of chemistry. We get to the "Ye Olde Shoppe" part of the orchard and there were bins of beads. She picked out a handful of nice beads and then pocketed them. She looked at me looking at her and scoffed that she wasn't about to pay for some stupid beads.

I snapped back, "I'm not about to pay for your stupid apples," and put the bag down. It was an awkward ride home. She didn't even like Fuji apples, so I knew there was no chance even before the beads.

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23. Weird Flirter

When I was in high school, I was flirting with the boy sitting next to me. Then he started going through my purse. I was a little put off by it but whatever. But then he started playfully punching me in the arm. But he was punching hard enough for it to hurt and make my arm red. I stopped talking to him after that.

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24. You’re Taken

I had a crush on an old roommate who had a boyfriend overseas, so she was doing the long-distance thing. It was a small crush I would never have acted on while they were together. Anyway, she was continuously flirting with me which I just brushed off. One night she climbed through my window while I was asleep and jumped into my bed!

Another night she was intoxicated and being crazy affectionate. She started kissing my cheek repeatedly but slowly moving closer to my mouth. So that was it.

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25. “Instant Dislike”

In high school, I had a huge crush on this girl in my English class. I overheard her and her friends making fun of a disabled boy who was in the inclusion program at our school. Instant dislike.

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26. Show Some Respect

He was rude to the waitstaff at the restaurant. I can’t deal with that stuff. I had to put myself through college and graduate school and I worked every restaurant job you can think of. He didn’t look so good after that.

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27. Texting Argument

I was 17, he was 23, we were texting and he went on a huge rampage about Muslims. I called him out on it, and he said "You're too young to understand." So, I blocked him. If I'm too young to understand, I am too young for you to date.

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28. Judgy McJudgerson

She was judging people walking by as we were sitting outside a cafe on a first date. She said she made it a hobby to find people’s physical flaws. Even to the point of making fun of people’s posture or gait while they walked. She was incredibly hot and wanted me to go back to her place, but I couldn’t stand being in her toxic presence for another minute.

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29. Silver-Screen Jealousy

He was jealous of a movie star: I said that his movie has gotten great reviews, not that I was gushing over that particular actor. That level of insecurity was a very quick turnoff for me.

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30. Don’t Be Cruel

He was just plain rude and mean to the wait staff at a restaurant. Oh man, I couldn't end that date fast enough. Just thinking about it makes me cringe. Showing manners and extending kindness to others doesn't cost anything.

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31. Don’t F With Cats

He told me he hated cats, so I instantly lost the crush. It’s okay to not like cats, but I adore them and am not interested in being with someone who doesn’t. We are not a compatible match.

From Crush To Disgust FactsPexels

32. Incorrect Infatuation

We had been talking a while when I made a disturbing realization. Most of his contributions to the conversation were correcting me. Correcting the big things is fine. But was it worth interrupting my story to point out I said Outbacks Steakhouse instead of Outback Steakhouse?

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33. The Lady Isn’t A Tramp

He didn’t like Lady Gaga because he thought she was promiscuous. This was back in like 2009 or so. I gradually stopped hanging out with him after that. I just don't think people should be judging other people's supposed lives, or assuming someone is promiscuous just because they're scantily clad on stage.

Nicki Minaj factsGetty Images

34. Word On The Street

I went out on a first date with a guy I liked. We were driving through a part of town with workers on the street to get to a restaurant, and there was a woman with bruises. He said something snarky like, “Well, she won’t get any customers tonight.” Well, he didn’t get anything either that night. I never went out with him again.

Worst Blind Date FactsShutterstock

35. Holistic But Empty

I dated this girl who later turned out to be into holistic healings and potions and stuff. Having a migraine and then being sprayed with lemon and lavender oil didn’t help things. She burned sage at every new place, had thousand-dollar quartz crystals for purifying, and claimed to be a reiki master. She came from a very wealthy Catholic family that hated my white trash history.

God, what an awful relationship that was. She was really sweet and very attractive, but there came a point when I couldn’t take it anymore.

From Crush To Disgust FactsPexels

36. Relationship Snuffed Out

In my 20s, I worked with a girl who was kind of the living embodiment of Jessie from Toy Story 2. A super cute and friendly red-headed country girl who could handle anything that came her way. We were crushing on each other for a while until one day after work she admitted she had a habit of chewing snuff. And the thing is, I wanted to be cool and accepting of that because I liked her, but my brain just wasn't having it. Instant turn off, and that's all she wrote.

Creepy DatesShutterstock

37. The Dealbreaker...

He didn't lie, exactly, but omitted the truth a lot. Like, he didn't mention the existence of his daughter until we'd been talking for over a month. He didn't mention that he also had a son until a couple of weeks later. He didn't mention that his roommate was a woman until month three—which is not exactly a problem but made my mind conjure up a lot of scenarios for why he'd led me to believe she was a guy.

All of these were excused by, "Well, it never came up!" The deal-breaker was when I found out the two kids had two different moms and were born only days apart. I got right out of that mess before I ended up as baby mama number three.

Lost Crush FactsShutterstock

38. A Real Mouthful

I watched him eat. It was like he was raised in a barn. It’s the grossest thing I’ve ever witnessed.

Nightmare Roommates FactsShutterstock

39. Don’t Be Picky

It was fourth grade. Our teacher, let's call her Mrs. Thompson, was teaching us how to do long division. I was sitting at a back table, and my crush, Ben, was sitting at a table in the front. I was watching Mrs. Thompson show us her division method when out of the corner of my eye, I saw a flash of movement. Ben's hand darted to his nose. He looked at it for a second, then put it in his mouth.

I squinted, not sure I saw what I thought I saw. But yet again, his finger darted inside of his nose. He looked at it for a second, then put it in his mouth. And yeah. I was having none of that. I did not want to someday kiss a mouth that ate boogers.

From Crush To Disgust FactsShutterstock

40. Creepy Pictures

I was really into this guy on Tinder. He was a good-looking, well-established photographer. Then he showed me his portfolio and it featured these pics using a very young-looking girl in a skimpy bikini—she had BRACES—and her poses made her look almost like a corpse. He kept telling me she was so excited to work with him “for the exposure.”

Ugh. Nope. Instant ghosting.

Online Dating FactsShutterstock

41. Frosty Tinder Date

One time I went to the park with a Tinder date and his dog. Some kids had built a snowman, and as soon as they left the dude spent several minutes trying to get his dog to destroy it before just taking it down himself. What the heck?

From Crush To Disgust FactsUnsplash

42. Going Bananas

It’s silly but I just couldn’t get the image out of my mind. He was eating a banana. I was a 14-year-old freshman and he was my friend’s 16-year-old brother. It was the first week of high school and we are on the bus headed to school. I sneak a glance back to where he is sitting in the back of the bus and he looks like he is giving his banana head! That was it. Crush over.

From Crush To Disgust FactsUnsplash

43. Phone-y

She was always telling little lies. Like, I'd text her something innocuous and she'd reply hours later like, “Oh sorry I didn't have my phone,”—except I was with someone else that she was texting pretty regularly with. She didn't know this. Things like that turn me off immediately. I wish people would just be honest, even if you think it's going to hurt my feelings or something. Spoiler alert: it probably won't.

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44. ‘Til Breath Do Us Part

I once had the biggest crush on the guy for about a year. He wasn’t the cutest but he was so nice and smart. One day, it was early in the morning, he spoke to me and a group of our friends. He had the most awful breath. I had to step away from the group and all my feelings for him vanished.

Michelangelo factsShutterstock

45. Nasty And Ignorant

He said nasty things about immigrants even though his parents immigrated themselves. Sir, you wouldn’t even be in this country had they not done so. Just because they’re here legally now doesn’t mean you can bash other human beings for that. People are so quick to forget their roots.

Annoyed woman with bad attitude giving talk to hand gesture.Getty Images

46. You’re Dumped

I will never forget this disgusting moment as long as I live. It was the first time we went away together for a weekend, after three months of dating. I was in the shower and he walked in, sat on the toilet, and proceeded to take a massive dump while staring at me with a goofy grin on his face. I can still hear the soft splashing of the turds. Oh God, it was ruined forever.

From then on, every time he smiled, I would picture him sitting on the toilet. Sorry, man. Ya don't DO that.

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47. The Buck Stops Here

I went on a first date with my crush but the guy forgot his wallet. There was no second date.

Obnoxious Employees FactsUnsplash

48. Don’t Go There

He made fun of my autistic brother.

Desperation in relationship.Getty Images

49. Hello, Kitty

My girlfriend and I handing out candy on Halloween. I happened to have a brand new kitten at the time. The kid at the door says "Aw, kitten!" My girlfriend slammed down the metal candy bowl—CLANG!—and sent the kitten frantically scrambling away. Wow.

From Crush To Disgust FactsPexels

50. Shot Him Down

He lied about being a Marine and having been shot. Yeah, big no from me, bud.

Steve McQueen FactsShutterstock

51. Just Not Working

He was bragging about an unemployment scam and how awesome it was to not have to work or pay for anything like regular people.

Disappointed in their children factsShutterstock

52. A Big Fat Nope

We went swimming at a lake and she was making fun of fat people who were just enjoying the day, I didn’t even think of it but she just couldn’t let it go. I was grossed out when she started taking photos of them to mock them later.

Jack Kerouac factsShutterstock

53. Something’s Fishy

This experience was so disturbing, it’s unforgettable. A girl I liked in college took her roommate’s goldfish and nailed it to their wall as part of an escalating “prank contest.” She couldn’t stop telling people about it, despite that nobody found it funny. I checked out at that point.

Common Misconceptions factsPixabay

54. Disturbing Video

On the first day in high school, I see the typical handsome guy who's popular and for once, gets good grades, and is well-liked by teachers. At this point, we've been classmates for about two years. I had a crush on him for six months. The first year, he was chill, not that popular. The second year was when it started. He became popular. He even played basketball because he had potential.

As he started getting popular, he started getting more friends. And his friends were bad. People you'd see in the movies. Overly confident basketball players, boys who think girls will drool when they walk by, etc. And he started becoming like them. Still, I held on. After all, I thought he was only acting because I "knew" he had a kind heart. At least that’s what I would say to him.

Then it all went down. My feelings for him changed from affection to disgust and hatred, and also his popularity with his other friends waned, too. A video recording showed him and some of the basketball members teasing a black girl who suffered from depression. It happened at the back of a coffee shop where students would normally go for hangouts or study sessions because it was close to the school.

What the video contained was disgusting. There were like five people in the video, including the girl. At first, they were asking for money and the girl was crying. The person who was filming was shaking but you could see what they were doing. When the girl wouldn't give them money they started pinching her belly, saying, "fat girl hasn’t got any money." She looked so hurt. Sadly, it didn't stop there.

I'm not going to go into too much detail, but the most memorable part was when they started saying, "Do you think people in school won't notice the cuts in your arm? Cut some more, cut some more!" After more mocking and saying "cut your arms" the video stopped. And the worst part is the guy who I had a crush on was the one encouraging the girl to "cut some more."

It was so disgusting. The four guys lost popularity, got kicked off the team, was sent to the principal’s office, and the girl said they took more than $50 from her so the parents of the boys had to give it to the girl and her parents. Lastly, they were all expelled. I don't know how the girl's doing now, it’s been years since I’ve seen her.

After the incident, we always took extra care of her and gave her everyday motivation. My friends and I would put small inspirational quotes in her locker for her to find daily. We loved and accepted her around the school. But what those four basketball players did to her, she will never, ever forget.

From Crush To Disgust FactsShutterstock

55. Family Matters

We went to a club for a night out and she disappeared for a while. I finally found her dancing very provocatively with some other guy. Her excuse was that it was okay because he was her cousin. We didn't last long after that.

Not supposed to seeUnsplash

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