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People Reveal The Chilling Moments Their Sixth Sense Was Right

Ever had the feeling that, although there may be no particular reason that comes to mind, something about a situation just feels... wrong?

We can never truly tell if our minds are playing tricks on us or if we really have some kind of perceptive instincts that can somehow see details that our conscious brains might be missing.

Many of us probably just respond to such feelings by shaking them off and telling ourselves there’s nothing to worry about. But after reading some of these stories, maybe we’ll want to think twice next time before choosing to ignore our guts…

Here are 42 stories about times that people’s inexplicable gut feelings turned out to be right.

39. Her Spidey Sense Was Tingling

I had this feeling of dread watching my twin sister walk down the driveway to get in the car and visit her boyfriend a couple towns over. I knew she shouldn't go. It stormed, my mother insisted she try to make it home, she tried, and she flew off the icy turnpike in the middle of the night. She was absolutely fine and believes me about my spidey sense now.

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38. Rock a Bye Baby

Registered nurse here. They pretty much tell us straight off the bat in nursing school to trust our guts. We're allowed to call a rapid response team (people who come when something very bad is happening to a patient) if the patient "just doesn't look right" to us.

I got my job right out of nursing school in a department that deals with mothers and babies right after delivery. I was 22 years old, had no children of my own, and my only experience with newborns was my last six months on the job.

I had this patient and her baby who both seemed to be doing well. The baby's weight, vital signs, and intake and output were all normal, but I felt like something wasn't right. For one thing, I had never heard this baby cry. Anyone who has ever been anywhere around newborns know that they can pretty much cry at the drop of a hat, for anything, at any time.

This baby didn't cry when I put her on the scale to weigh her (They usually cry like you're actively trying to kill them), or when I pricked her heel for a blood sugar. I felt like a total idiot because I had almost no experience with newborns, but I decided to talk to someone anyway.

I brought the baby to the nursery nurse, who has had over 20 years experience in the department, and told her that I thought something was up. The baby looked fine. Her vitals, including her blood sugar, were perfectly normal. However, the baby was floppy (not a technical term, but used to describe a baby when its arms and legs aren't curled up tightly next to the body like they're supposed to be.

This baby's arms and legs were limp and stretched out). She had a poor grasp (she didn't tighten her fingers around our fingers like newborns are supposed to do) and when we could get her to cry (we barely could), her cry was weak.

The nursery nurse agreed that something was wrong and called the neonatologist (newborn baby doctor) who was on call that night. She spent about 20 minutes on the phone just trying to tell him that something wasn't right, even though everything was technically normal. Luckily, the neonatologist trusted her judgement and had us send the baby to the NICU.

That baby ended up staying in NICU for about a month, being tube fed because she stopped eating well. They did genetic testing on her and discovered that she had been born with a pretty rare (only 30,000 cases diagnosed annually in the US) genetic disorder that usually isn't diagnosed until the baby is unable to sit up on their own at about six months of age.

The disorder has no cure, but doctors were able to start treatments on her in order to manage some of the symptoms almost immediately.

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37. She Just Knew Something Was Up

When I left for my last vacation and had to leave my old cat behind. The way she looked at me and didn't want me to leave...

I had a feeling she wouldn't be alive when I got back and it turns out she died the day before we got back.

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36. Unfamiliar Girlfriend

When I was in university I was walking home from the bars in the Byward Market in Ottawa with my roommate at the time. It was about 2:30 am and we were looking forward to getting home and ordering some pizza when we came across two guys and a very drunk girl.

Initially, we didn't think anything about it because it was a pretty common sight on a Friday, but as we walked behind them for a few minutes we noticed how out of it she was.

One of the guys was essentially carrying her, and her clutch was loosely dangling from her limp wrist. Our street came up, but instead of turning down it we decided to see what was going on. The guys explained that she was one of their girlfriends and had too much to drink so they were taking her home.

We asked them a few more questions: what bar they were at, where she lived, if she was an Ottawa U student, etc... They gave pretty convincing answers but all the same seemed really uncomfortable and wanted us to go away.

During the conversation, the guy holding his "girlfriend" shifted her position to get a better grip, which caused her arm to dangle down and drop her clutch. Before they could move, my roommate grabbed the clutch and took out her ID. My roommate then asked if they knew her first and last name along with her birthday.

This is where things changed. One guy got really aggressive and confrontational while the other went silent. They didn't know her name OR birthday.

I then pulled out my phone and called the police. The guy dropped her and they took off running. We waited with her for about ten minutes until the police and EMS got there. We gave a statement but did not have much to go on other than their descriptions. Police told us they suspected she had been dosed, and that she was lucky we happened to be walking behind her. Pretty scary stuff.

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35. Tree Huggers

My grandparents were driving up a steep mountain road behind a logging truck, when my grandmother started having a mild panic attack.

She just kept saying “something’s not right, pull over. We need to pull over” so my grandpa did and settled her down.

After a few minutes she was fine and they kept driving.

A mile or two up the road, a load of trees had come loose and spilled off a truck. Had they continued driving, they might have gotten killed.

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34. Duck and Cover

Got off the subway at night, there was one other person about half a block behind me on my route home. This is a totally normal thing, has happened thousands of times. Totally normal-looking dude, not even following me closely. I had a bad feeling.

Such a bad feeling that, when I turned the corner on my way home, I broke into a dead sprint and hid behind a dumpster in the shadows partway down the street. By the time he came around the corner, I was well hidden, and could see him from my hiding place.

As soon as I saw his reaction to the fact that I wasn't there, I knew I had been right to hide. He started LOOKING FOR ME, muttering to himself, going up and down the street, and looking around corners. I hid and held my breath until he was gone. It was terrifying. I am so glad I had that sudden, inexplicable impulse to hide, and listened to it.

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33. You’ll Thank Me Later

I don't know if this qualifies but I pulled up to a stoplight and waited for the light. Car pulls up behind me. Down the street to my left comes a car speeding but not insane. Light turned green for me. Something about the car told me to stay put. Stayed put.

Car behind me kept honking and honking and honking. Car to my left ran the red. Then I pulled out and made a left. Got to the next stoplight and heard incessant honking. Turned around and saw the car that was behind me in the next lane motioning to roll down my window.

He said, "That car wouldn't have hit you, it would have T-boned me. You saved my life." Listen to your inner self.

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32. Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You

My friends and I went on a booze run one night back in college. We live in Flint, and were at a friend's house in a relatively bad neighborhood.

We had our friend who was 21 go in while the rest of us waited (Yay underaged drinking!). As we're sitting in the parking lot we notice a dude standing by the trunk of his car a few rows of parking spots ahead of us.

I had a bad feeling about him, so I was watching him the entire time while my friends were all chatting it up and laughing. I noticed my other friend who was driving watching too.

Sure enough, after watching us for a second, he pops the trunk, pulls out a pistol, and starts walking towards us.

We noped the hell out and floored it around the parking lot right as our friend came outside, yelled for him to get in, and sped off.

Turns out, there had been a ton of carjackings in that area over the last few months and there was probably about to have been another one.

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31. Mother Knows Best

Not me but my mom. When I was about ten years old I got invited to spend the night at my really good friend’s home. My mom said no. I begged her to let me go but she was adamant that I couldn't. She said she just didn't feel right about it and that no amount of pleading was going to change her mind. A few weeks later my friend’s dad was arrested for inappropriate child content. After he went to trial it was found that he had also abused several young girls.

He would have his daughter invite them over for a slumber party and then touch them when they went to sleep. If my mom hadn't trusted her gut feeling I could have been one of his victims.

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30. Good Timing is Something to Be Thankful For

Several years ago on Thanksgiving my mom was becoming extremely overwhelmed. The holidays have never been a great success in my family and my parents had issues communicating which led to a lot of stressful and tense dinners, and if it wasn't them it was someone else starting a fire. Well this year was bad.

My mom had been cooking for hours to get ready to head over to my cousin's house. My dad was yelling about how we spend too much money on the holidays. It got to a point where my mom told me and my brothers to leave for the party ahead of them.

We didn't get far from the house until a really bad feeling started sinking in my stomach. I knew my brothers felt something too. I said "Can we go back?" and my older brother turned around immediately.

When we got there my father was gone, he had left out of anger and my mom yelled at him to leave. My mother was in her bed, laying still with an empty bottle of sleeping pills beside her. She was still conscious when we came in but started shaking and was falling asleep.

We called 911.

I later learned that the pills she had taken would have only put her to sleep for a long time, not actually killed her, but clearly, death had been her intent. She has/had severe depression and after this she got some real help.

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29. Prophecy Come True

We were at a party at a friend’s place. He had a new colleague he had befriended attending as well. Something about this new dude just screamed "insane" to me... and the more he conjured up crazy racist conspiracy theories and went on about "prophecies"... the more I was concerned. Next day I said to my friend "don't be near this dude, he's nuts."

Couple of months later he slit his girlfriend's throat outside in broad daylight and then turned the knife on his own neck, when bystanders prevented his suicide. Last I heard he was in prison.

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28. Liar Liar Pants On Fire

A little different perhaps but I used to work for a company making barns. We were installing a rail made from old oil lines. I was using a large chop saw to cut the threaded ends off the pipe.

A chop saw is basically a large gas powered chainsaw with a 14" diameter fibre blade in this case. I had gotten to the last cut and as I stood up I had the weirdest feeling that something was wrong. Didn't know what but I knew something was off.

I looked around, checked my cut which was good, didn't mark the concrete below. Stood there for a solid five minutes with saw in my hands trying to figure out what was wrong. All looked good until I moved the saw enough to notice a large hole burning in the shin of my jeans. Turned out I had stood in the sparks. Luckily there was enough left for shorts.

So I’m glad I had felt like something was wrong, or I wouldn’t have realized my pants were on fire.

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27. Why Is It Always the Good Ones Who Are Secretly Criminals?

I don't know if I had a "something is very wrong feeling" for this. However, I felt something was off. I was at my mechanic getting routine work done on my car during the summer time. I noticed that he had a coat hanger and every single hanger had a well-worn coat on it. I thought it was odd and out of place, but figured it's a mechanic shop. They probably just left it there from the winter time, no biggie.

Not too long afterwards, maybe a few months, there was a drug bust at the shop. They were using those jackets to hold heroin. Our mechanic is in jail now, and honestly he was a good mechanic so I was disappointed.

Ironically, my pediatric doctor got busted for bribery to prescribe certain medications and is likely going to jail too. Never had a vibe about him though. This sucks too since he was a great doctor.

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26. Cat-ch Me If You Can

I heard a strange noise when I woke up.

I looked outside my bedroom window to see if anything there made that noise and saw my oldest cat sitting on the windowsill outside of the other bedroom. She was staring into the room as if there was something in there that she did not like at all but could not look away.

At that moment I knew there was something, or someone, in the other room.

Then I heard the noise again, it was like a soft squeaking, like someone shifting his weight from one foot to the other on a wooden floor (I don't have wooden floors...).

I told myself there could not be an intruder in that room, it makes no sense that someone could get in there without waking me up. So I gathered up all the courage I could and went in to check it out. When I got to the doorway I saw two of my other cats in the hallway staring into the other room, very agitated.

I peeked around the corner and heard the squeaky noise again. It was one of my neighbor’s cats, very afraid and being trapped on my desk by my cats.

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25. Fido Saves the Day

I grew up in a fairly quiet neighborhood and when I was twelve, we got our first dog. It was my job to take him for a walk every evening after dinner.

This dog was the goofiest, sweetest golden retriever mix, with not a single mean bone in his body. He never met a stranger he didn't like, and when he would occasionally escape, we usually found him in a neighbor’s yard, playing with some kids. He was the farthest thing from a guard dog you can imagine.

So I’m walking him one night after dinner, by myself, and he suddenly stops dead in his tracks in the very middle of the sidewalk. Out of the trees lining the neighborhood, maybe ten feet away from me, this guy just comes strolling on out.

I was pretty skittish at that age, and I didn’t like being alone with strange men, like, at all, so I was immediately unnerved. The guy walked up to me and asked if my dog was friendly. I responded out of sheer anxious panic and said that yeah, he was.

The second the guy reached out to pet him, though, my dog snarled and snapped at his hand which I had never seen him do before. I apologized, made some excuse I don’t remember, and hurried away under the pretense of getting my vicious dog away from him.

Turns out this dude had assaulted three other neighborhood kids in those trees, and my dog was probably the only reason I wasn’t the fourth.

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24. You Never Fooled Me!

Two guys I met in high school, senior year, seemed alright but for some reason I had the feeling I couldn't really trust them. End up going to same college and being in same circle of friends, still don't really trust them. Eventually, they end up burglarizing a friend's house right after a big party.

They got caught fleeing the scene in their car by a flatmate. They gave all the stuff back after being confronted and everyone cut ties with those two.

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23. Sounding the Alarm About That Sidewalk

I was walking with my daughter last week and we heard a siren as we approached a crowded intersection. Instead of stepping close to the edge of the street and waiting for the "walk" light like usual, my daughter stopped well back on the edge of the grass and touched my arm so I would do the same.

A full thirty seconds later a police car (campus cops) came screeching up through the traffic and drove ONTO THE SIDEWALK to get around cars stopped at the light. If we had been in the customary "pedestrian waiting" spot I don't know that he would have seen us and I am sure he wouldn't have been able to stop.

I asked my daughter why she'd stopped so far back and she said, "I don't know. I just knew we should." Smart kid!

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22. Just Following Nurse’s Orders

My mum has been a psych nurse for over 30 years at a private hospital. One of the patients she was looking after was a very boisterous person in her 40s and she had been in the hospital for over a week. One night mum noticed that this lady was very lethargic, saying that she was just feeling tired and was going to have an early night and to get her meds early (this isn't going where you expect).

Mum thinks this is very odd for this lady, but everyone has off days and so she gives this lady her medication and she goes off to bed. About five min pass and mum still has a knot in her gut about this lady, and thinks she will just check her stats, so she goes to her room, where the lady is just about to lay down and checks her blood pressure, pulse and Oxygen saturation.

This is pretty rarely done in a psych hospital unless people have other health concerns needing monitoring.

This lady's Oxygen saturation was down to around 80% I believe (doing the best to recall). To put that in perspective, if it falls below 92% your cells can't absorb oxygen and this can cause permanent damage.

Mum, in her over 40 years of nursing (wasn't always a psych nurse), has never seen someone with such a low level. She checks again and the same result. Mum calls an ambulance and gets this lady on oxygen.

Later that night mum gets a call from the hospital the patient was sent to, from the doctor who lets my mum know that the lady is fine. She had a blood clot. If she had been left for another 15 minutes the doctor is certain she would have died. The lady made a full recovery and gave my mum a beautiful scarf the next time she saw her.

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21. And the Crane Came a Tumbling Down

A storm was gathering as my dad was driving. I was eight, sitting in the back and looking out the window. I told him: "You better hurry, that construction crane looks like it might topple." Everybody laughs at the idiot kid.

That evening the whole family was watching the local news. They opened with the story of that crane crashing down due to heavy wind. Although nobody had been hurt, I felt vindicated.

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20. Busted

When I was five my late Grandma was staying with us. One night I woke up to some noise and find my parents and Grandma up. She told me to be quiet and I realized that there is someone trying to pick the lock on our flat's door.

While this is happening my father was loading his shotgun and telling my mother to keep us away from the door.

Then he opened the door suddenly and hit the guy with the stock of the shotgun. He started to run and my father ran after him but he got away.

Later that night I learned that my Grandma had been unable to sleep that night, feeling there was something wrong. It was after a while that she heard what was going on with the door and woke my parents up.

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19. The Happy Wanderer

When I was in high school, my grandma had a stroke and lost the ability to speak. Because she was illiterate, it was hard for us to understand what she was trying to say. One day I went to school after preparing her breakfast as usual.

When I arrived, there was this urge telling me to go back to home. I tried to pass it off as boredom but it got to a point I felt very agitated and told my friends I'm going back home and left.

When I was walking back home I found my Grandma wandering around without anyone. I asked her what she was doing and she pointed out as if to say she is out for a walk. But I knew that back then she couldn't find her way back home without anyone with her because of the stroke.

So I walked with her for a while and we turned back to the house to find my very worried parents. This was before cell phones were around. I never believed in the supernatural. I'm not a religious person but I experienced this firsthand. I don't know what to call it.

I hope she is in a good place with my parents.

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18. Not With My Daughter You Don’t!

My oldest daughter (30-something) stopped by my work one day and introduced us to her new boyfriend. He seemed a little off to me, but I decided it was just "guy dating my daughter" and let it go. A bit later on, he met my wife and she told me afterwards that he seemed off to her, too. She has pretty good instincts about people, so we decided to investigate him a bit.

Typing his whole name into Google, the first result was a mugshot from a couple of years ago. The third was an active warrant. More searching resulted in finding three warrants from different counties, an extensive record (check deception, theft, driving while suspended, driving after a lifetime suspension, and driving while a habitual traffic offender), and a brand-new marriage license for him and my daughter. They were going to get married later that week.

We, of course, told her about him, but she insisted that he'd already told her about all of that and had "taken care of it." We emailed links to her roommate, who showed her, but she didn't have any luck talking her out of the relationship. They were in love, and everything would work out OK in the end in her mind.

We sent in an anonymous tip, and he was arrested the next day at her apartment. My daughter then found out that he'd been lying to her about pretty much everything. He had entangled her in a business he was trying to start that mostly involved her financing things for him, because his credit was trash due to records for bounced checks and theft. She's still working to untangle herself from that.

He is still in jail, and, according to her lawyer, will stay there for at least two years depending on what happens in two other counties.

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17. This Teacher Got Schooled By the Cops

I had a math teacher in middle school who came off as creepy. He would try and get close to us guys and try and act like old friends. He seemed afraid of girls for some reason. I didn't like him. He gave me a very bad feeling. After about a year at our school, he wasn't there suddenly. We had a police officer come in and sit us down and interview everyone individually. It turns out that he was caught having a perverted sexual party with some of his former male students from his previous school. He was sent to prison.

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16. What Are You, Chicken?

Went on a high school field trip for a couple of days and the first day we had a barbeque. There was chicken and I didn't trust the other kids to make sure it was done well, so I passed up on it. Next day fifteen people had salmonella ruining their entire trip. Might fall under logic instead of instinct though…

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15. Flipped His Destiny

My friend asked me for a ride home. I told him I wasn't going his way and he was like "okay, I'll catch a ride with those people." I wasn't a huge fan of the people he was going to go home with, so I said screw it and gave him a ride.

Turns out the kids who were going to take him home decided to speed down a windy, wooded road near his house at 80 MPH. They hit something and flipped the car multiple times. They all lived, but barely. The EMTs said that if they were bigger kids (they were all scrawny and under 5'10") they would've been crushed.

My friend who almost went with them is 6'2". He absolutely would've died that day.

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14. Bear-ly Avoided Catastrophe

When I was a little kid, I stepped outside to walk home from my neighbor’s place two doors over. I smelled what I knew was a bear, which are common where I live. If you've ever smelled a black bear, it's not that different from a skunk, which is what my friend's mom told me it probably was when I asked her to drive me home even though my house was literally right around the corner.

The thing is, a skunk's smell is strong, but doesn't, like, travel. A bear's smell is more... permeating? Begrudgingly, she drove me—only to see the bear sitting on my back steps outside the door I would've tried to enter my house with. Black bears aren't that vicious, but my friend’s mom apologized immediately about not believing me: could've walked straight into that thing at the age of 12.

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13. Eureka!

I knew some people who were really into off-roading in modified Jeeps. Once they were invited by a group of people I did not know up to a mountain in Colorado. They chose not to go and everyone in the four Jeeps that went got caught in an avalanche and died.

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12. How Did You Know?

When I was doing my PhD, I got offered the chance to go to the Central European University summer school programme to do a course that would have been extremely valuable. I even got offered a full scholarship to do the course, free accommodation, etc. A really amazing deal.

Two weeks before I was supposed to leave, I said to my boyfriend at the time, something is telling me I shouldn't go. And I was like, WTF brain, this is the opportunity of a lifetime. But the "don't go" feeling kept getting stronger. So I withdrew from the course, feeling stupid for doing it.

The day after I was scheduled to leave, my perfectly healthy mom got sick. A week later she was in a coma, and a week later we had to turn off life support. Her funeral was a week after that. I would have been away in her last waking moments.


11. Life Saving Movies

My mum was supposed to take me and my sister to the Natural History Museum in 2005 since we lived just outside London and it was only a short tube ride.

However on the day, she had a horrible feeling so we stayed home and watched movies instead. That was the day of the 7/7 bombings.

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10. Mind Over Matter

My severe back pain was misdiagnosed for about six months and I knew something was seriously wrong. I finally was able to get an MRI and they found a tumor about 1.5 to 2x the size of a softball on my spine.

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9. Age is Just a Number

Several years ago, at the end of April, I get a call from my aunt telling me that they've moved my grandmother into the hospital wing of the assisted living complex she'd been in with my grandfather (he'd died a few years prior). A thought flashed through my head... "this is it, she's getting ready to die, but she'll wait until after her birthday."

About 4-5 weeks later, on May 19th, I'm on the phone with a car insurance company. My call waiting beeps and I see it's my aunt. I tell the customer service agent "I'm going to have to call you back, that's my aunt on the other line calling to tell me that my grandmother's dead."

The reason I remember the date is because she waited until the day after her birthday to die so that she could unquestionably claim to be 92 when she died.

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8. Took One For the Team

Playing basketball and came down really bad on my leg. Couldn't walk and had to be carried off. "Mom, something’s wrong. Take me to the hospital." "No you're fine, it just needs time." Fast forward a week and finally taken to the hospital. Broken tibia. Jesus mom, c’mon.

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7. Sixth Sense

My sister once called me downstairs to talk to my dad on the phone. At that time that was pretty regular, maybe once a week, and it wasn't at all an unusual time for it or anything. But my stomach suddenly dropped, I wanted to be sick, and I really, really did not want to answer.

Turns out my grandfather, who I liked very much, had passed away very unexpectedly.

I still don't understand what it was. I got nothing from the reactions of my family because he wanted to tell me first, and it started before I saw any of them. There had been no news, medical or otherwise, about my grandfather beforehand.

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6. Some Devastatingly Flawed Logic

I worked at a daycare. One of the mothers gave me the heebie jeebies. She would show up randomly and be like "my baaaaaaby, I neeeed my baaaaby." Like, moms love their kids and miss them, but her obsession with her daughter really made me feel weird.

She ended up killing her daughter so that she could be an angel. It really messed me up when I found out.

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5. Unsung Hero

I got to the airport early, got something to eat at the restaurant, and boarded the plane. Everyone is on and I suddenly get a feeling of panic. Nothing else, just panic. I was used to traveling back and forth every week, so no problems flying, but in this case I had to get off that plane. I grabbed my stuff, ran past the flight attendant and said don't wait for me I will get another flight and sat down trying to calm down.

Announcement comes over the speaker that they are looking for me, my flight is leaving. It leaves. I watch the flight start to take off. This was in Detroit. Then it happened. The worst cramps I ever had, and I ran to the bathroom.

Food poisoning from the restaurant. I would have been on a two-hour flight stinking up the plane while ejecting the contents of my stomach from both ends. I am sure the entire passenger compartment thanks me, though they do not know...

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4. Grandma's Intuition

We had a serial killer in South Carolina a couple years ago. No one knew what he looked like yet but he had already killed three people at this point. Well, my granny has lived alone since my paw-paw passed about 15 years ago. She lives at the end of a long dirt road with about 10 other families but the closest one was about a quarter mile up the road.

One afternoon some random guy comes knocking on the front door of her house. My granny is a practical woman, she has never been to school because she grew up on a farm and was expected to pull her weight, but she is a smart woman.

She goes to the door but doesn't open it—it’s a glass door. The 40ish-year-old man is there asking if he can use the phone since his car broke down, but Granny doesn't like the look of this guy. If he doesn't live here there is no reason for him to be on this road and if he was visiting someone their house or anyone else's house would have been closer since she lives on a dead end.

Anyways, she tells him that no he can't use the phone and needs to leave. She backs up and picks up my paw-paw's 410 as she goes. Once he sees the shotgun he hightails it out of there. About a week later the cops finally catch the serial killer and lo and behold if it isn't the same man.

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3. A Blast From the Past

It was near Halloween time when my friends and I were telling ghost stories. My friend said she was going to tell a story about her parents' first date. She said she didn't like telling the story, since it was actually true, but we prodded her on.

To cut to the chase, the parents had spent a nice, if awkward, first date together and around the time that they would have said "good night," the male in the situation—my friend's dad—suggested that they go for a midnight hike up Provo Canyon.

He apparently knew the place, since he had done a fair amount of rock climbing in the area. So the two drove up to the mouth of the canyon, got out of their cars and started hiking under just the light of the stars, since it was a new moon.

At some point, the male starts getting a "bad feeling," since the pathway ahead, which would pass under some trees, would be dark, and because it was getting to be quite late. He ignores the feeling and presses on. In later rehearsings of the story, the female would say that she had felt the same feeling at what was probably the same time, though she didn't know the trail like he did.

A minute later, the feeling came back to the male. He ignored it again, and started walking a bit of the way into the trees when his foot hit something "soft" in the middle of the path. Under the trees, it was too dark to see just what this soft thing was, and the feeling came back stronger than ever. Instead of finding out what his foot had bumped into, he and the female both agreed to hightail it out of there...

Years later, after being married for some time, they were watching an interview with the serial killer, Ted Bundy. In response to a question asking him to describe the time that he felt the closest to being caught, he explained about the night that he lured a girl into Provo Canyon, and had just killed her when he heard some people coming up the trail.

He explained how he hid in the trees just in time, only to watch some guy walk right into the body, and for some reason, just turn around and walk away.

Gut Feeling Turned Out to Be True FactsPixabay

2. Spotted in the Act

A few years ago, about 1 am on a Sunday morning, I had to take my dog out before bed. I live in a rough neighborhood and I am a female so I usually have my guard up regardless of the time. Before I left the apt building my gut told me something was up.

The street was completely void of traffic and people except for a van parked out to the side of the road. Outside of it were three people whom I quickly identified as male. Right away my reaction is to keep my head low, put my jacket hood up and not bring attention to myself.

Out of the corner of my eye, I could see they were struggling; on closer inspection, I see two of the men are holding up the other man between them. I make the assumption that they are headed home after a night of heavy partying and they are just helping their friend who is sick or something.

I am telling myself this to ease my fears. Then they notice me and they stop everything and freeze. I thought that was odd and no good so I drag my dog straight back to my building (I don't even know if he got the chance to pee that night!). I go to bed and thinking nothing more of it, until it's time to take the dog out again in the morning.

There was a notice in the elevator asking for witnesses as to exactly what I saw that evening because a dead body had been found. So... this wasn't a friend of theirs after all, they were ditching a body. Still upsets me today and I will never ignore my intuition again.

Gut Feeling Turned Out to Be True FactsPixabay

1. At Least They Were Already in a Hospital

I work at a psych hospital. I was in the cafe with an adult unit and the adolescent unit was also there. I had known one of the kids from when she was on the children’s and normally we had a good rapport. I went to say hi and told her I was proud she had been staying out of trouble, and a few of the other girls reacted weirdly to me saying it and the girl looked guilty.

I told the staff on the unit and said they should keep an extra eye on the girls because I had bad vibes about it. The staff kinda brushed me off. A half-hour later four girls (including the one I knew) literally almost killed the two staff, one got her head bashed in and suffered brain trauma and the other staff was blinded in one eye.

Creepiest Things Kids Have Ever Said or Done FactsPixabay




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