January 15, 2020 | Eul Basa

People Share The Silly Lie They Had To Uphold Because They Fell Too Deep Into It

We're taught that lying is bad, and that's pretty much true. But there's no denying that when used jokingly in certain situations, it can be a whole lot of fun. It's easy to tell little white lies, especially when we think they're going to be completely harmless. However, there are some cases where we end up digging ourselves too deep into a hole that, at some point, we aren't able to get out of it anymore. All we can do is stick to the lie and hope no one finds out. People from around the world took to the internet to share the silly lie they were forced to uphold because they fell into it too deep. Prepare yourself for some great laughs—the following stories are as ridiculous as you'd expect them to be:

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#1 Dinosaur Pigs

Long ago, Discovery Channel had a special on prehistoric pigs. It aired on April 1 and, being a 12-year-old who was "smart" and "knew how to think critically," I assumed it was a joke show put on by the channel.

A few months later, they re-aired the special. My dad happened to be watching it and, being the nerd that he is, he called me in excitedly to show me this prehistoric pig programming. I scoffed and said, "Dad, it's fake. It was made for April Fool's and now they're showing it again."

"OH," he said before he let out a few laughs. Here's the thing—I was wrong. The show was about a real animal that really existed. I discovered this a few years later on the internet.
But by now, my dad had started using these fake giant pigs as a conversation starter! Not only that, but he flipped the story a bit and started claiming he was the one who saw the show on April 1!

23 years later, the man STILL BRINGS UP THIS FREAKING SHOW. Because he thinks the idea of what he calls "dinosaur pigs" is HILARIOUS. I thought of telling him, but it's too deep now. I go to my grave with this one.


#2 Brandon The Legend

There is a guy who I used to work with at a corporate chain steakhouse while I was going to college. We stayed up all night partying and he didn’t wake up in time for his opening shift the following day. When he finally got up, he was two hours late and had a bunch of missed calls. He was about a month away from graduating and had worked this same job all through college, so he was worried that he was going to get fired and wouldn’t be able to use the job reference.

His solution was to call in and tell the boss he had been in a car accident on his way to work. Now, this temporarily solved the problem, but to really sell the story he ended up hiding his truck in a friend’s garage and working his next four weeks of serving shifts with a fake full arm cast. Brandon, you’re a freaking legend.

Getting_A_Cast_On_His_ArmWikimedia Commons

#3 My Daughter Is A Dog

Last year on the first day of a month-long rotation in medical school, I was telling a story and accidentally referred to my dog as my daughter. I quickly did the mental evaluation of how embarrassing it would be to correct myself versus rolling with it and I just decided to go with it. I pretended I had a kid for the rest of the month. I didn’t like purposely bring it up or anything, but if someone mentioned it, I would just vaguely agree and not elaborate on anything.


#4 Putting On An Accent

My hairdresser told me this a few months ago and I couldn't stop laughing... A few years ago, he and his girlfriend (at the time) went on vacation to a resort somewhere in Spain. On the first day of arriving, they got talking to another couple they met in the hotel and just for a joke he pretended to be American by putting on an accent (he's English). He said he wasn't even sure why he did it, he was just goofing around and he thought he'd never see these people again so it was just a throwaway thing.

However, they ended up being pretty good friends with this couple and saw quite a lot of them over the course of the vacation. I guess it would have been too embarrassing or weird to come clean and tell them the truth, so he just had to go with it and put on an American accent every time he saw them. For a week.

In addition to this, he was also going through some problems in his relationship (I can't think why...) so he basically spent the whole trip either arguing with his girlfriend or having to get in character and pretend to be American for no other reason than his own stupidity. He said it was the worst vacation of his life and that it was more stressful than being home at work.


#5 The Growing Lie

When I was in sixth grade, my buddy and I attempted to skip school. We planned that the next day he would stay home “sick.” I would use this landline phone I had in my room which had a “hold” feature to (what I thought would) tie up the line all day so that the school couldn’t get a hold of my mom (who worked from home). This is obviously long before cell phones were a thing. I would go to buddy’s house and we would play Genesis all day.

So, it turned out that phones didn’t work like that. We were hanging out and suddenly I heard a car outside. I ran downstairs and hide while my buddy answered the door to my crying mother who asked if he’d seen me. He lied and said no. When she left, I came up and decided that I was in big trouble and needed to cover it. I planned to say some “teenagers” from the nearby high school were picking on me and chased me around a neighborhood I didn’t know well.

I headed home and ran into my dad who was looking for me. I gave him the story and he seemed to buy it. He took me home where my mom was on the phone talking to the police. She had my school picture out and was crying. She put me on the phone and made me tell my story to the cop. He sounded skeptical but he accepted the story. My mom is happy I wasn’t abducted by some criminals. She then asked if I wanted to go back to school in the afternoon.

I said I did (because it would get me away from being grilled about it anymore at home). But at school, I got grilled by my teacher and the principal. My friend informed me that the entire school went on lockdown when I was “missing” because of the potential abduction. I had to keep going with the “teenagers” story for years. I finally told my mom years later when I was an adult and she was pretty mad, but I was past getting in trouble for it.


#6 Unnecessary Extra Work

It's mostly with movies. I'll lie to someone and say I've watched a particular movie, then learn everything about it—read the plot, memorize the character names, identify the actors... basically "watch" the movie without ever having watched it. I'm in deep on a few of them.


#7 Faking The Four-Eyed Life

In college, a group of people I didn't know well were talking about this guy they'd gone to high school. He looked exactly like me, to the point that they were convinced I was messing with them by pretending to be someone else. The only difference was that my doppelganger wore glasses, and I didn't. So in order to mess with them a little bit, I said that I'd worn glasses in high school, but didn't anymore. I'd never worn glasses.

One of the people there that I did know well remembered what I'd said, and didn't believe me. So the next time she bumped into my best friend from high school, she asked whether I'd worn glasses. He backed me up, instantly. I figured he just knew something was up and decided to back me up.

A decade later, with the acquisition of good vision insurance, I had my eyes checked and actually did wind up getting glasses, with a very mild prescription. Upon seeing me with them for the first time, my best friend said, "Oh wow, I haven't seen you with glasses on since high school."

I've never been sure whether he backed me up and then somehow internalized that backup and then really believed that I wore glasses in high school, or whether he just always somehow believed that I'd worn glasses. I've chosen to use it to very subtly mess with him by photoshopping glasses onto my face in old pictures that he's going to see.

I did it recently when his sister asked me for some photos to use for his upcoming wedding. It'll probably never actually pay off, but I privately think it's hilarious.


#8 Dream Scenario

I once got unapproved access to a VIP area at a venue, and the person who got me in probably would have gotten in trouble if he got busted. A fairly major musician was playing, and this was the lounge area where their family and friends were watching the show. When people asked why I was there, I said I was related to the owner of the venue (I figured this was boring enough but would stop the questions).

Instead, this really nice group of people all started complimenting me on the venue and talking to me more about it. They were really awesome people and we chatted the rest of the evening. They invited me to spend the upcoming holiday weekend at their beach house with the band. I did. No one ever found out I have no connection to the venue and don't even know who actually owns it.

Teenanger_09842Wikimedia Commons

#9 Just Blend In

I was watching my buddy who was in an amateur MMA fight. I brought a Canon Rebel TI3 camera and was wearing sandals, a Pepsi t-shirt, and khaki shorts. I went to the bar to get water and the bartender told me that "the staff gets free drinks." He handed me two bottles of water for free, I figured I looked close enough to the staff there that I could sneak onto the main floor and take pictures from the stage. I totally I did. No one questioned me, but I got some horrible shots because I don't know how to properly use a camera.

Helping hearts from Scott give back to those in needScott Air Force Base

#10 Not My Name

I'm not sure if this counts, but the girl at the front desk of my gym has been calling me Justin for like, six years. My name isn't Justin.


#11 A Natural Maestro

I told everyone I could play the piano, I never thought it would come up and that I was safe with my lie. But it did come up, more often than I thought it would. I had to make up an excuse to not play, and people started to think I was lying. Eventually, I took some lessons so that way if it came up again I could actually played something and tried not to look like I was completely full of it. It paid off, and after I moved from that area I never told anyone I could play piano again.


#12 A WoW Enthusiast?

When I was 10, another kid on my school bus asked me if I played World of Warcraft. I lied and said yes. I spent the entire rest of the year, before and after school on the bus, talking about a game I never played in my life.

One day, I was invited over when he made me log in. I entered some account and claimed I forgot my password, spending the next 30 minutes trying to debug by resetting a password to an account that doesn’t exist. Oh my God. What was I doing?


#13 Made-Up Credentials

My boyfriend (now husband) told me he went to grad school but never graduated. I found out around 10 years into us dating that it was a giant lie he had said to impress me. The only reason he came clean was his mother found out and told me.


#14 The Dual Citizen

Years ago, Canada beat the United States in the Olympics in Hockey. I had a couple of coworkers who had been gloating about how the US was going kick those Canadians to the curb for a week beforehand. So, naturally I teased them the day after the Canadians won.

"What, are you Canadian or something?"

"Actually, yes. I have dual citizenship."

They told a bunch of other coworkers and it spread around. I had to look up Canadian facts to keep my story straight.


#15 Netflix Cheating

Ah, the little lies we tell in marriages. I told my wife I absolutely did not watch the entire series of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt without her. I did.

man-watching-tv-1540551064WhoPublic Domain Pictures

#16 Strictly German

I told my husband when we first met that he couldn't talk to my grandparents because they only spoke German. They did speak a lot of German, but their English was fine—I just didn't want them to know I was seeing an Irish Catholic guy (they were very strict Lutherans). Now I'm 20 years into the marriage, and so screwed.


#17 Laughing On The Inside

I told my friends I was colorblind to only the color orange. For some reason, they all believed me and would point out orange things to me and laugh at me while my girlfriend and I would be laughing on the inside.


#18 The Fake Name

An older man at the church I go to misheard my name as Rachel. When I tried to correct him, he didn't hear my actual name. He later had his wife approach me and ask my name. I just said Rachel thinking it would be fine. They told the entire church my name was Rachel and it stuck. I'm eight years into this Rachel lie in a church. Great.


#19 An Exercise In Mandarin

I used to get my nails done when I lived in China with a friend. We told elaborate lies about her "rich husband" and my "useless boyfriend" to the ladies who did our nails as a way to practice vocabulary in Mandarin... I was leaving in like a few months so it was easy, but she had to find pictures of babies, weddings, and dresses to use. I just had to remember that my boyfriend was a doctor and probably cheating on me while she had to choose baby names.


#20 My Twin Daughters

I had to use my mom’s van for a semester in my second year of university. One of my classmates saw this and started poking fun at me. He asked, “What, are you a single mother now?” So I decided to go with it and said: “Nah, my wife passed away and I’m a single father with twin daughters”. He got pretty apologetic and I thought that was that.

That is until he started asking me about them every class period. I panicked and kept the lie going, even printing out a stock photo of twin girls to put in my wallet. To this day, I still get messages from him asking how the twins are doing. They just celebrated their seventh birthday and they love soccer and school.


#21 Allergic To Tylenol

When I was dating my husband, his mom wanted us to stay the night. I really, really didn’t want to. I told her I needed to go home due to not feeling well and thinking I had a fever. She offered me Tylenol and I said I couldn’t have it because I was allergic. I'm not sure why I said it.

Anyway, my husband overheard it and I later didn’t want to tell him I had lied to his mom. We’re married now. I recently had to go to the ER due to breaking a bone and was in so much pain I couldn’t talk. He told the nurse I was allergic to Tylenol. He then went to my doctor's appointments with me after that and I had to continue to say that I am allergic to Tylenol.

My “Tylenol allergy” is now all over my medical records.


#22 A Lie Becomes Truth

I moved to a new city when I was in sixth grade. These two other boys in my class both knew how to skateboard, so I lied and said I did too. Then for months, I lied about being able to skateboard to them and other kids at the school, and I never came clean because I didn’t want anyone to call me a poser. So I bought skater boy clothes and a skateboard, then taught myself how to skateboard because I lied about knowing how to skateboard. I've been skating since then. I’m 28 now.


#23 Proud New Yorker

Not me, but a girl I became friends with on a study abroad trip to Japan got asked by her host family where she was from. They misused English and it came out something like, “Where did you leave from?” instead.

Being from the middle of New Jersey somewhere, she answered “Newark” which was where she had departed from. Of course, these nice people from rural Japan, having never heard of Newark, heard “New York”.

They were SO EXCITED that they had gotten a host kid from New York City that they promptly told all their friends. She never had the heart to correct them, so for that month, she was a proud New Yorker.

100805-F-9999K-044Kadena Air Base

#24 Pretending To Be Canadian

I had Canadian currency from a trip I had taken. I kept them in my regular purse. I dropped a few of the coins on a date and the guy assumed I was Canadian. I went along with it and kept that up for a little while. I was so relieved when we broke up and he never had to meet my family. I maintained a lie for no reason.


#25 West Philly, Born And Raised

In high school, I told a girl I was from West Philadelphia, born and raised, but I had to move to my current state because of a fight. She was actually from West Philadelphia and would talk to me about how good it was to meet someone from there. I avoided talking to her as much as I could, which wasn’t too hard as I had horrible social skills.


#26 Mixed Race

I told someone I was mixed Dutch and Spanish and now I’m so deep into it that I even got the town and all. It’s pretty bad and people always say, "Yeah, you can really see it in your hair and body shape." I wish I could get out of it but 12-year-old me messed this up. The lie's been going strong for seven years now.


#27 I'm Not Chris

My first job out of college was in local government where I worked pretty closely with a bunch of elected officials. Being 22, I was pretty intimidated at the time and really wanted them to like me. Somehow, one of them got the idea that my name was Chris and... It is not Chris. That guy called me Chris for six months before he lost re-election.


#28 The Kissing Lie

I just got out of it this past year, but when I was seven, I touched the Stanley Cup. I realized years later I was telling everyone I kissed it, but I didn't. I just touched it. I don't know when or why the lie started, but I'm glad I'm not doing it anymore.


#29 "Obsessed" With Elvis

One of my colleagues decided to tell her in-laws that their son, her husband, was obsessed with Elvis and would love Elvis-related presents for Christmas. In reality, he has no interest in Elvis at all, but through politeness, he did not question his parents when they suddenly started giving him Elvis albums, movies, t-shirts, mugs, etc. Well, it's 20 years later, and their house is full of Elvis memorabilia. His wife still thinks it's hilarious, and he's too far into the prank to correct them.


#30 The British Character

I tell my students in elementary school that I am from the UK. They think I have an English accent but just do the American accent to blend in with everyone else. I am born and raised in the US. I 've never even been overseas...


#31 For A Good Cause

Three years ago, my mom came home with a cat claiming she found her in a dumpster near a CVS. Two years later, she told me that she actually went to a shelter and adopted the cat. She only made up the story because my stepfather really didn't want another cat in the house.


#32 Dad's Sick Of It

I know a guy who faked an Australian accent in a bar to impress some girls. I'm not sure how it spiraled from there, but he constantly talks like that now. It's even more amusing when he's out with his family and you can see his dad's eyes roll back into his skull every time the guy talks.


#33 The French Fry Lie

It was in primary school. I had no friends there, so my way of making some was to say I didn’t like french fries. That way, everyone would sit close to me and take some from my tray during lunch. It worked quite well as I socialized with people and made friends at lunchtime... however, I actually loved french fries, and I had to give all of them to my friends they were around... This lasted until the end of primary school.

French fries in a plateFlickr

#34 Speggy With Marbles

I told my niece that spaghetti and meatballs in Italian is "speggy with marbles" when she was like, three years old. Now, she's five and won't stop asking for "speggy with marbles" at restaurants. It's a whole situation where she won't stop.

Spaghetti_and_meatballs_1Wikimedia Commons

#35 Cheesecake Factory? Eh...

My mother-in-law has been buying my spouse gift cards to the Cheesecake Factory at least twice a year for holidays and birthdays since we've been a couple. We hate the restaurant for a number of reasons but we never told her. This has gone on for at least six years.


#36 Linguine With Clam Sauce

My boyfriend at the time wanted to make a fancy dinner for me when we first started dating. He made linguine with clam sauce. but it was not good. I lied and said I liked it, trying to spare his feelings. Now, whenever he wants to surprise me with a fancy home-cooked meal, it's linguine with clam sauce. I'm in too deep to tell him I don't like it. I just can't stand to disappoint him—he makes it with such love and is always so excited when it's done. I have, however, helped him improve it over the years, which has helped.


#37 Who Are You?

At the beginning of the semester, I started my bio class with a HEAVY, sometimes unbelievable country accent. It was like that of a Louisiana mountain man who ain’t ever seen a street lamp. My organic chem class, on the other hand, sees me as a bro surfer stud with a “radical!” voice that makes me sound like I did surf competitions in the '80s. It turns out, some people take both those classes with me and are at a loss about who I really am.

Student_in_Class_(3618969705)Wikimedia Commons

#38 Telemarketer Conversations

I was messing with a telemarketer and got caught up in my own lie. I ended up having a meaningful conversation and he gave me some really good advice. I felt bad, but I never told him. I suspect he knew though.


#39 Take My Croutons

I told my boyfriend that I didn’t like croutons because he loves croutons. I would give him all of mine to eat. He eventually found out and still brings it up.


#40 Not Sneaky Enough

Last year, two of my students didn’t come to school. One of them stayed home “sick” and the other walked to his house instead of coming to school. They had planned to have a day of playing video games without their parents knowing. Anyway, the school protocol is to call parents of children who don’t come to school to see if they’re sick, etc.

When we called the mother of the boy who “got on the bus,” she panicked and called the police. Turned out, he went to the bus stop, hid in a bush until the bus left, then walked over to the “sick” kid’s house to play video games. The police found them both at that house. The parents were not pleased.


#41 The Marching Band Joke

I’m not actually Jewish. It’s gotten so deep that at this point I actively practice Judaism as much as I can for someone who doesn’t speak Hebrew. It started out as a joke during the marching band and now people who don’t know me believe it.


#42 "Hey Arthur!"

I used to walk to the library after school back in seventh grade and I hung out there reading or using the computers. One day, I saw this group of kids from high school and when they asked my name, I decided it would be funny to say a name from the series of books I was reading at the time. So, I said "Arthur Spiderwick." I'm in 10th grade now and I try to avoid the library in the afternoons because it's awkward to be walking by when a group of people calls out "Hey Arthur!"


#43 For The Free Food

I work at a Chinese restaurant. I told my employer I had three minor siblings, in order to get extra free food upon finishing a shift. Now, I present my employer with fake life updates of my nonexisting siblings since they for some reason really held on to that fact. I still get free food, and I couldn't be more happy for my little brother Adam who started to attend high school this year, as well as Emma who loves spring rolls and recently won a tournament in gymnastics.


#44 I "Like" Cabbage

Once told my mom that I liked cabbage even though I hated it. I just didn't want to say I didn't like her food. Guess what we had for the next month.


#45 Stuck In An English Accent

I had a friend get stuck in an English accent for weeks. People would ask him if he's English and he'd say, "I started doing this bloody accent as a joke and now I can't stop." Their faces were great because it's almost unbelievable.





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