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Relationship Horror Stories

From glaring red flags to horrible cheaters, these relationship horror stories might make you want to stay single forever. Buckle up, because sometimes the road to love is a downright nightmare.

1. So I Married A Psychopath

My aunt and uncle went through fertility treatments for years before finally giving birth. My uncle drove his wife and new baby home from the hospital. As he was helping them up the front stairs, he turned to his wife and did the unthinkable.

He said, "Well, I don’t want to hang around and get attached to this baby. Bye!" He took off, leaving his poor wife standing there dumbfounded. We later found out that my uncle had three young daughters in another state with a different woman.

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2. One Look Was All It Took

I dated a girl for a while who always seemed really well put together. She had nice clothes, hair, and makeup. We usually hooked up at my place, but I went to her apartment—once. The smell, when she opened the door, should’ve been enough. There were dirty diapers and overflowing trash cans in every single room of the house. But it somehow got worse.

There was a very small walkway through the mounds of dirty clothes to the bathroom. There were used paper plates on top of the mountain of dirty dishes in the sink. She proudly pointed out a moldy dish and said that it was from when she had cooked dinner for two of our mutual friends...three months prior! I noped out of there fast.

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3. Startling News

I learned of his infidelity when I came across a personal ad in the newspaper. It said that a woman, who lived in a neighboring town had met a man whom she had a great night with. She then went on to describe him. Well, my husband had certain features and employment that sounded exactly as the woman was describing. But that wasn't even the worst part.

She was trying to find him so they could meet up again. I was amused by the ad, thought nothing of it, and went on with my day. We had children, so I was busy picking them up from school and doing normal daily routines. The next day, I remembered the ad and thought I would read it again as it started to bother me.

So, I decided to call her just to put my mind at ease. I asked her who she was looking for. She mentioned a name different from my husband’s. She hadn’t thought to get his number, hence the ad. She said he passed through town often, due to his work and she wanted to see him again.

I told her he sounded a lot like someone I knew. So, I asked her a series of questions I had thought up that would either eliminate or confirm my suspicions. Her answers made my heart drop. Sadly, she confirmed that it was my husband—without a doubt. I wasn’t sure what to do with this new-found knowledge, so I slept on it.

The next day, I showed my husband the ad. He denied it of course, however, he couldn’t deny her physical description of him. This wasn’t the best way to find out that your husband was cheating. Although these days, I find it more amusing than I did back then.

Charlie Ede

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4. The Lying Game

We were in one of our many arguments, and I told him I needed space, so we hadn't talked in maybe a day. Then, I got a text from a random number saying it was his sister and that he was in the hospital after a bad work accident. I asked which hospital, knowing that it was him texting me using a number app and lying about being injured. However, one never knows, and it was possibly real.

"She" told me the name of the hospital and then sent me a picture of JUST his legs, which were bruised, but they looked like his legs always looked. Then “she” said, "This is the last picture they took of him before he was life-flighted to the hospital". “She” said he had severe head trauma, a cracked skull, and his back was likely broken in several places.

So, I called the hospital and asked if they had any patients by his name. They said no. I asked if anyone had been life-flighted in the last few hours, and they said no. I blocked the number and went to sleep. But it didn't end there. A few days later, I got a text from ANOTHER random number claiming to be his brother. He sent me a selfie of him in a hospital gown in an exam room at a doctor's office.

He looked totally normal. There was no cracked skull or broken back. The text said he was in the ICU and he had just woken up from a coma! Again, I asked which hospital, and the "brother" refused to tell me, saying he'll be released within the hour, so there was no point to visit. I know it makes me sound like a bad person for not believing him, but this man lied to me on several occasions, telling me all sorts of things.

His wife had also passed, and he told me two VERY different stories about how she lost her life, which led me to believe he might have had something to do with it. There were so many red flags, and my mentally ill self was naive and lonely at that time in my life. Granted, this was a breaking point for me, and I dove head-first into therapy and never looked back.

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5. It’s All In The Timing

I was unceremoniously dumped after seven years in the relationship. I later found out from acquaintances that she had been cheating on me. Strangely enough, though, the "best" part is that the dumping took place right after I had paid for not only her eldest son’s tuition coverage at college but also a massive vet bill.

It turns out that she had planned on dumping me earlier, but she had no way to pay these unexpected bills—and of course she wasn’t going to ask him to help so early into their new relationship.

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6. Pushed To The Limit

I had set hard boundaries with a guy I started seeing, saying I wanted to take things slow. A couple of dates in, we were sitting in my car eating dessert, and he tried to kiss me and put his hand on my bosom. I pushed his hand away, which he then tried to put between my legs. I pushed him away and told him he was going too far. His response blew my mind: “I’m on my best behavior. This is me going easy”!

He always pushed my boundaries, and I cut it off after a month of seeing him.

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7. Hurtful Lies

I went to my girlfriend’s place of work where I expected her to be, so that I could surprise her—but she wasn’t there. I knew something was up when her co-workers wouldn’t look me in the eye or give me any direct answers about where she was. They knew the situation and I did not, which was probably the most hurtful part. They all knew what was going on.

It turns out, she was at the movies with a male co-worker but told me she would be at work so that I wouldn’t suspect anything. Apparently, this had been going on for a while. I went on to find out that they would regularly spend break time at work doing things inside of his car—blatantly without any shame.

I randomly showed up a few more times at her work place to straighten the guy out as he knew of me and knew that the situation was wrong, but he conveniently stopped showing up at work altogether. He apparently had a lot to say about me and what he would do if he saw me come by, so it was funny to me that he all but disappeared.

Needless to say, we were done after that. She wasn’t a good person.

James Hoffman

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8. We’re Done Here

My husband used the same florist to send flowers to me and his mistress—stupidity at its best. Well, one day, the florist mixed up the orders and I ended up getting the ones meant for his mistress.

I took them to his office and threw them at him—a huge bouquet! Then, the second bouquet arrived for me as well—a much smaller one. I took that to him and threw it at his face a second time.

Yeah, that marriage was way, way over.

Debra Allred

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9. The Seven-Month Itch?

Eight months into my marriage, I came back from a girls’ weekend with my sister and cousin to find a shocking scene. The entire apartment was empty. Everything was gone—including most of my stuff. There was no note, no phone call, nothing.

It turned out that he wanted a divorce. At least he ended up giving me most of my stuff back after I asked for it.

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10. Hairless Horror

There was a guy in my social circle who I had crazy chemistry with, but nothing happened for the longest time. Then one day, we bumped into each other in the city and had a few drinks. The tension was unbearable, and we went back to his place. I had never done it casually before. I’m the sort of person that needs to be in a relationship, but the chemistry with him was so intense he was an exception.

So we got to his place. We tore off each other’s clothes. He lay me down on the bed, pulled my panties off, and saw my hoochie for the first time.  Then, he breathlessly said, Oh my God, you look like a little girl. You’re perfect”. What on earth?

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11. She Got Under My Skin

My ex used to constantly say that she wanted to be “inside my skin”. It was her way of saying she desired me, I guess. It was so weird and off-putting, I asked her to stop. She couldn't understand what was so uncomfortable about what she was saying. Pretty soon after that, I went on a week-long work trip. Three days into it, the phone rang, and it was her.

She told me that the whole time I had been gone, she wanted to cheat on me. Then she asked me if she could see other people while I was away. I couldn’t believe it. I broke up with her pretty much instantaneously.

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12. Breaking The Cycle

One night, my gal got super trashed at my sister-in-law's house. After spilling a second glass of red wine on my sister-in-law’s white carpet, we opted to move her glass further away from the edge of the table. As soon as we left, she started screaming. She full-fledged raged at me for "not defending her". The very next time we were together, she got plastered again and accused me of trying to cheat on her.

I've never cheated on anyone. She then threw her purse at me. I let things calm down and explained to her that I grew up in a house chock full of domestic problems, and that was an absolute line in the sand. For that reason, I was out.

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13. Forensic Freak

He was full of excitement and showed me a box of things he'd been collecting from me without my knowledge. This included strands of my hair taped up neatly, bobby pins and hairpins I had in from prom, as well as my fingerprints and saliva sample that he took out of the trash from our forensics class experiments. He thought this was a romantic gesture or something. It completely backfired—it just made me really realize how creepy and obsessive he was.

He was also very controlling and got jealous and mad at me for hanging out with my sister, spending time on my laptop, or even with my dog. He also admitted to me that he stalked my Facebook interests to pretend he knew what I liked, then liked those things too. He researched the games I played and the music I listened to so he could bring it up in conversation. He was a total psycho.

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14. It’s Definitely Complicated

My brother’s girlfriend changed her status to "In a relationship" with a guy who was not my brother. I called my brother because I was shocked that a) they had broken up and b) she had moved on so quickly. When I asked why they broke up, he said, "We didn’t".

He then called her and the other guy answered her phone and told my brother to back off. I wanted to kick her teeth in.

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15. Why You Gotta Be So Mean?

I was new to California and didn’t have many friends, but with some luck, I found myself in a relationship. It was six months in, and I started feeling pretty sick with pain, dizzy spells, and other fun (gross) stuff. So, I booked a doctor’s appointment with my new health insurance. The night before my appointment, I got some bad news.

I learned that my grandfather had been admitted to the hospital with heart problems. It was a major bummer. I loved the bejesus out of him, but he was in New York and I was poor. I tried to stay strong and headed to my appointment. While there, I was told that I likely had an issue that would lead to infertility, so I had best get the ball rolling on some tests.

Feeling pretty devastated about this and my grandpa’s current state, I called my boyfriend and asked if I could come over after work for comfort. I was coldly told no because he had a date with someone else. Awesome.

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16. Mi Casa IS NOT Su Casa

One Tuesday, there was a small fire in the office where my friend’s wife works. Because of that, she decided to go home for lunch and to await the all-clear call on her cell. When the wife got there, she was greeted by a disturbing sight. She found her husband’s secret "bit on the side" taking the wife’s clothes out of the closet and putting a bunch of her clothes in.

My friend had intended on telling his wife that their marriage was over that very evening. Unfortunately, the whole plan fell apart when his ditzy lover thought that the coast was clear to move her stuff in. In my humble opinion, arranging for your homewrecking lover to kick your wife out of her own house is the ultimate bad etiquette.

Apparently, the judge thought so, too. My friend was taken to the cleaners—and deservedly so. However, the best part of this whole story is that his new lover left him the day after the judgment was rendered. Turns out she was only interested in the house, which, of course, he lost in the proceedings.

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17. Darling Imposter

I found out my boyfriend was cheating from one of my girlfriends. She told me but I didn’t want to believe her. So she gave me an idea to download a texting and calling app which would give me another phone number. I started texting him with this new number, pretending that I was the girl he was cheating with.

He asked me very specific questions just to verify I was who I claimed to be. Luckily, I knew the answers because my girlfriend, who was with me at the time, knew the history of this sordid affair and helped me with the answers. Once he believed I was his mistress, I waited until the next day for him to call me.

Let’s just say that he was awfully confused when he ended up talking to me instead of to his mistress!

Samantha Williams

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18. Stop Following Me

The woman who was having an affair with my husband started stalking me. It was very Fatal Attraction-like but without the bunny, thank goodness! In the beginning, I didn’t even know that I was being "stalked". It was back in the 90s and I didn’t even know the term "stalker" existed.

I started seeing the same woman at the supermarket, outside our apartment, in the same carriage on the train, even at events, like the New York Marathon. Everywhere I went, she seemed to be there. I pointed her out to my husband once and his reaction was very strange.

He got very agitated. In fact, he turned bright red and started walking rapidly in the opposite direction. If he hadn’t reacted so awkwardly, I would not have become suspicious, certainly not at that point. It transpired that he had broken off his affair with her and she was pressuring him to continue the relationship by stalking me.

I later found out that she had gotten pregnant and my husband had talked her into having an abortion. I don’t think she was mentally stable to begin with, but the abortion, and my husband’s cavalier treatment of her, really pushed her over the edge.

Sadly, things escalated even further from there but that’s a tale for another day.

Grainne O'Reilly

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19. Throw In The Towel!

I showered at his place after staying over, and I asked for a towel. He gave me one which had literal skin flakes on it. Obviously, I asked for a clean one, but he asked me what I meant. He did not even realize that you need to wash towels! His reasoning was you didn’t have to because "they just have water on them, so they clean themselves". Yuck!

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20.  He Was A Raging Lunatic

There was this guy I had been seeing for about a month. Everything was fine, but then we got into our first “argument”. It wasn’t over anything serious, just basically a disagreement. He then decided to get hammered and show up at my house, yelling outside and banging on my door. He told me to face him like a man—I’m a woman.

Then, he blew up my phone with insults. His anger just got way out of hand too fast for something so small. I told him to no longer contact me because I felt like he was unsafe to be around. For months he tried to contact me through different social media accounts and phone numbers. Eventually, he finally gave up and ended up with a new woman. I wish I'd warned her.

They had a child together, and recently he sent to the hospital. I’m so happy I noticed the signs early of how dangerous this man was, but I feel bad for his current girlfriend with his child. Some women are more willing to take a man’s nonsense than others, I guess.

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21.  Good Grief, Get Lost!

My mom passed just weeks before, and I was unbelievably exhausted and in a difficult phase of grief after a year of cancer treatments and all the fuss of being there for a cancer battle. The woman I was seeing told me that I needed to “get over it” and that I couldn't just be alone inside all the time. That was it. I never spoke to her again.

I went through my phases of grief and have been a resource to people in my life who are going through similar losses since then. She couldn’t understand that grief takes time or it doesn't and that it's different for everyone.

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22. Do You Think They’ll Notice?

My dad told me this story about his former boss who, one day, found his wife’s lifeless body. The very next day, the assistant this man had been having an affair with was wearing his wife’s clothes, shoes, perfume, and jewelry. They tried to act like everything was normal. They even kept inviting my dad and mom to dinner, which they always declined for fear of being slain.

A couple of years ago, my dad went to a guitar convention and this ex-boss was there (they’d all worked in a music chain together) and recognized my dad. My dad told me he was still super scared of the guy. To top it all off, this dude was still with the same assistant.

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23. They Go Low, She Goes High

I was planning on breaking up with my live-in boyfriend because things had been going downhill for quite some time. That night, I came home and when I walked into our bedroom, I caught him in bed with a good friend of mine. I was shocked but more relieved than anything—he was her problem now. Unfortunately, it was my bedroom and I needed to get my stuff out of there.

I walked over to the closet and pulled out all of my clothes. Then I went to the dresser and cleared out everything else that mattered to me. The whole time I did this, she was sitting there, in the buff, in my bed. I wasn’t angry, sad, or mad at her. I politely said, "I just need to get my stuff". She never left. She moved in that day.

He ended up marrying her and is still married to her, even though she now cheats on him all the time, has multiple children with OTHER men, and isn’t welcome in our circle of friends because she’s cheated with the husbands.

Surprisingly, she’s hyper-Christian and extremely controlling to boot. I actually feel kinda bad for my ex.

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24. How Did It Even Last That Long?

I have two children from a previous marriage and one child with my now ex. I took a trip home (to another country) to see my eldest son graduate. With this trip, my spouse, who bitterly hated it when I traveled without him, urged me to "Take some extra time and see your friends".

Hmm…Historically it had been anger before I left, anger when I was gone, and anger when I got home. This man had been unemployed for nine years and was totally dependent on me and wanted for nothing. I got him every new toy, new computer, new car, new laptop, and all the video games. He would spend hours mastering them.

It was a pleasant surprise to be offered a bit of time for myself with no guilt. It felt good. He even seemed interested in the details of my son’s graduation…the day, the time, etc. I honestly thought nothing of it. On graduation day, as we were standing outside for the pictures, my ex texted me from 2,700 km (1,700 miles) away: "I want a divorce".

Here I was posing for pictures while mentally rearranging travel plans so we could get home as soon as my son’s party was done. When I returned home, the house had been ransacked and anything of value had been taken. It looked like a tornado had gone through the living room.

There was no note, no address, nothing. And he took my youngest with him. The icing on the cake, though, was a brochure he left on the nightstand. It was a brochure for partners of people who had been victims of SA. The brochure described how these people could find ways to cope with what happened to their partners.

This was his parting shot: Even though I had been a victim of SA years before, HE was the one who suffered. Like everything else in life, hindsight reveals all. This man was the biggest passive-aggressive jerk in the universe.

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25. Time To Go

I was at my wife’s office Christmas party which was held at her boss’s house. I was wandering around when I saw my wife standing in the main room, facing a wall and talking to someone. There was a younger man who was standing close to her with his back to her.

He was facing the opposite wall but I could see that they were talking. I watched this strange conversation for at least a minute before instantly knowing that she was cheating on me with him. About three weeks later, I caught them together.

Within a month, I had met his young wife who provided credit card records of their hotel trysts and I gave her the phone records that showed when they were on their way to meet up.

She was out of my house by early February.

Bill Custer

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26. Romantic Betrayal

It was my husband. I would call him at work to find out what time he would be home and his co-workers would act as if I was snitching or something. They always acted as if I shouldn’t be calling him. This went on for quite a while.

Finally, I asked someone what the problem was. Their answer shocked me to the core. The co-worker said that he didn’t think I should be calling all the time since we were divorced. I said, "What?! We aren’t divorced". He then hung up on me.

I tried calling back but every time someone answered and realized who was calling, they just hung up. Later that night, I tried confronting my husband but he claimed he had no idea what I was talking about. The next few days, I tried calling him at work but they refused to take a message.

I confronted him several times asking what was going on. Finally, he admitted he had told them he was divorced because he wanted to take his girlfriend to the work Christmas party instead of me.

Kathy Hakeem

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27. From Turned On To Horrified

During my junior year in high school, I got a girlfriend for the first time. She was popular, beautiful, and out of my league. She took my virginity, and I was crazy about her. Then I started to see the REAL her. The more I got to know her on a personal level, the more I believed that she wasn’t that great of a person. Her family was beyond obnoxious, but it was a small price to pay for a lustful teenager.

About six or seven months into the relationship, I had dinner with her family at their house. She insisted her older brother tell me this hilarious story. He went on about how after gym class one day, he was left alone with a mentally handicapped student. He tied him up with a volleyball net and left him stranded in the gymnasium, screaming. The entire family was howling with laughter while listening to this. I broke up with her a couple of days later.

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28. He Turned My Birthday Into A Bust

I was dating someone for a month, and things were going well. Then, there were a couple of weekends when the person was just acting weird and distant, but things started to get back on track. They started really pestering me about what I was going to do to celebrate my birthday. They wouldn’t listen to me at all when I said that I usually get a dessert and call it a day.

He started saying that was unacceptable and that I should celebrate the day. He planned out a whole birthday weekend getaway at a nearby location, and I actually started to get excited because it felt special. My birthday was on a Monday, and he conveniently called on Thursday to cancel. NOT to reschedule but cancel because he would be working from Friday to Tuesday.

I didn’t believe him. He had never worked on weekends before, but it was possible because he was a commercial contractor. He sent me texts over the weekend purporting to be working and sent pictures of him working for proof. However, I had my doubts, so I checked the metadata on the pictures. They were taken a year earlier, so that was the end of that! I was confused and just overall disgusted, and I couldn’t look at him in the same way again.

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29. It Was The Wrong Move

She was almost perfect for the first year that we dated, to the point where I considered marriage with her. Our leases were up around the same time, so we decided to move in together. Not even a month into our living together, she turned into a completely different person. She started instigating arguments over very small things, exacerbating things out of proportion, and accusing me of cheating when I'd have to work late.

She'd pack her things to "leave" but would never actually leave; she just liked the battle of me trying to talk her down. One day we were at a movie store in the mall together and I was looking at the back of a movie. Somehow, THAT set her off. She accused me of ogling the actress that was on the movie case. She stormed out of the movie store, left the mall, left me there with no ride home, and didn't answer her phone.

I got out of there as soon as I could. After I left, she texted me paragraphs of apologies, begging me to take her back or she'd take her life. She sent me pictures of her cutting herself. I had to have her number blocked. She then started stalking me at work and coming to my friend’s house that I was staying at. I ended up getting a restraining order against her.

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30. A Draining Experience

I discovered my wife was cheating when I opened the bill from Victoria's Secret and saw $500 worth of lingerie purchased. She had applied for a card in my name and forged my signature. At that point, we had been sleeping in separate rooms for nearly a decade.

My ex also drained my retirement account of $100,000. I finally left her and had to take a home equity loan out to clear $40,000 in credit card debt. My kids were already brainwashed into believing that their dad was a cheap, deadbeat, horrible parent. That was four years ago and they are now just starting to understand.

Jim T

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31. Don’t Mess With Momma Bear

I’ve been through some bizarre breakups, but there is definitely one that stands out above the rest. After being together for two years, my college boyfriend decided to break up with me the night before my birthday, while at my mom’s house, as we were all having dinner together. We were just starting in on a fancy meal she made when he broached the topic in front of everyone.

I could not believe that he chose that time and place to lay that on me. We ended up having a heated conversation in the kitchen as my mom graciously but awkwardly went to "check something in the other room" so that we could have some privacy. Unfortunately, it gets worse.

About an hour and one ruined birthday meal later, he goes out to his car to leave. I was in the kitchen crying with my mom when he came back into the house because his car wouldn’t start. He rolls his eyes when he sees that I’m upset and says he needs a jump. After about 40 minutes, it becomes apparent that the car needs more than a jump start.

He looks at me and says, "So, I guess I’ll just crash on the couch". My mom and I were shocked by the suggestion at this point, but we have that good old Canadian politeness. We went to the kitchen to talk while he kicked up his feet in front of the TV. After a while, I reveal to her that lately he’s been screaming at me and physically intimidating me and that I had actually been wanting to end things with him.

Without missing a beat, my mom did something that still shocks me. She grabbed a frying pan, walked into the living room where he was now dozing off, and bashed him over the head with it. She told him that she’s always thought he was a little jerk and he didn’t deserve me or any woman. She then screamed at him to get out of her house before she hits him again.

My mom’s a tiny, good-humored Christian woman, so this was super out of character. It was definitely the most decisively aggressive and, I’m sorry, hilarious thing I’ve ever seen her do. He was dumbfounded. He called us crazy and stormed out. The kicker? He was apparently STILL too cheap to call a cab or tow truck, so he slept in his car in our driveway.

The next morning, I had to knock on his window and help push him out of the driveway so my mom could drive me home. Clearly, I really missed out on a winsome gentleman right there.

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32. Tragedy + Time = Comedy

I dated a girl for a short while back in high school. There happened to be a big dance and I was not going to be able to go because of work. My girlfriend ended up going with a group of friends. I ended up getting a call from HER best friend saying that my girlfriend didn’t want to date me anymore.

To make matters worse, the next day at school I ended up finding out that she broke up with me so that she could make out with some guy AND the best friend who had called me. I was upset but realized there was nothing I could do. She ended up begging me to get back with her and I did for a week until I realized I was an idiot.

Fast forward to five years later when my roommate and I were chillin’ and exchanging stories of the good ol’ days over a few brews. He started to tell me how in high school he got some girl to dump her boyfriend to make out with him and another girl. I’m like that’s messed up, but kind of funny. Then it hit me…It turns out he was the guy!

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33. Ouch!

My relationship was going strong for almost a year, and then, suddenly, my girlfriend was too busy to spend time with me—for weeks at a time. I was cool with this new development and just did my own thing for a while. Then, one day she canceled a date that we’d planned weeks in advance. This time I did get a little upset.

We had an argument on Facebook chat in which she ended up telling me that she wasn't sure that she felt the same way about me as she used to. The next day, I got a Facebook message telling me it was over. When I asked if she’d at least break up with me face-to-face, she flat-out said no. When I asked why, she said she never really loved me.

She also said that she didn’t want me to try to change her mind. A few weeks later, she started posting on Facebook about how she hates men. I hadn’t spoken to her since the breakup, but I had to figure this out. I asked around and found out she’d been cheating on me with her ex. Apparently, things didn’t work out with him (again). Serves ya right.

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34.  A Misogynist In A Musty Manor

When I saw his apartment, the smell hit me first. It smelled like dog pee and had this STRONG, wet, musty smell. I couldn't be in there without the windows open. There were piles of stuff everywhere, to the point that they were spreading to the outdoor balcony, and there were Diet Coke cans on every surface. The carpet was so dirty you could see all around the edges of the wall a little brown accumulation.

Not to mention, the dog wasn't potty trained. While the poo would get picked up, the pee was never cleaned, so it soaked into the carpet. I quickly learned that if I didn't have shoes on, I might get a wet little surprise soaking through my socks. The kitchen tile always felt tacky and greasy, and he rarely did laundry of any kind. In fact, I never once saw him do laundry except for the one time I offered to do it for him.

He even had a little gaming den. Fortunately, the dog wasn't allowed in there, but again, I could see it had never been cleaned once. There was dirt, dust, and stuff piled everywhere, along with cans and old plates of food left out. He told me once that he wanted to get a mini fridge for it, so he never had to get up. I was ADAMANT that he didn't.

I don't care if it's his place; the next step after that is peeing in bottles! It was truly shocking. He seemed so put together on the outside, and then to see how he lived was shocking, and this was AFTER "cleaning all day". Yuck! I don't know if that was more gross or his, "Women don't know what it's like to work. Women can't be trusted. Women this, women that, boohoo" comments were.

Petty Revenge factsShutterstock

35. Dumping The Cat Ditcher

I was dating a girl when I was younger, who seemed nice and had two small cats. One weekend I went to visit her, and the cats weren’t there. I asked her where they were, and she told me they had gotten annoying, so she put them in the car and drove to an abandoned bush area, and left them. I faked an emergency at home, left, and broke up with her when I got home.

Fights That Ended Friendships factsUnsplash

36. Happily Never After

We we're living with my cousin at the time—well, mainly only me as my wife was rarely ever home. One day, my cousin’s ex-wife approached me and said that I might want to get tested. Apparently, her little brother had some infection that I had never heard of and that my wife was the only person he had ever slept with.

Obviously, I confronted my wife about the infidelity. But I never said who gave me the information, only that I had proof. She eventually confessed to having an ongoing affair with my cousin's best friend!

It was a surprise to no one that we divorced shortly after. My friends threw me a week-long celebration party once it was official.

Roger Watson

Romantic BetrayalsShutterstock

37. Stunning Revelation

The mistress called me when she was five months pregnant to inform me the child I was helping to provide for was in fact my husband's. They had slept together right after my daughter was born and I was working on Christmas to get the bonus to provide for him, myself, our two children, AND her and her son!

Needless to say, a divorce followed shortly after.

Amber Hinderer

Romantic BetrayalsShutterstock

38. Her Breath Made Me Scope Out Someone Else

Our first date led to a make-out session, but we had been drinking, which either masked the smell of her breath or my liquid courage just made me not give it a second thought. On the second date, we ate some super spicy curries, and that dulled my senses enough, or my raging hormones got me through it, and we made it to third base. Then, on the third date, both of us just went right to my place to get busy, but her breath was really unbearable.

Her breath was so bad I couldn’t make out with her. She went down on me, and I couldn’t perform because I was so devastated by the stank of her breath.  All I could think of was, “don’t vomit, don’t vomit”. She wouldn’t let me go down on her, which looking back, was probably a good thing. That was the last time we hung out.

These Neighbors Are MonstersShutterstock

39.  Gone In An Insta

I had a date with one girl who spent the entire time on social media. Before walking in, she took a selfie of the nice restaurant. Before we even ordered, she took a picture of the menu—then both of us then the interior of the place—then the bartender—then the bartender again. When the food came, she had to get multiple pics of the food and the bartender.

Then she ended up asking me if I didn’t mind if she went to talk to the bartender. I was waiting for an hour, and she was still talking to the bartender. So, I paid for the meal and left. I got a message from her two hours after I got home asking me where I was!

Enormous Red FlagsShutterstock

40. This Is The End

Halfway into a 12-hour shift, my co-workers and I were offered a ridiculous sum of money to complete the job for 8 am on Saturday morning—meaning a 24-hour shift. I called my fiancée to let her know what was happening and she was okay with it.

We hammered into the workload and finished at 2 am. I drove home and when I walked in, I was greeted by a horrifying sight. My fiancée was on the lounge floor fornicating with some old man. I stepped over them, went to our bedroom, packed an overnight bag and left.

At 9 am the next morning, I got the rest of my possessions, threw all of her possessions out of the house, changed the locks and put the house up for sale—all by 12 noon.

I haven't seen nor heard from her since.

David Blackwell

Romantic BetrayalsShutterstock

41. A Real Doozy

My high school sweetheart and I decided to try and have a baby. Before you judge, part of the reason was that I had been diagnosed with a disease that affected fertility and only worsened with age. After a couple of miscarriages, it worked and I gave birth to a baby boy. I was 20 and the father was 21. We planned on getting married. Unfortunately, things took a dark turn.

We were young, but old enough to be parents and we both made decent money. There were problems with the delivery and our son ended up with cerebral palsy. He was severely disabled and spent a lot of time in the hospital. We even moved to a different province, away from all of my family but closer to my boyfriend’s dad, to get better care for him.

I was responsible for our son’s care and my boyfriend worked. He barely even visited us in the hospital because he said hospitals bothered him. One day out of the blue, he sat me down to have a talk. He said he had figured out a way to solve all of our "problems". At first, I was excited—at least until he gave me a horrifying ultimatum…

He told me to give our son up for adoption or move out with him. I packed up my son and our stuff and was gone before he could even blink an eye. I had four more years with my son before he passed at the age of five. I never once regretted my decision.

Heinously Heart-Wrenching BreakupsPexels

42. Ah, Young Love

It was the end of the summer and I was about to start high school, but my girlfriend was a year behind me so she was going to still be in middle school. I’m guessing she wanted to break it off with me before school started, but I never saw it coming. We were sitting on our mutual friend’s couch when she did it.

Both of our parents were pretty conservative and didn’t think we were old enough for dating, so we hung out at our mutual friend’s house a lot because his parents were more progressive and didn’t seem to have a problem with our young love. That said, his mom always seemed to be just around the corner whenever we were alone in a room.

Anyway, she and I were just sitting there on my friend’s couch holding hands when she turned to me and said, "We’re breaking up". Then she swung her free hand and punched me as hard as she could in my crotch. I fell to the floor in pain as she stormed off while my friend just sat there laughing like a hyena.

I’ll never forget that day. She broke my heart and my balls.

Heinously Heart-Wrenching BreakupsPxhere

43. What An Idiot

I didn't have to be a rocket scientist to discover what was going on. He was wearing a heavy wool turtleneck sweater in May! I knew he hated having his neck subjected to tight clothing.

So as I hugged him, I pretended to act dumb, while pulling his sweater down. Duh! There were love marks on his neck—also known as hickeys! I told him, "You’re such a jerk! Have a nice life!"

Ann Klein

Romantic BetrayalsShutterstock

44. A Lump In My Throat

I felt something was wrong when I dropped her off at work and watched her walk into the building. I came back at lunch to surprise her only to find out from one of her friends that she never showed up to work that day. When I sent her a text regarding her whereabouts, she said that she was swamped with work.

So I told her to meet me outside her building because I had a gift for her. At this point, she had no other choice but to come clean. So I waited and waited until I saw her getting dropped off by another man. Talk about getting a lump in your throat. It felt awful but I needed to see it with my own eyes.

Justin Boyd

Romantic BetrayalsShutterstock

45. Caught Red-Handed

I was in my sophomore year, at a college that was about an hour and a half away from my home. I decided to go home one weekend to surprise my boyfriend. I showed up at this party he was at. He had a stunned look on his face. All his friends looked shocked as well.

My boyfriend kept trying to leave the party, giving me various excuses. I finally went outside to see him arguing with another girl. It turns out, he was dating someone else while I was at college. He obviously didn't expect me to have shown up to bust him red-handed.

Too bad for him!

Jen La

Romantic BetrayalsShutterstock

46. Mint Condition

I dated a guy who said even the smell of mint would make him gag. Mint anything—ice cream, gum, toothpaste—so he didn't brush his teeth.  He wouldn't listen to me when I said there were non-mint types of toothpaste on the market. After over six months together, I realized that he was just generally unhygienic and had a specific hang-up about brushing his teeth.

He told me he had memories of his mother holding him down as a child to forcefully brush his teeth because he hated mint so much. However, I have to wonder if it was always about the mint or actually the fact that the taste of mint was the most tangible part of that childhood memory.

Enormous Red FlagsShutterstock

47. Family Feud

I left my boyfriend of ten months because he would purposely scream during an argument so that people in his family would hear everything that was going on. It was his way to make me feel vulnerable and weak. In hindsight, it was so messed up. He would say things like, “Good, I want them to hear. I want them to know how psycho you are”, when I would persistently be trying to end the argument and speak in a civil manner. It was like he was having some type of temper tantrum.

Enormous Red FlagsPexels

48. Straight Talking Savage

When I was 18, my boyfriend asked me if I had ever attempted to seduce my stepdad, who had been in my life since I was eight. I just looked at him in bafflement and horror. When I recovered, I asked him if he had ever attempted to get busy with his adopted sister. He responded with disgust and yet still couldn't see that he had asked me something horrific.

The same dude also said he didn't think anyone could really like both genders. He believed “they're just cowards who won't properly come out". When I asked him if he had forgotten that I'm a bi woman, he smiled and said, "Nah, I'll [turn] you straight". All this was said within a month of us getting together. He's an ex for a reason.

Enormous Red FlagsPexels

49. Beauty Product Truths

Things were serious between us. We lived in different states but still got together at least twice a month. The subject of my relocating was very much on the table. He picked me up at the airport, and when we got to his place, I noticed something strange.

There were hair ties hanging on the doorknob of his bedroom. "Whose are those"? I asked. He said, "They’re yours. They were on the floor in the bedroom so I’ve been saving them there for you". I do use hair elastics. Like most women, I leave them everywhere.

But these were different from the kind that I used. I am very conscientious about taking good care of my long hair. Years earlier, I had learned that hair elastics with metal hardware can cause breakage. So I never, ever used those because of the metal bits—not even in emergencies.

Yet there they were—three of them hanging on his doorknob. Finally, he said, "Okay, maybe one of my friend’s girlfriends had come over and left them behind". This was certainly plausible, but he’d already made the mistake of saying he found them in the bedroom.

The hair ties alone were not enough to cause me to believe he was cheating, but my radar was up. It turns out that these were the first of several clues that another girl had been visiting the house: there was a jar of drugstore hand cream in a drawer, my Halo shower gel was being depleted...

I don’t always have the best intuition, but I know what beauty products I use.

Allyson Miller

Romantic BetrayalsPublic Domain Pictures

50. Wait For It

I was talking on the phone with my (then) fiancée, and at about 10:30 pm I heard a knock on the door on her end. I asked who was there and she said, "No one. It must be someone knocking on the neighbor’s door". She ended the call shortly after that because it was late, but she hung up the phone without saying goodbye or anything.

I tried to call her back to find out what was going on, but she ignored my calls. Around 45 minutes later, she picked up the phone and, with a guy talking in the background, told me that it was not working out between us and our relationship was over. I was about to ask what the guy in the background was saying, but then I heard it…"Come on baby. Hurry up and strip down so we can do it on the kitchen counter".

When I asked her who that was, she said, "Hahaha, he’s just kidding". Click. The next morning, she blew up my phone. I couldn’t believe that she would try to apologize after our exchange the night before…and after she slept with him...and after he spent the night with her at her apartment. She was the poster child for "never stick your wiener in crazy".

Heinously Heart-Wrenching BreakupsPexels

51. Surprise!

After 18 years of marriage, I became pregnant with our third child. Even though the pregnancy was unplanned, I expected my husband to be happy. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Despite our relative financial security, he totally flipped out at the news and gave me an ultimatum: abortion or divorce. He is now my very ex-husband.

Heinously Heart-Wrenching BreakupsPexels

52. When Truth And Fiction Are Blurred

My husband left my work party early to return home, but when I got home, he wasn’t there. I saw the answering machine blinking, signaling a new message. Well, I guess the machine picked up their steamy phone call. I didn't know who it was from, however, my 13-year-old son recognized the voice—I was shocked.

The next day, it was Mother's Day. We went for dinner at his mother’s house. At the table, my five-year-old daughter announced that her dad had a new girlfriend. I almost disappeared. Happy Mother’s Day.

Michele Marchinko

Romantic BetrayalsShutterstock

53. Lost For Words

I was programming the address into his navigation system for our evening out when I noticed an address I didn’t recognize. It was the most recent one and it looked like a residential address in another suburb, not somewhere he usually visited.

"Hmmm—what’s this address?" I asked. The car got very quiet—and I knew.

Beth Glisczinski

Romantic BetrayalsShutterstock

54. That Was Lame

I was googling things online one evening, when out of nowhere, I stumbled upon something that made my heart drop. I saw my dear husband half-dressed on a dating website! I was shocked beyond belief!

I read his interests and not one of them sounded at all like the man I had married! Travel? Trying new cuisine? What??? Plus, he didn't even say that he was married—he was just "In a relationship".

The whole thing was outrageous, and I was enraged! I have to be anonymous here because despite his betrayal, I stayed with him.


Romantic BetrayalsShutterstock

55. Better Than The Big Screen

The girl I was dating in my freshman year of college was always a little odd, but I was young and she was way out of my league, so I stuck around. She lived about an hour away from me, so when I did get to see her, she was always fairly mellow, but every now and then she’d say something kinda odd. Anyway, fast-forward six months…

We were at a movie theater over Christmas break. It was a brand-new movie in a packed theater. About 10 minutes into the movie, she punched me in the nuts as hard as she could. I dropped to the ground and she started this unholy screaming at me while kicking and punching me. I slowly stood back up and tried to talk to her, but she head-butted me.

I was finally able to pin her arms behind her and drag her out of the theater. I called her dad to find out what the heck was going on. He said the worst thing the father of your significant other can say: "Oh no, she’s off her medication again". It turns out, she had a rather severe case of bipolar with a little manic depression thrown in.

In the meantime, the theater had called law enforcement to report a domestic disturbance. When the authorities showed up, they saw me holding her and promptly tasered me. Then they tasered her because she started punching me again. Much later, I found out that she went at me because she didn’t like how I was looking at the actress on the screen.

Heinously Heart-Wrenching BreakupsPexels

56. Majorly Mixed Messages

He started to cancel every other date with me for a period of several months. He would slowly increase the intervals between our dates making them further and further apart, but always assuring me how much he cared for me, he was just really busy. It’s important to explain that I was cool with this because of my noncommittal stance toward relationships at the time. But I had no idea my world was about to come crashing down.

Our setup of occasional shagging, dinner dates, and none-too-frequent conversation was basically my ideal romance. I considered myself to be madly in love with him. Now, fast forward through more than a year of him telling me that he loved me and would always be there if I needed him, etc. to the night after my cat perished.

I called him, trying to muffle my sobs, and explained that my cat had passed. I said that everything at my place reminded me of the cat and I couldn’t deal. "Could I sleep—just sleep—at your place?" He not only said no but proceeded to tell me how "needy" I was and then unceremoniously dumped me.

I didn’t grieve for him at all. I did regret every moment that I’d chosen to spend with him instead of my cat, who a) never made me talk about feelings and b) knew that needing cuddle time doesn’t exactly make a girl needy.

Heinously Heart-Wrenching BreakupsShutterstock

57. He Should Have Added "Population: You"

My coworker told me this story about how he ended things with his girlfriend of two years. They met for a date, drank too much, slept together, and when she passed out, he took a marker and wrote "Welcome to Dumpsville" on her forehead.

She totally deserved it, since she had been cheating on him for months. He just wanted to screw her one last time.

Heinously Heart-Wrenching BreakupsPexels

58. A Gut Feeling

My intuition told me the truth. It actually gave me proof. But to this day, he still thinks I had him followed. That morning, I asked him to drop my son off at school but he said that he had to attend a very important meeting at the office that he couldn’t miss.

He had his own company so it wasn’t uncommon for him to work late. But that night, he came home extra late. When he arrived home, he said that he wasn't feeling well and asked for a cup of tea. I was about to make his tea, when a message unfolded in my mind: go and check his shoes, and put my hand in his shoes.

It did not make any sense so I ignored the thought but the internal feeling persisted. So I finally checked his shoes...and discovered that they were full of sand.

Well, you guessed it. He wasn’t at work. He was at the beach.

Janet Lovell

Romantic BetrayalsShutterstock

59. Try Digesting This

There was this Chinese buffet in my hometown where I used to eat quite regularly—probably more often than a person who is interested in their health and well-being should. The woman at the front desk would seat me herself, and bring me my drink, rather than the wait staff.

The head chef would always come out, greet me, give me a polite smile, and ask if I wanted anything specially made—of which I never really took advantage of. In other words, these people knew who I was and actually cared about my business. I used to go there all the time with my then-girlfriend.

One day, I went in there alone on my lunch break. The woman at the front desk approached me at my table. She asked, "Did you and your girlfriend break up?" I was confused. "Uh—no"?

"Oh". She then said, very matter-of-factly, "She came in here earlier with another man. She kissed him". I was shocked. "What? She did?"

"Yeah!" she said, very excitedly, and pointed to a table. "She sat over there". So I texted my then-girlfriend: "Hey, I’m at the buffet for lunch. Wanna join me"? She replied, "No. I already ate".

"Ah, cool. Where did you go"? I texted. She replied, "My mom’s". So I said, "Really? Because the waitress said she saw you here earlier". Five minutes later, she texted, "Yeah, I went there. But I didn’t eat anything".

At that point, I lost interest in pursuing the truth, so I just replied, "Cool. We’re done".

I left the woman at the desk a $20 tip.

Anton Edward

Romantic BetrayalsShutterstock

60. Suspicious Minds

I was on a vacation by myself in Montreal the day I found out. We were supposed to be together on this trip but he had to cancel because he had to go to San Francisco for school. We had been dating for eight months by that time. He was a very sweet, family-oriented, and a very faithful Catholic.

From the moment I woke up on the day I was leaving Montreal to go to Quebec City, I felt something bad was happening. I kept checking my belongings, money, and itineraries but I couldn’t find anything missing. So I started preparing for the day, but my gut feeling kept growing stronger and stronger.

I stopped for a moment and thought about what it could be. I called my parents and friends to make sure they were all okay, and then finally, I realized that the last time I had felt like this was when my ex was cheating on me. I said to myself that this was an impossible thing to happen.

So I continued packing. I was just about to leave the hotel room, standing at the doorway, when I felt the need to check my email. Long story short, I found out that he was indeed cheating on me. I’m glad I listened to my intuition.

Joanna Ocampo

Romantic BetrayalsShutterstock

61. One Wipe Won’t Do

We had gotten to the point in the relationship where he didn't mind me being in the bathroom while he used it. He was sitting on the toilet, taking a poo and he only wiped ONCE. He didn't even look at the toilet paper before he started pulling his pants up. I immediately asked what he was doing and how on earth he thought one little wipe was going to do anything.

He told me, "I've never needed more than one. Look", and he wiped again expecting nothing to be there. There was a lot there. The idea of him just carrying on with his day with poo regularly caked up in his pants painted him in a different light for me. The attraction was gone forever. Looking back, it probably should've been the person-sized pile of garbage in his room that made me reconsider, but I had further limits than most, I suppose.

Lawyer divorce casePexels

62. Scheduling Psycho

About 10 years ago, I got involved with a girl who, two weeks after we started to date, presented me with an itinerary for the rest of our lives. The list included, when we were supposed to get married, where she wanted the wedding to happen, how much it should cost, how many kids she wanted to have, and when she wanted each one.

It also outlined when "we" were supposed to buy our first house and the expectation that we upgrade every five years, how my career should progress, including being in management by 30 and in a C-suite role by 45, how much I was expected to make to support her and the kids, when I was supposed to retire, etc. Suffice it to say we didn't make it to three weeks. I did buy my first house before her schedule said I should, though.

Enormous Red FlagsPexels

63. Floored By Her Filth

I met a really cool girl at a party. She was pretty, smart, and funny. We hit it off and had a great vibe. We jumped in her car for a ride back to her place, and I left my car behind. Her car was full of fast food garbage to the point where I couldn’t see the floorboards. Just no. The smell alone was a no. I had her drive me to my place instead and noped out of that.

These First Date Red Flags Will Have You Swiping LeftPexels

64. At Least He’s Self-Aware?

I haven’t always been a good person. I was 15 at the time (this was 15 years ago) and my family was very poor. I was dating a girl whose family had a lot of money. She gave me constant hassle about it. She was always complaining about how I couldn’t take her places or buy her things. After about four months of this, I started keeping track of all of the expenses incurred by our relationship.

After I had a month’s worth of data, I printed out an expense statement, put all of her stuff in a cardboard box, and went to her house. I handed her my expenses and said, "We are over because I can’t afford to keep seeing you". Not surprisingly, that was pretty much the last time I spoke to her. I can’t believe I basically billed her.

Heinously Heart-Wrenching BreakupsPexels

65. Poor Nat

My friend took his girlfriend to The Keg for a $100 dinner and then to the farmers’ market to shop for Christmas gifts. He proceeded to top off the night by watching a live performance of It’s A Wonderful Life. After driving her home, he parked outside her house and said, "Natalie, I’m sorry, but I’m breaking up with you".

Natalie screamed, threw her purse in his face, and sprinted off into the snow at 1:00 in the morning. He followed her footprints for about three km (two miles) to find her at her sister’s house. He could hear her weeping uncontrollably and dry heaving behind the house. He didn’t know what to do, so he went back to his car to get her purse to return it.

On the drive back, he saw her walking. However, when she saw him, she screamed and tried to run away again, but slipped in the snow. He went to help her but she screamed a third time and yelled at him to "Stay away!" Her sister, who was walking with her, said, "Natalie thought you were going to propose to her. She’s devastated. How could you do that?"

My friend then wrote a letter in his car explaining what had gone down, gave it to his now-ex’s sister, and drove home and went to sleep. He compares what he did that night to a wrestling move where you bring your opponent up to the very top rope and then bodyslams them down. This was his first long-term relationship and he is happily single three years later.

Heinously Heart-Wrenching BreakupsPexels

66. That’s One Way To Get The Heart Pumping

I wasn’t the one broken up with but I was accidentally the cause. I met this really cute girl and we started talking and seemed to hit it off. She invited me over because she was "looking for a friend with benefits". Anyway, we were in the middle of doing the bedroom rodeo when it turned into my worst nightmare.

Her boyfriend suddenly walked in—he was never previously mentioned. He looked super upset, which was understandable considering at that moment I was inside his girlfriend. I quickly grabbed my clothes and got the heck out of there. As I was getting myself together in the hallway of their apartment building, several people were staring because he was really loud.

She then gets kicked out of the apartment and he yelled, "We’re done!" It was probably the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to me, but I ended up continuing to sleep with her for a couple more months, so it wasn’t all bad.

Heinously Heart-Wrenching BreakupsPexels

67. Too Little, Too Late

I was about to marry this girl who claimed she was madly in love with me and couldn’t wait to marry me. One day, I genuinely surprised her just by entering the room. She looked completely shocked and ever-so scared. Without uttering a word, she started to press her fingers over her phone.

Any stupid person would instantly recognize that she wanted to hide something. A little push and she revealed it all by herself. She apologized for cheating and promised to never repeat the mistake again. But, the train had left the platform long ago!

Fakhruddin Khambaty

Unprofessional Doctors FactsShutterstock

68. A Notification To Forget

I have known my boyfriend since the seventh grade. One day, he used my work computer to email his mistress but forgot to log out. That was a big mistake. When she responded, I was notified. I pretended to be my boyfriend to get her to respond, which she did. Her responses confirmed what the situation was.

I left him almost immediately.

Hannah Bree

Friends For Never factsShutterstock

69. Flowers For The Birthday Girl

It was my wife's birthday, so I went to the florist to have some flowers delivered to her at work. When I gave the clerk the name and address to deliver them to, she commented, "Huh—we just had another order for her at the same place".

I replied, "That's interesting", and canceled my order. When we all got home that evening, we had the biggest argument. Some birthday celebration!!!

Dale Inman

Romantic BetrayalsShutterstock

70. The Good Wife?

I met my ex-boyfriend’s parents. His mom was quiet all the time; I never saw that woman smile even a little, and she hushed around the house like a ghost, with her head always down. His father was a jerk who was super loud and told everyone what to do, while he himself did nothing at all. When we left his parents’ house, he looked at me with bright eyes and said, "My parents have the perfect marriage".

“My mom is such a good wife! She never does anything for herself, the perfect woman! All I wish for is that you will be such a good wife to me one day". I was just like, "Nope. Nope. NOPE"!  I got into my car, drove off, and never saw him again.

Enormous Red FlagsPexels

71.  Her Cancer Commentary Was Appalling

We were at a party with some of my closest friends. One of our friends who had recently been diagnosed with cancer was sharing some of his experience with chemo. My then-girlfriend interrupted him by saying, “Oh come on, it’s not that big of a deal. We all probably have cancer. Moles are usually cancer. Look, I’ve probably had cancer in all these places on my arm where I had moles removed”.

There were a lot of other issues that led to it as well, but I broke up with her a few days later.

I was just so appalled by her lack of self-awareness. These were my friends who I had known for a decade, and she’d only known them for about a year. We were also in a small group of about nine people, most of whom she hadn’t even met before. It disgusted me, and I couldn’t spend the rest of my night near her. I ended it within the week.

Enormous Red FlagsPexels

72. What Finally Tipped The Scale

There were several moments of disgust that should have ended it. It should’ve been the time that he fell out of the shower in our Airbnb, and he was EXTREMELY agitated with me afterward for not trying to save him from falling out. He was 6’2” and 230 lbs, whereas I was about 105 lbs and just under 5’0”. I’m not sure what I was supposed to do.

It also should’ve been when he pitched a fit and deleted the Facebook event for his 40th birthday because not enough people had enthusiastically responded to it in the three hours it was up. It also should’ve been when he booked a four-seat reservation at a theme restaurant and invited one of his close girlfriends but told her she couldn’t bring a guy and had to bring another girl.

We weren’t quite finished with our drinks when our seating time had run out. He chatted with his friend and the girl she brought while his back was to me. He didn’t even notice when I messaged him a picture of the back of his shirt because I was trying to make a point. But one moment on vacation was so repulsive, I was done.

He sneered at me for tipping too much. He told me, “You’re going to skew the economy here. This is why you live paycheck to paycheck”. The dude literally lost any glamour charm he had on him at that moment and looked like nothing more than a slimy human lizard freak after that.

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73. Definitely Five Stars

My girlfriend went on a family vacation to Dubai. While she was there, she unceremoniously dumped me by fax from the hotel they were staying in. The best part was when I got a second fax from the hotel staff a little later saying that they were sorry for me and wished me luck finding someone who would treat me better than she did.

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74. Spidey Senses

After being married for 20 years, I started to get the feeling that my husband was straying. I tried talking to him about it but he remained pretty closed off, so I resorted to hacking into his email (to my shame). I was able to get into it but found nothing. I also tried to get into his phone but by then he was literally sleeping with it.

Finally, after calling him on his fake sweat stains from playing ball hockey (I’m sure there were balls involved, no doubt, but no hockey) and asking why he was never at the places he said he was (I would get a friend to drive me to look for our car), he finally confessed. He said, "I love you and will always love you, but I am not in love with you anymore".

So one month shy of our 21st wedding anniversary, he confessed that there was someone else. The weird thing about the moment was that I had two simultaneous thoughts run through my head. One was, "My worst fear has happened". The other was, "Oh, thank God I won’t have to sleep with him anymore". He is now married to the other woman.

They are about to have their first wedding anniversary—how time flies. Anyway, he’s happier now and I am, too, so I guess I should really write them a thank you note. Ha…

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75. A Real Thrill Ride

I witnessed this at an amusement park. A guy and a girl were arguing. Well, the girl was upset and the guy was just trying to calm her down because she was starting to cause a big scene. But it got so much worse. Suddenly, the girl screeched, "YOU ARE THE BIGGEST REGRET OF MY LIFE!" right in the guy’s face.

The look of utter devastation that overtook him at that moment was absolutely heartbreaking. After the despair passed, he became apoplectic for a minute, and then, in a voice dripping with quiet rage, he told the girl to "F off" and then stormed away.

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76. Conception Deception

It was late on a Sunday night, and I had just finished my weekend shift. The kids and my then-wife weren’t home. There was no note saying where they had gone. At 9:30 pm, she finally arrived back home. I asked where she had been, and she just glared at me.

She was holding the baby, as the four other young sleepy heads drifted off to their beds. I said, "It would have been nice to have known where everyone was".

She then stared directly at me, and in a contemptuous voice said, "And you think this last one is yours?"

Jim Morrison

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77. Dishonesty Hurts

My boyfriend and I were putting away Christmas decorations in the attic. He was standing on a ladder and while I looked up at him from the ground, I saw a very long blond hair hanging out of his shoe. So I made a comment that completely set him off.

I mentioned that the only way the strand of hair could’ve gotten in his shoe was for him to have taken his shoes off in some blonde's house. He got so defensive that I knew he had been cheating on me. He grabbed his belongings and stormed out of my house.

Christine Hackett

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78. Lies And A Broken Heart

My 12-year-old son told me. It still hurts my heart that he had to know about his dad's infidelity months before I did. He refuses to see his dad to this day.

I made sure to gently bring this matter up with my son, to tell him that he did the right thing and that even if his dad made a mistake, that he was still his dad. I told him that it's okay to be angry at his dad, but not to stay angry for too long. I told him to forgive his dad, as I had eventually forgiven him.

His dad is out of my life but it doesn't mean that he has to be out of my son's.

Lorna Timbah

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79. The Cat Lady Stinks

This girl had about five cats, and, at one point, she let them just poo everywhere. This stuff stunk up her whole house, but she would just work and continue living like nothing was wrong. I spent three hours cleaning up the messes and vacuuming up cat hair for her to merely smile, thank me, and then just go about her day.

The breaking point was when she quit her job and started blaming me for not looking for another one. She needed therapy and somehow it was my fault, which all took up too much of her time to have enough time to go to work.

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80. I Put The Pain Behind Me

My boyfriend annoyingly turned away in bed because I was crying. I had a kidney infection and the pain was unbearable. I later had to go to the hospital for it. I don't understand how people can be annoyed by their loved one's acute pain instead of being alarmed by it. I got out of that relationship pretty quickly after that. My now boyfriend often cares more about my health than I do and tells me to go to the doctor if I have pain.

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81. Her Comment Was A Kick In The Pants

I dated a girl for about a month or two. It wasn’t going extraordinarily well, and eventually, she ended things with me—for about a week. She later came back, apologized for everything, and told me she regretted all of it. I decided I would go on another date with her and see how it went. Huge mistake. The date wasn’t going too well in my eyes, but the nail in the coffin was when she started ranting about a particular pair of pants that I had worn three weeks prior that she had felt looked too small on me.

This woman started berating me for a solid 15 minutes on the clothes that I had been wearing and talking about how embarrassed she was to go into restaurants around me, and stuff like that. I had to put up with it too because I had left all of my stuff at her place. I’m not even exaggerating when I say that. I told her straight up that if she had a problem, she could discuss it with me in a kind manner, but she didn’t.

She went on and on, it was embarrassing. I even told her this, and she kept going on. I ended things with her that night. I told her how much it bothered me, but she never apologized. We haven’t spoken since.

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82. How Could You?

My girlfriend of three years broke up with me because she had ovarian cancer. She said she didn’t want me to have to deal with her issues from chemo and that she’d never be able to have kids. I later found out that she now has two kids and is pregnant with a third. The true story is that she left me for another guy because he enabled her heavy drinking while I tried to curb it.

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83. She Has Some Nerve

In my story, the kicker isn’t so much the way I was dumped (I walked in and found him with another girl during a party at his place), but the way the new girl behaved. She had the nerve to call me the next day and say, "Hi, I’m still at (now ex-boyfriend’s) place and I was just wondering…Did you leave any tampons here?"

Girl, what? You’re now sleeping with the boy who was the love of my life for the past three years, in a bed that was practically mine, and you’re using the mugs, furniture, and spare pajamas that I’d used for three years. Seriously, what more do you want from me? My clothes? My parents? You’re definitely not getting my tampons.

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84. A Wild Ride

I was returning to her after my summer internship ended, and after about five days of driving, she broke up with me while we were at a gathering with her family and family friends. I then got the joy of another long drive back home. That was a wonderful combination of mental exhaustion from 35-ish hours of recent driving and a head full of messy emotions.

To make matters worse, this breakup occurred in Canada, and my phone battery was depleted, which made navigation almost impossible. Did I mention that we’re still great friends? Having had some time to decompress, I now realize the breakup was for the better. Did I mention the conversation with the border guard was awkward? He said, "She’s not in the trunk, is she?"

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85. I Was Fooled

A postcard arrived in the mail. It was from a travel agent that read, "Hope you had a wonderful time in the Philippines!" It ended with the usual, "Contact me for all your future travel needs".

My husband had just left the day before, on an alleged week-long business trip.

Debra (Debbie) G.

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86. Voices In The Night

He was walking around in the dark upstairs. I heard voices, and thought it was our four-year-old son getting out of bed. But I stopped to listen...and discovered the heartbreaking truth.

"I love you". He said it three times during the conversation and assured her that I had no idea. I was in the basement on the computer. My knees came out from under me.

When he started down the stairs, he saw me sitting at the bottom. I kicked him out that night. Life goes on.

Donna Pirnat

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87. What A Nightmare

I saw him cheating on me in a dream. We both lived with my cousin at the time and one night, I had a dream that my boyfriend and cousin were literally fornicating in front of me on the couch.

I woke up in a panic and looked over to see my boyfriend in bed next to me, sound asleep and NOT fornicating with my cousin, who was probably asleep in the room next to us. The next morning, I told him about my dream and he laughed hysterically saying, "You're even more nuts and insecure in your dreams!"

A couple hours later, while he hopped in the shower— I had NEVER DONE THIS BEFORE—I decided to check his phone. Lo and behold, the last text he sent out was to my cousin, and it read: "Oh my god, Jessica had a dream that we were doing it. You don't think she actually knows that we are?"

So apparently I wasn't as nuts and insecure as I thought.

Jessica Lastimosa

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88. What A Lazy Mama’s Boy!

I was young and naive, and he was my first real boyfriend. We moved in together. It was a couple of years of me hustling, going to school in NYC, working, paying rent, and just working myself to the bone. I was waitressing and living on restaurant food and egg sandwiches, all while I watched him play video games in the corner of our living room, day in and day out.

He had a call center job for a little while until he grew tired of it. He didn't go to school, and every now and then, his poor mother would send whatever care package and money she could. I soon realized that my hustle and motivation would never change how lazy he was and how much he blamed the world for his problems. He was spoiled, blew a full-ride scholarship with laziness, and just wanted another mother to take care of him.

We got into a huge argument about his laziness and not pulling his weight and he spewed saliva in my face. I left immediately with my computer, school stuff, and some clothes. After graduation, I spent the summer with my parents in their basement just to get away and clear my head. I went back after a couple of months to collect any of my valuables, most of which were "at his cousin's house".

The apartment smelled so intensely of sour balls and garbage that my friends who came with me to help me officially move out couldn't be in the apartment. I wouldn't let them endure that. They made sure he wasn't going to do anything stupid. I collected my memorabilia and some furniture and left, never to see him again. Then, he called me on Valentine’s Day the following year.

He told me he had just woken up next to someone he didn't know and sarcastically hoped I was having a good life. Incidentally, I was at breakfast with my now husband and a few friends after a great night of hanging out, guitar sing-a-longs, and laughs.

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89. He Drove Me To End It

When I was an ex-pat student with zero cash, my boyfriend, who grew up in that country, invited me to a family event and expected me to be there. That day, I would have made some essential cash at work to buy myself food. At the time, I was struggling really hard financially and trying to pay for necessities, which he knew. He still lived with his parents and didn't work or pay for tuition, rent, or anything.

Out of love for him, I didn't go to work that day to attend the family event with him and accepted the fact that I was going to lose some good cash that day. He told me he didn’t want to pick me up by car because he thought I was being stingy with my money for not traveling by train. The train ride would have been an hour and a half, including walking through an unknown village.

Taking the car would have been 20 minutes. It made me hate him. During the family event, he made a big fuss over me not agreeing with some derogatory statement. His whole family didn't know how to act and it was just the cringiest situation ever. That was our last day.

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90. My Treat Led To Defeat

He and I had just started dating; he was going through a divorce and was low on money. I invited him up for a romantic weekend, paid for a hotel room and food, helped him with gas money, and even gave him some grocery money for the next week. It was all my treat, and I was happy to help. I didn't ask for repayment; I just asked him to get dinner or something the next time we saw each other if he could.

He had the absolute audacity to text me when he got home that I was irresponsible with cash.

Our relationship only lasted a couple of months. Immediately after we broke up, he unfriended me. We had some mutual friends, so we still commented on a few of the same posts and were cordial with each other on social media. Then he blocked me. Thankfully, we weren't seeing each other long enough for me to be emotionally invested in the relationship. I dodged a big one.

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91. You Never Forget Your First

This happened with my first girlfriend ever. She was my first kiss, my first time, my first everything. I was so crazy in love with her, that I would do anything for her. I should also mention that I was also only 15 at the time so bear with my foolishness. I worked my butt off for an entire summer to make enough money to buy her a $1,500 engagement ring. Little did I know, things were about to go downhill.

That night, I brought it home and asked her if she’d marry me when we turn 18. She said yes. One week later, I couldn't get a hold of her all day on Saturday. On Sunday, I finally got her on the phone and she told me through text that all-day Saturday she had been shagging her ex-boyfriend and now she was breaking up with me.

Five years later, I got a wild idea to see if she has a Facebook. When I found her page, I saw that not only was she married to the guy she cheated on me with, but she was also holding their baby in her arms in the profile pic. I zoomed in on the photo and guess what ring is on her finger? I hope she gets hit by a bus.

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92. You Think You Know Someone

My older sister married this guy after dating him for four years. After three years of marriage, things got bad. He admitted that he had been cheating on her from the time they started dating. What’s worse is that he gave her this devastating news when she was eight months pregnant and the very next day she lost the baby.

We never found out what went wrong with her pregnancy, but to put a cherry on top of the bad relationship, he told her he wanted to stay married but see other women, too. Obviously, the divorce process didn’t take long. I was proud of her for standing up for herself, and I can’t believe how she managed to overcome her loss.

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93. Once Bitten

Back in high school, I was in a relationship with a girl who was way out of my league. I must admit, it felt pretty good knowing that even though every guy wanted her, she was mine. We spent hours on end just hanging out together. It was the closest I had ever been to someone. I thought we were definitely in it for the long haul.

Anyway, on the day of my graduation party, my dad was talking to her and he said something about how it wouldn’t be difficult for the two of us to still date while I was off at college. To which she replied, "We’re not dating". It was the most awkward experience to be told by my father that we were never dating—despite the fact that she told me she loved me.

That was many years ago,  though. I have been with a wonderful woman for the past four years now, and I couldn’t be happier. However, I make it a point to check in with her to make sure that she is still my girlfriend from time to time LOL.

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94. Now, That Took A Turn

A friend of mine dated a girl named Amy. She had a twin sister named Betty. My friend dated Amy for about a year before they got engaged. The day before the wedding, Amy made a stunning confession. She told him that her name was really Betty and he had actually been dating Betty for the last 10 months. Wait for it…Apparently, Betty fell in love with Amy’s boyfriend.

Since Amy was thinking of breaking it off with her guy (my friend) anyway, they decided to switch places. My friend fell in love with Betty thinking she was Amy and he proposed. When "Amy" confessed to the deception, she cried and apologized profusely. My friend loved her so much that he told her that he didn’t care what name she went by he still wanted to marry her.

They have been together for three years.

Heinously Heart-Wrenching BreakupsPexels

95. Can’t Fool Me

I knew he was cheating because he stopped taking his shower before bed. Instead, before work, he would stop at her place and take a shower afterwards. How stupid was he?

Marthe Ledoux

Tenants from hellShutterstock

96. More Money, More Problems

I found out about her infidelity from Wells Fargo Bank. I was looking at my laptop when I got an email from the bank confirming the request to change the address on our joint checking account.

I looked at Christie, and asked if she’d made any recent banking changes. She told me it must’ve been a mistake. She had only recently opened a small savings account for each of the boys, as well as a new checking account for herself.

I thanked her, and said I planned to do the same thing, but hadn’t gotten around to it yet. But then an alarm went off in my head. I asked why the statement address for her new account was a PO box in La Jolla—a different city.

Her eyes filled with tears as she said, "I’m sorry, I didn’t want you to find out like this. It’s Ed’s". One has to wonder how I was supposed to find out—and when.

Geoffrey Walton

Romantic BetrayalsShutterstock

97. Are You Serious?

One day, I was over at my boyfriend’s place. My best friend was also with me. She and I were about to head out somewhere but needed to search up some information. So I asked if we could quickly use his laptop. As my friend started searching online, a notification popped up on the screen.

It was a private message from a girl on a dating site. She and I looked at each other in confusion. Later, I confronted him. His answer?

"Oh, yeah, there’s a virus on my modem which causes these pop-ups".

I actually laughed in his face. The truth eventually came out.

Kesley Frew

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98.  Hot Pant Humiliation

We once went to a club together, and I had shorts on because it was summer. He held my wrist, telling me how everyone was staring at my behind and how I probably enjoyed the attention. Every guy who was close to us in the club noticed the look on my face and how strongly he was holding my wrist. They looked ready to hit him if I had said a word, but I didn’t.

I didn’t want to make it even a bigger deal. When he realized that everyone was staring at us, he took me to a more private place, threw 20 euros in my face and told me to get a cab home, when he drove me there. It was one of the most humiliating moments of my life.

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99.  She Was A Real Dirty Girl

I briefly dated a girl who never cleaned her toys. It was something I missed the first few times we were together due to bad lighting. However, once I did, it was all I could do not to wretch. I played it off as if the batteries in them were kaput. Afterward, I took a peek at the rest of her collection, and they were all the same—coated in crustiness. It wasn't a "missed spot" here or there, either.

The items had "residue" peeling and flaking off in big chunks. They looked like the walls of an abandoned house! As far as I could tell, she wasn't an otherwise dirty person either. Her place was well-kept and clean. Not only that, but every time we were together, it was clear she had just taken a shower, or we would take one together as part of our pre-game. Then again, I have anosmia and can't smell most things, so maybe she stank to bits, and I just couldn't tell.

Juiciest Gossip factsShutterstock

100. I Couldn’t Stomach His Eating

I stayed with a guy for way too long because I loved D&D, but the way he ate is what started my disgust toward him. He hardly chewed, he'd lick his hands in public to get the last bit, and he would eat BOTH Nutter Butters at once in two bites—half in one bite, half in the other. An entire bar per bite. He would practically drink melted cheese if it was around.

He told me he ate so much once that he vomited in his friend's yard, and nothing since has grown there. He ate so much and in such a disgusting manner. Nope, nope, nope. That was a text breakup from me. Gross!

These Dates Were Doomed From The StartShutterstock

101. Alexa, Restart My Heart

We had been married for a few years and it was great, but once we had a baby, he panicked. All of a sudden he didn’t know what he wanted. Eventually, he asked me for space. We still spoke but he wasn’t involved with our baby or fixing our marriage. Ten months later, I added a new Amazon Echo to our family Prime account and I noticed a device I didn’t recognize.

I figured out that the device was set up at the place where he was currently living. Since it was linked to our account, I was able to go through voice requests and play them back. One recording sent chills up my spine. It was my husband saying, “Alexa, play beautiful love songs” while in the background I can hear intimate noises. Turns out, he was having an affair with a colleague.

They’d been having an affair since at least the birth of our daughter, but lots of clues say it started before. It was easier to end it considering how long he had already been gone. When I originally shared this on social media, it got picked up by a tabloid newspaper with the headline ‘Amazon Slimeball’ which is now what he is saved as in my contacts forever.

Cheaters ExposedShutterstock

102. Left Holding The Baby

My ex-husband and I started talking about having kids. Well at the time I was on that horrible birth control called Yaz. Remember the class action? Long story short, it made things a little difficult getting pregnant.

Fast forward to a few months later and I make a devastating discovery. I find some girl’s panties in our apartment. Moved out and started the divorce. Sure enough, he knocked up his girlfriend and ditched her when their kid was only a year old. The guy was such a loser—really dodged a big bullet with that one.

Wedding ruinedShutterstock

103. Stamp Of Disapproval

My ex changed the timestamps of photos with her to make it look like I was seeing her after we had broken up. She edited hundreds, and I do mean hundreds, of messages to make it look like I was cheating on my new girlfriend. Furthermore, she accused one of my closest friends of harming her on a night that she had spent with me. Two and a half years into my new relationship, my girlfriend still didn’t fully trust me because of my ex’s nonsense.

Insane Exes factsShutterstock

104. Don’t Look

I got a call for a delivery and the husband is very excited, he even wants to ride with his wife to hospital. He sits in front and there are two medics in the back. The wife delivers on the way. The baby turned out to be visibly another ethnicity than the parents. One medic asked in the most professional way they could if this was expected.

The wife just burst into tears. The husband was still super excited because he couldn’t actually see into the back from where he was sitting. When we arrive at ER, we try and hurry the husband to the entrance before mom and baby were brought out. We didn’t quite get dad inside because he seems to know something is up.

At some point, he comes back toward the stretcher moving toward the ER entrance, catches sight of the baby, and absolutely loses his mind. He used all the regular insults and a few words that I’m pretty sure he made up.

Questionable Paternity factsShutterstock

105. The Pains Of Being Pure

My fiancé proposed to me about eight months ago. We decided on having a relatively small wedding, which is in two days. Everything was going great. He seems absolutely perfect and we are very much in love. I am a virgin and so is he; he wanted to save it for marriage and I wasn't fussed, so I agreed to saving it, too.

He has told me before this that in his family, the father checks the virginity of the bride the night before the wedding. I laughed this off as it seriously sounded like a massive joke. I was so, so wrong. He was super serious. He wants me, the night before, to open my legs up in a small ceremony-type thing so his dad can check me while he, his brothers, and uncle can watch so that they know I am still “pure".

I told him fat chance I am going to do that, and he was begging to me to go through with it and saying how important it is for him. He said he knew it was slightly embarrassing for me but his mom did and it will prove how much I love him and that I have nothing to hide anyway, as I am still a virgin. I left and he was crying, it was very dramatic.

So I went and talked to him this morning I told him that his father is not going to look at me and he needs to respect that. He was adamant that it needs to happen, and then it got more brutal. He accused me of lying about my virginity. I was trying to be calm and rational, but he was not having it and just became more and more angry.

I told him if he really loved me, he would stand by me on this and tell his father no. Instead, he slapped me and said he didn’t need to prove anything. So I ended it and left him. I am currently at my friend’s house being miserable and eating pizza, which at least is pretty fun. Either way, I can’t help but think that I dodged a bullet on this on.

Relationship issuesPexels

106. A Chilling Letter

I am currently cleaning out the attic and getting the house ready to sell due to divorce after 40 years of marriage (my husband cheated…twice). I found a box of his things from before we met: school report cards, boy scout memorabilia, Archie comics…and something so horrifying I’ll never forget it. I picked up a handwritten letter from his older sister. I wish I’d never read it.

The letter detailed her intimate relationship with my husband and his best friend throughout his high school years. She wrote that she wanted him to think of her every time he was with another woman. And now her lack of warmth towards me throughout our marriage makes more sense.

Secret PossessionsPexels

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