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Road Ragers Get Instant Karma

Even though we have to pass a test to get a driver's license, it certainly doesn't stop angry drivers from taking their fury out on innocent bystanders. Luckily, these Reddit stories show the perfect instances of instant karma for these road ragers.

1. Can’t Stop Me Now

This guy in a huge SUV was riding my tail at the speed limit down a steep snowy hill in the right lane. Our cars were about to hit a light about to turn in fewer than 15 seconds. That's when he made a fatal mistake. The guy decided to change lanes and floor it. Right when the light was about to turn red, he slowed down.

Well, he slid through the red light. He clipped the rear of a tractor-trailer then crashed into one of the traffic lights. The best part was that there were officers driving behind us the whole time who witnessed the guy weaving through traffic and speeding at twice the speed limit, trying to make an impossible light. What an idiot.

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2. Mustang Sting

It was nighttime, and it was raining really hard out. A guy driving a Mustang ran a red light and immediately got pulled over by a squad car. Over the loudspeaker, the officer ordered the driver to get out of the vehicle and put their hands on the roof of the car, which the guy did. Then, there was nothing. The officer didn’t get out of his car and didn’t go over to the vehicle.

Instead, the officer just left the driver of the Mustang sit there for about 30 seconds, allowing him to get soaked by the rain. After the guy was drenched, the officer got on the loudspeaker again. He got him real good: "Next time you run a red light during a storm, don't do it right in front of an officer, idiot". Then, he just drove away.

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3. Close Seconds

I was a hair’s length away from crashing after getting cut off in a roundabout. But it escalated quickly. Minutes later, another guy cut off the guy who had cut me. This started a road rage battle of them trying to cut the other off, and I got caught in the middle of all of the action. A kid was in one of the cars, so I called 9-1-1.

It didn’t look like the situation was going to end well. Luckily, there was an unmarked patrol car a few cars ahead of me who couldn’t see what had been happening. He heard the report on his radio and slowed down to let traffic pass. The officer pulled over the first guy, and a few miles down, the second jerk was pulled over. It was soooo satisfying.

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4. Her Luck Ran Out

A few years back, I was traveling on the interstate to meet some friends who attended a different college than I did for a weekend. On the way there, I was in the right-hand lane, minding my own business, when a car tried to cut me off. I thought it was no big deal until she ended up clipping my bumper and running me off the road.

She was driving at a speed of about 80–85 mph. While I was on the shoulder attempting to contact the local authorities to report an accident, the other driver kept on going along her merry way. Five minutes later, a state trooper pulled up behind me and asked what had happened. I explained the situation, described the other vehicle—including a partial license plate number— and he asked if my car was still drivable.

After confirming that it was, he said, "Just follow me up to this next exit. I got a call about a driver who is out of gas and needs assistance". We pulled up to the next exit, just shy of a gas station. When I saw her, I couldn't believe my eyes. It was the girl who was the other party in my hit-and-run. She tried to deny that anything had occurred.

Then, the trooper looked at my front bumper damage and her back end damage, assessed the paint colors matched, etc. Not only that, but her plate had the partial information I had gathered as she sped away. It turned out the girl had no insurance and no license. She got hauled off to the station on a hit-and-run, all because she couldn’t slow down and be a decent driver.

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5. Sure Crossed Me

Where I live, one of the main roads is usually two lanes. But over the winter, the right lane was blocked for a new sewer pipe installment, and as a result, there was a new reduced speed limit to 15 MPH. I was driving this limit when some woman in a car got behind me and started waving her arms and flashing her lights. She flipped me off as she passed before stepping on the gas.

But she accelerated right in front of an officer parked in front of the elementary school. It was a school day, which meant the fine was hefty.

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6. Room For One

Once, a high school girl was driving behind me, honking and flashing her lights in an apparent protest of my slow speed. As soon as the road became two lanes, she stepped on it to pass me all the while flipping me off. 30 seconds later, I saw that her car was pulled over. An officer stopped her in an active school zone. She saw me as I slowed down to pass her, and I blew her a kiss.

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7. Calling For Back Up

I was driving in my hometown after dropping my girlfriend at home. I stopped behind a truck at a stop sign. There was a dirt road leading to a trailer park right before the stop sign, and it seemed to me like he’d missed that turn. This is where it all went wrong. Rather than turn around, he reversed into me, which made his hitch go through my bumper.

He then decided that he was going to take off. Usually, people write down the person’s license plate, but that night, that wasn’t me. Instead, I decided to chase him down. My car was in better condition than his beat-up truck, so I was close on him during our 7-minute chase. That was when an officer saw us. But this wasn’t just any officer, it was Officer Bird.

Bird was one of my leaders at cadets who became a good friend. I thought he was the coolest officer I’d ever met. And before I moved, he used his sirens to pull me over sometimes just to scare me, then have a chat. Well, we were driving over twice the speed limit and were very hard not to notice. Plus Officer Bird had recognized my car. But then the best thing happened.

He pulled next to me, made eye contact, and nodded. So, I eased off my gas to let him in my lane and he pulled over the truck. After detaining the driver, I told Bird what had happened. The driver admitted to it and was taken in.

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8. His Coffee Time Was Cut Short

I was in some heavy traffic going into an event center. I noticed a squad car sitting on the median, making sure people weren’t doing stupid things. Right as we were getting up to where the squad car was, some idiot cut across two lanes of traffic. He cut me off and went into a street with a "Do Not Enter" sign. He did all of this right in front of the marked cruiser.

I made eye contact with the officer as he put down his coffee and flipped on his blues.

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9. Give Me A Brake

During rush hour, the average speed in the middle lane is 75-80 MPH. Anyone driving under 80 avoided the left lane as trucks liked to ride their tails. That morning, I was in the left going 70 with heavy traffic and all lanes moving at the same speed. I looked in my rear view and saw a two-seater car coming at me fast. I knew just what to do to mess with him. 

I took my foot off the gas to just coast, which made the guy even more frustrated. He switched to the middle lane, cutting someone off, then he cut me off to get in front of me. I had a feeling that he was going to slam his brakes in vengeance so braced myself by stepping on the brakes. He was now almost in my lane at an angle.

That was when he decided to stomp on his brakes. His car skidded across all three lanes, and somehow no one hit him. When he went off the right shoulder, I watched his car roll in my rearview mirror. I got off at the next turn to see a trooper already there with the guy sitting next to his wrecked car.

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10. It Takes Two

I was driving on the highway in the fast lane beside an officer doing the "unofficial" higher speed limit and matching him. The car on the other side of his car was doing the same, so traffic was steady behind us as everyone usually drives the same speed around that section of highway. Suddenly, some junky car appeared.

He rode my tail for a little while before merging in the High Occupancy Vehicle Lane and accelerating. Only cars with more than one person can enter this lane at certain points, and we weren’t passing an entrance. And he was alone. I looked to the officer who smiled, nodded, and flipped his lights to go after the jerk. Serves him right.

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11. This Guy Was A Total Blockhead

I was directing traffic at the site of a traffic accident. I was waving vehicles around on the roundabout because they couldn't go straight on, as the accident was completely blocking the road up ahead. One car pulled up to a stop directly in front of me. The driver opened his window to ask me something. He was now completely blocking me from the view of the traffic.

Therefore, I moved to the side and shouted, "I'm sorry, I can't stop to discuss anything. The road is closed; move off the roundabout". He drove a few meters forward—blocking me again— shouting through his window. I didn’t catch everything he said, but at the end, it included, "Why can't you just stop to speak to the people you are meant to be serving". What happened next was glorious.

A car promptly rear-ended him as he was blocking them from seeing me. They didn't expect him to stop suddenly on an otherwise clear roundabout. I replied, "That's why". I made sure when I wrote it up, the insurance companies would know who was to blame.

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12. Cab Calamity

It was a dark and rainy November afternoon. I was crewed in an unmarked car with my favorite partner for the late shift, which we were only an hour into. We were stationary, stuck in rush hour traffic, just trading the usual insults to each other when "Wham"! We got rear-ended by a taxi. If the face on the driver wasn't sweet enough when we switched on the blues, his fare added to the cabbie’s pain.

The customer told the officer who took their details that the cabbie was on his phone at the time he hit us and wasn't looking ahead. Instead, he was fiddling with the radio. We had to go to the hospital and ended up getting some workman’s comp, and the cabbie got hit pretty heavy with fines at court.

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13. I Had Him In A Jam

I was working in transportation, and one time I was helping direct traffic in an area where we had a water main break. I had two lanes merging into one behind me. I would let one lane go for a bit, stop, then let the other one go. About 20 cars back, I could see this idiot in a BMW hopping back and forth to whatever lane I was allowing to go.

He finally crept his way up to second in the line.  I was letting the lane next to him go, and he tried to cut over on someone. Well, I wasn't about to let him get away with that. The moment he did that, I put my hand up and stopped him and let the other lane go instead. He was so infuriated that I could see it in his eyes. He then tried to get over into the lane I was allowing to go.

I didn’t let him go anywhere. When he finally did get to go, he stared me down as he drove by.

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14. Double Checked

I was driving a rental car in stop and go traffic in the left lane when I heard horns and squealing tires. I looked to see a pickup about to hit back of the car. It missed, as I tried to keep a car’s length between me and the car. After that, the driver leaned out his window and made rude gestures while yelling at me for some reason.

We moved a little then came to a stop. I checked the rear view mirror right as he rammed the back of my car. He then backed up and hit me a few more times while other cars scattered to the roadside. I started to pull over, and he blew past me, giving me the finger. I tried to get a plate number, but it was out-of-state so I had no dice.

This was before cell phones, so I decided that I was going to follow him. I found him swerving in and out of traffic and the shoulder to get away from me. He took the next exit, and I followed as he zoomed through a parking lot, almost hitting a car with a young woman and her baby in a car seat inside. He just drove away again.

I stopped to help the woman and waited for officers to arrive as a witness used a payphone to call the auhtorities. After they arrived, they took down information and statements but told me that they couldn’t do much with an out-of-state plate. The rental company replaced the car, and I was more vigilant while driving after that.

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15. Yellow-Bellied Bonehead

There was a guy in a big jacked-up bright yellow pickup truck who was tailgating my roommate as he was driving. He was so close that I couldn’t even see his headlights in my rearview mirror anymore. After about a block of this, the tailgater decided enough was enough and pulled out into the left-hand turn lane and passed us. But he made a huge mistake in doing so.

He pulled this maneuver in the middle of an intersection right in front of an officer who was waiting at the cross street. The red and blues came on right as we got through the intersection, and I calmly pulled out of the officer’s way. When the guy pulled over, the officer pulled right behind him and almost sprinted up to the guy's truck, yelling at him. It made my week!

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16. Driving Out The Problem

My girlfriend and I live in a dry county and have to drive across the state line whenever we want to buy any drinks. While there, this guy was just trashed and making a scene because he couldn’t get any service. By then, I was on my way back to the car. As I was driving out, the sloshed guy got in his car and started following me close.

On the main road, I switched lanes so he could pass me. He began tailgating the car in the other lane. After crossing the state line, we passed a trooper who did nothing even though the guy was a foot away from the other car’s bumper. But a minute later, I saw headlights coming from behind me fast. It was the trooper.

He was following the smashed guy, who was trying to play it cool despite swerving the whole time. The trooper took the next exit, leaving me disappointed and annoyed. Suddenly, I looked up to see a set of headlights again coming at me fast. It was the trooper, who drove up to the guy’s car, leaving three feet between them.

He turned on his lights, and both pulled into a parking lot. The next morning, I saw that the trooper had charged him for drinking and driving.

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17. Playing It Off

I was driving behind a slow-moving car in the left lane that seemed to be speeding up to pass a semi-truck that was traveling in the right lane. But this car kept speeding up to where they could pass and then slowed down to the back of the truck. This happened until the truck driver came upon a car driving even slower than him.

The truck turned on its signal to turn left. The annoying car was still playing their game and didn’t notice. Well, the driver gave them as much time as he could and then merged into their lane. This almost forced the annoying car off the road.

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18. He Turned Right In Front Of Me!

I was at a four-way intersection where two four-lane roads intersected. On the road I was on, there was one left turn lane, the middle lane—which went straight or turned—and the right lane, which went straight. As I was approaching the light, it was turning yellow, so I stopped, knowing it would be red long before I would be able to clear the intersection.

The BMW behind me decided to zoom it into the right lane, then made a left turn on the now red light right in front of me. He messed up big time. I laid on my horn, causing the officer on the intersecting road—who I could see fine from my truck, but the BMW could not see—to look up. He flicked on his lights siren, made a quick U-turn, and went after him.

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19. Way Of Things

The car in the left lane turned on its signal to merge. I slowed down to let him in, but traffic stopped at a light. So, now this car was taking up both lanes. A motorcyclist came to pass the car. He turned his head to yell at the driver, but did not notice the other stopped cars. He rode into a bumper then landed on a windshield.

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20. Coming For You

I’d just gotten my driver’s license and was cruising around, going nowhere in particular. A lady backed into the road at an angle then stopped. I swerved around her fast and hopped the curb while flipping her off. She then chased me for five blocks. At every stop sign I hit, she was right there next to me in the other lane. It was like a nightmare.

I could hear her yelling all sorts of curse words through her windows, my windows, and the radio. Finally, I stopped at an intersection that took forever. I worriedly look back to see her car behind me. Then I noticed something terrifying. She wasn't in it. All three of her passengers looked like they were in shock. Suddenly, she's beating on my window.

I rolled it down an inch and told her to leave me alone. She went off about working for the sheriff's department and that I needed to stay put until officers arrived. I was fine with that course of action since I didn't see how I was getting in any trouble. So, I asked her if she really wants her boss to come out here.

Because I was going to explain to him how she pulled out in front of me, crossed the yellow line to chase me in the wrong lane, got out of a running vehicle, and banged on my windows. She saw that I had a credible witness in the car and the many others who stopped to watch while they were walking by. Without a word, she went back to her car.

But I had to get the last word because I was a 16-year-old boy. I don't really remember what I said, but it upset her. Her rage reached a whole new level. She came right back to my car as fast as she could and started to kick and punch it. Not a second before she started hitting my car does a sheriff's cruiser come around the corner.

He was just minding his own business until he saw her and turned on his red and blues for her. It just so happened that he worked with the lady and didn’t like her at all. She was always trying to get people taken in even though all she did was file paperwork in the basement. He cuffed her as I explained what happened.

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21. Slipped Up

On some freshly snow covered roads, I was behind an old lady driving in the left lane. She was signaling to switch into the right lane. The driver beside me saw her signal light and so sped up. It's a big woman in a truck. The old lady still changed lanes, making the lady hit her brakes, so then the bigger woman decided to ride her tail. Well, I wasn't standing for that.

I accelerated to drive at the same speed as the old lady to make the other driver even angrier, now at both of us on the road. So, she kept swerving from lane to lane, waiting for me to pass. As she did, she hit a patch of snow in the left lane. Her truck hit the median and turned sideways quite suddenly and flipped over.

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22. Eyes Up Here

I was driving down a five-lane road going just above the speed limit. Being a major road, officers patrolled it quite often. At this point, a guy in an SUV started to tailgate me. All I could see of his car from my mirror was the roof. I still held my speed and watched him become more upset. I could not slow down because he was so close.

There were plenty of opportunities for him to pass me in the other lane that he refused to take. He whipped into the side lane and pulled up next to me. He stared, swore at me, and slammed on his gas pedal hard. If he hadn’t been staring at me but at the road, he would’ve noticed the parked delivery truck in front of him. Yep, he crashed.

I burst into laughter but pulled over to see if he was okay. His car was tucked under the truck with its hood peeled back and a mangled front clip. The truck driver saw everything, as did the drivers behind me who then came to my rescue. The officers didn’t even buy his story, which was all lies. They let me go after I told them what happened.

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23. Age Matters

I was 19 and driving through a five-exit intersection in my residential neighborhood. Traffic wasn’t very busy, so I was driving in the lane where I had the right-of-way and all other vehicles had to yield. A compact car was approaching the intersection. I tried reassuring myself by remembering that I had right of way. In an instant, it nearly turned deadly.

The car wasn’t slowing down, so I had to slam on my brakes. The other car braked the middle of the intersection. The woman came out the driver’s side and started shouting at me about how I was a dumb teen and needed to learn how to drive or else I’d cause an accident. I opened the door and stuck my head out.

I called her a grandma and told her that if she kept driving like a blind old lady ignoring the yield signs, she was the one who was going to cause an accident. I got back in my car, backed up, and drove around her while she stood there astonished.

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24. They Had Him Seeing Red

I was stopped at a red light near a railroad. If a train was passing, the light stayed red. We were on a curve and a hill, so I could see the reason for us being stopped. However, an older gentleman about three cars back could not and decided to pass me and the car ahead of me. We were at a red light, blocked by a train.

The red light marked an intersection, right in front of the city hall and law enforcement station. It was also around lunchtime. As the guy breezed through the light, he was immediately followed by three or four flashing lights. It made the five-minute or so wait on the train amazing because I got to watch them chew this guy out.

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25. A Brush With Some Karmic Retribution

My stepdad was a jerk. One day we were headed to get breakfast at a cafe. We lived in a small town, and the cafe was one block from the only stoplight in town. My stepdad was irritated that the car in front of us was going slow, so he decided to tailgate them.  I was a passenger, and I saw the driver look in his rearview mirror a couple of times.

Then, all his lights began flashing—the reverse, third brake light, everything. I thought it was weird,  so I took a closer look. The car—a Dodge Intrepid—had extra antennas on the roof and a strange license plate. I realized it was an unmarked cruiser.  So, I told my stepdad, "That's an officer"! My stepdad told me to be quiet, so I kept my mouth shut and decided to let it all play out.

I didn’t say anything about the specific observations I had made. A few moments later, the car in front of us pulled off the road abruptly and immediately pulled back onto the road right behind us. I was now certain that my stepdad would be getting what was coming to him. My stepdad realized I was right and decided to put on his seatbelt, which he never wore.

However, with one hand on the wheel and two eyes on the rearview mirror, he had no hands or eyes to manage the curve that was coming up ahead. We crossed over the center line into oncoming traffic. The officer had seen enough and put his lights on. I started laughing uncontrollably. We pulled over. The officer came up and started talking. Then he said, "Sir! Step out of the vehicle! Now"!

At that point, I became a bit scared, wondering what was going on. The officer made my stepdad "spread 'em" against the car hood and then came back to where I was sitting. He retrieved the nine-inch buck knife my stepdad kept between the seat and the stick shift. The officer placed the knife on the roof and proceeded to pat down and lecture my stepdad.

This all happened directly in front of the local cafe where the entire town had breakfast. Needless to say, the officer was not impressed, and I got to see this jerk—who made my life a nightmare—get treated like the dirtbag I knew he was. It was great.

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26. If He Only Knew What Was Coming

One time I was stuck in traffic on one of those lane-changing roads. There were boxes over each lane lit up with a red "X", a green arrow, or nothing, depending on who could use it. We had two gridlocked lanes heading inbound, and there were three lanes outbound with a sixth lane closed to cars while they transitioned from outbound to inbound traffic.

One car decided that waiting was for chumps, so they peeled off the column of traffic and drove up the wrong empty lane. Two blocks up, we saw that the lane he drove into was a left turning lane for oncoming traffic. He had pulled hood-to-hood right up to a law enforcement vehicle.

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27. It Was All A Bust

Back in the day, some local law enforcement agents had a racket going.  They put a 45 mph limit sign on an interstate where the limit was 55 mph. They would pull over out-of-state cars and give them a ticket, plus hit them with a cash "bond".  An officer pulled over a man in his mid-20s driving a nice sedan with out-of-state plates. The young man commented that what they were doing was against the law.

He was cuffed and invited to see the judge. The judge fined him $50. He refused. The judge sentenced him to five days in the pokey. He wasn’t offered a phone call, a lawyer, or anything. After five days, the young man left. He returned a week later with a number of his co-workers and arrest warrants for the sheriff and the judge. But that wasn't the best part.

The young man was an FBI agent en route to his new assignment.

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28. Follow Me

Where I live, we have many ramps and interchanges between freeways. I was in the merging lane to another freeway. There was a truck in front of my sedan, which was driving behind an SUV. Once we hit the ramp, the SUV slowed down to a literal crawl. The truck honked at it. I was also impatient, but I thought it was an old lady who did not know how to drive.

After what felt like an eternity, we got to the end of the ramp, and the SUV floored it. That's when I realized they were doing it on purpose to make us mad. It worked. My little sedan tried to keep up with them but was left behind. Still, I did end up catching up to them: The SUV was in the middle of the five-lane freeway with a mangled trunk, and the truck was parked on the shoulder with its front end smashed.

I had been fantasizing doing the same to the SUV and was glad to see someone else do it for me.

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29. Red Light, Green Light

I was sitting at a red light in the left-hand travel lane. To my left was the left turn lane. On my left was a Tucson PD motorcycle officer patiently waiting for the light to turn green, which came. He was making the motions to proceed but hadn't moved yet when this utter idiot came blasting through the cross street, blowing the red light at about 60 mph.

The speed limit was 35 mph. I was shocked and muttered, "Holy cow"! as the guy raced through the intersection. The officer and I exchanged a shocked glance. He held out his fist—the one that was on the throttle a moment ago—and we fist-bumped. He flipped on his lights and siren and took off after the guy. It was glorious.

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30. Too Fast To See

Early one morning, I was driving to work along a straight section of road near the airport. Looking in my rear view mirror, I noticed a set of headlights coming up fast and weaving in and out. My first impulse was to slow down and give him room to pass me easily, and the one-ton pickup in front of me had the same idea.

A few seconds later, the speeding car roared past us and swerved while trying to get in front of the truck in the right lane. But he moved to the left lane to try and pass, not noticing the tractor trailer coming over the hill ahead. The speedy car tried to switch again but lost control and veered into a telephone pole.

I watched it happen then turned my hazard lights on like every other car around me. I pulled over and was getting out, only to see that the two drivers behind me were pointing and laughing. Looking over, the speedster car’s door was open with no passenger in the seat, and there was a nice head-shaped bulge in the windshield. Then it went from dangerous to bizarre.

I noticed the guy in only his boxers running at full speed down the road. A driver watching with me was a track coach with a stopwatch and told me that he was going fast for someone who’d just been in an accident. The guy ran to someone’s porch, veered into a field, ran a bit more, and stopped to catch his breath.

The man inside his house came out, armed, to see what was happening. The guy walked slowly back to us. We were wondering what substance he was on. Another driver on her way to work as a dispatcher had called for medics and officers to come. But he wasn't done yet. The guy ran through the field and crossed the street, paying no mind to traffic.

As he approached me, my first instinct was to lock my car doors, and it seemed like everyone else did the same. It was a good thing that we did because the guy tried opening all of our passenger side doors. We were telling him that he needed to sit down because he had been in a major accident. He shouted he needed a ride.

Volunteer paramedics arrived, which made the guy freak out more and run again to the next field. I'll never forget the next moment. He hopped the fence and tried to hide behind all of the sheep. We were all watching him dumbfounded as he was on his hands and knees "hiding". The sheep were also not having any of his nonsense and kept moving around.

He swore at the sheep for not cooperating. The paramedics eventually talked the guy down and got him to come back to the road. Troopers started taking our statements and were just waiting for the medics to check the guy out before taking him in.

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31. Life In The Fast Lane

I was driving on a highway at night in the fast lane. I was going faster than most of the traffic, but the guy who was coming up behind me was flying. I started looking for a spot to move over, but the road was busy, and I just couldn’t. He came up behind me and started honking and flashing at me. I was waiting for an opening but still hadn’t found one.

I finally got room to move into the middle lane, and as he passed me, I just gave him a head shake because he was being a knob. He didn’t like that. So, he moved into the middle lane, slowed down just to inconvenience me, and wouldn’t let me pass. He got impatient with that and then went flying off.  In his desire to focus on me, he didn't see an officer pull onto the highway just a little ways ahead of him.

He passed the cruiser without realizing it, and the lights immediately flipped on. I felt as if justice was served.

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32. Following Officer

I was driving home 10 miles away from work from the city to the suburbs. I was at a red light about to get onto the highway and looked down to change songs on my phone. That was when I noticed an officer in the other lane was behind me and had seen me look down at my device. I knew I was in trouble then, but I had no idea how much.

When the light turned green, I turned onto the highway. As I had expected, he followed me. I thought he was going to pull me over, but he didn’t. Instead, he got right behind me as I drove exactly at the speed limit while he rode my bumper. We’d made eye contact several times, so I knew he was onto something, but I wasn’t sure of his plans.

I got off the highway at my exit. The officer still rode my tail. I pulled up to a light with a right-turn-only lane, which he entered. When he was next to me, he gave me a stern look. I stared straight ahead, pretending not to notice. The light turned green, and he turned right then immediately moved to turn left into the gas station across the street.

I turned to my friend beside me and told her I thought he was finally going to pull me over. As we went through the intersection, he was doing his left turn...when suddenly a car crashed into the side of his car. He’d been so focused on keeping his eyes on me that he cut the woman off without enough time for her to stop.

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33. Cold Distance

I was driving the country route back home after work one night during December. It had been snowing all day with six inches of fresh snow covering everything, including the roads. I was travelling slowly on this tiny snow-covered road. Then this giant, lifted truck came behind me and began riding so close to my bumper.

My small car couldn’t have gone faster even if I’d tried. There were times when I could not see his headlights in my side mirrors, he got so close to me. The whole time he was honking and throwing a fit, but he never passed me. I finally had enough with him and slowed down even more. The truck revved up to try and pass me.

When he did, he went right into the ditch. I stopped my car and got out to tell him that the roads were slippery. He swore at me, and I got in my car and went home.

Insta-Karma factsUnsplash

34. HOV Is Not 4 U

Several years ago, a highway patrol officer provided a beautiful bit of instant karma for which I never got to thank him. It was the last few days before Christmas, so the freeways were packed. People were eager to get to the stores to do their shopping on their way home. They were so eager that on every day of my commute home, I encountered at least one accident on the freeway that snarled up traffic.

I was at a crawl in the left-most lane when a car weaseled its way in front of me. They didn’t signal. They just took advantage of the reasonable following distance I was giving the car in front of me in the stop-and-go traffic. I was alert, but I had to tap my brakes, peeping in my mirror to judge the distance between myself and the cruiser behind me.

Then, the guy who cut me off swerved over and crossed the double yellow lines to get into the HOV lane. The lights behind me came on immediately. Traffic stopped in the HOV lane, and the highway patrol car entered the lane. I smiled as I watched in my rearview mirror as the officer began to lead the other vehicle off the freeway. It was going to be quite a trip to cross all that traffic, and he was probably already in a hurry.

Terrible Drivers Get Instant KarmaShutterstock

35. Emergency Efforts

I was driving along one day on a very busy road in my hometown. At this major intersection, a firetruck coming from my right had its lights and siren going. So, I did what everyone is supposed to do and stopped my car. I was stunned at what happened. See, nobody else did. I was sitting still in the center lane while everyone else was still driving.

The firetruck was trying to cross to get through, horn blaring, sirens screaming, and no one seemed to care. The person who stopped behind me honked at me, sped around me, and flipped me off. She had not seen that the firetruck had made its way through the intersection, and she slammed right into it. I got out to check on her.

She’d hurt her head badly and was bleeding a lot. But when the firefighters pulled her out of her car, she was yelling at them for running the red light.

Insta-Karma factsShutterstock

36. He Was Met With A Big Surprise

I was heading towards Baltimore and was stuck in traffic on I-95.  It was literally bumper-to-bumper, with no movement whatsoever. Some idiot decided to use the shoulder as his own personal lane and went speeding by us at around 50 mph. We all concurred that he was a complete jerk and didn’t think anything more about it. Then, about 15 seconds later, a cruiser went blazing by on the shoulder with its full lights and sirens on.

We, of course, went nuts, thinking that the officer was going to pull the guy over. Five minutes later, we passed the guy. He had indeed been stopped, but not by the officer we saw screeching by. Instead, he was stopped by a conveniently-abandoned car that was on the shoulder. The officer looked as if he was reading him the riot act. It was a fun moment.

Lawyers' defensePexels

37. It Was A Near Miss

Where I lived, people tended to run red lights fairly often. One day, I was first in line sitting at a red light during rush hour traffic heading home. The oncoming lanes had a green light for left turns. The light turned yellow, then red, and someone ran it just after my light turned green to go straight. I went forward and stopped in the middle of the intersection because they were about to hit me.

I laid on my horn, and they continued turning left. As I was leaving the intersection, I saw red and blue lights in my mirror. There was an officer right behind me at the light, and he went after the bad driver. I’m pretty sure he got a hefty ticket.

Terrible Drivers Get Instant KarmaShutterstock

38. Easy There Rider

I was driving on a highway that had only one lane going each way and that only had a couple of overtaking lanes, one of which was up a hill. People would get frustrated all the time with dumb tourists driving 43 or 50 mph in a 62 mph zone, but this guy was a special kind of a jerk. I was stuck behind a driver tootling along at about 50 mph, and the guy behind me was tailgating me.

I slowed down a bit because there was wildlife around, and you shouldn’t mess around with tailgaters. As we got to the uphill overtaking lane, he roared around me and got stuck behind the tootling car. Now he realized why I was going so slowly. He then continued to tailgate the other driver, and pretty dangerously. I was hanging right back, just figuring that I would take it slowly and stay out of trouble.

Suddenly, a motorcycle approached from behind, and I shifted in the lane so that they could pass, as I thought they would have a better chance of overtaking both vehicles that way. The tailgater took an opportunity to overtake, as did the motorcycle, which was against the law. I crested the next hill to find that it was a plainclothes officer on the bike, and he had pulled the tailgater over. My cold, shriveled little heart sang in karmic retribution as I drove past. It was wonderful.

Terrible Drivers Get Instant KarmaShutterstock

39. Gravel Of Justice

This guy on the highway was following me really close. But he wasn’t just doing that. He drove in front of me and slowed down, switched lanes to get behind me, tailgated me, and then would do it all over again. It was late at night with no other cars around. I didn’t know why he was driving that way. He got behind me again.

Right as he did, a piece of gravel flew out my tire and took out one of his headlights. I learned later that my two-year-old nephew had stuck a few pieces in there before someone stopped him, and one dislodged at the perfect satisfying moment.

Insta-Karma factsShutterstock

40. He Made A Bad Pass

I was once driving on a very curvy road doing the speed limit. There was a car totally riding me and trying very hard to either pass me or get me to speed up. The road was incredibly bendy, and you could not see oncoming traffic, not to mention that the line was solid. He had been tailing me really close for a few minutes when he decided to go for it and pass me while we were on a bend.

Apparently, there was an unmarked car right behind him. As soon as this guy passed me, the officer was on him and pulled him over immediately.

Work Smart FactsShutterstock

41. Until The Very End

I was the lead of a group of cars on the highway during light traffic going about. A black car came upon us and started swerving in and out, trying to get ahead. He made it to my rear bumper. I looked in my rear view to assess my challenger. This young guy was driving his girlfriend’s car, and she was right next to him. There was a pink bow hanging from the rear view mirror.

I gave him enough space to pass me, but this made him angrier. I knew the game was on, and I was ready. He switched lanes to drive behind me and ride my bumper even closer. I played around with the gas pedal, accelerating then slowing down. It enraged him. He then switched lanes to get in front of me. I stepped on my gas to stay ahead of him.

The girl looked like she was telling him to stop. Not wanting to upset her, I braked and let him speed off. Thinking that was the end of that, I was surprised when I heard a "pop!" He was a car’s length ahead with a grey cloud above him. Sparks followed, and the tires fell off. Each burst as they did. I turned my hazards on in the middle of the two lanes for him to pull over safely.

I was waiting for him to lose control at any time and wanted to prevent as much damage as possible. I couldn't believe my eyes. He didn’t stop or even slow down. He went at the same speed, ripping off whatever rubber was left on his rims. I could only assume he got off at the next exit going over 80 MPH to save his pride. I still wonder why he’d do that.

Insta-Karma factsShutterstock

42. Wishful Thinking

I was driving on the highway to work in the left lane, going with the flow of traffic at about 75 mph in a 55 mph zone. All of a sudden, this guy got into the left shoulder lane and sped past me—as if I wasn't going fast enough. I was just thinking to myself, "You idiot, I hope an officer busts you". About ten seconds later, I saw a cruiser pull out of the side of the road and do exactly that. It felt so good to see.

Said To Police factsShutterstock

43. Cruising For A Losing

There was an unmarked car that patrolled where I lived. Everyone in the car scene knew exactly which car it was, and it was actually pretty famous. The car in question looked just like a slightly modified car, and the officer who drove it used that to his advantage. What he did was, if he saw a modified car, he would drive alongside it and would try to entice them to race.

When the other car would take the bait and try to race the officer, the officer would pull him over and give them a ticket. One day, the officer pulled alongside a modified car that just so happened not to have a registration plate on it because he had just been to a car show. So, the officer tried to get him to race. The guy in the modified car knew it was the unmarked cruiser, so the guy just floored it.

He left the unmarked cruiser in the dust and never got caught.

Dead Have Their Secrets factsPiqsels

44. Catch Me If You Can

Late one night, I was driving home from campus on an empty dark road and had to slam on my brakes to avoid hitting an animal. I thought it was a cat at first, but as I was swerving out of the way, I realized it was just a possum. It was an adrenaline pumping moment, so I was focused on keeping my cool and slowing down.

I had to pay more attention to my speed and surroundings. Then I saw headlights in my mirror and looked back to the road. When I looked at my mirror again, the headlights were right behind me. The car had been flying down the road and had to slow down as he could not pass me because of the oncoming traffic. He was mad.

He flashed his lights at me then switched to the other lane. The other drivers had to slam on their brakes to avoid him. That was when I got ma. I knew just how to make his night worse. So, I got behind him just so my high beams hit the mirror in his eyes. I was unsure if I had any effect on him, but then we got to a light.

I slowed down and turned off my high beams, thinking he got the point. Except he stopped in the middle of the road, and I could see in his mirror he was upset and yelling. Hoping the other cars’ lights covered me, I smiled as his displeasure pleased me. A gas station was ahead, and the guy raced to it and pulled in.

This huge man twice my size got out of his car. He was flailing his arms at me and saying to get out of my car. I tried keeping my cool even though I was terrified and watched to see if he’d got anything to hit me with. The light was about to change, so he got back into his car. He expected me to go straight and prepared to turn right.

The light changed, and I made a sharp left. He was sitting at a red light, and I thought it was finally over. Nope, it wasn't close to finished. I watched this guy floor it through the red light and pass traffic to follow me. So, I picked up my speed thinking I could lose him. It was like I was standing still, though, because of how fast he was coming up on me.

I didn't know what to do. My phone was in my hand, and I was ready to call for officers, but I just slammed on my brakes. The guy thought I was bluffing, but when he realized that I wasn’t, he had to swerve his overpriced sports car off the road. That was when I took the chance to accelerate as fast as my car could go. Then I saw flashing blue and red lights.

An officer had been behind him at the red light and followed him as the guy drove 80 in a 45 zone. He got him after watching him swerve off the road.

Lawyers Screwed factsShutterstock

45. Spitting Image

When I was a teenager, I was waiting to merge onto the freeway in light traffic. The woman next to me pulled right up to the bumper in front of her to block me out. I accepted her challenge. I slowly but surely inched my way up to her car and ended up merging in front of her. She. Was. Furious. So, she switched lanes. Now beside me, she started screaming at me with her window up.

My window was down. I giggled, smiled, and flipped her off. That was when she really lost it. She slammed on her wheel screaming and prepared to spit at me. When she did, her window was still closed. 

Bad Guy factsShutterstock

46. Undercover Brother

My dad and I were driving on the highway in Texas, where the highway patrol loved their unmarked vehicles. We were in the fast lane that had a 70 mph speed limit. Suddenly, this Chevy Malibu was doing 55 mph. My dad proceeded to drive up close to him in an effort to persuade him to move over. After about a minute of doing this, the car flicked his lights on for about two seconds to make us back off, blowing his cover.

He immediately moved over and got off at the next exit to regain his incognito status.

Terrible Drivers Get Instant KarmaShutterstock

47. The Desert Fool

I was driving through central Nevada on a two-lane highway.  I was taking a sweeping right-hand turn when a new-ish Camaro with a very distinctive set of stickers on the rear window crossed a double yellow line and passed on the left. Doing so nearly caused a head-on collision with a semi coming in the opposite direction, and he nearly collided with the front of my car when he swerved back into my lane.

In that part of Nevada, the towns are roughly 60 miles apart. The next town had a notorious speed trap. About five miles outside the town, lo and behold, the Camaro was pulled over. About a half-mile after I passed them, the officer was apparently done giving them their speeding ticket. The driver of the Camaro was clearly mad, and once he was far enough away, he really took off.

In about five miles, he made up at least half or three-quarters of a mile. But this maniac wasn't done yet. He again crossed the double yellow line and passed me on a blind corner. When he passed me, he swerved to avoid another high-speed head-on collision for another prohibited pass. When he did that, he apparently missed the fact that the speed limit dropped from 75 mph to 25 mph.

A county cruiser was sitting just past the 25 mph sign with a radar device and nailed him going at least 80 mph in a 25 mph zone.

Petty Revenge factsShutterstock

48. Spaced Out

I was crawling behind a county plow on a snowy road. This guy in a brand-new pickup thought I was dumb for following the plow. So, he flashed his lights, rode my bumper, used hand signals, then finally decided to speed pass by both of us. Just in front of the plow, the truck disappeared in a huge puff of powdered snow.

We thought we were driving in the right lane but were really in the left lane the whole time. So, the pickup driver drove right into the median and got stuck.

Insta-Karma factsShutterstock

49. In My Way

I was driving to clean my trunk out and in the right hand lane of a three lane road. I was going along my way when a heinous woman in a minivan made a U-turn from the oncoming lane. But rather than choosing one of the empty lanes to merge, she merged all the way across and cut right in front of me, and I had to swerve.

I went over a curb to avoid her. I held my hand on my horn but got over it quickly. Still, karma came for her. Seconds later, I was behind her at a stop light when this officer stopped beside me. She motioned for me to roll down my window. I did, and she asked if the van really pulled right in front of me. I confirmed that was what she had seen.

So, she asked to get in front of me to pull the woman over. With biggest, cheesiest smile, I happily obliged. As the light turned green, she got in front of me and turned her lights on.

Insta-Karma factsShutterstock

50. Wheeling Moment

There was a huge tire in the middle of the road ahead of me. Driving in a school zone, I slowed down and signaled to switch lanes. The person behind me, who hadn’t seen the hazard, didn’t appreciate that. He flipped out, flashed his lights, honked, and flipped me off. So, I switched lanes while he accelerated to pass me.

When he did, he glared and swore at me, all while not paying attention to the road. His car became airborne for a moment after it drove into the tire. Then the car came down on the two driver’s side tires, which flew out from behind his car into the car behind him, who also hadn’t seen the tire. Somehow, the jerk’s car didn’t flip.

Insta-Karma factsShutterstock

51. Take That!

My mom was a law enforcement agent for 30 years. Back in the 80s, my dad was driving through the city with her as a passenger when a car full of young guys pulled up. They were all holding up racy magazines, flashing the centerfolds at my mom, yelling, "How'd you like that"?! My mom owned them with her response. She flashed her badge back at them and said, "How'd you like this"?!

They got spooked and broke a bunch of road rules trying to get away in a hurry.

Terrible Drivers Get Instant KarmaShutterstock

52. Hit Me With It

On an emergency call, my partner and I ran our ambulance through lights to get where we were needed. Some driver in front of us didn’t get out of our way and, for some reason, decided to wait for us to get close enough so he could brake and we’d rear end him. I deftly avoided him because I was used to people acting this way so was prepared.

The officer behind us, however, didn’t expect the guy to slam on his brakes. But because officers have cars that are made to stop faster, he didn’t rear end him either. Still, he was close and upset. He made sure to call the dispatcher to tell us that he wrote the driver up to four tickets and yelled at him for half an hour.

Insta-Karma factsShutterstock

53. He Got Called Out For His Crazy Maneuver

One night, my wife and I were coming back from dinner. We got off the freeway at our exit, which had a leisurely 180-degree ramp down to a T-intersection at the bottom with a light. The intersection was empty, but the light was red, so we waited for it to change. The guy behind us, though, was impatient. He had been chewing at our bumper all the way down the ramp.

Instead of waiting, he angrily zipped into the right-turn lane next to us, then proceeded to turn left from the right-turn lane on a red light, aiming to then U-turn onto the freeway entrance next to us. He didn't get that far. As soon as he crossed the intersection, two things happened. First, my rear-view mirror exploded in red and blue as the officer who had been behind him lit up his lights.

Secondly, the officer flipped on his loudspeaker as he pulled around us, and we heard, "THAT WAS REALLY STUPID". We waited politely for the light to change, enjoying the spectacle of the idiot getting pulled over before driving home laughing.

Worst First DatesShutterstock

54. He Messed With The Wrong Dude

A friend of mine was an officer who was about 6'6" and on the SWAT team. He was a real nice guy, but you would not want to mess with him. One day, he was driving home from work in his personal car, which was a small sports car. Behind him was a 20-something nitwit who kept tailgating him, then backing off, then again speeding up to continue tailgating him.

It happened during rush-hour traffic on a three-lane freeway. He was watching all this go on in his rearview mirror, and he was waiting for the inevitable. Sure enough, the nitwit hit him. So, they pulled off to the shoulder, and my friend was just sitting in his car. The nitwit got out of his, shouting and threatening to beat him up. Just before he got to the car, my friend got out.

He unfolded himself and stood at his full 6'6", still wearing full black tactical gear, and just stared at him. The nitwit literally peed his pants.

Terrible Drivers Get Instant KarmaShutterstock

55. This Is A Gas Up

I was working nights in a convenience store during college in the 1990s. We had trouble with drive-offs at the time, which is where people filled their tanks but drove away instead of paying for the gas. But they didn't know one thing. This was a small college town on a single freeway, and the next exit was the state trooper’s ranch. So, it was easy for us to catch most of them.

One morning around 3, this nice new red car pulled in to the station to the furthest pumps from the store beside the exit. Obviously, I could see this one was going to be bad from a mile away. So, I was watching him, looking clearly at him as the pump chimes for me to turn it on. He made eye contact with me and waved at me, so I turned it on for him.

I headed outside to watch him, stealthily keeping the pump between me and him. His door was open, and the car was running. How dumb did he think I was? I was on the other side of this pump where he couldn’t see me and wasn’t aware I was even there. I heard the pump handle hit the ground. There was no beep if pumps weren’t hung up.

I heard him scuffling into his car. Then I got my revenge. Just as he slammed the door, I stepped out and said into the cordless phone the make and model of his car and the plate. I revelled in his shock and then his anger. He flipped me off as he drove off with his girl next to him. The car even had personalized plates. It was too easy.

I called the patrol dispatcher and watched the car head for the next exit. The troopers usually brought the culprits back to pay instead of taking them in. But half an hour later, the phone rang. I thought it was the dispatcher. Instead, a rather nervous-sounding officer told me to come ID the driver. That’d never happened before.

I said that I had to stay to close up at 6, but he told me to close up right away and get to the station. As I started to close, two officers came in. They told me that we had to go and follow them in my car. So there I was following officers with their lights and sirens on down the freeway near dawn going almost 100 MPH. I soon learned the whole story.

When we got to the scene, officers were everywhere with 20 cars up and down the freeway that was now shut down. I identified the kid, agreed to show up to court to confirm, and made a bunch of statements. I found out that the guy and his girlfriend had broken into someone’s house and offed both the owner and his wife. They then took the new car and hurt another clerk at a convenience store who didn’t let them use the pilfered credit card.

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56. Show Some Respect

I was driving in a funeral procession for my grandmother. There were about 30 cars in total. As we were driving down a two-lane road, a guy pulled into the oncoming lane and proceeded to pass all of us, doing about 30 mph over the speed limit. When he reached the front, he realized there were two motorcycle officers leading the procession and blocking traffic on side streets as we went.

One of the officers pulled the guy over. When we passed him, the officer had his finger about an inch from the impatient driver’s nose and was obviously shouting at the top of his lungs. It made a whole bunch of mourners very happy.

Out of Touch Rich People FactsPxHere

57. In A Rush

I was driving down a two-lane highway in the left lane about to pass a family van with a truck in front of it. As I was about pass the van, it swerved in front of me without signalling, forcing me to slam on my brakes. The van then passed the truck over the course of 10 minutes, then switched back into my lane. Anger overtook me, and I did something stupid.

I sped up to give the driver a dirty look. Except inside the van was a group of frat boys who didn’t like that. When I went to get in front of them, they swerved to left lane, going almost 100 MPH, and flipped me off. The guy in the passenger seat even stuck half of his body out the window to flip me off with both hands. Now, this was their mistake.

They were driving over 30 MPH over the limit with a passenger hanging outside. Aaaaannnd then they flew by an officer who pulled them over right away. As I drove by, they looked at me with so much resentment.

Insta-Karma factsShutterstock

58. Beat Around The Bush

My older brother and I were driving home late one night. We’re waiting to turn left at an intersection with only one other car going the opposite way and signaling to turn left. All of a sudden, an oncoming car came zooming down the street. The car sideswiped the stopped car and turned right, which was the direction we were going.

The driver of the other car looked mad, reversed, and turned right to follow the side wiper. The light turned green, so my brother and I excitedly raced down the street after them so as not to miss a moment of action. Both cars were far ahead, driving fast, and turned on our street. When we got there, we got more than we bargained for.

The side-swiper had crashed into a large bush next to our driveway with the first car crashed behind it. Soon, our street was crawling with officers and emergency people, and all of our neighbors were outside watching it all. And more drama? The side-swiper was a young woman who had been drinking with an open bottle and a baby in the car!

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59. Check This Out

In high school, I was driving with my friends in my old car. It was a sweet ride, but I wasn’t one to enjoy all of the unwanted attention it got. We were at the gas station, and there was some dude at the pump across from me. His music was blasting, and a girl was sitting on the passenger side of his brand-new Mustang.

My friend was drooling all over it while the guy paid for his gas inside. As I was filling my tank, the guy came out, smirked, then shook his head before getting into his car. He turned up the music and screeched his tires to get back on the road. Like this guy thought he was so cool, and I have to say it annoyed me just a little.

But when he decided to turn out of the station, he cut off the oncoming car. But because he was going so fast, the rear wheels caused his car to fishtail. He tried overcorrecting a few times before he launched his new car into the house that was across the gas station.  The airbag deployed, and his car was destroyed. I was left at the pump thinking I made it happen with just my mind in my anger.

Insta-Karma factsPexels

60. One Way Ticket

I lived in New Orleans, where almost all of our streets are one-way streets. Once, I saw an officer who came out of nowhere and delivered some instant karma. We get a number of moronic and braindead tourists who think the one-way road rules don't apply to them for some crazy reason. During Mardi Gras, my car was parked on the side of the road, and I was getting in it, ready to drive away.

As I started my car, I saw a brainless tourist driving down the wrong side of the road. I thought, "Ugh, not again. He’s going to cause an accident". Not even five seconds after I said that, a cruiser came out of nowhere and threw on his siren and lights. The out-of-state tourist was basically a deer in headlights and just froze.

Terrible Drivers Get Instant KarmaWikimedia Commons

61. Thank You For Your Service

I was driving back to campus from Minnesota to Wisconsin. It was about 10 PM, and I had just crossed over the border.  There were sheets of rain coming down. I saw a BIG pickup truck speeding up behind me. He was really coming up fast. That pickup truck must have been going close to 95–100 mph. I was slightly speeding myself, and he just zoomed past me.

I made a mental note that the Wisconsin Highway Patrol’s favorite speed trap was a few miles up the road. About two minutes later, there was the pickup truck—on the side of the road—with a highway patrol car right behind him. I jotted down the officer's car number in my head and, when I got into town, sent a nice written letter to the station for that area thanking that officer for being out on that particularly dangerous night.

Memorable Stranger FactsShutterstock

62. His Luck Ran Out In Luling

Years ago, I was driving from Houston to San Antonio. Anyone who has been along highway I-10 knows that the town of Luling is notorious for its over-diligent officers. The highway is generally a nice yet rather boring drive. There are four lanes separated by a wide grass median that usually has a barrier running alongside them, especially by towns.

For about ten miles heading towards Luling, this guy in a PT Cruiser was absolutely riding my tail. There were NO other cars around, so I couldn’t understand why he wouldn’t just go into the left lane to pass me. As we got to Luling, I slowed down. It was a 75 mph zone that would slow down to 70 mph or 65 mph through the town. This dude went bananas.

He began flashing his lights and everything before he finally jerked over into the next lane and floored it. However, he never noticed the officer sitting on the hill that overlooked a good portion of traffic going in and out of the town. It was a dead-end road going up, but that officer wasn't there to pull people over himself. He would simply radio in which car to pull over to his buddies waiting down below.

As soon as I crested the hill myself, I could see those glorious flashing red and blue lights sitting there all pretty behind a very disgruntled PT Cruiser. I just waved as I drove past them.

Terrible Drivers Get Instant KarmaShutterstock

63. College Cat Callers Caught

One day while I was on my lunch hour, I went over to a little park to eat outside. There was a cruiser sitting in the park's parking lot waiting for speeders, although I didn't notice it until after I had parked. I nodded to him and went over to one of the picnic benches to eat. It was just a little park in a residential neighborhood, so the picnic benches were pretty close to the road.

I finished, threw out my trash, and was just reading my book when a car of college-aged frat bros pulled up to the curb to catcall me for having the gall to be a larger chick sitting out in public. They roared off, but the officer peeled out of the lot right after them with his lights flashing. I just laughed and laughed.

Margaret Campbell, Duchess of Argyll factsWikimedia Commons

64. Like A Wild Animal

I was driving home when an obnoxious guy from my high school came zooming behind me, swerving through traffic. He quickly passed me, and that was when I saw a grey cloud. I first thought a fire started, but I was wrong. The cars ahead had to brake hard to avoid hitting a deer that found itself in the middle of the road.

The guy had to slam on his brakes while speeding because it. And that’s when it happened. The deer ran right into the passenger side of his car, went up in the air, and landed on its feet on the roof of his car. That meant he couldn’t see it, making him scared out of his mind. Meanwhile, the deer was struggling to stand on the car.

It was slipping and jumping all over, and probably making terrifying sounds for the inside of the car. I looked at the guy, and with his eyes wide, he was flailing his arms. The deer finally jumped off the car and ran away unscathed. Mortified, he pulled over to check for any damages.

Insta-Karma factsShutterstock

65. Shifty Moves

I borrowed my friend’s modified car for a few days while mine was in the shop. It could get loud, and occasionally, drivers tried to race me. But I never took the bait since street driving is dangerous. One guy one night was particularly insistent, revving his engine next to me, speeding off, then slowing down for me to catch up.

I let him know that I wasn’t going to race him, and he tried taunting me for rejecting him. At the red light, he asked if we were going to race. I just rolled up my window and ignored him. He revved his engine once again, but when the light turned green, he dumped his clutch and ruined his tires. He didn’t go anywhere.

Insta-Karma factsShutterstock

66. Revved To Race

I was a newly hired officer who was still on probation. I was driving around in an unmarked unit with my field training officer. My training officer had been talking about the pros and cons of unmarked units, mostly pros. We were sitting at a light behind a Mustang when a sports bike came up. The Mustang revved its engine a few times, and the biker revved his engine a few times as well.

My training officer just stared at them with the biggest grin on his face. The light turned green, and the Mustang launched out, and the biker took off too. My training officer hit the lights and sirens. The Mustang immediately slammed on its brakes, and the biker was looking back while still accelerating forward. The biker looked forward again, thinking he was in the clear to take off, but a car was merging into his lane.

He couldn't decelerate fast enough—and the consequences were severe. He ended up dumping the bike and skidding a good 60 feet. There weren’t any major injuries, but he was transported to the local hospital to remove gravel from his skin. Both were cited for unlawful speeding, tire screeching, reckless endangerment, failure to use due care, and street racing.

Terrible Drivers Get Instant KarmaPexels

67. Drag Rager

One day, my boyfriend and I were walking down a street minding our own business. Then we saw this random car full of college kids coming from the opposite direction. The driver was furious, with his head hanging out the window yelling curse words. I didn't really pay attention because I didn't know him and assumed he just had issues.

Right as he passed, I flipped him off, smiled, and kept on walking. I could tell by the volume of his voice he was probably hanging out the window looking at us and yelling still when all of a sudden, I heard a loud screech followed by a crunch. We turned to see the guy had smashed into a car backing out of a driveway.

He hadn’t been paying attention to the road because he was so upset with me. Well, both cars were totalled, and he injured himself.

Supernatural childhoodShutterstock

68. Power Driving

As I was driving, I saw a fancy car whip out of a parking lot, almost clipping a car in the process. The car pulled around him into the oncoming lane and slammed on his brakes. The fancy car driver parked his car and got out. He was clean-cut, in a suit, fit, and ready to give a punk a lesson. So, the other guy got out.

It was a young punk who was scrawny and in his late teens. The first guy started to approach. But then we all got a huge surprise. A hulking man of 6’2 and at least 230 pounds wearing only jeans came out from the driver’s seat. It looked like he ripped phonebooks for fun. He stomped his way to the clean-cut guy. I’ve never seen a guy run so fast.

Taxi overheardShutterstock

69. Cold Reality

After a heavy snowstorm, I was stuck in my home for a few days as I lived in the country where no roads were plowed. When I did venture out, I was driving the curvy, hilly, and icy roads nice and slow. One day, I had the road to myself until a big red truck appeared in my rear view, then stuck itself on my bumper. I became alarmed.

The road was too slippery for me to drive faster. The truck kept swerving into the oncoming lane and falling back to tailgate me. Finally, he got an opportunity to pass and took it. I watched as he fishtailed past me and hoped he’d go off the road. Sure enough, I came around a corner to find the truck stuck in a ditch.

I stopped to pick him up since there was no service to call for a tow truck. I brought him into town and reminded him that the four-wheel-drive only worked with all tires on the ground.

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70. Patience Is A Virtue

I was on a four-lane road with a painted median. I was in the left lane because the right lane fed onto a freeway. The left lane was backed up, and a car facing the other way was in the median trying to turn left. I saw a line of cars coming into the right lane to get on the freeway. My light was going to turn green so I could move up, but it wasn’t green yet.

I didn’t leave room for the guy to turn left when I stopped the car. He flipped out, rolled down his window, honked, yelled at me, and gestured at me. I moved up because the light cycled, and some cars made it through the light. A person further back left room for the guy to make his turn left. The guy slammed on the gas and got T-boned by a car in the right lane that was getting onto the freeway.

Then, I made it through the next light and was on my way.

God-Awful NeighborsShutterstock

71. Serious Ride

I was getting off work at the pharmacy in my small town in the middle of night. I stopped at the gas station to pump my bike tires up. That was when these trucks drove by yelling, laughing, and throwing full cans at me that exploded and then pinwheeled away as the pressure released. I got on my bike, heading home upset. But then I got to witness karma.

I was riding across the graveyard, which was a series of hills that surveyed the whole town. When I got to the top of the first hill, I saw one of the trucks had hit the freeway on-ramp pylon.

Insta-Karma factsShutterstock

72. Late For A Court Date

My ex was an officer. He worked the graveyard shift, so he was done at around 2 AM unless he had court. Then, he could leave a little early. He was on his way to court one morning, in full uniform and in his personal car. He was happy because he was pretty sure the guy wasn’t going to show up, so he got some extra time to sleep and was getting paid for four hours for showing up regardless.

He got off of the expressway and was making a right. There were several eastbound lanes at this intersection. The expressway was under the city slightly, so there was a street that matched it eastbound on one side and westbound on the other side of the expressway. The only way you could turn at the light was if you just exited the expressway and were in the two far-right lanes. That's it. There were no other turns. The other four lanes went straight.

So, some idiot decided that he was more important than the rest of the travelers during morning rush hour traffic and made a right from the furthest left lane—through a red light—across three straight only lanes—and one and a half right-turn lanes. It would have been two right-turn lanes, but the side of my ex’s car got in his way.

The guy didn’t even have the chance to get out of his car when my ex jumped out of his and ran full speed at him—in full uniform with his piece in his hand—thinking the guy was sloshed or crazy. He got to the guy's car, and the dude was terrified. My ex yelled at him through his closed window, "YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME"!

My ex filled out an incident report while waiting for on-duty officers to show up.  He handed him the report and ran off to court because he was now late.  Luckily, the defendant didn’t show up, and my ex got a free meal to boot.

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73. Driving To The Future

We were lining up outside our gym for our high school graduation ceremony rehearsal. One kid who wasn’t graduating with us sped by us while we waited and decided to show off for us and burn his tires. But as he did, he hadn’t noticed the officer coming from the opposite lane...who pulled him over immediately in front of us.

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74. Wrong Place To Race

My town had a lot of racers who were annoying and drove like idiots.  One day, my girlfriend and I were driving down what was usually a busy road, but it was the middle of the night. The only two cars we saw were two racers barreling down the street, going the opposite way, clearly competing. The two cars had to be pushing 75-80 mph in a 45 mph zone. They passed us right as we were about to go through an intersection.

My girlfriend and I did our usual eye-roll and sighed. However, the intersection we were going through just happened to be the intersection that led to our local law enforcement station. There happened to be an officer waiting for the light to change so he could enter the station. Why two people would race past a law enforcement station was beyond me.

The second the cars passed, he flipped on his lights, and we stopped to let him go after them. It was great.

Taxi driversShutterstock

75. Monkey See, Monkey Do

I was riding in my boyfriend’s passenger seat. We're the third car back waiting to go straight through a busy intersection. In front of us were a blue van and a white car. The advance green changed, and the driver of white car hadn’t been paying much attention and probably just zoned out waiting for the light to change.

The van seemed to be just following him, so when the white car sped forward, the van was close behind it. Then came the worst luck I've ever seen. When the white car was in the intersection, an officer’s car almost T-boned it, causing the officer to immediately pull over the white car while the van peeled away quickly.

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76. Endangering Children Is A No-No

As a kid who took the bus to and from school every day, I saw plenty of schoolbus-related rule breakers. One frequent example was of cars that wouldn't acknowledge the stop sign that swung out from the side of the school bus. This sign allows children to cross roads safely. On one glorious occasion, as the sign swung out and assumed a visible position, a bright red car swerved a bit to the left to avoid the sign and zoomed past it.

The road we were on was very busy and in the middle of town. This meant that cars and pedestrians were everywhere. One of the nearby cars was a cruiser. Its lights began shining brightly, and the sirens roared along with the cheers of those of us who remained on the bus. The authorities stopped the car that had endangered our lives, and we screamed out of delight for justice as we passed them.

One of the officers tipped his hat towards the bus and winked. At that moment, we believed him to be the greatest being on earth. The driver of the car that had wrongfully passed us likely received no less than a $500 fine and the loss of several demerit points. He also got to remember the victory cries of about twenty or so kids on a bus.


Creepy Experiences factsShutterstock

77. His Reckless Driving Blew Up

One weekend, I was driving from Chicago to Wisconsin. As soon as I got on the highway, a car to my left decided he needed my lane at that instant and pushed me out of my lane and onto the shoulder. He continued to zoom around and almost hit another ten cars or so, only to end up right back where he started. It was rush hour, and we were all going along the highway slowly.

Suddenly, I heard this BOOM. It turned out the idiot in the zooming car busted a tire trying to drive along the shoulder of the road to pass another car. A couple of other cars and I stopped—not to ask if he needed help—but to wait for the officer that was a couple of miles back who saw the whole thing. We each gave our testimonies, and the jerk was taken away in the cruiser for reckless driving and some other charges.

Passive -aggressive revengeShutterstock

78. The Escalade’s Escapades

One day, I was driving on the freeway and needed to get over. I checked to make sure that it was clear, signaled, and changed lanes. I didn't realize that there was an Escalade coming up from behind at over 100 mph in that lane. He was going so fast that the lane looked clear when I had checked just a second prior. The Escalade decided to teach me a lesson by acting like it wasn't going to stop and plow into me.

Then, there were cars on both sides of me so that I couldn't swerve out of the way. So, the Escalade stormed up until the last possible second, then hit the brakes hard. He matched my speed about a foot away from my bumper. While this was happening, I was freaking out and wobbling the car because I thought I was going to get creamed.

The officer that was driving one lane over and two cars back immediately flipped on his lights and pulled them over. It was quite the roller coaster ride of emotions for me.

Terrible Drivers Get Instant KarmaShutterstock

79. Nothing Could Change Hs Carelessness

There was a four-way stop a short distance from my house. It had been changed into a normal intersection with lights for each side. There were signs warning about the change for weeks before it happened and for a few weeks after. As I was pulling up to it to take a right turn, the light turned green. When I started to turn, the idiot on the left side failed to notice it wasn't a four-way stop anymore.

I had to slam on my breaks to avoid hitting him and his kid. I honked at him and saw that there was an officer sitting at the light right across the road from me. The officer waited for the light to change, then flipped his lights on and went after the idiot.

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80. Full Of It

Pregnant at 20, I was walking to an afternoon college class. I was almost at the crosswalk and knew that it was about to change, so waddled my way over there. When I got there, I saw a car approaching to make a right hand turn, so I stopped and waited. Rather than the customary wave, he just made eye contact with me. This wasn't a good thing.

He had a smirk showing his disapproval for my pregnant belly, but I was used to that already. Since he’d stopped, I stepped off the curb to cross. I wasn't prepared for his insanity. Right when I passed in front of his car, he revved his engine and jerked his car forward. My reaction was to swivel back then fall onto the hood of his car, smacking my head.

I collected myself and saw that this guy was giggling to himself. Usually, I’d get over it quickly, but now I was furious. It took all of me to be satisfied with just a glare. Anyway, I recovered and walked off. So imagine my surprise when I heard sirens. A nearby officer saw everything, did a U-turn and wrote up the guy. It was sweet justice.

Paranormal emergencyShutterstock

81. Close To Home

The street where I live has a speed limit of 25 MPH, but most people drive over 40 or tailgate those driving the limit. One day, I was driving home going the limit with a woman on my bumper. I turned onto my street, and she followed. As always, I turned on my left signal, but she was so close to me that she didn’t see.

She assumed I was turning right and tried passing me on the left while I was turning. As a sreult, she pushed in the whole driver side door at the foot of my driveway. She got out and started screaming at me because I was only 17 and easy to blame. She kept saying that her daughter witnessed the entire thing and she could prove it.

This was the daughter who was still in the car looking at her phone. I was lucky and had my brothers and their friend in the car as they came to my defense. Even the officer told her he thought she was ridiculous.

Saddest thing seenShutterstock

82. Something Was Foul With My Fellow Employee

On my way home, I pulled into a convenience store down the street from where I worked. I parked my car, got out, and greeted the security guard from work, who I happened to see at the gas pump. There was a dark cloud hanging over this guy. He had just gotten off from work at the same time as I did and was in a very foul mood. I wished him a better day, grabbed what I had come for, and proceeded to the register.

However, he was already at the till, and he was yelling. He was going off on the poor employees and making a scene. His rant went on for about thirty seconds, and while I thought about stepping in on the clerks' behalf, I refrained because this guy was clearly unstable, and I had to see him at work. He finally finished his rant and stormed out.

I approached the cash register and informed them that not only would I decline to contribute to their quota of verbal harassment, but I also wanted to purchase some of their goods and two of their finest lotto tickets. Then, I heard some tires squealing outside. The security guard decided that doing a couple of donuts between the gas pumps and the store would be an appropriate punctuation to his verbal rant.

He narrowly missed my car on two occasions. He finally straightened out his wheel and headed for the exit. Meanwhile, during all this nonsense, the assistant manager had been in the manager's office on the phone calling the authorities. No sooner did the security guy exit the gas station then a county sheriff turned on his lights right behind him.

When I left, they had the security guard up against his car, putting cuffs on him. When I returned to work, I found out that the dude was no longer employed there. It seems as if he was in a foul mood because he had been let go. Unfortunately, the next security guard was even worse.

Macho Moments Gone Wrong FactsShutterstock

83. It Was A Slam Dunk

One day, I was on the way to work going down Route 91 in Riverside, California. There was a guy in the carpool lane who suddenly decided that they were going to cut across five lanes of traffic to get to their exit. In order to get to the exit, they ended up cutting me off, so I had to slam on my brakes so that I wouldn’t get hit.

The cruiser that was following me—which was making me paranoid, to begin with—changed lanes from behind me. He followed the car off the freeway and flipped on his lights. I was able to gain my composure after having to slam on my brakes in front of the authorities. Once I did, I found it all to be a very satisfying experience.

Worst First DatesShutterstock

84. Speed Demon

I was driving to Miami for cancer treatments. A man in a white van spent about five miles tailgating me and constantly trying to pass me, honking his horn, and gesturing at me for going too slow. I wasn’t about to speed up or move. There was too much traffic, and construction had lanes blocked. Finally, he passed me and zoomed ahead.

Then, the state trooper that was in front of me chased after him. The idiot didn’t realize that I was doing the speed limit for a reason. We waved at him when we passed his roadside disco. In Florida, speeding through a construction zone is a double fine, so the ticket must have cost him about $500.

Mistaken Identity FactsShutterstock

85. Girl Gone Wild

One day, when I was driving to work, a car started tailgating me. It was doing the "speed up-slow down"' thing. I looked in my rear-view mirror and saw that there was a girl in the passenger seat who was yelling at the driver. The car sped up to my bumper one more time. I looked in my rear-view and was getting ready to flip him off when I saw the girl absolutely smack the living daylights out of the guy driving.

He finally backed off and stopped tailgating me after that.

Glitch In The Matrix FactsShutterstock

86. Dad Demolition

My dad was driving my twin brother and me to school. Our three-year-old brother was also in the truck so my dad could drop him off at daycare. We were driving on an empty road going 40 when a car came flying over the hill at light speed. Being level-headed, my dad pulled to the shoulder to let the guy pass, all while giving him the stink eye.

We got back on the street and kept driving. At the next intersection, we pulled up to the car that had passed us. As I looked, cold fear ran through me. The guy saw us then hung his hand out his window, holding a pistol while staring at my dad in the mirror. We’re trapped by cars, and I could see the terror and rage swell in him instantly. Then my dad shifted gears.

My dad stomped on the gas to ram the car. The guy dropped his piece, and my dad floored it until he pushed the car out of the intersection.

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87. So Close

I had met my wife, daughter, and son for dinner at a restaurant one night. When we left, I followed my wife in my car to go home while the kids were in her car. At the green light, she turned left when a driver across her turned right, so he almost hit her. She threw her hands up at him, making the guy hit his brakes to confront her.

I jumped out of my car and ran to her door just as he got there. I blocked the door and told him to get back in his car. He asked me what I was going to do. I told him my family was in there and nothing was going to happen to them while I was there. I told him again to leave, and he began saying that she’d cut him off.

I told him that he was right but she hadn’t seen him and I’d speak to her later, but he still had to leave. He stood there staring at me. There was only one thing I could think to do. I then stuck my hand in my empty pocket and told him that I didn’t want anyone to get hurt and we needed to leave before anything worse happened. He backed up to his car, got in, and drove away.

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88. This Neon Lit Up And Got Burned

One night, I was driving home late from work. I came to a halt at a newly installed stoplight on a two-lane road. A Dodge Neon SRT-4 was in the lane next to me with some jerk behind the wheel. I noticed a fully-marked cruiser stopped on the opposite side of the intersection. Due to the poor lighting at night, the Neon was unable to distinguish whether or not the officer was present.

So, I gave a few light revs of my engine to the Neon driver, who immediately responded with a couple of quick revs of his own. At that point, I knew we had an accord. The light turned green, and the Neon screeched his tires across the entire intersection while I simply proceeded like a safe driver. The Neon had barely made it into second gear as the lights on the cruiser went on, and the officer pulled a U-turn to get him.

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89. Spot Checking

My husband and I were in a busy parking lot looking for a spot over the holidays. We had parked far away from the entrance and were heading to the store when we saw a car pull into a parking spot with another car right behind it. The second car screeched to a halt, and the driver stepped out to approach the parked car.

He was a grown man wearing a ridiculous elf hat and screamed at the driver who was just an elderly lady. He cursed and shouted at this lady for a whole minute while he blocked her from exiting her car because she took his parking spot. People were gathering, but he finished screaming then got in his car and drove away.

Power tripsPexels

90. Acting Out

I was in a one-lane road where a guy had double-parked. I started honking for him to move, but he didn’t budge. After a minute, the guy got out of his car. He looked like somebody and I knew I didn’t want to mess with him. It was obvious I couldn’t take the big guy approaching, so I came up with a bizarre plan. I started yelling at my empty passenger seat.

It freaked the guy out because he thought I was some crazy person, and he got back in his car and drove off. It’s my "Costanza moment".

Taxi driverPexels

91. Stay Out

I was driving and needed to get into the left turn lane two lanes over. I still had a mile to go and wasn’t worried about merging. I put on my blinker and waited for my chance. A woman in an SUV decided that she didn't want me to be in her lane, though, and when I sped up, she stuck in my blind spot. When I slowed down, she did as well.

As we approached the light, I cut her off to get in the turn lane. She rolled down her window, turned to me, and started yelling and flipping me off. Then disaster struck. She went through the red light, a car ran into her, and she went into a pole, totaling her car. I felt awful and turned on my hazard lights and got out to make sure she was okay.

Amazingly, she was fine and told officers 15 minutes later that I forced her off the road. Considering she ran a red light, there were multiple witnesses who had stopped to help back me up. They all confirmed my story. The first responding officer said he could bring her in for multiple charges, including filing a false report.

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92. Lights Will Guide You Home

I was driving on a backroad at about 35 MPH in my dad’s old Jeep. This jeep was like a rally support vehicle with lights all over it, an extra battery, and other reinforcements. It’s 4 AM, and there’s nobody but us. Suddenly, this sports car came behind us. So, I immediately switched lanes to give him space to pass me.

Instead, the jerk drove behind me and started honking and flashing his high beams. He kept doing it while I took a couple of seconds to figure out his problem. When I figured it out, my blood ran cold. I realized that he was just doing it to mess with me. So, I instructed my girlfriend in the passenger seat to open the glove compartment while my dad was waking up in the back.

She asked me why, and I told her to flip the four top switches and one on the left. Right as she flipped the last button, my father shouted out, "Don’t do it!" All of the lights—six on top and four on both sides—turned on into the guy’s eyes. He slammed on his brakes so hard that his car spun twice before stopping. She flips the lights off and away we go.

He just stood there behind us, a half a mile or so, all the way until we got off the road, never again trying to pass us!

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93. Listen To Yourself

My dad was driving home in his old Cutlass and found himself in the middle of a blizzard. The snow was coming so thickly that he could barely see. So, he wanted to stay safe and drove slowly as the snow came down. Then a guy pulled up next to him and signaled at him to roll down his window. My dad thought there was a problem. But the next words he heard stunned him.

He rolled down his window and the guy flipped him off, called him a wuss, and told him to learn how to drive before speeding away. Then a few minutes later, my dad came to an accident and saw that somebody had smashed into the telephone pole. It was the guy from earlier. My dad slowed down and rolled down his window. He flipped the guy off and told him that he needed to learn how to drive. I’ve never seen him so happy coming home from work.

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94. A Matter Of Size

While I was driving home from work one day, I saw two half-ton trucks driving two feet from a poor old man’s bumper. I drove next to them and flipped both of them off, then told them to pick on someone else. I had no idea what I was in for. In response, one of the guys roared past me while screaming and cursing at me and got a half a mile in front of me.

That was when the second truck with a trailer got behind me. I, also driving a truck, looked in my mirror and couldn’t see the truck’s grill because he was that close. I was watching both as we came up to an intersection at a red light. I’d driven the route countless times and knew the light was just about to change.

As the truck in front of me braked, I continued at full speed with the other truck still on my bumper then quickly switched lanes. He had no chance. Going fast, he went right into the back of his buddy’s truck, and the trailer on the truck flipped. That made the tank spray gunk everywhere. The highway was shut down for two hours.

Insta-Karma factsShutterstock

95. They Were Real Idiots

I was a Border Patrol Agent near a few two-lane highways, with limited opportunities to pass due to all the hills and curves. I would regularly pull over old people driving their motorhomes at 45 mph in 65 mph zones. The reason I would pull them over was that they would have a line of 20+ vehicles behind them trying to pass them. One couple I pulled over was particularly angry I did so.

When I told them there was a line of cars behind them trying to pass, they got all huffy and told me that I wasn't a "real cop" and to take a hike. Their records came back clean, so I sent them on their way. About 20 minutes later, I saw them on the side of the road, with smoke billowing out the back of their camper. Another agent and I pulled in behind to help them.

As I pulled the fire extinguisher out of my car, the old lady passenger said, "Help, he dropped his [cig] in the back"! I went to the back of the trailer to help the old man battling the blaze. I managed to put out most of the fire inside, but it had caught the insulation or something, so the fire was on the outside of the camper as well. The old man asked if I would give him a hand with it. I had the perfect comeback: "I don't know. I'm not a real firefighter".

Terrible Drivers Get Instant KarmaShutterstock

96. He Thought He Was In The Clear

I was driving along, having just dropped my older son off at school, and had my youngest in the back. All of a sudden, some moron came sliding into the front driver's side of my truck and slammed it hard. We both stopped. I was shaking, completely freaked out, and checking on my son, who, luckily, was okay. I looked over at the idiot and stared at him for a bit, trying to get my brain to work.

Then, the guy did the unthinkable. He just backed up and drove off. My mouth hung open. I was shocked. It was a hit and run. However, when the officer arrived, he walked up to my window, grinning. He was smiling and holding the license plate that the other guy had left behind. It was sweet justice as he didn't get away with it.

Terrible Drivers Get Instant KarmaShutterstock

97. Witness

A car jumped a stop sign and immediately T-boned us.  The windshield shattered. Everyone was rattled but okay. The other driver opened their door, and two empty brew cans fell out onto the road. The driver behind us—who witnessed the whole thing—got out and said to me, "Today is your lucky day".  I answered with a blank stare, and he said, "I'm the Chief of Police, and there's no way you could have stopped".

Dodged A Bullet factsShutterstock

98. Back Off Beamer

While working for the fire department, I was on a call for a multi-vehicle rollover accident on the interstate. We got on the interstate one exit away and ran into traffic, so we moved over to the emergency lane with our lights and siren blaring. We were about halfway there, and a BMW pulled in front of us, trying to cut through the traffic. He didn't even look.

I laid into the horn, and he came to a complete stop with his middle finger out the window. I'd had a lot of people do stupid things when seeing lights coming at them, but this guy was being a jerk for the sake of being a jerk. He got out of his car and started screaming at us. Meanwhile, he was blocking the only fire engine and two ambulances available.

People were really hurt half a mile away, and he was making his stand because we honked our horn at him for blocking us. I looked out at my mirror and saw a highway patrolman running between lanes towards us, and he was mad. The guy in the BMW was immediately taken into custody, his pretty car got pushed out of the way into a ditch, and he went to the slammer.

Said To Police factsShutterstock

99. Stuck In Her Ways

Back in high school, I worked for the street department of my city. We were putting a concrete patch on a street and had a lane blocked off. A lady in a huge hurry and a nice expensive car blew by me as I was holding the sign that says stop on one side and slow in the other. The "stop" was facing her. I tell her to stop. She swears and goes by.

Then she drives right into the wet concrete that goes right up to the bottom of her doors. She tries to get out of her car in her high heels and we just stand there and watch her swear at all of us to help her as she ruins her expensive shoes. She gets out barefoot and storms off. We had her car towed.

Instant Karma facts Shutterstock

100. Joy Ride Gone Wrong

This girl had a huge clique of friends. They would harass people they didn't like or wanted to "remove," as in they’d make them change schools. This girl would do things like find out information about you, send you fake love letters, or find out where you live and whenever the cool kids would drive by, they’d throw stuff at you. But her worst act ruined her.

One day, she convinced this freshman that they should film a fun prank-style video for YouTube. He was supposed to do a "Ghost riding the whip" thing where he was on the roof of the car while no one appeared to be at the wheel. She was driving it, and while the kid was surfing on the roof, she accelerated as fast as she could down the street, just to be mean. Meanwhile, the kid tumbled off...and fell into a coma.

She later said, "It was his fault. I mean, it was his idea after all!" No one was buying it. She was hated and only a few of her friends remained with her. I have no idea where she is now or how she is doing, and I'd like to keep it that way.

Scars FactsShutterstock

101. The Whole Truth And Nothing But The Truth

I’m a trial lawyer. There was a drink and drive case where the officer was in a Buffalo Wild Wing with my client watching a fight on TV. Like, the officer was standing at the bar in full uniform, then when my client walked by him to leave, followed him out. My client was only actually going to his car to grab his phone charger because he was going home with the bartender.

Like, he hadn’t even closed his tab yet. The officer detained him and charged him for opening his car door, then fabricated this story for his report about how the client got in the car, turned it on, and began to pull out of the space to leave the parking lot. He also denied being inside the restaurant—this was all on the stand, under oath, to my face. Well, he had a surprise in store.

I talked to the bartender and got the security tape. It very clearly—like surprisingly good quality—showed the officer standing at the bar, watching my client walk out the front door, then follow him 30 seconds later. The parking lot camera also showed my client barely touched the door handle before the officer stopped him. But the story doesn’t end there.

Eventually, the officer underwent an "internal review" where the board determined he hadn’t done anything wrong. A few months ago, he shot an unarmed man while on patrol. He also trains new officers now and tells young college girls he pulls over to call him "Tommy". For what it’s worth, bad officers lie under oath ALL THE TIME.

This story is just fun because I got to prove him wrong and save my client from a conviction.

Lawyers knew they wonShutterstock

102. Generation Gap

I had an older lady road rage at me. Long story short, I pulled into a parallel space in front of the officers’ precinct station, and she rear-ended me going 30. But she wasn't done!

She backed out, drove up the street, turned around, and then smashed into me head-on, screeching the entire time. The officers came out in time to see her smash me a second time.

I got out all shaky-legged, wide-eyed, and scattered. An officer came and helped me get up the curb, while another was pulling the woman out of her vehicle. She was screaming about young people being bad drivers, screaming at me being a "disrespecting millennial". I replied, "Ma'am I may be a millennial but at least I won't be behind bars for child endangerment you musty bag of skin".

She didn't realize my four-year-old was in the car. The officer busted up laughing as she was screeching about my foul language. I went in for the dirty word insults, as well as calling her a cobwebbed old lady, whatever I could think of. The officer admonished me but was still chuckling. I was pretty sure this lady was purple. She was so angry. I went to her court date.

She lost her license permanently—already had 10 points—she had to do 80 hours of anger management, 120 hours of community service, and was credited for three days in lockup. She was 84.

Accidental ComebacksWikimedia Commons

103. The Long Walk

I knew someone whose boss fired him, out in the field, while on a service call. The boss had ridden with him. He dumped everything that belonged to the company out of his pickup and drove off. Yep, HIS pickup. 30 miles from anywhere, nobody else around, and NO cell phone reception. He did stop by where he used to work, to clear his locker, collect his check, and tell them to think about sending somebody to retrieve the idiot.

Stephen Shoemate

Workplace RevengePexels

104. Joy Ride Gone Wrong

This girl had a huge clique of friends. They would harass people they didn't like or wanted to "remove," as in they’d make them change schools. This girl would do things like find out information about you, send you fake love letters, or find out where you live and whenever the cool kids would drive by, they’d throw stuff at you. But her worst act ruined her.

One day, she convinced this freshman that they should film a fun prank-style video for YouTube. He was supposed to do a "Ghost riding the whip" thing where he was on the roof of the car while no one appeared to be at the wheel. She was driving it, and while the kid was surfing on the roof, she accelerated as fast as she could down the street, just to be mean. Meanwhile, the kid tumbled off...and fell into a coma.

She later said, "It was his fault. I mean, it was his idea after all!" No one was buying it. She was hated and only a few of her friends remained with her. I have no idea where she is now or how she is doing, and I'd like to keep it that way.

Scars FactsShutterstock

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