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Sleepover Disasters

What could be more fun than a sleepover? Getting together with your friends, eating, drinking, and playing games all night? That's the pinnacle of fun. However, sometimes...things go awry. Games can get out of hand, and accidents can happen, sending your night of fun into a complete tailspin. Here some Redditors share their experiences of disastrous sleepovers that put an end to the party, and in some cases, even ended up with a trip to the ER.

1. Door Jam

My wife's older sister and that sister's friend were chasing each other around the house when they were around ten years old. They were running in a circle set up where you go from a door off the kitchen into the yard and back through a sliding glass door to the living room. The friend was chasing the sister, and the sister slammed the sliding glass door shut.

The house was old, so this was not safety glass. The friend ran full speed into the glass door, going straight through the glass. It was like a scene from a horror movie. There was massive bleeding, and they had to go to the hospital. I can't imagine being either parent at the end of that phone call.

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2. Lights Out!

When I was about 14, a new kid had moved to our school and invited a bunch of other random kids and me to his house in an attempt to make friends. All six of us had to cram into this kid's tiny bedroom. There was barely enough space to sleep, but his mom said we had to spend the entire sleepover there. So, we piled up in our sleeping bags and prepared for an incredibly uncomfortable night.

He barely spoke to any of us and basically played Digimon on his PlayStation while we messed around to entertain ourselves. His mom bought us a big plate of chips and nuggets, and, for some reason, we decided to shove the stuff we didn’t eat through the cracks in the bare floorboards as he didn’t want his mom to see leftovers. But that wasn't even close to the worst part.

This kid also had a younger brother, who was desperate to be involved. He kept coming into the room mimicking his older brother. Everything he did he copied to the point where it was creepy. He then followed his older brother into the toilet and somehow peed down his older brother's leg. After, a fight broke out between the two, and their mom began screaming and kicking them as they rolled around on the floor. She took the lightbulbs and game controllers and demanded we all sleep. It was only around 8 PM.

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3. Open And Shut Case

My friend and I went for a walk in the woods with his Jack Russell terrier. Every time I was around his dog, my eyes would itch, so I figured I must have been mildly allergic to his dog. After about an hour in the woods, we made our way back to his house. We got inside, did the usual check for ticks, and sat down to play video games.

Within about five minutes of being in the house, my friend looked at me and said something along the lines of, “Dude, what is with your eyes?” I checked myself in the mirror—and I started screaming. My eyes were ALMOST SWOLLEN SHUT!!! It turned out that on our excursion, I had touched poison ivy. When we got to the house, my eyes started itching from the dog...so I rubbed my eyes. It was HORRIBLE. My dad picked me up immediately, and the sleepover was ruined.

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4. Pizza Party Pukefest

I had a sleepover for my birthday. Several girlfriends were sleeping over. We woke up, and one of my friends, the shy, quiet one, was gone. She had vanished from her sleeping bag. There was also a mysterious dried substance on my best friend's sleeping bag. She said, “What’s this?” She scraped and picked it off. It was vomit. But it was so much worse than we'd thought.

There was vomit EVERYWHERE. My mom had to take the missing friend home in the middle of the night because she woke up and threw up all over herself. She tried to cover her mouth, so she had it all over her hands. She had gone up the stairs to get to the bathroom and touched the walls the whole way up. When she got to the bathroom, she wiped her face on the hand towel.

She left a perfect face imprint of puke on it. It was a real work of art. The towels were stained from green to orange. She had also thrown up in another girl's shoes. The real tragedy was that my mom had to clean it all up in the middle of the night after driving her home. When my tired mom threw her sleeping bag in the washer, she accidentally set it for a small load. So, when she handed it back to the other mom later, chunks of vomit fell out. She said, “You could tell it had to have been a pizza party.”

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5. He Spilled The Beans

When we were growing up, one of our close friends at the time had to wear diapers because a car crash had left him totally incontinent. We knew about it, and it was fine. Our friend group was really close, so we were used to his accidents and had sleepovers with him all the time. However, one night, something did not sit well with him.

At around 2 AM, we all woke up to the smell of death. The poor kid had absolutely unleashed everything in his body so bad that it spilled out onto my bed. We were all gagging and trying hard not to upset him over it, but it was just so bad. The combination of embarrassment and the sheer scale of the mess sent him over the edge.

He ran out to call his mom to pick him up while the rest of us had to evacuate my room. My mom was passed out, so I had to gather my sheets and take them to the laundry room while my three other friends picked out spots in the living room to crash. I told him he was able to take a shower while he waited for his mom, but he was too upset, so he waited outside in that horrid squalor. We didn't see him for a few days after that, but when we did, everything went back to normal. We never brought it up at any other sleepovers, but I'm sure it was always on his mind.

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6. What A Life Saver

In elementary school, I got invited to my crush’s house. While it wasn’t a sleepover, we were hanging out all day. She gave me a Life Savers candy. I thought it was the gummy ones, not the hard ones. I didn’t like the flavor, so I tried to swallow it whole. I started choking on it, and her older sister had to do the Heimlich maneuver on me. I spewed the candy and a gloop of esophageal mucus the size of a slice of bread all over her kitchen floor. I was so embarrassed I never spoke to her again.

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7. We Picked The Wrong Game To Play

When I was ten, my two cousins, who were 11 and 13, and I had a sleepover. We were playing hide and seek tag in the house. My older cousin was chasing my younger cousin when my younger cousin stepped on a toothpick while running. It went through the bottom of his foot and pushed the top of his foot skin up like a tent. It was buried so deep you could no longer see the toothpick. The image of it still haunts me.

The sleepover immediately stopped, and both my cousins had to go to the emergency room.

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8. Party Streamer

A male friend of mine got highly intoxicated and started bawling about a girl we both knew wouldn't give him the time of day. The entire group of us ended up sleeping on the living room floor without pillows or blankets while listening to the host and his girlfriend getting it on all night. The same guy got up TWICE in the middle of the night to pee on the carpet about four feet from my head. I never slept over after a big party again.

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9. Shell Shocked

My friend got pet turtles about two weeks before we had a sleepover. They thought you could just put them in a tub of water with no heat lamp, sand, or foliage. It was the middle of winter, and they didn't have good heating. They froze. They had been deceased for a few hours while we had drinks and played cards. They didn't even bury them. They threw them in the trash. I did not stay the night for many years to come.

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10. Stuck In A Wet Spot

When I was around ten years old, I slept over at a friend's house, and we shared a queen bed. I woke up in the middle of the night, and my friend had peed the bed and moved to the floor but failed to wake and tell me. I rolled to the spot and woke up because of the cold wetness on my side. I went to the washroom to wash up, and as I was walking in the dark, I felt the floor was soaking wet.

I turned on the light to discover his plastered dad had peed all over the floor. I couldn’t get out of there fast enough in the morning.

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11. Mixology Mess

At the tender age of about 10, I mixed up a concoction of whatever my parents had in their kitchen. I recalled making a mixture of fish sauce, tamarind paste, sugar, lime, sprite, and pepper flakes. This drink instantly became a hit with my siblings and cousins, and they all kept asking for more. Each mixture was slightly different depending on my scientific approach.

Needless to say, some woke up with stomach pains while others, like myself, felt fine. Our parents were all freaking out, thinking it was the food they made. Not one kid uttered who the culprit was at the time, or to this day. I was also not allowed to make mixtures after that.

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12. Mayhem In The Mansion

I was invited to a sleepover party by a girl I barely knew. She was a popular girl, and we just randomly became friends. She lived in a giant house that was a straight-up castle. We spent the night playing in the empty rooms her family never used for anything with her three giant dogs. It was great until one of the dogs knocked over a display case containing a bunch of glass.

We didn’t see the glass explosion, but we saw the aftermath. Her giant moose of a dog was running around with glass in his paws—there was blood everywhere. The girl and a couple of others fainted, and one threw up. It was a disaster of a night, and everyone ended up going home. I saw the girl a few days later, and she said her dog was ok, just had badly-cut paws.

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13. Nailed It!

My cousin was staying the night at my house. My dad was changing the railing on our deck and had 2x4s nailed up temporarily until he replaced the railings. My cousin leaned on the wood, fell off the deck, and got two nails embedded in her back, all the way to the wood. Then on the way to the emergency room, my mom got rear-ended. We didn’t really have a sleepover after that.

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14. Missing In Action

We decided that we were all going to climb onto my back to see how much I could lift. We were all about ten at the time, so I couldn’t lift much. When the second person got on, it was too heavy, and we toppled over. At first, we were all laughing, but then one of the girls that fell said her legs were stinging. We looked at her thigh, and a chunk of it was straight-up missing.

She had fallen onto one of the glass bowls, broke it, and cut a chunk out of her. There was no blood or anything. The flesh was just gone. We told the parents, and she was rushed off to the hospital.

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15. As Cold As Ice

It was winter, and I was sleeping at a friend’s house. Before bed, we decided to water down his backyard so we could ice skate the next day. Being too excited, we snuck downstairs around 5 AM so we could get to it, only to realize his mom had locked all the doors and taken the keys to stop us from doing exactly what we were doing.

We decided to climb out of a very tiny, very high window. When we got outside in our pajamas, we realized that it was absolutely freezing out. We were then locked outside. We were out there in the freezing cold for about two hours before his mom woke up and saw us trapped in the garden.

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16. I Was Full Of It

I was in middle school, sleeping over at a friend's house, when the worst pain of my life started in my abdomen. I thought my appendix burst, or I don’t know what. I woke their mom up, and she drove me home instead of to the hospital. It turned out that I was just constipated. I’m still friends with the family over a decade later and they still remember that night very clearly. It’s pretty embarrassing.

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17. I Don’t Know What Possessed Her

In 4th grade, my friend was supposed to sleep over. I lived in an apartment building. My apartment was on the second floor, and my grandparents lived on the first floor. My grandma often picked me up from school at around 3 PM, and my parents would come home at around 5 PM. So, I would chill for a few hours until my parents got home.

My best friend and I were super excited to have this sleepover. We got to my grandma's apartment, and I told my friend we were going to have to wait a bit for my parents. This was when stuff started to go down. We were talking for a while in the living room, doing fourth-grade things, when out of NOWHERE, she dropped to the ground and started shaking.

I thought she was having a seizure, but no. She then sat up very straight and pretended not to know who I was and to be POSSESSED. She started trying to hit me and was talking in this voice that was super cringey. I was absolutely terrified. She scratched me a few times, and I told her, “Please stop. It’s not funny anymore.”

My grandma heard the weird noises she was making and my sad pleas for her to stop and called me to the kitchen. I told her everything that happened, and my grandma called my friend's grandma and told her she needed to pick her up right then. Then this girl had the nerve to walk into the kitchen and ask what was wrong/why I was upset. I cut her off the following year.

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18. It Was A Sobering Sleepover

I was at a birthday sleepover. The birthday boy went with his girlfriend to get us blankets and pillows to sleep on. He never came back, and about five minutes later, we started hearing them going at it. We figured we would just sleep on the floor. Then two girls started puking their guts out, one in the bathroom sink and one just outside the door. I was the soberest and didn’t want to ruin the happy couple's moment. So, I spent the night cleaning up after trashed people and ensuring they didn't hurt each other or themselves.

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19. It Hit Him Like A Ton Of Bricks

My friend was playing with my younger brother, who was about three or four. She was chasing him around the house and pushed him a little too hard. He fell face-first onto the corner of our brick fireplace. He had a massive gash on his forehead, and while we were in the car taking him to the hospital, I remember his little voice asking my mom if his eyeball was in. It was the most horrific night of my life. Luckily, he was able to get stitches and was fine.

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20. Even God Couldn’t Save This Sleepover

I was best friends with this kid in elementary school. A few years later, he, I, and some other friends all tried to reconnect over the summer and planned to have a sleepover at his house. We were halfway into the evening when his mom came downstairs and said we had been led astray and started reading us verses from the Bible.

Our friend started crying, telling her to go away, but she continued. So, he ran to his room and didn't come out. We didn't really know what to do, but after about half an hour, his mom told us to leave. That was the last time we spoke. We went to the same high school and saw each other in the halls but never said a word.

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21. They Were Coupled Up-chuck

My friends went out drinking and invited some girls over. Things were getting steamy between two couples. My closest friend, who wasn’t coupled up, was way too tipsy. He fell down from one of the bunk beds, puked all over the first couple, and then walked over to the other couple and puked over them too. I still don't know if he did it on purpose or if it was an accident.

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22. The Great Flood

When I was in college, my friend's brother lost his life in a bad car accident. About five of us spent the night at his house after the funeral to keep him company. We were almost all set up with air mattresses. One of the guys went to the bathroom at night and flooded the toilet. He shoved a towel under the door crack and called it a day, then went back to sleep. I woke up to general panic and a layer of dirty water. I felt so bad for his parents, who had lost their youngest son and also had to deal with that.

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23. She Bared It All

When I was seven years old, I went to sleep over at a friend's house. We had played outside all day, then decided to take a shower together in our bathing suits. She accidentally pooped in the shower while I was turned the other way. I was beyond grossed out, but she claimed her stomach hurt, and she couldn't help it. Sure, I was seven, so whatever.

Later that night, I had finished getting ready for bed and was getting ready to lay down. We were sleeping in her bed. She pulled back the covers to show me that she was in the buff and told me she wanted me to sleep without any clothes on as well. I immediately left the room and had her mom call my mom to pick me up. I never saw her again.

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24. Backbed Blunder

A friend of mine had a remote-controlled vehicle tied to a rope that we were hanging out the back of his mom's truck while she drove. There were eight of us kids in the truck bed. A car went by as we rounded a turn and ran over the RC car, then stopped while on the rope. The rope was wrapped around my friend's hands, and another's leg.

His mom thought we were being boisterous boys yelling and smacking the back window of the truck bed window. She kept driving for two minutes before she stopped. He almost lost his fingers. I remember seeing it burn through his finger, seeing blood, and his tendons. The other kid’s leg just had rope burns. Everyone went home as he went to the hospital. He didn't lose his fingers but had a hard time closing his hand from then on.

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25. He Tried To Seize Another Opportunity

My friend had a seizure while in my living room. He did not have epilepsy, and we still don’t really know why it happened. An ambulance was called to my house, and he was carried out of the house. I was asleep through all of it, and no one woke me up. I got up the next day, wondering where my friend had gone. My mom then told me what had happened. He was fine and asked if he could come over the following weekend to redo the sleepover.

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26. It Was Nerf Or Nothin’

When I was about ten, I had a friend on the block who had every Nerf gun you could imagine. He even had the purple Nerf crossbow that fired these giant yellow darts. All the kids on the street were sleeping over at his place, and naturally, we planned a house-wide Nerf fight. My friend was running down the stairs, and I raised up the crossbow to shoot him.

As soon as I fired, he slipped backward, siding down the last few steps putting his eye in the way of the massive yellow dart I fired at him. His screams of pain ended the Nerf battle pretty quickly. Everyone got sent home, and I was never allowed over to their house again. He had to wear an eye patch for a few months and started wearing glasses after that.

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27. It Turned Out To Be A Dangerously Cheesy Night

We went to the store late at night to get some hot Cheetos but forgot the keys to the apartment. It was a tall building, and we couldn't get in. So, we woke up our neighbors at 4 AM to ask if we could climb from their window to ours. Luckily the window was open. They were surprised, but we climbed from their window to ours with multiple bags of hot Cheetos in our hands. We realized that there was a spare key under the doormat at the front door, which we did not think about until we got into the apartment.

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28. Breakfast Was A Bust

I was hosting a sleepover with about five friends. We were all having a great time. We all went to sleep without any problems. In the morning, my dad and I went to McDonald’s while everyone was sleeping to get breakfast when BOOM. A lady ran a red light and crashed into our car. My dad's knee was fractured, and my eyelid split open. No one had breakfast. That was a great few days in the hospital.

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29. I Was Praying For It To End

When I was young, my parents enrolled me in summer church camp for a week. Every year of my three years attending, they tried to have a single night to camp out. The first year, we were rained out by a lightning storm that hit hard. In the third year, I passed out from heatstroke and was sent home early. But the second year was special...in all the wrong ways.

The camping area was in a big valley about ten minutes drive from where the cabins and cafeteria were. For the three girls, they had set up a 12-person tent. It had ventilation slats, all the fancy bells and whistles, and when staked down, the wind hardly ever bent it in half. For the six of us boys and one camp counselor, we were packed into a two-person tent—a cheap blue one that was fine enough for a single person.

We ate campfire-grilled chicken that night. The only counselor watching us thought they knew their stuff but didn't cut open everyone's chicken to make sure it was cooked. Sure enough, one kid got violently sick just before bedtime. We had a spider-infested port-a-potty that had never been moved from the campsite in many, many years.

The person who got sick was puking, pooing, crying, and screaming. The counselor was in tears trying to call the admin office on their radio because it was nightfall and they had misplaced the keys to the bus. We were all forced to bunk with the kid who was sobbing and retching into plastic bags throughout the night. It stunk. The kid wasn't allowed to go home early. Instead, they held him in the nurse's office, and we had “dedicated prayer time” for their recovery.

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30. We Jumped On The Beanwagon

I was at my friend’s house with his sister and her friend. They had a giant bean bag chair. We were just running around doing kid stuff, jumping on cushions, when one of us jumped on the bean bag. There was a tiny little hole in one of the seams, and about five small styrofoam beads puffed out of it. We all thought that was the most hilarious thing in the world.

So, we took turns jumping on it and watching the tiny beads puff out and float to the ground. Naturally, after every few jumps, the hole would grow bigger. Five beads turned into ten, twenty, thirty, etc. Five minutes later, we had managed to empty a good fourth of the bag onto the basement floor. By that point, we went from letting the hole grow on its own to ripping it bigger ourselves.

As a result, every jump caused a fountain of styrofoam to shoot into the air and scatter all over the floor and us. By the time any adult found us, we had emptied most of the bag into the basement. Our punishment was to clean up the mess with brooms, which wasn’t very effective as the basement was carpeted. At the time, I thought that was very unfair, but now I see it was justified.

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31. Sparks Were Flying At This Sleepover

In my junior year of high school, a friend of ours had a sleepover for her birthday. There were about ten of us, and for the most part, we were all having a lot of fun. Since there were so many of us, we were all going to camp out in the backyard with tents, and we wanted to hang up some lights. My best friend was helping set up the lights and holding them as they extended with her bare hands.

One of the bulbs was broken, and for some reason, someone plugged them in and turned them on. Suddenly, a scream tore through the party. It was the girl who'd plugged in the lights. She shrieked that they were electrocuting her. When we unplugged them, she dropped to her knees and started crying. The skin in the middle of her index finger had melted, and she was terrified. She wanted to go home. I went with her and stayed at her place for the night to make sure she was okay. After we left, everyone felt terrible and didn't have much fun.

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32. Her Bragging Came Back To Bite Her

When I was in elementary school, the popular girl was having a sleepover. She had been bragging all week about how awesome the party would be, how cute her new puppy was, and made a point to say how everyone was invited, while she had directly told me that I wasn't. When the weekend party finally came around, things happened. On Monday, I saw that everyone was giggling, and the girl looked extremely sullen.

The girl and I were deskmates, and I overheard what happened when she was talking to her friends. Apparently, they left the puppy in the room with them and hadn't let her out while they were doing whatever they were doing. When they settled down for the evening, the kids realized that all the sleeping bags were soaked with pee. I tried so hard not to laugh that it hurt.

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33. This Party Was Anything But A Hit

When I was ten, I went to a kid’s house for a birthday party sleepover. There was a piñata and a wooden baseball bat. Another kid was up to “bat” on the trusty piñata. He was blindfolded. He stepped up, took a massive swing, and BOOM—a direct hit. Only, it wasn’t the piñata that he struck. It was a girl’s head. Blood started rushing down her face, and the parents ran over immediately.

The mother started to cry as soon as she saw the girl’s head, and the girl was crying incessantly as well. The dad grabbed the phone and called the girl’s parents and told them they were going to rush her to the hospital and to meet them there. Since there were about nine other kids at the party, the Mom stayed behind while the dad took her.

As soon as the dad left, we all heard crying—but it was coming from the dining room this time. We all rushed into the room and found the birthday boy sobbing in the corner of the room. The mom came in and yelled, “And why are you crying now!?” The boy managed to muster a sniffly response of, “SHE RUINED MY BIRTHDAY!”

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34. The Fun Quickly Ran Out

I was at a sleepover when a kid got on the treadmill because he was bored. He kept turning the speed up higher and higher. He was struggling to keep up, and we all found it hilarious...until another kid tried to join in. The problem was that he jumped on the running treadmill while wearing socks, and he immediately slipped and fell.

Everyone was laughing until they realized the kid who fell was screaming. The skin on his knees and calves was getting ripped off due to the treadmill’s speed. He had to be taken to the emergency room. The sleepover wasn’t much fun after that because the parents didn’t trust us enough to leave us alone.

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35. It Was An All Out Family Fued

When I was in the fourth grade, I went to spend the night at a childhood friend's house. Her mom and grandma started fighting. We could hear them yelling from outside the home. My friend and her sisters ran in and started screaming as well. The authorities were called, along with my dad. Understandably, I was not allowed back over.

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36. My Party Was Trashed

On my tenth birthday, I got to have ten friends spend the night. Around 3 AM, I woke up, and projectile vomited across my bed. Half-awake, I remembered that my trashcan was by my bedside, so I tried to throw up in there. However, because I had so many friends in one room, the trashcan was moved—and it was my friend's face I barfed on.

I will never forget her reaction or the faces of ten different sets of parents coming to our house at three in the morning to pick up their kids. I felt so bad, both emotionally and physically.

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37. This Night Turned Out To Be A Real Stinker

It was my 11th or 12th birthday, and I had invited a half-dozen kids from school for a sleepover. It was supposed to be a night of pizza, rented games, and general fun. The house had a den with a big-screen TV, plenty of couch space, plus a sliding door that could be closed to the rest of the house. It was a perfect setup.

Everyone arrived by 5 PM or so. We devoured dinner, then headed into the den for Smash Bros. This is where the trouble began. With seven kids and only four controllers, players had to trade-off. One kid decided to throw a fit and refuse to give up his controller even after losing multiple matches. As time passed, he got more and more agitated. He was rocking on the floor, and after an hour or more, he SHOT up to his feet and raced into the adjoining bathroom.

After staying in the bathroom for a noticeable length of time, he returned with his attitude somewhat diminished. As the gaming continued, we began to pick up a whiff of something—something foul. A nosy investigation found some of the couch cushions were absolutely rank. It was the cushions that the kid had sat on! It didn't take a genius to figure out what happened.

Refusing to give up his spot, the kid had pooped himself and was now spreading his stank around the room. I ran to my mother and told her what had happened, imploring her to call his parents and make him go home. Instead, she began conjuring up hypotheticals about what could have caused the smell. "Maybe someone stepped in dog poo?"

All the shoes were exiled to the patio with no improvement. We did live out in the country. "Maybe it's just the cow pasture next door?" All the windows were closed to keep the "cow smell out." The stench got worse. Now the entire group was pleading to have this kid sent home. My mother grew stern. She wouldn't have us ganging up on him. The good time of a guest was paramount.

I was admonished to be a good host and leave my parents alone. The kid now became emboldened. He began racing around the room, trying to sit on people's sleeping bags and pillows while we desperately tried to keep our beddings one step ahead of his filth. Eventually, we managed to tire ourselves out, grew immune to the smell, and fell asleep. The next morning, this kid stealthily made a phone call to his parents, and he was picked up before breakfast.

By noon, the rest of the gang had also gotten a ride. Only then did my father make an appearance, having avoided the party the night before. He headed into the den to watch TV. He yelled, "WHAT IS THAT SMELL!?" I explained the events of the previous night, making sure to mention that we had all brought this to my mother's attention, only to have our concerns dismissed.

My mom was shocked to find we had been telling the truth. She said, "I thought it was just a mean joke!" I was the biggest adult-pleasing nerd boy who ever lived at that point and had never played a prank like that. Ultimately, we had to get rid of the entire couch set. Every cleaning product in the house failed to rid the cushions of the abyssal rectal miasma.

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38. Showered In Disaster

When I was around six or seven, a group of four girls was sleeping over at one of the girl’s houses. It was shower time, and we went off in groups of two. I stayed behind with another girl. In the middle of their shower, we just heard a horrendous crash. Then suddenly, there were two 6-year-olds covered in blood running about the house in an absolute panic.

The glass shower doors had exploded onto them. It was horrific. They went to the hospital, and the other girl and I stayed behind, counting the bloodstains we could find. I didn’t touch glass shower doors for a while, and they still make me nervous!

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39. I Was Not Prepared For This

When I was in the Cub Scouts, my troop leader's son was a weird little dude. I had a bad feeling about him. One night all the other kids were asked to spend the night with him, and I joined mainly for my other friends. In the middle of the night, I opened my eyes, and he was standing in the corner of the room, pleasuring himself slowly while we were all asleep. He didn’t know I was awake, but I was just stunned.

I waited for him to go to bed, and then I got up and snuck out of his house and walked two miles home at 2 AM. My mom freaked when I rang the doorbell. She called his parents, but I eventually told her what happened and she was shocked. Apparently, years later, he suddenly left his leadership position for an undisclosed reason. I just can’t help but feel like that house had some sick stuff going on in it.

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40. Our Monster Fun Spun Out Of Control

When I was 11 years old, I was at my friend's place. My friend, her sister, who was eight at the time, and I, were VERY hyper after downing a Monster energy drink each. We were playing with her sister in the basement playroom. My friend picked up a Nintendo DS charger from the floor and was spinning around in circles so fast you couldn't see the cord. You could hear it cutting the air.

At one point, the sister lunged forward to try and grab it from her, and my friend didn't have time to stop spinning it. The metal part of the cord that goes into the DS ended up slicing the sister’s right eyelid basically in half. I was sent home, the sister needed stitches, and for a long time after that, if the three of us wanted to play together in the same room, we had to be within view of their parents.

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41. She Got Diagnosed On Her Birthday

I was at my friend’s 13th birthday party, and she ate her entire cake herself. There were only two layers, but still. She ate nearly a dozen pancakes for breakfast that morning, plus several servings of breakfast sausage and hash browns. This didn’t include the other things she ate throughout the day, as she always seemed to be hungry but was the skinniest of all of us.

She disappeared while the rest of us kept hanging out upstairs. I went down to check on her in the basement in her mom’s room. Apparently, she had been throwing up, couldn’t stop peeing, and her stomach was extended and hard. Everyone went home that night, and she didn’t come to school on Monday. It turns out she was admitted to the hospital.

She was almost sent home on the first day without blood work because they thought she was just lactose intolerant. At the last minute, the doctor said, “Let’s just do the blood work now, so you don’t have to make this drive again later.” Her blood sugar was just under 1,000, and she was experiencing ketoacidosis. She nearly fell into a coma.

Thankfully, they realized she had Type I Diabetes and admitted her to stabilize her and educate her about how different her life was about to become.

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42. We Couldn’t Brush This Off

When I was about 10, I was at a friend's birthday party sleepover. For some reason, my friend's mom thought it was a good idea to give each of us a can of silly string and let us go wild in the backyard. It was a great time until one girl with long, thick, curly hair ended up with a bunch of silly string in her hair. We spent the next half hour watching my friend's mom try to brush it out of the girl's hair and the girl crying in pain.

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43. His Behavior Was Extremely Incontinent

I was 13, and my best friend had a sleepover with most of the soccer team. One kid was notorious for peeing himself. He did it so often he had to wear a diaper. We were playing ESPN Extreme Games on PlayStation. This kid was getting beat and threw a fit. He peed himself all over my best friend's couch during his fit. Not a little bit—a whole quart of pee. It was everywhere. He was so embarrassed he left, but nobody wanted to sit on that couch after, even though his mom cleaned it.

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44. My Sister Went Slip Sliding Away

When my sister and I were kids, we sometimes stayed overnight at my cousins' house. My uncle had recently revarnished the wood floors in the basement, and it was very slippery. So naturally, the four of us kids were sliding across in our socks and having a blast. It turns out my uncle was not great at refinishing floors.

There was a patch that looked no different from the rest of the floor that wasn’t slippery. My sister hit that patch at full speed, and her feet came to a complete stop, but the rest of her didn't. Her body swung like a pendulum, and she went headfirst into a small stool and split her forehead open pretty bad. There was blood everywhere. The resulting emergency room trip and stitches put an end to that sleepover.

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45. It Was Nothing To Be Alarmed About

I was at a sleepover with girls from my class. To have ample room, we slept in tents in the garden. All was good. In the middle of the night, the alarm went off from a secure mental facility that was relatively close by. Most of us had no idea what was going on. We were all blurry-eyed until we saw the friend whose house it was sprinting for the sliding doors. She told us to get inside the house because the alarm meant someone had escaped. We were wired until the morning.

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46. Post Funeral Fiasco

When I was eight years old, my great-grandma had just passed. My two cousins and I were spending the night at my grandma's house. All four of her kids were there for the funeral. I don’t know what happened, but my uncle pushed my aunt through a screen door and lost his marbles. Needless to say, my grandpa was beyond mad that anyone would act this way at a time when we were about to lay someone to rest.

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47. Itching To Have A Good Time

I was at a buddy’s for his birthday, and we were playing Roman candle tag. I had just got a new shirt I really liked and didn't want it to get dirty, so I turned it inside out. We were playing in the fields behind his house. After, I had turned the shirt back to its right side before we headed to bed. I didn't realize I'd made a terrible mistake until it was too late. Turns out, I had ducked into a poison sumac bush at some point.

The outside of my shirt (now the inside) was COVERED with poison sumac oil. Then, I slept all night in it. The result was awful. I got the worst boils over the next week and had to get a number of steroid shots because I was apparently extremely sensitive to the plant’s poisons.

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48. Unrealized Tragedy

My friend and I were at my best friend's birthday party. We had fun on the first day playing video games and stuff. The next morning, we were having breakfast. When we were done, we went back to my friend's room to continue playing Call of Duty. My best friend came into the room and casually said, “Hey guys look at this, come, look at this!” So we went.

I thought he was talking about what was on the TV, so I said, “Hey, that’s pretty disgusting,” and went back to playing Call of Duty. I didn't see my best friend again for about 30 minutes. I assumed he was in the bathroom. When he returned, I asked him what had taken him so long. With the most casual voice, he said, “Didn’t you see my mom passed out?” I was still confused, but I just dropped it.

The next day we had a five-day school trip out of the city. When we got back, my best friend, who hadn't come on the trip, messaged me, saying, “I just had a serious talk with my dad. Sorry for not answering your texts.” I didn’t think much of it. I asked, “What was it about? Video games?” He replied, “My mom didn't make it.” I was absolutely shocked.

Apparently, she fainted because of a heart attack and passed the day before we got back. I'd seen her, but just thought she was sleeping on the couch.

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49. Pyromania

My son had trouble making friends when he was younger. He befriended a kid from school and invited him to a sleepover. I met the kid's grandmother, and she seemed a bit worried/hesitant. I assured her he would be fine with us. I let the two of them stay in my trailer in the backyard to have the sleepover. After about an hour, my son came into the house and went to his room— alone.

I asked what was wrong and if they got into a fight. He said no, but the kid was being a bit bossy. I dug deeper and discovered the kid was in the trailer setting fires! I went out there immediately and found him trying to hide a package of matches and a bunch of burned ones all over the mattress. Now I know why the grandmother was worried—the kid was a pyro!

I took him straight home and told my son that he made a good effort to make friends, but some kids just don't make good friends.

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50. Their Behavior Razed Some Eyebrows

During my birthday sleepover in the seventh grade, my friends locked me out of the house. When they opened the door, I put my hand up to stop them from closing it again. My hand went right through the leaded glass. I had to leave my own party to get stitches. When I got back, I fell asleep early, and they shaved my eyebrows.

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