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The Moment I Lost All Respect

Imagine seeing someone you trust do something completely awful. Something unforgivable. These Redditors shared the moments when they instantly lost respect for someone they admired, from cheating on their partners to pulling horrible pranks. Have you ever instantly lost respect for someone?

1. Snack Time

I just watched my own mother take candy from her three-year-old nephew whom she was babysitting, and eat it in front of him while he was crying. She wasn't trying to be playful with the kid, and it's not like there was more candy where that came from. It was the only package of candy my sister sent with her kid for a snack.

My mother took it away from him and ate it while the kid watched and cried. When I asked what was wrong with her, she did even something more deranged. She got mad and gave the kid a package of cat treats, and she laughed while the kid tried to eat one. Which he would have if I hadn't come to the rescue.

Needless to say, I'll never let her babysit my kids.

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2. Professional Liar

I worked at a restaurant with a guy who my best friend and I really looked up to. He was getting his PhD at the time and was working part-time with us. He talked to us all the time about how hard work and being a good person would get you ahead in life. How the only thing you have in this life is your word.

He got married to a girl and we went to the wedding. It was the best reception I've been to. He would drive her and her family up to another city and show them the house he was having built there as he had gotten a professorship at the university there. Turns out it was all a sham.

He was actually sleeping with the owner's wife the entire time. And that there WAS no professorship, and that he had driven his wife and her family to a random construction site and pointed out a random house that was still just a foundation. As soon as this all came out he booked it and has never been heard from again.

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3. Abandoned

My aunt, who was a really nice person, was living with my 96-year-old grandfather. She used to show up with brand-new things like a mini cooper, expensive fur, and shoes. Nobody said anything because she was taking care of the old man. Well, one day my mom went to his house—and made a chilling discovery.

There was a mess all over the apartment, and my grandfather sitting on a chair with poop everywhere. It was clear it had been a while since she checked if he was clean, or since she took him to the toilet. When she proceeded to clean him, he said he did not remember the last time he had taken a shower, and that it felt good to feel the water on his body. Can you believe this?

That was awful, but the worst came when my grandpa fell and went into a coma. That was the perfect time for my aunt to go on a trip with friends to the beach. Grandpa perished the day after. He would have been by himself in his final moments if my father didn't leave his work and taken a plane to see him for the last time.

Since that day, that woman doesn't mean anything anymore to me. She spent all his money on expensive junk and left him alone when his time had come. I hope her last hours are spent alone.

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4. Stuck On You

My "friends" decided to tape me to a bed while I was asleep. They took almost an entire roll and they went underneath the bed and everything, and I couldn't get out because they also taped me down by my head and feet. But that wasn't even the meanest part.

They made me eat a cup of wet and dry dog food before they would untie me. I’m not even going to lie; I cried the entire time.

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5. Got Schooled

I had an amazing professor in college. He was someone whose career path I wanted to emulate, someone who told me I'd be very good in his field. I took all of his classes, earned honors grades, and made huge efforts to be participatory, I even went on semester break travel-for-credit trips with him.

At the close of my senior year, I scheduled a meeting with him to find out what academic steps I would need to take in order to have a career like his. At the meeting, he came on to me. I rebuffed him, and he told me I was neither smart nor dedicated enough to ever make it in his field and that I should stop wasting his time.

Not only did I lose all of the respect I had for him as an educator, but I also lost so much confidence in myself that I never wound up pursuing those goals.

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6. Theatrics

When I was about 15 years old, my friends and I planned on seeing the new Harry Potter movie the day it came out. My best friend at the time was collecting money so he could buy tickets for everyone, so I obliged and gave him money for a ticket. Later that night, my parents took me to the theater, and I was excited to see the movie with my friends!

When I got there, I called my friend to see where he was, but he didn't answer. After about five calls, he picked up—and gave me the most infuriating news. He informed me that he gave my ticket to someone else and then hung up. Confused, I kept calling back until someone else picked up his phone and started mocking me.

Since the show was sold out, I had to call my parents back to take me home. How could anyone, especially my best friends, be so awful?

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7. Pet Problems

Growing up, one of my childhood best friends had a pet rabbit that she adored and lavished attention on. Our families used to spend a lot of time hanging out at each others' cottages at various times in the summer and winter, and being a huge animal lover, that rabbit was always a fixture of those get-togethers for me.

It was playful, well-behaved, and obviously loved and trusted my friend. Flash forward to when I was in my late teens, and I hear some news from my parents about my friend and her rabbit. By this point, she'd had the rabbit for about eight or nine years, but it was still in perfect health.

However, one day she apparently announced to her parents that she had decided that she didn't want to take care of her rabbit anymore, but she also didn't want to give it away to anyone else. She came up with a demented solution to this problem—and decided to end its life.

After unsuccessful attempts on the part of her parents to either change her mind about keeping the rabbit, giving it away, or at least taking it to the vet to be put to sleep humanely, she refused to change her mind. So, she took her rabbit out to the shed in their yard, started up her car, and piped the car exhaust into the shed.

She stood stone-faced, looking in through the window while the pet she'd grown up with struggled, suffered, and slowly faded away. Needless to say, I lost pretty much all respect for my friend upon hearing that, and for her parents too, for allowing her to go through with that disgusting plan.

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8. Mo Money Mo Problems

I have two elderly aunts (we'll call them A and B) who are like grandmothers to my siblings and me, and they went well above and beyond what is necessary for someone. They both lived together and they never married, nor had children. All in all, they are utterly amazing people.

Well, we lost aunt A a few years ago and she had a little bit of money in savings when she passed. These two aunts come from a very large family, and they have a number of other brothers and sisters. My other aunt (B) is on disability and lives with a very strict limited budget, yet regardless she tries to do whatever she can to help people.

Well, B's other siblings aren't as kind as her. They are all filthy rich, and we're talking millionaire types. These siblings demanded, utterly demanded, that the money my aunt left went to them for some stupid reason. They harassed my poor aunt day and night for the money until my aunt finally relented.

To this day, I will not speak nor interact with those siblings of my aunt. I don't consider them family and I hope they all burn for eternity. How can one justify when you're filthy stinking rich to take money from someone with a limited income such as that? It just boggles my mind.

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9. Sick Day

When Metallica came to town, my friend knew I was a huge fan and told me he scored two tickets from his boss at work and wanted to give me one. I was freaking out, I was so happy. The day of the concert, I spoke to him and he told me to be ready at whatever time and he would pick me up.

I sat on my front porch waiting for him and calling him for several hours. He finally picked up and said he was sick and was sorry. I said no worries, I hope you feel better. The next day, I check my social media—and my jaw drops. A mutual friend posted pics of my friend and him at the concert, having a blast.

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10. Mystery Shopper

When I was around ten years old my father took me and my little five-year-old brother on a very unusual trip to the mall. I had no idea why he wanted to go but what I knew was that my mother had gone to the mall a few minutes before us. So we are riding on the expressway when I see her car, and I'm like, "Look dad! There is mom!" So we keep on following her up to the mall.

She went in and we just waited in the car. At this time, I was really confused because I thought we were going with her, but no. Dad wanted to wait for her around her car. We keep on looking and there she comes. I can clearly remember her exiting with this other guy all suited up and holding her bags.

By then, my father was already starting the car to take off. We got home before her and the rest is history. So yeah, I lost all my respect for her for that and other stuff she has done.

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11. Brotherman

When I turned 20, I found out that my dad had had an illegitimate son right before he married my mother. He had a paternity test which came back positive, but he claims that it only means he could be the father and proved nothing. He said it was more likely his father (my granddad) was the father.

The thing is, brotherman (as I'll call him) looks more like my dad than I do. Now my dad won't take a more recent test to prove he isn't the father, he won’t talk to or about brotherman, and he won't even be in the same building as him.

We recently had a loss in the family and when brotherman showed up to pay respect (the rest of our family treats him as the cousin/nephew/grandson that he is) dad left the funeral home.

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12. Doggone It

When I was a church-going kid, my youth pastor was a really cool guy that everyone liked and respected. He would always host pool parties and luaus at his house for his youths and their families and was generally seen as a fun guy and a role model.

One day, I heard him casually mention that his kids didn't want to take care of their dog anymore, so they did something unforgivable. They took the dog away and left him by the road somewhere far enough from their house so he couldn't find his way back.

The youth pastor very clearly did not see a problem with this and seemed to genuinely believe this was an acceptable thing to do. I never looked at him the same again, and I can't think back on that without wanting to punch him.

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13. Side Piece

On Christmas a few years back, I found out my mom had been having an affair…because my dad told me out of spite (his Christmas had been ruined, so why shouldn't mine, apparently).

I didn't really get anything for Christmas due to what I believed was my family going through financial issues, but it turned out my mom had bought the daughter of her boyfriend all sorts of candies and treats, using the reasoning that, "Her parents just divorced so she's probably going through a hard time now".

So then I called the guy and told him to back off of my family and to not do any more harm to my life because he had already ruined my Christmas and he was going to ruin my parents' marriage too. (I don't think I was very threatening though, I was a fourteen-year-old girl and I was crying the whole time).

But then he started sending me harassing messages on Facebook and started calling my dad and harassing him too. Once he called while I was home and I could hear him screaming through the phone, and he said he was going to drag my dad behind his truck down Broadway Street because that's what he did with the last guy who interfered with his relationships.

So we called the authorities and filed a restraining order against this guy, and told my mom that she was legally obligated to stop having anything to do with him. A few months later, I found emails back and forth between them. Then my dad ruined our computer by trying to set up applications that would track and save anything my mom ever typed on it.

So I'd say all three of those adults did the worst thing I've ever seen, and I respected two of them…before this.

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14. Family Matters

I used to be really close with my cousin, go to parties together, hang out every weekend, and talk about everything together, until we actually went to school together. That's when she dealt me a heartbreaking betrayal. I was not one of the popular people, so she acted like I didn't exist to not get embarrassed.

I heard her saying things like I wasn't her real cousin, I was adopted, etc. That wouldn't have been so bad if she hadn't talked badly about me to everybody else in the family. I'm not sure exactly what she has said but I lost contact with everyone else.

When I do see them at forced gatherings, they talk to me as if I am mentally challenged, and if I mention anything about the school they act like I overcame obstacles. I no longer see anyone because at the last gathering, I punched out a male cousin who, in a very disgusting way, said "X told me that you're gay. No wonder you can't get a girlfriend and no one in our family likes you".

Needless to say, respect was not the only thing that I lost.

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15. Forever Home

My parents recently did something that I'm not sure I'll ever understand. My grandmother is 86 years old. Last year she went to the grocery store alone and slipped and fell in an aisle. She had a stroke and has never been able to go home since.

When it was clear that she needed to be in a nursing home, they made her a ward of the state so that she wouldn't become their financial burden. This also means she was and is living in the grossest overcrowded nursing home in our town. For some people, this would be the only option.

Nice nursing homes are expensive, and unless a person has quite a bit of disposable income, it's usually the only thing you can do for your parents...this isn't the case for my parents. While they aren't millionaires, they do very well for themselves, and two months after my grandmother had the stroke, they put a $150,000 addition onto their house.

150k would've bought Grandma at least a few years in a decent place where she could have had her own room, maybe even a little apartment. But no, they stuck her in a place that smells like urine with a room the size of a closet that she has to share with another woman. My grandma has dementia, but she's not that far gone yet.

Every time I see her I feel horrible that she left the henhouse for milk and bread and never got to see it again, that my parents could spend that kind of money on their already large house when it's just the two of them, and that I am too poor to do anything to help her. It really bothers me to see my parents in this light.

I always thought they were very family oriented and needless to say, at least when it counts, they're not.

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16. Take-Backs

My wife's parents liked me up to the point that I actually proposed. I even got permission! I guess they thought I meant in 20 years or something. Anyway, so I proposed, and my (then) girlfriend said "yes". That's when they rescinded their "blessing" and demanded a budget for how I will provide for their daughter. But the worst was yet to come.

They used their own bad marriage as an example of why marriage is a bad idea, decided not to help with the wedding financially, refused to give the bride a ride to the chapel (even though they are going anyway), insulted me during a speech at the reception, got inebriated and belligerent, hired a professional photographer and only bought photos for themselves, and told us we were unwelcome in their home.

This is JUST THE WEDDING. My wife got pregnant three months later. They told their other kids not to tell anybody, advised that we abort the child we chose to have, refused to be called grandparents, and told their daughter that having kids ruined their life. These people had their first child at 16, out of wedlock....they are lecturing US?!

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17. Separated

My dad sent me a text message on Christmas day seven years ago telling me he didn't want to see me anymore. Something along the lines of, "Father-daughter relationship not working out and it would be best if we didn't keep in contact". Admittedly I didn't get the message until the day later as my phone was out of battery but he'd sent it the day before.

He bailed on my mum when I was eight months old and my mum remarried when I was four. (Best thing ever). My stepdad is awesome, the very best I could wish for! My dad had every opportunity to see me but never really bothered. So he met another lady and had a baby with her when I was 19, we all got along great and dad wanted to see me all the time.

Then suddenly I get that text message. I tried to call him to see what was going on but he wouldn't answer. Later, I get another text from his new wife saying "Thanks for spoiling my son's first Christmas, your dad has been in a foul temper and it's all your fault!" I didn't have a clue what was going on. It broke my heart.

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18. Pet Problems

I worked at a veterinary clinic in my teens, and the vet there was supposedly very prestigious and had even served on the board of veterinary medicine previously.

So one day I was helping hold this itty bitty dog (like say maltese/yorkie size) for taking blood or something, and those guys with their tiny brains never hold still…they just fight you all the way. And as usual, we were struggling with it and doing the best we could to hold him still.

So, after a couple of failed attempts to get the blood drawn, the vet does the unthinkable. Out of nowhere, he backhands this dog hard enough to knock him across the metal table thing he was on. Myself and the other girl holding the dog were just in shock. I actually ended up giving my two-week notice shortly after that.

Completely losing respect is putting it mildly.

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19. Senior Moment

For me it was a series of things, and it was the entire family. My grandma stays with my second uncle and his family, but for years they have been mistreating her such as putting her in a home that's so untidy it's more like a dump, and denying her basic necessities like her meals.

It escalated to a point that my mom had to step in and cater her meals daily even if it wasn't her “obligation” (some Chinese old-fashioned thinking…a daughter that is married is not part of the family yada yada).

Furthermore, my uncle doesn't have the right working attitude and can't hold down a job, but spends extravagantly, and once he told my grandmother that he can't afford to take care of her anymore and he should just send her to an old folks home, or dump her with my mom.

The list goes on and on, and even my cousin's sister bullies my grandmother in some form or another, (dumping all her clothing in a heap on my grandma's bed, for example). After years of hearing how they have been treating her, I can say that I don't really respect them anymore, even though they are family.

Grandma is 80, and she suffered so long raising four kids. Why can't they at least let her enjoy herself now?

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20. I Scream You Scream

So it was around fifth or sixth grade I believe. I was hanging out with my "friends" at the time and mind you, I was the weird guy in the group or the guy everyone was like, “Why are you here," etc. Now, the reason I was still here and hadn't left is that it's all I had at the time, and had known these people since kindergarten.

I respected them and thought they respected me to some extent…however, they did not. I was hanging out with the same group of people and they were having a summer Supersoaker/ water balloon fight, so I was invited. I went there and participated, had fun, etc etc.

Then everyone wanted to go out for ice cream, so they went inside without me while I packed my things together. So I knocked on the door and then rang the doorbell. Everyone was hiding inside, ignoring me. So I figured okay, just a joke. Then about 20 minutes went by without them letting me in, so I started my walk home.

As I started walking they watched me from the windows till I was gone. Five minutes later I watched their car pass me on the way to get ice cream while I was walking home.

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21. Birthday Bash

When I was about seven years old, I went to my friend's birthday party. I had saved up all my allowance money to get her something nice. (At that time, Beanie Babies were popular, and I managed to get her a limited edition one). When it came time to open presents and she had finally reached mine, I got excited. My face fell when she opened my gift.

She threw it in my face and said she didn't like it. Her mom pulled me aside later to apologize because I had been teary-eyed the whole time and I felt a little better. Later on, when we all went outside to play games, my friend pulled me aside to apologize to me.

I could still remember what she said. "Yeah, I'm sorry you got me such an awful present!" Then she got her other friends to throw acorns at me. I felt so horrible I called home and asked my parents to pick me up. I cried for a while.

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22. Secretive Sensei

Growing up, I was really hyperactive, rude, and disrespectful. Therapists weren't helping, so instead, my mom and dad enrolled me at a local dojo at the age of ten, where I learned Shaolin Kempo. My sensei basically became my hero. He taught me about discipline, respect, determination, etc. It completely changed me.

I went through difficult times, being punished by doing pushups (with my knuckles) on wooden floors, correcting my attitude nearly every time I came into class but had rewarding times such as belt tests or when we would have birthday parties at the dojo, pizza parties, and going to arcades with fellow students, etc.

I eventually corrected all the negative tendencies that my parents originally enrolled me for. I really shaped up to be a much more considerate person. A few years later, I had gotten my brown belt and was training for my black belt (the dojo was really traditional, it took years to properly get your black belt).

Then I found out that our sensei was having multiple affairs with the mothers of the same children that he was teaching, some of them still married. It destroyed me.

I couldn't believe someone who I had looked up to for so many years, someone who taught me the foundations of discipline, respect, how to be noble, and be good to one another, would be doing something like this, not just to his wife but to the kids he was teaching. I quit before my black belt test.

I realize no person is perfect, but at the time this was still a heavy blow. Now I'm training in Muay Thai, and I'm old enough that I don't idolize my instructor, but he is a way awesome dude, and divorced.

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23. Children Of Divorce

When I was 18, I started talking to my dad more. I didn't talk to him much growing up because he always lived in a different country after the divorce. I then asked him why he never came and visited me or my four siblings. He says that my mom literally wouldn't let him take me to live with him.

We were also very poor growing up, as you can imagine five kids with a single mom. He says, “Now that you're 18, instead of sending the child support to your mom, I'm going to send it straight to you, so you can go to school”. I go, “What child support?"

I find out that my dad had been sending around $1,000 to $1,300 dollars a month in child support, and I had no idea. Also, my mom failed to inform me that I had health and dental insurance my entire life. I'm not sure if this counts because I doubt it was malicious, but my mother's own incompetence made my life harder.

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24. Scout’s (Dis)Honor

My old scout leader, Dan, was a great guy, the nicest man you'd ever meet, everyone liked him. I'd known him since I was about 13. I also got to know his son (who was about four years younger than me), daughter (two years younger than me), and his wife.

My two best friends and I were young leaders in his scout troop for around four years. Both his kids were in the scout troop and his wife often helped out with things. A few years ago when I was 18, only a few weeks after I'd left the troop, one of my friends shared some shocking information with me.

He told me that he'd recently found out that for some time, Dan had been cheating on his wife with one of the other (female) troop leaders, and had left his wife and kids for her. Once I found out about the whole situation, I lost so much respect for him.

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25. Fake-out

My dad spent the whole month of December asking me about details of the camera lens I was saving for, he said he decided not to buy gift cards this year. He asked where he could get it and asked me to email all of the information about it. He got me a bible for Christmas and footy pajamas. I'm 21 years old.

It wasn't so much about the gift as it was about the fact he made it seem as if he were getting me the lens. It broke my heart, and I felt as if he'd done it on purpose because I don't believe in God.

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26. It’s Just Business

I had been in business with people I really liked and appreciated for over 15 years (as an employer, then clients). I started a business with them three years ago, but they weren't doing their part. So I decided to go my separate way, but I would work for them at cost, and be up and running the next day, so as not to cause any delay for them.

The following week, I finished a small project for them and as soon as they received it, I received a cease and desist from them. I was never paid for the work and from then on, they tried to bury me in court. They always lost, but it obviously cost me an arm and a leg.

They made a fortune off my work over the years and now they simply decided that I was a threat to them and shouldn't be able to go on on my own...

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27. It’s Complicated

I haven't had a boyfriend for two years, and I've also only had two boyfriends in my life. My family recently asked my sister to ask me if I was a lesbian, because she's been in a relationship for the last five years and they can't understand why I can't be more like her and settle down and stop partying.

Well, let me tell you, I am not a lesbian, nor do I want to be more like my sister. The other day I came home to her in the shower with a guy both she and her boyfriend are friends with, and I know she's been hooking up with him for a while now…like I've mentioned she's had a boyfriend for five years.

Later that day, she came into the room and began complaining about her boyfriend. She usually always complains to me about their relationship and I'm a nice sister, so I listen and give the best advice I can. But this time I changed my tune. I told her where to shove it and that I thought she was a terrible person.

I said I understand it's none of my business, so I don't plan to get involved, but I no longer respect her as a person anymore and I'm embarrassed that I share blood with someone who could have no heart. We haven't spoken since.

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28. The Rich And The Poor

This last Thanksgiving. I watched my grandfather mock poor people. Like, why would you do that? He didn't want the bailout to happen so that he could make a profit. Not out of principle, but so that he could make $40,000 while hundreds, maybe thousands, of people lost their jobs.

My grandfather's a millionaire, and when I confronted him about it, he said, "Well, they can just get new jobs! I can't get a new job!" He's retired. He has millions of dollars in the bank. He's so old he's about to kick the bucket. Then, he rejected my second cousin and her baby because my second cousin is a lesbian.

It was pouring rain outside, and he refused to let them inside his mansion because he "disapproves of their lifestyle". I've never felt so disillusioned in my life.

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29. All Dressed Up

When I came downstairs in my prom dress to show my dad, he said I looked like a pig in heels. Being an overweight teen, I had very little self-worth to begin with, and when I put on that prom dress I felt pretty for the first time in my life, only to have it taken away in seconds. I have yet to regain any of that self-esteem (I’m now 26). Thanks Dad.

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30. Doesn’t Add Up

When I was in high school (UK) I had SO much respect for my maths teacher; I've always had a problem with maths, but he took the time to explain things to me in as many different ways as necessary to make me understand it. Then one day he started making jokes to our class about a boy we all knew a few years below us who had Aspergers.

Needless to say, my opinion of him dropped. But then he went even further. A year later, he ran away with one of the girls in the year above me (no idea whether she was 15 or 16 at the time). He fled with her to France and then Germany where his mother convinced him to turn himself in.

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31. Familial Finances

I lost my husband, and my children's father suddenly at the age of 45. Many people from my family showed up to offer "support", but I later discovered many things missing from my house. The shocking behavior continued when I mistakenly allowed my family to be in the funeral planning room with me to "help".

The director of the funeral home found out how much life insurance money was coming to me and the literal flood of "can I borrow..." began from almost everyone present in the room at that time, including my own mother. I've never had the ability to tell someone "no" if they appear to need something that I have.

I feel totally taken advantage of, and completely disgusted by how self-centered and unsympathetic the people that were supposed to help me and my kids were. FYI: Only one of MANY paid me back, and I am now in a financial crisis because of my inability to say no. It is sickening.

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32. When In Germany

When I went to Germany when I was seven and my sister was four, my grandma took us to a park and there were some older German kids there. They started throwing rocks at us and my sister started bawling her eyes out. I asked my grandma if we could leave—and her response made my blood run cold.

She told me to shut up, then went in and sat in the car. My sister and I tried to follow her but she locked us out. Since then, I've never fully trusted or respected her.

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33. Ham It Up

Last night at work, the chef was supposed to send us dinner for the people on our shift, so he sent us sandwiches. All of them had ham. Two guys in our group are Muslim refugees from Africa (not like the chef doesn't know that). So now they're stuck at this place in the middle of nowhere with nothing to eat because they can’t eat ham.

We all chipped in whatever snacks we'd brought but I still felt bad that they weren't getting a proper meal. It's a pretty subtle but effective “screw you”.


34. Knock Out

I was about eight years old, walking with my grandfather at the beach along with my younger brother. It was getting late so my grandfather told us we should head back. Being a typical curious (and somewhat disobedient) kid, I didn't immediately follow him and wanted to spend a little more time in the water.

When I finally caught up to him, I could tell he was furious, and he socked me hard in the face, which gave me a bloody nose. I grew up without any misconduct at all from my grandparents or parents, and I know my grandfather loves me with all his heart, but I will never forget the feeling of someone I trusted so much betraying my trust in this way.

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35. The Punisher

Here in Africa, corporal punishment is commonplace. As a volunteer teacher from a more developed and less “let's hit children because we can" mentality, I try to give teachers new ways of dealing with problem students instead of the switch. For example: write a letter explaining why what you did is wrong.

Welp, this African teacher, who is always nice to me and will go above and beyond to help me at the school, asked me for advice concerning this troubled student. I told the teacher to make the student write a letter for disrupting the class. He took my advice but put his own awful spin on it.

The teacher went and pulled a branch off a tree, and beat the student, then told him to write a letter about why the teacher beat him. Sometimes you just can't win. I was really disappointed in the teacher.

The Moment I Lost All RespectPexels

36. Borrowed Bucks

An ex-friend borrowed £300 from one of his friends to buy something he couldn't afford at the time (I've forgotten what exactly, shoes or something). The guy who'd lent the money was in a fatal motor vehicle accident not long after. When it came round to his funeral, his parents asked if they could have the money back to help pay for things.

My ex-friend refused to give it back and to this day I don't think he ever did.

The Moment I Lost All RespectShutterstock

37. Not Cool

When I was in middle school I saw the "cool kid" that everyone liked push another kid from behind down an icy hill. He pushed him so hard that the kid landed on his face and slid down. He was completely unconscious when he got to the bottom. The kid that did it walked away laughing with his friends.

Luckily, some less-than-cool kids went and helped the victim.

The Moment I Lost All RespectShutterstock

38. Messed Up

I was out of town for ten days, and since my roommate works weekends, I gave my keys to my best friend of six years so she could keep my place tidy and feed my cats. Boy, did it go so wrong.

I get home to find that she invited a friend of hers over without my or my roommate's permission, and said friend proceeded to somehow bleed all over my bed, ruining $250 worth of brand-new sheets and a goose-down featherbed.

The worst part is, they also left a mountain of dirty dishes and clearly did zero cleaning, and it took me a couple of days to convince them to come over and pick up after themselves.

The Moment I Lost All RespectShutterstock

39. At A Loss

This was a woman I worked with, who was the epitome of good. She was kind, gentle, caring, helpful, always willing to lend a hand, an ear, whatever. She was a loving mother of four children, just an all-around awesome person. Then, when we went to Iraq, and when we started dropping explosives, she was watching online at work.

She stood up and cheered, clapped, and yelled every time the news reported a body count. I just couldn't believe she would celebrate the loss of another human being like that. Of mothers and children and well. Yeah.

Military IdiotsShutterstock

40. Up In Smoke

In high school, I had a group of friends that were pretty respectful. I kind of lost touch with them after we graduated though. Anyway, one day at college I decided to step outside for some fresh air. There are some benches right outside the door. Also right outside the door is a no smoking sign (which is redundant in itself, everyone knows smoking isn't allowed while on the block that the school occupies).

When I get out there, a group of smokers is standing right under the sign and all I can think is, "Are you kidding me?" until I realize that I recognize every one of these faces as the people who were my friends in high school.

The Moment I Lost All RespectShutterstock

41. Money Changes People

I come from a very big, loving family. Everyone (even my parents) looked up to my brother. (By the way, my family moved here 40 years ago to start new, etc. The "American dream"). My brother gets a nice job with very nice pay. Slowly, he starts becoming selfish and greedy.

Last year, as he was talking to my older cousin he told him, "You should just care about the family you have. Your wife and children. Not your mom, dad, sisters or brothers. I don't even consider my (me and my siblings) family anymore". Hearing that definitely hurt all over.

The Moment I Lost All RespectShutterstock

42. Re-Gifting

I had a $200 Best Buy gift card taken out of my wallet at work. Because I had the receipt for the gift card, Best Buy was able to tell me what the person purchased (a fancy radar detector), and as it turned out, they paid the remaining $23 with their dad’s credit card. When I found out their identity, I couldn't believe it.

It was one of my good friends. He never admitted to taking it, said he found it in the parking lot (obviously a lie), and he knew I had lost mine. He's still friends of friends and my blood still boils when I think about it. This was nearly 20 years ago.

The Moment I Lost All RespectShutterstock

43. Shipped

I took my son to work with me while I was on holiday to pick up a paycheque. I met our shipper and introduced my son who has a slight speech impediment. My son said "Hello" and stammered on the “H”. The shipper started to laugh at him. I took my son's hand and we walked away. I didn't speak to the shipper again after that.

The Moment I Lost All RespectShutterstock

44. Shaken Up

My roommate got a cat and decided since it's his cat, he can do what he wants with it. That includes shaking it pretty aggressively and squeezing it until it meows because he "likes to hear it meow sometimes". Needless to say, the cat hates him and spends all of his time in my room or my roommate's. But I can't respect someone who treats any animal like that.

The Moment I Lost All RespectUnsplash

45. Word Play

I lost all respect for one of my in-laws. My family had gone emotionally, physically, and monetarily way above and beyond for this person. Over the last decade, we've given this person a home on several occasions, spent a lot of money we didn't have helping them, spent hours talking to them about their issues, etc.

The most recent time was several months, several grand, and making a lot of sacrifices for their comfort. Less than two weeks later, because my spouse sent an email rather than calling (due to being at work), and apparently because the email was trying to cheer them up and offering ideas rather than being rah-rah-you-rock, my spouse was told that they're cruel and nasty and a terrible person and to not bother calling ever again.

The Moment I Lost All RespectShutterstock

46. (Ex)Communication

The other day my ex made me feel like my preferences weren't valid. We were thinking about getting back together and he made me feel like I wasn't allowed to say “no” to certain things, he scolded me for making him "have to explain exactly what he wants”, and overall made me feel like I was wrong for feeling the way I did.

It really messed me up because this is someone who is supposed to know me best and whom I've always respected. Then I realized I shouldn't want to respect someone who would make me feel like my feelings were invalid.

I know I have flaws but if you can't communicate with me in the same respectful way that I've always treated you without belittling me, then screw you. I don't know how I let it get that far.

The Moment I Lost All RespectShutterstock

47. Adulting

The day after I turned 21 (which I spent drinking a six-pack by myself, because my parents were somehow "busy"...I don't have any friends), my parents called me and told me I needed to come home for a "talk".

After arriving home, my parents informed me I had gotten an F last semester, and that they would stop paying for my college, and I had to move home, live under a curfew and listen to everything they said. I told them to screw off and hitchhiked to the freeway.

The Moment I Lost All RespectUnsplash

48. Gone Viral

A family member of mine recently found out she had been infected with Zika, and she was six months pregnant. After trying to get pregnant for years with no luck, she had given up hope of ever having a baby, but by some miracle was able to conceive. When she told her mother-in-law the news, that horrible woman had a chilling response.

She said, "I should have known this would happen when I first met you and saw the way you were dressed." implying that because she wore short shorts and tank tops, she wasn't a worthy mother. The poor girl was devastated and blamed herself for getting Zika even though no one knew it was in the area at that time.

Still, she decided that she would carry the baby to term. He was born two weeks ago. No microcephaly. No health issues of any kind. Also, and this is the real kicker, he tested negative for exposure to the virus.

The Moment I Lost All RespectPexels

49. Take To The Streets

There used to be a homeless man that would sleep outside of the pizza place I used to work at. He never bothered anyone and never asked for food, though we did offer him some when we had leftover pies. In the middle of winter, he stopped coming around. Then I found out the horrifying reason why.

A couple of weeks later, a co-worker tells me that he and his friends had dumped water on him while he was sleeping for a laugh, thinking I would think it was funny. That’s why he left. Yeah, no.

The Moment I Lost All RespectShutterstock

50. Miracle Of Life

A couple of years after I lost my mom, my dad kind of randomly told me I was lucky I was born. I knew my mom had a couple of miscarriages between my older sister and me, but then my dad proceeded to brag about how mom had caught him cheating with some hairdresser.

He said, "She would just come over every lunch break and we'd drive out in the desert and do the deed". I lost a lot of respect for him that day.

The Moment I Lost All RespectShutterstock

Sources: Reddit


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