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These Creepy Children Made Us Believe In Past Lives

Kids have it easy. They just play, sleep, eat, then repeat. Every day they learn new things about the world and share them with the people around them. But sometimes kids don’t just share “simple kid facts,” sometimes they share stories about their past lives that’ll creep anybody out. People on the Internet shared their creepiest past life stories they’ve heard from kids, and it is spooky.

1. Pretty Nutty

I grew up in New Zealand, and my mother grew up in Australia. When she was young, she had a friend named Chris who sadly passed in a car crash. Later, my mom moved to New Zealand and then had me. I was 5 and sitting in our lounge room when I started randomly asking my mom weird questions. I asked her where the car was.

My mom was confused and then brought me to the front of the house where our car was sitting. I then said, "No, no, the blue car with the big peanut in the window." My mom was still confused and just assumed that I was going on about a show that I watched. But then a few days later, I asked her again about the blue car.

But this time I told her that the guy with the big glasses took the car. My mom stiffened but didn’t answer me. Years later, I finally learned the dark truth. Her friend Chris had driven a blue Subaru Impreza and always wore ridiculously large sunglasses. He also used to have a peanut butter-scented air freshener. It was shaped like a peanut.


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2. Calico Mix

When my brother was sick with brain cancer, our calico cat seemed to know that he was battling with something. She was really mean to most people, but with him, she was gentle and would let him grab at her paws. Three years after he passed, my parents had another son. He was three when he told my parents about the cat.

He said that it was a white brown and black cat that used to let him grab her paws. The cat had passed a year before he was born.


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3. Head In The Clouds

When he was 3, my husband decided to treat our son to a flight over our city in a Cessna. When it was time to get on the plane, our boy climbed into the pilot’s seat and was very upset when he was told he had to move. He began crying and saying he was sorry; he didn’t mean to crash last time and he’d be good this time.

My husband managed to calm him by pointing out that his legs were too short for his feet to reach the pedals. Once he got settled in the back seat, he started fussing about not being able to use the radio, so the pilot gave him a headset but didn’t plug it in all the way. Our son then started trying to raise the tower.

He was doing his radio check to try and get clearance. At that point, the pilot needed to take a break, so he stepped out. My husband took the time to talk to our son. What he said made my husband's blood run cold. He told him that he crashed the last plane he flew and no one survived. When the pilot got back, they were able to do the flight with no further issues.

We went to an aeronautics museum about a year later where an old Mosquito was being restored. Our son told the curator that he used to fly one of those, so he offered us a tour of the plane. When we got in, our son started pointing out several things that were “wrong” with the plane, which all turned out to be correct.

The curator told us the plane had been modernized and was now being restored to its original condition. He also confirmed that the items he had pointed out were in fact going to be replaced. Our kid is grown now and has no interest in planes or flying and doesn’t remember being a thing except just knowing about planes.


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4. Weather Alert

My dad told me I was staring out the window once during a thunderstorm when I was five. He asked what I was doing, and I asked him when the explosives were going to drop. I grew up in Germany, and my grandfather had been the person who alerted the city when air raids were coming. He had passed three days before I was born.

At five, I had no idea about anything I was talking about. My dad kept asking me questions, but I forgot what I was talking about a couple of moments later.


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5. Warming Up

I was about 4 and spending the night at my grandparents’ house. They were staying up to watch the Olympics, which meant that I got to sleep in their bed. I was trying to fall asleep, and the light from the TV was relaxing me. Suddenly, I felt so cold. I wasn’t scared, but shivers ran down my spine. Then I saw a new light.

Scared, I slowly turned—and I nearly started screaming. At the side of the bed was an older woman who was translucent with a blue tint. I wasn’t afraid of her but of her presence. She sat in the rocking chair holding a dog looking right at me. I immediately went under the sheets and turned to the other side of the bed with my eyes slammed shut.

I opened my eyes after what felt like an eternity. This time, I saw a warm orange light that replaced the blue. I took a peek and saw men on fire. They just stood there burning. I tried turning, but the woman was still there. This time she was standing. Her mouth didn’t move, but I heard a voice telling me it was okay.

I remember nothing else. The next morning, I didn’t get out of bed until my parents came to get me. They noticed that I was freaked out, and after a lot of coaxing, I told them about my nightmare. They chalked it up to a child’s imagination. But then they told my grandfather, a cold and stoic man...who almost passed out.

He was crying and nonverbal. But after he calmed down enough, he said that when he came back from Vietnam, he’d lie in bed and suffer from panic attacks. His mother stood over him to calm him as he relived his days as a soldier manning a flamethrower. While he slept, she sat in the rocking chair to made sure he rested.


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6. Peter Pan

My second son used to talk about having a different mom before me. He said that she was blonde and looked nice but wasn’t nice. It’d come up randomly and only got emotional when he told me that when he was with his other mom, he never got to grow up. He said that he chose me because I would let him grow up and get old.

Then he’d look up at me for reassurance asking me if he was right and that he could grow up this time. It really messed me up some days.


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7. Maternal Moments

When my younger sister was three, she told my mom about when she was a big girl and our mom was a little girl. She told her that she went to her wedding and described what she’d looked like then. My mom guessed she was describing our great-grandma. She talked about the greenhouse where she lived at the end of a dirt road. That's where it got really freaky.

That was where her mother, my mother’s great-grandmother, got a fatal snake bite when they lived there. She described the snake as pretty and what sounded like a copperhead. At that time, we were in Nebraska where there aren’t copperheads. Our great-great-grandmother passed in Oklahoma where they’re all over the place.

My sister then told us that she got rid of the snake with a hoe. One time, we were working on the garden, and my dad was sharpening the hoe. My sister told him that he was doing it wrong. So, he asked her how to do it, and she put his hands in the correct positions. Later, my dad looked it up and told us she was right.

My sister talked about these things on and off for six months at bedtime. By four, she just said that she was tired of talking about it and never mentioned it again.


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8. Forgotten In The Desert

One time, I was watching my three-year-old nephew at my house and pointed to my magnet of Arizona. It showed a desert with rock formations. He asked where it was. He then explained that he used to live by the “red rocks like that with his first family” who had straight, dark hair. His hair was blonde and curly “this time.”

He said he had a mom and a dad and a brother who’d gone too far into the desert when it was almost dark. He had gotten eaten by what he said were not dogs but like wolves but smaller. I asked him if he was thinking of coyotes. He mouthed the word and nodded. But then he got sad and didn’t want to talk about it anymore.


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9. Familiar Feel

Since I was little, I had a memory of me stumbling out the backdoor of a club. I can’t keep myself together under the influence of something and slip down a staircase. It ends when I hit my head in the alley. I’m 19 in the memory and have long blonde hair wearing a brown-red leather jacket. I remember everything there.

From the neon signs, staircase, and the interior of the door, I could draw it. Then I went on a leisure trip to Budapest exploring the ruined pubs with my wife. And I found the alley. It was funny because I had just mentioned to my wife that I felt like I was at home when we had arrived. I think about this quite often.


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10. A Funny Thing To Say

When my daughter was 3, she had an imaginary friend who she’d play with all the time. She described him as big and fun and spent a lot of time playing with him. Then one time, I was scanning old photos and had one of my father on my desk. She saw it and asked how I got a photo of her friend. Shivers went down my spine.

My father had passed almost 15 years before in that very house. My daughter’s playroom had actually been his office when he had lived there. I cautiously asked her to tell me more about this friend. Without hesitating, she told me that he talked funny. My jaw dropped. My dad was an Aussie who had never lost his accent.


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11. Bumpy Ride

Very recently I was actually talking to my parents about past life memories after I read this really interesting article, they ended up telling me about a past life memory I had when I was five. My parents had bought me one of them toy cop cars. I spent a little while playing in it but apparently didn't seem happy. My parents asked why I didn't seem to be liking it and I apparently told them I didn't like it because I remember being knifed inside a car like this before I came here. I said my skin was black then.

They said they were a bit taken aback by this and just didn't speak anymore about it, but then a while later my Grandad came round and wanted me to show him my new toy, at this point my parents tell me I refused to get in it. Saying something like what I said to them, but from this time I said something more along the lines of I wasn't going to get in it because when I drove it before I came here someone put a knife in me and it hurt.

I take it from how they speak about it that to them this seemed pretty weird. I understand that because it makes me feel weird as well. Out of curiosity, I thought I'd google and try find if any officers died from stab wounds around the time I was born. Now, I am sure that many officers lose their lives in the line of duty each year but one did stand out: The date when I was born had one registered officer passing. The officer was Black and died after being knifed in his own patrol car.


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12. Show Me A Sign

I lost my best friend in Iraq in 2006. We used to wrestle until one of us submitted. It would always start randomly and be initiated when we "showed our fangs." This involved pointing your pointer and middle finger down in front of your mouth while growling at the other person. A few weeks after, I had family visiting.

They were from the other side of the country, and we’d only visit each other every five years. My cousin’s son who I’d never met before came over to me. He showed me his fangs and smiled. I asked him where he learned that. He told me that my friend said hi and then ran away. I had to go back to my room to cry a little.


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13. Old Wive’s Tale

I was a nanny to a two-year-old who was way ahead of me developmentally in almost every way. He used to like to tell me stories while we got him ready to go to bed. It was always these weird stories that would always start with, "when I was an old lady..." and included very specific little "day in the life of" type details.

I quickly realized these stories went beyond the life experience and typical vocabulary of a two-year-old. Over a few months, he kept adding very consistently to this story. He would also sometimes play as this old lady with a cloth over his head and walking slowly as if his back pained him. He pretended to grocery shop.

Playing with his sister’s dolls as if they were his grandchildren was one of his favorite things to do. He told us how many children and grandchildren she had and how she lost her husband in his 50s from lung disease. One daughter lost her life in a car accident, leaving behind two small children for the grandma to look after.

She had a bad back and pain in her feet, which her daughter rubbed for some relief. All but one child had been married; the unmarried daughter lived with her. She worried she’d never marry. This is the part where it got dark: She remembered that her life ended when a car had hit her while she crossed the street. She described how people stood around her.

He told us where it had hurt and how someone lifted her into a car and took her to the hospital where she didn’t make it. I was not his only nanny, and all of us would get together to swap stories. I wrote them down because I was fascinated with phenomena like past lives before this and wanted to see where it all went.

He talked about the house and neighborhood where they lived. This was especially interesting because this kid came from a very wealthy family and had never seen the kind of housing or poverty he’d described. He also said he lived by the seaside. So, once we were visiting a seaside city on the other side of the country.

A family member was having a birthday party there, so we piled in the van to go. But our driver got lost, and we ended up driving through a rough neighborhood. Then suddenly my little boy started shouting and screaming and insisted we turn down a couple of specific streets. Then he was pointing to things he recognized.

He told us things that he could recognize, "from when I was an old lady." It matched what he had described before in general, and we were all so interested that we let him direct us where to go since we were already late for the party anyway. He accurately described what we would see around the next turn several times.

But then he got extremely confused and upset when he got to where "her" house was because it was now a store. The driver leaned out the window and asked a nearby old person what had been there before the store who confirmed that it’d been houses. We never went back there or were able to get any additional verification.

Understandably, his parents were concerned about these vivid and strange stories. So, after this dramatic incident, we made an active effort to redirect him to other stories and play types. When he was almost three, he was telling less of these stories, which became less specific. By about 3 1/2, he remembered nothing.


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14. Sarah-ndipity

My parents told me that I used to have frequent bouts of nightmares when I was 4. And it always started with me screaming the name Sarah. Then I’d scream for help, which would then wake everyone in the house, and it ended with me blubbering out that I was sorry and over and over again, all the while crying and sobbing. My parents were horrified—but the nightmare was just beginning.

When I would wake up in the morning, I would have no recollection of any of this. My parents had no idea what made them happen since they couldn’t think of anyone named Sarah associated with me. We didn’t even have a TV, plus I hadn't started going to preschool yet and didn't know how to read beyond a few simple words.

The whole thing went on for almost a year until one day, it just stopped. Mom did try asking me once about it, and kid me said something to the effect of, “Sarah doesn't want to see me crying anymore. So, I won't." I didn’t know any of this until I told my parents that I had always found the name Sarah to be beautiful.


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15. Many Moons Ago

I was at a nature show with my daughter. It was the kind where they bring animals out and teach the audience about them. This particular show was about wolves, and the handler was telling the audience why she did what she did with the wolves. My daughter, 4 at the time, said, "I used to do that." I asked what she meant.

She told me, as factually as a 4-year-old could possibly be, that she used to train dogs and wolves before her life ended. She also looked confused as though this thought was surprising to her. I didn't know what to say, so I said, "Well that's interesting." She enjoyed the rest of the show and never spoke of it again.


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16. Oh Brother

When my son was about 4 on the way to daycare, he randomly said, "Mommy, I had this dream where you were pregnant, and we named the baby Dawson. But then he fell off the bed, and he was gone." He wouldn't give any more information than that. I was really weirded out. That evening, I decided to get some pregnancy tests.

Sure enough, I was pregnant. I never mentioned anything to anyone. But the next day, I woke up with cramps and had to go to the hospital. There, I found out I'd miscarried but still never said anything. A few days go by, and my son says, "Remember that dream I had about the baby? It's silly because you're not pregnant!”


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17. From The Mouths Of Babes

When I was quite young and still not able to string sentences together, my mom and I were sitting at the dining room table. She was crying, and I was comforting my mother, and without any babbling or hesitation, told her, “It’s okay, I used to be your great grandmother. I’ll take care of you.” I have no memory of this.

My mom said I went back to my baby-like talk immediately after. She stopped crying, probably because it scared her pants off.


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18. Feel It In The Air

When I was 4, there was something about the Royal Air Force on TV that was showing a raid somewhere. I looked up at the TV from playing with my games and said in the clearest words, “I really miss Ron from Scampton.” My parents asked me what I meant, and I told them I lost him in Germany. So, they just shrugged me off.

What made it strange was that I lived in Aberdeen, Scotland then. There was no way I could have known about Scampton, Lincolnshire, or what an RAF base was, or anything significant that had happened there. And then who was Ron? My family didn't speak to anyone named Ron, and there was nobody at school named Ron either.

Where could I have possibly gotten that name from and then roped it into a completely random sentence? Being that little, all I knew about history was that Germany fought against other countries but nothing more than that. Then came the moment that gave me chills. It happened when I moved after my parent’s divorce.

I was 10 and moved to live in Nottingham, which was about a 40-minute drive from RAF Scampton. In Nottingham, I joined the air cadets, which was a scout group meant to show members what life was really like. While I was a cadet, we visited interesting places mainly to do with the RAF and happened to be at RAF Scampton.

We were learning the history of the base and its role. Part of the visit was to pay our respects at the cemetery. And to my absolute surprise, I was shocked to find that there was a grave of a man named Ron Evans from a Lancaster raid over Germany in 1945. Like I said, it’d just struck a nerve I didn't even know I had.


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19. Friends For A Lifetime

Apparently, I look, act, and talk like the male version of my mom’s grandmother. But what’s creepier is that I even think just like her. She hadn’t been alive for ten years when I was born and lived far away. Even creepier than that is it has never been family members who notice. It’s random old people who’d known her.

As a teenager at Disney World, my family was chatting with this older couple with their grandkids. The woman said I looked and acted just like her neighbor who she knew when she was growing up. For no reason whatsoever, I blurted out, “Soy yo, Marisol.” She hadn’t told me her name and wasn’t aware that I spoke Spanish.

She responded, “Dora (last name)? De Calle ___ en Buenos Aires?” I snapped back to myself and stammered I was her great-grandson. Meanwhile, my mom had shivers down her spine and started to tear up. There are other times when people with dementia who knew her call me her name then try to play the “remember when...” game.

And some of the memories they mentioned gave me a strong sense of deja vu. At my grandfather’s funeral, this happened dozens of times from people I’d never met. One day, I plan to go back to her hometown to visit.


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20. Say My Name

We used to joke that our firstborn looked just like my grandmother who passed almost exactly a year before she was born. But then again, all babies look like my grandmother with the no teeth and big puffy cheeks, so we didn't think that much of it. But one night when she was less than a year old, she was really upset.

She would not calm down no matter what I did. At one point, I said out loud in exhaustion that she really did look like Grandma Hayden. She immediately stopped crying and slowly turned her head to look at me with a look of recognition on her face. Those were the biggest chills I have ever gotten in my life right there.


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21. Been Here Before

My son was 3 when he visited his grandmother who lived a few states away. It was his first time there, but when he got inside, he toddled to her, placed his chubby hand on her cheek, and said, "I have missed you so much, Annie." Then he crawled in her lap, patted her hand, and said he’d really liked her black hair more.

My grandmother Ann had stopped coloring her hair and let it go white a few years before. No one except for my grandfather called her Annie, ever. Later, he passed by a picture of my grandpa in his old band. He stopped at the photo and said, "That’s when I was playing in the band," while pointing directly at my grandpa!

At the age of three, my son didn’t know much about my grandfather other than he wasn’t with us anymore. I also didn’t have any pictures of my grandfather when he was younger anywhere in our home.


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22. Can Ya Dig It

I took my son to a park when he was three to walk the trails. The park has a beach, but we didn’t usually head that way. My son insisted on going that way even though it was too cold to play in the water. He told me the whole way there that he was going to dig a hole with a blue shovel. He was very specific about that.

We told him that we didn’t bring any toys and he didn’t even have a blue shovel. We got to the beach, and he ran 100 feet to a single picnic table. And there it was, the blue shovel sitting on the table waiting for him. He was too short and far away to have been able to see it but was absolutely sure it would be there.

It's not a beach that had toys for public use or anything, so it’s not like he had played with a blue shovel there before. That's not the first or last time that he's popped off with some spooky kid stuff but probably one of the weirdest ones with no logical explanation.


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23. Tuning In

The song "Head Over Heels" by Tears for Fears came on the radio once when my 2-year-old was sitting in the back. He asked me if it was a song from the 80s. I glanced back puzzled and said that it was. Then he told me to turn it up because he wanted to remember. I did, and he looked out the window like he was reminiscing.

It freaked me out because just before I got pregnant, my husband had lost his cousin whose favorite group was Tears For Fears.


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24. Technically There

One night, I had a nightmare where my family and I were at the beach with my mom’s brother and his wife. My dad disappeared, and a violent thunderstorm came. We ran and hid under a pavilion until it had subsided. In my dream, there were lightning strikes everywhere and fires starting. Some people were hit by lightning.

I remember being really worried that my dad wasn't coming back. I woke up and found out that it wasn't just a dream but a memory. We really did go to the beach with my mom’s brother and his wife, and there was a storm. My dad had left to the car, but the storm started, so he waited in the car since he was further away.

It was a very, very violent storm that came out of nowhere. A nearby shop was hit and caught fire, so firetrucks came. Nobody was actually struck by lightning though; that was my imagination at play. My mom managed to get some of it on video, and up until then, I had never seen that video because it’d been packed away.

The crazy part is, my mom was pregnant with me at the time. But here I was with a traumatizing “memory” dream of an event that actually did happen. I don't really remember the dream and barely remembered the next morning. So, when I told my dad, he thought it sounded strangely familiar and dug out the video to show me.


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25. Little Relief

I miscarried at 19. It was a deeply traumatic time in my life. I was far along enough to know it was going to be a girl and had nightmares of the baby girl I lost. Years later, this toddler came running into my arms telling me she was really good friends with Naomi who was completely fine and sorry for not being ready.

It terrified me because I never told anyone about the name that was going to name my daughter. Her parents told me that there was no one in her daycare named Naomi and guessed it must have been an imaginary friend.


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26. That’s Me!

My aunt lost her youngest son when he was 6 in a terrible lawnmower accident. Our family was devastated. I was really young, but I remember a lot of the time after he was gone. Years later, my aunt had divorced my uncle and had a son with another man. Her son was about 5 when we were all watching home movies together.

He looked up at the TV and said, “That was me when I was [cousin].” We were all shocked. It was still a sore subject for all of us, and we hadn’t talked about him since. Yeah, we didn’t watch any more family movies with him.


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27. Since The Beginning

When I was 6 months pregnant, my great-grandfather had late-stage cancer. During his final days, my grandmother mentioned to him that I had finally picked a name for my son. He was very hard of hearing, and when he asked what I had chosen, he thought she said John, which was his name. He teared up and was very touched.

She didn't correct the mistake, and he was gone soon after. Three days later, I went into premature labor. My son was in the NICU for almost 4 months. As he grew older, he talked about Papa John a lot and was extremely fascinated with his old things at my grandmother's. He talked about him constantly as if he knew him.

He would say things like how he missed him and his hugs, and when we asked what he remembered about him, he said that Papa John stayed with him in the hospital. Once, while visiting my grandmother’s house for a weekend, there was a striking yellow butterfly that was on and around the porch every time we walked outside.

My son told me it was Papa John coming to visit. This went on all the time from ages 2-4. I should also mention that I was not close to my Papa John at all and never spoke of him. I just listened when he said all this and didn't lead him on in any way. He gradually stopped and seems to have forgotten all about him now.


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28. It’s All Gone

When I was around four, I stared out my windows at night towards my grandparents’ house. My mom then asked why I was staring. I told her that I remembered that that was my room. When she asked me to elaborate, I just said, "Why did they knock down that dang wall?" My great grandfather lived in the room I saw from mine.

After he passed a year before I was born, my grandfather tore a wall down and made it into a sunroom. My mom didn't know about that and neither did my dad. So, when my mom mentioned it casually to my grandparents, my grandfather was in stunned disbelief. A year later when I was five, I stayed with them over the summer.

I was picking strawberries with my grandmother and asked where the shed was and if we were where we kept the pigs. My great-grandfather had gotten too old to care for the pigs, and the shed was torn down after a tree limb hit it during a tornado. This all had happened before I was born. I couldn’t have known any of it.


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29. Still Here For You

I lost my best friend to cancer in high school. It was a traumatic time in my life. When my daughter was four, she woke up from a nightmare, said his whole name, and I quote verbatim, “That is who I was, but this who I am now.” She went back to sleep. I asked her about it the next day, but she didn’t remember anything.

I had never told her about him let alone his full name. It was weird. Oddly enough, his mom passed that same night my daughter said that.


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30. Bros For Life

I had an imaginary older brother instead of an imaginary friend when I was 4. His name was John. It freaked my parents out because I did have an older brother named John who they lost before I was born, and I hadn’t known until I was much older. My mom wrote down all my stories about my and John's imaginary adventures.

It was cool to read when I was older too. From how my mom saw it, I was playing with my brother's ghost.


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31. Impossible To Comprehend

I was a very sick kid from my birth defect and developed hearing loss from antibiotics at three years old. When I had speech therapy and became somewhat medically stable, I went to my grandma's for Christmas. I pointed out to a picture of Uncle Greg shortly before he passed, but he had been gone 15 years before I was born.

I had been in and out of medically induced comas; there was no way I could’ve known who he was because I couldn’t talk, hear, or read yet. My parents asked me how I knew him, and I said, "He came to see me at the hospital and plays with me!" Creepy stuff. I still have images of Greg in my dreams as a 25-year-old woman.


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32. Beyond Her Years

My daughter was trying to walk at 6 months old and already pushing herself up but couldn't quite get herself to stand up. She screeched in anger that she couldn't get up so she just cried. It was so strange, but I figured it was just frustration. Well, we hung out with a Pagan group that always had classes at a local shop.

The group had all sorts of people from different walks of life: Christians, pagans, Satanists, Wiccans, etc. Around this time, an old lady was visiting family and stopped by the shop to visit. She saw our daughter and said, "Oh! Another old soul like myself! How you doing, you old lass?" We thought it was just a joke—we were so wrong.

Then the old woman turned and spoke to us, saying, "I mean that literally. I can tell she's frustrated at not being able to do what she knows she can. She's was a stubborn old coot in her previous life, you're gonna have your hands full!" As my daughter has grown, she's mentioned her kids and past life experiences.

She has definitely been a handful. What's worse is she remembers the end of “her life” supposedly. She said she remembers swinging from a tree and going to sleep. Oddly, she has a birthmark on the back of her head right where the skull meets the spine. She's mature for her age and doesn't act like a typical 1st grader.

She is more articulate and knows things that she’d never learned at school before. It's odd, like spooky. When we’re with other parents and their kids in the same class, my wife and I notice a divide in how everyone else acts compared to her. It's not impacting anything, and she’s still a kid, but there’s a difference.


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33. Too Quiet

We had an almost 4-year-old boy at the daycare where I worked who would get into trouble a lot during the day. He was a good kid but often was too energetic, and sometimes it resulted in him being separated from the other kids because he would get a little physical. One such afternoon he was sent to the office with me.

While I made copies, he sat at a little table drawing and talked to me. When I was done, I sat down next to him and asked what he had drawn. It looked like a crib or cage that had a person laying down in it with a big cloud over it. He said, and I will never forget this, “That’s me in my old bed before my life ended.”

I didn’t know how to react. I was so confused. So, I asked him how he came up with his drawing. He just shrugged me off and kept coloring. His quiet time was finished, so I took him back outside to the playground, and he acted normally the rest of the time that I knew him. But what he said was NOT what I was expecting.


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34. Better Timing

My buddy and his wife had an unexpected pregnancy when they were both pretty young. Knowing they were in no position to raise a child, they decided to end the pregnancy. It was a decision they’d struggled with. A lot of people knew about it, but nobody ever talked about it. Years later, they were in a better situation.

So, they decided to have a child. They had a healthy little boy, and everything was great. They saw no reason to mention the earlier pregnancy to the kid. And again, nobody else did either. One day, when he was 5, they were driving down the road, and he was in the back seat when he told his parents the creepiest thing.

He said, "God told me you didn't need me the first time. So, he made me wait before I could come back." I'm not religious, neither is the guy who shared this story about his son. But it gives me goosebumps every time I think about it.


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35. Looks Like It

We’d lost my brother when I was nine. I look a lot like him, and so does my now teenaged nephew. I was holding this nephew as he slept one time when he was about 6 months old. And I was looking down at his sleeping face and thinking in awe about how much he looked just like my brother. It was almost mind-bogglingly so.

In a mix of baby love and incredulity at this resemblance I was seeing, I whispered, "[Brother's name], are you in there?" The baby's eyes snapped open, and he stared me straight in the face as if acknowledging me, but stayed sound asleep. We locked eyes for a moment, and then his lids slowly drooped back over his eyes.

I think it took half an hour for my goosebumps to go away after that.


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36. Addressing The Issue

My son was 3 and had a fever. He woke up from a nap and said to me, "You are prettier than my other mom." I asked him who his other mom was. He said, "Gloria" and gave her last name. We had just moved from Brooklyn to Long Island. I was fairly shocked and asked what he meant. So, he told me that he was riding his bike.

He fell, hit his head, and woke up with me as his mother. I was stunned, so I questioned him further and asked where he lived, and he said, "Right near where we lived in Brooklyn, by the train." I had the current phone book, so I looked up that name, and sure enough, that last name was a block over from where we lived.

I asked him what his father's name was, and he said, "Everyone calls him Groover, but his name is Mike." I almost hit the floor. The first name on the phone record was Mike. I asked how old he was when he fell off his bike, and he told me 12 years old. Then he repeated, "Yes, you are prettier than my other mom."

We talked more, and I gave him some medicine and put him back to bed. When he woke up next, he remembered none of what he said. He looked at me like I was insane. It was a moment that is forever burned in my memory because of how correct his information was. It validated it for me.


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37. Coming Back Home

When I was 4, we visited this random house that was over 100 years old in central Texas. When we stepped in, I told my mom she may not like the inside of the kitchen cabinets because they were still bright yellow. She opened them, and lo and behold, they were horrid bright yellow inside. Even the realtor was flustered.

Then we headed upstairs, and the realtor went on about the finished attic and the three bedrooms upstairs. Then I asked her, pointing at a blank wooden wall, “What about that one?” The realtor had no idea what I was talking about, so I walked over and started feeling around the corner. I found the latch and pulled it.

A secret door opened to a perfectly normal room but without any windows. The realtor was shocked. No one knew about that room. When she asked how I knew I said, “Well, this used to be my house, and that room was where I did all my sewing so I didn’t disturb everyone else!” Of course, the older I got, the more I forgot.

I’ll never forget that room or the shock on the realtor and my parent’s faces.


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38. No Words

It was in the early afternoon of Halloween. It’s a rough time of year for me because my first child was stillborn near this day. I was sitting in a chair in the den, and my husband was at the desk on the opposite side of the room. My two-and-a-half-year-old daughter was moving around the room not really doing anything.

As always, my thoughts turned to my stillborn daughter. Suddenly, my daughter came over and plopped a book onto my lap. Our den was covered wall to wall in books. She’d given me a book that I received after the stillbirth. It was a pagan book for grieving parents. I stared down at the book startled at the coincidence.

My daughter flipped it open and pointed to a paragraph. I obeyed and read it. It was talking about how when you lose a child, the child might reincarnate back into the same family or somewhere nearby. So, I wondered where my child might have had reincarnated. My daughter patted my leg and said, "I'm right here, Mommy.”

Up until those words, nothing had been spoken out loud. It gives me chills every time I remember it.


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39. Water Log

My daughter drowned, and we had to resuscitate her and have her stay at a hospital for a couple of days because of a second drowning. She survived with no long-lasting psychological or physical damage. But for a good year and a half, she’d see the ghosts of my wife’s parents and then saw the ghost of my wife’s brother.

She even talked about going somewhere and meeting Saint Patrick, but he denied her entry because it wasn’t her time yet. She called it her Mermaid Tea Party, which was a term that her grandmother used to use with my wife when she was little. She’s 5 and a half and doesn’t remember much of it, but she made my wife weep.

She was bawling as our daughter described things to her like meeting her great-grandmother and great-grandfather, and even older generations.


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40. The Search Was Over

When my daughter was 3 or 4, she spoke a lot about her past life. She told us she was 14 years old and had a mother, father, brother, and sister. She said they had big beautiful teeth and brown hair. She would always talk about how much she missed them and how much they miss her. She talked about their house too.

One day, my wife found her deep in thought and asked her what was wrong. She replied that she was thinking about her family “from before.” My wife asked her why she left that family. She said, “I lost my life. Then I searched and I searched forever and then I found this beautiful family, and that was you. I chose you."


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41. Already Trained

My dad took me to a steam train yard when I was 5. We got into the engine room with a conductor, and I said that I really missed driving out west. My dad and the conductor asked me what I meant. I said I’d driven steam trains when people were moving west. The conductor asked me if I still remembered how to operate one.

I then explained what various switches, levers, and even the correct pressure settings were for that locomotive. The conductor said every detail I stated was accurate. He had never been so freaked out in his life. My dad on the other hand wasn't that shocked because he says he has clear memories of a past life.

He still retained them into his adulthood, so the idea of me also having past life memories didn’t come as much of a surprise.


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42. Time For Cookies

My late mother would always hide a packet of cookies from my brothers and me, so when we had visitors, there were always some cookies to go with a cup of tea. One time, I caught my daughter, who I have never told about my mother’s habit, stuffing a packet of cookies in the back of a cupboard behind a big bag of pasta.

At the time, I thought she was being sneaky, so she could eat for herself. So, I left them there to see if they'd disappear for a possible teaching moment. But they didn't disappear. They reappeared when some friends came over. She just waltzed out of the kitchen, just as my mother used to, opening a packet of cookies.

She never knew my mother, and I'm certain that nobody else would have encouraged this very specific behavior. She could possibly be the reincarnation of my mother, but I'm just intrigued at her selflessness. She doesn't get that from me, those cookies wouldn’t have gotten past a couple of cups of coffee with me around.

She still does it too. We have a cookie box in the cupboard that usually has a few packs of cookies. But when I look to check on how many packs are still left, there will be one short or I'll come across a random packet in a cupboard somewhere. And she really likes to be the cookie-bringer when there are visitors over.


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43. Downward Dog

Right before she turned 5, my daughter was in our hall in the middle of the night, still asleep, whimpering and crying. After some coaxing, I brought her to lay down with me. When I asked her what the dream was, she got really upset. She told me that she remembered when she was a bad dog, and they made her go to sleep.

I asked her about it again later, and she got very upset. She said she was a bad dog and started crying saying that she didn't want to remember it again. She had no idea what it means to put a dog down. Let alone that it is what happens to "bad dogs."


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44. A Long Time Coming

I was raised Roman Catholic, and I raised my son Roman Catholic as well. I was dating a guy who was Muslim, and he’d play prayers online all the time. One particular day, my boyfriend was playing a prayer that's supposed to protect you from jinn. My three-year-old son looked up from his coloring book and spoke clearly.

"Now, they will be gone for 1,000 days." My boyfriend looked him in the eye and asked him how he knew that. My son just smiled shrugged and continued to color. I don't know if this is true, but my boyfriend explained that was that if you recited that specific prayer, it was supposed to banish evil spirits for 1,000 days.


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45. Jaws Of Life

My son has been terrified of sharks since he could talk. He loves water, taking baths, and the pool but freaked out on his first beach trip after my wife took him into the water. He started screaming about the sharks, so she brought him back. The odd thing is we had no idea how he could’ve known that sharks were scary.

When we asked him why he was so afraid of them, he said that "they bit my leg off. I could feel their tongue with my foot." Then my wife was showing him a picture of her at her elementary school. She told him that's where she went to the school when she was young. Without hesitation, he said, "I know, I was watching you."

My wife asked him where he was watching her from. My son pointed to our skylight and said, “All the way up there."


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46. My Man

When he was 4, my nephew began drawing one particular building all the time. But it wasn't a typical 4-year-old's scribbly drawings. He drew it like an architect using folded paper as a makeshift ruler to make straight lines. It was absolutely insane. He drew the windows perfectly straight; everything was dimensional.

He would spend hours drawing this building over and over again. One day, when he was sitting in another room drawing, I walked by and noticed that he was drawing something else. It was an aerial view of a city block except it had a couple of buildings and some other blank spaces. He’d drawn maybe 40-50 x's on the page.

They were in a formation with others by the corner of the buildings and by trees with some inside the buildings. I asked him what the x's were and why some were inside of buildings and others outside. He told me that the infantry was looking out the window. Eyes wide, I asked him to repeat himself. He let out an exasperated sigh.

He said, “We were losing daylight and had to move fast to make it. My men took the building and looked out the window." I asked him what he was talking about. He looked at me with such a pained expression. I'll never forget it. He pushed his drawing back and sat for a second then very quietly said, "Those were my men."

He then excused himself from the table, which he never did before, and walked away with his head down. I didn't push the subject. He made more graphic drawings when he was 4-5, but when he turned 6, it was like his drawing skills regressed. He drew more like a 6-year-old and never mentioned "infantry" or his men again.


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47. Covered In Color

The whole family was out for dinner at a restaurant in the skiing village close to our cottage. Right when we walked in, my little sister told our mom that she knew the place, and her mother and she used to paint there. Our mom, confused, just told her that we’d never even been there before and asked her what she meant.

My sister told her that it was with her “mother from before” and that they’d paint there all the time. All of us didn’t know what to say. It was a little freaky, but we just shrugged it off as little kid talk. But then later, my sister mentioned again how she used to paint there in front of the waitress. Her face went pale.

She told us that the restaurant had been an art studio in the 1900s but was converted to a restaurant in the early 2000s. After learning that, our entire table, waitress included, got goosebumps and were at a loss for words.


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48. Savor The Moment

When my son was three, we were at a ceramics place where I had a wheel-throwing lesson. He said to a lady, "I saw you in the fire. Did it hurt when you were burned? I was there, but I couldn't help you." She became white as a sheet. She said that when she was a young girl, her house caught fire and she was badly burned.

She told her family that she had followed a little boy, who she'd never seen, out of her room and then out of the burning house. She’s sure that my son is her guardian angel, and that he was sent to let her know this as an older woman to make sure she always remembers. We became pretty good friends until we moved away.


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49. Punt In The Gut

My dad said that one time when he came home from work, my little brother who was 3 was sitting behind the couch having a conversation with someone. So, my dad asked him who he was talking to, and he responded, “Your best friend, Reggie.” My dad was creeped out because Reggie had passed right before my brother was born.

That's not even the weirdest part: While my mom was pregnant with him, Reggie was always around helping because my dad traveled for work. We didn’t mention him much after he was gone especially not in front of my brother, so it was weird he knew about him. Then once, my dad came home to my brother punting a football back and forth across our street.

My dad asked him where he got the football from, and he said, “Your friend Reggie gave it to me.” That really freaked out my dad. We only had like two footballs at home, and they were big, regular-sized ones, but my brother was punting a kid-sized one that had Reggie’s college logo on it. Reggie was also an NFL punter.

None of us were teaching the 4-year-old how to punt a football. My dad still gets creeped out whenever we talk about it.


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50. Who’s There

When my close friend’s daughter was born, my friend and his wife lived in a very old but beautiful house where weird things happened. There was a peacock that hung around until they brought their daughter home from the hospital. They never saw the peacock again. Once, I was there when the wife was in the basement looking for some canned food. She ran up the steps screaming her head off. She said when she turned around from the canned food, there was a figure in a big brim hat staring from the far corner.

And the daughter’s room was always cold. A kind of cold that unsettles your stomach. And, as she got older, she acted very oddly on the video baby monitor. They’d watch her sitting in the corner of her crib talking gibberish to something off-camera. Then the family eventually moved for work reasons. Eight years later, the daughter was acting sad at the dinner table.

When asked why, she told us that she missed her friend from her old bedroom. Her parents were 100% spooked.


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