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5 Exciting Dates To Spice Up Your Marriage

Before we dive into anything, let's make one thing clear: just because a couple's romantic life may be in need of a little 'spicing up,' doesn't necessarily mean their marriage is in jeopardy! It could just be that life has gotten so hectic for both the husband and the wife that they forget to set aside time for themselves.

Perhaps one of the best ways to add some spark back into a relationship is by going on a good old date. Planning a night where the husband and the wife can spend time with just each other could help remind them of the days when they were still in the honeymoon phase. If you need some ideas for you and your partner, keep on reading:

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#1 Stargazing at the planetarium

What's more romantic than spending the night under the stars? Those who live in rural areas have the luxury of being able to see the stars against the darkest of skies, but what about those who live in the city? All of the lights and pollution in the air make it impossible to go stargazing without leaving the city. As much fun as a road trip would be, most married couples probably don't have the time to plan one out, especially if there are kids in the picture.

The next best alternative? The local planetarium. You and your spouse will see the stars in a different way, but the experience can still be just as magical. Most planetariums hold astronomy-related events, light shows, and musical performances, so you'll still have a good time. You might even be able to get access to a telescope so you can see some real stars from the inside.

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#2 Night at the museum

If Night At The Museum taught us anything, it's that museums are always fun. There's always something cool to look at and learn about. Unlike a movie date where you have to be quiet the entire time, a museum date highly encourages conversation. It will keep you and your spouse engaged with the objects in the museum as well as with each other!

If you plan on going to a museum for your date, make sure you guys pick an exhibit that both of you are interested in to ensure the experience isn't one-sided. Also, some exhibits don't take too long to finish, so you might want to make a dinner reservation at a nearby restaurant afterward. There, you can keep the discussion going.

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#3 A wine and paint night

Here's a date that combines the best of both worlds—wine and paint! When was the last time you and your spouse picked up a set of brushes and painted your feelings away? Paint nights are a great way to socialize with each other and other couples over art and, of course, wine. Most places will provide you all of the materials you need—a canvas, an easel, an apron, some paintbrushes, paints, etc.—all for a single fee.

You'll also be taught by an art instructor who will guide you through the steps in painting a certain image or scene. Part of the fun is comparing each other's painting to see whose resembles the art instructor's painting the most. Just make sure you don't get too tipsy off of the wine—just have enough to get your creative sparks flying!

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#4 City scavenger hunt

A quick Google search will land you a bunch of scavenger hunts that you can do in your own city. You'll most likely be able to find one that is specifically created for your city, but even if you don't, any generic one should be just as fine. A scavenger hunt will require you and your spouse to work together in order to check off everything on the list.

You'll have to think together, make observations together, and perform little tasks together in order to be successful. Don't spend your one night alone together just sitting at some boring, overpriced restaurant—get up and explore your city together... You might be surprised at how much you didn't know about your city, despite how long you may have lived there.

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#5 Antique shopping

This may seem like a unique date idea, but it's actually quite the classic. Remember Audrey Hepburn and George Peppard in Breakfast at Tiffany's, during the scene where they peruse through a store and find something to take with their "five finger discount?" This type of date is similar, but with two differences: 1) it doesn't take place in just any shop, it takes place specifically in an antique shop, and 2) there's no stealing involved.

Finding little knick-knacks for each other can be fun and romantic. The best part? You'll each have something to remind you of the amazing date you had. Find an antique shop near you and spend your Sunday afternoon just browsing at the cool things on sale together. It sounds super simple, but with some imagination, you can have a spectacular time.

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