January 16, 2020 | Eul Basa

People Who Finally Asked Their Crush Out Share What Happened Next

Finally mustering up the courage to ask out someone you like can be terrifying. What if they say no? What do you do if they say yes? What if they walk away and don't say anything at all? Sometimes, the anticipation of asking someone out is so stressful that you just decide to not do it at all. We've all been there. But if you were ever wondering what could have happened, take a read below. These people share what happened next after they finally asked their crush out. The consensus? It's usually better to just ask. Great things can happen.

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#1 Immediately Rejected

I got rejected and now it’s awkward sometimes.


#2 They Hit it Off

During my sophomore year and her junior year of college, we were introduced through mutual friends and hit it off. We started hanging out at parties we both went to, in the coffee shop at my school, doing homework, all that. This went on for a month, we’d hang out and chat and flirt jokingly... I didn’t think I had a chance with her.

One night, we both went out to a bar party with a group of friends and ended up going home with different people. We were chatting about it the next day and I was like “Is this feelings?” A couple of days later she mentioned that the guy wanted to grab lunch with her, and she wasn’t sure she was into him the same way. I was walking her home and thought that if I didn’t say something I’d regret it, so I gambled that maybe all that joking/flirting from her was real and told her I had feelings for her. Then I spent the longest five seconds of my life waiting to hear, “I’m glad you said something because I like you too.” It’s been two and a half years and we’re still going strong.


#3 Lesson Learned

I realized I developed crushes easily and had pretty bad taste.

#4 Someone Finally Said Yes

I actually asked a girl to a school dance and she said no. Half a year later, I asked another crush to a dance and she, again, said no. Then, half a year after that, I asked a different crush to the dance and guess what? HOLY COW, SHE SAID YES! I was confused when she said yes because I wasn't used to that answer!


#5 She Was Confused

She said yes. I asked her out on a second date and specifically said the word date that time. She said she didn't know we were going out on dates. Oh well...


#6 They Were Awkward

It took me two months to work up the courage to talk to her, and another three weeks to catch her alone. We were so awkward and bad at communication that we broke up after college because we both thought that would be best for the other. Luckily, she got back in touch, then decided to visit. We didn't let each other go after that.


#7 Angered Dad

She said yes and we went out to dinner and saw a movie together. Dropping her off, we kissed on her parents front porch for what seemed like forever. Her dad thought so too because he started flicking the porch lights on and off. Good times.


#8 Word of Advice

I have a tip for everyone who finds it difficult to ask out people they’re interested in: Ask them out before you get too attached. Then, if they say no, it's not devastating. If they say yes, you get this time to get to know them and you can break it off if you decide you’re actually not interested! If you have to see them often and you’re worried they might treat you differently just say, “I just wanted to explore my options with you” if they turn you down. Don’t let them think you were in love with them or something like that. Good luck!


#9 She Was Busy

She really wanted to but was busy.


#10 18th Time's the Charm

She said no. But, not a hard "No, I'm not interested," just, "I already have other plans" or something similar. The same thing happened the next time I asked her. Repeat for 18 times. The 19th time she went out with me. By the fourth date or so we were talking in terms of "When we get married we'll..." That was 46 years ago. We've been married for 43 years now and are more in love than ever.


#11 Not the One

We went out on a date and I learned she was not the one for me after all. But it was a good lesson and had I not asked her out I'd just agonized over what might've been.

#12 Never Got Back

I had six tries, zero for six so far and forever... I didn’t harass her, though. She never gave me a clear answer, just saying maybe, or I’ll think about it and she never got back. I gave up after the third time, but the other three are from friends asking on my behalf, without me asking them to, and getting a more direct answer.


#13 Not Interested

He said he wasn’t looking for a girlfriend but he was interested if it was only physical. I politely declined.

#14 Like a Movie

I go to a cafe and the barista is a grade-A cutie pie. I just broke up out of a soul-sucking relationship three months ago that had lasted seven years and five years longer than it should have. We talked often after work and shared similar tastes in music if not an appreciation for all music, appreciation for film and discussed much of it--even suggested some movies to each other to watch, and shot sarcastic comments back and forth.

I mustered the courage to ask her to go pumpkin carving last weekend and she said she would love to. She asked the next day if I'd like to out because she had a surprise day of work off. We had a four-hour conversation at a cafe downtown and then went on a two-hour walk.

She asked if I wanted to come over that next Friday evening and cook dinner and watch some scary movies. We did and it was great. We just ended up essentially hugging the entire time and scratching each other's heads. Time to go, and I go to give her a kiss on the cheek goodnight, but she goes for the lips instead. We laugh. Two nights later and we spend Sunday all together and go thrift store shopping--too much rain for the planned pumpkin carving. Six hours later, I walk her to her car and we look into each other's eyes. I go in for the real deal kiss and she does too.


#15 Happy Ending

She just said "Yes! I thought you'd never ask!" And then smiled and hugged me we went to the movies.


#16 They Have Kids

He was the head chef where I worked and I was new in town. We always sat in the same booth during our breaks and got to know each other over the course of a month and found out we had a lot in common. One night, before I left, I wrote my number down to give it to him and to ask him out. We asked each other, “Do you wanna hang out?” at the same time and then blushed.

Our first date was at a rooftop bar celebrating a coworkers birthday. He asked me if he could kiss me, that’s when I knew he was the one. Now, years later, we have a beautiful baby boy that we love more than each other. He still has my phone number in his wallet.


#17 Married for 15 Years

I sat next to her in the university cafeteria. It was really, really awkward. Then, one of her friends came and sat with us and made it even more awkward. Turns out, we were both really shy but had a mutual interest in geekery like sci-fi. We've been married for 15 years now.


#18 First Anniversary

I was an idiot and told him that I wanted to include him in my "harem," and he got confused but then realized I just confessed my feelings for him. Cue the "oh darn I liked you too your so pretty’" and me freaking out because I didn’t think I’d get this far. He then stopped me and said we weren’t gonna date yet because he had issues he wanted to sort out. Three months and a lot of romantic tension later, we began dating. Now, we’re a month away from our first anniversary.


#19 Still Dating

She punched me in the arm and said, “Heck yeah!” Then we went on the most awkward nerd date because we just wanted to like each other. It was a good nerd date. We are still dating to this day.

#20 Beyond Happy

I just recently got my first ever crush. It is really hard for me to develop feelings for someone, as I need to know this person very well. I knew her for more than two years and we never were more than just "school friends." The last holidays though, we suddenly did more and more together with other friends and I developed feelings for her. Then, after we had been at a friend's house and slept there after a movie night with six people in one room, we cuddled and I asked her out the next day. She said yes and we are now in a relationship. I am beyond happy.


#21 He Ran Away

He screamed "no" and ran away. This was in the fifth grade.


#22 Best Friends

I didn’t actually ask him out, but at a party I let him know how I felt and that I had wanted to ask him out for a long time. We’d become good friends and I wasn’t too worried. He was taken aback and delighted. “Awwwww my dude!” He said, blushing “I’m straight but...that almost makes me wish I wasn’t! Really? You think I’m that cute?”

He gave me a hug and I felt his back muscles rippling through his T-shirt. “I’m totally using this as an excuse to feel your back muscles,” I told him. He hugged me tighter. He’s one of my closest bros, and one of the few people I can be utterly, grotesquely open with 22 years later. We live 1500 miles apart but we still text often.


#23 Good Luck

Asked mine out today, have a date on Friday.

#24 Dated for a Year

When I was in high school, I had this huge crush on this guy in my friend group starting from the ninth grade. He was seriously the funniest person I had ever met, and he was so cool because of it. All my female friends would tell me to just ask him out but I couldn’t because I was so afraid he would say no and make fun of me for the rest of my high school experience.

In my junior year, he left to go to a different school but we still kept in touch because his cousin, who also went to our school, became my best friend. She had managed to give me his number and after mustering up the courage to text him, he was actually engaged in conversations with me, even though I was lanky and gross.

Then the texting fell off and we grew distant in our senior year. One day my bestie had a family event at her house and my crush was there. We all had such a good time and I realized that my feelings, which had merely been in hibernation, were back and stronger than ever but he was probably too cool to notice me? Later that day after I went home he messaged me, told me he really liked me and wanted to date. We dated for almost a year before I had to leave for college.


#25 Going for the Kiss

She said she wants to go out on a date. One led to two, three, etc. Sunday I’m going to try and kiss her after our concert.


#26 He Came Out

He came out to me. I was very surprised, and he seemed very scared to tell anyone. I was the first person he had ever come out to, and he was terrified. I helped him through the process of eventually coming out to his extremely religious parents (who accepted it very well). He’s now in an amazing relationship and one of my closest friends.

#27 Rejections

Well, I've had someone ghost me, a bunch of standard rejections, me messing up terribly with one person in particular and never getting the chance again, and one person admitting that they were interested in someone else.

#28 Pro Tip

I got a first date that turned into almost two years worth of being emotionally dead inside. Pro tip before you ask out your “crush”: really get to know them... I made the mistake of thinking I could help someone very troubled and turns out 99.9 percent of the time, they just drag you down to their level. I wish I had someone to give me advice back then. It sucks we have to learn these things on our own.

#29 She Thought He Was Joking

She thought I was joking. We’re still friends, but it was pretty awkward

#30 Treasure Hunt

Actually, I was a weird middle schooler, so what I was doing was trying to leave him a trail of hints to guess that I liked him. He guessed it was me before my "climax" because of the fact that I used cat stationery he'd seen me use before in a note for him. He gave me a birthday card telling me he'd guessed it was me, and admitting his own feelings for me. We've been dating for two and a half years.


#31 Engaged to be Married

We're getting married on Saturday.

#32 She Didn't Swing That Way

In my freshman year of college, there was this beautiful girl that I saw around campus and in the dining hall. I have never been the guy who was good with the ladies so I promised myself I would ask her out the next time I saw her. One day, I saw her, ran up to her and asked for her number. She looked at me with a disgusting look and said, "I like girls,"  and walked away in a hurry. Major fail. But in all seriousness, I was happy that I at least tried.

#33 He Bullied Her

Rejected and worse, he bullied me all through high school.

#34 Married with Two Kids

After six months of both of us being too shy to even look at each other, I baked him some cookies (chocolate chip for those interested) and invited him to my housewarming party. We still never had the guts to say anything to each other but we woke up next to each other and have hung around together ever since. I guess now that we're married with two kids I should ask him out. I hope he says yes.

#35 They're Together Now

She's sitting next to me in our apartment playing Minecraft. Never thought she'd actually be interested in me. I guess I was selling myself short.


#36 Crazy in Love

He asked me out on a date. We went out, had fun and went back to being just friends. Time passed and graduation is fast approaching. He poured out his heart in a letter and has basically given up at this point. I consider how much he means to me, and how much losing him will hurt when we move off to college.

I go over to his house, shoot him with a nerf gun (a reference to his letter). We end up sitting on a couch in silence. I steel my nerves and reach out to hold his hand (another reference to his letter). Will never forget the look in his eyes when he turned to me. Fast forward a few years, we are now crazy in love and engaged. Sometimes it pays off to ask out your crush. Boy am I glad that he did.


#37 Two Years Married

I dated her for eight years, then married her. We celebrated two years of strong marriage last week! If you ask your crush out, the worst that happens is you're embarrassed for a couple of days. The reward, however, has the potential to be life-changing.


#38 Needed a Push

When I first asked her out, we knew each other for about four months. She blocked off but didn't specifically say no. I asked her out a second time three months later, but she blocked off again, telling me she wasn't sure whether it was okay to meet. I continued flirting with her but eventually started chasing her.

Once I realized my mistake and that she stopped showing interest, I stopped chasing her and flirting with her. I didn't show any interest whatsoever for the next eight months and just acted the same friendly way I acted towards friends. I had basically given up on her although I was still kind of interested. I just didn't show that I was still interested.

Eventually, over a year after I asked her out the second time, she apologized for blocking me off, told me she made a mistake and asked me whether I still wanted to meet up with her. I told her I didn't mind and now we've been dating for four months. I guess sometimes it's really difficult for two socially awkward people to start dating each other.


#39 He Refused

He refused me, politely telling me he’s actually male. I thought he was a girl.

#40 Going Strong

My girlfriend and I have been together for almost nine months now and we also met on Tinder. I’m a huge Star Wars fan so on our third date, we were watching A New Hope and I paused the movie to ask if she wanted to be my girlfriend, she said yes, and then I had no idea what to do so I just resumed the movie.


#41 Bad Timing

I found out she liked me before she started dating her new boyfriend.

#42 Something Wasn't Right

I asked this guy out. He seemed sweet and smart and was cute. It was the first time I ever asked someone out, and he said yes! On our first date, he picked up a movie after he got off work and we watched it at his place. He was really particular about the time our date started and finished, though, which is weird. Turns out that he was on house arrest. He was on probation after being in the federal penitentiary. Not a violent crime, thank god. But it taught me that it would be smart to get to know someone a tad better before agreeing to be alone with them in their home.


#43 Rejected Many Times Over

I've had multiple crushes. All of them rejected me and never talked to me again.

#44 Happily Dating

We met on Tinder and after about a month or so of seriously talking and hanging out, we were laying in bed about to fall asleep and I asked him to be my boyfriend. The next morning, we talked about it and he said he thought it was in a dream that I asked, but still stood by his answer 100 percent. That was eight months ago and we are still happily dating!


#45 Best Decision Ever Made

I told her I loved her on the first date. She said "What?" and I said it again IN CASE SHE DIDNT HEAR IT THE FIRST TIME. A few years later, we're still together. So far it's the best decision I've ever made.



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