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The Art of Regifting: 10 Perfectly Good Used Items for Christmas

Sustainable Gifting: Items You Can Easily Regift for the Holidays

My Guilty Past Still Haunts MeShutterstock The holiday season is a time of joy, generosity, and sometimes, a bit of financial stress. But what if you could ease the burden on your wallet without compromising on the spirit of giving?

Enter the world of regifting – a practice often frowned upon, yet can be a lifesaver when done thoughtfully and tastefully.

The key is to choose items that are gently used, still in great condition, and most importantly, desirable.

Here’s a list of 10 such items that you might already have and can easily pass on as thoughtful Christmas gifts.


King Edward III factsFlickr, Anna Toss

A well-maintained book can be a great gift, especially if it’s a sought-after title or from a genre the recipient loves. Ensure it doesn’t have dog-eared pages or a broken spine. A hardcover book often shows less wear and can feel more special as a gift.

It’s a thoughtful way to share a story or topic you love with someone else.

Unopened Makeup and Skincare Products

Strange Historical Beauty Practices factsPixabay

Sometimes we receive skincare products or makeup that aren’t suited for us. If you have unopened, unused items lying around, they can make perfect gifts. Ensure they are still within their expiry date and that the packaging is intact.

High-quality skincare or luxury makeup items can be especially appreciated.


Queen Olympias factsPixabay

Jewelry that’s not to your taste or that you no longer wear can be a cherished gift for someone else. Ensure it’s cleaned and looks as good as new.

Classic pieces, like a simple necklace or a pair of elegant earrings, can often find a new home with a friend or family member.

Unused Stationery and Art Supplies

Biggest Impact FactsShutterstock

Quality stationery, like a nice set of pens or a pristine notebook, can be an excellent gift for the writer or artist in your life. Art supplies, especially if they’re high quality and barely used, can also be a thoughtful present.

Make sure they’re in great condition and package them nicely.

Home Decor

Most Ridiculous House RulesShutterstock

Perhaps you have a vase, a set of candles, or a piece of wall art that’s not quite your style. If they’re in excellent condition, they can make fantastic gifts.

Choose items that are neutral and likely to fit into a variety of decor styles to increase their appeal.

Kitchen Gadgets

Beautiful dark kitchenAlfazet Chronicles, Adobe Stock

Received a kitchen gadget you already own or never used? As long as it’s in mint condition, it can be a great gift for a food enthusiast.

Items like a fancy corkscrew, a set of high-quality kitchen knives, or even a specialty cookware item are often well-received.

Designer Clothing with Tags

Woman with clothing on hangersAndrea Piacuadio, Pexels

We all have that one piece of clothing bought on a whim, still with its tags on. If it’s a high-quality item or from a recognized brand, consider gifting it to someone who would appreciate it.

Ensure it’s in perfect condition and think about the recipient's style and size before choosing to regift it.

Tech Gadgets

When Gamers Become KarensPxhere

Tech gadgets, if barely used and in excellent condition, can be a joy to receive. Maybe you have a set of headphones you never opened or a gadget you upgraded from.

These items, when packaged well and in near-new condition, can make wonderful gifts.

Board Games and Puzzles

People messed upPexels

Board games or puzzles, particularly if they are complete and in like-new condition, can make for a fun and thoughtful gift. They’re great for friends and families who enjoy game nights.

Check that all pieces are intact and that the box isn’t damaged.

Exercise Gear

Kate Hudson FactsShutterstock

Unused or lightly used exercise gear, like yoga mats, dumbbells, or resistance bands, can be excellent gifts, especially for someone who’s expressed interest in starting a new fitness regime.

Ensure they’re clean and look as good as new before wrapping them up.

Final Thoughts

The Worst Birthday Gift EVERPexels

Regifting doesn’t have to be taboo or a last resort. With a little thought and consideration, gently used items can bring joy and utility to someone else’s life, embodying the true spirit of giving.

This sustainable approach to gifting not only saves money but also helps reduce waste, making your Christmas both merry and eco-friendly.


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