June 13, 2023 | Eul Basa

Best Options For Senior Living In The US

We all get old, but it doesn’t have to be the struggle it used to be. These days, there are many options for seniors who are starting to need a bit of extra support.


Senior living facilities are an excellent option for people who are getting older and want to move into a supportive, caring community of other seniors. Because there are so many facilities out there—almost 30,000—you’re guaranteed to find one in your area that suits your needs, income, and lifestyle. 

Is A Senior Living Facility Right For Me Or My Loved One?

It’s natural to be on the fence about sending your parents or other loved one to an “old folks home.” In the past, these places tended to be akin to hospitals and operated with an “out of sight, out of mind” philosophy. Nowadays, however, many aging people choose to go into assisted living themselves, because it offers them all the regular comforts of life, but with added support when they need it.

If you doubt the quality of some senior living facilities, rest assured that the negative stories you see in the headlines are not common. The majority of assisted living facilities in the country are closely monitored to ensure the people living in them are being given the best care. You can set your loved one up for the best experience by doing a bit of research and, if they are capable, choosing the facility that best suits them together.  

Different Options For Senior Living

There are several options that offer different levels of care for seniors these days. You may choose to go with the at-home option, hiring a personal care worker to visit on a daily or live-in basis. It is possible to find at-home care for a comparable cost to that of a live-in seniors home, but it does take a little more hands-on organization. As far as senior care facilities, the options include state-subsidized facilities and private retirement residences, many of which offer varying levels of care.  

Costs Associated With Senior Living

Some state-subsidized care facilities are free, but these tend to have a serious waitlist and offer only the essentials. They are also typically reserved for people with low income, whose families can’t support them. For this reason, most seniors who have the option will choose a private retirement residence. These tend to have perks like art therapy, music performances, and other recreation on site. The costs associated with private facilities tend to run anywhere from $3,000 per month to $15,000. The difference in price indicates just how different these facilities can be. This fee usually covers accommodations, meals, use of the facilities, and nursing care. Since cost is a major factor in which senior living option to choose, it’s not a bad idea to start doing your research in advance and keep an eye out for deals. 

Choosing The Right Senior Living Option

The process of finding a good fit as far as senior living is simple. Search online, first, to see what options are available in your area. Take a look through the facility’s website and see if it looks appealing, then call and set up an interview. At that interview, you'll be able to speak to someone about your needs. As well, you can take a tour of what the place has to offer. As a last step before making your decision, many places offer trial stays of a week or more. Take advantage of this to get a real idea of what living in that senior facility is like before you commit. 

How To Find Deals On Senior Living Facilities

It is possible to find discounts, sales, and other deals on senior living. If you’re wondering why this might be, it’s partly due to the anticipated growth of the country’s senior population. In some cases, facilities have overestimated the need for senior living. They build brand new living accommodations, and then can't find enough people to fill them. This means empty rooms, which they are then willing to offer at a cheaper price.  These deals can come up unexpectedly, at any time of year. Therefore, it’s important to search frequently for special offers on senior living facilities near you. Start your search today!


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