October 5, 2023 | Allison Robertson

How To Prepare For A Recession

How To Prepare For A Recession

Cash and worried man split image Okay, so let's chat about a topic that’s not exactly the life of the party, but super essential—preparing for a recession.

You've heard the term, right? Basically, a recession is like that time you tried to bake a cake and it just didn't rise. 

The economy slumps, jobs can be harder to come by, and everyone tightens their belts. 

But, fear not! With a bit of prep, you can weather this storm. 

1. Build Up That Emergency Fund

SavingsAdobe Stock

Remember that piggy bank you had as a kid? Think of your emergency fund as its grown-up version. 

Aim to save around 3-6 months' worth of living expenses. This is your cushion if things go south. 

No emergency fund yet? Start small, even a few bucks a week can add up!

Pro-tip: Online savings accounts often offer higher interest rates, so your money grows while it sits.

2. Slash Unnecessary Spending


Let's get real—do you really need that daily gourmet coffee or the 15th pair of sneakers? Look for places to trim your spending. 

Maybe cook at home more, or opt for free entertainment like local parks.

Pro-tip: Apps like Mint can help track your spending and show you where your money's going.

3. Diversify Your Income

Woman working in a craft roomAntoni-Shkraba, Pexels

Ever heard the saying, "Don't put all your eggs in one basket?" It's solid advice. 

Consider a side hustle, freelance work, or even selling items online. More income streams = less panic during downturns.

Pro-tip: Sites like Upwork or Etsy can be goldmines depending on your skills.


4. Avoid New Debt

A woman cutting up a credit cardJo Ann Snover, Adobe Stock

In recession-times, it's best to avoid splurging on credit. If you've got existing debt, make a plan to chip away at it. Less debt equals fewer worries.

Pro-tip: Interest snowballing? Consider consolidating or switching to a lower interest card.

5. Strengthen Your Network

People attending a professional workshopmaster1305, Adobe Stock

No, we're not just talking about schmoozing at dull parties. 

Stay connected with colleagues, attend workshops, or join professional groups. 

If job cuts come around, having a robust network can open doors.

Pro-tip: LinkedIn is your friend. Engage, share, and connect!

6. Stay Informed

Woman reading newspaperOno Kosuki, Adobe Stock

Knowledge is power, right? Keep an eye on the economic indicators, read up on financial news, and understand how it affects you. 

This way, no recession will catch you off guard.

Pro-tip: Bookmark sites like Bloomberg or Reuters for reliable financial news.

7. Have A Plan B (and C)

Husband and wife talkingKetut Subiyanto, Pexels

Life's unpredictable. Have a backup plan. Know where you can cut deeper if needed, consider what industries are recession-resistant, or think about potential job alternatives.

Pro-tip: Recession-proof industries? Think healthcare, education, and utilities.

8. Invest Smartly

Group of people sitting around a desk looking at a computerJonoErasmus, Adobe Stock

When the economy's on a roller coaster, it's tempting to bail out of investments. But remember, investing is a long game. 

Instead of panic-selling, consider diversifying your portfolio. Think of it as a buffet: it's good to have a little bit of everything.

Pro-tip: Chat with a financial advisor. They can give guidance tailored to your situation.

9. Boost Your Skills

Woman learning from an online courseRido, Adobe Stock

Ever considered learning something new? Now's the time! 

Whether it's a course related to your job, or picking up an entirely new skill, being versatile is a huge asset.

Pro-tip: Websites like Coursera or Udemy offer loads of online courses, many for free or at a low cost.


10. Review Your Insurance

People working on paperwork togetherRDNE Stock project, Pexels

Having the right insurance can be a lifesaver. Ensure your health, car, and home insurance policies are up-to-date. If you can, consider income protection insurance—it can help if you lose your job.

Pro-tip: Shop around! Sometimes switching providers can get you better coverage for less.

Alright, with these extra nuggets of wisdom, you're not just ready for a possible recession; you're downright fortified. 

Remember, it's all about being proactive rather than reactive. Stay savvy, and you'll navigate any economic waters like a seasoned captain!



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