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People Share The Worst Pickup Lines They’ve Ever Heard Or Used

Bad pickup lines have been a comedic staple in our lives for years. These are easily some of the worst attempts at flirting these people have come across.
November 18, 2020 Eul Basa
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People Share The Dumbest Rumor They've Ever Heard

The silver lining to these dumbest rumors is that they may never make it past high school and soon become a ridiculous story to tell your friends.
August 20, 2020 Eul Basa
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People Share The Funniest Things They’ve Heard Someone Say In Their Sleep

Let's be real here. There’s probably nothing wackier than what someone talks about in their sleep. These stories highlight some of the best musings.
April 13, 2020 Eul Basa

People Share The Strange Conversations They've Eavesdropped On

Eavesdropping isn't a polite thing to do, but when the conversation is funny, awkward or strange, it can be hard not to listen in.
February 4, 2020 Eul Basa

People Share The Least Impressive Thing They've Heard Someone Brag About

Have you ever met someone who brags about the most unimpressive things ever? These stories of not-so-humble brags will give you second-hand embarrassment.
January 17, 2020 Eul Basa

People Share The Clever Comebacks To An Insults They've Heard

No matter who you are, chances are you've been insulted. If you're lucky, the best response to that insult comes to you right away, and it's so satisfying.
July 4, 2019 Eul Basa