These Nightmare Weddings Made Us Say “I DON’T!”

There are awkward weddings, and then there are wedding horror stories. There’s a big difference, and these people have firsthand experience.
March 2, 2021 Eul Basa

Everyone Has A Limit: These Moments Made People Say “Enough Is Enough”

No matter how patient and kind we are day to day, everyone has a breaking point. Somtimes the only thing to do is say “Enough!”
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People Who Made A Lot Of Money Out Of Sheer Luck Share Their Stories

There are people who work tirelessly to make a living, and then there are people who win the lottery. Some people are just luckier than others, I guess.
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People Share The Best Purchase They Ever Made

Every so often, we stumble onto a purchase that completely changes our life. Even if we don’t see it at first, our best purchase is just around the corner.
November 20, 2020 Eul Basa
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People Share School Presentations That Made Them Go “Please Stop” 

Whether it was school presentations or those god-awful assemblies, sometimes we cringe so hard that we barely have time to think “please stop.”
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Doctors Share The Rare Medical Cases That Shouldn't Have Made It

Doctors don't have the answers to everything. Sometimes that leads to sad moments, but other times it leads to complete miracles.
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