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People Share Something Their Parents Did To Them That They’d Never Do To Their Kids

Some parents aren't cut out for the job. These people share something their parents did to them that they promised they’d never do to their own children.
July 10, 2023 Eul Basa
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People Share Their High School’s Wildest Scandal

High school is a crazy time for students. But, amidst all the personal trauma, high school can also produce its own scandals that just can’t be ignored.
July 10, 2023 Eul Basa

Students Share The Most Messed Up Things They've Seen At School

When you put a bunch of rebellious students in the same building together, you're bound to get some interesting scenarios.
July 9, 2023 Eul Basa

Wedding Planners Share The Weirdest Couple They've Ever Worked With

Wedding planners must ensure that all is perfect on a couple's wedding day. But sometimes, the biggest obstacle to that perfection is the couple itself.
July 9, 2023 Eul Basa

Adults Share What They Remember Hating The Most When They Were Kids

Adults on the internet share what they remember hating the most when they were kids. Read on for some possibly triggering memories.
July 9, 2023 Eul Basa

People Share The Signs At A Wedding That Showed The Couple Might Not Last

A wedding is supposed to be joy-filled occasions that celebrate the union of two people in love. However, that is not always the case.
July 8, 2023 Eul Basa