February 4, 2020 | Eul Basa

Girls Share The Obvious Hints Guys Often Fail To Recognize

As a guy, it can be difficult to recognize the signs that a girl is into you. No guy wants to be too forward or accidentally cross the line because he interpreted a signal wrong. As a result, most guys tend to stay in this "grey area" of interaction with the opposite sex in order to play it safe and avoid looking like an idiot. Well, the girls in this article are here to tell you guys to just breathe—don't read too deep into things and just go with the flow. Because sometimes, the hints girls are plainly obvious... in fact, in many cases, they actually intend for them to be that way. Here are some of the obvious hints guys often fail to recognize, as shared by girls on the internet:


#1 The Right Timing

My buddy in college was stressing over when to make the move to kiss a girl he liked. While we encouraged him to not wait for the perfect moment and just go for it, he admitted he should have tried to kiss her when they were in the shower.


#2 Baby, It's Cold Outside

"It's snowing. Just stay here. You can sleep in my bed." To be honest, I would just think to myself, "She is really nice offering me that, I better not screw this up by trying to sleep with her." And then proceed to say, "It doesn't seem so bad, but thank you!"


#3 The Bunny Suit

We were discussing costumes and I sent a picture of me in my bunny suit, saying  I'd need help out of it. His response was telling me he hoped my roommate was home or that would suck. I had to tell him I was implying I'd like HIM to take it off me and it took him a minute to catch up.


#4 Caught Off-Guard

My friend was complaining he was hot because of his long sleeve shirt. I said, "Oh, I'm sure you'd be just as hot without the shirt" He was so unaware but I finally just kissed him.


#5 That Flew Over...

I once was modeling clothes I planned to take on vacation for my boyfriend. After showing off a couple of outfits, I told him to close his eyes and changed into lingerie. He opened his eyes and I asked him what he thought. His jaw dropped and he said, "You can't wear that outside!" I put my clothes back on.


#6 There's Room For Two

I complained that I was a bit cold, so he gave me a blanket. I then told him that there was space for two under the blanket (in an obvious flirting tone). He answered with, "No thanks, I'm not cold." I still tease him with it once in a while (we're married now).


#7 Just Being Nice

I went out of my way to come in early and talk to this guy every day for like a month before someone else told him I was into him. I also repeatedly told him I liked him. He thought I was just being nice.


#8 My Name Is Harley

I had a girl invite me round her house once just to show me her posters. They were all of Harley Davidson motorbikes, and she said she's never ridden a Harley before... After some awkward silence and small talk, I decided to be on my way. Two years later, I'm sitting on the bus and realize what she meant... Harley. Ridden a Harley... My name is Harley.


#9 A Logical Answer

A guy I'm currently seeing invited me camping earlier this month. We were cuddling and I noted how nice the showers were in the bathroom at the provincial park. I said, "They're really warm and there's space for two people..." This man, without missing a beat, said, "Actually, you could fit like 10 people in those showers." We laughed about it really hard the next weekend and he said,  "I knew what you were getting at but my brain just wanted to answer it logically."


#10 "...So Anyway"

I literally said, "I want to be yours" and the dude just kept smiling, going on about random space facts. That one hurt a bit.

#11 Fingers Through The Hair

Guy here. A girl took my hat off, started running her fingers through my hair and asked what did I do to get it so smooth. I proceeded to tell her all about the new shampoo I had switched to a month before until she cut me off.


#12 Never Got The Hint

When I was 16, this girl from school I had a huge crush on kept inviting me to her house when she was alone, wearing the smallest tops and asking for back massages. I never got the hint. Years later, when I started going out with my now fiancée, that girl's sister told my GF: "Hey, my sister had such a crush on him back in school." I was not a bright teenager.


#13 A True Gentleman

A girl came to my house once and spent the night. Around bedtime, she told me she doesn't sleep with a top on or underwear. I told her that's okay, I'll sleep on the couch so she can be comfy. She called me from downstairs later that night and told me she couldn't sleep and she was cold. I figured "Well obviously! You're naked!" So I gave her another blanket and went back downstairs.


#14 Hard To Tell

I straight up told him I liked him. I think his response was something like, “But I’m kind of trash,” or something self-deprecating. He’s friends with my best friend, and she confirmed that his depression is so bad that it takes a lot before he actually accepts any sort of positive attention. I think to some degree it's mutual? Hard to tell, as I, too, am oblivious when guys drop hints.


#15 The Flirting Signs

I'm not as brutally upfront as some of these people but mine happened yesterday:

"How do I know a girl is flirting with me?" He asks.

"She touches you a lot while you two are talking."

"I cannot relate at all. That never happens to me."

"I'm sure it does!" I tell him and hit his arm.

"I can't think of any time that's ever happened."


#16 Shower Confusion

I asked a guy at a festival to take a shower with me. He didn't get it. He just repeated there was only one free shower and I was like, "Well, they are big I'm sure it's fine," and he just looked confused. He told me I could go first. We became close friends since that happened about two years ago and this summer I spoke to him about it. He really had no idea. He did the biggest facepalm I've ever seen.

Facepalm_(8227882239)Wikimedia Commons

#17 Mario Kart Love

We were playing don't drink and drive on Mario Kart. Just the two of us. I was trashing him, so l 'gave him a chance' by lying sideways across his lap for the entire race. He didn't take the hint. We started dating two weeks after that.


#18 The Nonexistent Pen

Guy here. Once, I had a girl drag me into the bathroom while at a college party saying she needed help finding her marker or pen. We didn’t find it and I figured out what was really going on a year later.


#19 Where Do Babies Come From?

I used to be oblivious, probably still am.

There was a girl at a local grocery store who was flirting with me but of course, I didn't get it. After quite a bit of this, I left town for a few months and we corresponded via email.

I can't remember why, but I was asking her a string of silly questions, like, why is the sky blue? Chicken or the egg first? Where do babies come from? etc. She answered them all, saving "Where do babies come from" for last and answered it with...

"When you get back, I'm going to show you." I got that one.


#20 Just Not Into You

I asked him to take a picture with me, then hugged him a couple of times. I told him he has nice hair and started smelling him... I even looked in his eyes for like two minutes! Turned out, he was gay.


#21 Leave The Bedroom Door Open

My fiancee thinks that leaving my bedroom door open when she spent the night when we were just friends, and she lived out of town, and there was absolutely no reason for me to think anything romantic was going on, was obvious. I got up and closed the door because the AC was on and was low-key miffed.


#22 Priorities, Priorities

He invited me to his house to watch a movie after a few dates. He ended up playing League of Legends for hours while I was laying in his bed and asked him many times if he would like to join. "Sorry, just one more match." We dated for two years.


#23 Just To Confirm...

After chatting for hours on top of a mountain from sunset until like 2 a.m., sharing a blanket, leaning my head on his shoulder, telling him he’s attractive, etc., he turns to me and says, "How do you tell if a girl is into you?"


#24 The Moment It Clicked

For Valentine's a couple of years ago, I mailed my husband a package. The note said, and I quote, "I want you NOW!" I was ready to spring into some extra fun time when he opened the package. I had to sit him down and explain a couple of hours later. He was like "Ohhh..."


#25 Dating App Blunder

We matched on a dating app where the girl has to talk first AND I started a conversation with him. He thought I just matched him because we were friends. Uhh no, it’s a DATING APP. We didn’t start dating until almost a year after that. We are married now.

Smartphone_dating_app_illustrationWikimedia Commons

#26 Nudge, Nudge

Before my boyfriend asked me out, he kept hinting at the fact that we were both single and everyone thought we would be cute together. I was like, “Haha, yeah,” not realizing he was trying to ask me out.


#27 Strict Roleplay

We were playing Life and he was the police officer. The rule is, if you spin a 10, he gets your “speeding fines.” I literally pulled open my button-down and said: “What can I do to get out of paying this?” He said, “Ma’am. I am an officer of the law. Are you trying to seduce me?” A couple of days of flirting later, I literally had to spell out that I was trying to get with him. We’ve been together six years now.


#28 What's A Guy To Do?

I had a girl go out with me after work once for dinner, have some drinks, go back to my house, and get too tipsy to drive home. So I put her to bed in the spare room and never even attempted to kiss her. She left in the morning early and hated me after that. It was after work, so she followed me back to my house in her own car. That was the "obvious hint" I missed, I guess.


#29 A Legitimate Observation

I'm the guy in this situation, but I couldn't help not sharing this story: In college, this girl I was really into asked if I wanted to hang out at my dorm and drink and watch Netflix. She came over and we were watching TV on the couch in the living room, per my suggestion. Things were going good, and about an hour into it, she said: "Oh, lemme see your room." So we went to my room.

She took her shoes and socks off and immediately sprawled herself out on my bed, saying, "Oh my, your bed is SO comfortable!" I responded with, "We live in the same building, it's the same bed as yours." She left about 10 minutes later.


#30 The Hygiene Hint

This guy I was dating decided to read to me a letter his father wrote to him that had advice on dating. My date was an excellent gentleman with a whole lot of things going for him. Unfortunately, hygiene wasn't one of them. Anyway, he came to a part of the letter where his father had listed different reasons why it is so important to have good hygiene.

I piped up then with a, "Oh yes! I love that piece of advice. Your dad is really smart." He never took the hint. When I later broke up with him, I never told him but hygiene was one of the reasons. I really hope he's doing okay out there and either figured it out or found someone with a stronger stomach.


#31 Later, Amanda

I'm a guy here but I know Amanda would say: "I literally jumped on him and tried to kiss him, but he just laughed awkwardly, dodging my kisses and telling me to stop being so silly." I realized it like, a day later, but she'd moved to another state. That was the last time I ever saw her.


#32 Going In Circles

Before we started dating, I told my current boyfriend "I love you" and he said, "Aw, I love you too, you're such a good friend." The whole time we thought we were both friend-zoning each other. We wasted half a year going in circles.


#33 Coworker Crush

I once invited a coworker crush over at 9 p.m. on a Sunday night. When he asked how he should get to my place, I told him to take an Uber and that he should bring clothes for work the next morning. Somehow, he arrived at my apartment thinking I had invited him over to help me pick out an outfit for a first date I was going on later that week.

He finally realized what was actually happening a couple of minutes after he showed up when I told him I didn't want any of our friends to know about this yet. It was terrifying and awesome and it worked out!


#34 A Major Facepalm

I was once dating a guy who was super bad at knowing when a girl was into him. I could tell he was into me but wasn't getting my subtle hints, so I flat out told him "I want to date you." He replied, "Thank you." I clarified with "right now," which didn't result in him making a move for several more weeks.

Guy_Facepalms(1)Wikimedia Commons

#35 Classic Jim And Pam

I’m the guy, but my coworker would always make it a point to stop at my desk and talk to me. She would ask about Rick and Morty (I have a figurine on my desk) and then tell me about Bob’s Burgers. She would also ask me to make more coffee when we were out because apparently, I "make it so perfect.” I finally asked her out and she immediately said yes. We talked about her flirting and she said she was just about to give up before I asked her out. We’ve been dating a month now.


#36 Don't Listen To Your Brain

Guy here. I missed probably the most obvious hint ever. So my crush's best friend literally came up to and said, "She's really is into you but is too shy to come up and tell you. " My brain then decided to be like, "You are you, no one could ever feel that way about you, she is probably trying to trick you, don't fall for it." Then, I said, "If she wants anything, she is going have to come up and tell me herself." A year later, I realize she was telling the truth.


#37 Like, Bro.

I asked a guy for his number. We went out for a few hours. I would hold his hand, snuggle into him at group gatherings, and kiss him on the cheek. He thought we were best friends. After I got home, he asked me if it was a date. Bro. I held your hand and bought you pizza.


#38 It's In The Genes

I was at a party at a bar and I was hitting on this guy. I was really interested at the time, so I was giving it the full-court press. Like, I could not have been more clear. And he just was not getting it. We ended up chatting about our families and he told me this story about how his parents met while serving in the military, and how his mother almost ended up getting court-martialed because his father didn’t realize she was completely in love with him. I slugged down the last of my drink, slammed the glass on the bar, looked him dead in the eye, and said, “Really? Is that a genetic trait?”


#39 Netflix And Chill

I don't like watching TV. It doesn't really appeal to me. When someone wants to watch TV with me, I usually suggest we do something else that I like better, like bowling, hiking, grabbing dinner, going dancing, or something more interactive. So I just realized that when girls were asking me if I wanted to "Netflix and chill," I was being an idiot.


#40 A Girl's Advice

My late fiancé didn’t realize I asked him out for our first date. I said, “Hey, what are you doing on Friday? Want to grab dinner?” It was only when he mentioned it to a lady friend of his that she told him that I asked him out, but he initially didn’t believe her. God, I miss him. He was cute.


#41 The Most Direct Request

I told a guy that I was cold, lonely and wanted to sleep with him to warm up. He tried to sleep in his jacket and cuddle me. He just had no self-esteem, but he really didn't get that he was attractive to me, and that made him be goofy about it. But I really do think that "I want to sleep with you, can you come over?" is pretty dang direct, by and large.


#42 A Little Too Late

We were under the covers and in our undies. And kissing. And that was it. Over a year later, the phone rings and I answer it. I just hear him yelling, "I was an idiot!!!" The dude also asked if it was too late and if he could come over. I was now living with my boyfriend so yeah, a little too late.


#43 The Candyman

When I was about 16, I went to the cinema on my first date. Throughout the entire movie, I kept putting my hand out close to his, hoping he would hold it, but he just kept putting more candy into my hand.


#44 Just Go For It

I saw this boy every weekend and he would buy me drinks while we flirted with each other, heavily. He would never make a move, just politely buy me a drink from across the bar. One weekend, I had enough and stormed outside where he was standing with a group of friends and just kissed him. I left him standing there with his mouth gaping, his friends hollering and I just walked away. I’m happy to report we just had our 7 year anniversary a few days ago.


#45 Boring

I told him I was home alone for the weekend because my parents had gone away and that I was scared. I told him to come and hang out with me to keep me distracted.

His reply was, “lol that sounds boring.”

Image result for humiliated girlheraldscotland

#46 A Jumbled Signal

He told me my hair looked nice. I said, "Bet it would look nicer with your hands in it." He said, in a very confused tone, "...You want me to style your hair?"




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