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6 Essential Products You Need If You're Expecting

When pregnant, it's the little things that sometimes make the most difference. The mom-to-be will experience a slew of major changes, so it's important to prepare for every situation that could arise during that critical period. While there's no way to ensure that the entire nine months will be totally problem-free, there are some things you can do to help make the experience as smooth as possible.

The two key things you'll want to maintain during the pregnancy are comfort and safety. Carrying a baby is physically demanding, so anything that can provide some sort of bodily relief is always good. Of course, every woman's experience is different, but there are a few things that can be useful for any type of pregnancy situation:

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#1 Body pillow

One of the most popular products among pregnant women is the body pillow. In fact, it's so popular that several moms have deemed it a can't-live-without pregnancy product. When carrying a child, it's often difficult to get a good night's sleep. A body pillow, which stretches the entire length of the body, cradles you while you sleep and provides the necessary support to your growing body.

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#2 Morning sickness medicines

Usually, during the first trimester, morning sickness will be an issue. Some pregnant women have slight morning sickness, while others have a much more severe case. It's always helpful to keep morning sickness medications handy, as they provide immediate relief to that terrible nauseating feeling. You can try natural remedies like ginger or opt for over-the-counter morning sickness medications. As with anything pharmaceutical, always consult your doctor first before trying any morning sickness remedies.

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#3 A good camera

It may not seem essential, but you won't regret it—having something like a camera to document your pregnancy with will not only help you capture the milestone moments, but it will also make the experience a whole lot more fun. Pregnancy might not be the most glamorous time for some women, but that doesn't mean it has to be absolutely miserable. Invest in a good camera and savor your memories!

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#4 Use safe products

During pregnancy, the body becomes much more sensitive to chemicals. When you set up the nursery to prepare for the baby's arrival, make sure to use cleaning products that are pregnancy-safe. You don't want to expose yourself to anything toxic or harmful that could pose a safety risk to your baby.  Similarly, products that are applied to the body, like skincare lotions and makeup, should also be pregnancy-safe. Think of it as a way to start getting into the habit of childproofing.

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#5 Belly belt

A belly belt is a type of support band that can come in extremely useful during the latter stages of the pregnancy when the baby is larger and drops down further. As it gets itself in position for labor, the mom-to-be might experience added pressures to various parts of her body, like her ribs or lower back. A belly belt helps counteract those pressures, helping carry the weight of the baby providing comfort to the body.

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#6 Loose clothing

Loose clothing is essential to have during pregnancy. Maternity clothes are the best bet because, despite being a little costly, they are specifically designed for pregnant women and provide the support needed for carrying a baby. However, dresses, sweatpants, stretch leggings, and yoga pants will also do, as they are easy to put on and take off. When it comes to dresses, some pregnant women suggest buying a size larger than usual, as that would allow for some extra breathing room.

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