March 22, 2023 | Eul Basa

How Millennial And Gen Z Investing Practices Can Be Game-Changing

There seems to be this preconceived notion that Millennials and Generation Z are not responsible with their money. They are often criticized for not saving enough of their earnings and participating in spending habits that disrupt major industries, from the diamond market to even the real estate market. Given that they are constantly being compared to their parents (who are, in most cases, in a better financial state than they are) it's easy to see why such criticism is so prevalent. While there are indeed some areas where they can improve, they are at least getting one thing right.

As of late, ounger individuals have been heavily engaged in impact investing, which is a practice that supports businesses and contributes to a worthy cause, from climate change and sustainability to poverty, healthcare. and education. It allows them to directly help solve the world's problems while also yielding positive returns in a meaningful way. As Brian Condenanza of Entrepreneur puts it: "Impact investing is a natural expansion of the cause-driven movements that attract young people every day. "

Impact investing is rooted in intentionality, which is a desire to affect positive change by contributing to companies that are oriented towards specific causes. Unlike charitable donations, such intentionality is not only driven by goodwill, but also by the prospect of making gains. That's why it's important for impact investors to do their research on the companies they would like to invest in—they must be confident that such companies are not only profitable investments but that they also follow through on the causes that they are passionate about.

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According to a report by the Global Impact Investing Network, impact investing is on the rise, with the amount of money being put towards the practice increasing by a factor of ten between 2014 and 2017. Back in 2017, the estimated figure was at $139.9 billion, so you could only imagine just how much that has increased today.

With Millennials and Generation Z now entering the years in which their earning potentials are reaching their peak, it is only expected that impact investing will continue to grow in popularity. That, coupled with the fact that they are more socially aware of what's going on in our world, makes impact investing all the more appealing. After all, making one's money grow and ensuring a better financial future for oneself is great; but doing so while also making a positive impact on the world is even better.

Source: Entrepreneur



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