March 31, 2022 | Eul Basa

Cheaters Confess WHY They Did It

There’s one dramatic plotline that never fails to make it into every TV show and movie out there—cheating. These Reddit stories, however, are as real as they get. Whether their infidelities were a mistake, an escape, or a sign of the end, these cheaters have a lot on their minds and are ready to confess everything.

1. A Blast From The Past

A few years ago, I met this amazing guy. Let's call him Guy A. I fell very much in love with him, he was so kind and sweet. We kissed a few times and hooked up once, but he was starting to see this other girl, so it never went further than that. I was pretty heartbroken over it. Fast forward a few years, and I'm a year and a half into this horrible relationship.

This guy truly was the worst of the worst—a compulsive liar who yelled at me and constantly threatened to break up with me. Right when I was at a low point, however, a miracle happened. While at a concert with my awful boyfriend, I look across the dancefloor, and I see Guy A, dancing his heart out, laughing and just being amazing. I hadn't seen him since the time we hooked up, which was a few years ago.

My heart skipped a beat. I approached him, we talked for hours, and I told him I was living with a really terrible guy and that I wanted out. When he kissed me goodbye, I just knew. I continued the relationship with my terrible boyfriend for about a week while still seeing the other guy on the side before I finally worked up the courage to break up with him.

I've been with Guy A ever since, and haven't looked back once.


2. What Deployment Does

I cheated on my ex-husband. It's not something I'm proud of and I hate how much I hurt him. We met in the army and got married way too quickly without really knowing each other super well. He deployed for a year shortly after we got married. After he got back home from Iraq, we really got to know each other better, fell in love, and all was great.

He deployed again about 18 months after returning from Iraq. He was gone for nine months. When he returned home, he was a completely different person. It was so sad and wildly heartbreaking. I begged and pleaded with him to get help. He did eventually get diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder. He refused to do any type of therapy and kept himself isolated from me. But not even a proper diagnosis could save our love.

After years of trying to help him any way I could, I checked out. I mourned the loss of our relationship. I was emotionally out of the marriage. We were living pretty much as roommates. I was sad and lonely. I should have done the right thing and divorced him before getting involved emotionally or physically with another man, but I'm human and messed up.

I texted an old boyfriend from high school one night after a few glasses by myself. We quickly began an emotional affair, texting each other all day every day. My husband had no idea because he paid no attention to me. Eventually, we met up in person and that's when I physically cheated. Eventually, I filed for divorce and moved out.

He did find out about the affair, and I saw more emotion from him there than I had the whole 10 other years of marriage. I had broken him, and I hate how much I hurt this man I once loved.


3. Trying Something New

I cheated because I’m a piece of garbage. I hid the truth from my girlfriend. I knew deep down that I was bisexual and wanted to try being with a man. Instead of talking to her about it and discussing things, I went behind her back. I didn’t want to hurt her, but I’m also a risk-taker and I got a thrill out of it. I came clean to her after doing it for a bit, and we tried to work it out, but eventually, it came to an end.

I hate myself for the fact I did this to someone I love and have learned that the best way to deal with things is to just be open and honest. I never want to make someone feel like that again and I don’t want to go through that misery.


4. An Unpleasant Time

I was married to a woman who was constantly angry about all the smallest things, and who would shout and sulk if things didn't go her way. Our intimate moments were infrequent at best, and after four years and two children, she felt that she'd done her duty as far as enduring the unpleasantness of the physical act was concerned. She turned my life into a downright nightmare.

I was unloved and shouted at every day, but I loved my kids and desperately wanted some stability for them. It's important to understand that all this happened in Japan where—if had I left her—there would be zero chance that custody would be awarded to me or where there's any concept of joint parental responsibility after divorce.

She herself refused to even consider the idea and made it clear that if I left, I'd never see my kids again. So I cheated. It wasn't about being in bed as much as about feeling wanted and desired and to steal little moments of happiness in an otherwise deeply unhappy life.


5. Wait, That’s Not What I Meant!

This guy I was casually seeing told me he didn’t want to be in an exclusive relationship with me and wanted to see other people. I said alright and went about my business. He flipped out when he asked me to come around one night but I was out with another guy. After going back and forth for a while, I just stopped replying to him. But it didn't end there.

For years, he would randomly message or email me to try to find out where I lived, even after I got engaged to my now-husband! One of the times he randomly emailed me, I asked him why he reacted the way he did when the whole “let’s see other people” was his idea. He said he “just wanted the option to be there, he wasn’t going to act on it and didn’t think I would either.”

Well, you misread that situation, didn’t you mate?


6. The Guy Next Door

Okay, so I was married for seven years and my now ex-husband had cheated on me with both his ex-wife and later on with a guy who would give him drugs. The last one was clearly because of addiction but nonetheless, he still cheated. During our marriage, I was accused of cheating the entire time. It really wore me down, and for those that are not aware, it is a form of abuse to constantly accuse someone of cheating.

Around the final years of my marriage, my ex was disappearing for days at a time—and for one disturbing reason: He was going on drug binges and refusing to tell me where he was. One night I got really pissed, chugged some wine, went downstairs, and slept with my 21-year-old neighbor. I did it purely out of revenge, and although the act was meh, I felt completely satisfied knowing that I “got him.”


7. Please, Touch Me!

He had plenty of interest to be in bed with me, but only when he wanted it. There was never any foreplay. He would wake up with morning wood and say, "come fix this," but beyond that, he'd never even want to touch me. When we went to bed, if I even brushed against him, he'd pull away or ask me to stop. If I was sad or depressed, he wouldn't hold me.

If I went to lean in on him while watching TV, he pulled away. He was affectionate to his cat and family and friends. Just not me. One day I was in the shower, and I just stopped and cried. I didn't want to sleep with someone, I wanted someone to hold me and pull me in. Kiss my neck. Put his hands on me. I just wanted to be touched affectionately.

I held myself and realized how lonely I was. I was so touch starved that I would hold myself to go to sleep. And it's not like I never said anything, he just refused. We were together nine years before I cheated. Nine years of "don't touch me" in bed. Nine years of scooting away from me on the sofa. Nine years of "making love," but without a shred of affectionate touch.


8. When Will You Grow Up?

I was in a relationship for 10 years, we got together when we were 16. I think the problem was that I grew up and he didn’t. I wasn’t the same person I was when I was 16 and we fell in love, but he was. By 26, I had grown professionally, mentally, and emotionally, but he was still stuck in the same mindset as a 16-year-old.

I should have just left and broken up with him like an adult, but ending a decade-long relationship when it’s all you’ve known is unbelievably scary. I didn’t know what life was like without him since we had been together for my entire adult life. So I just stayed in the relationship knowing I didn’t love him anymore. And then the unexpected happened.

I met someone who I fell in love with over time while still in that relationship. I believed I was just friends with this new guy at the time, but looking back, we were just dating while calling it friendship. During one of our regular "not a date, just two friends hanging out in a date-like setting," something in me clicked and I knew he was the person for me and we kissed.

I broke up with my boyfriend the next day. I regret the way our relationship ended, but I’m not sorry that it happened.


9. Like Watching A Show

I have no excuse. I am a messed-up individual who has been experiencing a nonstop dissociative state for over 20 years. I have gotten good at faking that I’m connected to the world, so it’s not usually obvious to people anymore. It used to be, and people were bothered by it. Everything feels fake to me, almost like a dream or a movie, that I am just following along watching from the outside.

However, I am desperate to feel, to connect, and to be a part of something. I have had many relationships, and I have cheated in all of them. I am desperate to feel something—anything. I miss what happiness felt like, back before my dissociation kicked in. I feel terrible and remorseful. I hate myself for everything I have done. I have attempted suicide and failed. But I can’t stop.

It’s not that I like being in bed that much, or that I enjoy hurting people. I just want to feel loved, even just a little.


10. Who’s The Wrong One?

When you have a child, a crippling mortgage, and are chained to your spouse, you need to make the best of it. I felt like if I left, I'd lose the house and keep half the debt...With family courts the way they are, it was a recipe for disaster: I'd lose my son, the house, and the dog. At 49, I could not afford to start again. Yet, intimately, we had nothing. I could not recall her touching me once in the last four years.

My compliments like, "Hey you look nice!" were dismissed as though I were objectifying her. Kisses felt "rapey." Her actual words. I grew a why-even-bother attitude. I was good for the responsibilities as a father to our child, to help service our debt, and to fix things around the house. I felt taken for granted. I started sleeping on the couch.

All it takes is someone to be nice, someone to touch me...someone to actually notice me. And for me to feel appreciated. Of course, I was found out, so I also became the bad guy. I regret stepping out. I really do. I'm still a dad, still have a house, a mortgage, and a dog. We get along okay. At least she touches me from time to time now. However, there's one thing that can never be erased.

There will always be guilt and suspicion from this awful thing that I've done.


11. I Loved Him, But…

I loved my partner, we were best friends and he treated me so well. He really loved me, and I loved him. I loved everything about him, except the intimacy. I'm not sure why, but I didn't find him attractive. He was cute and handsome, but not a very intimate guy. I tried to spice things up, but it didn't work. It got so bad that I closed my eyes and thought of another man when we were in bed.

So then, I started cheating instead of breaking up. Finally, one day he talked about his future and about us. I knew then I had to break up with him. I'm a terrible person for this, and I regret it so much. He's such an amazing guy and I hope he found someone who loves every part of him.


12. Too Many Carbs

I cheated on my ex-fiancé. Wasn’t proud of it, but it was just… a lot of disappointments until I just felt like maybe it wasn’t worth it anymore. That, and we had a non-existent bedroom life. For four years, I constantly felt like I wasn’t desired, that I was the reason why he couldn’t get it up. But that wasn't even the worst part. He constantly told me that I was too fat, and didn't allow me to eat carbs.

The breaking point came just a few months after the proposal—he kept making empty promises, was just absent, and it just got too much when he ghosted me. Pent-up energy probably drove me to what I did, and it’s not an excuse, but, it is what it is. I cheated, I was happier, and we broke off the engagement.


13. Falling Out Of Love

I don’t believe in “once a cheater always a cheater” all of the time. For some people, I believe it to be true. For others, well…it’s a terrible thing to do; I’m not trying to excuse my behavior here, but sometimes there are reasons you can’t possibly understand until you’re faced with the very difficult decision yourself.

I married young. Mistake number one, depending on who you ask. Fair enough. After nearly a decade with my spouse, and having never before or since cheated, it happened. I feel like some people assume that it’s premeditated and done to be hurtful and spiteful. Maybe some will still see it that way after it’s been explained, and that’s fair and understandable, too.

I told my partner that I was very unhappy in our relationship. It was THE HARDEST conversation I’ve ever had to have with someone to this day, to look at a person you once were so sure about and let them know you don’t love them anymore. He shut me out, instantly, refusing to believe it. I dropped it, thinking foolishly, perhaps, that he was just so startled that he couldn’t process it and I hurt him so badly.

I felt horrid. Days went by which gave way into weeks and then months. I brought it up again because it HAD to be discussed, no matter how painful, or I knew it would only grow worse and worse. Each time, I tried to save the marriage. I pleaded for couples counseling and therapy sessions. I went solo, and worked through some issues of my own, and thought it would be enough. It wasn’t.

Again, I begged for him to do couples therapy as well. It doesn’t have the highest success rate, but I DID try. The thing is, he wouldn’t budge an inch. Several times he told me that it was my own problem and since he didn’t share my dissatisfaction, I had to figure it out alone. So much for being a mutual partnership. Thanks, my guy.

This very hard and emotional conversation kept playing out for weeks, again. Finally, I tearfully went to my spouse and asked what it would take for him to understand I was trapped in a marriage that I no longer wanted to be a part of. He told me that he’d only agree to divorce me if I cheated on him or physically hurt someone he loved. So, I cheated.

Even after he found out, he asked me to stay because he couldn’t bear the mark it would have on his personal image to his family, friends, and colleagues. He legitimately told me that he would rather be in a loveless marriage where I was unhappy than to admit defeat. If anyone can tell me how that’s better than cheating on someone, please; enlighten me. I’d love to hear it.


14. At First Glance

I was young—only 19. I had been with a girl for a year when my parents decided I needed to start paying rent, so I found a roommate and got an apartment. On the first day, I went to the office to turn in my walk-through paperwork. The girl in the office made my heart skip. She made me a believer in the idea of love at first sight.

She moved in across from my apartment a couple of weeks later and we started to hang out. One night, we slept together. The next day, I broke up with my girlfriend. Me and my new girlfriend talked and decided we both wanted to be together. She moved in with me a month later. That was 17 years ago. She's currently asleep upstairs next to our daughter.


15. The Price Tag

I’ve been with my lady for 10 years. She's hard-working, highly educated, and has a job that makes much more than I do. Because I helped her when she had nothing, she now lets me do what I want, and is very much in love with me. The thing is, this is not a fairytale romance...I fell out of love with her about six years ago. Despite her success in the workforce, she's got a victim complex and probably a depressive disorder.

I can't take listening to her complain and cry about her dad or friend or work or brother all the time. I openly spoke to her about it and tried to find different ways for us to communicate, but then she started to complain about me to me. She uses me as her confidante and that's fine, but I got tired of consoling her literally every day, many times over the same topic over and over.

But I won’t leave her because of the financial freedom. I cheat because it's a temporary escape from the very cage that I built myself into.


16. Waiting To Tie The Knot

I was dating this girl in college for a year. She was honestly a great girl, but she was waiting for marriage. She was fairly religious. We would fool around, and she actually wanted to try and get into bed a few times but abandoned the plan during foreplay. Also, she was very shy about her body and very rarely ever wanted to do anything.

She also never once made me climax, and only ever touched me a couple of times. After a year of blue balls, I lost it when I was working a summer job pretty far away. I broke up with her a few weeks later. She was really heartbroken. Honestly, I should have just broken up with her before it escalated. Not sure why I thought I could stay with her, having an intimate life was really important to me.


17. To Keep Her Sane

My wife had serious mental problems and refused to get treatment. If I left, there was a 100% chance that she would self-destruct. So, I stayed and did what I had to do to stay married and stay sane. It was never about wanting intercourse, I just needed a connection with someone that was sane, someone outside of the gaslighting and manipulation that I lived with.


18. Buried In Work

A good friend of mine cheated on his wife for a while. Basically, she had become so focused on her career that she was never home and became very distant toward him and the kids. He found himself feeling lonely, neglected, and just craving some affection. He tried talking to his wife and even suggested that they go to some kind of therapy or coaching.

He really wanted to help them sort out the issue of her never being around or having time for the family due to work to sort of reorganize their lives in the hope of finding a solution. She wasn't interested. At some point, he was so lonely and craving affection—he did the unthinkable. After a woman started chatting him up at an event he attended, he went home with her.

They had a fling for a couple of weeks.


19. The Serial Cheater

I was a serial cheater from my teens to my early 20s. To me, it was all for the thrill and ego boost. It was fun and exciting doing something I knew I wasn’t supposed to do, especially with a new partner. It bloated my ego to astronomical proportions. I remember feeling like some type of rockstar because I had "hoes." I even challenged myself to see how many girls I could sleep with in a single day.

Thankfully I matured and realized what a jerk I had been. It's been eight years since I last cheated.


20. Regretting It All

I was cheating emotionally with my ex after entering a relationship with my current wife. Even when I got caught, I denied it, but eventually realized I had been unfaithful. I regret it every day. My wife is a beautiful and kind soul and has forgiven me, but sometimes she remembers it and I can see the pain and anger resurface. I spend every single day trying to make up for it.

I have no interest in anyone or anything else and I would’ve never physically done anything. It feels good to get this out, as it was something I was hiding for a while. I think one of the worst parts was how badly I was lying to myself, but at the time I didn’t believe it. I lied to her as well, which is even worse. I only hope she can one day fully heal from the hurt I’ve caused. I do not deserve her.


21. False Accusations

I cheated as revenge before breaking up with him. He spent months falsely accusing me of cheating on him, while at the same time, he slept with anything with long hair and a hole. So when I found out that he had been cheating on me for nearly the entire time we were together, I vowed to assert my vengeance. It was too easy. I slept with one of his buddies from work.

At the same time, I confronted him about cheating on me—I had printed out screenshots of texts and everything so he couldn't deny any of it—then I threw his sorry butt out of my house. I don't regret it one bit, and I'll do it again if I get treated like that ever by anyone else.


22. Mutual Cheating

The two of us were drifting away from each other, and we hadn't seen each other in a month. I had just started college and cheated with the woman I would marry. We talked right after it happened, and she said she had done the same thing a week prior. I saw that we were pretty much broken up at this point anyway. Mutually assured destruction, I guess.


23. Not My Fault!

My husband cheated on me with escorts for a year. I found out this year. After we had our daughter, obviously it was harder to sleep together. We slept in separate rooms as he works in a hospital and needed his sleep. But here's the kicker: He blames that for cheating on me. He wouldn’t have even told me if I hadn’t snooped on his spare phone and found out.

Even after I found out, he wouldn't put an end to it. He said that he missed having fun and that it was his much-needed stress release. Meanwhile, I was working full time, studying, taking care of my mum who had cancer etc.


24. It’s Gone To Your Head

I cheated on my girlfriend in college. At the time, I was 17 and I was just starting to have a lot of girls notice me. It went to my head, and I ended up getting a side chick. After three months of having the side chick and my girlfriend at the time, the guilt was too much, and I ended up telling my girlfriend the truth. The side chick became my next girlfriend, and we spent about another year together before I left her too.

The fallout and heartache from all those decisions have made me swear to myself that I’d never do that again.


25. Trying To Be Better

My partner was controlling, I needed therapy, and I wanted to regain control of myself, so I cheated. Multiple times. With multiple guys. He never found out, but it eats away at me. I had been cheated on in the past, so I never thought I’d do the same to someone else. But I did. I am in therapy now and haven’t been in a relationship for at least two years.

I won’t be until I feel I can choose a good partner and—more importantly—be a good partner.


26. Gaslighting

I was a young, fresh-out-of-the-closet, gay 18-year-old and he was an older 24-year-old man who was able to pressure and manipulate me into dating him. It was a bad relationship, but every time I tried to end it, he would stop me before I could and gaslight me into thinking whatever problems I thought we were having were in my head or my fault entirely.

I didn’t see any other way out, so I ended up deciding to cheat on him. It still took another four months for him to finally let me break up with him. I acknowledge it wasn’t a good way to handle that situation, but I was young and felt backed into a corner at the time.


27. Incompatibility

We really weren’t compatible as emotional partners and were very toxic to each other. I was in my mid-20s, but I wasn’t self-aware enough to realize I wasn’t happy in the relationship. I was at a party that she didn’t want to go to, and an old girlfriend showed up and I went home with her. I felt disgusted with myself and carried that for a long time.

We tried stretching out our relationship and ended up having two kids together. We tried to stay together for our kids, but it was a pretty bad idea because it really wasn’t fair to them. We split almost six years ago, and we actually co-parent very well. I’ve never cheated on another girlfriend since.


28. Overcoming Crisis

I was at such a low point in my life that I can’t even describe what it was like. The short version is that I was in a deep depression, and it was a feeling of constant crisis. I found a new friend online that I could really talk to. Eventually, feelings developed, and I realized the feelings I once had for my ex were gone. I broke up with her and was free to pursue my online flame, but the romance quickly ended.

This, in turn, allowed me to take the time for a much-needed healing process and rest. I have since worked a lot on myself with a focus on handling emotions and being more open with both myself and others. I’m also developing healthy boundaries for how I treat myself and other people as well as for how others treat me.


29. I’m Not A Roommate

I cheated on my wife because she made me feel like a roommate more than a spouse. There was a lack of emotion, no intimate activity, no communication. I met someone who I thought would be just a person that I can vent to about my situation and give me advice—but it evolved into so much more. Things went too far, and then the cheating happened.

I’m still with my wife and she knows about it. Things aren’t 100% better but it’s slowly progressing.


30. My First Relationship…

It was my first relationship, and we both had issues. She would go into depressive episodes and use drugs or drink heavily, and I was constantly having to pick her up at random places. I’d have to stay up late to call and make sure she was safe. But that wasn't all. I'd also have to go out and get her when she was not herself or using the wrong substances...You get the picture.

I became depressed from my relationship and family issues—and it all came to a head on one fateful night. At a party, there was a guy there that I thought was cute and I hooked up with him. I instantly regretted it and broke things off with my girlfriend. It's many years later now and I've never cheated on someone since, but I still feel bad wherever I think about this.


31. Valuing Yourself

I was cheated on a while ago in a very drawn-out and confusing way. I stayed with her for a fair while until things broke off for other reasons. It’s pretty important to value yourself and if your boyfriend does cheat, then you shouldn't dismiss the pain you feel. The fear of being cheated on is natural, and in my opinion, it's just important to understand that some of those feelings may be irrational.


32. Back From The Brink

I was suicidal. My partner didn't particularly care or want to help. The other girl I cheated with literally saved my life. In a way it's true what they say, you can't help who you fall in love with. At that point in my life, I knew I had fallen in love with someone else, and she loved me back. For the first time in my life, I was wanted. Someone made me happy, and I felt validated. I had a reason again.


33. Just Pure Revenge

I cheated as revenge. Twice, with two different people. Me and my ex were halfway on a "break," but I was still technically seeing him too...It was a complicated situation, and I was in a dark place at the time. But he was abusive, and so I felt he deserved it. I am not sorry. I do regret sleeping with the other people I chose to, though.

I regret one because he wanted something with me and I didn't, and the other because I wanted something with him and he didn't. Do I wish I hadn't done it, for my sake? Of course. I don't enjoy that I may have hurt somebody, and I regret doing so. I also don't enjoy that I got hurt by the second man. But I do have one evil confession to make: I do not regret hurting my ex. Not one bit. Because one year with him was enough hurt to last a lifetime.


34. It Won’t Be That Bad…

I was 18—an undiagnosed bipolar and hypomanic. I didn't take the relationship very seriously at all, and decided, "Hey, if I break up with her right after I do it then I won't be such a bad person." Turns out I was still a terrible person. I never cheated again, and never will. I'm madly in love with my partner and literally nothing could distract me from that.


35. I Know It’s Me

Apparently, it's a psychological problem for me. I can't fall in love with anyone. Every time I've been in a relationship, I was the first one to cheat and I would cheat no matter what. Although I blamed it on my exes, I later realized the issue is with my personality. I had zero affection for them whatsoever. I've stayed away from getting into any relationship since then.

I've gradually realized relationships are not for me, and the concept of being made for each other does not work for me.


36. A Night On The Town

I got feelings for someone else at a time when my existing relationship was well past its expiration date. My ex was abusive and manipulative and made me feel terrible all the time. Over the course of the last year of our relationship, I formed a close friendship with a girl in one of my senior courses and it turned into us making out at a bar because we had a better relationship than I did with my ex.

She was kind to me and made me actually enjoy life.


37. Typically Toxic

I had two male friends periodically bragging about cheating. Their whole conception of a woman was pretty toxic and sexist, the typical "Women just want your d" spiel. One of them just got in a new relationship and said something like ,"I really like this one, I am not cheating on this one." Is cheating your normal practice and you just chose to make an exception with the new one?

I don't understand cheating either. I sometimes have these nightmarish dreams where I cheat on my girlfriend and the guilt and regret are on another level. I then wake up and I am relieved my girlfriend is peacefully sleeping next to me so I hug her. Don't cheat!


38. A Stay At Home Wife

I was stuck in an abusive relationship. The dude wouldn't let me leave. He wouldn't let me work, because he knew I would save money to leave him. He tried so hard to keep me locked up at home and prevent me from seeing friends unless he was present. Even after I cheated on him, he still begged me to stay. He didn't want me to stay out of love. He wanted me to stay so I could cook, clean, grocery shop, and basically be a maid to him...someone he could control.


39. Pushed Over

I was unhappy in the relationship but not successful in ending it. I was a pushover and still am sometimes, so she convinced me to stay with her many times. The thing is, I continued to be unhappy and my desires didn't go away. I cheated to get my fulfillment elsewhere, as I thought I could get away with it. In short, I wasn't able to stand up for myself, but still wanted things.

So I lied and cheated to get them regardless. Nothing I am proud of, and I'm doing much better these days.


40. Open And Shut

I'm engaged to my partner of seven years and our in-bed life isn't what it used to be, we've only had intercourse a handful of times over the last few years. I started hanging out with a girl I've known for 12 years and we've always had an attraction to each other, she's been in open relationships and my partner suggested if I'm not satisfied, I should sleep with her.

The thing is, I'm not the type of guy who just jumps into bed with anyone, so I have strong feelings for them both and I'm having serious doubts about getting married. I feel like my personality has been worn thin; I feel like I'm heading towards a mental breakdown.


41. The Better Talker

I'm in a long-distance relationship and I cheated not too long ago. I did it feeling like the relationship was over. You see, I wasn't satisfied. The person I cheated with talked to me in ways I wanted and I was really turned on by them, but there wasn't any love from my side, it was purely physical attraction. After a few days, I was gonna end it with my partner, but I knew it was something I'd forever regret.

I ultimately ended my side thing. About a month later, the guilt was too much for me, and I thought part of me was gonna collapse because I thought my partner would leave me. My partner, who I will forever love, forgave me and stayed with me. I promised myself and to him that I'd never cheat again, but even with my partner’s forgiveness, I don't think I'll be able to forgive myself for that awful mistake.


42. All A Bluff

I was a dumb teenager, and I wanted to end the relationship for months, but she threatened self-harm every time I tried. She never found out, but I ended the relationship for good not long after another female friend and I ended up messing around. The threats were all bluffing, of course. I wasn’t proud of myself, but a part of me considered the relationship beneficial in that I learned to recognize a slew of red flags for the future.


43. How My Parents Met

My mom cheated on her boyfriend at the time with my dad because she started seeing my dad right before Christmas. My mom wanted to break up with her boyfriend but didn’t want to ruin his Christmas so she waited until after Christmas to break up with her boyfriend. She kept seeing my dad and they have now been married for 19 years.


44. Never Again

I cheated because I was tired of my partner’s antics. I should have just manned myself up and broken up with her. The thing is, I didn't realize how much I wanted to until I found myself lying next to this other woman. I'm not proud of it, and I've never done it again. Now I've learned to recognize an unhealthy relationship and just get out of it.


45. A Love Triangle

I was gay and seeing a guy. It was nothing crazy serious but headed in that direction. He was at a college pretty far away but was from my area. I started talking to another guy I had a class with who I was pretty attracted to—let’s call him B. We start talking, and it turns out B has been seeing my first boyfriend for the last year or so too, and they actually got arrested together fairly recently.

B and I got along really well and started seeing each other. B stopped seeing my boyfriend, but I was still talking to him. It all ended when A was in town and came over one night and saw a text from the second guy show up on my phone that was sitting on the table. He didn't know we knew each other, and he definitely didn't know we were hooking up.

He wasn't happy and we broke up. B and I had a short summer affair and realized neither of us wanted a relationship. We're now best friends and there's nobody I trust more in the world. I moved across the county and we still talk all the time and go to music festivals together. My first boyfriend occasionally snaps me pics, so I’m not sure what that's about. I've never really got around to asking.


46. All Long Distance

She didn't love me. We were long-distance, and she used me as a tool to come out to her friends. She'd text me maybe two to three times a day. I tried to set up skype dates while she ignored me to hang out with friends. She never had time for me and never told me she loved me, so when a boy showed interest in me, it felt like payback for how bad she'd made me feel.

I regret it and I'll never do it again, but I still don't feel all too guilty after how she treated me.


47. An Eye For An Eye

My mom cheated on my dad after he allegedly cheated on her with my youngest aunt. Dad explained to me that yeah, my aunt used to hit on him, going as far as exposing her body and trying to sleep with him while my mother was at work. However, he always pushed her away because he was with my mom, she was 10 years or so younger than him, and she was mom's little sister.

Mom found out but didn’t know the very important part that he didn't actually cheat on her, so she got her revenge on him. In the end, it wasn't that mess that made my mom kick his butt to the curb. Dad was a great father to me, but an awful father to my older brother and an awful partner to my mom. They're much better people without each other.


48. A Blackout Night

I've been married for four years and never considered anyone but my husband. I am totally devoted and in love. A year ago, we both went out with some mutual friends. The night went on and he got tired, but said I should stay since I never really "go out." I was excited to be outside of my comfort zone and drank too much. The BIGGEST mistake of my life.

I blacked out and woke up naked in a bed with an acquaintance who is infamous for partying with her spouse. When I woke up, I had 20 missed calls from my husband, and the girl’s spouse was fondling me. I went home and told my husband, but it was hard because I couldn't remember more than a few seconds of what had happened the night before and had only a vague sense that it was all a nightmare.

I felt like I didn't even know myself. I had never wanted anything like that to happen. I wasn't attracted to either of those people and I'm not a flirtatious person. I hate being touched and I consider my husband to be the best thing in my life. He was not angry with me, but I felt I couldn't live with what I did. I tried to hurt myself and we moved from New York back to our home state of Nevada.

Things seem normal now but I still consider that night the worst of my life.


49. No Care At All

I was married to a self-centered man-child who saw me as his maid. I put up with it for years and tried to improve the marriage with couples' counseling. I went to so many different therapies for couples counseling trying to find one he would listen to. I tried and tried and was the only one putting in any work. I had to go on antidepressants just to make it through the day.

When this happens you need someone to "spot" you as the doctors told me that antidepressants increase the chance of suicide. My husband couldn't even be bothered to do that. He couldn't check in on his wife, living in the same house, caring for his children in case she was suicidal. The only person willing to do that was a close friend of both of us who actually cared.

He would regularly talk with me through my stuff with my family while we gamed. He was my sanity. He was the dear sweet man who I have lived with now for longer than the marriage relationship. He is a wonderful caring human who treats me as an equal.


50. Spicing It Up

Although we’re married with three children, we had little else in common. Our marriage had become stale. I hooked up with an old flame from high school. We went places, tried new things—skydiving among others—and chatted like lovers. She had a zest for life that my wife did not. The intimacy was only part of the overall experience with my old girlfriend.

Any excitement from cheating was never a factor. In the end, I was not going to leave my family due to guilt, so we ended our affair. I regret ending it and still think about her every day.


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