March 24, 2022 | Eul Basa

Found Footage: These Security Guards Caught Bizarre Moments On Camera

Security guards work long nights alone, with very little to occupy them and almost nothing to look at but their camera screens. Every once in a while, though, something interesting happens on the video, and who better to take a closer look? Then again, not everything that’s captured on camera should see the light of day…

1. Tree Hugger

At around 2 am on a weekend, there was a random dude walking down the street with no shirt on, systematically going to all the trees along the road and hugging them passionately. Before a random motorist caught his attention, that is. Shirtless guy charges out onto the street in front of the car, causing the driver to slam on his brakes. Then it got so much weirder.

He then proceeded to drop to all fours and charge the vehicle. The terrified motorist throws their car into reverse, turns completely around, and speeds off. Shirtless guy continues to hug trees. At that point I called the authorities.


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2. Whatever Floats Your Boat

There were two people in an elevator. The doors close and...BANG. They are all over each other on the ride down. Hands like octopus tentacles. Arms bending ways that I didn't think were possible. Clothes and hair flying. Then…BING. They quickly straightened up. Hair fixed, sweat wiped, clothes straightened. Walked out calmly and left the club.

I then spied them getting it on in the bushes on camera in the car park, while he was wearing her bra. He also had her panties on his head.


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3. Who Watches The Watchmen?

Back when I was 19, I had a night job in a gas station AND an evening job at a supermarket. I'd work from around 1 pm until 7 am, go home and sleep, repeat. One night, I was working at the gas station at around 2 in the morning. My feet were kicked up just below the counter, and I was reading a book and eating some chips.

Out of nowhere, I noticed a little red blinking light in a van across the street. I knew exactly what it was, and I hated it. The regional manager for this local gas station chain was some sort of a lunatic dragon. I knew it was her not only checking up on me, but freaking recording me, too. I decided that I was quitting in that moment.

The two paychecks were nice, but the pace of two full-time jobs was bad enough without this additional insult. So I decided it was time to put on a show. In the back room, we had a tiny broom, almost like a toy broom. I'm not sure why we had it. I guess for clean up jobs that didn't warrant a full sized broom? Anyway, I grabbed it.

It became my microphone, my guitar, my dance partner, my lover. I went out into the pump area. All of the halogen lamps in the "hood" over the pumps were blazing at 2 am. It was like a stage. The floor of the pump area was concrete, with many seams. In all of the seams were hundreds of cigarette butts. It was time to clean.

I swept those butts so hard, with wide arcs of my arms and that tiny broom, that they flew several feet in every direction. I heard the music to Footloose in my head. I heard Michael Jackson. I heard Daft Punk. I danced, I dove, I spun. I caressed the broom, I sang into the broom, I dipped the broom, I twirled the broom. I'd have made jazz hands, but my hands were full.

Up on my toes, twirling and spinning, singing silently into the broom and making a quiet show for the voyeuristic witch across the street, I worked myself into a sweat over the next two hours. Until, that is, she and my creepy store manager finally had enough and came across the street to "inform" me that they'd been taping. I took a bow. I told the witch I quit.


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4. Right Place, Right Time

I work surveillance at a casino. Several years ago, when tokens were still used in the casinos, we received a call for a possible token theft. While one of my co-workers was reviewing the footage on our cameras, we overheard a radio call for a guest down outside the exit. I pulled up the camera to watch the EMTs perform CPR on him. Then I noticed a strange detail.

I saw a spilled bucket of tokens around him. Still, it's not unusual for a guest to take tokens home and bring them back another day. Well, my co-worker completed the review for the theft and said, "Okay, we're looking for a Black male wearing a red shirt and black pants." I took the camera I was using, put it on his monitor, and said, "You mean this guy?"

It was the same person. Further review showed that he took the tokens and immediately walked to the exit. When he was about 20 feet from the exit, one of our Security Officers exited right behind him, simply to walk outside—he had NO CLUE the man in front of him had just taken over $1000 in tokens. Our only assumption then was the man thought the officer was coming toward him and had a heart attack.


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5. A Gambling Man

A colleague of mine was just telling me about his previous workplaces when this tale came up. Their office had a covered walkway running all the way around the floor, so on a quiet shift they decided to have an office chair rally. So the four of them scoot off on their office chairs as fast as they can, down one side of the walkway, round the corner at top speed, round the block and all the way back.

As they head back, they find a security guard at their desk, arms folded, looking quite grumpy. My friend starts to apologise to the security guard for being silly, and the guard replies, "No worries, I had a fiver on the big guy."


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6. A Compromising Position

I've caught people getting it on numerous times. I worked for about three years in security in a variety of different settings, but mostly office buildings. I've seen people blatantly going at it in lobbies, bushes, elevators, freight elevators, and even in their offices. I was trained that if you encountered people in this position, you were supposed to approach them and first ask them if everything was OK.

We were never to make the assumption that the act was consensual. The question would usually prompt the couple to quickly gather their stuff and exit the premises. But my strangest find was a doozy. There were two people in Halloween costumes going at it in a parking garage. Both of them were extraordinarily intoxicated.

The girl ran off while the dude struggled to stand and eventually passed out. I had to flip him onto his side in case he started puking. When the authorities arrived, he was nekkid from the waist down, drooling and groaning and dressed like a clown.


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7. Breakfast Of Champions

My boss insists that any time a customer is hurt from a trip, a slip, a fall, or anything like that, that we be sure to save the file for him to review in the morning. At first, I thought this was to avoid lawsuits or something like that. The real reason is even better. He reviews the tapes, then he proceeds to laugh his butt off at them. That's how he likes to start his mornings.


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8. More Than What You Bargained For

I worked in a college radio station, and we had theft issues. People would just take CDs, vinyl, or whatever took their fancy. Most times they were reasonably unsupervised, so they could take it and it would be a while before anyone noticed. So we set up a camera. Real, but not connected to anything. Our engineer was a security guy in his spare time, and he gave us a fried camera to use.

The thefts drop off, but it becomes known that the camera is fake, and they go back up again. So we replaced the broken camera with a working camera, and attached it to a recording setup. That's when we made a horrific discovery. At the end of the first week we reviewed the tapes and learned that about 80% of the night-time DJs used the studio as a convenient place to get intimate.

The chair where you sat? Yea, they were on it. The floor where you sorted your music? Yep. The countertop on which you leaned, where you set your chips, where you'd occasionally rest your face a long, late-night shift? They were on it. Sterilization was too good for that place. We had a second board, and that night we bought some new sound gear.

No one wanted to touch anything ever again.


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9. A Walk On The Wild Side

I work in a somewhat shady part of town that is notorious for its rampant substance use. One night after work, my boss pulls me into his office saying, "Man, you've got to see this!" He fast forwards around a bit on the security footage, until a fairly disheveled fellow comes on screen, sauntering down the street at around 10 pm.

He’s clearly out of it. He stops in front of a potted shrub, and I'm fairly certain he's going to puke into it, but...Nope! He dives into the shrub and pops out, banging his chest and making disturbingly accurate ape noises. He then proceeds to do this for several hours. Whenever pedestrians would pass by, he would leap out of the shrub and chase them down the street, still banging his chest and howling at them.

After the intruders were driven off his turf, he would return to his ape-lair and triumphantly cry out to his invisible jungle companions, asserting his obvious dominance. Despite harassing several bystanders, the authorities were never called. After maybe four or five hours of this monkey business, the man calmly steps out of the plant and walks off camera.


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10. In The Zone

There were many security cameras at my former employer’s. One night it's empty and boring, and you sort of get numb after a while and forget about all those cameras hanging from the ceiling. I’ve seen it happen so many times. So one night, this girl who worked there is walking towards the bathroom and stops in the entryway just past the security gates.

She then picks a big, long, gooey booger out of her nose and slurps it up. The manager reviewing the tapes, instead of chuckling and keeping it to himself, chuckles and shows the store manager and whoever else was in the building at the time. So by now, who even knows how many people have seen this embarrassing thing...

A few days later, there is a bag of candy to share and the manager comments to the store manager, “She doesn't seem like the kind of girl to eat sweets,” all while the girl is standing right there! Sometimes you just zone out, you know? But here’s the real twist. That girl was me, and I don’t think I’ll ever live it down in my own mind.


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11. Madwoman Or Genius?

In the middle of the summer, a large woman was walking through the frozen food section when she passed a waist level open-top freezer. She stopped, hitched up her dress, and sat her panty-less butt down on some TV dinners to cool herself off.


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12. Deep Undercover

I worked security at a casino on the Canadian border several years ago and was standing at an entrance checking IDs. In Washington, if a casino allows drinks on the floor then everyone must be 21 or over. So I'm standing just inside the entrance, and this homeless guy comes walking up to me and asks me, "Hey, let me speak to your manager."

Two things immediately spring to mind: One, we're on a highway about 20 miles from the nearest town and it's the middle of the winter, so how did a homeless guy get here? Two, my manager was a busy man and would not want to be bothered by this. So the ensuing exchange goes something like this: Me: "Hey buddy, what can I do for you?"

HG: "I need to speak to your manager." Me: "Uh, he's busy at the moment, sorry. Anything he can do I can help you with, though." HG: (He's getting angry I can tell) "Listen, I need to speak to your manager and I need to speak to your manager now." Me: ... (Just as I hesitate, the plot twist hits) HG: sigh "I am a federal agent" pulls out an FBI badge "I need to speak to your manager.”

Me: (oh my god) "Ok sir one second." I immediately call my manager, of course. Turns out they had a huge drug bust going on in our parking lot with some Canadian Asian gang but had not "sprung" the trap yet. Since it was tribal land, they had to get permission or something like that. About 5 minutes later shift, rotation happened and I lucked out and got to go to the camera room.

Another federal agent came inside with us and told us exactly who in the parking lot were the good/bad guys so we could follow them. I got to see all the action, it was like watching some bad 80s cop movie. As soon as the trade was made, mounties/feds appeared everywhere out of all these vehicles they had set up before the bust.


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13. Pop A Squat

A man walked in the store and went directly to the towel section. Once he got there, he looked around to make sure no one else was nearby. He immediately pulled down his pants and took a dump right on the floor. Of course, it was part of his plan to be in the towel section. Once he finished his business, he went and smeared his doo doo butter all over the floor. But this was actually part of a much more devious plot.

We soon found out that the poop was a diversion for some petty DVD shoplifting. The guy got chased out of the store and apprehended by security.


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14. The Lost Unicorn

I monitor about 70 different banks and over 200 ATM cameras. I get a lot of the generic crazy stuff, but I remember one night I was watching an overhead vestibule camera in one of our banks. It's a 24-hour vestibule, so members can come in and use the ATM. Around 5 am, a guy shows up and gets down on his hands and knees on the tile floor.

At first I couldn't tell what he was doing, but I knew it was suspicious so I called our Patrol Officer and told him to head out that way. As I watched, I could slowly see he was drawing. I thought it was going to be something naughty, but it turned out he was actually drawing a unicorn. I couldn't believe it. Our patrol driver showed up when he was halfway through and the guy took off running.

We don't know what he was using to draw on the tile but it was some kind of chalky stuff. We were able to get a janitor out there to clean it up before the bank opened. I had to explain the story to my boss about four times before he believed what I was telling him. I had pictures and videos recorded, of course, and I begged him to let me have them so I could submit them to a show or something.

However, he gave me the whole "It’s bank property, you can't show anyone the pictures," etc. Now all I have is a story of a random graffiti artist who loves unicorns. I never saw him again.


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15. Major Major

I had many part-time security guard assignments over several years when I was in school, and by far the weirdest people I ever encountered were my fellow security guards. I always worked night shifts at industrial sites where no one else was around and there was not much to do.  There was this one ex WWII Marine (as he would constantly remind you) who still referred to himself as Sergeant.

If you did anything to set him off, like maybe show up five minutes late, he would go on an epic rant and get stuck in kind of a feedback loop of ever-escalating screaming. I remember once I just had to leave him, and as I was driving off I watched him in the rear view mirror, pacing back in forth in the parking lot, spinning around and waving his arms, ranting to himself.


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16. What We Do In The Shadows

My husband used to work at a hotel, and things started going missing in his office. In response, the general manager set up a camera facing the desk. It wasn’t actually hidden; if you looked up you'd see it. Anyhow, they run the camera for the first time and in the morning, the GM checks it. What they find was utterly shocking.

The night auditor sets up his laptop on my husband's desk, props his foot up on a garbage can, turns on his favorite "video" and stuff. As this boy is going at it, a guest comes to the desk, he stops and tucks it away, and helps the guest. Guest leaves and he gets back to it. Finishes twice during the night and starts up a third time, but there's just too many guests interrupting him.

He was fired the next day, and my husband sterilized his desk and work area for nearly the entire day. Every nook and cranny.


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17. Tragedy On Film

I worked for eight years in a casino. I saw a lot of the everyday stuff like nose picking, etc. But one day was the most gruesome thing I’ll ever see. We watched a guy who had blown his whole family fortune in the casino douse himself in gasoline, climb into his car, and light up. Happened way too fast for us to do anything.


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18. I Scream, You Scream

Me and some friends went to a club in a big shopping centre. The way this is set up is that the club is part of the centre, but the door to it is outside and you can't access the rest of the mall at all during the night. Well, after some table dancing, one of my friends was desperately looking for the toilet. He went through a door. Then another door.

Then another one. And ended up inside the mall somehow. Unsure of what to do and not in his right mind, he walked around and found an unlocked door. He pushed through it and found a freezer. Deciding that it was go time, he was going to take the leak inside. He opened it and…JACKPOT. Dozens and dozens and dozens of Ben & Jerry’s.

He immediately attacks them, gorging himself until he realised that—shoot. He now has to find his way back to the club. Picking up a load of ice cream, he kicks a door open and finds a girl who works at the club. He’s now covered in ice cream after eating it all with his hands, and he asks her to let him in back into the nightclub.

She obliges and ice cream was had by all. He eventually found another bathroom. The whole place was covered in security cameras. We always wondered what his little Ben & Jerry’s adventure must have looked like to anyone who happened to stumble over the tape.


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19. Looking For This?

In my senior year of high school, one of my friends saw a freshman struggling to get something out of the vending machine. Being the heroic senior that he was, he walked up, pulled the vending machine back a bit, and let it fall back. This was a huge mistake. At this point, the entire glass front shattered. But my friend didn’t even bat an eye.

He reached in, picked up the bag of chips, and handed it to the freshman with an absolute poker face. However, he knew there was a security camera on the vending machine, so he went straight to the Dean of Students' office and they ended up watching the video. The Dean was usually kind of a jerk, but he wasn't even mad. He just laughed out loud and said, "Ha! You actually gave him what he paid for!"


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20. Office Romance

I work at a rather large government complex and there are quite a few stories. The best one we have video evidence of is the couple that works at our site who seem to like to go "park" from time to time. We've caught them a handful of times. You've never seen a car rock back and forth so violently as it can when this woman gets on top.

Last time we confronted them, all they wanted to know was whether or not we were going to tell her husband or his wife.


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21. Cool Customer

I worked at a grocery store and found a huge poop laying on the floor about 10 feet away from the restrooms. I go upstairs to check the camera, and I couldn’t believe what I saw. Some middle-aged woman is walking, stops, shakes her leg, the poop falls out, and she resumes shopping. She was in the store for another 20 minutes or so.

Didn't even faze her. And she continued to be a regular customer.


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22. Don’t Sleep On This

I saw a guy shoplifting at my office workplace. When he was confronted with the video, he said in an extremely earnest way that he was sleep walking. He should have quit while he was ahead. When the video went on to him making out with his (married), female co-worker just minutes after he took the item, that story fell apart.


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23. Losing Focus

I’m a former advertising guy. We used to run "focus groups" of consumers led by a moderator in a room with big one-way mirrors, with agency people (me) and clients on the other side, sitting comfortably drinking and whatever. On two separate occasions a (different) young woman came into the room first as an early arrival, looked around, walked up to the mirror, checked out her hair and teeth, and popped a zit right into my face.


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24. Putting The “Prat” In Pratfall

A few years ago I was a security officer at the Sears Tower in downtown Chicago. My supervisor once showed me a video of this naked guy running around outside of the building, only to have it end with him running straight into the glass window and falling backwards. We were all busting a gut laughing; honestly, it was pure physical comedy.


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25. Poetic Justice

Last year, I was working at a shop that is known for having a lot of cameras in it. We were about to close up after having to deal with one last rude customer. I believe that it was me and someone else in the back room tidying up. I turned around at the exact wrong moment, and suddenly my boss busted out laughing "DID YOU SEE THAT?!"

Apparently this woman who had just laid into my other co-worker for not having something in stock had walked out the door, rolled on her heel, and fallen flat on her butt. Needless to say, we watched this over and over for a good 20 minutes before getting back to work.


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26. The Animal Kingdom

There was a cat in our parking lot trotting along and zipping around, but the frame rate on our camera matched perfectly with its legs, so we never saw the legs move. It looked liked the cat was on an invisible skateboard, and it was the funniest thing I've seen in my life. There was also a skunk that got his head stuck in a yogurt cup.

We noticed him when we came into work. He was walking in tight circles nonstop. We looked at the overnight feed and the poor thing was doing small circles nonstop for six hours. We drew straws to see who would try to knock it off its head. In the end, we all decided to help the poor little guy. We got him free eventually!


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27. Look Away!

I was once at a friend’s house. Since he lived in quite a rough area, his parents had installed some CCTV cameras. Well, we were sitting in his dad's study watching the world around the house, and in one of the cameras it looked like there was a couple going at it like rabbits. Well, after a zoom and an enhance, we realized the disturbing reality.

The sight before us was indeed a woman involved in an intimate act…but with a dog. It was insane. I don't think I've been so freaked out by something before or since.


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28. Somebody’s Watching You

When I was 17, I was working security in a 12-story building in Dallas. It was a full security building and my job was to take the elevator to the top and then walk down over and over, randomly going into offices and checking them. It was a big building. Multi-use with dozens of companies inside. One night around 3:00 am, I was pretty much the only person in the building.

I was wandering around in an office I hadn't been in much, and went into a corner room just to look around. Mostly I was intending to look out the windows and check the parking lot. I rarely bothered turning on lights. Just randomly lit things up with my flashlight. I watched the parking lot for a moment, then turned to wander out.

The office closet had no doorknob, and looking right at me through the hole was an eye. After half my hair fell out, and my heart started to slow down, I realized the jerk that owned that office had put a poster on the other side of that door with an eye lined up with that hole. I'm still mad at him, and it’s been like over a decade now.


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29. Best Friends Forever

I worked at a large retail establishment, and the "highlight reel" of the security team was awesome. Here's the weirdest thing I ever saw, and honestly will ever see. It was two bros shopping in electronics together, not looking particularly suspicious. I mean these were your typical frat-type dudes; khaki cargo shorts, backwards hats, Abercrombie shirts—this was 2008ish.

One perched down to look at something on the bottom shelf and the other one came up, put his hand on the crouching guy’s shoulder, and fully puts his hand down the back of the guy’s pants. Bro #1 is unfazed. Bro #2 steps back and inhales deeply of the backdoor essence of Bro #1. They don't buy anything and then leave nonchalantly.


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30. The Conniption Will Be Televised

I worked a graveyard shift in security at the psych ward of a hospital last summer. The most memorable thing I can think of was when a patient threw the television across the room after pacing in front of it for over half an hour. When I rewound the tape to find out more information, I noticed that he had been watching a Magic Bullet infomercial.


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31. The Circle Of Life

I was guarding a wind farm construction site in a place called Coldham in England. My site was in the middle of a bunch of fields, and I liked to sit in my car during my night shifts as the awful excuse for a cabin they gave us smelled of urine and the heating would often cut out the power. So I was in my car with my laptop watching something or other.

Suddenly, I see a quick dash to my left. Without getting out, I look out the window. Because it was night, I couldn't see anything. I flick on my main beams and what did I see? Two of the biggest hares going at it right in front of my car. Not so spectacular, I hear you say? Well, ever heard the expression "You look like a rabbit caught in the headlights"?

It refers to rabbits, hares, deer, and other woodland critters being frozen in place when hit with a sudden beam of light. Were the two hares frozen in place? Yes...yes they were, and this made it much easier for the fox hiding just behind the cabin to run out and snatch the one on top. That's right people, not only did I stop a hare mid-hump, but I also got the little guy killed.


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32. Little Girl Lost

I currently work third shift security at a fairly quiet data center. Super easy, and I don't really see many people. There are usually about four or five employees around who also work in the building. Before working third shift, I used to pull 12-12 on the weekends, talk about boring. Pretty much just sit at a desk, monitor cameras, and every now and then check on the data centers.

Anyway, while I was working one night, I'm just kind of hanging out at the desk. Seemed like a typical night, nothing going on, here I am sitting here every now and then looking at the cameras. Suddenly, something managed to catch my eye on one of the monitors. I look over, and I could not believe what I saw. It’s a frozen image of a little girl in one of the dark hallways near the back of the building.

I literally say out loud, "OH HECK NO!" No way I'm going back there to check it out. Then I remember I can just do a playback to see if I was just missing something. Rewind to find out I missed one of the employees leading his daughter by the camera, due to the fact that the computer the cameras are tied to is a piece of junk. It had skipped those frames. Could not have been more relieved.


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33. You Think You Know Someone

I worked as a manager at a convenience store about 10 years ago. One customer was a semi-homeless man who'd come in and buy a couple packs of cigs. It was winter, and I had a small table and chairs set up. He was a pretty chill guy, but after a week or so of his patronage, he was sitting and having a smoke when another customer came in.

I can't remember the specifics, but he began to insult and belittle the customer, so I had to eventually kick him out of the store. He was clearly upset but I really didn't think much of it at the time. About two weeks later, he comes in and doesn't say a word. I'm behind the counter, and he's just standing a few feet away. For me, that gets my attention.

After a long minute and a "can I help you?", he finally buys a single pack of Reds, says nothing, and walks out. I was suspicious, so I reviewed the CCTV. I didn't think it would show anything wild, but wow, was I wrong. And in the worst way possible. The camera shows the counters from the side, and in the hand I couldn't see, the guy was holding a revolver. Officers came and took the tape and a statement, but I doubt anything came of it. I quit shortly after—the pay sucked.


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34. Smile, You’re On Camera

I've seen a psych patient knock a nurse out cold. I've seen, more than once, couples trying to get a little slap and tickle on. I've seen elderly people lost in places they shouldn't have been able to get to. I've seen people blatantly drinking in the building. I had a boss who was a creepy perv and liked to zoom in on the cute female pharmacy techs—with no shame, he did this during meetings and in front of everyone.

He got fired for misconduct over something else, no surprise there. Most of our cameras aren't "hidden," they are just sitting in cases that protect them. Because they aren't obviously cameras, just a white box with a tinted glass panel, people don't seem to register that they're on camera and do all kinds of embarrassing stuff in front of them.


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35. The Happiest Place On Earth

While working grad nights at Disneyland, I always loved working on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. About an hour before the kids headed back to the buses (3am-ish) things got really quiet and very few people came through the rides. The ones that did were always couples looking for someplace to make out.

Being in the dispatch booth was always great at that point, because you had full view of all of the cameras throughout the ride. Depending on who was working at unload, I would let them know when it was happening and he would give them a wink or shake his finger at them to let them know...we know.


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36. After Hours

I worked at a Community College A/V department for a while. The security office hired me to make (and then run) a bunch of hidden camera setups. There was a rash of theft on campus, and security suspected their own people, so they went to another department for help. I threw together a couple simple setups, cams in VHS cases, clocks, speakers, etc.

One of the first places they had me set things up was in the office of the president of the college. They were complaining about things being moved. There were other places that needed the gear more, but the president gets what she wants. First day after having the rig setup, I'm reviewing the tape from the night before.

Around midnight, the light in the office comes on. I know it's not cleaning, because they were there hours earlier. It ended up being several of the president’s office staff...not wearing any clothing...and doing very intimate things. I knew what I had do to. When it came time to report the first week’s results, I gave security a video file of static, citing technical difficulties.

Then I left a note on the desk of one of the office employees—leaving it anonymous of course—suggesting that they stop. I included a still frame shot of their escapades. A week later, several of the staff quit, which was NOT my intention. I felt kind of bad about the whole thing, and handed over the task to someone else.


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37. Rear Ended

A guy picked a wedgie out of his butt for 22.5 minutes (no lie). It was like his undies were being eaten by his butt, because his hand was almost all the way in his pants. After that, he went right back to work. And yes, his job involved touching food.


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38. Queen Of The Karens

We had a building in Boulder, CO, which housed many upper-class snobs with way too much money. Condos ranging from 500K-6Million. One day while sitting there watching the cameras, I came across a woman having nothing but trouble trying to leave her parking garage. She was trying to stick her ticket in the garage, but didn't park close enough to the machine.

She attempted to open the door and reach with all her might!  Next thing you know, she is out of the car, her arm stuck in the seatbelt, and the car starts rolling away from her. The best part is when she finally freed her arm, she attempted to hold the Jeep by the opening the door and stop it from rolling.

She FAILED, the car dragged her through the gate and crashed into a wall in front of her. We called everyone over for the next few weeks to watch the video. It was the funniest thing I've ever seen. Unfortunately, when the property management found out that we were laughing at the misfortune of one of their residents, they had the videos removed. But I'll never forget the look on Karen's face as her car rolls away...


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39. So Close, Yet So Far

I worked for security when I was in college, and the girl I had been seeing came and visited me at my office, since I was working the graveyard shift. She was swinging by to say goodbye because it was the end of the semester and she was moving back home for the summer. We kissed, said our goodbyes, etc, and she left me. That’s when my nightmare began.

Not two minutes after leaving, she shows up at the entrance to one of the dorms that my office security equipment covers. Guy comes to the door, they make out briefly, then disappear inside. She didn't leave before the end of my shift. Felt bad man.


Security guardsShutterstock

40. Rolling In Dough

We had a camera hidden in the cash counting room. The cash supervisor was taking bills…and hiding the money in her fat rolls. We got it on camera and had her come to the office. She had to lift up her shirt and pull all the money out of her rolls.


Security guardsPexels

41. The Invisible Man

I work security for a relatively large bank with a lot of offices in Europe. I can log on and look at any camera we have on any of our branches, ATMs, or deposit boxes. One time, we had an alarm at one of our branch offices. There is nothing to be seen on camera at the site, however I dispatch a security guard to check this and reset the alarm or find out if it’s a malfunction etc.

The guard arrives, finds nothing unusual on the site, and resets the alarm. Then the guard leaves, and 10 minutes after that we get another alarm, this time from one of the safes at the place. I check the video again and notice a light on in the saferoom, and see there are bits of plaster on the floor...So we contact the authorities and they go there with the security guard.

I then check the video and see that there has been a burglar. He’s gone in through the roof, using a ski mask and equipment like that. He had set off the first alarm, and then he sat on the roof and waited for the security guard to reset the alarm. His mistake, though, was to touch the safes. As soon as he tripped that alarm, he scurried away.


Security guardsShutterstock

42. Handle With Care

The funniest thing I've ever seen is an 18-Wheeler dumping $175,000 worth of product down a private road right near the client site, all while the driver didn't notice a thing. By the time we got a hold of the trucker, we had 90 percent of it cleaned up, and the truck was three states away. Sadly for that driver and that company, nothing was able to be salvaged as the product was in glass vials.


Security guardsPexels

43. Shadowplay

I work in a restaurant and we have cameras. A few weeks ago, my boss and I are cleaning up the kitchen before we head home. When we were done, she and I went into her office to sit, finish some paperwork, and talk before I headed out. She has the video feed from the cameras up in her office and I’m staring at the screen mindlessly.

Suddenly, this black shape just emerges from the corner. I cut her off and made her look too, and we just sat there getting pale and waiting for the shape to move. After something like a mere 15 seconds, the thing just receded and was gone. We waited a few minutes and both left together. It was creepy.


Security guardsPexels

44. Start Your Engines

I was an assistant manager at a small casino. Some Darwin award recipient tried to drive his Harley through the casino. It wasn't a very big place, so he thought he could make it from the back door to the front before anyone caught him. Well, he didn't make the tight turn between the slots and ended up on his side.  Oh, but it got better.

All the male security guards froze and the lone female basically jumped on top of the guy and sat on him until everyone came to help.


Security guardsPexels

45. Blinded By The Light

I've seen one strange thing on camera that I haven't been able to explain. The camera at one of the sites where I worked nights was situated in the high right corner of the lobby, so it looked over the entrance. The entire wall of the building facing the street was glass; it was a skyscraper. One night around 3 am, I notice a light on the security monitor.

It was a white cone of light that kept moving around in no discernible pattern. Being in the lobby, I was maybe 20 feet from the door and when I looked up, I couldn't see any light. It was only on the monitor. This went on for maybe an hour. I tried to figure it out but couldn't understand what was going on. I looked outside and everything looked normal.

There was no extra light coming from anywhere. The only thing that wasn't business as usual was a building across the street had contractors working in their lobby, but they were too far away to be causing the light. They didn't even have any extra light on in their building. I worked in that building for three years and that was the only time that ever happened.


Security guardsPexels

46. Thank You, Arigato

When I worked in a casino, my boyfriend at the time (who worked in security at the same casino) informed me that everyone in security and surveillance could, in fact, watch me dance the robot in the elevators.


Security guardsPexels

47. Woman Down

There was a security video at my office that was passed around of a girl during a rainstorm falling (fully submerged) into a manhole hidden in a puddle. She was fine by the way.


Security guardsUnsplash

48. Get Your Kicks

I’m a security guard in a large mall with lots of Plexiglas. I lock the doors at 11 pm, and there is nothing funnier than watching people run into the automatic doors.


Security guardsPexels

49. The Lone Ranger

When I was a regular security officer, I would work the night shift. My job was to basically walk the building's interior and exterior and watch the CCTVs. At night, the cameras sometimes don't show perfect images. After I am done with an external round at 3 am, I go inside and look at one of the cameras that cover one especially dark corner of the building.

Standing there, doing absolutely nothing but staring at the camera, is a lone man. I cannot distinguish his features because of the camera's low quality. This man is just standing there staring at the camera, not moving an inch. He wasn't doing anything mischievous, so I couldn't call the authorities just yet. So instead, I wasted some time and reviewed the recorded footage to see when he got there.

Turns out, he popped out of the bushes right after I'm seen walking by from my recent external round. He seems to follow me a little bit, but when I cut out of view he stops and stares at the camera until I come back in to the control room. When I stop the DVR, I look back at the camera and he is gone. I did NOT go back outside until sunrise.


Security guardsShutterstock

50. Bad Juju

I work the night shift in a hotel, and I watch the CCTVs on and off all night in between all of the other work I do. It's not an old hotel, but it can be a little odd sometimes. Camera 14 used to spook me because there were always shadows flashing across it without there being any evidence of anyone being near the camera.

For the past two months, though, there have been issues with Camera 3. Camera 3 is in the pool room. I generally don't pay attention to it because the pool is closed until the last hour of my shift, but the TV is a split screen of all the cameras, so I do see it. About two months ago, I went to sweep and mop the pool. The entire place just felt off in a way that I can't describe. I blamed it on being tired, and I'm often a little paranoid when I'm tired.

I finished up in there and got out as fast as possible. When I get back to the office to hang up the keys, I look at the cameras, and Camera 3 is down. Completely. The screen is the bright blue indicating it has gone offline. I ignored it for the rest of the night (camera maintenance is not my job, and I wouldn't know how to fix it), and I told my boss in the morning.

She went back on the tape because she wondered why it had gone down. The answer made my spine tingle. All she saw was a shadow on the tape, and then the camera was gone. This isn't too big a deal, shadows from passing cars do go through the room at night, but when we looked at the physical camera itself, it had literally been moved.

Maybe it fell, who knows? But I really didn't like working in there after that. Camera 3 was fixed a month ago, but the room still gives me the creeps. Two weeks ago, as I was watching the cameras for a few minutes before going back to reading, I noticed movement on Camera 3. I stare at the screen for a while, and I saw a shadowy thing (there really is no other way to describe it) shift across the floor.

I can't see the door of the pool room from Camera 3, and no other camera can either, but I see it shift toward the door. The hotel is fairly small, and while I can't see the pool room from the office, I can hear the doors. I hear a loud bang bang bang on the door, and then watched as the shadow just sort of melted back toward the hot tub.

There's a hotel cat that wanders around outside. He's a good cat, he likes attention, and he follows me on my rounds outside to take out the trash. He's been doing it all summer like clockwork. The past two months, though, things changed. He won't let me on the side of the building of the pool room. He doesn't like it over there, and he will rush out in front of me and snag my pants to keep me from going in front of him.

He has outright started hissing at the pool room, and he has actually attacked the window before. This is very odd for a cat that's normally nice and sweet. Two nights ago, while I was studying, I heard the banging from inside the pool room again. Just as I looked up at the CCTV to see if it was the shadow, I don't see the shadow, I see an eye.

And then the camera went off line again. That morning, as I went to add bromine to the spa, the bromine tank, quite literally, exploded. I have no clue what it is, or if I'm just very, very tired, but that place is just bad juju of the worst sort.


Security guardsUnsplash

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