March 9, 2020 | Eul Basa

People Share Small Things That Upset Them More Than Usual 

Life is full of little disappointments. While some are easier to fluff off than others, there are those pet peeves we just can’t get over. From stepping on a wet surface with socks to people who turn too slowly on an advanced green, these are the little things that grind people’s gears.

#1 Cat Food

Oh my word, let me tell everyone something right now. Honestly, if I had a dollar for every time that I had to go back out at like midnight after getting home from a 12-hour shift to get cat food, I’d be a rich woman at this point. I think I’d be rich enough to have someone go out and actually buy cat food for me.

1280px-Pet_Food_AisleWikimedia Commons

#2 Causing a Divorce

When I was 14, this miserable old couple was standing in the middle of an aisle with their cart right beside them, taking up almost the entire width of the aisle. I needed to get by, so I said, "Excuse me. I just have to sneak by." They just scoffed at me and then went back to their complaining about the prices.

I went to sneak my cart by and I accidentally bumped their cart a little. They got mad and the woman went off about how "this younger generation is so disrespectful, your mother should be ashamed of how she raised you." I told them to cry me a river and the woman lost her mind. She told her husband, "Someone needs to whip that idiot. Can you believe the nerve?" The husband just snapped, " Enough !" at her and she gasped. I may have caused a divorce.


#3 Passing By

When I was running errands the other day, I saw this woman standing in the middle of an entrance. She was just on her cellphone, totally oblivious to everyone else around her. So, I stood next to her for a few seconds and then let loose the gas I'd planned to release outside. I then went on my merry little way.


#4 La La, Not Listening

People asking questions and then not listening for the answer. I have a different job now because my last boss did this so often. I also just want to say that doing this with any disabilities isn’t the same thing. If you're making the effort and are not able to pay attention, that's fundamentally different from just choosing not to.


#5 Sidewalk Moses

I honestly get so frustrated by those people who walk slowly in front of you. It’s bad enough on its own, but it’s worse when you have no opportunity to pass them. I typically just bellow out, "make a hole." The good news is that when this technique is employed properly, the sea of people part as if I were Moses.


#6 Just Go

Breaking right-of-way on the road is what causes most of my road rage. There are traffic laws in place for a reason. Abide by them just like everyone else for everyone’s safety. Being “nice” doesn’t help anyone, it just causes panicked reaction by everyone around you. Also, can people please start using their signal?


#7 You Told Me This

My old roommate was a really heavy partier and he'd always go into the same collection of stories when he was partying. "You've told me this" did nothing to make him stop. He'd still tell the entire story. After two years, there were stories I'd literally heard anywhere from 8-12 times. It was a relief to move.


#8 I Already Know

People who explain something to you without checking to see if you already know the information annoys me. It’s happened to me so many times. I'd be talking to a guy who plays percussion and so do I, so we both know we’re fellow percussionists. Yet, he continues to explain to me something about percussion as if I don't know. I hate it.


#9 Cheap Gossip

People who chat on their Bluetooth in public are frustrating. It’s those people and the ones who use the speakerphone on their phones while holding it up to their chin. Like, are you being serious right now? Hey, idiot. Your hand is 90% there, so why on earth do I need to listen to your cheap gossip in public?


#10 One-Up Pete

My sister once dated a super annoying guy for a few years. He was the kind of person who would always try to one-up someone else’s situation. It was so annoying. Anytime I described something happening to me, he’d always come up with something in an attempt to one-up my story. I started calling him “One-Up Pete.”


#11 Just Say Sorry

The type of people who can never just admit they made a mistake. It doesn't really matter how small the mistake is. When confronted, they always seem to have an excuse or a story. Honestly, just say "I'm sorry" and move on! I don't need an essay on why you did what you did. It's really not that big of a deal.


#12 Slot Machines for Kids

While at a restaurant, people who need to have the volume on their phones turned up to the max while they either listen to trash music or let their kid play some game. For some reason, the game sounds like a slot machine every time. Nobody around you wants to hear it. Also, it bugs me when you have earbuds in, something catches the cord and violently rips them out of your ears.


#13 Doubling Back

Those squirrels that sit near the edge of the road and dart across the moment you get there. But, they instead decide to live at the last second and turn back to where they came from. You think you're safe and continue on only for them to get confused, turn back around and get hit by accident anyway. Those stinkers.


#14 Mumbo Jumbo

When I try to find healthier, tasty recipes for my family, but you have to wade through all the author's mumbo jumbo about how the recipe is the new household favorite. They also give variations you can try and who knows what else. I never read it. The recipe is always at the bottom. Plus, you have to expose the visitor to all the strategically placed ads!


#15 I Deserve This

People who act entitled on planes. One time, this lady just cut me off and started explaining how she should be able to cut me off to get off the plane first. It’s like, I don’t care. Just stop talking. You don’t need to explain to me why you need to cut me off. Especially if you’re going to take 10 minutes to explain why you need to get off the plane first.


#16 Oh Sheet

For me, I’d have to say it’s when the fitted sheet comes off the mattress in the middle of the night. It's like this blaring alarm clock that just goes off right next to my ear. I don’t know how anyone else feels about it, but it’s impossible to ignore. I can't fall back to sleep unless I put the sheet back on.


#17 Banana Threads

Banana threads. You know what I’m talking about. Those tiny, stringy cords between the banana and its skin? I find them utterly revolting despite liking the fruit itself. It's like eating hair. Just the thought of it makes me want to vomit. I have yet to meet someone who shares my utter disgust for that wiry filth.


#18 Too Many Snacks

At my first job, I ran into someone who desperately wanted compliments by putting herself down. There was this young 20-something woman who would always say she was overweight. Only it was all the time because she wanted validation about how thin she was. To be honest, she was overly thin. One day, I was sick of her and said, "Karen, you do look like you've been eating a few too many snacks, maybe hit the gym or something?" Holy, did I get a glare from her.


#19 It’s Your Choice

When it comes to my personal pet peeves, I honestly can’t stand being told, “you chose whether your day is good or bad!” I get this sometimes when talking to someone about how I’m just having a bad day. Don’t get me wrong, I know that focusing on the positive is good, but sometimes I’m just having a crummy day.


#20 Bumper to Bumper

Even worse than people who tailgate are the people who tailgate you when there are two or three cars in front of you that are going slow. What do they want me to do exactly? Should I just ram the person in front of me? I can literally only go as fast as the cars in front of me until it’s safe to pass on the left.


#21 Missing Credit 

I do a lot of photography in my free time. I work for free a lot (I care more about the validation and my day job pays me more than enough), but the one thing that gets me is when people don't give me credit. I love that people post my stuff on Instagram and Facebook, but a little tag in the top corner with my handle would be nice. Giving people photo credit is a lot like tipping; it's not an obligation, but you kind of suck if you don't do it.


#22 Uncle Ernie’s Chrysler

When I lived in LA, people used four-way stops like a minor impediment. Basically, the person who approached the intersection with the most momentum got the right-of-way, not who actually came to a full stop first. I now live back in the Midwest in an area with substantially more older people. Holy, breaking right-of-way happens all of the time. I almost prefer the big city procedure over trying to interpret the hand signals and unclear intentions of Uncle Ernie in his rusted Chrysler.


#23 Every Red Light

Badly timed red lights. It sometimes seems as if every red light is there to prevent you from going home and relaxing. I swear, sometimes it seems like, "Oh, you're on your way home? You're going to hit every red light before you get there, even though you hit every green light on the way to work this morning."


#24 Scream Sneeze

Scream sneezers. I don’t think anyone can deny that this is a thing. Lots of people share this hatred. I shouldn’t out myself, but I naturally sneeze this way. I seem to have inherited from my dad’s side. I do my best to control it in public, but it’s what my body wants to do when I sneeze. Many, many people hate it.

woman-with-a-hay-fever-1523533127RNCPublic Domain Pictures

#25 We’re Getting There

Light turns green, the car in front of me casually notices. They think for a second about what to do, decide to finally remove foot from the brake and in the slowest way possible move it to the gas pedal. They then, ever so delicately apply pressure, making sure to never increase the RPMs to more than 25% above idle. Then, over the next 20 seconds, work their way up to 10 below the speed limit.


#26 Loose Your Mind

Even worse than those people who confuse “lose” and “loose” is when they can't tell the difference between "loss" or "lost." There are so many of these people on Facebook who say things like, "Sorry for your lost." Um, no. My grandmother passed away, she's not confused and wandering around an aisle at Target.


#27 Left Lane

When you’re driving along the interstate and someone doesn't understand that the left lane is for passing. Therefore, you're forced to pass them on the right. It’s either that or they just go the same speed as all of the cars in the right lane, blocking the pass lane for you. God, it’s really flippin’ annoying.


#28 Five Seconds

YouTube advertisements that I can't skip after five seconds. I've never gone through with buying anything because of a YouTube advertisement. So, if I can't skip the ad then that becomes a personal boycott on whatever product is wasting 15-30 seconds of my time. I mean, come on. I just want to watch the dang video!


#29 Rip The Knob Off

Movies that don’t seem to have their sound effects figured out. I hate movies where the dialogue is super quiet and the sound effects are really loud. I shouldn't have to turn up the volume just to hear the plot points and then turn it down again so that the explosions don't fill the speakers and make my ears ring!


#30 Moving Text

I can’t stand it when I’m scrolling through a web page and it loads in pieces while you're trying to read a paragraph. Then the paragraph keeps jerking out of view as the images and advertisements above it load in. It's like trying to read a CVS receipt while someone keeps yanking the other end out of your hand.


#31 Close That Door, Man

People who leave the kitchen cabinets open for no reason. It’s not as if they've taken out something and intend to put it back in a minute. That I’m okay with since it’s not a big deal. No, it’s because they've left it wide open and haven’t even been in the kitchen for hours. It looks so sloppy and is so easy not to do!

1280px-White_kitchen_with_cabinet_doors_and_drawers_opened_or_removed_so_that_real-life_stuff_can_be_seen_in_cabinetsWikimedia Commons

#32 Respectful Smoker

As a smoker, it bothers me when other smokers hover right in front of a busy entryway to smoke. Don’t do that. Move back the 20 feet the building asked of you! Put your butts in the proper receptacle! Don’t, for the love of God, blow smoke in people's faces! It drives me insane and I smoke too. Just respectfully.


#33 You Shall Not Pass

What bothers me is those grocery store shoppers who leave their carts in the middle of the aisle so that no one can pass by them. Then, they bend over to read the labels on various items. They seem oblivious to others trying to get by and don't "take the hint" when a shopper makes a sound to get their attention.

090928-F-9899A-015Andersen Air Force Base,

#34 Hey, No Cuts

When someone asks to schedule an appointment this week. I don't know about the next guy, but my schedule stays booked out six to eight weeks in advance. So no, I can't get you in tomorrow or the next day. Yes, I'm sure. And don't cop an attitude because you have to wait in line behind everyone else, no cuts.

My cancellation list goes in chronological order because again, no cuts. There are people who have been waiting six weeks to get in for an appointment. I'm not putting you before the clients who respectfully wait their turn. There are plenty of cheap tattoo artists who can get you in today or tomorrow, you're more than welcome to ask one of them.


#35 Whistling Dixie

For me, I’d have to say that it would be whistling. Well, I also have an excuse as to why. I get earaches and ear infections very easily. I'm not trying to ruin your happy and spirited tune, but whistling really hurts my ears. I do tend to get a little (a lot) nasty with people who do that when they're near me.

WhistleblowerWikimedia Commons

#36 Let’s Pay Attention

When someone at the front of the line at a red light messes everyone else up by not paying attention when it turns green. They end up being the only one that gets through the light. This is why I am prone to “courtesy honks” as soon as the light turns green to remind those silly fools this is not just a leisurely Sunday excursion. Let’s pay attention. Some of us got places to be.


#37 Small Sounds

I’d have to say that it’s small, unnecessary sounds that people make. It’s things such as messing with Velcro, crinkling a cheap water bottle, clicking a pen, or taking the lid of a highlighter or dry erase marker on and off. Other things like people tapping their feet or smacking gum are also pretty annoying.


#38 Could You Move?

When there are five slow drivers in a row at a stoplight and each of them takes five seconds after the car in front of them moves to start moving. Then they all move slower than the car in front of them. This is why I don't consider it reckless driving to treat the stoplight like a drag race start when I'm at the front or do my best to start moving at the same time as the car in front of me. I accelerate at the same speed they do. Once we're away from the intersection, then we can start establishing a “safe follow distance.” Simultaneous acceleration could solve a lot of traffic issues.


#39 Sound the Alarm

Setting 17 alarms to get up. If you live alone and need to do that, whatever. But once you have a bedmate, you need to be considerate because now it's 5:45 a.m and I'm wide awake. Plus, we both know that you aren't getting up until 6:35. Just answer me this, why bother setting all the other alarms? Either set only the late one or have the self-discipline to get out of bed!


#40 Way Too Loud

I don’t know if this is just me, but people who have the volume of their radio so high that I can hear it from inside my house. Like, not everyone wants to hear the music you’re listening to and not a lot of people like it when you’re blaring music from your car! Coming from someone who gets easily distracted and sometimes annoyed by noises like this, don’t blare your music at full volume in your car. If we can hear it outside and inside a home, it’s way too loud. Please, just keep your radio volume at a reasonable level.


#41 Litter Bug

Littering. In my mind, it points towards a certain set of character traits instantly. At least in the States, you have no excuse for not knowing that it’s bad. No, it’s not that. It’s that you just don't care. And you probably don't care about a lot of little things you do that have larger impacts than you think. You're disgusting.

Littering_the_mountainWikimedia Commons

#42 Park Job

People who don't park within the lines. There's an office building I pass on my way to class every day and no one parks in the lines. They will literally all park on top of the line and it drives me crazy. Why can't you just park in the lines? Ironically, the office I see this in front of the most is a car insurance place.

1024px-Parking_space_outside_Vagar_airportWikimedia Commons

#43 Louder Than Normal

I absolutely hate it when someone is out in public, takes a phone call, and puts their phone on speaker. To that same end, if you’re checking out at a store, please have the courtesy to at least get off of the phone and speak to the person calling you. At the very least, put the phone down and take care of your business. When I worked in retail, I would always speak to a person who was checking out at a louder-than-normal volume if they were talking on the phone.


#44 Little Reminders

When I get into the car and don’t put on my seatbelt right away before starting the engine, sometimes the “seat belt minder” chimes five times. Sometimes, it chimes as much as six times. The inconsistency is infuriating. At this point, I try to put on my seat belt before I have to hear the incessant chiming...

Cynthia Bevel demonstrates proper seatbelt safety before operating her vehicle at Arnold Air Force Base.Arnold Air Force

#45 Heads Down

I work as a pilot. I honestly hate it when I’m walking through a busy terminal and get stuck behind people with their heads down because they’re on their phone. The day that I finally retire, I'm going to walk down the hall slapping phones out of peoples' hands. It's going to be awesome and really satisfying.


#46 Going in Blind

Spoilers. Even minor ones, such as saying that there’s a twist in the movie or that a character is this or that way. It’s unreasonable, sure, but I’ll constantly think about said spoilers while I’m watching or reading something. I also won’t be able to appreciate the work to the same degree as if I went in blind.


#47 New Foods

People, adults and children included, who say “ew” with that overly dramatic tone when seeing or trying any food that they’re not familiar with. In my upbringing, I was taught to respect food, even if I’m not the biggest fan of that particular dish. Those dishes are the hard work of the people who prepare them.


#48 Chris, Not Christopher

When someone in my life calls me Christopher, not Chris. Chris is my real name and it’s what I go by. If someone knows that Chris is my name but still calls me Christopher, it really upsets me. I once knew someone at my old school who kept calling me Christopher to annoy me. Yes, they were successful in annoying me.


#49 Bumped His Head

Bumping my head makes me instantly angry. I figure it's got something to do with ancient monkey brain dictating that rage is the best response to a head injury in case of attack. But, it's still a pain in the butt to be having a good time just to bump my head on something. Then, I just immediately feel the fight response start pouring into my system.


#50 Fresh Socks

I know that just about everyone in the world hates this, but here goes. I hate when you put on fresh socks in the morning and accidentally walk back in the bathroom after your shower and your socks get wet. I know that I can just go and change socks. I also know it shouldn’t anger me too much, yet here we are.



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