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People Share The Kindest Thing They’ve Ever Seen Or Done

It doesn’t take much for a kind gesture to make someone’s day. Even if it’s as simple as tipping your waitress more than you usually do, a little goes a long way. Kindness makes the world go round and these people here know that better than anyone.

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#1 My Dad’s a Hero

My dad ran into an old high school friend he hadn't seen in years. He learned that the man was sick, that he had no family except a son in college in another state and that he was basically dealing with it all by himself. When he found that out, my dad started taking him to his appointments and out to lunch.

He even organized how to take his crazy number of prescriptions since it was confusing to figure out when to take them when they all had different times and requirements (There were about 18 of them). Then, when his friend passed away, my dad helped his son do all of the arrangements. My dad’s my hero. He’s such a giving person and I strive to be like him.

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#2 Research Experiment

I was 16, driving over to my girlfriend's house on rainy Saturday afternoon. There was a man biking in front of me and when he went to get onto the sidewalk, he fell right over. I pulled into the closest driveway and saw that his bike was mangled and his arm was injured. I threw his bike in my trunk, gave him my old sweatshirt for his arm, and drove him home.

When I dropped him off, he gave me his card turned out he was a dentist at a local research hospital. Well, fast-forward to when I'm 19 and the same man took out my wisdom teeth for free as part of a "research experiment." Not sure if there was actually an experiment that they needed wisdom teeth for, but just goes to show that good things happen to good people.

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#3 Someone’s Small Gesture

I worked at Starbucks. One morning, around 6:30, a customer came in and I asked how she was doing. "Oh it’s already crazy and I haven't even started," she replied. To make her day go a little easier, I gave her her coffee order for free. A few days later, I was having a terrible morning. It was 6:30 and there was already chaos. Well, that same woman came in, asked me how I was doing and I said the above. A couple of hours later, she came back with a gift bag for me. Inside was a nice bottle of wine. We'd both had bad mornings, and someone's small gesture had made the day just a little bit nicer.

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#4 Calm Me Down

I broke my foot while bouldering a week into my semester abroad. I had never been out of the country before, so I was absolutely panicking. A total stranger came right over after I fell, recorded important information for the paramedics, and spent the next ten or so minutes while waiting for the ambulance. They’d ask me questions about my studies and my research (I'd mentioned I was a student). He asked such thoughtful questions, was so kind and able to calm me down even though I was absolutely freaking out.

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#5 Single Mom

It was my first job in the field of conservation and my boss was a real tough guy, but secretly a kind man. I had a six-month-old son and was a 20-year-old single mom. I had just found out some bad news and was really sinking financially. My son's dad was dipping in and out. I wasn't emotionally mature enough for a relationship at the time. I had too much on my plate. One thing after another.

I was the only woman on a crew of seven men, working to plant trees, fixing USFS roads and restoring habitats in the PNW for ten hours a day. Too girlie to relate to the guys, too manly for my girlfriends. Nobody understood. I felt hopeless. One day, I cried on lunch break as it was all stacking up and I was cracking under pressure.

After work the next day, as the other crew members filtered out of the work trucks, my boss said to me, "Just wait for a second." I was irritated because I thought he was going to ream me for my work performance (which he frequently did, for everyone). Instead, he waited until everyone was gone, pulled out his wallet and took a wad of cash out.

He said, "I don't know how much is here because I just grabbed a handful. But I want you to take every dollar in my wallet and help get yourself out of that hole you're in." It's been almost a decade since then, and my life has been completely turned around. I'm deliriously happy now. That gruff, sour old forester made a big change in my life, and for much more than that moment. I'll always appreciate having the opportunity to know and work for him.

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#6 Adding Money

I went to pump gas today. The card reader was broken, so I went inside. As I opened the door, I saw a mother holding her daughter’s hand, saying, “Come here, honey” as she inched towards the cashier. She then pulled out a crumpled dollar bill and some change from her purse. She told the cashier, “$1.47 on three please.”

When it was my turn, I added $10 to her pump. I tried to do the deed unnoticed but her $1.47 worth of gas ran out before I could enter my $10 worth. This resulted in me going outside and telling her to try the pump again. She knew it was me and was very thankful. I can’t help but wonder if the exchange was destiny at play.

How often is a card reader broken at a gas station forcing you to go inside? Had that not been the case, I wouldn’t have been presented the opportunity to help. Before the mother left, she told me that she hopes someone does something nice for me in return. Though that would be appreciated, the only thing I truly hope for in return is to be presented with more opportunities where I can be of help. I have yet a single regret: only adding $10.

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#7 Random Guy

I was talking to some random guy in the bar and he said he was having surgery the next day. He didn't have someone to pick him up after. I ended up driving him there, sitting with him before he went back, calling his parents when he got out, sitting with him in recovery, picking up his post-op meds, driving him home, and making sure he was okay before I left. I never saw him again, and that's okay.

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#8 Just Being Nosey

An older gentleman tried to ship an envelope to his “grandson” from a shipping company I worked at. The way he acted and the things he said threw up too many red flags in my head, so (against company policy), I opened the envelope after he left and inside of it was five figures in cash. I called the cops and told them to get in touch with the man and try to figure out what was going on.

As it turns out, someone had called the older man and said his grandson was in the hospital. If they didn’t send the money, he would get a surgery that was badly needed. The older man couldn’t get in touch with the grandson by phone, so he panicked and sent the money to the address they provided. We were able to stop it from happening and get the money back to him. He said it was basically his life savings.

The story kind of got big and the news ran a story on it. Apparently, it’s a scam that happens to a lot of old people. We started this kind of club to reach out to nursing homes and try and educate people about it. A lot of people weren’t aware of anything like that happening. A lot of good came from me just being nosey.

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#9 The Kindest Person

When my wife gave birth to our firstborn, the woman she shared a ward with in the early stages of labour had a stillbirth. After giving birth, rather than spending time bonding with her newborn, my exhausted wife gave me our son and spent three hours comforting and consoling this woman. Something about the bond of mothers seemed to connect them.

The woman and her husband have since become close family friends and had two beautiful children after this. They still credit the support we (mostly my wife) gave them in the period of time after the stillbirth, especially in those three hours, with helping them get through their grief. It was the kindest act I've ever seen, done by the kindest person I've ever met.

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#10 Basketball Dribble

I saw a neighbor boy practicing his jump shot into some tree branches in his front yard. I had a portable hoop in the back from when I moved in that was taking up space. So, I walked over and offered him the hoop for free. I only lived there for the next year or two, but it was almost non-stop basketball dribble next door after that. I saw him, his sister, parents, aunts, uncles, even a grandparent or two all take a couple of shots at the hoop over time. It felt good to know his family got so much use out of it.

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#11 Birthday Present

I reached out to dozens of people my dad knew and asked if they could tell me stories from throughout the years. I asked cousins, relatives, coworkers, groomsmen, friends throughout his adult years, friends from childhood, and even his recently-deceased dad before he passed away. I asked them if they could share a memory or picture they had of him.

I was overwhelmed by the responses! So many people wrote back, even people I missed but had heard about it through the grapevine! It was so kind of those people to dig through their archives and spend the time to do that. I compiled them all into a box and gave it to him for his 60th birthday. My dad and the rest of our family all really enjoyed reading the letters and seeing long lost photographs.

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#12 Selling My Bike

I was selling my bike when I was a teen for somewhere around $30. I wound up getting a hit and set up a location. I ended up being greeted by two kids on a single bike (one on the pegs) and the kid with the bike bought his friend my bike so they could ride together. I thought that was one of the coolest things.

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#13 Stem Cells

I donated stem cells to a stranger. I matched with them almost a year ago and the procedure was completed in December. It’s a very impersonal experience because of the anonymity of it. I didn’t know anything about the patient I was donating to and they knew nothing about me. It wasn’t until I received a letter from her that it really hit me how much of an impact it had on her life.

For me, it was a cheek swab I did in college four years ago and then a random email saying that I had matched with someone. It was eye-opening to read her letter because I hadn’t really thought about it for a while. Of course, it was a profound experience donating lifesaving stem cells to someone, but not knowing where those cells were going after the procedure left me feeling kind of empty. It wasn’t until today that I really appreciated it.

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#14 Bus Stop

In the sixth grade, I was two stops away from my stop. A man was just laying on the sidewalk, our bus was stopped for a long time, and I noticed the bus driver wasn’t on the bus. I looked outside and the guy was just laying there. Our bus driver is really nice, so she rushed out of the bus, checked his pulse and called an ambulance.

The bad part was some people on my bus were talking smack and saying, "I bet he overdosed on something." Almost immediately after, my mom came to pick me up. As it turned out, the next day our bus driver said, "The man from yesterday didn't overdose, he went into diabetic shock (or I think that's what she said). She basically saved someone.

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#15 Merry Christmas

I absolutely love doing adopt-a-families during Christmas. I don't have kids of my own but I really put a lot of thought into what to get them. I always ask for ones with lots of little kids, so I try to pick things that they can get a lot of use out of. I always get loads of books, especially ones where the parents can interact with the kids, cookbooks, puzzles, bedtime stories, etc. I go heavy on science books and kits too, especially for girls.

My favorite family of them all was a single mom who'd just turned 18. Her son was three and she'd moved into her very first apartment. She had nothing but two bare mattresses on the floor, one for her and one for her son. She was working a job and was trying to save up for things for the house. Her wish list was heartbreaking.

She wanted blankets for them both, a pan to cook with, and a Spiderman toy for her son. That's it. I was single at the time, supporting myself, so I only had a couple hundred to spend. I got her a complete comforter/sheet set, a pillow, and a full set of cooking pans. I found the coolest thing for her son, though. It was a fitted sheet that turned your bed into a Spiderman tent! It was awesome!

I got the usual boring stuff, clothes for her son and a gift card for a holiday meal. But then I found a clearance TV/DVD combo at Target, it was less than $100. I knew money was tight, so I included a note in her Christmas card that she could rent her son videos from the library for free. I would have given anything to see their faces and really hope she liked everything. I wish that it made a good Christmas for her and maybe made her first Christmas on her own a little happier.

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#16 Without Thinking

When I was enlisting into the army, my recruiter picked me up to go over some paperwork in his office, which was close to the downtown area of my city. On the way there, we passed a homeless woman sitting on the side of the road. Without even a second thought, he whipped the car around and pulled through a nearby drive-through.

He bought a huge meal with a large cup of water and raced back to where the woman was sitting.  The look on her face when he pulled up and handed her the meal through the window was something I will never forget. He didn't have to do something like that, but he did it out of the kindness of his heart. He's one of the best leaders I know and I try to emulate him in everything I do.

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#17 Wholesome Thing

I remember this one time when I was breaking down in the middle of the street and sitting on the sidewalk. A stranger girl came and patted my shoulders. She kept talking about random stuff, trying to make me laugh and calm down, which she managed to do. It was the most wholesome thing that ever happened to me.

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#18 Well Wishes

I'm epileptic. Once, during a school assembly, I had a seizure — it was pretty bad, too. When I woke up, the first people I saw were my English teacher, and my health teacher, who was apparently the first person to run and get me help. I was in a super emotional state after the seizure. I began to cry and say, “I'm sorry.”

I was hushed by my teacher and helped down the bleachers by them. My health teacher, my English teacher, my choir director and the school conselor all stayed by me until I got into the ambulance. What’s more, my English teacher also ended up sending me a very nice video of her and all of her family wishing me well.

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#19 Our First Child

My husband and I adopted a great dane and named him Paxton, who quickly became our first child. Pax went everywhere with us, including family holidays like Christmas and vacations. Pax was more human than a lot of humans I've met. He would actually hug me when I was down, loved everyone (even cats) and slept with his stuffed frog for years.

Paxton past away suddenly last year of a heart attack. We came home to find him on the floor of the living room. My husband and I were devastated. We can’t have kids and Pax was our baby. In the 18 months before Pax passed away, I lost my mom, my grandmother, and my uncle. I think something in me broke.

I couldn’t function and took a week off from work. When I returned, I had an envelope on my desk. It was a thank you card from the local animal shelter. My co-worker had donated $150 to them in Paxton’s name. I was floored. I knew he was a dog and didn't expect anyone else to get it. That one gesture was so kind and needed. She will never know how much that meant to us.

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#20 Trajectory of Her Life

One of the smartest people I ever met married one of my good friends from high school. She had dabbled in coding games for fun but had no IT experience. She was working minimum wage at a sandwich shop. I was a manager at an IT consulting firm. I knew if given the chance to work in IT as a developer that she’d do great. So, I pushed my company to hire her as an intern. Without any code camp, relevant college classes, or experience, I was told our company could never hire her.

I helped her start a small user group, put together a resume, and prep for an interview. Then I went back to my company and forced the issue. I had to use a number of favors just to get her an interview. Then I basically cashed in all my political capital and said if she wasn’t successful, I would be accountable for it. They gave her a chance. She kicked butt, just as I knew she would. That was five years ago.

Today, she’s a java developer making over $80K a year with full benefits. She loves her job and my good friend doesn’t work much because his wife makes so much money. Pushing so hard made a few people mad and it was a contributing factor to the company letting me go a year later. I found a new job so it worked out for me. I don’t think she realizes what it cost me to get her in. It’s probably better that way. But knowing I gave her a chance to change the trajectory of her life makes me smile.

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#21 A Nice Lady

This past Christmas, I knew one of my co-workers was worried about money and the upcoming holiday. She was a single mom with three kids, recently divorced, and just moved back home from across the country. I wanted to help but I didn’t want to hurt her pride. I gave my closing manager $50 to give to her anonymously. It wasn’t much; I couldn’t spare a lot. I still don’t know how she reacted or if she told anyone. She’s a nice lady and works really hard.

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#22 Batman Plush

I was at an arcade one time and I saw this kid play a claw machine. The kid was trying to get a Batman plush and failed to win it. Once the kid left, I gave it a try and I managed to win the Batman plush. I found the kid who wanted to win the Batman plush and I gave it to him. He was so happy to have it and it made me feel good that I made someone's day.

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#23 In the Mailbox

I just finished college to be a teacher, but until August, I’m working at a doctor’s office. I had an older couple in their 90’s call because their medication ran out and didn’t have a way to get their refill. so I went and picked it up for them. I drove to their house to put it in their mailbox and they thanked me a lot after. To be honest, I didn’t even think twice about doing it. An older couple needed help and I had the ability to do it. You just have to treat everyone how you’d like to be treated.

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#24 Good Deed for the Day

I was at a store and there was a woman with two very small kids checking out. She had a bunch of groceries and a couple of toys for the kids. She went to pay and discovered she didn't have her wallet, so she told the cashier that she would put everything back. Her little girl (who was only about two) started to cry.

The gentleman in front of me (who looked like he could have been homeless) went up to the cashier and told her he was going to pay for everything. When the lady protested, he said, "I don't want your little girl to cry. This is my good deed for the day." I almost cried, as did the lady, who was trying to buy her groceries. Also, it taught me not to judge a book by its cover. The gentleman, who I at first deemed to be a down and outer, got into a very nice car.

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#25 Scented Soap

When I was a teen I was a mother feeling judged by the church. One of the older ladies gave me a present that was a beautifully scented soap to use for my first post-birth shower. It was so small, yet an act of kindness I still remember nearly 30 years ago. I’ve given a lot of women nicely scented products since. I wish I told her at the time what it meant to me. I still adore products with the same scent and that soap still stands out as one of the best I’ve ever had.

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#26 Choir Moms

The kindest thing anyone has done for me actually happened just the other day. I was explaining to one of my friends from choir that, since I’m no longer working, I couldn’t afford to sign up for the summer. She immediately offered to pay for my term and wouldn’t take no for an answer. Before I could finish thanking her, she already signed me up and paid because “That’s what choir moms do.”

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#27 Big Tipper

I was a server for a while and my co-worker was pretty new. They'd sent most staff home because it was late and, how it always happens, we got super busy. My co-worker was struggling and got a terribly rude table. They didn't seem to understand that they weren't the only customers in the restaurant and we were understaffed.

They made her cry and have a meltdown. We've all been there, so I took over the table and, after they left, put $15 on the table so she would see she got a "tip" from the table. I never told her I put money on the table for her. Seeing her confidence grow from that was what I was hoping for. Her response was something like, "Wow! I must not be as terrible a server as I thought! Maybe I'm getting the hang out it after all.”

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#28 Getting the Grade

My high school government class was graded on a curve and I was crushing it. I was way ahead of everyone else. But I wasn't planning on going to college, and the next best had a scholarship riding on her GPA. So, I deliberately skipped the final exam. When the teacher told me he couldn't give me the top slot, I asked him to give it to her and explained why.

He never looked at me the same after that. We both knew I had the material nailed. The final exam would have only proven the already obvious. She needed the grade and it would have meant nothing to me. She went to college and eventually became a vice president of a regional bank. I'm honestly so happy for her.

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#29 Downtown Detroit

My mom had to go to the courthouse in downtown Detroit to finalize her divorce after her second marriage didn’t work out. It was coincidentally on her birthday. She was feeling bad given the circumstances, but as she was walking into the courthouse, a homeless man said “good morning” and told her to have a nice day. His simple kindness made her day better. When she was leaving, he was still outside. She folded up a $100 bill she just happened to have on her, gave it to the man and told him to have a Merry Christmas. I think about that often.

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#30 Preschool Teacher

I was in a car accident when I was four years old that left me in a coma. My sister, who was also in the car, passed away the next day. I was unconscious when my sister’s funeral was going to occur, which meant I would be left alone at the hospital. My preschool teacher, Mrs. Irma, offered to sit with me and hold my hand at the hospital. That way, my parents would attend my sister’s funeral and wouldn’t have to worry about me being alone. It’s the kindest gesture anyone has ever done for me.

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#31 What Was Right

I was waiting for my mom in a shop when I saw an elderly man drop some money. I didn't know who he was, so I said, "Hey, sir. You dropped some money." He smiled and thanked me. He picked it up and before he left, he came over to me and gave me a two dollar coin. Then, he said thanks again and left. I didn't expect that. I just did what was right and somehow got rewarded.

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#32 Purple Wolf

I worked at a museum, which had a summer camp. I was in charge of the little kids (six to seven-year-olds). There was this kid who came from a wealthy family. He brought this massive Megazord one day to play with. This other kid, who's family was struggling at the time, had a wolf on his shirt. He tripped, scratched his knee and started crying.

The other kid stepped in while I was taking care of the wound, and said, "Do you like wolves?" The other kid answered while sobbing, "Yeah…  a lot.” Then the rich kid proceeded to snap the right leg of his Megazord off to then transform it into a purple wolf. He gave it to the other kid and let him keep it just because he liked it. They became best friends from that point on.

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#33 Driving Off-Road

I was in Mexico and I was 14 years old. A woman in a corner was talking on a phone. It was sunset and I spotted a loud car driving off-road. I grabbed the woman behind me and she screamed. The car stopped across one street. She thanks me and wanted to give me money, but I rejected it. She then told me to leave and she’d take care of the situation.

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#34 Only Thing in the World

My family and I were homeless when I was about to turn 13. My youngest brother is severely autistic. We were standing in line for lunch at the local soup kitchen, which opened at 11:00 a.m. We had arrived at 6:00 a.m. and were decently close to the door. There were only about 20 additional people in front of us.

My father had just returned from taking my youngest brother for yet another walk around the block, as he had begun fighting, stimming and biting himself in frustration. After another few minutes in line, it was clear that he had more than reached his tiny nine-year-old limit and had pretty much begun to lose it.

There were a couple of guys who were dressed in ratty t-shirts, jean vests covered in patches, and plenty of veteran memorabilia, mostly from Vietnam. Think those little ribbons or the POW-MIA patches. Each of them had either an old, dirty backpack or a trash bag, which held all of their personal belongings in the world.

One of the men, in a wheelchair and missing a leg, seeing my little brother’s frustration and hearing my mother explain yet again that he had severe autism, rolled up to the five of us — two parents and three young kids. We were all sunburnt from the Florida sun, with no place to call home. He then unhooked his one treasured position.

He had a little stuffed monkey that was hooked onto his steering portion of the wheelchair. It was the only clean thing about the man or really anyone else in line. It had a little vest like his, a tiny jean jacket with a small POW patch on its back. He gave it to my little brother, and my little brother immediately hugged it and cuddled with it, calming down.

I'll never forget his words: "He looks like he could use it more than me." It was his one and only real, treasured possession and he gave it to the little boy that was crying. Now, I'm in a position to give back. I do whenever I can. If I have the opportunity, I help those who need it. But I don't think I could ever "repay" that single gesture, so I just try to live my life the best way I possibly can.

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#35 Bus Fare

When I was about 14, my folks let me go out with friends one evening for the first time on the condition that I got the last bus home. They were really strict, so this was a big win for me. Not getting that bus was not an option. As I headed for the bus, I stopped in a burger place and got a meal set. As soon as I bit into the burger, I realized I’d just spent more than I needed for the bus. I panicked and asked the girl at the counter if there was any way I could give back the drink or fries (as yet untouched). Her boss heard and said no.

I went and sat back down, crushed and really afraid. The counter girl came over ostensibly to clear some rubbish from the table, dug into her pocket, and dropped the money I needed quietly in front of me. I’m not sure if she knew how much she saved me from a beating that night. My bus ticket was probably more than her hourly wage and her kindness moves me to this day. Ever since then, I’ll take any chance I can to pay it forward.

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#36 Check On Me

I was breaking down in the middle of a street, late at night. A lady drove by and asked if I was okay. I told her I was fine and she drove off. A few minutes later, she looped around the bend and asked again. She checked on me at least three or four times until I felt fine again and managed to get myself home. It warmed my heart to know a stranger took the time to drive around the block, again and again, to check on me.

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#37 This Was Big

I was at a con, standing in line to get David Tennant's autograph. I was so excited that I had a seizure. After I woke up, I was wheeled back behind a curtain that was behind the booth. A moment later, David Tennant's agent came up to me and asked me what colour pen I wanted. I was confused, but I said black. After he said that, he explained that, “David wanted to come back and make sure I was okay,” which he did.

The first thing he said to me was, “What are you doing? Falling down on me?” He walked over and we had a full conversation. He asked my name and autographed the book I had brought for him to. I got a picture, a conversation and an autograph from David Tennant. (This was big. I am a huge fangirl for him.) All he wanted was to make sure I was okay.

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#38 Try a Little

It was Christmas. I was out in a bar, naturally a little tipsy. I went to the bathroom and saw a woman there wiping people's hands. She looked miserable and obviously hated her job, but had no choice. I went to the bathroom, came out and refused her service. I could dry my own hands just fine. I handed her $20 and said, "Merry Christmas." She jumped to her feet, hugged me with tears in her eyes and said, "Thank you, thank you, thank you!” I didn't think $20 could have that effect on someone. That's when I realized how easy it is to make someone happy,  if you would just try a little.

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#39 Get Whatever You Want

Years and years ago, I saw a former co-worker at the rec center. She'd just started working there. We got to talking and she mentioned that she had no groceries and no money until her first payday in a couple of weeks. When her shift ended, I drove her to the grocery store and told her to buy whatever she wanted. I paid for her groceries, then took her to Chipotle afterward so I could buy her lunch and break a $10 so she'd have bus fare for the rainy days.

File:Markin Family Student Recreation Center.jpg - Wikimedia CommonsWikimedia Commons

#40 Getting a Job

I worked at Apple and had a guy who would come in and was homeless. He couldn’t get a job because he had no phone and no home. He eventually got halfway home and a bunch of us got together, got him a cheap phone and a SIM card paid for six months. That guy eventually got himself a job and isn’t homeless anymore.

Call Sim Card Cell - Free photo on PixabayPixabay

#41 Fabric Envelope

I was at the mall with my mom and stepdad about 20 years ago. My stepdad needed to use the bathroom, so we waited. He came out holding a bank envelope, like the fabric kind that a store would use to deposit money into the bank. He found almost $12K. He got the deposit slip, found the store and returned it. Honestly, that man is amazing and I wish I was like him.

banknote, currency, envelope, gift, letter, message, paper money, notebook, document, moneyPixnio

#42 Went Over Well

I was working on a costume to get approved for the 501st legion. I finally got the right pair of shoes after months of it being backlogged. The same day I got the shoes, there was a post from the squad north of me asking if anyone had shoes for a surprise build they were giving to a very worthy person. They needed the same shoesize and type that I just got. I ended up contacting the person and express mailed them the shoes so they could get there in time. I remembered seeing a post about it later and it went over well.

File:Star Wars Celebration IV - 501st Legion - buckets up! (4878289335).jpg - Wikimedia CommonsWikimedia Commons

#43 Vanity Area

Before we got married, we moved into a 500 sq ft basement apartment. It was very tiny. I’d had a long day of work and school, but when I got home, I saw that he set up a little section of our bedroom as a vanity area. He installed a mirror, bought a bar stool, and also got me some organizing drawers to put all my products. It was a place where I could comfortably put on my makeup in the mornings. It was just so thoughtful.

brushes, cosmetics, hand tool, makeup, professional, still life, indoors, mirror, furniture, deskPixnio

#44 Changing Course

My grandma was in her mid-20s when she gave birth to my dad. When he turned two or three, she found out that he was hearing impaired. She dropped everything, quit her job as a teacher, and went back to school to learn how to be an audiologist. She spent the next 50+ years caring for my father, making him custom hearing aid molds, doing his check-ups and appointments, basically just making his life a lot easier. One of the nicest ladies I’ve ever met.

File:Audiologist, 2015 (01).jpgWikimedia Commons

#45 Sweet Woman

I work at a grocery store. This amazingly sweet woman came in and bought lettuce for her pigs. She paid with a card and got 10$ cashback. She then handed it to me and said, “That’s for the next person’s order.” I was fairly blown away with how nice she was to me and another person she never even interacted with.

Holding lettuce in a grocery store | PikrepoPikrepo

#46 Making a Difference

I'm a sophomore in art school. A friend of mine was telling me about all the stress she was under from her classwork, her new job, and the tuition payment she was not ready to cover. She's an amazing artist, a diligently hard worker, and just escaped a really unhealthy home life to make it here in the first place.

That week, I opened commissions and I managed to raise $200 for her to help cover the tuition payment. The best part is that half of that money came from a single generous donor who wanted to do a good deed. I'm truly grateful for that anonymous person. I’m also happy that I could make a difference for my friend.

File:Art school in Elektrostal 90.jpg - Wikimedia CommonsWikimedia Commons

#47 Back to Sleep

I work with kids and it was their daily rest time. I laid down on the floor with all of them and one of the kids got up, put her pillow under my head and her blanket over me. She then patted me on the head and laid back down beside me. I was going through a really bad time when that happened and it was the biggest act of kindness I received in a long time.

hand, pattern, sleeping, furniture, arm, pillow, material, textile, bed, covers, pillows, bed sheetPxhere

#48 Upcoming Prom

My two youngest sisters were in high school together. Prom was coming up and they both fell in love with the same dress. The younger sister said the older sister could have it. She added that maybe she could find it online in a different color. Two weeks until prom and my younger sister passed away. The older sister gave the dress to her to be buried in.

Royalty-Free photo: Women's assorted-colored gowns on display during daytime | PickPikPickpik

#49 Up the Stairs

I helped an 80-something-year-old lady up some stairs to a hair salon. She was lost and didn’t know where it was located. She was at the McDonald’s nearby and there were a few stairs you needed to go up to go to the plaza. It was hard, but another person helped. She gave me a kiss on my cheek and said thank you.

man, person, people, plant, woman, flower, old, female, portrait, spring, care, botany, lady, health, season, smiling, grandma, grandmother, elder, happy, age, senior, elderly, granny, floristry, pensioner, retirement, healthcare, elderly womanPxhere

#50 A Hot Meal

When I was in the sixth grade, my mom saw an elderly homeless man digging in a dumpster while we were coming home from school. She stopped, made a U-turn, and went to pick him up a meal at McDonald’s. When we drove to give it to him. She got out of the car and tried to ask him what his name was. He actually could really speak too well because he was missing many teeth and his face was in rough shape. So, she walked into a convenience store nearby and got him a pair of scissors to cut up his food.

File:Guy sadly dumpster diving outside my window.jpg - Wikimedia CommonsWikimedia Commons


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